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Jill Halver

My mother was rushed there by ambulance with stroke symptoms on a Friday night. Our smaller local hospital had done scans and MRI and sent her with the needs of a neurosurgeon and of course a room in the hospital. Had I known that they run their hospital on banker hours I would’ve never sent my mother there. We found out on Friday night that nothing would be done until Monday. There’s no one in the offices, and no procedures are performed on the weekends. The nurses were ordered to give my mother all kinds of blood thinners and something for her blood pressure around 3 o’clock in the morning on Sunday. My mother had a severe stroke that same morning 2 hours later and another one on Monday and she died the following Tuesday. The nurses were wonderful and I know their hearts are often broken because of the slow responses and procedures the doctors have in that hospital. My mom was 100% healthy, wearing platform shoes, driving and had just returned home from a cruise. It’s so very hard to believe that this was really her time to go. But our family does know the Lord and my mom is definitely in heaven but that hospital was a horrible horrible experience

Corey Bogart

They saved my life, after 6 mins of CPR they brought me back to life. I'm on the road to recovery now. Very competent staff. Thank you

Denise Smith

Took my husband to ER because it was recommended by his Dr was told to have a specific dr pages they paged the team and the resident REFUSED to come down and explain things to my husband.

Cheryl Benthall

I like apples

Brent Cook

Best hospital in Missouri

Lynda H

The best customer service I've ever seen in a medical setting - and my husband is a physician. They treated my mother with respect, dignity and kindness from the doctors to the cleaning crew. We were amazed and can't thank you enough!

Debra Ellison

I just spent 6 days here, I had medical team D.. I was on the 4th floor.. it was by far the best experience I've ever had in a hospital.. all the way from doctors down to the nurses.. I don't have any complaints.. they are wonderful, caring and compassionate.. thank you for taking such good care of me all of you deserve 5 stars!!!

Sam King

Very efficient!

Chiquita Smalls

Excellent Service. Quality Service. Excellent Drs

Doug Davis

If you want to feel as though your time has no value, this is the place. To be fair, nursing staff are great, others for the most part seem like they are just there to get paid.

Amy Orscheln

My father received the Best care from both Nurses and Doctors after a stroke and going through cancer treatments! Knowledgeable, kind, compassionate....

Irene McCarty

My husband was sent home to soon he wasn't ready he needed more time they knew he had to travel 1,600 miles to get home on a bus plus they didn't send the new meds he had to take every day5 times a day and I had a hard time finding n then getting a hold of the right person by the it had been more then 3 days with out his new medicine and he had started to slide back, I'm greatful to the Doctor that finally help us by sending script to Walgreens, hopefully my husband won't have to go back into the hospital again because of this, and again TY to the doctor that finally took time to check the records n send the script to Walgreens. Plus they used cheap tape on his neck to cover opening to his artery n it fell off my husband had to buy tape n at the bus stop to cover it.

Andy Libg


P Harris

This hospital saved my life. The Doctors( Dr Rochelle Parker and Dr Will Stoeker) are great people and the interns are wonderful as well. The nurses were great to, except one, Debbie, stay away from her if at all possible. I don't want to get into specifics but I had her 2 shifts, 4 days apart (so it wasn't that she was having a bad day) and she is a nasty, inconsiderate person. Anyway the hospital is nice (but big), clean and renovating to keep up with the times. The food could be better but they told me it was a whole new staff, so thats to be expected. I am traveling and was fixing to head home when I got multiple blood clots in my right lung, they really hooked me up with everything I needed to get back on the road. Thanks docs for being so amazing. And thank you Columbia for being so welcoming. I love this town and (most of-lol) its people too. Go Tigers!! And welcome to the Zou!

Sonia Forthuber

I was considering coming there. Went to Columbia College, and some classes at MU. Always thought it was a good hospital. I notice your reviews. I was mortified. Not allowing people's loved ones, taking away their phone, monitoring calls. That isn't even legal. Have you turned into an asylum??? Sounds like a bad , scary movie. People contracting MRSA, gangrene??? I am so glad I read all these horrible things, before I came. And I notice , your answers to all, no matter what happened to them; is the same. " We give our patients the best care. If you want to discuss , further, call this number. Those are frightening accusations I have only seen in weird scary movies. Why can't we read , anywhere, a response to all the horrible practices ? So glad I saw these in time.

Dawn White

Took friend to hospital, I felt they were not giving them proper care, pills not on time, wrong meals etc. they say they are looking into something for you five hours later still no answer. I would not take anyone here.

Yazen Aswad

The Kaylee & Karri Show

Treat black people as if our pain concerns doesn’t exist or already high on drugs !! WE DEMAND BETTER CARE !!

Arletha Miller

I like the team's and the service i receive.

Herbes Lopez

Angie Morgan

While my dad was inpatient in the MICU, he had the absolute best care. My mother who knows nothing of healthcare was comforted by and the neurologist named Dr. Aroura. He was extremely caring and made my mom feel as if she had a voice in my dads care. Thank you to the entire MICU team for facilitating an easy transition in this difficult time

Karen Malisos

My son went here after a fall from 7ft oon his head. No ct scan and quickly discharged. Wouldn't trust them for care ever again.

