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REVIEWS OF Mercy Hospital South IN Missouri

Ryan Sheehan

The name change is insulting. Way to go Mercy for erasing 119 years of South St. Louis heritage.


Absolutely horrible wait time is rediculous should not take 5 plus hours for a bp that is high enough for a stroke along with severe abdominal pain, guess they want a negligence law suit

Samantha Rose

HORRIBLE! Is this hospital ever gonna be better or just keep getting worse. #deathICU

Justin Rowland

St. Anthony's is very dishonest about their billing procedures and you should strongly take this into account before considering this hospital. We have insurance but it does not cover maternity. They used that as an excuse to say we do not qualify for a self-pay discount. For four months, while in review, we were given the run around and told to call this or that number, to speak with this or that manager, never given an adequate explanation. Their customer service agents have been rude, have talked over us, and have shifted their explanation for why they have decided to interpret the policy differently. We are extremely disappointed in this so-called Catholic hospital's dishonesty and selective rigidity. There are good people there but the billing office is in drastic need of an overhaul. Alana (spelling?) in central billing was especially rude, dismissive and argumentative.

debra carter

Been in this emergency room for over 8 hours now. Still in the waiting room. This hospital has gone done.

Lucy Emmanuel

Very very unprofessional!!!

Scott Benny

The nurses are nice but the doctors are awful. If I could give a 0, I would. This is where you go if you want to die!!! Good luck if you are sent here. I have known multiple people who have had bad experiences here and every person whom I hear visit this hospital all agree on one thing: This truly is the worst hospital that there is. We would all be better off if they just shut this place down. Honestly, when are they going to stop killing our loved ones?!

Glenn W.

Poooooorrrrr care. Went to the Emergency room waited over an hour for help, after being moved to two different rooms. Terrible communication as each person that came in asked what's was going on, so everything had to be repeated over and over. Then they leave w/o doing a thing. Wait another 10-15 min for the next person to come in soon you can start all over again. WOW!! While the patient is literally throwing up, a person from registration is asking questions to check her in with no concern for the patients wellbeing what so ever. Had a CT scan, results and didn't bother till 1-1/2 hours later gave us results after we asked for a nurse. 4-1/2 hours in the ER for a Migrane. All of this at a time the ER was very slow

Penelope Houston

I would give them no stars if I could. This hospital fired a nurse for her religious beliefs for refusing to vaccinate for influenza. Despite how Mercy spins this tale, there is not a single RCT that has shown vaccination of healthcare workers has been linked to a reduction in influenza among the vulnerable ( DeSerres, 2018 &Thomas et al 2017 )Mercy cares more about public relations,and promoting the illusion of security, then evidence; all delivered at the expense of basic human rights. Does this sound like someone you want to care for you ?

Kathy Maher

I was seen in the ER on 01/27/2019 the nurse practitioner over seeing my care was the kindness gentlemen his name was Gerald C.Power NP he is a very caring person, i was given not so good news and had a melt down related to other health issues with my daughter n law he sat with me and didn't rush out ,he listen to me and ask me if he could pray with me for my daughter n law and myself thank your Gerald Power for your kindness

Brett Payne

The billing process is awful. Visited the ER in January and proceeded to get random charges over the next 6 months even after calling to verify everything has been paid. One bill even went into debt collection for "not being paid" even though I was never notified of the bill by mail, email, phone and even their website. Why couldn't I just pay the total bill as I left the ER, that should really be an option. Overall very dissatisfied and I will not be going back to a Mercy affiliated facility.

David Anderson

The building and the hospital has always been called ST ANTHONYS. I can't find St.Anthony hospital on googlemaps. Can't find hospital, cant find phone number! Elderly people will not know what mercy south is. You must maintain the name Saint Anthony Mercy hospital South. There are 5 listings for St.Anthonys and not one is for the hospital.

James Perkins

My son was taken to Mercy South by ambulance after an accident. The staff didn’t show much concern. They stitched his head up with glass still inside. Whenever he was in his private room, I went to check on him and there was dried blood on his bedside table. No one came in to check him. He was discharged just like nothing was wrong. Worst care I have ever witnessed. Very disappointed with this hospital.

Kim Young

Nothing new here Used to be St Anhonys which was probably the worst Same useless organization

Colleen S

St. Anthony lost its heart once Mercy took over. I’m sad to see what was once a high quality hospital focused on patient care is now a bureaucratic machine.

