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Shania Stanfield

I have a horrible immune system and the last two times I’ve had to visit the ER I got PA (physicians assistant) Jason. He is the most unprofessional staff member I have ever seen at a hospital. He was very rude and not thorough when trying to see what was wrong with me. Liberty hospital is not a bad place, however, I hope you don’t get Jason.

Toni Scimeca

Excellent ER staff...Responded to my urgent visit as if it was their top priority, even though others were more in need. NP Collings and Nurse Joni were fabulous. My pain immediately went away with the rinse, unbelievable..Thank you both so much for taking care of me with the excellent care for the silly (but very painful) visit. Great place they really care

PepsiZombie 23

It was terrible-they didn't treat my pain, I was constantly having blood drawn with no reason given. I was in severe pain and they didn't give me enough pain medicine. I am not going to come back any time soon.

Amanda Dirks

I gave birth to my 2nd son at Liberty Hospital last June. My husband and I were much more favorably impressed than with the hospital where our first son was born! The nurses were all caring and wanted to help in any way they could. Unselfish nurses is what makes a hospital stay!!! Thanks again!! The halls have rug to help cut down on the noise, u don't hear beepers, and almost no talking at all when your door is closed. The tree house that is situated right on the yard was perfect since we live an hour away- my husband could stay right close to me! The basic only complaint I have is the blood work that has to come at some insane hour of the morning- why can they not do it at 11 am instead of 5?? Seems all hospitals are this way so that is just how it goes I guess!! All in all I would recommend Dr Morris and all the OB staff to any of my friends.

Robin Stevens

Always been treated well here

Ronn Shatswell

Megan P

Update they refused to allow the $20 payments I could make threatens garnishment of my wages and told me that I needed to get a loan through commerce Bank and finance the payment to them this is the absolute worst Hospital ever been to and I don't really go to hospitals but I can promise you this I would never set foot on their property again and I warn everybody run run I would run away from this Hospital**** I broke my leg and had no insurance I had been off work for 2 months at the time. I went in with my own crutches and my own boot cast, the doctor came in for 5 min after the radiologist came to the fast track room to tell me what I went there for. I was charged over 2000 for basically one X-ray then I did the charity care and they asked for my kids income not adults, my child support income, a copy of every bill I had and the account numbers, my last 2 years W2s and letters from 3 friends and from my school. I am not sure why my income from the year before when I was employed has to do with my income now that I have been unemployed. Run from this hospital I wish there was somewhere else I could report them. Update.... Told today my offer of $5 a month wasn't acceptable they would take $52 which will never happen. Instead they said the reason why NKC hospital was able to do their Charity care within 2 seconds is because it was a different county. Pretty sure it's ALSO in Clay county.

Josie Rabbass

This is a piss poor hospital.

I Boo

My Dr. in Urology is great. However, there is a jar with a cork at the receptionists desk in the waiting room that say “Ashes of Patients”. I was there for an appointment- I have cancer - my daughters pointed out the jar to me. Very insensitive and inappropriate. I noticed that there is a review that is 9 months old about the same jar - it is still there.

Emily Rhew

Long wait for the emergency room. Had really bad burns, nurse told me to put ice on my burns... if you look it up it will say putting ice on burns is a NO because it will cause tissue damage and more blistering. Also, my cousin is a nurse and she also advised me to not put ice on my burns. The nurse said, "well that's okay, it's gonna blister anyways." They don't know what they are doing.

Amanda harrison

Jane Doe

The only thing I got out of Liberty Hospital was my own blood. They are the worse hospital in the northland.

MODArmyAngel AKA babymaddog2020

Amanda Surber

The Birthing Center classes that I attended have helped me immensely! I went from being a fear stricken, first-time mommy, to an educated and much more confident "your body was built for this" woman. I truly admire Jaime's style of teaching and giving the straight facts, but appreciate how she softens the delivery of some tough information. Gina was also amazing to learn and gain insight from! Her technique was effective and her sense of humor is outstanding. I really hope that when I deliver, she will be in the room with me. I cannot recommend these classes enough! If you are expecting, do yourself a favor and make attending these classes a priority!


The hospital offers good care but be very careful when you receive your bill. Some of the doctors offices right and left of main hospital building are actually owned by the hospital and you will receive a bill for both the doctor and a hospital room (that will apply to your insurance deductible). Beware, you could pay $400 for a simple prescription or god forbid, a shot ($700 for that procedure). Stick with a standard doctor and avoid this tricky racket. Disgusted.

Billy Bruner III

Just facts. I don't want my irateness, to hurt my credibility. Every one was cool, except for Dr. Owen and one nurse. They only followed their procedures. Afterwards, looking back, I had clearly made a mistake and had arrived at the wrong place. I had told the admitting person, "St. Luke's(Smithville) told me I needed to come here, first, before bein' seen." I had misunderstood St. Luke's when they said, "goto A e.r.", when I guess they had said, "THE, meaning St. Lukes' e.r.". I'm not thinking right, I need help. Focus is my problem(along with others). Instead of questioning the obvious mistake I had made, then. They did the questioning of me, AFTER I had been admitted, while they were "helpin" me. Why would they send you here? One asked and you know what? My answer didn't make any sense. Imagine that. I spent at least 30 minutes questioning my, and that's why I'm here, in the first place. People got paid to admit me, take blood from me, check-up on me, feed me, talk to me, I'm assuming file my paperwork, clean my room afterwards(although I didn't leave a mess), and run tests. What did I get? "You might want to go get yourself looked at" Smart people take their cars to the shop, when the rod is knockin', not after it blows up. Ask a mechanic, if you don't get it. Last one. Have you ever heard this one? He just seemed so nice when he was tellin' me he didn't trust himself and was becoming violent. We just patted him on the butt and said, "Get back out there big guy?"

Peter Lucas

I had no experience with Liberty Hospital at all, except that I knew it was the closest hospital to my home. When I woke up with acute appendicitis (April 2017) that’s where I went, because it was as far as I could drive myself. My experience was incredible. The ER staff had me comfortable within minutes, my imaging was all done quickly, and my urgent appendectomy was done same day by Dr. Biggs, who was great. All of my nurses post op were great, especially Katie who worked the two nights I was on the 6th floor. Liberty may not be as well known as some of the downtown KC hospitals, but I would definitely be comfortable having surgery there again.

