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REVIEWS OF Merit Health Central IN Mississippi

Tom Cheatham

My sister was admitted with sepsis 2 days ago. Staph oozing from her legs and from an old incision in her side. She has been vomiting and her sugar has been bottoming out. She has been on strong antibiotics by iv and can barely move. Has not been gotten up to walk yet and was told this evening she was being discharged! I don’t know how this hospital has received awards for care but they sure aren’t caring for her! If I knew where to report them, I would. I’m praying she will somehow get the care she needs!

Jalece Thigpen

I must say I pleased with my nurse and doctor they were very professional on the fast track side yesterday thanks so much

Denise Chambers

My mom came in with chest pains around 11:00, we have been in the emergency room for 8 hours straight, they came & ran hundreds of test & have not came back & told us anything ! Promising us a room that we have not gotten. This is our first & last time at the hospital!

Ashley Nash

Candy Blink

Don't ever go there! They charged me $3200 just for the ultrasound with insurance. But they didn't do it right on me. And the results they said it was normal. But I did have tumor inside.

Teresa Dew

I came in by ambulance on the 1st of Sept 2017. Went straight to vascular ccu. Had blots and got stint and ivc filter. From me coming through the er till i left 6 days later everyone treated me like family. The only problem i had during my stay was i couldnt have salt. Would refer anyone to come here. Made a bad situation good. Thank you.

Gina Mangum

My daughter is currently there.. After being admitted she laid there for hours in excruciating pain without being administered any medication. She received her first dose of medication after I arrived in town. It took the nurse that was taking over for her assigned nurse to ask why she hadn't received any pain meds. Her assigned nurse responded with "the medication that I was going to give her is out of stock". That's the issue #1... The next one is my daughter bled through and into her IV, as well as the floor and her sheets. (Her IV had to be reinserted twice before because of the placement so it kept coming out)...After calling the nurses station 6 times, someone finally came to wipe her arm off and wipe the blood off of the floor but left the bloody sheets on the bed. I went back up to the hospital and had to go directly to her nurse( who was sitting at the nurse's station) to tell her that I needed her to come and change the sheets and fix the issue with her IV. It's shameful that it took all of that to get our concerns addressed. There seems to be an air of non chalance at least in the telemetry unit... I would NOT advise anyone to go to this hospital at all... She's new to the city and was referred by her physician, who was very informative and professional. However when speaking to her landlord and neighbors, they quickly advised that this is the worst hospital that she could have gone to.

pam vaughn

This hospital is absolutely horrible. God help you if you end up there. My aunt was left sitting in a chair for over an hour in terrible pain and her leg swelling. She was hospitalized for an upper respiratory issue and they did a heart catheter half killing her. Punctured an artery. Leg was swollen bruised. She had been in bed for several days and said she wanted to sit up in a chair for a few minutes. Nurse helped her into chair but would not come back. I pushed the call button numerous times. It took them over an hour to come back to help her into bed. She was in pain and didn't have the stamina to sit up that long. I watched her leg getting more swollen. The nurses are unprofessional and uncaring. The place is filthy. I almost called 911 IN THE HOSPITAL!! This place should be closed down. The doctor goofed the heart catheter and they are all incompetent. If you can get out alive you are lucky. I contacted Merit Health. Crickets. No response. Although who is surprised that they wouldn't respond to an email since they don't even respond to patient call buttons? Again - they are terrible.

Violet Powell

Brittney Nunnery

Me and my 2 sons were very sick Aug 23rd and my youngest son even had a high fever. We thought we had Strep but the doctors said it was just Pharyngitis which is just as contagious, but after sitting in fast track for 3 hours, the doctor would not even write my kids any antibiotics, sent them home on ibuprofen? Like I can go to the dollar store and buy fever medicine!!!!! It wasn't a week later and all 3 of us received a bill each for close to $3000! They didn't even do anything to deserve $20 much less $3000, heck my boys didn't even get a letter for school, they had us all three piled up on 1 bed, and my boys are teenagers, so imagine the space we had, huh! Never again! I ended up being hospitalized about 3 days later at St. Dominics from a severe infection which was a reaction to my pharyngitis, and now my youngest two kids have a sore throat. It used to be a good hospital but now they just want your money and don't care about the patients at all!