Paula Hemm

ER Sooooo slow. 5 1/2 hours and still here

San Mueller

I have been to this hospital on emergency basis in June of this year before it switched to Mercy and received great treatment. I went back this week on Tuesday evening when I had some symptoms that could have been related to a stroke. When I got there the emergency room was busy, they took me to draw blood, did an EKG, a CT scan, checked my blood pressure and sent me to the waiting room. I sat there for 4 1/2 hours and no one came to tell me a thing. After 4 1/2 hours, I was pretty sure I hadn’t had a stroke or heart attack since I was still sitting in the waiting room. I asked a nurse if I could go home since I was feeling fine, had been sitting there for hours and nothing was happening. She said sure and then took me back to try to draw blood again. Two nurses attempted but were unable to get any blood out of me. I’m not sure why but they couldn’t and said oh well maybe they won’t need it after all. I asked again if I could go home and call my doctor the next day or what was going to happen. I was told I could go home if I wanted to, that I was waiting to see a doctor to go over the results. After another hour or so now it’s over five hours and I asked again if I could just go home and call my doctor the next day. The nurse said sure I could go home just tell the guy at the front desk. I asked about paying for my visit and she said she didn’t know about that. They did take a copy of my Medicare card and my drivers license. I waited a little longer and then went to the gentleman who is sitting at the front desk. I told him the nurse said I could go home and to let him know. He said OK. I then asked if he wanted to know my name and he said sure and looked down at his screen. I assume he checked something but I have no idea and I walked out the door. The next day I called Medicare insurance 24!hour nurse and talked to her about it. She asked me if I had discharge papers and I said no that nobody ever gave me any. She told me to call my doctor that I didn’t do anything wrong and that it was important that I went to ER to check things out but the hospital should have communicated with me. When I called my doctor her assistant told me my paperwork wasn’t complete because I had left against medical advice. I told her I had not left against medical advice. No one at the hospital ever suggested that I stay, no one at any time told me not to leave, or recommended that it would be better if I stayed and at no time did anyone say I was leaving against medical advice, or give me any paperwork, instructions or information of any kind I was only told I could leave if I wanted to tell the guy at the desk if I left. It was the craziest thing I had ever experienced. I looked on here that day and found somebody else take me to complain and there was a phone number where the hospital had responded and asked the person to call. I called that number and left a detailed message yesterday but as of 6:30 PM this evening. No one has called me back. I don’t even know if they know who I am or that I was there but I suspect I will get a bill. I would think twice before I would ever go back to this hospital again. It’s sad because my first experience was quite satisfactory.


Dumpster fire ...if you want to go to a 3rd world country hospital this place is for you.

jessica tarter

Staff was nice, but the wait was ridiculous. I sat in the waiting room for a total of 8 hours! And 6 1/2 of those hours I was left alone with chest pain waiting to talk to a doctor about blood test results. By the end of the wait I spent less than 5 minutes with a doctor. A quick exam was done consisting of listening to my breathing in 3 spots and then telling me my diagnosis and sending me on my way with prescriptions that I can't fill till the morning because they took so long and still in a considerable amount of pain. They told me I would have this pain and shortness of breath which restricts my daily activities, sleeping schedule and work responsibilities for TWO WEEKS while it resolves itself.. I was sent to the ER by my primary care doctor who called ahead to let them know I was coming, with chest pains and shortness of breath. The only time I left the actual ER was to have blood drawn in a triage room (which took 3 different sticks and left me with deep bruises). A ekg was done behind a curtain and I even saw other people having their blood drawn behind the same curtain. I even saw nurses bringing people cups for a urine sample out to them in the waiting room and having them use the public restroom to fill these samples then having the patients leave them on the front desk till a nurse could come back and grab it! It was also so cold in this waiting room that patients and family members alike were asking for blankets to try and keep warm with. Several elderly patients sitting around me were visibly shivering under the blanket(s) wrapped around them! The entire experience was very unsettling. I will not be returning, especially not if I need an emergency room!

nicole chadderdon

My aunt Joy stayed at this hospital for 24 days. They were so wonderful to her. She was treated with so much respect. Thank you so much for treating her like family and giving her the best care possible. I recommend this hospital to anyone. The staff in every department was wonderful.

Steven Langley

2 different encounters within a month of eachother. From the nurses to the Doctors they seem to not care about their jobs or just not happy. They always use the line "not quite sure". And even worse, while my girlfriend was in severe pain crying, it took 37 minutes for a nurse to answer the emergency button and ask a Doctor a question. When I stepped into the back hall to ask for a nurse, she just walked in and turned off the alert and said "you have to wait for YOUR nurse" and then closed the door (which was open) so she couldnt hear her crying. All while shes crying. because of a severe back pain. But they were all quick about billing us thousands of dollars. I will Never go back to this hospital. It used to be the only hospital I would go to. No longer.

Dakota Many

As bad as St Anthonys used to be


Father went in with pancreatitis and waited in ER 7 HOURS! One day someone will die waiting for ER treatment. UNACCEPTABLE

Natalie Knopf

My 74 year old mother was brought to Mercy South (St. Anthony’s) by ambulance with high blood pressure, lightheadedness, dizziness and nausea. They placed her in and upright chair and told us that it would be a 6 hour wait. I agree with the review from a few days ago. We seat here and look around. People covered with blankets, sleeping and all have the IV in their arms. This seems like a bad pattern that someone needs to review and correct.

Andrea Story

Horrible experience Went to this hospital because it was the closest to our house. I reason we were there was not life threatening, but did need to seek medical attention. We checked in, and were told to wait in the waiting room. As we sat there waiting for my husbands name to be called, I looked around and was just amazed by how many people had hospital blankets wrapped around them, people sleeping, people with the thing they put in your arm, so they can give you IV or what ever. the longer we sat there, the more people were just flowing in to the Emergency Room. When were finally called back, they asked a few questions and were sending us back out to the waiting room until a room was available. i asked how long the wait was and she said about 6 hours, but it could be sooner or later. So, we left. I told here we would not be staying. We drove to St. Luke's Hospital. There was no wait, we were in a room within 6 minutes. The doctor was in shortly after and the x ray was taken and he was discharged shortly after that. I will never return to this hospital. When it was St. Anthony's, it was fine. Not wonderful, but at least when you went there for an emergency you didn't have to wait for hours to be seen. I thought when Mercy took it over it would be improved, that the care level would increase. This was 100% incorrect. It went in a completely different direction. If I have an need for an Emergency room visit. I will not be taken to this hospital. I will NEVER recommend this hospital to anyone.

Diane Schoenbeck

I can see why Mercy South has been given the bad ratings as we have received some of the same issues that have been publicly written. The ER wait was 2 hours (longer for other people there) the privacy issues are valid, since the vitals are taken in the ER waiting room and the ER doctor tells me to "Google" my daughter's condition!! Really - - how unprofessional is that? I really can't give a rating (it wouldn't let me post this unless some rating was given) and don't think anything is being done about the current complaints since they are still happening.

