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Amanda Folk

If I could give zero stars, I would. First and foremost, we recognize things get busy, however the doctor had seen us and said we could be discharged and we waited another 1.25 hours before pushing the call button for the nurse, as I think we were forgotten about. We were 'promptly' discharged after doing so. The minute I saw the nurse, I talked about my significant pain to which she said she would ask about Tylenol. She then brought it up again, an hour later. 3 hours later when we finally got discharged she brought me Tylenol, causing me to sit in pain with no relief for the entire visit. The most frustrating part was, a paramedic student while drawing my blood caused me to bleed all over him, the bed, my clothes - everywhere. I have had my blood drawn countless times and this has NEVER happened. I sat with blood on me the entire stay. They were nice enough to change the bed sheets which had unidentifiable stains and hairs. The room was dirty, someone from the outside kept jiggling our door handle and we received incredibly poor service. I won't be coming back here again. Oh and the ER Doc messed up my orders when I left, saying he'd put them in as "Priority" and then not doing so. This caused me an additional 1.5 hours on the phone with various Mercy personnel so I could be seen promptly for an urgent follow-up test.

Sheila Bridges


Alex Kimbroughfloski

Thanks to some quick contextual thinking by the ER Doctor, my mom's life was saved after she internally bled out to the point of being near death on the 26th of August. Even though we've had some moments with Mercy's ER area, I cannot deny that if we had not had her sent to Mercy that she would have died. I would definitely recommend Mercy to others.

Ray Keefe

6 hours later and nothing. The most inefficient operation I have ever seen. LOTS of people trying to look busy but very little getting done. Looked like one Doctor on duty but about 20 nurses and support people. Even took 30 minutes to get discharge papers. Do not go there voluntarily if your smart.

Alexandria Jones

This hospital is more than amazing. I have been coming here for 3 years from the birth of my daughter to countless emergency room visits for her and her being admitted to the pediatrics unit. All of the staff I have dealt with were kind, compassionate and did their job. A few days ago I had to come in to labor and delivery to deliver a late miscarriage. I was 19 weeks pregnant and it was really hard to deal with and all of the Drs, nurses, chaplain, etc were sympathetic and kind. The Dr who delivered my baby treated him gently and they had a nurse who specializes in grief with infant or miscarriage loss to explain to me all of my options with the baby. This hospital brings peace to my soul and I really think they are exceptional. When my daughter was sick and on oxygen they took all of my anxiety away and took such amazing care of her. This hospital has done so much good for me and my family words couldn’t cover it all. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. ❤️❤️❤️

Erin Cotter

Mia Pursley

Linda Nation

I was an overnight patient after surgery In June. I have nothing but good to say about my care at Mercy!! From my initial visit with Dr. Doherty & staff, to the PACE Center for pre-op, and then the surgery and stay, everyone was very caring, & made a stay that could have been nerve-wracking much more pleasant!! I would highly recommend Dr. Doherty and Mercy Hospital. It was worth the 3 hr drive!!

Cynthia Lott

Joyce Orrick

Was good. But one of the nurses was a rude. N I was not happy about it

Alex Dwyer

Dr Tim Baker and Dr Melissa Stapp @ Mercy ER, did an awesome job in diagnosing health issues with My Father and explaining all of the details in regards to the situation. Very happy with the experience at Mercy in Washington, Mo. Thank You for getting Him well.

Hannah Cordia

This is THE WORST ER. My boyfriend came in in an ambulance because he had passed out in the shower and he smacked his head on the tub. He’s been having headaches and chest pain for over a week now. The nurses were so rude, one even said she forgot out us, they NEVER ordered a head CT, his fluids ran out, every other person around us was seen about 3-4 times in 2 hours and we couldn’t even get someone to answer a call light for us. They are now sending us home because “he is prone to passing out” just from looking at the blood and urine samples. I have been with him for 2 years and he has NEVER had this happen before. If you have a loved one, DO NOT BRING THEM HERE! They will not take care of you in the ER and will completely ignore you. The nurses act like stuck up snobs and won’t give you the time of day. Worst care I have ever seen. It’s pretty sad they mistreat patience so they can socialize. We are out in the hallway and that’s all they have done.

