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Donald Tarter

Do not go here not ever for a cold or anything. They are rude and service is the worst. Everyone I know says this place is terrible. I have had many bad experiences from this place. Someone needs to shut this place down.

Sam Atkinson

We brought our son in and everything went fine. Very fast, very kind, very professional. Third time our family has had to use the ER at Crosgates merit health. We have always had good experiences.


I won't be going here again

Tiffany Macom

DO NOT GO HERE FOR ANY MEDICAL NEEDS WHATSOEVER. If I could rate this hospital with a 0 star I would. I took my 9-year-old son in to this ER after his fishing hook got stuck in his knee on 5/1/2018. The nurse decided to cut the fishing hook leaving the metal barb still stuck in his leg without even saying anything to me about it first. We went to X-Ray 3 times, you could clearly see the metal in his leg. The doctor couldn’t even find it to get it out. WHAT A JOKE. I believe he just didn’t want to deal with it. When I asked the doctor why the nurse didn’t use her basic common sense. He looked at me and said we are an ER and there’s only so much we can do here. FIRST OFF, I DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL DEGREE and I could have told you that the smartest thing to do was numb his knee and cut a small piece of his skin where the hook was and pull the ENTIRE hook out. They cut a huge spot in his knee and we ended up going home with stiches with metal still in his leg. They then referred me to a surgeon so that they can remove the rest of the metal hook. They told me the surgeons office would call me. However, the ER put my phone number in the system WRONG. So therefor I had to call and make an appointment. They told me that he could come to this hospital and do an outpatient procedure. I then told them that I would rather go to St. Dominic’s before I EVER RETURNED TO THIS HOSPITAL. I should have gone to that hospital in the first place and I wouldn’t be putting my son through this now. THIS HOSPITAL IS HORRIBLE.

Ken Ballard

Doctor did not listen. Discharge me with care plan that would not apply to me. Doctor listed on arm band and discharge papers was not who saw me. Nurse in Hall on way out was on a power Trip because I stopped to talk to my wife who was also being seen called security on me.

helicopter pilot

I had surgery there and it was the worst experience of my life...I had one nurse that was really nice...the rest was racist and hateful...I fell in the bathroom and called for help and it was 30 mins before someone came...Dr nordnest has the worst bedside manners of any Dr.I have ever met...I had to leave there and go to another hospital...I knocked my shoulder out of place when I fell..they would not even xray it...the surgeon had messed up on my surgery so now I'm having to have another surgery. To fix his screw ups...I just can't get over how racist the black nurses where...I would rather due than to experience that place again

Angel Clark

Brought my 8 month old son in because he fell off a high bed and landed on his head and neck. Sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes with nobody else in there. Then sat in the room for an hour before I even saw another living human. They did not do a cat scan and just said if he looses motor skills bring him back........ Um OK so basically wait til it get way worse then bring him back. This hospital is a joke. Will never come back. Nice people but awful service. I suggest going to a different hospital.......UPDATE.... Took my son to a different hospital two days later cause he had a huge lump. Turns out he has a fractured skull.

keaira dixon

DO NOT GO.I went to the hospital because I found out I was pregnant after spotting.They told me that I would have a miscarriage in less than 1 week .The doctor prescribed me with a strong pain killer that pregnant women aren’t even suppose to take .After the bad news about my baby the doctor did nothing but make me feel bad about myself..I am now 28 weeks pregnant and having a healthy baby.

Tara Hopkins

The Er room I was in was filthy. There were plastic tops off of syringes on the floor, a used saline bag in the little sink. There was maybe 2 other patients but I was still there for over 3 hrs. and still didn't get the care I needed, I felt like I was in a 3rd world country hospital. Never would I recommend this place!