Kim Mcneely

The worst hospital ever and I thought Fort Leonard Wood hospital was bad.I live two hrs away my doctor told me to go to mu because my feeding tube came out and I sat there for 5 hrs with no end in sight, people that colds went back before me and they came in after me.The mean time my feeding tube was closing I left.They are very unprofessional ...

sarah kiel

The nursing staff was amazing my whole stay. The doctors came in every morning to check on me. They and the nurses always explained to me why something was happening, or what a medication was before they gave it to me. They stayed in top of my pain, and did everything possible to keep me comfortable. Always smiling faces, too. All seem to love their job.

Ida Berry

Nursing staff is one of the best ever

Tangleknot Lightstep

1 cm incision, 2 stitches, in and out service. I was billed $20,000 by MU health (only $750 was billed by the doctor). Service was great, but unimaginably expensive! * Edit 3 months later they decided to bill me another $1,500. This was a 45 minute procedure.

Jimmie Baker

They did well for my girlfriend who was in patient overnight.

Tara Barnard

Rose Mchenry

Very slow here

Angela Brandt69 Browning

Lorie Brinkerhoff

A week ago my mother was in ICU. She then was lowered to the 5th floor West. That's where all communication stopped. My mother has a high risk and they put a band around her wrist to let them know. After she rang her buzzer to get help to the restroom after 1 hour she proceeded to do it on her own. The alarms were going off. One of the nurses disconnected the alarms. I guess they won't be bothered the next time she needs to go to the restroom. She is a fall risk When she was bumped from ICU to 5th floor I called to speak to her nurse. They asked for my name and my phone number and she would return my phone call which she never did. 2 Days Later I called to speak to my mom's nurse gave him my number and they never returned my phone call a second time so the third time I called to speak to the Head Nurse. Again she was busy and I left my number and the head nurse did not return my phone call 2 hours later I'm picking my mother up. I think my mother had enough 2 Days Later my mother is back in ICU There was no plan in place and no communication from her nurses or doctors to inform me how I can help the situation. Also they would not give her her high blood pressure medicine which made her high blood pressure jump. That could cause a heart attack or even a stroke Another incident happened 3 years ago when we received tickets on our vehicles. Apparently we had the last name of someone who works there and we had to bring the ticket and prove that we had somebody in the hospital. My mother was in ICU do you really think that was something I wanted to deal with. Why should a patient sit in the hospital bed 7 days with no shower or bed bath. No communication with family from the doctors or nurses. No return phone calls :/do they even care ?

Melanie Baravik

Great (as can be) experience in ICU with Drs. Collins and Sohal and nurses Chelsea, Lauren, Jessica, Jessica and respiratory therapist Teri. And in family medicine, nurses Robyn, Kristin, and Mihiri were wonderful, as well as Drs. Wilson and Jayroe and RT Tony.

Scott Perkins

Dennis Richmond

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has dropped MU Health Care’s quality and safety rating to one star of five, from a previous three-star rating. The decline will result in MU Health Care losing 1 percent of its federal Medicare payments in fiscal year 2019, according to an email sent to hospital staff Thursday by Jonathan Curtright, MU Health Care’s chief executive officer. The payment reduction is based on data collected from 2014 to 2017. The rating reduction is based on performance from 2014 through 2018. You put policy over people and it’s starting to show. Do not bring your family here, if you care about them. I have seen the horrid conditions behind closed doors. Wolves in sheep clothing.

Christine Sevillano

I'm very scared now, after reading all these reviews im thinking of possibly canceling my surgery or looking into a different hospital!!! I'm supposed to have weight loss surgery sleeve with the bariatric surgeon and my gallbladder removed at the same time, but definitely rethinking it now!!!

lee vonthun

Great staff


They are nice courteous, efficient and the Doctors are 1st rate.!!

Carol Humphrey

Justin Trueblood

Told the doctors an X-Ray was not needed for an ACL injury but they insisted. They found no bone damage and left me with a prescription for some pain pills and a $1,000+ hospital bill. Money hungry.

Kevin Lee

The doctors/surgeons suck a$$ and need to go back to med school. The nurses on the other hand are AWESOME, KIND and VERY FRIENDLY!!!

Dee Huston

This is the worst hospital I've ever seen! Left my husband (with chest pain...already had 2 heart attacks) in the hallway for 6 hours! Was even worse when we got upstairs no place for a guest to stay and no cots do I had to leave him up there alone...none of the staff communicate with each other so you have different nurses coming in telling you different things don't know whether they are coming or going! NEVER gave him a hospital gown was left in the clothes he came in wearing, no yowels or wash clothes in his room...just pitiful!

