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They truly have no compassion. They would let you die before going outside of what they feel like doing. I need help figuring out what's wrong with me and they put an iv bag on me and send me home. Theyre job is to stabilize you in the ER. But they wouldnt lift an arm to help identify the problem. I'd hate to see free healthcare implemented. So remember that before you beg for it democrats.

Anna Anderson

Dr. V was the most attentive surgeon. Before and after surgery he was there to answer any questions my family had about my grandfathers surgery. Our nurses also had excellent bedside manner. Nothing but nice things to say about the 4th floor at Memorial!

Raevyn Wilson

This hospital is bad. They gave my grandma the wrong medicine and now she has passed. While she was on life support and we was saying our goodbyes, the nurses was outside the room talking loud and laughing. This hospital is horrible and unprofessional. I wouldn’t want myself at that hell hospital.

Lonnie Breitweiser

Last Weds night my 16 month old grand daughter was taken there because she had a large lump in her groin area. she was in terrible pain, and had to wait for 3 hours to be seen by the doctor. She looked at her for less than a minute and blamed it on a lymph node, and being sick from daycare (which she doesn't go to) and said there nothing they could do.. Well you were way wrong, and this morning she is going to a pediatric surgeon at New Orleans Childrens Hospital.. Nice job you were insensitive and uncaring, maybe you'd be better off changing oil at a quick lube..

Virgil Parker

The medical staff has been great!!!

Ashlynn Winter

This hospital sucks! Management sucks! Food sucks! It was clean though (I'll give them that)! My nurse was great. Just go to Garden Park. Managers are unprofessional.

Kristy Livesey

Relocating to the area in June, I chose Memorial Hospital for my primary care needs. I chose a female physician and provided all necessary information. Over a week later, I still had not heard back in regards to setting up an appointment. So, I contacted their office again. I pick up every phone call I get and I was told by the receptionist that there must have been a poor line condition. Now that sure is odd since a specialty doctor's office there gave the same excuse. The receptionist told me that the primary care physician looked over my records and said she was not going to work with me. I asked if a reason was given and she said that no reason had to be given. Well, I can think of a few and they are discriminatory. Needless to say, I am no longer moving to MS. If you'd like to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect, I advise seeking treatment elsewhere.

sarah anthony

Staff and nurses are always rude. Sometimes there is a sprinkle of nice nurse here and there but majority of them don't give acknowledge your existence.


During an overnight stay with my mother, I visited the food court in the morning and dropped a $5 bill. It was retrieved by a woman named Cynthia, and when I visited the food court a second time for lunch, cashier Mary Trautman not only recognized me as the money dropper, but brought it back to me with a note labeled where it was dropped! Excellent care for my mom, excellent integrity from every staff member. Thank you all so much!



Candy N Austin Tiedt

Wonderful place to work, great staff, great patient care.


Nurses do not care if you wait 8 hours to see the Dr. They will never give you a straight answer. Very rude and expect attitude and a very long wait time. Atleast from what I experienced.

Jayce Taylor

Literally the worst hospital I've ever been to.

John Strickland

This is for the dietary department... they are horrible, you tell them what you want from the menu they read you and you rarely ever get it. They serve the same thing every week (no variety what so ever. Doesn't do any good to complain cause it won't change... they don't care.

Kristen Jaeger

This hospital has patient care standards that are unmatched in this area. If you’re not happy here, you won’t be anywhere else either. Best hospital on the coast.

Tiffani Housley

The wait in the er room took forever but when I went back the nurses and doctors were very nice and professional. The hospital was clean as well.

sexy Michelle

The staff's were amazing they treated me right love them

Hannah Schneider

They are extremely rude and aggressive, I did have some nice encounters with other nurses transferring me from rooms but the initial people I had to spend time with and answer questions to treated me like I was lower than them because I was injured.

Amber Elliott

Today my daughter had a doc appointment.. she had surgery and was on pain meds that made her completely dizzy to the point she could barely walk, and almost fell into a wall.. a nurse told me to go down stairs and get her some food to calm down her stomach from the meds.. well I found a wheelchair on the way there so I put her in it.. while we were eating I got told I had to give up the wheelchair. That she couldn't use it.. to which I said she can barely walk so no.. then on my way to leave I stopped by the bathroom while my daughter and her sister sat in some chairs waiting for me.. to which then an old man that works as an escort yelled at her to get out of the chair she is not allowed to use it or have it.. so while still shaking and barely able to walk.. she came to me... so then I called their supervisor and was told no wheelchair is for public use.. you can only have an escort bring you and drop you off and picked up later IF YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT OR SUCH IN THE HOSPITAL... THAT IN THIS PUBLIC STATE FUNDED HOSPITAL PEOPLE CANT USE A WHEELCHAIR TO GET AROUND WHILE INSIDE THE HOSPITAL.. so after the supervisor keeps hanging up on me.. refusing to speak to be because I'm complaining to her that if my sick 11 year old daughter would have fallen after they took the wheelchair that they would have been liable for a lawsuit!! And now getting told because I keep calling to speak to the SUPERVISOR they care pressing charges for harassment because she continues to HANG UP ON ME !!!!!!

