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Alex Chiodini

After three urgent cares and two doctors visits. I still was having chest pains and nobody could seem to figure out what was wrong. I went to mercy’s er where they got me in with in an hour. Did everything the urgent cares did. EKG all that stuff still nothing. One of the er doctors knew I was in pain and decided to run a ct scan on my chest and they found that I had a pocket of air in the sac around my heart. Which could of been fatal if it would of gotten bigger. But they actually listened to me and went the extra mile possibly saved my life. The staff all around were amazing including the staff who ran the cafeteria and cleaning service. I never felt more comfortable to where I wasn’t ready to leave. Thank you guys for everything , I can finally relax and feel better.!!

Mancie Eicher

I became sick in November of 2017 was in troy,mo and they found is had MRSA in my back and sent me the St Louis and they have great doctor's and are staff at this hospital I continue to have treatment here. thanks for saving my life

Warren Montgomery

Very friendly staff and excellent care.

Greg Schwab

Professionals with a twist! Basically I am a 61 year old veteran rushed to Mercy hospital for stroke symptoms from Jefferson Barracks 10/16/18. I rate Mercy Hospital on 615 S New Ballas Rd with 5 STARS because: I was at a disadvantage, nervous and was seemingly having a stroke. I had a team of Doctors/Nurses and staff working my health issue, Immediately! With kindness, respect and caring attitude. In the emergency room received quick and precise treatment by a team lead by doctors/nurses and knowledge staff. After several tests and doctors I was required to stay over night. A word about the emergency room, Professionals! I was required to get a room so they could observe me overnight and continue with tests requiring more time. It was a nice room with all the amenities and everything worked. The personal were all knowledgeable and made me feel at home in as much as humanly possible. In the end of my stay and tests it turns out my condition was less serious than previously thought.

Wendy Kreitman

This was a bad experience all around. After entering the emergency room late on Saturday the doctor asked us exactly what we wanted him to do. My husband was admitted for four days when no one read the discharge notes and should have been discharged a day earlier. WE STILL do not have a diagnosis. It took 5 days to get a back to work note. Two days after my husband was supposed to be released to work. It was a comedy of errors only not funny when you are talking about people's health, money and time. I have tried to talk to someone about getting this resolved and am getting no response.

Ellie Mack

Received great care. Staff was considerate.

Lisa Cuggino

As a employee of Mercy hospital st. Louis after doing my job for 36 years I truly found them to be unsensitive and not Christan as they say and preach there word. After asking to go part time they told me I need to file disability I was shocked after 2 weeks getting my disability approved things turned on me it was the most horrible place to work in St. Louis the pay is very bad and medical insurance was heart breaking

Brittany Blitz

I love this hospital. I go here everytime I need to I also had my son here 7 years ago and they were really great working with him and me Made sure I had everything and my Dr. Dr Mueller is absolutely fantastic . I love her and will always go to her for my female check ups

Rich Cummings

Great staff and very clean.

Michael Willis

My experience with Mercy was excellent! Clayton Shaw and Cpl Rapp showed true professionalism as as well as great communication skills . It would be a pleasure and honor for me to join the team and learned from the staff.

Nobie Richardson

Poor work environment for the disabled. They mistreat their disabled employees, by being rude, sarcastic, with no proper training, down grading and belittling the disabled by comparing them to the non disabled employees, Unfairness toward the disabled causing stress and hardship on the disabled...A unfair work environment....

Lisa Raymond

Parking completely inadequate. Half hour driving around to get into hospital. Lisa

It’s all Good!

Show up 1 hour early to find a parking space

Taylor Stein

I had my son here about two weeks ago. I was so excited because I heard that it was one of the best hosptials to have a baby at. When I was in labor the nurses waited to call my doctor when my son was coming out and I was told to just close my legs because the nurses didn't want to deilever a baby. The nurses finally called my doctor and she got there 20 minutes later. My sons head was extremely brusied and he cried everytime you touched it. Once I had my son and was transferred to another room the nursers and doctors were very judgemental because I was 18. With me being 18 and a first time mom I figured they would give me a lot of advice and help but they didn't. I had a wubanub in my sons bassinet when he went back to get checked out by the doctor. The doctor told my nurse that she couldn't beileve I gave my baby a wubanub because they cause sids. I would have never given my son a wubanub if I knew they caused sids!! Anyways the doctor comes back into my room and says my son is very healthy and NEVER says anything about the wubanub!!! My nurse came into my room and asked if the doctor got on to me about the wubanub because they cause sids. The nurse couldn't beileve she never said anything about it to me. This just breaks my heart because I would have never known this about wubanubs if the nurse had never told me and I could have still been giving my son it. In my experience the doctors were VERY unprofessional. It doesn't matter how old you are you should never be judgemental to any of your patients!!! I would never have another child there!