Suzanne Keightley

Right now we are in emergency room going on 5th hour. While I understand ambulance patients come first there were several people called ahead of us walking under their own power while my cousin is in severe pain and can barely walk. Giving a rating of 2 is generous. If it happens again there will be an ambulance called because I think we would be out of here by now. Although the staff is pleasant beyond that the service is terrible.

Debi Davenport

My father is in ICU in Mercy hospital and the nurses have really amazed me by how caring and on the ball they are. I'm very impressed with the amount of care and attention he is receiving here. Much respect to them. They are good people. ❤

Tricia Mcarthur

Very friendly. No long delays. Quick effecient and outta there:)

Cody James

Only go here if you're bleeding out... If not, Go ANYWHE ELSE!!!! Took my 51 year old mother to the ER who had dangerously high blood pressure, shortness of breath, nausea, chest pains, fever and chill's. With a very high blood pressure, …

Raymond Voss

I absolutely love being a volunteer here Hope to be here for a long time! Everyone is friendly here I enjoy when I come into work!


This hospital is filthy,and the people are rude. This hospital should not have mercy kids on the side of the building if they dont want to help the kids. We brought our 12 yr old there. Thank goodness for 2nd opinions because they had her prognosis all wrong. Trash all over the floors .I dont recomend this hospital to any family that actually needs medical attention

christine lankford

I work there and the people are very nice and friendly

Jennifer Hills

Rude Rude Rude. They used to be amazing before Mercy took over. Now everyone is rude as hell and just seems rushed. The doctors and nurses are great but the HR department lady was completely rude for no reason.

Ellis Craig

I was picked up at my Dr's office by ambulance. The staff thought I was having a heart attack. My blood pressure was dangerously high.... I arrived to the E.R. at 101pm today At 603pm I'm still in the waiting room after x ray and EKG and no word; an update would be nice that your not dying... No wonder Mercy has poor ratings and continues to receive them.. And the cookie cutter responses posted to poor ratings from the past just shows Mercy has no commitment to improve.. I expect the same copy paste responce....

Nicole Whitacre

I was very highly disappointed in my trip to the ER, arrived there around 125 A.m. was sent back to triage and waited another 10 minutes before a nurse actually came to get me and take me to my room. Once in my room, I waited at least over …

Mevlida Hodzic

Absolutley worst hospital. The treatment my dad recieved after his stroke is unbelievable. I wouldn't wish their treatment upon my worst enemy. If you can, go to another hospital.

Andrew Ketterman

Service member of 12 years with US Army with two deployments. Blew my back out on second deployment due to indirect fire. Had back surgery Aug. 2018 but my back went out late March 2019 L4-L5 & L5 - S1. My back surgeon could not get me in to get a cortisone shot so he sent me to the ER so they could give me one. They said they don't do those types of shots and they turned me away in extreme pain. Went to Fenton SSM and they took care of me and gave me the shot right away. Don't waste your time here. Worse than when it was St. Anthony's.

Joel Piechocinski

I went to ER today was told I would be waiting at least 6 hours. The nurse pulled me aside and said you probably want to go to another hospital. That's what I did

Mary Jane Sanders

Jeff in emergency was very helpful and understanding , yesterday with my son Melvin Sanders ,Jr ... My son is 49 and has Autism . I Thank Jeff for the consideration he showed us ...

Michelle Pfaff

Thank you for your response to my complaint below. I suggest you take samples & grow cultures of every surface touched especially the beds & key boards. I bet you'll find a fecees infestation & only the Lord knows what other dangerous conditions are present. Your ER and Rooms are filthy. I cleaned my 90 yr old Father's room before I would let him touch anything or use the bathroom or shower. I also used Lysol daily. He was in for severe bronchitis borderline pneumonia & germs are his enemy. The staff was 100% awesome.

Scott Paul

4 1/2+ hours sitting here in th ER with chest pains and dizzy and no communication after ekg, giving blood, and exrays. I understand they may be busy but they could at least update the patients. Horrible communication. Now it has been 5 1/2 hours still no update. 61/2 hours still waiting.

Nikki Powell

I would be giving 1 star if it wasn't for the inpatient counselor that saw my daughter. The triage room was filthy. The restrooms were filthy and covered in urine. Several people were in and out of our room and never once tried to pick up the trash (or apologize for the state of the room) from the previous patients. Of the 6 people that entered the room only 2 ever introduced themselves. There were several times when we had questions and were trying to track down employees for them to quickly glance at us but not acknowledge our presence and continue to walk by. I would definitely not recommend this facility to anyone.

Dana Ramsey

The emergency room is aweful. I brought my sister n law in there last week for a drug overdose. The emergency room doctor questioned her and I told them to help her and keep her for a couple of days and I had a place for her to go after they let her detox. My sister n law agreed she needed help and she was suicidal. The doctor came in and said they could not do anything for her. They sent her home. 3 days later she over dosed and went brain dead. Today 11-23-18 we pulled the plug. Thanks for your poor service. She was someone begging for help and you all turned her down. STAY WOKE

Edina Mrsic

The ABSOLUTE worst hospital in saint Louis. The staff is horrible & so rude. Waited 6 hours in the emergency room just to be told nothings wrong.