Tate Allen

Nurses were unprofessional. They left me lying in pain for several hours after I repeatedly asked for medication. They left me soiled sheets and then reprimanded me for getting out of bed on my own to use the bathroom. We met face to face an actual doctor maybe twice within five days. Terrible clinic and do not recommend to anyone.

DunShae Brown

Melissa Craft

This hospital is terrible. ER nurse Barbara was awful. She acted like she had no idea what she was doing. According to the nurse who came in behind her, Barbara had NOT done her job. If I have any say, we will never be back at this hospital.

Mrs CG

If you want rude and horrible customer service please report here. You have to sit more than an hour pass your appt before even being seen only to have toto deal with unprofessional "behind the desk" clerks that sit behind a glass window to talk on their cell phones to obviously get there paperwork out of order because I was told that there were several people ahead of me but to only sit back and watch people that walked in after me go ahead of me. Highly disappointed in the service a professional place like this is supposed to have. Going to try my best not to ever come back even if it means getting another doctor.

Kupkake Delight

The nurses treated me with love and care. The Dr. Described my procedure and made sure to answer all of my concerns in great details. Thank you to this team.

Yolanda Moaton


Lisa Rumain

I've been there twice in the last 2 years. Once in the ER and once for outpatient. The administration people are somewhat lacking in the happy department. It's ok. Maybe they're bored. But i love that they have escorts to take you where you need to go. And everyone is so friendly. They were happy to answer all my questions. I couldn't give them 5 stars because my er visit had such a long long wait.

Kimberly Hutchins

My brother transfer from Natchez,Ms to here .Made it by 12am and have not been since it is now 4pm still in ER.Doctor came in once and didn't look at his chart to know he is there with high BP and heart problems .This is Sad


I took my son to this hospital Merit Health. She wanted to do a flu test. She jabbed that swab in my son nose and instantly it bled. She claimed she got enough to do the flu test. After waiting she come back in the room to tell me he just got a cold and prescribed some cold and allergy medication. Mind you i explained to her my son was running fevers and throwing up. After leaving and waiting to see if mediation would work, he only got worse. I then decided to go to the University of Mississippi Medical Center and this all in the same day. They actually treated him better and was really nice to get what was needed for the flu test and did a strep throat test. They told me my son had the flu and strep. It was allot of children in there and the staff also told me this was going around. They treated my son with care and acted concern.

Tracy Williams

Came by ambulance, ER was great, professional and prompt. Nurses were sweet with good bedside manor. ER Dr Flowers was awsome, Ana was great. They made you feel like they cared. When I ended up being admitted it was all down hill from there! Bedside manor was horrible! Nurses including the head nurse Krystal or Crystal, not sure how she spells her name. She was terrible. They make you feel like they could care less and just there to draw a paycheck. I went to Merit because the paramedics said Merit had been taken over by University doctors and it was good there now but will never ever go there again. The vibe is negative among most of the nurses and it's a shame. They appear to take no pride in their important roles to society as nurses.

Rosalynn Jackson

Not prompt,rude,and the appearance was sloppy Sandra should not be in customer service greeting customers

Katrina Mayfield

Great place

Don Beggs

Be weary of this place! There is a person , and I use that term loosely, that works there. His name is Brad Polk. He treats patients and staff EXTREMELY bad. I don't even know how this "person" even has a job at all . Have even heard around that he's a sexual predator.

Amanda Mcduffey

I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. If you're having a baby please go somewhere else!

roy Dotson

Shirley McMorris

I have a loved one with a mental illness at this facility. I live some hours away and I called to check on him. The person who answered the phone (she didn’t provide her name) was extremely rude. She wanted to rush me off the phone. The more specific questions I asked her about my loved one, the more irritated she became. I’m afraid for my loved one. On the one hand she said he was fine . On the other hand, she said he was acting out. Health care professionals should be nurturing and professional. This person failed miserably in both areas.

I Approve

It's ok but they charged me like $800 just to look at my eyes

Jennifer Sierra

Tina Smith

Excellent care.