Rebekah Keller

This is the only hospital I trust with my children. The doctors and nurses are amazing.

Dustin Flassig

Stay as far away as you can from this hospital. We used to go there for everything but over the last year or two their service has been horrible and they started double-billing me for any hospital issues. I had some prior balances that I set up on a payment plan and as soon as it was about to be paid off they send the FULL balance to the new place for me to pay all over. They are of no help and just want your money. Find a different hospital!

R B Khatri

Very Good

Adam Oppelt

Their billing is borderline criminal. I'm fortunate to have a good insurance plan through anthem, where they are willing to go to bat and help resolve the issues with billing. Check every bill against your insurance, because most likely, the hospital is trying to sly some additional money out of you. Shame on them, and a shame for us all that they are taking over independent area hospitals.

Dorothy Merrell

I was recently admitted for penumonia and everyone from the emergency staff to the staff on the floor where I was were wonderful. The nurses and nurse assistants were very attentive to my needs. i could not asked for better care than I received at Mercy Hospital.

Gary Gackstatter

3.5 hour wait in the ER. Shower was not warm enough to take a shower for 3 days, and they never changed my bedding. Staff and doctors are 5 stars, but expect long waits for EVERYTHING.

Horse Lover

This hospital is amazing if you look at their business practices. The financial assistance thing is such a big help to those who can't pay their way.

Lisanne Koral

My family loves this hospital. They've cared for everything from broken bones to massive blood clots to sepsis for us over several decades. We are always treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. Always.

Mary Milligan

I always get quality care from the Dr's and Nurse's here!!!

Letha Adams

Pain management. Handicap parking lot and entrance

Mari Beth Linder

I had surgery here and was in the hospital a few days. The patient rooms were very nice. I felt the care was good. The billing was problematic, as the billing dept. did not use the correct coding of the bill.

David Justice

My wife has delivered both of our children here, and both experiences have been great. Very helpful nurses and doctors - we always felt that she and our children were very well cared for.

Kabi Raj Pandey

I called for some general information, the lady was so rude. They need to learn how to behave and put a habit of saying Idk if you don’t know.

Miranda McGuire

My husband was just there for 2 days due to an obstructing kidney stone and the nurses were so kind. His anesthesiologist was so nice and made him feel so comfortable before his surgery. The urologist was condescending and needs to work on his people skills. Besides that everyone was amazing. The nurses even brought in an extra bed so I could spend the night with him. The hospital was very clean and orderly. The cafeteria was pretty good for it being hospital food. I also gave birth to my daughter at Mercy 3 years ago and the experience was great. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Sara Adams

I was on the second floor received excellent nursing care. Very kind and compassionate. I had a gynecological surgery which I had a hard time with pain and felt confused from the anesthesia . The nurses addressed my issues and were very understanding. I felt safe and comfortable. Today I am home and feel GREAT!! Dr. Levine is awesome. I do not recommend Dr.Hubb who displays very poor bedside manners and little empathy.

Mitch Wilson

I was air-lifted to Mercy on August 26 2014 after having severely burnt myself while burning trash (never use gasoline). THANK YOU GOD for the help these people provided. I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 50% of my body (hands, arms, chest, back, one leg, neck). They had me in an induced coma for 7 weeks and another 3-4 weeks in therapy before being sent to another facility closer to home. I received skin grafts on my hands, arms, leg, and back and they did an EXCELLENT job. Almost as good as new after only 22 months. Still healing, but think of these people every day. I wish the hospital posted more pictures of the staff so that i could thank them personally. I particularly remember a mean little therapist who helped me to regain use of my hands. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. All the nurses were fantastic as was the entire staff. I wish I had time to write more, but suffice it to say "God bless each and every one of you". Thank you all.