Paige Cooper

Christmas morning, I woke at 2 a.m. with severe pain in my abdomen. After several hours with no relief, I went to the Emergency Room at Liberty Hospital. The triage nurse quickly checked my vitals, collected the necessary information and got me in a treatment room. My nurses, Cheryl (?) and Rachel, did their best to make me as comfortable as possible until Dr. Barr could exam me and prescribe some pain medication. When it was determined I needed a CT Scan, the technician appeared very promptly and wheeled me in for the scan. On the way back to my room, I commented that I was cold, so he made sure to stop and get me a warm blanket. It was determined that my gallbladder was the culprit and surgery would be necessary. The surgeon on-call, Dr. Beggs, appeared within 10 minutes. He pulled up a stool and talked with me about my options, what I should expect and gave me plenty of time to ask questions. The staff was working Christmas morning, instead of spending time with their families, but every person I encountered during this visit was cheerful and compassionate. I am truly grateful that they willingly sacrificed time with their loved ones to take care of me in my time of need! I highly recommend the Liberty Hospital Emergency Room!!

Dustin Singleton

There is nothing wrong with any experience that I have had with the hospital, that all lies in the billing department of Alliance Radiology, whom liberty hospital contracts apparently. Alliance Radiology is hands down the worst company that has ever existed. They did not get the insurance to process on some work that I had done and told me not to pay it while they get the insurance claim figured out. I had calls over the next YEAR while they tried to figure out what was going on. Upon THEIR instructions, I did not pay the bill because they were sorting things out, and they sent it to collections anyway, without saying anything to me Finally, they get the insurance issue figured out after over a year (which by the way, they don't communicate with the collection agency that the just blindly send things to) send me a corrected bill, and within the week, I get a note saying that they had already sent the new bill to collection agency. This company is evil. I didn't even use them directly, they were contracted through liberty hospital for billing apparently. Go elsewhere, you will thank me later.

Ed Goosmann

Being a former hospital CEO, I may be a little more picky than the average consumer. I went to Liberty Hospital for a pre-surgery CT scan of my knee. So I interacted with registration, nursing, medical staff, PT OT, lab and Ortho. From my first contact to the final person I met with, I was very impressed. Without exception, the staff were engaging, friendly, and very efficient and professional. I have the utmost confidence that my upcoming surgery experience in a couple of weeks will be equally satisfying. Thank you.

Mary Daly

I live out of state was visiting a friend in Kearney. I went down with chest pain and was taken by ambulance to Liberty hospital. What a mistake that was. I was admitted on Saturday after midnight they put me BOO. At 3pm the next day i had NOT seen a doctor. When I asked the nurse about it. I was told I wasn't put on the list. So here I am NPO ALL DAY and I am diabetic . I will NEVER go to that place again. Even if I'm dyeing. Thanks for nothing Liberty hospital.

Tina Shirley

i cannot believe my x husband was turned down for services for his heart needing a test done to check his heart. What a bunch of b.s.

Kaity Stewart

Tammy Kenney

I had to spend a week in Liberty Hospital recently and I have to say I was happy with everything I experienced there from my surgeon, Dr. Gibson, to the nurses, nurses aides, physical therapy, housekeeping and people that brought my meals. I would not hesitate to recommend this hospital to anyone. Everyone was very helpful & friendly and went out of their way to make me comfortable during my stay and make sure I received all the info needed to continue my treatments in the future.

Donald Burger

Just visiting daughter-in-law--works there!!

Josh Gearon

I went in to the ER for an acute condition, probably resulting from bad choices, and the staff was far more understanding and positive than any staff I've dealt with in any hospital before. They were knowledgeable, patient, and handled my triage and care with a sense of calm that patients probably aren't accustomed to in the healthcare industry. I've found the hospital I'll be going to from now on. Thank you, Liberty Hospital ER department. You're rockstars.

Mike Mynatt

Jimmy Rawson

Very polite, courteous, respectful & very generous people who work there. If you ever have to be there for awhile they got lots of vending machines, coffee, tv with cable, WiFi.

DennisandKay Meinking

My husband has had quite a lot of operations, Dr visits and stays, our 1st choice. Great service all around.

Press Wade

3/14/17 Front desk was rude and not welcoming. Staff was dis oriented lack of sympathy ,in a rush , waiting room is dirty !! Staff was unprofessional all the way down to their very lose , poorly groomed appearance! Very young workers . Very unprofessional over all , for the hospital to seem so empty it was very dirty with trash on the ground the staff walked right by it. My room smelled of urine, and when I asked why the nurse very nonchalantly said it was from the gentlemen before me . Blonde girl at front desk should be fired

Tanya Mcnally

Everyone is so nice from the er where we were taken care of quickly to the 7th floor staff doctors, nurses, aides and social worker and pt all very friendly and helpful they all should get daisy awards and are our shining stars

Dave B

The stories are true. I went to the ER and got kicked out and had to go to another hospital that actually cared. They charged me anyways despite not having provided any care, which ruined my credit. It turned out I was having a massive histamine attack and was in shock. Any professional should have immediately recognized this. Its extremely common and well known.

matt reinschmidt

My wife went to Liberty Hospital while having a near heart attack in 2013. Turns out Dr Bodet put in stints that were far too small which then occluded again, but then he retired. So we got handed off to another cardiologist and a heart surgeon because that cardiologist said she needed bypass surgery, but the heart surgeon turns around and says no, not going to do it, get another stint. Meanwhile her coronary artery is closed again and she's in duress. We end up having to go to St Luke's to try and keep her healthy. Meanwhile, Liberty Hospital REFUSES any payment arrangements in lieu of the full balance due after insurance, and so they referred us to a nasty debt collector and ruined our credit not 25 days after the procedure. NEVER GO HERE if you are having cardiac troubles. Most shamefully, neither the cardiologist nor the surgeon suggested we try a major facility like St Luke's, it was just too bad so sad and get this -- the cardiologist thought she might get lucky and be able to withstand the CORONARY ARTERY occluding again and the body "might" be able to work around this. Are you kidding me???

kimberly bondow

Soooo dirty and unsanitary! First time I went here was for my son who got bit by a dog and tore his lip open. When I was was giving the front desk in the ER my sons info I asked if he wanted my insurance he straight up said "I don't give a flying monkeys butt what you do with your insurance!" Right in front of my 3yr old. A few months after that I went in for extreme abdominal cramping. The room they took me to was so dirty! There was cob webs! There was a toilet a couple of feet from the bed which had what looked like mold on the floor around the toilet! The nurse who took my blood shot blood all over my gown and left me in the gown! When she took out my IV she threw it to a trash can behind the bed which caused blood to go all over the floor and wall! And just left it there! There was also a blood sample on the counter when I came in the was not mine. The pillow on my bed had makeup all over it...I was not wearing any makeup! The floors were absolutely filthy! Just absolutely the dirtiest hospital I've ever seen! I can't understand how they get away with the complete unsanitary is a hospital for gods sake! I came in there with an infection and am praying to god I didn't just pick up more infections!!! Absolutely do not go here! My sister is a nurse and was absolutely shocked when I told her about my experience and she said I should report the hospital! Which I intend to do!