Melisa Cāi

I was brought by an ambulance to MU's ER after dislocating one of my knees on the morning of 9/11 & my experience at this facility began with a female worker - she may have been a nurse(?) - who made gagging noises upon seeing my dislocated knee through my pants. That behavior doesn't belong in a hospital, it belongs in an elementary school. My experience ended with being discharged with no information, no doctor's note, no brace & no crutches until I asked my husband to ask a woman at the front desk in the ER waiting area to page the doctor so that I could get what I needed. When calling the doctor down to the waiting area the same woman called me "sensitive" while on the phone, even though I barely spoke while waiting. It is both baffling & upsetting that a hospital, especially one that's known for its sprawling medical facilities, is sending patients home without aftercare information & without a doctor's note or specialist referral. I will not be coming back to this hospital, I will instead be going to Boone as will I be recommending Boone Hospital to anyone looking for adequate treatment because they will not receive it at MU.

pj allen-thomas

I'm an employee here, so I am biased. However, UMHC is the system I take my family to for all their care. As an academic medical center, the education of the physicians and nurses is top-notch. There is a great deal of pride in the service we provide to our community. All patients are welcome here, regardless of socioeconomic or health status.

Amy Hodson-Commer

I love this hospital. The professionalism, cleanliness, and skill-level is superb. The staff is outstanding and the care is phenomenal. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who is looking for excellent physicians.

anne davison

Your Customer

One Star for a less than one star ran hospital....take your loved ones to Boone.

Brenna Newland

I have always been treated with much respect and care. The doctors and nurses are wonderful . You could not ask for a better group of medical care professionals. I would not want to trust my life with any other hospital! 5*****

Frank Miller

The Doctor's are great at doing their jobs.

Eugene Alvis

Very friendly staff. Free parking.

John Carver

Great service..

G Hayes

Drs & Nurse Very Rude 3 out of the last times I've been there I've had to file a complaint .

Gerre Abner

Never ever bring your baby here EVER.Stay far away.

Randall Groseclose

So today I just received 2 bills from this company saying that I owe them for 2 emergency room visits and 2 ambulances. First off this could have been avoided if the doctors had found out what was wrong before releasing her on the 25th of Oct. I have lost all faith in Missouri's ability to treat patients fairly. My wife has been having seizures since late September and after 9 visits to the emergency room I think we will just try to resolve them at home because apparently no one in this state knows how to take ownership when it comes to a patients health. Its genuinely sad that we have lost our faith in your ability to get the job done and in a fair manner. I owe you as well as boone a large sum of money but I have no results as to why my wife is having these issues. Seems kinda unfair that you as a company want to be paid for services but I dont see any services performed and I definitely dont see any results as to why my wife is having seizures. I would love for someone to take ownership and actually get results before being required to pay for them.

Clay Richmond


Spud Rubble

My elderly mother had an apt on the 10th, she arrived by medical transport services that she has yo pay for only to find out they changed the time and date to the 15th. Today she arrives on the 15th again by her paying for medical transport services and is told there is no record of the appointment. Even the transport driver confirmed that they had been told the 15th. Then she finds out instead of coming there she could have had the nurse where she is at draw the blood for the test. She had asked that originally and was told no. So still on the 15th at same section she was to see a Dr Shaw in Dr Trindles office, appointment was for 8:30am, she was made to wait until 11:45 to be seen. She was left in a room, told ''I'll be back in a minute'' by the nurse. After 30 minutes my mom called out ''is anyone there'' several times. By now my mom was in pain, the nurse replies ''you dont have to come here, after all we are just a learning hospital''. Dr. Shaw when he finally came in began asking questions that are all charted from their hospital records as well as others. She is 74, just lost her husband, been stuck waiting since 7:30am in a wheel chair so almost 5 hours and now so he dont have to do his job and read charts given to him he drills an old woman. Beware if you have elderly being seen there, seems they could care less about them.

Zack Hardin

Been here love it they have been always great here.

Chris Klote

Michael Satchell

Awesome care with the exception of the female PA in the ER. She thinks shes God, and doesn't diagnosis correctly. She needs to realize ADHA, BIPOLAR, AND ADULT CHILD OF NARC ABUSE OVER LAP. Iam a psy.

Vicky Turner

I had quite a nightmarish experience with a gynecologist back in September 2012. Long story short, I fell into hard times with a job loss along with benefits. My gyno in Lee's Summit wouldn't take me anymore unfortunately so I heard MU takes hardship cases like me. I was previously scheduled for a colcoscopy in May at St. Luke's for a removal of a mass in my cervix but had to cancel. A gyno at MU took my case and told me there would not be much pain and I wouldn't need any pain meds other than a local anesthesia and it wouldn't be but maybe 15-20 min. She promised me at least some Advil or Tylenol or something afterwards but I got nothing! Further, I felt the whole operation, had NO pain meds at all and the local did nothing for me. I shook violently, cried, screamed all the while as she kept telling me "it's ok, we're almost done". It lasted about 30 min. I was left laying on the table afterwards alone, extremely cold, bleeding, pain everywhere, scared, in shock. I discovered later that this is actually surgery and I should have had more than just a local anesthesia. I had surgery while being awake.