Teresa Kenkel

My nephew was brought into this facility for counseling after a very traumatic experience. I greatly wish my niece would have investigated these so called professionals before sending him there for therapy. I am completely disgusted by the way my nephew was treated. Obviously this facility does not have capability of treating a child with Post Traumatic Stress instead they called him a liar. What medical professional would tell a child he was lying when the child finally opens up and tells you about his trauma . And for the record he was not lying as there are family members that also witnessed what this poor child saw !!! As a professional you made a break through to get him to talk about it and when he did you called him a LIAR and refused to continue to treat him. I can’t state enough he wasn’t lying and there are court documents to back it up !!! This facility failed my nephew miserably I just pray we can find someone that can undo the damage to his trust they have caused. PLEASE READ ALL THESE REVIEWS BEFORE SENDING YOUR CHILD HERE !!

Zumreta Kojadinovic

Kerol is not professional and you need to do something about that she doing test on respiratory

rose mirth

We were at emergency room on Oct. 9, 2018. The staff was attentive, but the room was very dirty. I am glad there wasn't any surgical or open wounds in that room because I would had definately been afraid of germs. And yes I took pictures of the dirtiest window I have ever seen in a hospital. (on the inside). We are from a smaller town down south & weren't real sure about using local hospitals. I have decided that the employess down here take much better pride in their work than the large county hospital staff. Sorry, i will pay my overpriced bill as fast as i can, but will Not return unless it is a situation where we are unable to choose. I wouldn't have given one star except my review would not post with out it.

Russ W

My girlfriend went into the ER at 10:42 am. her mom and her waited in the ER for so long that a nurse had to come out at 6:20pm to retake her be the judge.I would find another ER to attend.

Tina M.

I am extremely disappointed with the so called emergency care I was seeking on Monday, July 8, 2019. I entered the emergency department at approximately 9:15 p.m. with excruciating pain in my lower back that radiated down my left leg and into my foot. I did not fall or injure myself as this pain came on suddenly. It was so unbearable I could hardly walk, sit or stand. I was told the wait time to see a doctor was 4 hours! Even though I thought that was totally ridiculous since Mercy had spent millions of dollars to expand their triage, which allowed more room for emergency treatment and increased the number of staff to be able to treat patients, I decided to wait it out. I figured if I left and went somewhere else It may have taken longer, and in as much pain as I was in, time was a precious commodity. Needless to say, I didn't wait 4 hours to be seen... it took 7.5 hours before my name was called! I was placed in an examination room at 4:30 a.m.. A nurse came in to take my vitals and get general information. I couldn't bear the pain any longer and asked if I could please get a shot or medication. I was hurting so badly my blood pressure was extremely elevated and I felt very weak and nauseated. At 4:45 a.m. Dr. Kommel D.O. finally arrived to see me He asked me a few questions and said what I was describing sounded like acute sciatica. Not once did he look at the area in question, manipulate my leg to check my range of motion, or check for any sort of swelling or discoloration! What kind of examination did I get? NONE! I asked if he was going to do an x-ray or an MRI to make sure I didn't have a slipped or herniated disc, since by this time the pain was radiating up the left side of my spine into the middle of my back. He told me no, he was going to give me a prescription for pain and a muscle relaxer. He also suggested I see a Neurologist for treatment in a few days. I was very put off by how little medical attention I received waiting 7.5 hours for 2 prescriptions and being told to get the x-ray or MRI when I go and see a Neurologist. Considering the cost of just being treated at a so called "Top Notch" facility that could have performed either of those procedures, I certainly am not paying another outrageous fee to another facility for what I should have received at Mercy on the day I went there! I feel this is terrible patient service as well as unethical treatment you wouldn't and shouldn't expect in an emergency medical department.

khayla nguyen

I am a nurse and this is the WORST ER service! Staff is not understanding when patients are sick and ill...they laugh at you when you ask how much longer after waiting for 6 hrs to be seen. Thought Mercy was better than that. Next time I’d Rather make the extra drive to SSM!

Robin Jablonski

I have went to this hospital 3 different times over the past year. One time for myself and the other two times was for a loved one. Well, all three times nothing was done, they couldn't tell me anything associated with our symptoms. Little to no tests was run and all I recieved was follow up with a doctor because we couldn't find anything. With my symptoms I was sure they would perform some blood tests and even maybe a throat swab. Nope nothing was done other than 1 xray and making me sit in the lobby the whole 3 hours just to let me know nothing was on the x-ray. I had to sit in the lobby and then they called me back to let me know what the doctor thinks. When I got back in the triage room, I was basically rushed out of there and barely got a few questions in before they was darting out of there. At this point I was over it and wanted to leave because I was not receiving any bedside manners here. Everyone was extremely nice but may be they was understaffed that night or something. Regardless I will go elsewhere for medical attention.

Chellienne Stacker

Today I loss my sister. The staff at this hospital were so caring and respectful. We walked the halls of the hospital for one last time behind my sister as she was being pushed to the ambulance on the stretcher. All the staff here waiting for us along the walls as we did the last walk. This touched my heart!! To me it showed a sign of respect and honor. This has truly been a very very hard time for my family and I just want to say thank you so much.

Nina Ingargiola

We gave birth here to a beautiful little girl and loved every minute while we was there. My husband and I got the attention we needed during labor and delivery from the incredible nurses. Our baby girl was taken care of and we left happy! Big shout out to Paige who coached us through delivery! Also, Martha who was a huge help during the breastfeeding process.

R Kinney

In looking for a family member that had been moved from 3rd fl ICU, I was told by ICU RN Rhonda that it wasn't her problem that no one was working at front & I had no other way to find my relative! Rhonda apparently doesn't know the Mercy mission statement or doesn't care. Have never been treated in such a way at ANY hospital!