John Dano

Recently left the ER. I arrived at noon didn't leave til 8pm. Felt like a lifetime getting aid for my illness. The African American lady whom took my temperature was very rude. No I don't take my own vital signs on the daily basis . If I could I wouldn't have taken a trip in to the ER . Could have diagnoses myself. Some people need to provide better services. Instead of judging us. Besides wasn't for all those patients in the ER. Probably the ER staff wouldn't get paid??


A doctor decapitated an infant here while mother was giving birth. then tried to cover it up. Choose another hospital when having a baby.


I'm in the hospital as I write this they are being so rude acting like they don't care feeling like I'm going to pass out came in by ambulance and then got asked how bad the pain is I said I'm not in pain then the nurse responded then why are you here. Like people can't be sick with out pain get in the back to have to sllay in a hallway to get asked what's wrong. Great you think someone might want to know what's wrong but cuts u off before u can talk tell u what you are feeling being wrong might I add then walks off worst hospital by far and I always used to drive miles away to come here not sure what happened but even DePaul is starting to sound not half bad

Linda Halley

Great doctors and the staff was very helpful.

Kyle Koelling

Horrible hospital! Keep telling my family that my uncle would transfer to Barnes for the care he needs but show no interest in moving him there. He lost a bed and then they tell us they have a secondary plan. Where was your plan 7 days ago?!?!? If you want help and the best care go to Barnes don’t waste your time at Mercy. Disgusted with this hospital!

Keith Webery

Care was great. Billing department and customer care doesn’t care! Worst experience ever, wont work with your insurance company. Insurance has declined my claims twice because Mercy won’t/can’t send in the correct paperwork. Will never have another kid here!

Rebecca Winn

I almost died and they saved my life.

dan conard

Please do not take your children here. Justin Travis and Jennifer Schwartz are murdering children one by one in their PICU. Two adult minded individuals cannot take care of children.

Bernadette Pivarunas

I presented to the ER on a Friday night and was told the wait would be 5 hours. I saw several individuals on hospital beds in the hallway and one man actually sitting in the ER waiting room with an IV in his arm. I’m immunocompromised with a chronic illness that was flaring. The Mercy ER was like a zoo with people everywhere, nurses totally overwhelmed, no compassion. I’ve been to a number of ERs and I’ve never experienced something like this. I understand it’s flu season, but a 5 hour wait is absurd. There’s no reason for it. Pull staff from less utilized services. Hire more emergency staff. I left “AMA,” which was a farce because I was never even seen by a doctor, in marked pain, and nothing about sitting in a waiting room with 50 people with the flu when you’re immunocompromised seems like sound medical advice to me. Drove up the street to St. Luke’s and had a great experience. I would not return.


There was a FOUR HOUR WAIT for a room after my mom's surgery. The surgery was scheduled a month in advance. Why the f*** wasn't the room scheduled? If a hotel can have a room ready on time for $100, how was this overlooked when we're paying over $1,00 a day? Garbage

Ambernnnsaw Schrimsher

This hospital saved my life. Great hospital and excellent staff. Very pleased with how everything worked out.

Michael Rey

They poked me, stabbed me, and stitched me up. The experience is as best as it can be for being in those situations. The wait can be long at times. However I am picky about these places and have insurance that pays for this.

Carolyn Woodstock

Full day of appointments and they went like clock work!

Heather Tullock

Do NOT go to this emergency room, and do not let Thomas Wheeler be your doctor! I was taken here after a car accident and I felt so uncared for and treated like I didn't matter. He didn't even look at my head after I had hit it very hard in the accident. I wasn't given anything for pain, like ibprophen or ice pack. He didn't even do anything to test for concussion. After he got the results of my CT scan for my neck, which turned out, just strained, he very ungently took off the C-COLLAR, and said "well you don't need this." They just did a scan and sent me on my way. I'm sorry but hitting your head as hard as mine hit should have deserved more attention. I had a huge contusion. The nurses were fine, but the doctors was the worst I've ever encountered!!!!