Mark McAvoy

I went to gulfport memorial hospital with chest pains and shortness of breath threw the emergency room, from the moment I arrived from the security guard that insured I got to the right place ,to the emergency room team that took me to a …

Jeremy Mason

Staff are rude and could care less

amanda wakula

Tool my 5year old there this morning nobody was waiting ro be seen or in the back. Took 2 hours for them to offer no help what so ever meanwhile my 5 yr old had a 102 fever and coughing up all her insides. Smh the dr. Ward really need to go back to medical school. And learn how to be a doctor

Louise Wainwright

Fast, caring, clean, attentive... very pleased with everything I experienced here. All staff were professional, I have to say Amber was amazing, what a lovely lady with so much knowledge. Thank you!


I would give them negative stars if I could. I was in a car accident and they automatically took me here I sure wish they wouldn’t have. The doctor refused to check my head even though I had a knot and pain in my neck and I requested him to especially since the accident was so severe totaled my car. He said a lot of studies were done before and they all say they don’t require them to look at head and neck when the vehicle was hit in the the zone mine was. Then the attending nurse said I was discharged had to leave, I said good I told her I was going to call my husband he had just ran down to the car and I didn’t have any clothes in the Er room. She said “I will give you a gown cause you have been discharged” she took out my iv and blood squirted all over me, I asked for a rag and she tossed me a cold rag when I flinched and said oh it’s cold she said it’s wet use it. I could not believe the way she treated me I wouldn’t recommend anyone in the world go there she was really horrible and doctor as well. My husband had made it back in (about 10 min) and he gave me my clothes and I leaned on him for support to leave. I ended up with a 14,000 dollar bill after being treated so horribly, talk about insult to injury. I had to go to another hospital 2 days later cause I was in unbearable pain and I needed my neck and head looked at. They immediately helped me and said there is no way after being in that type of accident that they shouldn’t have checked my neck and head which by the way are very messed up. Thank God we are in America and have multiple places to get medical care.

richard butera

It's a fact that miracles happened here for my mother and therefore our family-at this wonderful facility but in addition the staff what's sensitive to her needs and beyond caring of my mother!!!!! T. Richard Butera Jr

Mike Creel

Went into the ER and was treated quickly and professionally by everyone I came into contact with.

Shawanna Bumpers

These are the rudest most unconcerned set of people that i have ever seen. They also have the worst attitudes that ever seen in one place. Memorial must seek to hire any type of person and must not do regular check ups on these people. Lord speak to their hearts

Steve Conigliaro

Walked in after having a seizure from being out of my anxiety medication and the nurse actually accused me of coming off of street drugs. I am completely appalled. I wanted to tell the witch to drug test me. I just walked out. Be aware!!!!

Scott Schaefer

Remember you are reading the opinions of others about Gulfport Memorial - similar to how a picture captures one moment in time. I've had several experiences with Gulfport Memorial's ER, ICU, and Labor & Delivery. All of these experiences have been beyond positive. The staff is outstanding and very professional.

Rebecca Burns

In Dec. of 2015 I was admitted to the ER in extreme pain. I waited 2 hr. The admit staff was very rude. I was passed over by several people who came after me who were not emergencies. I am anRN and an ER nurse myself. I know the procedures and protocol of the ER. Their "couldn't care less attitudes " were appalling. The Docs were okay whenever they got around to see you but this ER was NOT busy and the waits at sign in, triage, reseating, being called back, and actually being seen by the Doc, was grueling. Then the lengthy time wait from labs and x-rays took another at least 3 hrs. Forget the exam and diagnosis?... I could say more but I am tired of all my time taken talking at time, I'm done.

David Bradley

The nurses were friendly however the cleanliness of the room in the pediatric unit was deplorable. The bathroom was full of some sort of flying bugs and the room had some sort of sticky substance on the floor with ants. Also we were very "lucky" to stay above a construction site. Not very easy for a very sick child to rest with someone jack hammering underneath the room. I would recommend going to another hospital.

Tiffany Musterman

Sometimes its ok they left us waiting on a prescription for almost 2 hours jus to discharge us

Randall G

My Mother has been battling ovarian cancer for the past year. She's been to Memorial a number of times. This last visit would be, well, the last visit. The staff were very professional and gave my mother excellent care. I will be forever grateful for that.