conjo 64luye

A Lind

Took my daughter to her Pediatrician on a Saturday for an infection on her foot, since it was over a joint her Dr. recommended we get an X-ray and a CBC (daughter has had heart surgery and has a patch on aorta so we are careful with infections). Drs office called over to make sure they could see us and give them orders, we went straight over thru ER as instructed. NP saw us and said he didn't think we needed X-ray and CBC and sent us home, said some Drs jump when they see cellulitis. I called the Drs office on Monday and told them how disappointed I was we went to ER for nothing. Foot still infected after round of antibiotics and needed an X-ray after all. Just got a bill from Mercy for $659.00 - even though they did NOT do what we went there for. They refuse to negotiate on the price. So our Dr ordered and sent us there and they don't do the work but charged us $659 for the ER room! How fair is this??

Brad b

Incredible Doctors and Staff!

Karla Turner

Aysin Koparan

They moved me from ER to new CDU. NO FOOD RESTRICTION AT ALL. Got stuck in a room for 9 hours and still counting ( checked in at 7:00 am) . After 40 min of MRI in the morning they told me I could leave soon around noon and didn't let me eat. 2 hours later came back & said 10 min to check me out so I can leave soon. The 10 min wait turned into another 2 1/2 - 3 hour wait. Still waiting and no food. Very poor care. Unfriendly nurses (Whispers, unkind comments about patients) . VERY SAD. I feel very sorry for people that has to stay overnight and treated such uncaring way. I will NEVER come back ( if I can get out).. :(

Christine Thompson

A Mercy Urgent Care Dr sent me to the ER because she was concerned I had a stroke. After waiting 4.5 hours (after the Urgent Care Dr called three times telling them it’s severe and I needed to be seen ASAP) I kindly asked the lady, Kathleen, at the front nursing desk if I was close on the list. Her response, “we have to help the dying people first,” (with an eye roll) in the NASTIEST voice possible!! As if a stroke is not an emergency situation!!!! Her response was so EXTREMELY RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, JUDGMENTAL, and uncalled for!!! I can’t believe Mercy would allow her behavior, it was pathetic and unacceptable. I’m sorry for anyone else who has to deal with Kathleen at the ER nursing reception desk. I would go elsewhere if she’s on duty.

Mary Fryday

Unfriendly ER staff. Staff smirked and rolled eyes when I was explaining the purpose of my visit. A group of them were hurdled together and socializing as I walked up to counter. Very unwelcoming atmosphere and made me feel uneasy. The substandard service didn’t stop at the ER entrance sadly. After I was roomed the physician came in and said I really came in a bad time to get any kind of imaging done on my neck. I then asked”isn’t this a trauma hospital?” His reply was the imaging techs are only available for new trauma patients and visible trauma. He then went on to say that if I wanted an image done on my neck that I would have to stay the night. I then said, “that doesn’t make any sense and that I had been in an accident”. He then replied arrogantly “I don’t make the rules and you seem to have an unrealistic view point of what an ER is set up to do”

Marissa M

It's CeCe's World

Erin Bickle

I can’t say enough good about this place. Every interaction with every staff member over our three day stay was fantastic! These people really love their jobs. We are so happy that we chose Mercy! God Bless all of you.

Bob Mondschein

My experience was not positive, very frustrating. It took a number of tries on two arms to find a vein when I've never had that issue before, and I regularly donate blood, so I know how a good needle sticker does their job. I waited a LONG time before pain medication was administered, after the diagnoses was already made. I was given "I guess not" to a question that was very specific about my medication. I was told my Rx would be sent to the Pharmacy and it was not, no joy as the original pain medication was wearing off and I had to wait at the Pharmacy. They even left the monitoring patches attached to my skin. On a subjective note,, only one person expressed/showed any care or concern to my situation. It was not a busy day and there seemed to be plenty of staff onhand. This was a weekday approx 8 am.

Deanna Spikes

William Gleason

Paul Morgan

If I could give (-3) stars, I would. This place is a complete disaster in every possible way...patient care to communication to billing to medical records, just to name a few of my terrible experiences. It is generally unpleasant to have to go to a hospital, anyway, and they have done everything possible to make my family's experience as unpleasant as possible. Use ANY other hospital in the area.