rae Wilson

Horrible customer service

Stephanie Meyer

I was very unhappy with my experience in a hospital. First off patients in the hall way, whoever thought that this was appropriate is completely in the wrong. You sign a HIPPA form but everyone in that hall way here's your business not only that but if you need a shot or blood draw your in the damn way when you have beds constantly coming down the hall. Second if you don't have insurance I fell like you are not treated equally and that should not be the case at a medical facility. People that came in after me in the hall way were seen and treated before I was given medicine for pain and or talked about for results. I felt like I was treated like a dog and I had to say a comment before anyone came back over to see if I needed anything. Yes, I may not have a critical illness but the pain that I have in my legs were serious. Finally someone came back to give me a pain shot and she took her sweet time putting this large needle in my arm instead of one full motion. It was like watching a knife being pushed in to you. In order to see muscle tears or cyst you need to have an MRI but we are going to take X-rays of your knees and that's only going to show me your bones. Well that's just great do a test that isn't going to show you what you need to see instead make me an appt, No call someone to have them call me to make an appt for ortho maybe they will be able to see something we don't. That's just freakin perfect. Basically it was take Advil for the pain, rest and we will send you a large flipping bill for your visit of nothing, have a great day. People have there prioritys mixed up I really thought that this was a good hospital but apparently you get treated like a person of you only have insurance. My legs still hurt drastically but I will have to deal with it till I see one of the orthos, I pray to god that they have better bed side manners then the ER.

thugdude folk4life

I wish I knew who to contact about the rudeness, the not given 2 Flying ℅uck about anyone that came tonight. The nurses act as if the ER guess are a nosen or something. I have only withness this one other time and that hospital is now closed down. Tonight was a very sad night for me, my fiance and my son, the only person there that night that showed any kind of compassion was a cleaner. (BTW) don't ask for a blanket, I asked for a blanket and the lady nurse looked at me as if I asked her for $20 and a sandwich, if my fiance wasn't having breathing complications I would have tried to hold off till in the morning and made a trip to Hy-Vee urgent care.

Fran Keal

We thought my husband might be having a stroke and took him to the emergency room. A huge team of medical personnel swarmed him and determined quickly and efficiently that his blood sugar was low. Every staff member was sincere in their desire to help my husband and to help me understand what was going on. I am very impressed with the all of the staff we came in contract with.

Kelly Courtney

Anna Mckinley Moore

I wouldn't go here again. For sucky security guards. For Restraint me, for telling them to get away from me. And go and eat some dounuts. The staff was terrible. If I have any troubles with my heart or od, let me died because the university hospital in Columbia is worthless. CLOSED YOUR DOORS INSTEAD OF GETTING MONEY TO KEEP YOUR DOORS OPEN.

Stacy White


What is the point to schedule an appointment if the doctor is not available until an hour after the appointment time? Staff is good, but management is bad.

Brandie Terrill

Above and beyond is what they provided for my mother while we were here. From the janitors to the doctors

Cheryl Sanders

This is where I learned what a brain aneurysm was I had one.the only symton I had was seizures another thing I experienced.with the great brain surgeon I wouldn't be alive today!!!Tyty Tyt and thank God for your knowledge and steady hands also ty to all the staff there for taking such great care of me:)

Angela Cook

First off, the good things. It was clean. My ob/gyn was very friendly and listened. She took blood tests for anything that concerned me. Bad things: When I had to have my urine taken, it was in a restroom set up like a public restroom with rows of doors and lots of other women. The cups and bags and such were just laying in piles on the counter. It was really uncomfortable. My medicine should've increased with my pregnancy, but my OB/GYN didn't notice it. I had my first seizure in over three years WHILE PREGNANT thanks to that oversight. Instead of moving up my appointment, she put it off for two weeks because of her personal issues. She had good reason but should've referred me to someone else during that time. I also noticed in her notes that my vagina was descibed as if she'd given me an exam. She did not. I'm hoping my insurance wasn't charged for that. My sisters both went to Boone and begged me to go there, too. Today I switched to Boone.

Sher Bear

Lily Way

Cynthia Brumfield

First I would like to state the treatment I received while in the hospital was a five star experience. My complaint is with customer service after I was released from the hospital. I was in the hospital from January 03 2016 through February 12, 2016 and still gravely ill upon release to the point I could not care for myself or return to my home or attend to my affairs. Once my health improve to the point that I could handle some phone calls to handle my own business affairs I realized that some of the bills were turned over to Accounts Management Service which is a collection service. I contacted them and made payment arrangements which I kept. However just recently I checked my credit report a learned that I have 14 collections against my report all from their collection agency. I then contacted the collection agency and they stated they are instructed by the hospital to report invoice numbers as separate accounts although both the hospital and the collection agency stated I do have one account number. I then contacted the hospital customer service this department handles billing. I was told by the supervisor that they send one file over to collections and have no control over how they choose to report to the credit bureau. All I am asking is for the accounts to be under one account since they all stem from the same hospital visit. Although I was in the hospital January 2016 my account shows delinquent as January 2016 and turned over to collections May 2016. Both companies are claiming they do not have control over how the account is being reported to the credit bureaus. I filed a complaint against the collection agency and this was their response "MESSAGE FROM BUSINESS: Consumer has been in contact with our office. Consumer has spoken with Trent, Manager. The client maintains the accounts are separate. The client is reviewing and will advise as to the final ruling." which is untrue because I filed the complaint after I was told there was nothing they could do to help me. Now I will file a complaint against the hospital and wait to see if they will blame the collection agency for the reporting to the credit bureau. The bottom line is this hospital cares nothing about you once you are no longer a patient. It so disheartening to realize that the same hospital that worked so hard to save your life has no compaction once you are no longer in their care. My illness altered my life forever and now the hospital wants to destroy my financial life. Please take this as a cautionary tale if you ever have to be a patient at this hospital.

