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This Hospital corresponds to the category of Children\'s hospital.

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REVIEWS OF The University of Mississippi Medical Center IN Mississippi

Sebastion Syn

This is one of the best children's hospitals I have ever been to. They listened, worked quickly, were extremely nice and even gave me samples of they medication they prescribed my daughter to cover until we could fill the prescription.

_Queen_ Ty

Step Veals

A good hospail for children

Chance Schultz

Charlotte Posey

very good hospital. they ate very attentive to the children and the family

Jocelyn Newton

Delah Johnsey

Nurses and doctors were great. Receptionists weren't that helpful unfortunately and no one was at the information desk.

Emily Bowen

The doctors at this hospital are amazing and they have done a great job taking care of my newborn baby who’s been in and out of the hospital and recently today gone through surgery. With that being said my complaint lies with the nighttime staff. I’m really disappointed in their bedside manners and their level of consideration for the families and children. We have been through so much, emotionally, physically and financially since we checked into the hospital over a week ago. Rest is so very precious to us bc we don’t get much of it but we need whatever rest we can manage to get so that we can be functioning adults and parents the next days, to make medical choices for our baby to be competent when the surgeons and doctors are talking to us. Not to mention our son is exaughsted mentally and physically from surgery he’s not even a month old, he NEEDS sleep more than us but the night staff apparently could care less about the children and families who need sleep. This is apparent because they stand at their nurses station gossiping laughing screaming over call bells from empty rooms all hours of the night without any regard to the sleep deprived parents and children that are trapped in the rooms that surround them. We have called the nurses supervisor several nights in a row now because we feel like we’re located right next to a high school cafeteria with caddy teenage girls gossiping and cackaling about one another and when the floor supervisor does come to the floor as soon as they see her they immediately become silent, which tells me they KNOW whats morally right as a night shift employee they just don’t care unless they feel like they might get written up for it. It is emotionally draining to watch my newborn baby go through testing surgery being poked and prodded I need some sleep and I shouldn’t feel like I have to leave my baby and rent a hotel room just to get some. Which isn’t even an option because I could never leave him here like this. For this reason alone I have to rate the quality of our visit as a 3 out of 5 star. If they were talking about patients and something important pertaining to medical practice I could tolerate it because it would at least sound like they are doing their job but I’m sick of hearing about shows on Netflix. Where their going on vacation, what they think about Jane doe and where they’re going on vacation what happens when they take their dog to the vet and the difference between aloe Vera and vinegar.

Lisa Vines


Rose Tyler

It seems to be a good place for children to get medical emergency services. I would like it to have shorter waiting time for a child to get to see a doctor.

Amy cox

Everyone was great with my son.

Ryan Ashford

Very rude and unhelpful staff. My son had to have surgery here and I was told that the nurses and staff were all great, and that it's a great hospital, etc. That wasn't true at all. The "lady" at the check in station was extremely rude and didn't help us at all. I watched more nurses sit on their phones than actually helping anyone, we waited a long time to be helped, very neglectful. Nurse was supposed to bring my son Tylenol for a fever after surgery but she was on Facebook on her phone instead. Very unprofessional environment. I will never schedule another procedure to be done at this facility.

Megan Henricks

They treated my son well then afterwards would not let me leave with my son bc I didn't have custody. Though they allowed me to sign his treatment papers. After that they wouldn't even give my son pain medicine for his broken femur for hours. I don't have to have custody to bring my kid home, my dad doesn't have to give them permission. I'm the only one who needs permission from my dad. I was judged and my son was treated badly bc of it. But his leg is better now and he's walking but those people were very rude n judgemental!

Allie Johnson

Shelah Hartfield

Very good experience

Dawun Brinson

Calvin Capers

Great Health Care facility. Friendly Staff .

Wanda Williams

sylvia Rice

Because they take every measure to get u well

Kira Stubberfield

Chris Crump

Outstanding staff

Christy Gonzalez

Stephanie Esco

The Staff is awesome!

Emily Bullock

Bianca in the Gift Shop is wonderful! I live in NC and my sweet 9 month old nephew was admitted. I wanted to send something to our sister and brother-in-law. I spoke with Bianca, gave her a price point and she went to work! They had lots of goodies sent to their room. Thank you for helping me out when I'm so far away!