Doryan Meyer

Nicole Whitacre

I was in the emergency room today, and my doctor, Dr. Hilton was a very polite and caring doctor, he knew what he was doing and I could tell he cares about what he does. My nurse Jeff was also awesome, and made sure I was doing okay, I was in the emergency room for probably a little over 5 hours, and my nurse apologized for me being in there for so long, but I was not upset by that. The doctor also apologized for having to leave me in the middle of discussing what was going on with me, as he had a patient having a heart attack! Way to go Mercy!

Ashley Joerding

Terrible experience. The doctor was rude, did not examine me what so ever, decided that I was good to go home when she did literally nothing to figure out what was wrong. Also Sat in the waiting room for 4 hours. It was just the worst experience. I've never been so upset with a hospital before especially mercy... if I could give a 0 I would. Left with no answers and the same issues I went in with.


Well I go there all the time like today I am

Sarah Johnson

I've had 2 babies there and had wonderful experiences both times

Joe Newman

I recently had to visit the emergency room got there at around 4 pm they took me in at 8 ish so four hours in the ER waiting room !! Once I got passed that I figured I'm in great hands as in the past, yes the doctor explained over the phone and in person what was going on but it seemed like every one else wasn't on the same page, Jump ahead I get out of the surgery room known comes to check on me, the new nurse of the day had No clue what I had going on, she just said well as soon as you feel like you can leave I'll have your paper work ready, seriously!!!! Is this how we started treating patients!!?? I asked the nurse to have the doctor call me which he finally did,.. I understand you have so many people coming into your hospital at a short period of time, but that shouldn't reflect on my service.. I have been using your hospital for over 25 years and always been very satisfied yet Not this time around very not happy.

Michael in St. Louis

We've had two children delivered here. Nothing but professional! We'll go back again.

Samantha Ballard

My family and friends always go to this hospital and have told me great things. I unfortunately went a few months ago for severe stomach aches and vomiting. The nurse barely would talk to me and gave extreme attitude. She later rolled her eyes several times when i would throw my medicine up after i took it. They couldn’t tell me what was wrong, gave me a bunch of Benadryl and sent me home. I was still in severe pain and couldn’t eat. I find out from my primary doctor about 5 minutes into the appointment that I had stomach ulcers/intestinal bleeding and gave me medication and was better the next day. Super unprofessional and was in a lot of pain that was not recognized. Will never go back to that ER again.

Bruce Davis

We been WAITING 7 HOURS for someone in another department to come talk to us about a family member being admitted. I have asked twice WHEN they might be here. Their response, “we know he’s there” is so freaking unbelievable! That’s it! I been waiting 7 hours AND STILL WAITING!!!!! That the best you can do? Un-freaking believeable!!!!! Their attitude is, ‘we’ll get there, when we get there,’ is so unprofessional, rude and truly pathetic. We checked in about 8:30 pm. It’s now 3:00 am. and still waiting. My advice to anyone seeking emergency care at this hospital, DON’T!

hugh berry

Elizabeth Lombardo

Mercy is the worst hospital there is a I got threatened in ER and got threatened by a stupid lady that is a security guard. My son has panic attacks and didn’t treat his diagnosis right. Yes, he has been bullied at school and church youth group. Some kids seek suidcide thoughts and they never bothered to check his phone as never took any pills at all as throw them down the drain, but yet I can’t take my son home. That emergency department is messed up in the head and so is that doctor miss diagnosed my son. Taking my kid away from me when all blood work is completed good. I am so sick of being mistreated by this staff and told them many times my son has psychiatrist and counseling to be seen this week. Who the hell these people of staff think they are!

Joshua Prater

The pediatric ER is fantastic, great nurses and doctors!

tiffany duncan

M stands for Mercy and Miserable Patient Experience. Earth to any hospital administrators who care -- the process of move babies from the adult waiting area to children's waiting area to waiting for hours upon hours for a cut on an 18 month old's forehead is beyond ridiculous. Everyone is busy in the world. When asked if these lengthy waits were normal the response was "yes" and when lots of sick kids come in at once it is "a stretch on resources"'s a tip, if you know you are "normally that slammed", as a hospital administrator, the proper reaction would be to higher more resources for more revenue NOT create a horrible patient experience for those patients never to return. Oh ya, construction eliminating patient rooms and the crazy drug addict out front was a nice value add. Bottom line, you'd be better off anywhere but here!

Penny Lewis

They are always very busy. You have to wait a long time. But the quality of care is outstanding.