Kayla McCue

Worst hospital staff I have ever came in contact with!! Brought my boyfriend in cause he was hurting extremely bad in his back! They put him in the triage bed then a nurse came in and told him to get up and when he said I can't right this second the nurse replied yes you can you got up and walked in here from your car now get up and come with me this bed is reserved for triage patients only!! Okay then we get in the back and the DOCTOR says hurry up and get up I got other patients to see!!! Any person with that kind of attitude should not be allowed in a hospital! Nurses and Doctors are to be kind and compassionate not rude and hateful!!! WE WILL NOT EVER COME BACK HERE!!

Jennifer Mcdonald

As a nurse you know what to look for in your care, so I can say I felt like I was taken care of from the moment I walked in ER to just now leaving. No one taking care of me knew I am a nurse too so I didn't get special treatment. The nursing staff did their job. I love the system check Merit has in action where the top management down to the employee are monitored closely concerning the production of employees. Making sure the patient has been treated well, checked on every hour, and has any complaints. If more hospitals would do this I believe patient care would be better. I can say this in comparison to other hospitals near where I live because i have had family members in 2 of the local hospitals and was there to witness their patient care.

Hustle Gang

Hospital was terrible Dr. Williams never came and told me my result. The nurse showed up with a shot and I didn't know what it was for. They weren't concerned about my fever that was 103. Terrible hospital will never go back!

Michael Gray-Lewis

I had a few procedures performed at Merit for some health issues. Everytime I showed up for another test, the admissions lady would ask “how much can I pay today for this test?” I was averaging at least 1 test a week for 1.5 months, so i would usually pay $20 in person for that particular test that day. The lady would then say “you seem to make good money, you can pay more” — unprofessional. Considering I had something very serious going on, the last thing the patient needs to be worried about is getting a guilt trip from the admissions personnel. I always kept making monthly payments (on time) for about 3 months until one day I get a call from a collection agency claiming I need to pay all my bills in FULL. I’m still confused how they could report me if I was making monthly payments, but Merit found a way. If you’re thinking about going here, do yourself a favor and go anywhere else. Regardless of the severity, anywhere is better than Merit.

Michael Berlin

Piss poor customer service, no administrative urgency in any manner. Have bee here 2 times with father and wife separate times. The redundancy of checkin is useless for an one going there is a registration window/place in the radiology...the urgency in connecting with a customer during check in is sad. The only reason I come here is the convenience/proximity.

Elizabeth Prescott

We arrived around 8:15 on a Thursday night. We were there bc my 4 year old needed to be seen. We were triaged quickly which was nice. The triage nurse could have been more compassionate with my little one. She started coming toward her with the strep throat test without talking to her about what she was going to be doing. My daughter remembered the test from last year so she covered her mouth. The nurse said, "if she doesn't do it here, we will have to hold her down in the back." Ummm, hello?! My child can hear you! Can you not come up with something to help her feel more comfortable? Once we were in our room, they wanted to attempt the strep and flu tests again. Of course my child refused so we had to hold her down. Our initial nurse was nice but I felt like she was a little impatient. She just wanted it done so she could move on to the next room. The 2nd nurse even vocalized that they needed to get it done bc other ppl were waiting too. I did not feel like she enjoyed her job at all. The doctors, however, was amazing!! Dr Dean was kind, and compassionate towards her. The only reason I gave this a 3 star review is bc we were in and out in a hour and a half and Dr Dean was great to us. Also, with it being strep and flu season, there is no reason why all three of the hand sanitizing stations were empty. I would even suggest they add anti-virus wipes for the chairs.

Teri Jones

Omg do not got to this hospital! If you are dying keep going on to the next. My mom was having pain in her chest and soon I walked in with her I told the lady at the front she looks like ok! We gone fill some paperwork out first