Vee Technologies

Amy Harvey

Do not take your children here if you can avoid it.

arianna christian

Avery Boll

The nurses were rude. And they tricked me into saying things that took away my right to leave the hospital and they threatened to have me detained if i refused treatment i did not come the hospital for. They are con artists and do not care about your well being they only care about running down the clock and collecting a pay check. Plus there is ants crawling up my fiances chair and used towelettes with blood sitting behind my bed. They also refuse to close my curtain for privacy and now everyone who has entered and exited the emergency room has seen me. Worst experience i could imagine. I am honestly scared of how many people they do this too.

Mary Ann Hernandez

Just left there. My husband never got seen. We waited in waiting room for 2 hours and there's hardly anyone even there. Makes absolutely no sense. My husband hates going to see Dr so even talking him into going was hard enough. So now I'm going to talk him into going to NKC hospital if I can. That's where we should've went to begin with! If I have my way I'll never step in that hospital again!!! Terrible experience!!

Marta Beal

Andrew Hahn

They did nothing for me. I was seen and I was in so much pain and all they gave me was Tylenol and charged me 3000 dollars. Seriously never returning here.

C Allen

Staff were very nice and provided good care. ICU Waiting area not the cleanest.

Rhonda Weston

Oncology/Interventional Radiology- My father was a patient last month for abnormal stomach bloating. The initial tests concluded he has suspected pancreatic cancer. The faculty reassured him that if he in fact has the disease it was the best location for the tumor and that it was treatable. After several attempts at a biopsy, the Oncologist confirmed he has stage 4 Inoperable pancreatic cancer. During the attempts at the biopsy, the hospital failed to prescribe an antibiotic and he became very ill. We were advised by the Oncologist that treatment would prolong his life about 6 months at best. We immediately made the decision to seek out care at Mayo and relocated to Phoenix temporarily for a second opinion. He was seen this week to repeat tests (CT Scan, blood work, port placement) and begin Chemo next week. Today we were advised that his liver has abscessed as a result of the procedure performed without any subsequent antibiotics from the internal biopsy and stent placement. Due to the consequences of Liberty Hospital he may not be well enough to start his 1st life saving treatment here at Mayo. He is now admitted into the Hospital to attempt to treat the negligent actions from his internal procedure at Liberty with NO antibiotics prescribed. When he was sent home after the procedure, 2 days post surgery he began showing signs of distress and infection. The home health care advised my mom to push the drain tube in about an inch. This is over a Holiday weekend and no one to respond to the concerns of fluid leaking out of the incision. Later to find out the fluid had built up internally as well when he was seen the following Tuesday. I can say with confidence that this hospital is a wonderful Cardiac Center and many other specialties. I would not recommend this facility for Cancer related conditions. Especially when we know our lives depend on not making elementary mistakes such as failing to provide an Rx after invasive procedures. This oversight is not a reflection of everyone at Liberty Hospital. However, one that should never occur in our health care.

Carey Myers

Jennifer Gatrel

Horrible Experience!! I went to the hospital in excruciating abdominal pain. I was admitted overnight and stayed until the evening. They ended up diagnosing me with the flu, despite the fact that I had no fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. In frustration I accessed their patient portal to look up my test results. I was in shock as I read the test results. Turns out that I have a number of health matters that they didn't even tell me about or treat!! To make matters worse as I was reading through this I found out that the last time I was there I had a hernia that they diagnosed via CT scan but did not inform me of!! I would strongly encourage anyone to keep on driving to a hospital that puts patient care first!!

Theresa Hopkings

While my experiences with the emergency room and general hospital have been poor, my stay in the mother/baby and delivery were very very good and I am going to deliver there again in Feb. , I'll explain: I went into the ER because I couldn't breath very well, swallow or talk very well. The doctor did some tests then came back into the room and said that he wanted to do a scan on my throat when my tests came back. When they came back he said I was pregnant, I said um no. He argued with me and said these tests are not wrong. I told him to take more blood and do the test again, he refused, I asked for another Dr. I waited over an hour for another doctor to come, he redid the tests AND looked at the results from the previous Dr. I had Mono. Which apparently is right next to the pregnancy test results so he just mis read it. I got charged a seperate fee for each doctor and each set of tests. They also insisted I stay because of how swollen my tonsils were. I was charged $22,000 for 5 days. When I filed the paperwork for help paying my bills they never called me back. I called 12 times, no one returned my calls. They sent my bill to collections. I recomend the mother/baby section to everyone!! The ER/Hospital not so much!

Bebe Nuńez

Thankful, and extermely loving, my visit to the pregnant level , was incrediable espically with me being very sick, they treated me with respect care. And love. Never was any nurse me or hurtful to me. Me and my baby was taken great care by jenny an overnight nurse. She was the best nurse i have ever had. Much love to liberty hospital. Best showers they are amazing and lovly rooms so gorgeous. They made my fiance comfortable to sleep on the changeable coach , best 4 days staying there. Quick and easy painfree enviorment. Couldnt be more grateful me and my son arnt sick anymore. Thank you liberty hosptial so much.

Benjamin Kendle

ER. I was poorly misdiagnosed. They insisted on a bunch of extra test that were inconclusive and was charged way too much. I disputed. They were unable to explain reasons and billing made multiple mistakes as well.

Travis Perkins

Not the most helpful staff in the world, I know it's hard to run a hospital but it was amazing how much we had to keep bothering the workers for pain meds or for anything else my grandma needed, a little disappointed.

Aimee Rea

I have enjoyed my visits here (As much as one can while at a hospital). Helpful and knowledgeable staff, friendly volunteers and great class offerings for expectant families.

Gary Shockey

ana R

They need to hire people with more experience in customer service over the phone! The operator who I just spoke to about getting a fax number to go to the hospital was so rude! Now I hope to never go to this hospital.