Jenny Tran

My dad underwent an emergency surgery at St. Anthony's a few weeks ago. From the ER, to the OR, to recovery/surgery step-down, our family was so very grateful for the amazing doctors, nurses, and techs. Everyone who helped my dad was kind, …

Maureen LaLumandier

Words cannot express my amazement at how wonderful my experience has been with Mercy Clinic Neurosurgery group and Mercy Hospital South. I had a Memingioma brain tumor that was removed by Dr. Fangxiang Chen and his team, on May 8th. I believe it is due to his expertise and surgical skill, that I did not have complications and I walked out of the hospital the next day. Everyone was very nice and very professional and all had great bedside manor. Especially Dr. Chen, but also including the pre-surgery testing department, to the Stealth CT and MRI team, to the anesthesia group, and all of the nurses (pre-surgery, surgery, recovery, and ICU) I want to say Thank You to all at Mercy Hospital South--you are all amazing!!!!!

Nick Ratliff

Waited over 5 hours , wife is in pain, we told them numerous times . Kept checking every hour to get her vitals from the waiting room. Still waiting for a room. Nothing to help with the pain. Lifeless soulless staff with little or no regard for human life.

Amanda Newton

Their Perinatal and Labor and delivery is top notch! I can’t say enough awesome things about all of my nurses! Especially nurse Paige! Your a super lucky momma is you get to have her as your nurse. We had to use the Perinatal unit for monitoring for months before our delivery also, and the nurses there are the sweetest people. Very attentive, and super accommodating. Especially to my 2 year old who can with me. Nurse MiMi spoiled him for sure.

Gary Brummel

Still waiting. I know there busy. My son and I are still waiting for him to be looked at again. They had to redraw blood for what ever reason. They did give him a pill to help him to stop throwing up. But now he is throwing back up and extreme sweating. 3 plus hours...

Wade Weistreich

This hospital is why we need to make serious changes to the medical industry. Made an appointment in advance for a stress test and tried to get basic pricing information in advance, but nobody could help me. weeks later I received an outrageous bill and have tried for over a month to speak to someone who can actually assist with my concerns. Nothing but dead ends and runaround. this hospital does not deserve business from anyone. low level managers have no decision making power and will do anything to insulate those who do from ever having to speak with a patient.

Amy Kurzendoerfer

My best friend was treated through St Anthony’s for slightly over a year for breast cancer. Chemo, radiation, and two surgeries. I had great concern about her being treated here due to my own past experiences and its reputation. It turned out that she had wonderful care by the doctors, nurses, and all medical care staff during every part of her battle. You guys may have room for improvement in many areas but you certainly made one scared woman’s fight for her life a little bit easier.

Emory Oliver

I have updated my review. Mercy's ER is not up to par, but the hospital itself is great. Just needs to improve the ER.

Dana Patterson

I looked at alot of these reviews and I must say the 2 times I've had to take a loved one to the ER it was horrible. Clearly there is a huge problem with the intake process. If you have an actual emergency I would go somewhere else.

Margie Collins

Husband had shoulder replacement surgery their and care from various doctors n especially nurses on Ortho. floor was first rate. Food not so great, often wrong and usually cold.

Amanda D

Amending my previous 1 star rating because I think that's only fair. The care we received in the ER was thoughtful, compassionate and comprehensive. The Dr asked lots of questions and as a result questioned a previous diagnosis we were given. A few tests confirmed that my dad was indeed misdiagnosed. The Dr. then went over his findings, showed us scans and helped talk us through the next steps. The frustrating part of the ER experience, which other reviewers have noted, was the wait. We sat in the waiting room from 10 AM to 4 PM. I understand that ambulances come in and there are things going on behind the doors that we can't see from the waiting area. I have no doubt the ER staff was busy. I try to be understanding of those facts. At the same time, it is hard to sit with your loved one while they suffer and just wait.

Dennis Cooper

This ER should not be in service. The care is terrible. They discount anything and everything you say. Wait for critical care was unbelievable. They consider a person that can respond, Non Critical. My wife was in a siezure and couldn’t feel her leg, considered non critical. They put you in the same area as head colds. Several Infection control issues in the ER waiting area. Blood on the floor and seating. I have never witnessed a sanitary wipe being used anywhere. When I addressed my concerns with the nurse manager she blew me off and gave me a paper on how to issue a formal complaint. They sent my wife down for a chest CT but instead did a brain CT. The Brain MRI reading was so vague a first year student could have written it. It took three trips back and over 8 hours of time to get a correct comparrison to the prior scan with actual measurements. Staff would rather hang out at reception than have concern over wait times. Very frustrating to be in a three hour wait to see unprofessionalism like this. My wife has stage four cancer going on 12 years. We have experience in the ER unfortunately. This facility is the worst. The best part of this hospital, Dr. Mary Graham, Radiation Oncology.

Donna Marie London

My adult daughter was admitted with dangerously low blood pressure and intense pain one month after a partial hysterectomy. Even though she was not allowed to get out of bed on her own with a blood pressure of 97/57 she was discharged by Dr Marlon Marguino. She was also told by this doctor her ob wanted to treat her outpatient which the ob has denied. This hospital doesn't deserve a single star with such a mean spirited doctor even though other staff was kind and caring.


