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REVIEWS OF Rush Health Systems IN Mississippi

Shawn Zweifel

I am giving one star because there is no negative stars! I have had a horrible experience with anything affiliated with Rush! I am from out of state, here for work and was possibly thinking of moving here BUT if healthcare is like what Rush provides is common in Mississippi I think I will pas! I was seen in the ER for my diabetes, my blood sugar was high. The first time the Dr, came in and examined me for Stomach pain and sent me home. The story is way too long to tell But don't go here for anything more serious that a ingrown toenail, they may kill you

charles colston

had to be Transported to Rush from car crash. i had to spit on my own wounds to clean them and use their sheets after yelling for something to clean up the blood. i dont recommend

Artie Foreman

Dr. was not personable and did not give me any instruction after my procedure and had to go to the emergency room the same night and the billing is awful.

Richard Jones

Treated very well. Physicians and Nurses were AAA.

Annette Turner

Cafeteria is horrible. Good money for greasy, stale, cold food. It is obvious by the health care reviews this place is in dire need of new management. Come with my parents who frequently go there to eat but will never eat there again. My brother was hospitalized there several times in the last three years of his life and they never helped him. He got worse. He ended up going to Jackson but the damage to his kidneys was already done. So sad the people of Meridian have such poor choices in health care.

Shannon Nelson


My fiance/child's father is sitting over there (right now as I type this) in ICU. I have received little information and visits are rushed. I called and a woman rudely told me to stop calling so much and nothing has changed so don't bother her because she had so many patients. Mind you I've only called twice in the past 24 hours, otherwise I'm on the cell phone with him. And the nurses have him on a clear liquid diet after being told twice that he can have solids by the doctor! Absolutely hate Rush, at least what I've seen so far.

Lisa Murphy

Very clean and bright. Staff are happy to help you with just about anything. Staff are very nice and patient. They make sure that you understand procedure, medicines and 99% of the time they will walk you to where you need to go.

Ashley N Logan Salisbury

Slow staff and doctors

Heather Wadley

My family and I have been to Rush ER 3 times in the past 3 months. Each time I have been impressed by their speed, efficiency, and professionalism. Highly recommended.

Casey Springer

Cathy Robin


I will never go back to this ER. The doctor that saw me was so rude and unprofessional the whole time. I was literally shocked! He didn't want to answer any questions, he was rude to my mom as well. I also sat there and watched as this lady told the lady her son was having a seizure..guess what he still sitting there slumped over waiting over 35 minutes. It's ridiculous!

Christina Deskin

Orlando Kincaid

Richard Davis

Anna Karen Guerrero TreviÑo

Took my 5 Month Old daughter with a 101.5 temperature & Doctor bows tells me that she’s fine. That having a 101, 102, 103, 104, or 105 temperature is okay! WORST PLACE EVER! If this guy didn’t like his career he should have changed it a long time ago!

Sabrina Jordan

Took my daughter in for chest pains, numb face and we sit in the back two hrs before a nurse even hooked her up to a ekg .The nurses acted irritated to have to bother with her. After four hrs I asked how much longer and her doctor by the way the only doctor in ER was rude to me. This was the worst service in a ER we have ever gotten. The women who check you in were very unfriendly. Terrible service all around and I will NEVER go there again.

Sean Vayda

This was the worst service I've ever received from a doctor. He walks in after I've been waiting an hour and a half and tells me he is not a dentist and he sees nothing wrong with my mouth. He sends me home with two cotton swabs and some lidocaine in a small cup. I've now awaken with my mouth and throat swollen with infection and am having to get someone to take me back. I begged him for antibiotics and he said NO. I'm from out of town and strongly recommend anyone reading this looking for healthcare to look elsewhere. The staff there other than the girl who got my information at check in was very poor and made me feel unimportant. I will be calling the administrator to file a complaint.

kross cotton

James Black

It was my first time at Rush today . I have to say that everyone was very very nice and professional. I came into the ER. I could not breathe and immediately they got me back to see a doctor. I not good with names but the sign on the board said Dr Hooper And Joni. Everyone made me feel like a King! Thanks! I'm glad to pay the bill!

Fallin Anjel

Pain Management... I'D report these idiots if it would do any good all the nurses are absolutely rude as hell they act like you don't have to wait 2 months for an appointment they called me a week before my appointment to change it to a sooner appointment then told me that I never got a call when I got there Hummmm last I checked im not Crazy but these ppl might be

Jennifer Richey

My dad was at this hospital with MG. He got the worst care possible during his stay just to put it plain.. If there was a place to put 0 stars I would.