Paige Edwards

"Okay" service, but the workers are too nonchalant and act is if you are bothering them. After leaving the ER a few weeks ago and receiving an IV, my arm began to bleed profusely after the "doctor" removed the IV. When I made it to my car, the gauze was covered in blood, so I walked back inside to see if that was normal. After going inside, the lady at the front desk acted as if I offended her by saying my arm was bleeding too much. She said, "that's normal, but you can go on back and they'll change the gauze." I went back and had to walk all through the back to find someone to change the gauze. A few weeks later, I received a bill from them. I tried calling the billing associate and was unable to get in contact with her. About a week later, she called me back and spoke in the RUDEST and most UNPLEASANT manner. Peggy Luckett, I believe was her name, a bill collector. Once again, this employee acted as if I was bothering her, being very disrespectful, and lacking the professionalism that someone in the medical field should have. I ended up hanging up on her, because of how she was attempting to argue with a patient over her mistake. I only went here, because it was too early in the morning and TrustCare was closed. Please, don't ignore the reviews when saying DO NOT GO HERE. You'll receive very basic care, employees who don't care about you and your well-being, and outrageous fees. A zero rating is what they deserve.

Wes Stitt

Wanda Castleberry

This morning at about 9am my 87 year old mother who has advanced Alzheimer's Disease was taken from her Senior Care Facility to Merit Health on Crossgate by AMR. She had fallen and had a open wound to the back of her head. I arrived at the ER just before she did. While I was filling out paperwork the ER doctor saw her. He was still in the room when I came in. He said nothing to me about what they were going to do. A few minutes later a nurse came in and was looking at her arms for IV sites, then another came in to take her for a CT scan. I let them know that she was on HOSPICE, comfort measures only. That she needed the wound closed. When the doctor came back in with two nursing students and an ER nurse it was apparent he was miffed. He put three staples in the back of her head to close the wound. The nurse asked him if he wanted/needed any lidocane. He said no. Now in my opinion, lidocane would be part of "comfort measures". She screamed in pain with each staple. He may not agree with our choice for HOSPICE, but he did not need to take it out on a 87 year old who is not in her right mind.

Johnny Gallagher

This hospital's emergency department is absolutely the WORST ER in the Jackson Metro area. I went in with sharp pains shooting from my ear into my head. When I went into triage, the nurse took my temperature, vitals, etc and then looked at me and asked, "did I check your temp?" Then, when I got back to the exam room, the doctor was unprofessional. He looked into my ear and said, it looks a little red. He asked, does it hurt when you pull on your ear?" The last time I checked, any normal/sane person would not want anyone to touch their ear in that manner. Long story short, I will never get treated at Rankin again! It's nothing more than a band aid hospital. I would not bring my shih Tzu to that place.

Dorecos Jones

Been going here for years but last night was the worst ER experience ever. We were there for almost 4 hours with very little attention. The last 2 hours nobody came to check on us at all. Finally, my friend (who was there because she was experiencing extreme pain) paged a nurse and asked for some pain meds. The Nurse Practitioner (Debbie) just so happened to come in as the nurse was leaving out with her test results. Debbie was not at all attentive and left us waiting and my friend in pain for way too long.

Lisa Key

I had an outpatient procedure done at this facility in December 2017. I have NEVER been treated so kind and so professionally by hospital staff members in my life, as I was by those who treated me that day!!!! The 2 nurses and the anesthesiologist were top notch!!!!

Amber Whitehead

The ER is extremely slow. You'd get faster service driving past it to go to a hospital in Jackson. If you need quick treatment or efficient this is not your place.

Tony Maldonado

I went in to get an MRI and to make a long story short I was refused services because I could not pay the amount they wanted me to. So I decided to speak with the financial advisor "Peggy" because the manager "Wendy" who was supposed to be there at 8 was not even their and it was after 830, so when I spoke with Peggy, let me tell you she was so rude and ghetto. For example she looked at the name of the company I worked for and question my job as if something was wrong, so I told her that I make decent money and she said in her ghetto voice well if you make decent money why cant you pay anything today. Wow ok, that was very professional huh. The other gentlemen I believe his name was Jimmy, he was very professional and willing to work with me and let me pay Friday but she denied it. I ended up going to River Oaks to get my MRI done and was out in 20 minutes and did not have to pay, so sad that crossgates would let patients go to another hospital instead of working with them at their facility.