Prank a Pal

My child has been waiting for 3 and a half hours for a surgery that was scheduled for this morning. And the nasty desk clerk in admitting had the NERVE to act ugly because we were 4 minutes late. (They are building a new parking garage so we had to take a different route) Am about to leave this hospital and never take my child here again.

Chris Holbrook

One of the worst experiences I have ever dealt with. Took my wife to her family doctor because she's weak and anemic. After blood work, the doctor was wanting to call an ambulance for her because she needed 4 bags of blood. I convinced him to to let me drive her and the doctor would call to get her immediately in a room. She was very close to passing out and possibly dieing. Got to the ER at 4 and was told she was on the top of the list. After waiting for over 8 hours and no one willing to help, we left for another hospital. Absolutely horrible service!!

Denise Collier

Karen Cole

London Royalty

My son was rushed by helicopter and I had to find a ride to Jackson to see my child. When I got there the staff was so rude even when I got to our room the head nurse kept on opening the door keeping an eye on me like I was a stranger to my child. Days later they interrogated me and said my son was being abused for 4 to 6 months when his main doctor said he had hydrocephalus.then it changed to Head trauma and not even explaining how this happened!? Calling cps on me like I done something to my OWN CHILD!! This was the worst 2 weeks of my life! Idk what was going on! I only wanted to my child to get better and find a exclamation. The nurse had the nerve to ask me if I even “ loved my child”?! It was unbelievable and I was so confused! An while I was there they didn’t even feed me! Thank god I had my family to send me money or I would have been corpse of starvation. After we left they called cps on me and saying my child was being abused, if I was abusing my child why in the hell would I get him help?? This hospital should get they’re facts straight before they start just pointing the finger at people.

Sheldon Harmon

Karletta Evans

This is late. My son was playing football at an away game and he broke his leg in two places. I was told this is the best hospital for kids and orthopedics. He was supposed to have his leg "fixed" and we should have left next day. Long story short we ended up in hospital 5 days but it felt like family. When I was tired the nurses stepped in just like he was their own child. I hate that he had to go through that but I'm glad he was in the care of people that actually cared.

Taylor Massey

Roderick Davis

The staff is awesome

nathan dean


Selisia Proctor

Laura Hill

nicia gandy

So far it's very nice they have been taken good care of my baby waiting on his surgery day


I had black circles around my eyes and extreme stomach pains. I was suffering with pancreatitis and nearing organ failure due to an allergic reaction to medicine. They began giving me care immediately! Had it not been for their compassionate care I’m not sure I would have survived. I thank God for the knowledgeable staff, nurses, and physicians! They are the best.

Carolyn Ellis

Lacy Nason

Willl Thomas jr.

Wonderful staff

javier tlaxcala

Snow White

Rarely a problem. Most of the pediatricians are completely professional and human

Deb Abbott

My grandson was sent to The Children’s hospital in Jackson EMS from a small town in Mississippi. I as a grandmother, visiting this hospital for the the first time was overall disappointed in what I experienced! First the parking garage was unkept, with trash, McDonald’s, etc, & general trash in several places where I parked, with no garbage receptacles anywhere to be found. AND you are charged to park there, I was there right at 6 hours & it cost $8.00 (for a day it costs $20.00) I’ve never had to PAY to park in a hospital garage. As I make my way to the elevator with my arms full, the elevator is, “OUT OF ORDER!” Really?????? I have to walk up a flight of stairs to get to the walk way to go over to the children’s hospital. When I get to my grandson’s room, the room looks like it was a second thought by the contractors to place a room in the smallest space possible for a room. Then...........gheeze.......I hear beeping like a truck backing up & the hospital is in the process of building an addition to the hospital. Too much noise if have a loved one or you yourself are sick in a this hospital, I do think!! Then I ask my son & his wife if they had received their lunch trays & they said they weren’t offered lunch! Really, hospital administration, really! My son & his wife are first time parents, they’re scared, they’ve been told by the hospital they took their sick baby to that it isn’t capable of providing the care he will need & is being transferred by ambulance to the children’s hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. The RN was nice enough & the rest of the staff. So, I have to say first time impression of your “Children’s Hospital”in Jackson, Mississippi, left me with feelings of disappointment, frustration & pondering....... I wonder if other Children hospitals are this disappointing. I’m hoping through this review the administrators of the hospital will see they have issues to resolve for their customers! P.S. My son has commercial insurance! Respectively puzzled,

Anderson Collier

Children’s of Mississippi is the only facility in the state where children can get comprehensive care for any problem In the same place. The doctors, nurses, and staff who work there are dedicated to serving their patients and their families.