Tina Otten

Got an xray 3 hours ago. Still waiting to hear anything. Not even offered a Tylenol. Nurse only came in to lecture me about smoking, I'm here for a broken wrist.

Marissa Ramirez

Should do a mental check on employees

David Brauch

I called an ambulance for a friend who tried to drink himself to death in a fit of depression. They took him to the ER at Mercy. Three hours later they called me to pick him up, saying they couldn't keep him just because he was drunk. I tried to explain to them that with the amount he drank, he had to have alcohol poisoning. I had to drive back there and had to sign him into the rehab ward all the time while a condescending nurse gave me attitude. When I talked to the nurse in the rehab ward the next day, he told me that my friend's blood alcohol content was 0.0375% and that it was lucky he was still alive. That was after he was checked in, they hadn't checked his BAC in the ER so who knows what it was three hours earlier?

Dawn Harris

Kim Heidbrier

Father in law went in for bleeding eyes, bloody nose, light sensitivity. Was told the day before he needed an MRI on his brain and they were trying to schedule it. The ER did not take his vitals upon arrival told him nothing was related and refused to do any scans or X-rays to find out what is going on. I am trying to get a hold of someone at the ER to get him some actual care.

Zac McBride

Absolutely fantastic hospital all of my doctors are located here.

kayla stroud


By far one of the worse ER's iv been to. I took my dad there who was a cancer patient and it took us about 3 hours to be seen and on top of that they have everyone stay in the waiting room unless ur being admitted. Who wants to sit in a waiting room for hours with sick patients. Being one of the top hospitals in Missouri you would think thye would have rooms set up for pt's while they wait on the Dr. I would strongly recommend St Anthony's.

Deborah Pearson

This place is horrible I took my son into the emergency room and they sent him home saying it was a stomach virus. He really had a ruptured appendix! I took him to another hospital and they said he was already septic! He had to get rushed to the Children's Hospital for an emergency surgery that they had to cut his stomach completely open! For the past week he has been fighting for his life and we are looking at maybe another surgery!

Shelly Dunsmoor

What a great pediatric team they have in the ER! The team of great nurses and docs immediately made our little guy feel better. Dr. Joe and Ali were especially awesome.

Kristie Ramirez

I was transported to this hospital after a MVA, where I received poor patient care after arriving with neck, shoulde, hip and knee pain and explaining my previous history of a broken neck. Because I had chest pain and shoulder pain, I requested imaging. The doctor came in after I sat in the room for an hour with chest, shoulder and hip pain and elevated blood pressure. In the room for less than 5 mins decided I only had bruises after not even an examination and sent me on my five hour drive home with not even as much as a Tylenol. After continuous pain my doctor ordered an MRI and found that I need surgery on my shoulder. So avoid this hospital with poor patient care, lack of accountability, poor customer services and misdiagnosis

jade lashonda

Do not go here!!!! The doctor took my stroke suggestion as a "body image" problem! I need an MRI! How is he a doctor? Wish i could give 0 stars!!!

Lizz Marko

If i could give zero stars, I would. The emergency room staff has zero sense of urgency. A 3 hour wait for a possible miscarriage followed by being admitted, only to be lied to and given the bare minimum of answers. I asked, am I okay? Is the baby okay? I have had an ectopic pregnancy with a ruptured tube and i want to know if the baby is stuck in my tubes. They replied that they don't have ultrasound equipment(even though I called beforehand to ask if I could have an ultrasound done and the ER staff said that would be the first thing they would do) and that they can't tell me. They then proceeded to do an invasive pelvic exam to tell me i had stopped bleeding- after i already told them i had stopped bleeding. Do NOT go here for anything pregnancy related. It is not safe for you or your baby. Edit: oh, and it took 4 hours for them to confirm that i was pregnant. They had to draw blood for it twice and when i asked why they needed to draw blood a second time for the same test, they did not reply.


Been in ER since noon. At 5:30 we supposedly had a 9:30 pm, we're still in the hall.