Mike Stinson

Had horrific stomach pain. Took 3 hours to get out of the waiting room that had 4 people in it. Got a bed by the nurses station and couldn’t get any help for 45 minutes. Was freezing and in obvious pain and no one cared. Doctor ordered medicine and checked back 30 minutes later and the medicine and not arrived. Nurses were busy talking about bachelor parties and vacations so I understand they were just too busy.

Hillary Olander

Came in with a severely broken arm last night. Complete lack of bedside manner, and refused to let me stay the night even though I was (and still am) in excruciating pain, and live 35 mins away. Horrible.

Joe McCall

We took our 8 year old daughter here late last night for some stitches. The staff in the ER was AMAZING! Super kid friendly. Especially the Kid Specialist, Ali. Wow... Can’t recommend them highly enough. Well done guys... Thank you!

Myra Pooh

My nurses and doctors were great and they made me feel so much in less than 24hrs !

Shannon Wright

The ER department here is of unsatisfactory. I came in to be seen for migraine symptoms, the staff was extremely unattentive and dismissive. The room I was taken to was not the cleanest, the floors we're very dirty. I was given an IV and then forgotten about. After waiting without medication for my symptoms for close to an hour, I deemed it necessary to opt out of service. Only if the doctor and the staff would've made themselves available to treating me prior to expressing dissatisfaction, this visit would have been more pleasant. Having an attitude with patients simply wanting to be advised of an excessive wait time is taking the wrong route with me. I would've been better off going to Missouri Baptist, they're competitor! A remodel of a waiting room doesn't mean better services.

Robert Clark

Parking is totally inadequate for the number of doctors in the medical offices. EVERY space full in every lot, cars backed up waiting for Valet Parking and dozens of frustrated patients driving around looking for a place to park. If I had any choice, I'd go somewhere else!! In addition, every doctor's office seems too have an annoying TV playing mindless garbage at high volume. It's like being in a sports bar! Most annoying.

Mytrice Marcano

My husband was hospitalized there more than 20 times within a year and a half. Thank god I had the mind to take him somewhere else, otherwise both of his feet would have been amputated by now. Outside of Mercy being a teaching hospital, the staff was always very nice; but the doctors don't listen to the patients. They talk over you, and only go by what their computers are telling them - not listening to the patient telling them how they feel. The doctors were not always informing the nurses of the patients care and they either under or over treated him, which either made him pass out, become septic or made his stay longer.

Katrina Lewarne

I read through some of the bad reviews and its so sad to see people giving one star reviews for ridiculous reasons. A year ago i brought my daughter to the er here and i remember from that experience everything was wonderful wait time was not bad and staff was amazing. And today i came here with her for a planned procedure and I was honestly so shocked at how we were treated I absolutely could not believe it. Everyone i encountered was incredible , seriously delightful and full of as much cheer as they could be. When they first met my daughter they brought her crayons and asked what she wanted to draw and she said mickey mouse and they brought several sheets of paper with mickey on it. At the end of my daughters procedure, she had some dental work done, they first brought her a popsicle and apple juice, then a gorgeous teddy bear , so soft , then they overheard us talking about stopping at the store to grab some soft foods and they brought us two lunch boxes full of ice cream, more popsicles, apple sauce, and pudding. And along with that they gave her a goody bag with random stuff to entertain her with. I dont think i have ever had hospital staff treat me and my daughter as wonderfully as the people here did.

C Smith

The staff is super friendly and helpful. The furniture and equipment is a bit run down for how expensive the hospital is.

Chaz Devine

My daughter was born here and honestly the nurses and care was great but the billing is a scam and purposely vague. We were charged $400 for a “psychiatric consultation” which pretty much summed up a random woman coming in at one point to ask my wife is she was alright and was out the door in five minutes. Mercy will lie and gouge you every chance they get.

Charlotte Hynes

I just spent 4 days in this hospital. I was the most wonderful experience anyone could have if it wasn't for the fact I was ill. I myself am a LPN so judging from my background I found every employee I came in contact with very nice and professional. I would have given you 5 stars but nothing perfect.