Christian Pitre

Corey Paige

Estella Burst

Love It

Liltondra Parks

raishanna watson

very nice women, very fun set up from wall art to fish tanks, food court inside for convenience, box of gifts so no child leaves empty handed and most importantly doctors who are superb... nice environment for our children! love it

Chelsea Shows

I have brought both children to Batson before and never had an issue until yesterday. My husband brought my son yesterday because his eye was red and swollen. Three different doctors looked at him and they said he has an undetermined causes of a fever. FREAKING IDIOTS!!! I called his regular doctor this morning and its 100 % pink eye. HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW ITS PINK EYE??? They literally let him leave with no medication or anything. Maybe you should stop letting students play doctor until they are fully graduated.

Tonancy Carranza

A very very good hospital

amari X

Crystal Campbell

Kelly Farley

Stacy Kimbrough

Christy Rigdon Lucas

bobby tolliver

Latonya Tellis

Michael Andrews

Austin Colson

Pattie Warren

Absolutely the best place for children and thier medical problems

Angel Gambrel

Love this place!!!

Jennifer Driver

Jonathan Sparks

My son fell off the couch and cut open his head from hitting the coffee table. The staff and doctors were absolutely amazing. I am so grateful the ambulance took us here because they did a wonderful job with his stitches. I can't thank them enough for all their help and being so friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone and would definitely come back if I have another emergency like today.

Orlando C. Ratliff

Christy Love

Oleysa Davidenko

Cheryl Breedlove

I've been here 2 day's with my daughter and this place is awesome very very nice people respectful staff food is great they want stop til they know what's wrong with your baby GREAT JOB TO ALL THE STAFF IN THIS HOSPITAL

Whitney Roberts

Great staff. They make the parents and children feel very welcome.

Benjamin Elleson


Excellent care.

Pat Dones

Cyinthia White

They have been very good to my son

Chris Williams

Lisa and Rob Kent

Catherine Lewis

I love my job. I work on 5 Children

Andrea Blackmon

I had a sujer when i was 16 and still suffering form it

Teran Bonds

Shawn Batlivala

Great children's museum. We love this place. Wish they were open on Monday! It's our go to on the weekend after or toddler's nap. He loves it. Lots of toys and learning activities. Great place for birthday parties. Safe and with tons of help (many high school students volunteer time here). Decent cafe as well. Overall one of the best, family friendly places in the greater Jackson, MS area.

Brittani Sias

Zozo Franklin

My 3 month old son had a seizure in the car on Friday morning 2/24/17. I ran into the clinic, because I wasn't sure where to go. A woman who worked there told me where to park then told me to meet her back in the clinic. She personally showed me where the ER was. They saw me right away and we had a bed in the children's ER. We were very lucky to have been there because he had his second and third seizure while there. The doctors raced into action and stopped the third seizure. They got us into a room. The nursing staff was fantastic. Our nurse was Brittany and she was amazing. She was super helpful and very sweet. We saw Dr Eubanks in pediatrics. He couldn't have been better. He was so nice and actually looked like he cared. The staff treated us with kindness during the most stressful time in our lives. They all went above and beyond what was expected. They took the time to explain everything in detail and answer all of our questions. Thank you so much for your quick actions and your love for your job. You made a difference in at least one life today!

Isabella Zaffino

They took care of my daughter and I. Answer all of my questions. They were very patient.

Matthew Thompson

A truly phenomenal facility that are changing and saving the lives of children every single day.

Kathern Rambus

My son had 2 surgeries & during our stay everyone treated us like family & was very attentive. It was a great stay & atmosphere. A big thanks to Dr. Shrader & his crew, also to the nurses on the 5th floor that took care of us. Thanks a bunch!

Precious Wallace

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