Wes Stitt

Shequida Selmon

Leandra Dunagan

The atmosphere and nurse's were very welcoming and relaxing. The staff was friendly and countiounslly reassuring with positive responses, as well as gave the better and most understanding answers to all my questions. This was my first pregnancy and birth, so of course I was nervous. The entire staff kept me calm and overall HAPPY.

s blue

Do not go to this hospital. I went to the ER the other day and I should've went on to UMC but I was in so much pain and heard they had changed the place and it wasn't like it was before so I gave it a chance. Wrong. It was a horrible visit from the beginning. The guy at the front desk who initially takes your information was extremely rude when I was explaining my problem. I got to my room and my bathroom was extremely dirty. The nurse did not seem to know what she was doing at all when taking my blood and had blood running all down my arm and left two big bruises on my arm. I had to have an ultrasound done and the "lady" who did it seemed like she did not know what she was doing nor cared that she was hurting me by pressing down so hard on my sides. Now I understand they have to push down to get the image but she was passing extremely hard. Then when she was done she wiped half the gel off, threw the towel on the floor and said you done get up. I asked for a towel to get the rest of the gel off and she said I already did that. I had to show her the gel on my hand from my stomach. She would also tell me "hold your breath" then forget to tell me when I could breathe!! I'm thinking lady what is wrong with you. Then the doctor misdiagnosed me. I didn't think his diagnosis was correct so I went to see my doctor during regular hours the next day and he said something totally different. Don't waste your time and money here.

Jared Lonie

Only reason it got a one star is because I had to pick one to write a review

Mauricio Martinez


Aisia Thompson

Dr. Bookhardt lacks compassion, ethics, morals, empathy, and values. He should not be practicing. I’ve personally reported him to the MS Medical Licensure Board. Please don’t go to Merit Health Central if he is there! Period!!! He only gets one star because there isn’t an option for zero stars!!

Derrick Powell

Very bad.. never come back nurses lazy.. my momma left hospital doing good.. came he just for surgery and got very sick..

Shanna Rodgers

Went in through ER was treated professionally but took 6 hours for them to admit me to a room then another 12 hours before I saw a doctor. I was NPO because they were sure I was going to surgery but the doctor wanted more tests so he discharged me and told me to check in with his office on Monday. This is the second time, I have went to this ER and both times, the doctor I was referred to discharged me with pain meds and told me to come back on a Monday. I loved the nurses, but it was one of the dirtiest hospitals I have ever been too.

Nicole Roach

We need to get my mom transferred to St Dominic or the Baptist hospital today:Respitory called at one didn't get here until 5:00 / she's no receiving her regular meds/ only had two breathing treatment/ doctor put in the order for a bpap while she sleep and it didn't happen / in the emergency room for over 12 hours on a small bed/

Lisa Box

I had read alot of reviews on merrit and the majority was bad. I was very hesitant to go. I had a heart cart done there 6-22. All of the staff was very friendly and accommodating. I love my doctor his name is dr cheema. The only problem I had was my Iv had infiltrated before they gave my sedative berore surgery. I told several people that it was not in my vain. My arm was painful and swollen. But they injected my relaxation medicine I felt no affects. I told them again my Iv had infiltrated. They again inject my sedative in and again nothing. So I went through the procedure with no sedative at all. It was not fun. When I get back to the room I asked for pain medication and at that time I was going to show her my swollen arm and ask her to restart another Iv. None of this happened and I never got my pain med either. I had told my doctor that due to previous surgeries and icu phycosis that I needed to be relaxed during the procedure for my mental health. But besides that I have no complaints. Very friendly staff

janice evans


If you are looking for human compassion or helpfulness to the unfortunate, DO NOT LOOK HERE

maria quigley

The nurse is not caring and act Like they are bothered with questions about loved ones very rude

Divac Brookins

Great Services

Salicia Jackson

Everyone was nice and answered my questions as well as made sure that I understood what was going on with my care.

Kamery Smith

Absolutely the worst when it comes to being professional I'm here now and the nurses are very nonchalant, talking inappropriately, and not caring my pain level is ten and they just don't even ask how I'm feeling or anything this is my last time coming here and don't get me started on their lack seriousness when it comes to confidentiality save yourself the headache and go to the university hospital.