Sally Smith

Nursing staff were kind and caring

Ida Sekenova

Absolutely horrible experience!!! If you are pregnant, run for the hills and find a different hospital (MoBap, St. Luke's). I was originally planning to deliver at MoBap. Something possessed me to switch to Mercy Birthing Center. Prenatal classes are garbage: waste of time and money. My labor went well: I give a full credit to my body and Mother Nature. Then I was transferred to L&D unit. That's when the nightmare began: I delivered on Friday night. Lactation consultant didn't show up until Sunday morning. My Baby developed high bilirubin because he was latching, but, not sucking. I didn't catch it being a first time Mom. Nurses are absolutely horrible. Dropped some stuff in my room: never helped me or explained how to use it. I've never been given a life saving Dermoplast, just mesh undies, tucks, peri bottle and a ridiculous ice pack which was turning into a pool of water on my bed within 2 mins of use. I had a severe edema, very swollen legs and arms. Nurses completely ignored it. Mothers rave about their wonderful experience in MoBap or St Luke's. Go there!!!!! Do NOT step foot in this filthy, incompetent place!

Dawna Tatum

Has always been very good and clean Doctors and nurses very kind and friendly And attentive. Nobody likes going to the hospital but if you have to go this has been the place that has been the place that felt more kind and comfortable than any other...I think the name speaks for itself.

Dan Briscoe

The worst! Never again....

G Lewis

This place has unkind supervisors who treat there employees like nothing but a nobody... If I worked at that place I would be gone asap!! I dont like to see workers belittled like that at all so fix it mercy or pretty soon you won't have anybody to help run that hospital..


NEW MOM'S BEWARE!!!!! I do honestly believe if I had not had any medical background, (I'm an NP), I would have died as doctors and nurses kept telling me every symptom I told them I had was "normal". I had multiple complications and after a "review of my case they still contend they did everything right".

Cousin’s Forever

I went to Mercy and a nurse by the name of Teresa Mueller went in a sleep while I still had the needle in my arm

Just Rochelle

I cannot, in good conscience, award Mercy any stars but I cannot post without it. I wish for a negative star selection here. My 6YO was referred to Emergency by her pediatrician because of severe dehydration. I was told to take her immediately; that it was an emergency situation. The care was a nightmare with staff ignoring us, playing games, bouncing balls around, doing NOTHING for my daughter. She and I spent four hours alone in a room, taking sips of water. This was their "care." They frightened her with words like "catheter" and generally did nothing for her. All of THIS for over $1700! They should be paying my daughter instead!


I took my mom to the ER at 1am. She went right in. She was admitted for 3 days and improved remarkably. The staff was great and she loved the food. THANK YOU!

Zachary Smith

Blood Donor Services crew are awesome!

Jake Spurgeon

My wife and I cannot say enough about how FANTASTIC St. John's is. All the Doctors, staff, nurses, food, rooms, etc. were great. Everyone is so nice and you can tell they care. We highly recommend this hospital. Some may try and scare you saying they have a high C-section rate, but that is because they take on the high risk pregnancies. So, of course they would have a high C-section rate. There's a reason they call it the baby factory of St. Louis. Let them do what they do best and what they do all the time.

Dl M

HORIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!! Called many times and unable to get through. This is unacceptable for a hospital not being able to get through. I had to call mercy south to find out what is going on with their phones. The same is happening with mercy family medicine, no answer. UNACCEPTABLE!

Mohan R

Good hospitality and easy way to Park but very tough time during peak hours.

Cool Breeze

If I could rate any lower I would, the nurses there are racist. And the staff is mostly “black” I was getting treated terrible. There is a definite race issue.

James Baker

There customer services is terrible. It is almost impossible to speak with anyone over the phone. You leave a number to call you back and don't hear from anyone. Terrible service. What happened to customer service being important? Hopefully you do not have an account issue. If so, good luck.

Jared Walls

If I could give zero stars I would. We came for a CT of the throat and they gave a chest X-ray. Waited 15 minutes or more with the call light on , staff just walking by leisurely. Worst hospital I’ve EVER been to.

Kezia Schrier

Can not rate any lower. Went in for emergency visit, thought 2yr old broke her arm. Super quick to check you in and then forget you are in the waiting room.(they were NOT busy) 1. You cannot park anywhere near the emergency entrance, all of the parking is allocated to paid valet parking. Had to park on the other side of the building and carry her. 2. They are out of their minds on charges. 39$ to check my daughters blood pressure, 391$ for xrays, and a mystery charge of 1376$ for "emegency services" they refuse to explain, and 625$ for a nurse practitioner. Then after being there for several hours IN THE WAITING ROOM to find out that her arm was not broken, they were super quick to demand payment. I said i was paying in cash they billed me 785$ on the spot told me i was paid in full only to demand 858.40$ a few weeks later. Poorly run billing department trying to bilk you for every cent they think they can.

