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REVIEWS OF Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center IN Missouri

Leeanna Hamm

Completely unprofessional desk service in the dental department. Dentist was great but we were told one price one day, brought in the SAME PAPERWORK 4 days later and they tried to charge TWICE the fees. Talked to a supervisor and they said "oh well they are in training at the desk, longest one has only been there two months." OMG! Go somewhere else!!!

Sergio Flores

I have never experienced more unprofessional staff than I have here at this location. First off to try to book an appointment they send me to a department that doesn’t exist with an automated answering system right from the first ring. I kept insisting that this department doesn’t help me and finally they transfer me where someone does answer. When I finally speak to someone and they get my information down they randomly decide to send me to a voice messaging system mid conversation. I call back 5 times and asked them what’s going on and they say they never received a call. I know of several people that have made appointments within a few weeks or days. The best they could do for me is sometime next year. What kind of a healthcare business does this? And to top it all off every staff members I spoke with were so rude. It’s ridiculous. Don’t waste your time here. We’re paying you guys for your services, you don’t treat people like if you’re curing world hunger.

Susanna Lee

They don’t care at all, they don’t follow up, they don’t respond to contact, they just don’t care. Medical professionals should care. Medical professional support staff NEEDS to care, or at least care about being the connective link between patient and doctor. If that link is broken, where is the healthcare? Not here.

Paula Hoffman

I love the family feel of the health center. They offer high quality, compassionate care.

Ruth Portillo

Yailine Adcock

Kay Bby

My child and I Love this organization it's the best been around for years and service is great I love Samuel U. Rodgers keep it up

Christi Ruiz

(Translated by Google) Truth does not cater well, they linger long (Original) La verdad no atienden bien ,se demoran mucho

sayed sayed

Very bad and people are working here very Offensive stupid place

Abdul jeilani

MariaIveth Chacon

olga melendrez

(Translated by Google) Ase 3 years ago when I was pregnant everything was

Vicky Tavarez

(Translated by Google) Too bad, they have two doctors to attend to so many people, it is very stressful to have to wait three hours for your turn to arrive, they charge 100 for each appointment and until they leave you they want to make you another appointment so that nothing can fill you with medication Another expense was much better when I had the smallest clinic and best doctors ... (Original) Pesimo!nadamas tienen dos doctoras para atender a tanta gente es mui estresante tener ke esperar tres horas para ke llegue tu turno,cobran 100 por cada cita y asta por los granitod ke te salen te kieren aser otra cita para que nadamas te llenen de medicamentos otro gasto,estaba mucho mejor cuando tenia la clinica mas chica y mejores doctores....

Trang G

Long Waits even with appointment. Walk-Ins are even longer even if you're the first one in the door!!! Staff (including receiptionists and doormen) are extremely rude making comments about patients, Providers do malpractice. I highly DO not recommend this place at all. Once You're in a room, you wait even longer!! If you have an appointment, you are guranteed here for 3 hours and that's just waiting!! They do not care about you as the patient at all. I used to be a regular patient here because I lived near, but it has gotten so much worst!!!! There also has been different cases of malpractice but nothing has been done!! You may save money if you don't have insurance but it is NOT worth it.

Brenda B

Dr dont listen and they misdiagnose everything. Poor patient services. I would not recommend this place to anyone even if my life depended on it.

Mari Jacoby

I wish I would have read the reviews before I made an appointment here. I was charged $500 for an intake counselor to ask me some standardized questions and say yep, you're depressed! And she wasn't even the psychiatrist. They wont tell me how much it costs to see a psychiatrist. I called to ask why it was so much and how much my follow up appointments would be, and they kept transferring me back and forth between the billing department and the behavioral health department. Everyone I talked to said they had no way of knowing how much services cost until I actually go to the appointment. How in the world does that make sense?? Where do those numbers come from?? Also, I asked around and a few of my friends said their intake appointments at other providers cost around $100. This seems like a scam. That would be like moving into a house before you know how much rent is.

Crystal Pettyjohn

So doctors can do what they want. Instead of wat a child needs. They say they dont feel comfortable writing a prescription for my kid that she needs. I'm so fed up with this place

Abdulnafi Tanha

Nabila Ahmed

monze barajas

Called multiple times for details about an appointment I got ignored and hanged up on multiple of times

alejandro zubia

Kc Kenney

BE A CONSUMER! Doctor very bad; ignored 2 problems for several months. Referred me to Johnson County, KS instead of Kansas City MO doctors. Does not offer alternative medicine for treatment or does not treat with viable solutions. Staff is fine but doctor should be replaced. Still having pain, discomfort after repeated visits. Awful experience where no help is given. UPDATED to reflect very poor scheduling of appointments to treat ongoing condition which grew progressively worse. Cody Ryan would rather not treat something simple, instead sloughs patient off to specialist causing patient unnecessary costs. Of course the specialist cannot be seen for four months. To make things worse Ryan's office delays set appointment for another month, causing more pain and distress. Rescheduling has occurred twice! These people do not know what they are doing. If you can see another doctor not affiliated with Rodgers, then your health stands a chance. Absurd, yes, but not unbelievable. I have insurance and deserve better treatment than this, and I base this on past experience with doctors who knew what to do. Ryan is an idiot and I stand by my remarks. (Perhaps they shouldn't ask their friends to post positive remarks.)