Adrian Williams

Worst hospital to go to I sat in the waiting room over 6 in a half hours and ended up leaving. My blood pressure was through the roof and my pain level was 10 and no one seemed to care. Do not recommend!!!!!

Brandi Howard

I visited the hispital on June 15, 2017 at approximately 620 p.m. I was doing a scheduled transport a mental challenged individual. At 752 p.m. I asked to speak to the supervisor on shift. She came out with the nastiest nonchalant attitude I've ever seen. So unprofessional speaking to a patron. She showed no compassion for my patient. If the supervisors act in this manor how do you expect the rest of the staff suppose to act. Amazingly the rest of the staff was pleasant. They wouldn't release her name. I asked her and others they did stick together about that they were afraid of getting a reprimand.

Alesia Howsemoore

I am giving this hospital one star but in truth it doesn't deserve that. I had a cardiac clearance done on July 10th 2018. My surgeon is still waiting for results! The hospital scheduled my test at 12:30p called to pre register at 9:30a when I got to hospital had to pre register again took 45 minutes to be told had to register. Ask what was the purpose of call that morning, was told they have to check over information given that morning. This is such a waste of time and money! I have a choice where I receive my health care service and it won't be here. Looking for doctors who don't work out of any of Merit Hospitals!

Q'Vester Jones

Surgery was a success. Been a patient here for the past 6 months. Dr’s are awesome. Some of the nursing staff and definitely the receptionist are the most rudest people that you would ever want to come across. Some people are praying for the job that they are abusing. Don’t forget the golden rule do unto others.

F.N. R

I went there Saturday night and I was in alot of pain. The doctor gave me some pain medicine while i was there. She gave me a 3 prescriptions and they all interact with each other but the shot she gave me and my pain reliever to take at home has the most serious and dangerous drug interactions. my head won't stop hurting and my chest don't feel right. I just read everything about the interactions and I am getting ready to go back to a different hospital. Please check on all your medicines before they give them to you and your take home prescriptions

Jessica Penton

Jan Murray

I carry a card in my wallet: “Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES am I to be taken to any Merit facility “. Enough said?

Miesha Blackmon

My first time visiting this hospital and absolutely be my last. They are very unprofessional nurses and the doctors. Everyone at the front had and attitude with not only me but with other patients. They don't listen to you when you tell them you're in pain and I clearly heard a DOCTOR curse at a patient cause she was being difficult. I will never in my life step foot into that building again

Joshua Jones

Ms.Brittany Cox recommends me to this hospital for treatment for my serzur. Them doctor work on me fast had a bed waiting for me on the 5th floor. Them nursing doctor and social worker did great outstanding job. Make sure I was taking my meds gettin the property rest. Shower was great. Food was delicious especially feeding u 3 meal a day also delicious snack. Love the people there love the way we was in group expression ours thoughts n let them know how we feel on the inside.. First got there them people was sayin what wrong feets had a bad odor smell from shoes n feets was

Shardei Williams

This has to be the worst hospital in MISSISSIPPI . I wouldn't refer any one taking their last breathe to go here! I can't even tell you how bad the nurses and doctors are because I never made it to the back . They are RUDE ! Their was a elderly lady that was VERY SICK and couldn't even get out the car . The lady with her was trying to get help and nobody would help . The security guard was sitting at the desk and never moved when the lady asked for help . A few people in the waiting room "remind you they are sick waiting to see a doctor" got up and helped the poor ladies . Just SAD !!!