Milda Watkins

I am here for MRI, computer down, no one around yet ato 8am. how long you wait doesn't matter if you know someone they go 1st. I can tell I am going to be mad before I get finished. I have been here 30 minutes and just sitting for nothing. I guess employees don't get here at 8. Lady in billing very kind and fast. still waiting for test while employees eat breakfast. eat BEFORE you come to work, not on the clock. love this hospital but don't go to ER on the weekends. They don't want to do anything and are slow as molasses.

Lisa Scott

Great Doctors and great Nurses. Hospital run very poorly. Waited far too long for everything. It's a shame ...Nurse Teresa and Nurse Marty From the 2nd floor you both are awesome!!!!!!!!!

Whoknows Nunya

I was admitted through the ER for surgery. I had my surgery and the next day they came and took my blood pressure at 7am. It was 91 over 71. At 9am they pulled the packing out and left me in the shower and never came back. After 30 minutes, I got myself back in bed. My bed was went from all the fluid from the surgery and my arm was leaking all the fluids out and blood on the floor. I hit the button a thousand times and no one would come. My mother went to the nurses station and no one would come. My niece went to the nurses station and still no one came. The doctor said he would tell the nurse. Lady came and said you wanted a new gown. I said and bedding. She rolled her eyes and told me I'd have to wait til she got the other patient a coke. I ended up getting gangrene because they didn't take care of me and had to have surgery again. I was there 8 days and they didn't even clean my room.

Ashley Dianne

The staff at this hospital was totally awesome and very concerned. Some even kidded around with myself and my family which made it feel like home.

Sir Jr

They keep having to find the nurse

shannon smith

Keep driving to another hospital. Unless you dont like your privacy and enjoy the bare minimum assistance. They do not shut curtains or doors, I can tell you everything that everyone else was being treated for, and about the triage nurse's phone conversation about them being bombarded (there were only 3 of us in the waiting room). Triage nurse was rude, and the dr literally only came in to tell us my daughter would need a sling and we should call an orthopedic surgeon in the morning. No one ever looked at my daughter or really asked any questions. They took xrays and sent us home with a broken displaced bone and no instructions on what to do for pain/swelling management other then call a surgeon in the morning. A nurse came and put a sling on her (wasnt even on her arm all the way) and went to leave when I asked if we were supposed to go somewhere and deal with discharge info, she said oh yeah sign this then handed me a stack of discharge papers and walked out. I had to read everything to find out what all we needed to do. When I asked what to do to manage pain they said they could give her something but it would make her sick then they left. This place is awful.

Patrick Carpenter

1-year-old son was vomiting so we took him to the ER. IV, X-Rays, etc. etc. and the diagnosis is constipation. $1000 bill which we pay immediately. Three months later we are notified we are in collections because the hospital decided to charge an extra $300 without telling anyone. There's an urgent care place a couple of blocks East on Hwy 80, don't waste your time at Merit Health Rankin unless you've got bullet holes or need appendages sewn back on.

April Majors

The front staff was very rude. When you check in they were not friendly and acted as if you were an inconvenience to them. The triage nurse was rude and told my daughter " well we don't have any specialist here." We know that. However she is having symptoms that has nothing to do with her condition. That's why she came to ER. The place had an unpleasant smell. However,. The ER doctor and nurse attending to the rooms are very nice and pleasant. But the welcoming committee is not nice at all.

Jessica White

If there was a ZERO STAR option, this place would DEFINITELY have it. I went in 6/30/18 because I got stung by a harmful caterpillar in my yard & my leg was swelling. I had a strong burning sensation. We figured it was not a big deal but wanted to be safe. The security officer was very nice. The doctor told me she was going to prescribe me antibiotics and I should get some Benadryl. They gave me someone else’s paper prescription. We did not notice it until we went to get them filled because all of the other paperwork was mine. I called the hospital and the lady told me that I was not prescribed anything. I said that was okay & I could just buy over the counter Benadryl but I still had an older man’s prescription for Bactrim and I was sure he’d be needing it. She LITERALLY SAYS “That’s okay, you can take that medication if you want to.” I DON’T NEED BACTRIM FOR A CATERPILLAR STING. I told her that. Then, when we tried to ask her if we needed to bring the paper up there (in case the man came back for it) or just throw it away (because I’m not filling someone else’s medication) SHE HUNG UP. She was extremely rude and inconsiderate.