Jeremy Meador

Ryan McDonald

Awful billing for one. Also had an experience recently where my fiance was admitted and was told she could not leave her room because of the doctor's "recommendation" when she just wanted to take a walk around. We also both told the social worker that she would need to call our insurance company for recent medical cards because my fiance came up as not having insurance and she put my fiance down as "not having insurance". We also had to sleep in one of the ER rooms for several hours because they "didnt have enough rooms and were full" after my fiance came in with severe abdominal pain (strong enough for morphine). Overall the worst hospital experience we have ever had. The only up side is the amazing nurses in the ER. They deserve a better hospital to work for honestly. Anyone looking for hospital care I would strongly suggest going to Andersons.

Gay Carney

I've had to come to the ER numerous times dues to falls and two knee surgeries. Yesterday I went in because I had fell four times the that day. Dr Brett Boes was the dr at the emergency department and he was the most rude, unprofessional, out right disrespectful doctor I have ever saw. I also have chronic anemia and I woke up with weakness, shortness of breath, and white as a sheet. We asked for a blood count and he proceeded to tell me that he didn't treat that in the emergency department. My mom asked him about my falling and he said I'm not a knee doctor so rudely. He acted like I was there to get pain meds and that was not the case at all. Yes I was hurting due to the falls but with my blood being low you would have thought that would take priority with him. I would not take my dog to him. But I do want to give a shout out to Dr Matthew Capalbo. I've had to see him in the emergency department several times due to the falling and he has always treated me with the most respect. I'm so thankful there are a few doctors like Dr Capalbo in the world. They need to promote him to an higher position because he deserves it.

Claudia Underwood

It was good...

Melanie Dotson

Have had my daughter in law in the er . We have been in a room for over an hour and have not seen a nurse or doctor yet. She was here last weekend with stroke like symptoms and they told her it was a uti and she went to her regular doctor this week and the test from the er showed there was no uti.

Missares Jones

Friendly, professional staff. Best hospital in Meridian.

Steven R. White

Not the worst, but surely not the best! 1-6-2015 ER had nurses and doctors with bad attitueds and poor care. On the 6th floor the nurses and care was allot better there when I got admitted for illness related to my hypertension.

Robby Neal

My grand daughter spent 5 hours today at this hospital with a broken arm. All they done is x Ray it and said we be with you shortly. Then all they wanted was paper work filled out and money. My son paid co pay and ended up walking out and going over to Anderson Hospital. I’m so mad I can’t breathe right now. My son is fit to be tied. There is no excuse for this. And he also told me they was rude. She 5 years old. How about a little compassion! I’ll never use this place for anything ever again!

Shandreka Graham

I am currently in icu and every since I’ve been here it has been the worse experience I’ve ever had. I come in and answer all their questions noticing nobody is writing anything down so they won’t ask again. I am a diabetic and I feel like I should be put on the floor to take care of myself instead. They almost made a mistake of me giving my home medicine because they don’t have the medicine at all here and giving me 55 units of Lantus which could’ve been very dangerous. They are more focused on socializing than actually doing something with speed. Even waited for a drink for two hours before I just convinced myself they weren’t gonna bring it.


Have to go here bc andersons is worse! Rushed staff, inhumane, unqualified... horrible bedside manner, rude. Have been told by them several times nothing is wrong and they will come back later and say "oh; we missed that" ... wife went into labor and we had to go there (most nurses on the L&D floor are amazing) on a Saturday, they humiliated her by saying she urinated on herself... and we were discharged ... as we are getting on the elevator a lady runs out and says .. oh, she really is in labor, get back in here... very judgemental ... poor healthcare

Faith Laird

im not impressed with dr Matthews sec at all.i think shes a smart elic and rude and needs to tend to her own problems and not take them out on patients or there family members ,I don't see nothing so wonderful about speciality hospitial,all I see is a bunch that needs to learn how to get blood work with out torturing my mom she worse off now than before she had surgery I feel like they should have been more test on her hip I think its broke but all I see is the orthopedic drs care more for sports patient its just like my mom was ignored far as her hip.we was lied to about the speciality hosp and wasn't told she was going to be put there,her response was if I had to stay in there much longer I would have died.

Beverly Terrell


Mary Hemphill

Lynette Sorrell

Staff and employees were all very friendly and knew what they were doing.


Rolled in to the E.R. at about 1am earlier this week. Very pregnant wife having severe abdominal pains. As soon as we pulled into the E.R. entrance, the front door man security guard was there- johnny-on-the-spot with the wheelchair - we knew we were in good hands. Special thanks to the nurses, doctors, and staff up in the Maternity area- very professional, very well-run hospital. Thank you!

Abbie Emerson

The switchboard operator rude and nasty attitude.

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