I just left there I’ve been there two days in a row to visit my loved one. The cafeteria food is not that good to say the least. Actually it is a combination of dry, soggy, greasy, over cooked and flavorless. Even the food brought to the room was not kosher. The room was cluttered and disorganized and not really as clean as possible. I had to brush my own loved ones teeth both days I was there. More than a few of the nurses had unhappy looks on their faces for the better part of the time I was there. Only one nurse was happy and curtious with me. The one nurse didn’t want to give me medical information even though I am listed as a person to contact. They stated I could be contacting other family members to get medical information. I disagreed because my preferred way to get all the information accurate is to get it straight from them and not a third party, family or not. They seemed to not want to have to tell me the information. That particular nurse was more worried that I was in violation of hippa law. While just surfing my phone in the room, the nurse entered to give meds to my loved one. They told me very rudely twice to stop video tapping them I was also being watched by their hospital camera that was monitoring my loved one 24/7. In order to get them to stop harassing me twice about a video I was not making, I had to turn my phone and show them my IPhone screen. They seemed shocked I was not video tapping them. Actually I was doing something online. Jeezzz, I should not have to give up my own phone privacy to prove to them I was not video tapping them. They were wrong for saying I was. My opinion, they seem under staffed They could be doing a lot more to make my loved one and me more comfortable and relaxed in their hospital. It is hard enough just being there. The least they could do is make us enjoy our time their. I would like to see them improve. For now I give them only 2 stars. Hopefully their management will get their hospital up to par.

Barb Roderick

If there was a way I could rate this hospital at ZERO I would. I have been to this hospital once before and was give such poor care. The Head Nurse and the CEO of the hospital had to come to me and apologize. Unfortunately, I had to go the ER again in October 2017 and was charged $28,000. They had me so heavily sedated where I couldn't even make decisions for myself and didn't even know I had certain procedures done. They didn't even call my power of attorney. I will never go to this hospital again nor will I recommend anyone go to the hospital. I thought the last incident at this hospital was a one time thing. Apparently not. The CEO should really look into this matter. I accepted his apology the 1st incident. The 2nd incident is just utterly uncalled for. And this has not been resolved. The questions that I had were not answered or all addressed in the letter I received. My case was not reviewed carefully. I was never offered to write my concerns down, rather they took them over the phone and then say they "carefully reviewed them" . I called today and told that rather than discuss this situation with someone higher up, that i should just go ahead and file a lawsuit against the company. WOW! unbelievable. It really sounds like St. Anthony's cares about the problems.

Lesley Otwell

Waiting for six hours in the ER haven't seen a doctor yet. Do not come to this place now know why they call it the stairway to heaven.

Lisa Dempsey

I was in the ER with my child, a nurse came in (Denise), did not acknowledge us, was looking for something, left, came back with electric cords for monitor, took my son's vitals documented on the computer, and left the room. Later, came …

Tara Piel

Took my son in for extreme weight lose in a matter of days and pain in lower abdomen. They took a bunch of blood, did an ekg, x-ray and ultrasound. The ER doctor said that what test came back were clear but that she recommended him to be admitted for the weight lose. Next day I visit and talk with nurses in ICU to see if other results are in and they weren’t worried about that. They were only focusing on his other medical issue that he has had for six years and wasn’t even having a problem with. When I asked why they weren’t focusing on the reason why we brought him and why the ER nurse admitted him for, she told me that it wasn’t a concern. She just kept repeating that with every question I had. Finally she went to “go talk to the doctor” and five minutes later she is back and says that the doctor stated that all his symptoms are related to his previous medical condition. My husband and oldest daughter have the same thing and never has it caused extreme weight lose and lower abdomen pain. I felt the nurse and the doctors didn’t even care. They released him 36 hours after being admitted. That doesn’t include the 4 hours we waited in the ER to be seen or the other 6 hours from the time he was taken back to a room and admitted to hospital.

Ed Puccislayer

After breaking my leg they are forcing me out of the hospital just as I started to gain my strength back, the wait time when I first arrived was hours before I received any medicine for my leg. they treated me as if I wasnt feeling any pain, as if the pain was just me overreacting. I thought the hospital I was born at would be the best choice to go for my injures but I see why everyone avoids it, they will treat you like an idiot. they are forcing me to use a walker to leave when I asked for a wheelchair. I never felt more disrespected by medical professionals in my life, some of the nurses were helpful but some of the nurses were nice, they made the stay not total hell.

Victoria Juliette

First night everyone very helpful, after surgery never seen doctor, never given everyday meds or nebulizer treatment. Will not be back nor recommend

Brittany Eubanks

This hospital has gone to hell since it switched to Mercy. Why would mix all ur patients with other people that are not sick with sick patients people have been sitting here for 5 plus hour or more before put into there own room this crazy

Lou Beare

My daughter was admitted via the ER with high blood pressure to the Heart Hospital. She eventually had bypass surgery and was in the hospital from 9/11 to 10/5. In my lifetime I have been in several hospitals but this is the most remarkable ... every staff member was awesomely helpful/friendly, even if it was not in their realm of expertise, from the top personnel to the cleaning staff. Never have I experienced such attention to patient's and/or visitor's needs. Thank you to all for over 3 weeks of the best care in the world.

Matt Higgins

The Emergency room is good, the surgery suites are good, the patients rooms are all private, the staff is great. Now that Mercy has taken over, there have been improvements already. Under the previous ownership, the hospital was sub standard. It was a dumping ground for mediocre doctors who couldn't make it at the various hospitals around the area. This, from other medical professionals!

Hannah Vogt

Went to the ER with a kidney stone, after they sent me home after the X-ray and said I’d pass it in a few weeks. 3 months passed and my kidney had shut down due to the stone. They sent me home knowing my stone was too big to pass naturally. Not to mention the nurse was crabby and made me feel like I was asking too many questions. St. Clare in Fenton took care of it. I wouldn’t take my dog to this place.

Sandy Saunders

My Primary Dr. Best I've found I a long time. Excellent Dr. In all areas. Very good bedside manners and really pays attention to your problems and finds best outcome for you. Absolutely love him.