Dennis Warzala

When I tried talking to the doctors they didn't seem to care about what I had to say. They cut me off when I'm trying tot tell them something important that has happend in the past. That was the pain management doctor. The other docktord were not to bad but you can tell in their faces hurry up I don't need your life story. When all your trying to do is let them know everything so they can get the the bottom. Most nurses were great. They gave me meds when I needed them some even made sure I was ok scedual for pain meds. I HAVE ALMOST LEED MYSELF 4 times since I've been here BECAUSE THEY CANT ANSWER THE CALL LIGHT. The aids though were HORRIBLE. I can barly walk just starting to be able to with the walker and I get the bathroom in horrible pain she wants me to wash my hands at 3 am. I'm tired and weak and I feel light headed not only that she was not holding onto my gate belt. She jelly telling me to stand straight or I was going to fall and I said "I shouldn't fall with you here" I lost balence and could have fallen and it would hve been ok her. She wouldn't cover me up. Told me I had to. I get that I need to do things on my own but seriously you can't cover me up. I'm exhausted after taking a trip to the bathroom. She told me "you just took pain pills right? So they should be helping" yes of corse they are going to help but after doing so much you can do it tackles you down and your in pain after a lot of movement. I am not happy with there service. Overall I will never come back take me someone longer away from liberty.

Angela Schmidt

My sister had to make a trip to the ER this past week very, very early in the morning. From the moment we stepped through the doors, everyone was very accommodating. Big shout-out to ER Nurse, Amanda. She was excellent and had that personal touch of compassion. Dr. Rob Frobenius was just outstanding! He took such great care and detail with my sister. We appreciated everyone so much!

Wsniv N

They charge every visit as a separate account and if you aren't very careful and they don't get combined they will send you to collections even tho you have been paying and when you call to talk to them about they will say the will take care of it and do nothing and then take you to court. GOOD LUCK

Maddie Bonderer


Not a good experience in the Birthing Center. I do not recommend this hospital if you need a c-section.

Sandy S.

This review is in regards to the front desk of the 2nd floor urology clinic, not my husband's doctor who is absolutely wonderful! Would you believe they have a corked ceramic jar sitting there front and center for all the cancer patients to see that says "Ashes of Problem Patients"??? Unbelievably inappropriate and insensitive. What a crappy thing to do! It needs to be removed and there needs to be a conversation with the staff. This has no place being in any hospital!

Ross Dwyer

My daughter has a bunion all they wanted to do is give her penicillin

Vj Harrell

Liberty ER Hospital deserves ZERO STARS!!!! Horrible hospital!! They should have admitted me running a 102.6 temp! Nausea, vomiting, severe stomach pains for three days, in addition to running a 101.6 temp. Plus, Liberty Hospital has my previous records, fully well, aware of my medical history issues. Last Friday, 8/4/2017, my Dr. Specialist order me to immediately go to Liberty ER if my fever of 101.6 continued to climb! And my fever did climb to 102.6 temp. At Liberty ER, once admitted, and after receiving an IV for rehydration & bloodwork, Liberty ER Hospital made the decision to send me home that same Friday evening and told me to try & wait until Tues, 8/8/2017, when my Dr. would return home!! Are you serious! He's the one who ordered me there!! I would have been dead by Tuesday!! Then after a CT Scan, chest xray a nurse came in and handed my friend who drove me there a bunch of papers, which we later discovered where discharge papers and a prescription. Never said we needed to leave. We waited in my ER room for at least another 45 mins when another nurse opened the curtains and slider door, and said, "Oh, you're still here? You are free to go." I told her, you guys said you would send in a guy named Jason to recheck my temp. Can you at least do that? She did, and my fever was still at 102.6. Oh and she advised us that in those discharge papers there was a script. My friend said all the pharmacies were closed. She said, "There is Walgreens on 291 & 152 Hwy in Liberty that's open 24/7 we could get it filled there. Then she walked out!!! I was so weak and delirious from my high fever, & vomiting I would not have been able to walk to get out of the place. My friend had to search for a nurse and request a wheelchair. Finally, a young man who looked to be about the age of 12 or 13, brings in a wheelchair and shows my friend, "This is how you operate the handbrake." Then the kid leaves the wheelchair at the foot of my bed, and walks out our room. We were left there all alone with no assistance to get into the wheelchair and no assistance to show us the way out of the building. We had to ask an ER patient visitor how to get out of the place and we followed her to the ER entrance doors. As we pass the intake desk by the ER doors, my friend had to ask for a barf bag for me to take for my trip back home, as I am throwing my guts up! UNBELIEVABLE! It's now ETA 12:30am Saturday morning and we are driving to Walgreens to fill my script. I wait in the car what seemed like forever, throwing up in the puke bag!!! 2am finally made it home! My friend called my Dr.s assistant early Sat AM and said Liberty had sent me home. The assistant made contact with my Dr. who then ordered me immediately to North Kansas City Hospital ER where they admitted me and kept me for seven (7) days! I was that bad! I would have received better care at Urgent Care or Walgreens Healthcare Center than Liberty ER Hospital!!! I do not care if I am dying I will never go back to Liberty Hospital! Instead, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to North Kansas City (NCK) Hospital the Gold Standard Hospital! Or even UMKC or even St. Luke's! Go anywhere but Liberty Hospital!!! Stay far far away!

Amy Matzek

Margaret Rasheed

Thank You Liberty Hospital Nurses, Staff, Doctors, and Maintenance Engineers and Nurse Practitioners, for taking good care of us. My Husband was in hospital two different times, and everyone went out of their way, to make sure his stay was the best. They went over and above, and we are eternally grateful. I spent one night, to make sure I was able to speak with His Doctor. They brought me pillows, warm covers, and a smile, which is what I needed. When it was time to go home, I told Him You can go on, I am staying. Everyone was laughing, even though I was serious!!! (smile). God Bless You All, and thanks for an amazing experience!!! Margaret Williams Rasheed

Ronda Bell

Been there several times and always fantastic care.

Rhonda Butler

I took my father here to be treated for asthma. Unfortunately it turned into COPD quickly. He ended up in ICU where they took very good care of him. However, he was moved back to the 3rd floor after a few days. From this point forward, I was pressured to get him in hospice care. The doctors were not transparent and treated me like I had no clue. One nurse specifically kept the pressure on to accept hospice care. I got several conflicting answers to my questions about the meds he would receive at home. I was also told that palliative care was not offered at home. Got the brochure and right on the front page, palliative care at home was offered. What started out to be hopeful turned out disappointing. I'm not denying my father was ready for some form of hospice care, but I will never recommend this hospital due to the way we were pressured.

Vanessa Flint

I used to think this was an awesome hospital but not anymore. I have been hemmoraging for 9 weeks. My primary doc told me to go to the ER so I went to Liberty. The ER doc said nothing showed on my ultrasound and my blood work was not critical so there was nothing she could do...even though my primary care doc sent me there. She said I need to see a Gyno. I explained in great detail my issue...and she said sorry. Today my bp was high and two days ago i had a temp and my pulse was high. The ultrasound tech was a snotty witch too. When they put an IV in the guy doing it shoved the needle so hard into my arm I doubled over in bed liked I had been kicked in the stomach....where do they get these people? Have a little damn compassion!!!!!!! My primary doc is the only one concerned.... This place is a joke!