Sheila Thompson

I went to this hospital for chest pain, the nurse Alexia had me go to the bathroom for urine, they immediately, gave Nitroglycerin, ive never had these type of drug before, the nurse Alexia said your going to feel a very bad head ache, then a men come in he said put this under your lip this will help for my chest pain, then she came back with a breathing treatment she put the tubes in my nose , she was in the room with me at all times she said your blood pressure is low I was confused I've always had high blood pressure, someone else came in the room and put an IV in my arm had to remove it then put it on my hand, then all I remember is I laying flat on my face, there was no one in the room I couldn't remember where I was until I saw a nurse walking with a men I was looking from the floor under the bed I laid there for a while people were walking up and down the hall after laying there i reached up on side of the bed and crawled back into the bed I was dizzy and everything looked different, the nurse came back in the room with this look on her face that's unsplanable , I then said I fall on the floor, she started looking at my face, I ask her is there something wrong with my face she said no other than your lip and nose is bleeding, she left the room, I called my mom on my cell phone and asked her to come to the hospital, I had just fall she said she was on her way to the north Park Mall, I told her I was scared because of the way the nurse was looking at me , the nurse came back into the room I said what about my face she went and brought back some cream about 5 package, then the doctor came in told me i had bronchitis and urninary Trac infection , then the nurse Alexia came with the discharge papers, I left out I was still dizzy, I couldn't believe they were sending me home without checking my injuries that occurred while there , I went to the security guard he was sitting by the door, I said I fall off the bed, he said while he was looking at my face, what they do, I said nothing accept gave these I showed him the cream and he said use that then and just shook his head I later went to the Baptist where they did text then informed me I had a broke nose, laceration foreign body of lip, swelling mas lump head, dizziness and giddiness, now I have all kinds of health issue and nobody seems to care accept Me

Roxy Satcher

We traveled two hours for same day/outpatient surgery this morning. We were asked to be here at 5:30 am. so we left at 3:30 this morning. It is now 3:25p.m. and waiting, still no surgery. This is ridiculous!!! I know some things can be unpredictable, but this needs to be address! Maybe I need to to bill the hospital, since I will not make it back to work at an appropriate hour!

Kirk Taylor

Nathaniel Moore

Judy Ann Hass

Unattractive to patient. Had surgery no one help me.

Marlee Jones

I don't even want to give this place 1 star. It is 330 PM. My sister had scheduled surgery at 8 am to remove a golf ball sized cyst. She has not eaten or drank anything since midnight. They still have not began surgery. Her iv bag ran out, so we called the nurses, and they said they were on the way. They never showed up. I told them it was out too. Then the nurse comes in (after just being in 30 minutes ago) and she was like why didnt you tell us you were out of saline. Why did you turn the beeping off. To which my dad replied "it's been out over an hour and a half and beeped for 20 minutes and no one would come." I would not reccomend this place to anyone, even if you are close to death. Update: its 5pm. No surgery yet. I have to go home without saying bye to my sister. Thanks for absolutely nothing. Get more surgeons or just shut down. 17 hours without food is absolutely unacceptable. Update Surgery at 630. No food until tomorrow. She will be meal-less for over 30 hours. Plan a reasonable surgery schedule that way your patients wont suffer, and your hospital wont either

Bonnie Chandler

Lost a loved one at this so called Hospital it took almost a month to get the death certificate filed the coroner said the Doctor had not signed it ,Hospital did not care Never EVER will any of my FAMILY go there and I repeat NEVER

Pamela Hudson

A friend of mine is here. When I looked at ratings I was worried about him coming. I have to say they have treated him wonderfully. Nurses are great, friendly, compassionate, and professional. Drs are great as well as physical therapist.

Kendrick Esters

Awesome will see me more often

Kyle Hutchison

One I am not worried about yall trying to file a law suit aginst when Ive been sending yall money every month might be little a month but life is not fair for someone who had a seizure and dislocated his arm...yall are getting money it's not my fault yall don't know how to take 8 hours to take care of somebody like that, up the crew and and attitude per month and yall might get a little more so until then yall get the same amount, you don't like it tuff dooky

Raquel T

The worst hospital experience ever!! Appointment was at 9am for a small procedure. Didn’t get seen until after noon, procedure didn’t begin until 4:30pm! Hadn’t eaten in almost 24 hours (because the procedure instructions say to refrain from eating after midnight). Nobody seems to give a rat’s behind about it either! The cafeteria is now closed, nobody has anything that I can eat & unfortunately I’m here for another 2 1/2 hours! DO NOT COME HERE!!!!

Sam Dabit

Keona Wooten

Jaclyn Mayfield

I am sitting at this hospital right now awaiting a diagnostic test. This is my third time here and the wait time is terrible. I have been here for an hour and i haven't even been taken to the area where my test will be done. It is usually another hour wait time when i reach diagnostics. This needs improvement.