daniel keyes

So I came in about 4 o'clock Monday morning and the people were amazingly nice. I went in to see what was wrong and I got my appendix taken out and then after that my nurse would come in and talk to me and she wanted to know more about me and my family and she was really nice. But after she left I was left with a woman nurse and a male nurse that are absolutely horrible. They don't care about you at all. I've been up every hour in horrific pain and these people won't do anything for me. This women just came in yo draw my blood and was listening to loud music and couldn't hear a word I was saying. The over night nurses are just here for a pay check. Don't waste your money here.

Skyla Brooks

Regina Rigby - Smith

Went in back around the 1st of February & saw the Indian doctor with poor patient skills. Severe pain! He gives me Ativan & sends me home! A week passes & I see Dr. Dean who was amazing & ran tests to find I needed immediate gallbladder surgery! Surgeon & nurses on 2nd floor were amazing! Go back a few weeks with SEVERE back pain to find out I have a horrible UTI. California trip & back home start having pain from my back into my chest! Told them my chest hurt, I had a migraine & really nauseous! The nurse comes back with 2 Tylenol!!!! I didn’t come to the ER for Tylenol I had already taken at home. Of course I had none other than the Indian Dr. I had before! Had me waiting for 3 hours to get results from a chest X-ray with my 2 kids till 1 am. Will never go back! Dr. Dean is the only knowledgeable doctor I’ve seen there! Won’t be going back hopefully! If you see Dr. D Williams on your wristband at check out the door! I’m not the only patient he’s been a pain with! Please get rid of this man already! I trained & worked in the medical field in hospitals so I’m not naive as to how long certain things take & the respect you should have for your patient! Either bulldoze this place or replace people! It’s bad when the X-ray techs are angels compared to your dr. & nurse when you’re alone with your kids & feel like you’re dying!

Darkwood ASMR

I told this place I was an assigned female at birth who identifies as male. They put me in file as a male and not biologically female (this is important because of medical history). I went in for continuous diarrhea and bad symptoms and they waved me away saying it was just the flu and take dayquil and nyquil. Today I returned for a different injury and instead of being offered proper bandaging for my ankle, they said it was just a sprain and to call an MRI tech if it persisted for another week. Add in the fact that I was continuously misgendered by the staff and treated like I was wasting their time in a mostly empty ER room and you can see why I am not willing to return here. To any lgbtq+ people in the area, DO NOT come here. That goes for anyone else. I really suggest finding another clinic or emergency room.

Ashley Clark

Went to this hospital yesterday night due to nausea, abdominal pain, fever, aching body and headache. When i arrived the triage nurse agreed after taking my temperature that i was running fever. when i was placed in a room they drew blood work and did a ct of my stomach and came and said that because my fever was only 99.8 that i really didn't have fever and that nothing was wrong with me and sent me home. Went to the doctor today and come to find out i have strep throat. This hospital not only wasted over 4 hours of my time and money i left there the same way i came in. I would advise anybody to pick a different hospital.