K Pratt

Had to goto the ER for a dental emergency and my dentist was closed. They got me back to a room quickly and was examined right away. They found I had an bad infection and quickly got me on an IV with fluid and antibiotics. All the staff where very pleasant and caring and took great care of me. I would highly recommend this ER to anyone in need of emergency care.

Alan Wilson

Had a echocardiogram and stress test this morning and everyone from the check-in person to the cardiac nurse were friendly and polite. Have used Liberty Hospital for many years and have always been treated with compassion and kindness.


Shannon H.

I would give 0 stars if I could. No one communicates with me, the patient, they take my labs, they do their scans and then do not share information. I'm not a passive patient, I want the opportunity to be involved in and understand my care. Furthermore, I have had some complex issues this year, and am not receiving wholesome care. They address one issue at a time and make me keep coming back and spending ridiculous amounts of money. Go somewhere else.

John Harris

Make sure you pay your bill right away. They send a bill a couple times and if you don't pay right away they send you on over to collections. I admit I was slow at paying, but Liberty Hospital is relentless. Find another hospital!

Alexandra Bristow

This place has the nicest, mist caring staff that I've ever seen. I've been blown away by all of the nurses and doctors as well as receptionists are all very sweet. I was sitting in the dining room area crying and one of the cooks cane out of the kitchen and asked if I could use anything like a drink or something to eat. That's not part of his job to do but he did because he was a caring person. Best hospital experience I've ever had.

Shelly Frazier

James Ransom

We've had 4 babies born at Liberty Hospital. Baby #5 is going to be born down at another location closer to our current home, but I wish we could have him here! Thank you for taking good care of us, and I recommend you to anyone who asks!

Bailey Miller

I have raised my review from one star because my treatment here was better than my friends and i experience when we came after he had a car wreck, but I can't give it higher than a 4 because of our shared experience then 4 months ago. I'm still quite shocked an upset by that long story short on that, they didn't treat him properly no CT scan no chest x-rays even though we told them he wasn't wearing a belt and the airbag didn't deploy. Also we informed them he was epileptic and he had open wounds left untreated for hours and on his discharge papers no where did it mention he was even in a wreck. The situation was handled very poorly. MY EXPERIENCE TODAY The E.R. staff were attentive and kind. They took my situation quite seriously and didn't make any of the prior mistakes. They had some interns and they did a fantastic job as well.I left the hospital confident they have implemented changes

Nubia Bolanos

I came to the ER before lunch and I only waited 20min and then I was seen by the doctor who ordered the CY scan and in less than 2hrs, they had a full diagnose of my bleeding. I was recommended to stay 1 night and to do a procedure in the morning. The nurses were extremely nice with me!! I am breastfeeding my baby and even a Lactation consultant visited me and offered a pump and supplies, and a crib so my baby can sleep and rest during the day. I totally recommend this hospital!! I loved my nurses and how they took care of me!! My doctors explained everything to me and what the treatment will be.

Rick Schott

Had a doctors appointment, was told they have been trying to call for a week to reschedule. Drive from out of town only to find out they STILL had my wrong number entered in. After verifying it after last visit and filling out four different sets of paperwork with the correct phone number. Come to find out the doctor isn't even there on the days my appointment was scheduled. All in all took a vacation day from work to go to the appointment so as to still get paid and wasted 25$ in gas. Now without any more vacation days my new appointment will have to be taken without pay. Clerical staff needs to learn how to enter information. This "little" mix up on their part cost me 200$ out of pocket due lost wages and fuel.

One American

If I could give them no stars I would. Liberty hospital has the absolute worst care in the North Land. If you have any other choice, take it. My family has been around here for a long time so I have had many dealings with them. I would rate the whole place from top to bottom a 0.

Ashley Phillips

Absolutely WORST hospital to go to!!!!!!! Told my mom she had cancer when she didn't. Discharged her while she was unresponsive. Practically overdosed her. She had to be taken to St. Lukes by ambulance to get the proper care for her pancreatitis.

David Tidwell jr

This place has help me a lot

Ashley Eldridge

Jennie Pennington

Worst hospital ever! My father in law (a known severe hemophiliac) lost half his blood volume on an unnecessary and not fully explained heart cath procedure. He went in for the flu and never came us to us. After the incident with the heart cath his son (also POA) was not notified until he called to check up on him. Then my father in law was restrained for and heavily sedated because he became confused and agitated after loosing so much blood. After that he was sudated to the point of being completely unresponsive and passed away two days later. After he was moved from ICU to the hospice room he was left for at least 12 he's completely unattended. I came in and gave him a bed bath then stayed the night with him and repositioned him through the night to ensure he didn't get skin breakdown from not being moved. I have .pre stories but I'll save them for another review on how my husband was miss diagnosed for a pea sized kidney stone and sent home with nothing to help him.

Christine Harrison

Never again !!! I had one of the worst experiences ever. The dr lied & told me that they were putting me in a room & that the surgeon would be in to talk to me about my options withing a hr or so assuming they were going to fix the problem by doing a bowel resection. I was there from 9am til 9pm waiting for the surgeon to come in. Finally I asked a nurse about when they would be coming in to see me. The nurse went to ck & came back & told me that there was a miscommunication & that the surgeon was not told & that they were only doing a consult & that there was not going to be a surgery. The surgeon finally came after several hrs. Once they had called her for real. She told me there was nothing they could do at this time other than antibiotics. I could of went hm & saved alot of money. So bottom line is they tricked me into staying & ckn in to a room & then wouldn't let me leave once I found out it was all a hoax.I felt like they were holding me against my will. I asked them the reason why they wanted me in at Room and they told me it was because I refused to leave. This was a lie also. Who wants to be checked into the hospital? Really. I ended up leaving without permission & received no medication other than an IV full of water. Probably cost $$$$$. I think it was ridiculous the way I was treated and I don't believe I should oh anything for the Room that they check me into for no reason.

Robin Morton

I can't say anything bad about this hospital because they we're super nice to me and caring.. When I went to another hospital called center point they treated me bad when I told then I had a bad sinus infection my face was swollen and I had really bad pain in my face and head and they lied saying their was nothing wrong my friend rushed me to liberty hospital and they even seen how much pain I was in. They we're so caring and so nice to me. They did all kinds of test on me to make sure I was ok and they found that my nasal in my nose was swollen bad and inflamed and they treated me for my infection and gave me something for pain. They saved my life that night.. They told me not to worry because I was in good hands and I was... Thank you liberty hospital for saving my life that night. You we're so kind and so patent with me.... And I didn't have to wait at all with in less than 10 mins they called me back..