Bryshunda Pickett

Worst hospital in Jackson

KC Anderson


Bobby Kemp

The CVR unit and staff was the best. I had wonderful treatment during my recovery.

Terry Gambrell

The worst ER I have ever been to. I'm 53 years old. I found myself in an emergency situation while traveling through the area. I went to the ER, and barely staggered through the doors. I was told by two local police officers standing at the door, that I needed to fill out a paper and wait until called. I filled out the form, before seeing a sign that said fast track. I followed the signs, staggering down the hallway, to the rear entrance into the ER. There I saw no patients, only a receptionist talking to, what appeared to be CNA. The receptionist ask if they could help me. I replied, "I hope so". She told me that the nurses said I needed to come back to the waiting room. She said there were 3 others ahead of me, and they'd been waiting for 3 hours already. I crawled back to my truck, I drove a couple of blocks before stopping to get someone else to driving me to another Merit Facility in Flowood. The River Oaks Facility got me in right away help me, and had me on my way in 2 hours. The River Oaks staff was very nice, friendly, and expedient. The Facility this rating is for, however, was horrible. Merit Health needs to replace the ER staff here.

Tamara Davis

Gaming_Nerd Yt

Thumbs down to Dr. Miles, Dr. Wood and nurse Beasley (he's a nut case). Too much to even get into what's wrong with Dr. Miles. Dr. Wood was worthless and broke HIPPA laws.

Stacey Edwards

The staff is very unprofessional. Loud laughing and joking at nurses desk. Uncommunicative and excuses when adressing patients needs. Long wait times on call button. Didnt wear gloves when removing IV.. tried to give my father his morning and evening doses at same time.22pills!! Would not listen when he expressed that this was incorrect. Every thing was met with flippancy...oh sorry I forgot! He sat waiting for prescribed pain meds for 4 hours after surgery.

rebecca sims

Excellent staff

raja shekhar

Jessica Rand

THIS PLACE IS BEYOND UNPROFESSIONAL . The doctors are rude and lazy. I went to get checked on for chest pains and instead of doing their job they were siting down eating and on their phones. This is the most horrible hospital in Jackson. I'd only come here again if I want to die. That's the only thing their good at.

S. Brown

The hospital staff has been great to my sister and our family. The burn unit staff is amazing!

Pearl Patrick

The ER doctor didn't seem care less what was wrong with me. He came in the room and before I even could get a chance to ask him any questions, he was gone. I came to this hospital against my better judgement but I was in so much pain, that this was the closest hospital to come to. I wasted my time and money on this place. I wouldn't recommend this place to my dog.. They don't even deserve a one star...

J. Doss

Good and thorough work, quite efficient

Chrissy Thompson

Very uncaring and unprofessional staff! My daughter was having a bad asthma attack and it took forever just to get her a treatment. The nurse talked to me with sarcasm and the respiratory therapist made jokes at my daughter’s expense! I will NEVER take my daughter to this hospital again! And she was born there!

Dorothy Green

Some of the student nurses displayed better customer service than the other student nurses on duty. Don't know what the issue is but understand patients did not ask to be here at the hospital nor did they ever think you would be their caretaker. If you don't have a heart to deal with the sick, please find another career. This may be your love one in the same position one day!!!!!


Rosie Chase

wasn't satisfied with treatment, didn't see it scan with explanation.

Jessica McGrew


My daughter was admitted for 2nd degree burns to her face. We had to stay for almost 3 days. The treatment staff in the burn clinic discharged my 3 year old daughter with her hair matted into the wounds and dressing that was surgically placed. They didn't have any lounge facilities to sit with a child. All of the lounges with reclining chairs don't allow children. They don't have any showers for exhausted parents, no way for exhausted parents to clean clothes. I asked the admin staff about renting accomodations for my family they told me they don't have anyway to help me. I had to live for almost 3 days out of my car, in a parking lot, with my 1 year old daughter. My daughter was moved to a room on our last day. No chairs for exhausted parents to sit in. TV didn't work. TV was even an old CRT television. Whens the last time anyone sold one of those? THE FOOD....oh my goodness. I cant express how terrible the food is. I will eat almost anything. My kids aren't picky and they wouldn't eat it. Just awful....whoever runs that hospital should resign or at the very least feel embarrassed. Then as we were leaving turns out the hospital DOES have a program to help parents acquire a room of some sort but, the staff wasn't aware of it. Then they tried to make me feel better by giving me gift cards for.....PIZZA! wow....lame. Buy my approval with pizza? Shameful.