Steve Vuck

Bree Stringer-Hartley

Amazing staff! And wonderful hospital

Sally Everhart

Patients here are treated with kindness and respect. I've been coming here since 2014 for treatment and between University Hospital and Ellis Fischel, you couldn't ask for a better partnership or a better place for both your physical and emotional well-being.

Angela Wheaton

This is the nicest, genuine hospital I've ever seen! AMAZING!

Tim Wood

Best I've ever had

Paul Young

Jesse Leigh

Not happy neither is my mom. My dad went into surgery and she wanted an hour and a half to get called back to see him before he went down. Well turns out by 7am my mom was still waiting so she went and asked could she go back the nurse went to check and came back and told her they was already taken down there. What happened if my dad had passed during surgery and my mother didn't get to see him one last time? We are very very upset with them. Luckily my dad is doing better now and had no troubles. But still what if we didn't get this lucky?

Project Osirus

The great staff saved my life! Good food too! They just need a safer place for patients to go to smoke other than the street, I understand they are a smoke free campus, but the rules need to be bent somewhat.


Do not come here for critical care. They did not properly do things, which resulted in her having pain. She later died in her hospital bed. It is a result of college students from the university that they give employment to. They are not educated enough or just lack concern for detail in taking procedures seriously. My mom was put on oxygen, but they did not turn on the humidifier with the oxygen. Her nose bled and she had a massive migraine. All the cold dry air gave her intense pain. They not only did it once, but 4 times. She had cancer and they did not do anything but cause her more pain. And do surgeries that did not even help but made the cancer spread. Go to a real cancer center or a hospital for better care. They just want your money.

Melinda Lockwood

I had the good fortune to be in the emergency room at University Hospital yesterday. Fortunately, my situation turned out to be inconsequential but, when I arrived there, I did not think that at all. The whole staff; from the woman at check-in to the nurses, EMTs, doctors, technicians were just excellent. The ER was packed to the gills and yet these folks were efficient and maintained a friendly attitude. I do question the wisdom of moving Urgent Care to South Providence however. Ill-considered at best. I am afraid that decision is going to result in more work for the good staff in the ER. Many thanks to them all!

William V Miller

I had a major heart attack with a cardiac arrest in the ambulance and again in the emergency room. The survival rate of such and event is less than 15%, but I am back at work three years later, and despite extensive damage able to do most of the things I love. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program was first rate too. Caring, and advanced delivery of care, I couldn't have asked for more.

PiKA AlphaNu

Would never willing go to the University Hospital. Staff is very rude, not helpful, and interrupted me while I was trying to explain my situation. Sent a patient home after their friend said to do so. This place is a joke. Negligence every where you look.

Jeff Wheeler

Matthew Morris

Bad place

S. F Thomas

I wouldn't recommend. 2nd bad experience : left in hallway "treatment chair" for hours. I requested anyplace with lights dimmed (like an empty triage bay beside me. Was given largest pill (antibiotic) that I've ever seen. Did request smaller pill. In short, avoid this ER if in any way possible. Hospital discharges patients too fast unless lawyers & psychiatrists involved. MUPC- psych center nightmare experience; toilet seats with no rings; son allowed hormone shots with aggressive behaviors; common toilet seats without rings;liberal use of ECT "electroshock" without adequate anesthesia. Too many verifiable nightmares; worse than prison ancedotals

Peapod Prescot

This is statement to housekeeper who was fired for reporting HIPPA violation. IF that happened to you I want to apologize personally. I have no reason to doubt you. I'm a former housekeeper and now an old physician at UMC Hosp. I hope you get this and understand it comes from my heart, I have never and will never take another working person for granted or show disrespect due to perceived differences of importance. Although I love MU I'm happy that you brought this out to discuss. Wish you the best.

Samuel Harris

Not only did half of the staff care enough to do their jobs correctly, no one could inform me what would be covered by our insurance when asked. Not even the actual people that were from the financial department could answer my questions. Then when I received a bill, i again asked why there was a bill with no deductible mentioned sent. I was sent a rude response stating that it was my responsibility to evidently know exactly what was or wasn't covered, even when the very insurance tells me to ask if I'm not sure. Then after the bill said I had 30 days to pay, I was sent a follow up bill 27 days later stating I hadn't paid yet and owed more money. (I mailed a check on day 25) How do I get a follow up bill before the deadline is up? It's a very poor way to do business to provide poor service and then demand money like the business is going under. I imagine that if I was accidentally overcharged, they would take their sweet time reimbursing me as well. I will probably try Boone next time. Maybe a business that doesn't have so many students to teach will have the time to actually do a good job at what it's customers need.