Kim Rueckert

Was brought here by ambulance after car accident. Felt safe and well taken care of during my 4 night stay. Pain was well controlled. Staff were excellent. Kudos to nursing especially.

Ian Simpson

Called the Emergency services line, upon recommendation by my primary care doctor. The woman that answered was entirely unproffessional, lacked the knowledge/will to do anything but refer me back to my primary care doctor. Don't come to them with any emergencies, as they seem to take their time more seriously than your life.

Lil Willis

The ex staff here are a very unprofessional, don't record information correctly .The Rn is the worst nurse ever needs a lot more training, and especially on drawing blood. He is the worst I am made him stop this other guy did the drawing of my blood with such ease. My male Rn has a very ugly bed side manner and I would never be back or recommend this hospital facility to anyone.

Edward Ashley

This is the worse Hospital in the Northland of Kansas City. They have nurses that will write there own orders. The nurses will put you on a NPO or keep you from eating after midnight as if you will have a surgery. When in fact you do not have a procedure. They say they do this because they think that you might have the procedure. When it takes a Doctors order to even do this. They will stop medication call DC and keep it from you, when it also takes a Doctors order to stop medication. This hospital has a big problem when it comes to taking care of people by some nurses. The biggest problem is the fact that if your insurance company says they will pay for part of the stay and procedure but not all look out!!!! They will stop taking care of you and start to get you out of their hospital. They will discharge you before the doctor released you and will stop all treatment just to get you out of the hospital. My recommendation to you is DON'T GO!! Unless it is life and death and even then you could still be putting your like in danger!!!! Stay away at all costs!!!!

Jonathan Garlock

Nurses are very professional and friendly.

Michelle Leone

Our family was very impressed by your hospital & the employees!! Thank you for all you do for your patients! The experience here was awesome!

Lily Denish

The er rooms are so small the nurses were tripping over each other. They sent my husband home with a concussion they said he didnt have. Smells like cigarettes. And the nurses we had were very unprofessional

Annie Tucker

Worst experience ever! This hospital obviously has no concept of HIPAA. I was seen in the radiology department for a CT scan and blood work to rule out if my cancer had returned. Not only was the wait time ridiculous, the check-in process was mediocre at best. There was no privacy at all. The worst part, they made me wait in the waiting room for my doctor to call and give me the test results. When the doctor called, they had me use the phone at the front desk in front of tons of other people! How is this okay?????!!!!! Oh, and lets not forget that I had to remind them that I needed to take off my jewelry before the CT scan AND they forgot to take out my IV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This hospital is a disgrace.

James Reed

The emergency room service was exceptional. The doctor took the time to fully explain our son's care needs better than his own pediatrician. Despite being one of the scariest morning of our lives we left within 2 hours well informed and with piece of mind. Thank You to all the staff that helped us in the hospital.

William Diamoñd

They won't feed broke out of town family

Nora Stoy

The nurses and doctor are very nice at Liberty Hospital

Esther Criger

Received the BEST care. Had the Greatest Surgeons.

Lisa Porretti Smith

Absolutely horrible. Their internal communication systems are broken, usually an indication of poor management. Spent way too much time listening to the pharmacy say "we already delivered that to the floor" while the nurse said "we're waiting on the pharmacy". It's like a dysfunctional family reunion you don't want to attend. It's slow, unorganized, and unprofessional. Very poor care. Drive the extra ten minutes and go to another hospital that has accountability procedures in place.

Dana Howard

Liberty Hospital has undergone great changes over the years and every time we have had hospital stays or procedures done, the experience has been top notch. The staff are caring and listen to your needs. Liberty Hospital gives many area hospitals a run for their money in our opinion. Our recent visit was for a newborn delivery and we cant say enough about the excellent care for my wife and baby that was given. Everyone from the cleaning crew to the doctors involved in our stay were outstanding, caring and took time with us.

Raena Tellez

Went to the ER last November. They were not able to help my issue. Had no money to pay the bill till the final bill came in due to being out of work. When I called and asked for a discount she was horribly rude and said I cant have one since it is the final bill before it is sent to collections. Honestly I was so mad at how she talked to me I told her I would call back when I tried to call back no one would answer 3 times I tried calling fire who is in charge of billing. The bill was ridiculous for the service received. 7 thousand dollars for 3 hours at a hospital vs. our son at the children's hospital was half the price with more testing done. I have to have a surgery now and need to go to a new Dr. because I'm in no way going to pay the fees this hospital charges again.

Kenny Drazen

The doctors are amazing. The nursing staff however are sub par. That is at least true for the group I had on the 6th floor from 4/15/19 to 4/17/19. They will only give you enough help to keep you alive. There was little compassion. Hardly any extra effort and zero understanding for a patient that is scared and in pain. The charge nurse will only get you more frustrated when you try to explain why you feel this way.

cindy young

Payton Wolfe

I’ve been here many times and it is always a pleasant experience, the staff is great, knowledgeable, and treats every patient with the care they deserve. I got a piece of metal in my eye at work and while I was waiting, talking and laughing with my nurse Rahul was almost enough to make me feel better. He was smart, prompt, friendly, and easy to talk to. 10 stars to Rahul and the Liberty hospital ER staff! Thanks guys!

Jessica HARRIS

Brenda Hopewell

From being in the Emergency Room twice all the way through hernia surgery I have no complaints. Everyone did their part professionally and with heart and caring. I would highly recommend Liberty Hospital and Clinic to anyone. You rock guys, carry on!

Marissa Webb

Dr. Barr and the ER nurses last night were excellent on account of my awful kidney stone bout. They were by far the most efficient ER I have ever experienced. They were quick to find the issue and get me on the road to recovery. Dr. Barr was GREAT and I highly recommend this ER.

Cam A

Sergeant Massey is the only reason for this one star review. She needs to get off her Facebook put down her Starbucks and start doing her job. I've had a lot of good experiences and bad experiences at this Hospital but the lady in the uniform is the one person I expect to be doing her job right without distractions and she's obviously more in tune with what's happening on her phone then what's happening in reality around her.. oh and her attitude of not my job not my problem doesn't reflect well on the Liberty police department.

Linda Scherer

My experience with the employees in special procedures has been great.

Mammons Rage

Sick people everywhere,avoid it possible!