I presented to the ER with possible gall bladder attack. The doctor ordered percocet for me however I declined. The little ER nurse was so sweet and I explained to her that I could not handle pain meds even though I was hurting. I know how pain meds make me feel and I would be throwing up and feeling 10x worse if given anything stronger that Toradol which is basically just an anti-inflammatory. She understood and said she was the same way. I just wanted to make sure that I didnt need surgery because it hurt so bad. The doctor was very nice and ordered an ultra sound. The tech was absolutely wonderful. He said that I would need to make an appointment with GI Associates because I def have some stuff going on but nothing emergent that would require surgery. They let me go and another nurse did my discharge. She brought a pill in a cup in to me and said to take this it would help settle my stomach so I did. My boyfriend arrived to drive me back home and she wheeled me into the waiting room. I was fine and speaking to him all was well. As soon as he walked out to get the truck I felt like my entire body got hot and a weight was placed on me. My blood pressure felt like it dropped and I was dying. The nurse had left me sitting there just in the foyer between the automatic doors and I felt myself falling forward slowly but seemed paralyzed to do anything about it. I fell face first onto the floor and as my luck would have it my head was in the automatic doors so they were opening and closing on it. My boyfriend pulled up and said I was snoring loudly and I could hear everything he was saying and thought I was talking back but he said I was unresponsive. The nurses came from the back and stood around laughing at me as he tried to get me up and into the truck. They wouldnt even help him. He was so upset and I could not communicate. I left feeling 100x worse than when I went in. That feeling from the Percocet I was given was the feeling I think I would associate with death. If I tell healthcare workers that I can't tolerate something and they make a note yet I am still given the medication where is the safety? Why would they think it is a joking matter that I was passed out feeling that way? As a nurse you should have compassion and concern. When you lose that you need to find another profession. I was embarrassed and Im afraid if I have another emergency that I am going to have to drive further to Jackson because I refuse to be treated this way.

Denise Soloman

Makala Moore

Michelle Gentry

Tony Tiger

This is not the place to go if you need actual medical attention (anything beyond a simple sprain) and honestly, you'd be better off limping for a bit. I'm completely awed by their ability to be incompetent in a nice and mannerly way. I was too confused to even be mad.

Kevin Bass

Triston Taylor

Dr williams is unprofessional and a racist!!!! Never again

Gaming_Nerd Yt

Dr (if you can call him that) Danurius Williams is incompetent! Rude! A crazy person!

Rosemary Spears

Raven Johnson

First, the doctor showed a large amount of concern, and I'm thankful for that and he ran multiple test including X-rays to rule all the serious things out. For the nurses, I don't think anyone knew what they were doing. There was a lot of "should I do this" or "how much do you think". They were nice and trying, but I won't risk my baby's health over it. I guess, if you don't completely know what you're doing, do enough to help me get to the next hospital. I was thinking about leaving, but I didn't want to risk my baby choking on her vomit on the way to the next ER. So, the breathing treatment helped. I didn't feel a need for the Zofran. I expressed how the breathing treatment helped, but they were doing their job, so I just trusted the doctors orders. I kept all the paperwork just in case. I won't come back for anything super serious, but for simpler things, this place is fine. Just be sure to ask questions, and show concern for what you're being administered. Thank you all anyway!

Carissa sky

Dont waste your time

Lil reed

Most of the staff is terrible and have offal attitudes! Above all, they do not keep up with your medical records like they are suppose to!

Holly Howell

THE worst hospital I’ve EVER went to. A roach was crawling on the seat and the security officer walked by and smooshed it then walked off leaving the bug. Not to mention we sat there for two and a half hours and never even got our temp checked. Also there were only two people in the waiting area. Wouldn’t wish this place on my worst enemy. Wouldn’t give them one star if I didn’t have to