Pam Hirst

I have a relative who was taken to Columbia University hospital after a stroke, and during her 2 stays, she developed MRSA, & developed gangrene in her limb 1 to 2 wks ago, and still hasn't had surgery. My aunt is treated as she can't speak, and as though her brain is a scrambled egg. They allowed her child to gain POA while her mother was on meds, and are forcing her to go to a place she doesn't want to go. They also ban her 3 siblings from seeing her per daughter's and caseworker's request. They won't allow her calls, and they monitor what slips through. At points they have gone as far as to take her phone. The daughter they appointed as Medical POA hasn't been there since having her siblings removed. Her siblings were her constant. They have taken turns sitting round the clock with her. 1 goes and stays a night, and a few days later 2 goes and stays 1 to 3 nights with her. I could go on and on, but that's a little of reason for 0 stars, though they force you to give 1. I won't recommend them, nor will I send my loved ones there. EVER!!! Today they sent an intern in to evaluate her competency, and guess what, he was the same 1 who evaluated her wks ago, and guess what, incompetent. So they are sending her against her will to another state. Once she is gone, I doubt we see her again. I have never seen a hospital quite like this!!! and qwack doctor's are a plenty. They are obviously the incompetent ones!!! It makes me sick to my stomach to see the lack of intelegence. Not to mention they segregate families from loved ones, and caseworker's lie stating they were cussed by my mother, a woman who would wash our mouths out for using slang or by words!! I am appauled at the neglegence, and treatment. think twice at taking your loved ones here. Take them to St. Louis. Please.

Kayla Moore

Justin Trammell


gary masters

They don't care much about healing people lost 80 percent of my hearing basically over night they couldn't explain anything to me now my son has black out spells and gets dizzy and confused used to be a good place to go but all they care about any more is the money

Hannah Butler

Girl at the front desk was rude. Was trying to find someone in ICU after he got into a car accident, and all she could say was he wasn't in the hospital. I knew the room number, and everything and she still wouldn't look him up or anything.

Audrey Ragsdel

The best Doctors in the world. Thanks to them I'm still alive and able too walk again.

Michael J

Absolutely horrible experience here, I was having very bad chest pains and went to Mizzou er. At check in the nurse put a blood pressure cuff on me but did not hit the start button so the previous reading was on it, I tried to explain it to him and he said I was wrong and it recorded my blood pressure. I've been taking my blood pressure for years and know when a machine pumps and records my pressure. So it showed a normal pressure. Then when I was brought back a physician came in my room and said without even taking vital signs are anything "you look fine to me what do you want me to do about it" I was absolutely shocked. I got up and left and walked out. I went to another er and during check in my blood pressure was 225/140, and I had a abnormal heart rhythm and was given multiple medications to stabilize my heart. Mizzou hospital should be ashamed, and how I was treated was malpractice. If you want to be treated by competent physicians who actually care go to St. Mary's in Jeff city.

Dor Sme

Everytime I need to go they're very polite and respectful

Andrew Mikolay

I have had many experiences at this hospital and not one was bad. They were very attentive of my needs and showed great resilience dealing with my suffering, spinal injury and nerve pain. I have also taken numerous individuals in for addiction withdraw and psychosis. This is a well-equipped facility and I believe they do everything they can to help an individual.

Julie Senne

The radiology department was phenomenal

Russell Champagine

my wife is going to have surgery in the morning.she has cancer in her throat.we live in branson mo the dr said we would have to drive to columbia mo to take care of this .........i hope everything gos will with her thay said this is the best hospital in mo

Sherilyn Kempf

I was in a car accident Jan 2, '15 and was brought here. Had to have a pin put in my fractured pelvis... The nurses were great of course they couldn't always come immediately when I called but they did when it was urgent. One nurse I especially liked, Lacey. She was so friendly

Kristina Matthews

I like the nursing staff

I have a random cat HAHAH

Really, really, really horrible service.

Angelica White


Bethany Byler

My son has been in the 5th floor ICU for weeks. The day nurses are great, Sarah in particular is amazing. The best nurse I have ever met. The night nurses sit up and cackle and laugh and do not let patients sleep at all. They literally sound like they are having a party all night. This is an ICU!! Let these people sleep! When I asked nicely for them to keep quiet and let my son sleep, I got no results. When i told them i would literally pay them to be quiet i got an "oh God". Disrespectful, unprofessional, and uncaring.

Charles Schiradelly

Alan Quint

If you're insurance covers Boone hospital, go there. Hour past my appointment, still not seen. This is the norm here at a training hospital. I could go on, but what's the point. Go somewhere else, and if you recieved exceptional care here, you were among the lucky ones.

John Wilson

My stepdad had to be taken here for a emergency. We lost him at this hospital. The staff and facilities are great. Any questions we had were answered promptly. The only name that I remember is a nurse in the ICU. Hidi was the best. She took care of her patient and before she would leave she always asked the family if there was anything that we needed. Hidi always had a professional and caring attitude. I am sure that I misspelled her name, but thanks for all she did.

Tim Adkins


Tina Sanders

They take forever making decisions on what procedure to do then they don't accommodate meals for family that have to stay with there loved ones!!!!


I lost my husband to cancer Aug 2015. It was a very difficult period for our family. I felt the University was the best place for him and it was - I am glad that is where he spent his final days because we felt at home and comfortable, during this most difficult time. It helped to have all of his doctors talk to him and to each other, all at the same time. Better care than he had received at a different hospital where it was anyone's guess when a doctor would pop in - I know they are busy. We just liked the way the University functions by sending everyone in at once, same time every day. We were also pleased with the nursing staff - they have huge loving hearts! We also enjoyed the spacious rooms and the privacy it brought. If I could change one thing - I had a hard time getting my husband a priest for his 'last rights'. We finally did but it took longer than anyone would hope. We were asked what his religious beliefs were but it didn't seem to matter because no one brought communion. Again, this is a small complaint but for me, it was important. The nurses took care of it and the entire staff made my husbands last days as comfortable for him and our family as possible. BTW - Hospice was remarkable as well! 5 stars for them too!