Joe Greenwald

2 hour wait for ER. Waiting room is small and smells of cigarette smoke. Went to st luke's and got right in even with people waiting.

Jay Sackuvich

Very thorough application. A company needs to know who it will employ in the future. jay

Wayne Lindgren

Marie McElfish

Arrived at 235 am and still waiting to be seen brought daughter in law in no one in waiting room waited 20 minutes asked the triage nurse how long will it be to have her to be seen she indicated we just got a call two ambulances on their way so here we sit waiting to be seen so far it's been an over an hour if you have very severe pain you may just want to go NKC hospital because it isn't severe enough since you get pushed back until they have no other patients to be it's now 345am still waiting ok update it is 4 am still waiting hmmm maybe we will get her seen by 6 will let you know well it has been two hours still waiting it is now 440 ok went to the triage nurse at around 330am to see how much longer she couldn't give me a time which is cool but stated she will be seen next they are discharging someone. Well it's 5am they have released a couple patients and we are still waiting so looks like she won't be seen maybe when the next shift comes in daughter in law fell asleep going to wake her up to see if she is feeling less pain maybe just have to go back home.ots 530am went to triage clerk who was sitting talking to a nurse I asked was my daughter in law going to be seen she says I am sorry we got another ambulance mind you at 345 they had discharged a couple of patients and I was told daughter in law was next so two hours go by and I go up to the triage clerk just to be told at 530am a ambulance was coming or just got there. Daughter in law was still in pain and wanted to just go home because we didn't know when she was going to be seen mind you we were the only two in the emergency room since 235am and the clerk said all the beds we're full at 330 am waiting for empty bed yh ethey couldn't even just come out and talk to her to see if they could just give her something for her pain until a bed was available. Damn straight I am mad

Janine Nelson

Celeste Martinez

Livy H

They saved my dads life.

Ariel Lallana

Horrible hospital went to er doctors and nurses cold and inattentive got released with a mis diagnosed ended up at another ER. North Kansas city hospital put in the time and effort and actually found Out the issues not ti n. NEVER GO TO LIBERTY HOSPITAL

Suicide Spark Sisters

I went in with severe stabbing chest pains radiating from the upper left of my chest right over my heart so bad I could barely catch my breath. I was dizzy and felt tingly like I could faint as well. Movement, speaking, or sitting up only made the pain much worse. I thought I was having a heart attack possibly. I was scared and knew something was wrong. I guess I made a mistake by telling them that at first I thought it was an anxiety attack due to I’ve had an anxiety disorder for years but then as the pain continued I could tell this was something that needed addressed medically. Being a single mom I only ever go to the ER for emergency help. I knew it would cost me thousands even after insurance for the visit but I needed help. They ran blood tests, ekg, and X-ray and gave morphine for pain. They were nice but everyone latched onto the “anxiety” being the cause. I pleaded with them to please understand that I know the difference and I know something is wrong! My friend who came to visit said it sounded like pleurisy. They did agree that it could be that but there were no real way to test or tell.(not true) I had several questions about the tests and what it could be(I was scared and in severe pain radiating from my chest and wanted to figure this out!) I was told that there’s nothing else to do and that they don’t treat anything but only eliminate emergency issues. I believe they were not wanting to deal with the scared & inquisitive woman in room 20 anymore.. I was then discharged and given a stack of papers. I asked what am I to do because I’m leaving with essentially no help and still having severe chest pains & trouble breathing? I was met with a non response of we don’t treat here call your doctor. Hello!? I’m in an EMERGENCY situation of SEVERE chest pains lack of air feeling faint & no answer.Upon getting home 6 1/2 hours later and a couple thousand dollar bill coming, I decide to read the papers I was given, thinking that it would be information on and treatment of pleurisy..only to find info on anxiety and chest pain. This is after being told it could be pleurisy if not anxiety. Trust me I know anxiety and I know my body and I know the pain I’m in is coming from something substantial. Despite my repeated pleas that I already knew it wasn’t the anxiety and that I had only thought it could be at first, before the pain became unbearable, and it must be something else..they clearly latched onto the “anxiety” and looked no further into this. I wound up going online and looking it up since the ER chose not to give that info despite saying it could be pleurisy, and found indentical symptoms of it as well as almost identical stories from others who rushed to the ER with the same exact symptoms..however, THEY were treated as well as had tests ran(that didn’t show any problems) but because their doctors didn’t have an “anxiety story” to latch onto, they saw the true issue and need and some where admitted and treated and others discharged and treated with steroids, anti inflammatory meds, pain meds, and some antibiotics... I left with severe chest pains, trouble breathing, no meds to help, and a couple thousand dollar debt. Is that what ER’s do now?? Just say well we ruled out yadayadayada with these tests and thats all we really do here so go ask another doctor?? I am home now for just 5hrs, it’s 2:30 am & I’m unable to sleep due to lack of air and extreme chest pains with no relief. I am now going to St Luke’s which is closer to me (I left work earlier today and went to closest hospital, Liberty Hospital) so my point is, because of the lack of actual treatment by the nurses in Liberty Hospital ER, which is what an emergency situation demands, I am now without any choice but to leave my home go create another couple thousand dollar debt, just so I can make it thru the night and breath!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH LIBERTY HOSPITAL ER.. They WILL NOT listen to you and will stop any further investigation or treatment of an issue on their own whim..and send you or your loved one home in the same condition they were before.

Lennis Hurshman

When in liberty I got great care

Ashley H

Stay away!!! The staff is incredibly rude and they act like they’re better than the people they serve!! Such a shame! Not to mention the care you receive is minimal and unprofessional!! Not the kind of experience you should want your patients to have unless you just flat don’t care about others or your work place!! One nurse in particular wanted to mock people that were in the hospital!! Smh!! I’d rather go to Truman if this says anything!!

Dodi Stobaugh

I was in severe pain in my back. I finally couldn't take the pain anymore and it had me throwing up it was so intense. I went to the ER and got all my info and then went in with the triage nurse. Then sat there and watched each person come into the ER and get taken to the back to be looked at. I waited and finally got up and told them that I was leaving. They asked me not to leave, and I had to sign that I was refusing medical service. What medical service? Then they said they had filled up the beds. Really? Pain must mean nothing there. I went home and just sucked it up for a couple of hours until the pain subsided and I knew I had passed a kidney stone. I won't ever go back to that ER ever again.

Cindy Celeste

Jack Muehlbach

Went to Emergency Room. Was treated quickly and professionally. The nurses and doctors were caring and concerned for my well-being. Friendly, too!!