BJ Ason

As many have stated here, the billing dept is horrific. I paid my bill in full for one ER visit. But somehow over 3 months later they keep sending me small amounts that I still owe. Do not agree to give your info out! Beware of the lady telling you Commerce bank will help with payments! They give your info to Commerce bank who will flood you with junk mail. Thanks Mercy!

Bob Eulberg

This review regards labor & delivery and postpartum care. The L&D facility and staff is incredible. For my wife's delivery of our baby I felt very confident being there through any complications we encountered. All the nurses and residents were great, but it is worth specifically mentioning nurse Natalie in Labor & Delivery.

Lb Bb

Save yourself and don't go here. The ER was a wait as ppl say but at least they were good at what they do. Stayed overnight, was lucky to survive. Blood pressure monitor kept going off (4 times as I remember). Someone came in (Possibly a nurse!). And only seemed concerned about making the machine shut up. I only remember seeing the numbers once, 77/52. They did nothing to me or for me or ask me how I felt... She just kept resetting the machine until I moved around in bed which apparently raised my BP enough to shut off the warning alarm. Save yourself!

Maggie Madonia

Always pleasant workers, thoughtful & caring. Special shout out to Patty in Heart Hospital Interventional Care. She is an amazing nurse.

Catie Erickson

I had an amazing experience at Mercy. I was pregnant with my first baby and had an amazing OB, and my birth experience was so low stress and easy. I also took part in various infant care classes at Mercy, they offered so many resources. My primary care doctor was the best I have ever had. Everyone I encountered was pleasant and extremely helpful and I saw a number of specialists and a variety of Mercy healthcare professionals. One specific point I’d like to make is that our pediatrician and a nurse practitioner plastics specialist traveled out to see my son on a Saturday while we were still in the hospital after birth, without us even needing to ask. Our son had deformed ears which was immediately taken care of, risk free, on the weekend. Our insurance has changed and we had to switch providers, and I can definitely say Mercy really was outstanding and I will miss it!

Robert Crawford

Nice place very helpful people I have been to this location many times I have brought my mother ear many times for various surgeries and the staff is always very helpful very courteous and eager to please it is a bit of a maze to get around from one place to another but once you've done it a few times you figure the place out I have to travel 2 hours to get here so if that tells you anything it should tell you that I'm willing to drive for Good service and hospitality they treat you like one of their own family members I have several other procedures schedule for this place because they are so good to us you can call down to the cafeteria and get food any time during the day and they will bring it right up to your Room I don't know any other place that will do that it's almost like a hotel

Dianna Hodgson

1 star for forcing your staff to have flu shots and firing them if they don't.

Jay S

Very professional and clean hospital...took care of my husbands needs as if it was they own...I recommend good professional services that care for their patients to anybody any day...friendly and concerned. Thanks staff for a wonderfully experience

Mary Katherine Lawson

We were transported to Mercy for an emergency ortho surgery. It was not the nearest hospital, but EMS opted for a trauma center. Unfortunately, the emergency surgery was postponed for 24 hours, which caused incredible, life-changing hardship on patient. They had no way of knowing that this would happen, but I think a place that advertises as the only level 1 trauma center should have been able to perform an emergency surgery even if it is inconvenient for physician. Now the good: Transport from ER to hospital bed was handled by a young man named "Dean". I warned Dean that this patient was in pain, and to please take it easy. Dean went above and beyond to transport as if patient was a fragile egg. He was able to help floor staff transfer into a bed and wished us well. Dean is a 5 star employee. Overflow Ortho staff on the neonatal and then on the children's unit (I know, it's crazy) were very good and exhibited a high level of knowledge about this injury. They were incredible kind and careful about pain meds. We were worried about taking too many pain meds. Staff was able to explain "necessity vs fear of pain". Good staff, well trained and seem to work well as a team. In the ER there were some questions about our insurance. The next day, I called admitting to see if they'd found our information. Phone service was terrible so the employee CAME UP TO OUR ROOM to get things straightened out. I'm pretty sure his name is Mark Allen. He was professional, comforting and apologetic. Mark Allen should be the face of Mercy.