Alicia Sherman

The hospital told us that we were not allowed to call up there they told us that we are not allowed to go up there to see my grandma

Craig Wheeler

They have always taken great care of my family and I

eric sappington

Worst emergency room ever. Not even clearing patients. Been 1 hour and only one patient moves


I was admitted from the ER, they could not find what was wrong but rather than send me home they admitted me. I then could not keep food or water down. My nurses where so kind and had to change my bedding several times but always with a smile and made sure I was taken care of. Overall I had a great experience if that is possible at a hospital. They even delivered my prescription to my room so I would not have to wait after hours as I was discharged later in the day.

Chandra Eden

The nurses and doctors are very nice and take pride in their work and have compassion for their patients

Bastion Technology

Our experience has been below average. Doctors seem to not really care about privacy and let interns into the room without courtesy of asking the patient first. Hospital management need to educate their staff about patient privacy. Business as usual.

Gail Vasey


Ty Moran

Horrible care,I was a burn victim and was put on cancer patient area of hospital an seriously given Tylenol and a stress ball for pain... what a joke,they had no concern for me. I had 10 out of 10 pain almost my entire stay

Mehdi Orouji

I checked in on Tuesday morning for abdominal pain because of my gallbladder and they did all the imaging and blood test and told me the pain goes away after a few hours. They said you don't have infection and the stone is not in the wrong place so they refused to do the surgury to remove gallbladder then. It's been 48 hours now and I still have constant pain. I can't sleep at night or do my job during the daytime. They look like doctors with no experience. So you're more a case study than a patient. I'm writimg this at 3:30 in the morning because pain don't let me to go to sleep.

Bryan Yochum

I've had health problems since birth, lived in several different states and have been in hospitalized in over 20 different hospitals and have never been treated with the courtesy and respect that I have at University Hospital. The staff is always helpful and attentive and understanding to my issues. Plus they pointed me in the exact direction for aftercare for one of minimum means. 100% would suggest for anyone in need of medical care.


Wonderful experience on 4e and ER. Nurses, Dr.'s, tech's, airway people and even housekeeping and nutrition did a great job. Dr. Fay, and even the phlebotomists and travel nurse was exceptional. Blood drawn first or second stick every time. Spa like private room. People came to see me from Soc work, OT, financial aid, disability. I qualified for help so that relieved stress. I was stupified since I was being diagnosed with heart failure and bp issues. I got to relax and receive oxygen a few days to destress. The atmosphere was very conducive to recovery and education. I read the brochures and watched some videos on their tv/net/library. Dr.'s and nurses seemed concerned and educational. And I was impressed they are offering a paramedic plan too to help you at home if you want. I just wasn't sure my fluid output was being logged when full. But I told them what I dumped so be responsible on your own care too, and I'm gonna try to eat more heart healthy and exercise more if I can.

Savannah Reynolds

Naresh Mullaguri

I might be a little biased in my rating. I finished my residency training here recently. It is a very good hospital which constantly works to provide the best care for patients. The culture of YES spans across the system. The location has enough parking facilities for patients. Overall I can assure you it will be a great clinical experience for patients.

Bill Haynie

they saved my life twice great care pretty nurses

Alpha Chapter


Jacob Owens

They took great care of my father in-law. Big success on his surgery !

Carol Neighbors-Sublett

Megan Snow

Chris Brown

Mauriea Wheeler

This facility is top notch! Whether you're there to visit, see one (or more) of the Physicians, find yourself in the Emergency Department, having testing done, picking up a Prescription, having a Surgical Procedure done, etc. there's a feeling of confidence in your choice from the instant you arrive. If you find yourself in need of transportation to or from the facility you'll be provided with exceptional care via ground or air Ambulance Service, whichever is deemed appropriate. Their many Specialties with many Sub-Specialties are highly trained, highly professional, highly skilled and ready to provide you with the quality care you DESERVE. There are Physian Specialties to cover EVERY aspect of care. The medical staff are top notch. They are highly trained, extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled, highly communicative with the patient and family, friendly, supportive, caring, helpful and so much more. The Specialy Departments are very clean, comfortable and efficient. You'll find it easy to make an appointment, easy access to get to with FREE Valet Parking and assistance getting to and from your appointment if needed. On average you will have short wait times. You're provided with helpful "reminder" calls. Paperwork mailed to you ahead of time with maps of the facility. And any pre-appointment instructions. The CCU waiting room has ample seating with couches which can be converted into dual recliners with a table in between, then can also be converted into a bed for those who need (want) to stay overnight. They provide visitors with an ice machine, cups, water, coffee, vending machines, bedding linens and pillows right in the waiting area. The entire facility is exceptionally clean, easy to navigate with color coded elevators and friendly staff. From the Coffe Bar to the Hospital Cafeteria to the Restaurant the food and beverage choices are many. You'll find choices such as fancy coffe, pre-made sandwiches or salads, a plated meal, yummy desserts such as shakes/brownies/cookies/and more, pizza or burgers & fries and so much more.You'll find your choices to be of exceptional quality, exceptionally reasonable cost and served in a timely fashion. This ain't your typical "Hospital Food". Whatever the reason be you find yourself in need of the use of any part of this truly amazing, ever evolving HealthCare System you won't regret your decision to make it a valuable part of your HealthCare team!