Emigdio Ramírez

Jaqueline Levario

Cathleen Peavey

Zainab Imran


Joanna Cowel

Cristal Benitez

Sam M


Khang Tran

THIS IS THE WORST MEDICAL CENTER I'VE EVER KNOWN. No way to contact Billing Generalist. Ask every employee in the hospital and they don't even look at me while answering half-hearted. And not a person knows where this woman billing generalist at, they all gave the same answer:"dunno". I asked for this woman's working hour, another "dunno", "no clue". Someone gave me this woman's contact information. I tried to call but "the phone number is disconnected and no longer available." I NEED TO MEET THIS WOMAN BECAUSE SHE PROMISED MY MOTHER THAT HER BLOOD TESTING COST WOULD BE COVERED BY THIS HOSPITAL BECAUSE OF MY MOM'S LOW INCOME. BUT NOTHING HAPPENED FOR 3 MONTHS AND NOW LABCORP SENT A DEBT COLLECTION BILL TO MY MOM AND THREATEN HER. I JUST NEED AN ANSWER, YES OR NO. IF NO, I CAN PAY THE BILL IMMEDIATELY.

Gera Perez

abdirashid abdullahi


Sharon Cumberland

Angela Atkinson

Fardowsa Hassan

Dental clinic is very clean and neat. You see the dental hygienist on time and the stuff are so nice.

Betty Banks

Julie Connely

Each time we have gone to this center (arriving before or on time) for each appointment, we are required to pay the co-pay immediately. Then we wait forever to get into a room and even longer to see the physcian. Today was an hour and a half past my appointment time. Plus the reception area people are not friendly, do not acknowledge my presence, and doesn't even both to make eye contact when speaking to us. That is incredibly rude and unacceptable! Two thumbs down!!

lisa yates

Dan Walsh

Not a bad place. I had insurance so I paid a copay of $25. The doctor wrote me a prescription for high blood pressure. The prescription itself was $5 and did wonders to lower my blood pressure.

Marissa Barnes


Sheri Pociluyko

I called to make an appointment and the lady did not understand English. I asked about insurance and she kept asking if he was injured. I hung up. I would not go anywhere that can't even make an appointment.

Grace Weber

Amazing. Everyone was so kind and respectful, and we were cared for almost immidietly. My two kids were not scared at all, and finally they were able to get the shots they needed. We all got checkups for only 35$ total! After wards they said goodbye, and even one of my kids hugged the receptionist! Wonderful experience, beautiful place.

Connie Anderson

We are not very low income, they charge a fortune. My husband was sent for blood work that cost $1100. Yes $1100. Then the psychiatrist filled out our forms so that my husband was denied his disability ins., not health ins, but privately paid for income replacement insurance (similar to Aflac). Overall very unhappy with this place.

Cojin Asesino

(Translated by Google) The woman in the lab has very little patience with people. I know that being locked in a place maybe is not very pleasant, but this is the second time I come and the truth that always treats people badly. (Original) La mujer en el laboratorio tiene muy poca paciencia con la gente. Yo se que estar encerrada en un lugar quizá no es muy agradable, pero esta es la segunda vez que vengo y la verdad que siempre trata mal a la gente.

Yaimelys Ramos

zach jameson

Drs in OB don't communicate

Anna Velazquez

Elmer Yovanny Ramirez

Susan Phillips

krislena Amador

I always get good experience at this place, they have been always nice to me. I have been all over the place here, pharmacy, adult and women care, child care, dentist, wic, blood test, ultrasounds when I was pregnant. I have been going there for more than 4 years now, never have a problem. They have been few times I had to wait more than 30 minutes in the women department but I don't mind it doesnt happen often. Every other place has been fantastic. Remember people will treat you, the way you treat them.

Selena Barron

Desk ladies love to whisper to each other or to translators about patients waiting to get checked as if they know them. Instead of being professional in a professional setting they want to be ghetto and talk smack about patients lucky the patients don't hear the whispers cause it would get bad there. Doctors are okay, feel like some dont write anything down so things are done more than once when they've already been done and shouldn't need to be done again. Shot record doesn't get asked for anymore so I have to fill it out on my own, which I shouldn't. Samuel U Roger's use to be a great clinic now I see how downhill it has gone.

Asher Concilla

Nichole Delacruz

The wait for an appointment takes hours before your even called back and when you ask what's taking so long they are very rude and they never returns phone calls

elizabeth gamez

Roxana Tz.

Horrible customer service, I had to waited 2 hours in the room... no one cares about your time. The doctor is okay but they have to many people to attended

Tania Graciano

Arrafat Karsin

Thank you for my kid great dental

Aseya Siddiqua

If you are 1 minute late they will cancel your appointment. Other than that staffs are really helping and cooperating.

Marysol Martínez

Only 5 minutes late and they send you home

Sherita Ransburg

Rosy Mary Gonzalez

yuri ortiz

(Translated by Google) It is rubbish to me and I did not want to see my children and now they say that they can not see it for up to a year xq missing three appointments when they did not want to spend qxq Medicaid is not in force and had to pay 120 and I I didn't have are inconsiderate (Original) Es una basura ami ni me an querido ver a mis niños y ahora m dicen q no m lo pueden ver hasta en un año x q falte a tres citas cuando ellos no m quisieron pasar q x q el Medicaid no está vigente y tenía q pagar 120 y yo no tenía son unos desconsiderados

816 boiz

This place suck the stuff was rude and sit wait for the doctor a long time and when you have a appment and you on time they se you last it not very good place to se a doctor they dont know nothing . They give my mom more medicine that she dont need .instead wast your money on the building get a real doctor and better stuff that know what they talking about

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