Jackie Perry

This hospital use to be the best. I would drive all the way across town to get here. Now you are sitting in the waiting room for 5 hour's or more. Everyone is being serviced from the waiting room, xray, blood draw etc.. people come in after you and go straight back, as if you situation isn't an emergency. All they can tell you is, they have different department, that services different elements. You are high priority, but you wait 5 hours. Back to total access urgent care for me. If you not sick, you will be after sitting in that waiting room of people with the flu. I'm finally in the back and now they want to service me from a cox. This is ridiculous. The unconcern, rude and not truthful registration staff you meet entering the emergency room, makes you want to leave. They pick and choose who's going back first. A five hour wait, is not an emergency. People should go home, rest in your bed and call me when it's my turn. I'm in the back very long wait between xrays. The only positive experience is 5 star- nurse Kim is nice, Dr. Timbony is so kind and understanding, Katrina a nurse is the sweetest. That team alone makes you forget your pain. I can't leave out the cute little transportor with three braids or Judy in CT. Dr. came back with the same old things. Pumping you with lot's of medicines and refer you back to your primary. Waste of money and time. They see a bone spur causing the pain, but don't tell you how to get it fixed. I need experts in my life. Where are the real doctors. So much for being nice, it didn't get me healed. After complaining. I end up staying over night for observation and more testing in the morning. I said, I'm tired of being pumped with meds and no solution, I'm nor your gimmy pig or testing dummy. 2018 is bring a real change

Alvin Franklin

One star is still too genourous for the crappy service and lack of care I recieved here @ this facility. Dont ever go here or you'll sit in the waiting room for hours with ppl that don't care how you feel, if you need assitance you'll be told they dont have time to assist, if your weak and can't walk they'll wheel you in a corner so they can't hear you, if your dehydrated and need fluids they just keep walking past ya and ignoring ya until your pale and about to faint! This ED needs to be investigated and shut down! Oh and btw I had to go another hospital not even 24 hrs later because this hospital was too incompetent to properly diagnose after having me in a hallwaymy entire stay with no privacy curtain may I add!

Scott Hill

Once my son was discharged...customer service went to hell in a handbasket, quickly! Calls weren't answered nor returned. The Surgeon was qualified but the staff was abrasive when asked questions. Social Services representative was very helpful. After discharge, it became similar to finding a snowflake in hell before customer service helped.

Barton Blackorby, MD

Dr Steve Hilton is an amazing clinician and his bedside manner is second to none! If you go to the Mercy ED, ask for him!

Khadijah Khan

This hospital saved my mother's life after taking her to every other hospital in the area and being sent away with made up conditions we brought her to mercy and they did emergency surgery and are currently traeting her for cancer ! If i could give infinity stars i would .

Lisa Jones

Eldin DA

Erik Nork

Years ago a great hospital but recently holy cow it has changed. They need Tony Robbins to come in and do a group wooop wooop and get these players on the field. They say that an army of lions led by a dog will die like a dog.... I think it is a problem from the top and hiring sub par nursing staff and doctors. The lab I must say is par with all others. If you read any reviews below prepared to be wowed bc they rip this place apart as a hospital employee I would be ashamed if anyone knew I worked her. Seems to me they need to get their S—- together quick!!!! The construction has lulled everyone into a fog of complacency and someone needs to go in and kick a little ——- ! The reviews are just above a case of the crabs, reviews just by a small margin of satisfied customers crabs vs Mercy.

Courtney Streicher

Worst staffing at an ER I have ever met! They are the rudest people i have ever met. Supposed to make people feel calm and safe especially coming off an ambulance instead they make you feel like you mean nothing to them and why are you even there.

Crys W

Care is an absolute joke. Been to their Er twice in the last couple of years and basically nothing was done for me. One of the nurses couldnt figure out how to put a knee brace on (it was upside down) and the dr’s are incredibly rude and clearly inconvenienced by ur presence. Been misdiagnosed and treated like a nuisance, regardless of how polite you are, while being injured or in pain. Unless you’re 98% sure you’re dying, just wait to go to your doctor.

Megan MacKenzie

Michael Lawson

Fantastic they saved my life

Ian Fleming

Apparently if you are a transgender teen you aren't eligible for the same mental health treatment as all other adolescents. Going on 8 hours at this hospital now - being told there is a bed then, no, wait we're calling every other hospital. Then, since there are no beds available in any OTHER hospital we should have one here soon. Now, we're going to call everything that's the FURTHEST away possible. Wth? This has been the most ridiculous experience we've endured to date and we've done this many times. Oh, btw we aren't going to make sure your child gets their meds or anything for their migraine they mentioned 4 hours ago. What a joke!!!

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