Steve Bell

A top rated hospital and one I trust. If you are here for a procedure , bloodwork X-rays or whatever, the check-in process is very easy and moves quickly. There are clinics in the hospital as well and are easy to find.

Octavian Deflure

I have gone to multiple doctors as well as specialist here for my back. After 2 years of trying different doctors with this hospital receiving incorrect diagnosis I traveled to st.louis Barnes hospital instead. After 2 appointments I have already been diagnosed correctly and found that I now need surgery to correct the problem. So basically from going to the university my issue progressed and is now pretty severe Had I have gone to Barnes originally I could have resolved this without surgery. So I just want to say that the University is a glorified bandaid station. They cost me and my insurance money for absolutely nothing. I wouldn't recommend this complete joke of a hospital to anyone if you find you need a real doctor I suggest you make the drive to st.louis

Debbie Carwile

I have never been in an ER for so long and they do absolutely nothing, didn't even rehook blood pressure cuff, or any of the other equipment, my husband is a ridiculous amount of pain, I have never been so mad!!!!

Karen Johnson

The only hospital I trust.

Amber Hand

Shawnna Marie

Per my Dr's request, I went to L&D. The night staff (Resident Dr, and nurse were great.) I loved Nurse Amy. However, the other Dr was very rude, and interrupted me explaining my situation. The things that the night staff told me we were going to do, did not happen. Day staff did NOT follow through. I buzzed the nurse to let them know I needed unhooked so I could use the restroom. The person who answered my call light was super rude, told me I had to wait. I waited 30 minutes and no one came in. I unhooked and went to the bathroom. Then the BP cuff alarm went off and remained going off for 20 minutes before anyone came in to turn it off. Not one staff member washed their hands, not even before a cervical check. Sure, they wore gloves but that is unsanitary to not wash your hands before touching the rubber gloves that you're touching a patient with. There is so much more, but some of it is personal, so I will not be making it public. Needless to say this experience was absolutely ridiculous. I had a few good people come in, but some that were rude. I'm glad this pregnancy is almost over, last night was not a good experience.

John Penrod

Excellent care and treatment! Have 100% Faith in Ellis Fischel Cancer Center!

Kelly Laymon

Female RNs are very rude on 4th floor pre operation wing.

mohammed ebrahim

Tori M.

Approx. 3 yrs ago I was driven by friends to the University ER for the worst optic migraine I've ever had. My brain couldn't even make sense of basic shapes or read I was in such excruciating pain. All of the staff were fantastic and got me in as fast as they could. My nurse was compassionate, he was so comforting and made sure that I had everything that I needed. No one had a problem with my best friends being there to comfort me until I was ready to go home. Just one problem. I've had optic migraines for several years now, and I know my symptoms and what I can do to prevent them, and what I need when I can't stop them from getting worse. When they were wheeling me back, they absolutely insisted upon a CAT scan, convinced that I was having a stroke or something. I explained to them that I knew what it was, and I didn't need, didn't want a CAT scan, and they gave me one anyways. This was right when my family's flex money had run out for the year. I was stuck paying a 2,000 some bill while going to school and working full time. With very little money to spare, I had no choice but to sacrifice and pay it off as quickly as possible so it didn't go to collections and ruin my good credit. Love the staff at University Hospital, but they need to be educated/learn to listen to patients and take their requests, opinions and concerns seriously. No one should ever have to pay for a procedure when they specifically said it was unnecessary and they didn't want it. If I hadn't of been so delirious and helpless I would have put my foot down.

Kimberly Fairchild

I was discharged on Friday. The doctor's said they will call to check on me, then schedule follow up visit. Five days and two phone calls to them.... still no news. I guess they do not care that I have a port coming out of my body. Hopefully, I am taking care of it correctly by myself. For how long?????

joyce landon

Let me tell you about my experience at university son died in the helicopter on the way to the hospital. About 3 days later my husband called the emergency room and asked the employees if they remembered him and where we could pick his personal effects ."oh yes we remember him and yes he came in with the items ."but we dont know where they are now so they put us through to the morgue and they put us through to corenors office and we went in a phone circle and personal effects to be found .now i know my son pretty well folks but the only things still missing is my son wallet and his ring making spoon . Now i hate to think that one in one of your departments would have taken a wallet that belongs to a 26 year old veteran with a baby face .i know he didnt need it anymore but i do i am his mom and would like it back .shame on whoever got it they have no respect for the dead .you must have some very poor employees .i will pray for them. But i would still like what is left of the wallet return ed to me .my sons personal effects dont belong throwed in a trash can ,or trashed in an alley.they belong at home with his mom .my son deserves better than how you treated him .please return the wallet to me joyce landon in barnett mo.if found

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