Jacob Linhoff

Was told by a counselor they believe that they are trying to turn people away because they don't have the rooms available

Kathleen Blessing, HCA

I entered an emergency room in February of 2018 to attempt help with intense all over itching. It had been on and off for months and I had been to allergy doctors and antihistamines were ineffective. Upon entering, I was hit with a line of psychiatric questions. They brought in a psychiatrist, who I refused to speak to and they refused to treat for anything or look further. I later discovered that my liver enzymes were elevated (they did a blood test.) I returned to the ER again a few days later completely desperate. The triage person asked my husband to admit me for a psych evaluation hold. He refused. Then they finally, after literally arguing, agreed to do a ultrasound and discovered I had an internal blockage. The blockage was dealt with via scope and biopsied. They sent me on my way, again, with a list of therapists! After the procedure I had recurring pain, and absolutely no response from the doctor regarding this problem. I called, left messages, and was completed disregarded. Finally, the pain brought me back to the ER in a different hospital 4 months later. Another scope, different hospital...CANCER. I am beyond furious.

L M.F.

Maybe so many babies are born at this hospital that the staff has just totally became numb to the fact that a newborn is an innocent little person who has a right to the best care. The same goes for the Perinatal center . All the workers have poor bedside manner & resemble disgruntled DMV employees. I'm glad they hand out pills to slow down labor it gives me time to drive 25 minutes out to the next hospital to have my baby .

Franklin Williams

I owe everything to the amazing nurses in the NICE, they are the best. Just amazing at what they do and wonderful people. My son was born at 31 weeks and I would never go anywhere else to give birth again, they took such good care of my boy and made us feel so at home. Thank you CPS. The food is great too - I stayed there for two months! I miss the great yogurt parfaits in the cafeteria. Really good food for a hospital!

Rini Chacko

The delivery of my first child here went smoothly butfor my second which was a c section I had the worse experience when it came to the epidural procedure. The main doc was not there she handed it over to some inexperience nurse who pricked me atleast 5 times and made me seem like i was at fault are you kidding me... Not coming here again

LOVE Moore

I had the absolute best experience from my first appointment to the last. I love the staff. They really seem to care about your well being. The birthing center is beautiful. I wish I had done things differently but when you're in the moment, all of that planning goes out the window. It's an amazing place for mothers who want to have a natural birth.

Daron Wilkinson

Terrible care. Took 3 days to get a bed and then misdignosed condition. If I could give a negative stars i would. Please go somewhere else.

Areiona Dodds

I’m going to give them 4 stars because their hospital is amazing anytime I’m here i haven’t had any issues i loved my ob Doctor ruggari while i was pregnant my daughter is being well taken care of in their NICU which is amazing btw but their cafeteria workers are A** since I’ve been here the NICU parents are able to get a free meal because we’re here all the time obviously from our children being in the NICU and i went down today and they like oh we can’t blah blah blah okay well that’s bs cause since I’ve been here i haven’t had to pay for my meals now i have to ( which i didn’t mind) but they need to TEACH all of their cashiers the same ropes

Tom Conners

Great clean hospital and has good food

Janie Turner

I've always recieved the very best care from there.

Jennifer Herren

I am truly impressed with this hospital. The staff is very kind and professional at the Heart Hospital Adult ICU. The doctors seemed very receptive to the nurses, patients and family. And I could always talk to a doctor nearly right away if I needed too. And I can't say enough about the nurses. I'm a nurse myself and I was impressed with the organization, sympathy and kindness of every single nurse my grandma had. And the hospital is beautiful inside and out, the campus is very peaceful and well designed. I live several hours away and spend several days at a time at this hospital. They let me stay in the room with my grandma and it's nice walking around campus when you need to clear your head. The only reason I gave them 4 starts instead of 5 is because the food is down right terrible.

Kushan Patel

SCAM!! The pharamcy said that my insurance only covers name brand for my prescription so they were trying to make more money off me. I checked with insurance and that was not true at all! Stay away!