Clemetha Gines

This has been an all around horrible experience. They have no accommodations for out of town families. After a NEARLY all night ER stay with my mom in Natchez and then being transported to Merit Central by ambulance this has been an absolute nightmare. Eventhough my mother was placed in the Cardiovascular Recovery Unit of the intensive care unit(ICU), it seemed to make no difference. Every form of engagement from the operator, to security was rude and lacked compassion. Despite my father being unable to walk unassisted and my mother being transported under emergency circumstances, that we soon found would require immediate surgery... No one seemed the slightest bit concerned with the human aspect of treatment. We were not even greeted as family members of the patient, only told of the paperwork and unposted rules that seem to govern the hospital. I'm inclined to believe that staff are working under some type of distress in order for every single person we encountered to be rude, cold, callous, unconcerned and lack compassion. Sadly... I can say that the only compassion and even slightest understanding came from the other families suffering from unplanned, sudden medical emergency. Merit Health Central you boast compassion even as your elevator advertisement, but it appears to begin and end right there. I am very disappointed. You need some type of plan of action to either accomadate or offer accommodation to the family of patients experiencing medical emergency. Officer Griffin, Officer Ragland.... I'm sure you were both just doing your jobs so maybe it is your immediate supervisor, hospital administration and board that needs to be better advised! If I could give a negative rating based on the family experience alone. I would. I'm praying that what you as a company lack in bedside manner and compassion, you make up for in surgical skill and medical knowledge! Praying for my mother's swift recovery.... SO WE WON'T HAVE TO STAY ANOTHER NIGHT!!!

Chad Lambert

Shy Brook

Maria King

Was very well organized, friendly staff and doctor .

Mary Hackett

The staff (women)was rude and disrespectful very mean and uncaring! My family would call to get information about a family member and a lady name Monique that worked on day shift would hang up in their face. I don’t recommend this hospital to a dog most definitely not a human being!! They didn’t have NO TOWELS at all! The supervisors was unprofessional and non caring as well please stay away from this Hospital!

Rose Anderson

The doctor, nurse, & staff at the nurse's station had terrible attitudes. My sister was there for two nights. She slept in a wet bed all night because her drip came loose & they wouldn't change the sheets. I will never go there nor never let a family member of mine go there again.

Nicolas Casson

Apart from the A&E I was our iti a room with a window in the door and a lockable one, in examination security guard present , Mice to room on 4th, flooer, clean attenuvec nurser and felt relax and re sured with the kindness humour charm and dedication

All Heart

Kay Johnson

My experience was terrible.. I went in for server depression & I was on floor for mentally ill patients the nurses from that shift in evening till night are very rude with patients..thy curse them.. I ask for a blanket cause I was cold they would not give me one.. I heard a guy ask for soap they told him no he only gets to bathe once out the day.. they do not clean your room at all.. it's like you are in prison and you are feed like you in prison.. they don't give you breakfast until you seen the doctor which it was 10 when the doctor finally came.. I went in with medication I take on a daily basis they wouldn't give it to me and it was prescription from my family doctor.. one nurse told me I'm just gonna have to be in pain all night another wouldn't give me my sleep meds she said no u can just stay woke all night after I told her I couldn't sleep without it.. please dnt let your love ones go to this hospital if they have mental issues it's the worst hospital to go to for the mentally ill.. it's like we dnt have a voice. They dnt deserve a one star.

Jayla Hopkins

I hate coming to this hospital they not even busy and I been here 4 hours

Wanda Brewer

Treated good at the hospital but not at the jms burn center uncaring and slow.

Get Bent Fishing SquadTM

Service is fine, the doctors I question??

Triston Theriot

if your life depends on this hospital, RIP to you

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