Rebecca Cochran

This hospital is a joke I recommend you don’t go there

Dzevad Tasic

This is the biggest joke of a hospital that I have ever been to. My mom has been sitting there for 4 days and have YET to figure out what is wrong with her. I mean if the lady can’t move from the pain in her abdomen, it shouldn’t be this hard to figure out after 4 days. She has been without food or water now for 24 hours and the primary doctor is taking his sweet time to let her know if she needs surgery or not. Seriously??? Why can’t the doctor tell a nurse? I guess until he has a high enough insurance quote, my mom won’t eat or drink. Your lack of phone communication and trying to transfer me to someone without even hearing who I’m trying to get a hold of is a joke. Please people, do yourself a favor and save yourself hours/days of hassle and go somewhere else.

Patricia Freukes

My GreatNephew was taken the EU for abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, nausea and vomiting back in December 2018. Initially, the symptoms began like the flu several days before but with the onset of bloody diarrhea for a couple of days it was becoming quite concerning. Well, since he had ate a popsicle the plan was to send him home and encourage clear fluids & their discharge diagnosis was GASTROENTERITIS. He vomited on the way out and they gave him Zofran and still sent him home. The next day, he looked very dry...dark circles under his eyes and still still bloody diarrhea. So he was taken to Children's Urgent Care of which he was sent on to Children's Emergency Room in the city. He was evaluated. He was SO dehydrated it took the staff using an ultrasound machine to locate his vein for good IV access. He was admitted to the hospital to rule out infectious diarrhea causing organisms. Well, all the cultures were negative. After further testing/procedure...he has ULCERATIVE COLITIS! Far from St. Anthony's discharge diagnosis. St. Louis Children's Docs stated historically they will admit all children with bloody diarrhea to be diagnosed unless proven different. This needs to be part of an algorithm for pediatric patients with bloody diarrhea & to consult with a Pediatric GI Specialist before sending a kid home assuming "it's just gastro"! This child went through hell for two weeks to be diagnosed with a lifetime altering diagnosis which can have significant consequences throughout his lifetime. Why so long for me writing this til now...I was hoping to get some of my anguish gone but Im still frustrated over it. The child had weighed 101 pounds in Ocrober for an appointment and now down to 93 pounds with this illness & your Docs sent him home rather than consulting a GI Specialist. :(

Sharon L Marquardt

The ER department is so disappointing, especially, Ashley. She was Incredibly rude and unwilling to help when I called. Called over an hour later and she put me on hold for almost 20 mins and came back with no news and still a rude attitude. I thought RB hospital was bad- but this ER dept is anything BUT stellar. So sad.

Donna Millhollin

My adult daughter and I arrived at ER at 11:30 AM. She is a stroke surviver with left side paralysis and has not been able to swallow solid food for several days and was getting weak. Triage inserted an IV needle and sent us to wait. We waited 12 hours with no information from staff. At midnight my granddaughter offered to relieve me since I have numerous health issues and had an hour and a half drive home. Finally, at 1:30 AM she was taken to an exam room. After xray and exam her IV needle, now filled with blood was removed and she was released at 5 AM with instructions to call a Dr for treatment. I was very upset , not only with wait time but the fact that an unnecessary IV was in for that amount of time. .

Nancy Fernandez

Had my mother in the ER on Sunday. After spending several hours in Urgent Care with test run, sat another 7 hours in ER with same test being run on a 98 year old women, waited for a room to be admitted. Didn't get a room to 9 pm after arriving at ER at 3:30. I didn't leave the hospital until 10:00 that night. It would have made more sense to admit her since the Urgent care doctor said she needed to be admitted and then run the test. this is no way to treat an elderly women in pain and confused due to several infections. Never fond of this hospital as St. Anthony's, not at all happy as Mercy. I will give a shout out to the nurses on the floor, they were kind and patient with her.

Kimberly Stickler

Had my daughter at St. Anthony's last weekend. All the nurses who took part of my care in L&D and Postpartum care were wonderful. Very caring and compassionate. I loved that Kim in L&D had over 20 years of experience and one of my favorite nurses was Nicole in postpartum care. She was very sweet and attentive to my needs and the care I wanted for my baby. Martha the lactation consultant was awesome too and very knowledgeable. Thank you ladies!

Kathleen Bellew

Honestly does not deserve even 1 star. My husband was brought by ambulance and we have been in the waiting room for over 6 hours. He was taken for scans and brought back to the waiting room. They haven't covered his wound. I will not be returning here and I suggest if anyone needs proper care do not come here.

Sharon Sellers

Slow wait expensive cost

Tina Johnson

Not once, but 2x's I went to mercy south er, the wait was horrible. Took my sister there on the order of her Doctor, we got there at 8:45am. Mind you her o2 stats were in the low 70's...we waited, and waited and get the picture until 400pm , and were told how sorry they were and that they have busy...yadda yadda. She had her vitals checked twice, no breathing tx'd no bed, sat there there in the waiting room. Unless I have no say so. I will not be going back there.

Beth Mcquay

This hospital has turned into a complete joke now that Mercy took over.. and that is putting it nicely... The treatment of my grandfather was absolutely horrible.. I can say that probably about 4 people (techs..nurses.. and doctors combined ) that treated him with care and compassion . the rest.. well honestly they HAVE NO PLACE being in the medical field..PERIOD!!! I would never send or refer another family member or friend to this hospital after the treatment and experience my grandfather endured along with what the family went through with this place!!

Maureen Ortega Diaz

This hospital is a joke!! Never again!! Dr. Klevene has zero bedside manner and is completely useless!!