Kimberly Newsom

First, I have to be in a lot of pain or really concerned for my health, to take a trip to the ER. I suspected Gallbladder problems when I went on Christmas Eve,2018. The cleanliness of the patient room was awful. There was human hair, dirt and dust all over the floor. Next, I met the Doctor that was working that day. When I say he literally spent 10 minutes with me,(5 minutes) on 2 separate visits to my room..I mean, literally 10 minutes. He ordered an ultrasound from the on call Radiology service and that tech arrived about an hour later. I can’t complain about her. She was nice and thorough. The Nurse assisting the Doctor was also kind. So my Ultrasound was negative. Which I was happy to hear! The Dr came back in and said-even though we cannot see Stones, I suspect you’re correct. It probably is your Gallbladder. Call your Primary physician next Monday, after the holidays, and see if he can get you a Hidascan scheduled. And that was that. Fast forward to the billing. I can’t complain about my insurance bc I’m blessed to have good insurance. But-what I do have a problem with, is being billed over $8000. My Ultrasound cost less than the ‘Doctor consultation.’ My labwork cost less than his fee. My ‘facility fee’ (also a separate charge from the Doctor consultation) cost less than the Doctor fee. Although Merit charged me $300 to use the room. I THINK. Because I’ve requested an itemized statement from Merit Rankin SEVERAL times ...I’ve yet to receive one. So-I still made my payments. To pay all this off. Today? I receive a Collection letter from an agency ‘to try to collect the Doctor’s consultation fee.’ DONT get me wrong, I respect what Doctors do. I have 2 family members that practice medicine. But this experience-HORRIBLE. DO not go there. Period. I’ve tried calling Administration several times as well. No response. WASTE OF TIME

Carol Poole

From the time you enter until you leave you will find only excellence. This is the most caring and skilled hospital. The staff is top notch.

Tori Abernathy

KEEP GOING - Do NOT stop here! I am 12 weeks pregnant and started bleeding. The nurse was running around screaming “where is that bed with the stirrups???” He finally found it, but said it was covered with “stuff” so I could just use a regular bed. The “Doctor” came in and said it was no point in doing an ultrasound because it was “probably” ectopic. So she just wanted to check some hCG levels for my OB to compare later. I told her I was leaving and she said “ok, but everyone else will say the same thing” I walked out and was able to be seen by my OBGYN who did an ultrasound (shocker) found a very strong heartbeat and saw the placenta is low and caused the bleeding. Besides the incompetence, the place is nasty and falling a part. RUN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!! No matter the emergency, you are better off trying to make it to a REAL emergency room.


The staff was pretty friendly, but the care facility is old and run down. I'm new to MS, decent health care does not exist here. Dr.'s are rude and treat people like cattle. If I had the money I'd leave MS in a heartbeat.

Mandy Barley

They helped me tremendously!!

Audrey Campbell

Kathie Hyatt

Took my mother here when she fell. Radiologist said nothing was broken and sent her home with pain meds. One week later and a different hospital, find out her hip is broken in two places. DO NOT GO TO MERIT HEALTH!!!!! I had to give them one star to post this. They deserve minus zero.

Beverly Skeen

After all the insurance red tape was taken care of this hospital stay could not have been any better. Dr Adam Lewis is an excellent neurosurgeon, personable, explains condition and surgery. I was in excruciating pain for 2 1/2 weeks, after surgery experiencing very little pain at all. Very pleased and blessed to be referred to him. The staff, 2nd floor nursing staff went above and beyond the call of duty taking care of me and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. The OR staff was also remarkable making me feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way. All of you will forever have a special place in my heart.. Hopefully I won’t need your services again but if I do I know exactly where I want to be.. God Bless and THANKYOU!!! Sincerely, Beverly Skeen

Derek Brodt

I am no hypochondriac, it takes everything in me to convince myself that I need to go to a hospital. I entered into the ER with pain I've never experienced before and I expected a little more than just the blood work that was done to assess why I was feeling such pain. Even when I insisted that I needed more than just pills to put my mind at ease from the excruciating pain I experienced, the same test was done which didn't narrow anything else down for me. Now I'm still at home dealing with the pain the same way, but I guess pills will help a 9 scale pain in my abdomen. Save the time and money and go to Baptist.

chrissy w.

This has to be the dirtiest hospital I've seen

Angela Brown

ER nurse, Kim Ratcliff is very passive aggressive & rude at Merit Health in Brandon Ms. Not attentive to patient or family, she came in the ER triage maybe 2 times between 9 pm and 2:30 am and does not like when you ask her ANY questions. All nurses and doctor on the admission floor were very kind and they answered our questions with no attitude or problem.

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Hospital - Mississippi

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