Elaine Smith

We were treated very well from the first visit today at a new Primary care Dr.

Jonathon waser

With my father in law dealing with quite a few trips to the hospital there especially having health issues plus his drs are mostly with mercy,he does want to be there. The issues are that an we know that everything isnt perfect, but some techs can be overly pushy on the elderly especially callin them baby from one of the tech,then another gentleman who talks like he is from the ghetto tellin a 80 yro man "you know what I'm sayin G!! That's bs is uncalled for. You are supposed to be professional at your job. The decent places in mercy are the heart hospital an the next step down. Great nurses there. We have had some great nurses in the reg hospital but that's rare i mean rare. One that sticks out the most was a lady with last name TU. She was a great nurse. Very sweet,kind,honest,helpful concerned an overall nice person an deserves to be recognized. I didnt however get the chance to do so when I was there to write it out but she is just wonderful. For what she does an how hard she works an even though asking questions,getting things of requests which he dont like to but she always had a smile for doing her job an for that we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.We were an still going through alot right now an she made a difference while my father in law was there. Thank you Ms. TU. AS far as the rest of the hospital,needs improvement for the nurses an techs of needing how treat people an needs a crash course in that department.

Becca Barber

A family member attempted suicide last month. She made it to a friends house and was taken to the Mercy ER near our home. She was then taken by ambulance to Mercy St. Louis ICU. After being medically cleared she was taken to the behavioral health unit, Mercy St. Louis. While there, she spoke with a few different doctors & was prescribed meds. The nurses asked her every morning how she was feeling, but that was it. She also spoke with psych staff a few times, but not about any of the problems that led to this. What is the point? My problem with this whole 'experience' is as follows: she did NOT discuss, with anyone the reasons she attempted suicide, there were NO counseling sessions. What is the point of being in this facility if she is NOT receiving counseling!? She said that on more than one occasion another patient grabbed her arm. There were apparently ants in her room & in the common areas. When I called to speak with her, another patient answered the phone, on more than one occasion.. More than once, a social worker came to speak with her & she was asleep. Why didn't anyone wake her? She said it was dark & the view of the outside was minimal. She was able to go outside twice but only for 5 minutes @ a time. How does this help people with mental health issues? Whether it be depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue, aren't light & fresh air good for us all? I really just don't understand what the point of her being there really was, other than the obvious...the all mighty dollar. You would really think that a 'Behavioral Health' facility would actually offer HELP. She was kept in a facility for a total of 6 days, start to finish, prescribed some meds, a note for work, an envelope of other paperwork & sent home. What, exactly did any of this accomplish!? There is NOT a single person within any of the Mercy facilities, that we have dealt with over the last week that could really tell you anything about her. I keep asking the same question...What did this accomplish? A huge bill!! We will get help...on our our own, as she obviously did NOT get it there. We called Mercy, St. Louis because she needed some other paperwork to be able to return to work, she was told that they did NOT know who her social worker was, that she dealt with while at the behavioral health unit & that she would get a call back when that person was located. No surprise, we NEVER got a call back. How can a facility within the Mercy system be so unorganized? How is it that no one knows who her social worker was? I can tell you what this accomplished...another stress...another bill... So, in conclusion...Thank You... I sent an email to Mercy & told the gentleman that called me that he would need to call back as I was not able to speak to him at that moment. I did NOT receive a call back. We have since received several bills for this so called treatment, so as stated earlier, this accomplished NOTHING, except more stress since now we have to figure out how we are going to pay for this. That might not be so frustrating if she would have actually received some help. I could go on and on about this, but that just seems to be pointless...

Cathy D

The care I have received has been very good. HOWEVER, the billing department is terrible. First, when I was initially diagnosed with cancer, I asked to talk to a social worker. No one ever contacted me. Second, no one told me that Mercy would bill each lab, surgery and office visit as a separate account number. It makes it impossible to know what they have marked as paid or not paid. Only after I got sent to collections did I figure out that payments I have made weren't getting applied to the oldest bills first.

Jody Richards

I'm only rating low due to the cafeteria. Worst food I've ever had. Overcooked, dry and just bad! Nurses and all support deserve a 5 they are great! They deserve high praise for all they do! Such a shame though for the families of patients to have to have such bad food!

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