Chelsea Simmons

Horrible treatment, especially the Women's Health Clinic. Go to Mosaic.

Jacques Misseck

It is the worst emergency room on earth don't waste your time going there they'll watch you die in their lobby, there is only one nurse on duty. My girlfriend was bleeding like a pig she wasn't seen until 3 hours of us checking in.

Steve Roach

If there is someone close to you that you want dead take them to liberty hospital.

Nika Howard

What a waste of space. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. My husband was having an extremely large and painful kidney stone in the process of passing. Alarmed, we went to the ER where the joke of a doctor gave him several scans, said he had appendicitis, and just prescribed him painkillers. My husband has a medical background and explained to the doctor what was going on, the doctor (who I can only image to be a complete moron), stated the pain wasn't from a kidney and said they didn't see anything on the scan. They then reported to our insurance that it was a pre-existing condition even though my husband has never had a kidney stone in his life. This caused the insurance to deny the claim and we paid out of pocket for Libery's mistakes. We later went to a urologist in Columbia who found an 8.5 mm kidney stone (for size reference that's about the equivalent of a grain of wild rice) and when showed the scans from Liberty, my husband and the urologist could immediately find the stone. The attendant was completely inept and couldn't figure out how to update our address and when asked about financial assistance, the hospital said they couldn't help us because we didn't live in Libery, even though my husband's address was listed in Liberty. NOW we are still paying for the hospital's negligence and they have resorted to sending us "FINAL NOTICE" bills even though we have never missed or had a late payment. When called to ask about this, the people have no clue what is going on and I'm convinced this hospital has become a sham for just funneling people's money into. Whatever you do avoid this hospital like the plague, chances are you are going to be misdiagnosed and overcharged.

S Par

Staff, including nurses and doctors, are unprofessional. There is no continuity of care between a patients existing providers and providers in the Liberty Hospital system. Tasks are not completed in a timely manner. Of course doctors can't be bothered to enter orders in a reasonably timely manner. Waiting for a room assignment took several hours from the ER. Discharge takes several hours and patients are at the whim of the hospitalist. Getting information about treatment and test results was arduous. Communication is lacking. I am from the local area and I avoid liberty hospital at all costs.

Brian Cavanaugh

I try to avoid the ER at all costs, but as someone with multiple and serious spinal injuries and damage, the pain does "run away" and is not controlled with standard home medication, etc.. I was seen by Dr. Timothy Elliott and he was very thorough and informative while also truly listening to me. I did bring my disability paperwork which helped him verify my conditions in one page to help save the hospital time and money as well as helping them properly understand how to treat me. I was given four different shots. One was a muscle relaxer, an anti inflammatory, and the pain from my sciatic nerve was relieved with a steroid epidural and I almost want to cry because of how well it worked for my lumbar region and related nerve pain almost 100%! I did receive a shot for pain as well and looking forward to a good nights sleep. Obviously the ER is not for chronic conditions, but if it gets out of control and your PCP or specialist isn't open or available and the pain is negatively affecting you severely then it can be the only available option to help get you by until you can see your regular provider. I was treated with respect and real compassion. From the Triage nurse who had a great sense of humor, the lady from registration, my RN Kyle Stillwell, and of course the doctor, they were all wonderful and truly cared about their patients and I hope this comment reaches the staff. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for making my misery much less. I'd give them all hugs instead of 5 stars if I could. You truly are appreciated and I know you jobs are stressful and difficult, but Liberty Hospital couldn't ask for better employees. Looking forward to seeing my new doctors and hopefully be able to find more permanent solutions to live pain free without depending on pain medication as often as I've had to. Anyone giving bad reviews are probably there for minor things or looking to get pain medication for the high. If that's the case then you shouldn't be at the ER. You should be going to rehab. Also understand the long waits are often due to patients in much worse shape than others. So, hitting the call button complaining that you NEED pain meds or food, etc., while someone a few rooms away may be losing their life needs immediate attention is not going to win you extra points with staff. Be respectful because they deserve to be treated with kindness. They are people too. They are not your waiter, nanny, or personal servant. Thank you for your services and the hard work you provide for your patients and community.

Dianne Garavaglia

Really really incompetent. No process or procedures followed, nurse staff not educated and the dr decides to come in whenever he pleases. Are you kidding me ? What does pain mean to you! Kansas city is 2 1/2 million pop we have choices people. I was not the patient my sis was and if she wasnt writhing in pain n high on morphine i would have drug her out to KUMC, St Lukes , or NKC all way way superior . this is a total nightmare and disgrace. My whole family is terribly upset as we pay alot for medical service so we expect to be taken care of.

Elizabeth Reese

Having surgery in the morning and can't have food or water as of almost 5 hours ago. I was getting 2 norco and morphine both every 4 hours but bc pre-op, I was left with only morphine every 4 hours. 10 mins after my first dose, i began feeling very pain full. I called The nurse superviser, charge nurse, and my nurse, all of which, nobody has done a damn thing, pain is so bad i feel like im about to through up. Ive been waiting almost 3 hours for something now. Yesterday i waited 2 hours just to get my nurse to bring me my meds. There are so many things wrong with this hospital, even if you have a choice, i wouldn't come here.

Setback Man

You better have insurance or they don't give a thing about you .... will load you into a cab and send ya to a motel... Money is the only thing this place cares about .. The poor ain't welcome.... don't waste your time ! ! No need to reply to my post liberty hospital ya s uck and ya know it ! !

rangerdj1 Sinatrafan

I honestly don't remember much of my er visit, but remember everybody being kind and caring. It's tempting to complain about wait length, but they took good care of me, and I remember a nurse saying there were over 50 triage patients, so they had their hands full. I thank them.

Jessica Mullin

Delaney Craig

Kathleencoleman Coleman

I was entered there in January from ER Dr Barr is the best hope they keep him around along time I had a heart attack Dr Dunky did the stints he is great Got great care ! I was relieved when Dr Barr was the ER doc he had treated my husband for blood clots earlier in the year !

Charla Assel

Going to the ER waiting an hour and 15 mins then taken back. Not a long wait there but the Dr was very quick to tell me she cant find anything wrong but to see my PCP in a week! Omg im so weak in pain seriously where my problem is. Im not stupid and this is my 3rd time a fistula has developed. I need to be tested for other things that is causing these painful issues. Too bad my husband Liberty Hosp cause i think i am ready to get a hospital w drs that really want to help. I have had many issues w Liberty Hospital in all my years of going to them for help.

Hayley Lindberg

Drive the extra 10 min to north Kansas City! Very rude!

Kaden Mason

my grandma was there and is now healing

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