Kimberly Rosa

I surprised I’m saying this, great job getting me in quickly after my fall. The ER was completely full and thought I would be here forever. I was seen and released in less than 2 hours. Thank you

Rhonda Tate

Our visit started when my 90 year old dad was brought to emergency room early Thurs. They ran several test, admitted him. Last test ran on him was Echo, and a MRI. Dr. Said he was ordering those during our 5 min. visit early Fri. Almost 3:30 Sat. Nurse has been who knows where for the most part of this stay! Telling me she had charts to do! Telling me I have no idea what they do around here with barely any breaks! Mind you, this was not a quiet conversation shared between her, and myself! So, 3:30 Sat. Still no answers... Every though test results are here, but Dr. has to let me know what those results are. Still no Dr. even though I've ask several to get in touch with him ...I would Love some kind of answers, someone to talk to, recognition of some kind! Being in the hospital is enough, but to be treated with this amount of disrespect is absolutely unexceptable! Sitting here simmering again! I fully intend to make a former complaint with the whole story! It's been more than 20 hrs now. I've yet to receive an apology from ANYONE! Someone came and ask what the situation was...I shared. She said she would speak to nurses. Guessing by the looks I wasn't getting later (no eye contact from anyone) she did speak to them! No one in charge apologized, NURSE SHARON on 7th floor did not apologize! I can't believe a nurse is allowed to act as unprofessional as she has and is allowed to get by with it! My dad is owed an apology, as well as myself! I will still be making a formal complaint on the matter!

Trichia Meyer

Outstanding care! I was released this afternoon from Mercy South after being admitted Thursday for pancreatitis. From my Ed wait to my Ed nurse to my hospitalisit Dr. Michaelson all the way to my dischargre nurse Julie on the 6th floor, my care was awesome. I came in after vomitting for over 36 hours, I was in the worst pain of my life, and just not in a good shape at all. Within 30 minutes I was checked in and in an Ed room bed even though it was a packed house. My drs and nurses kept me very informed even though to be honest i was pretty out of it. They were nice QUICK and efficient w fluilds pain medicaton. Even though as I stated, I was out of it, I felt completely comfortable and safe letting them take charge and make decisions while I healed. When on the 6th floor all of ny nurses and aide we fantanstic and never far away when needed. Ive stayed at many hospitals and I know how hectic it can get but even so Mercy south has always given me great care. I also want to note that i do not have health insurance and Dr Michaelson goes way above and beyond himself to make sure his patients are getting what they need and how they need it even after you leave the hospital. Thank you so much for a great experience, in a very NO great sistuation that could have beeen much worse had it not been for this great caring staff and Mercy South South County.

Don McMurtry

Breakfast was ordered on Saturday may 18th to be delivered to room on sunday morning at 7am. By 810 am nurse called down as breakfast was still not delivered. By 945am it finally showed up. Now we are still waiting for the lunch I called in this morning to be delivered by 11 am It is 1203 and I called them to see what happened and they tell me I asked for 1230. The vegetables are hard as rocks so I dont understand what the problem is. Hallways smell of urine. Do t know how the staff can stand it or else they are nose blind d

Gee Munson

I was inpatient and had a felony crime committed against me about a month ago while under their care. Somehow my meds that I had brought with me which included opioid narcotics(over 100 pills) just "up and disappeared". Their exact words. …

Laura A.

Go somewhre else, please! Do not take your family here. The hospital is dirty, the ER wait is atrocious, the care is poor.

Lori Kenney

2.5 hours after checking into this ER and still haven't been formally checked in. So glad qe visisted the "Emergency Room". I want to punch someone in the face about now!!!

Nikki Wissler

West hospital I have ever been to. 4 hours waiting. Horrible staff. Unprofessional and not the least bit helpful.

Mary Sandoval

Worst hospital ever ! Place was so filthy exam room and waiting room. Definitely will not be going back and do not recommend

Teresa Parker

worst er around so far waiting 6 hours and still waiting !! came in with chest pains vomitting very high blood pressure and was sent out to the waiting room !! will never come her again frustrated and no one cares

Cuztom Creationz

Took my daughter in for severe pains and they took my copay just to tell us to call a GI doc and her pediatrician all while she is still in pain. Left with no answers. I will never go back. And this was the Mercy Kids at St Anthony's! Never again.

Donna Buhrman

I have never seen a poorer excuse for health care . They cannot communicate anything to patients. I’ve had to do the reasearch from 3 different employees on why it’s taken 9 hours for my dad to be discharged and I’m still freaking sitting here. When you question them about it they tell you they will call security or you can leave without being discharged.. one of the employees told me the heath insurance was closed today on a Tuesday. What an idiot . There is no communication or sense of urgency . The utmost pathetic place .

Tonya Wilds

Walked in the door and was immediately overwhelmed with the smell of urine. There were people who had been waiting for HOURS in the ER waiting room. 4 hours and only 2 people got called back. It may have the Mercy name but it's still definitely a St Anthony's joke of a hospital.

elmas rizvic

This hospital went down hill after being taken over by Mercy. Long wait time rude people. Been here for 8 hours and for past 3 told you are next in line. Staff is unprofessional.

Barbara Schmidt

I love St Anthony's, they have saved my life twice. My niece, and many more. They have qualified staff and their doctors are very informative.

Meghan Milbourn

Id give zero stars if i could. Might have changed hands but its still the worse hospital. Went to the emegency room since i was having severe upper back and neck pain that i could hardly move and i had given birth 3 days before... 5 and a half hours later im still waiting and all the people before and after me went back so i go to the desk to ask why i havent been seen yet she just laughs and says i dont know and just goes back to the computer. So we just left. never going back there.

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