McKenzi smith

There are good and bad ER doctors here I have seen both. The ER nurses have always been nice to me. I'm young and college full-time and have chronic health problems and no insurance. Every time I have gone in with an emergency I have been seeing quickly within 30 minutes. I've had some doctors who did the bare minimum but did patch me up well enough. But today I experienced a doctor who went far beyond what was the bare minimum care. And I actually left the ER feeling far better than I did when I went in. ER rooms can be over crowded and understaffed and people can have bad days and it's not that you always have a great experience with the staff but I have had okay experiences and great experiences with some of the staff. And today after being admitted and spending all day there I was stable enough to go home at the end of the day I feel significantly better but not necessarily well but I am incredibly thankful and I do recommend going to the emergency room even this one if you need to.

Alice Breazeale

My husband and I waited about three hours in the emergency room. Everyone that helped us was friendly and professional. Once we got to the back to see the doctor, the visit was quick. Our doctor and nurse were very pleasant. This was a nice experience. Many people like to complain about the wait. It makes me wonder if these people have ever been to a doctor’s office or the emergency room? You will wait. It is part of it.

Kesjia Peters

My nurse and nurse practitioner were excellent.. I wish I could remember his name.. Christine Michelle was excellent with her service... How ever I came in with severe pain.. Nevertheless, I was having a miscarriage.. I was there for hours suffering in pain.. I never got the results back from my ultrasound and was sent home with nothing until I asked for meds to help with the pain and to help with the "passing" process... The Dr. And nurse that relieved my original Dr and nurse had no clue of what was going on afterwards.. Dr Eakes scheduled blood work and an ultrasound for the day after that.. I return to have everything done and of course there was never and order in place... I will never return to Memorial Hospital for ANYTHING....

Brian Faircloth

When it was time to be discharged from the hospital after giving birth they went ahead and scheduled a breastfeeding consultation for three days later. I tried telling them that this was my second baby and I know how to do it. They insisted I come. I actually tried to call and cancel it because we had a family emergency and would need to leave town. They made a big deal about the appointment and acted like I had to go. We went and they literally checked her weight and that was it. I just found out the “breastfeeding consultation” was not covered by insurance. So I’m guessing they were so pushy to get us there so they could get extra money out of us. Very infuriating.

Angela Ward

Do not go to this place. Dr Joseph will scream in your face if you're not dying and tell you to get out of his ER.. I have IC disease and everything is prolapsed at this point in time .. Ic diseases other known as very painful bladder …

Michelle Cuevas

For the Pain Management Clinic....RIDICULOUS!! POOR, POOR SERVICE! Even made a complaint with customer service and was told that they take complaints very seriously and the manager would call back....that's been 2 months ago and not a word. Threw up while doing a swab drug test so never got to watch them seal it...that one came back positive for illegal drugs. Never done drugs once! Asked to be retested and refused. It's a money racket. They see you, write out prescription if you can pass a drug test and send you on your way. They don't care about the person, the pain or helping manage it. It's a legal dispensary!!

Latricia Fells

This is the worst place in the world to take a family member or your self if there is any mental illness issues. The staff at this facility could careless about mentally ill people. Not only did they discharge a patient that was a school employee who threatened to shoot up a school, with no restrictions on the job; they also discharged a woman who is schizophrenic and drinking toilet bowl cleaners and dying her skin with household cleaners. I would not wish this facility on my worst enemy and I pray that the staff at this hospital will NEVER have to endure the mismanaged treatment they provide other with.

Tiffani KApke

Horrible. I had an infection in my left nostril tgst caused half my face to swell. Nurse came in for 2 seconds just looked at me and said allergies and walked out. I asked the finance lady to ask the nurse to come back and look at me.. I was then told I wasnt an emergency so no one was coming back to speak or look at me. I got allergy spray for my nose.... They were more worried about telling me that me sitting on their bed will cost me 500$. Im currently going to a different hospital..

Krystle Shields

Best hospital in Mississippi my ass. My first initial set of staff was amazing at 330am. However after two hours and then a shift change I was completely forgotten about in my triage room. I had to page 5 different times just to get my results in and be discharged. That took another 3 hours. The ER is horrible. The doctor was an absolute prick. Maybe other areas of the hospital are great the ER needs an overhaul.

Tonie P

Thank you for the great care given to my husband. Not ever enough good to be said of the staff on the 7th floor. From RN ( Brandy and Jeff) to everyone else. Great job

Eva Russell

While the appearence of this hospital is really nice, the hospital itself is full of employees who are inexperienced, let alone inconsiderate. My advice: if you end up in a condition where you have to be transferred to a hospital with a neurologist, I would DEFINITELY RECONSIDER Gulfport Memorial Hospital.

Megan Griffin

Brought my 13 month old son into the ER because his fever was really high. The techs in the front were not only rude but they gave him a bruise from holding him down to get his temperature. They did a strep test and obviously didn’t test it long enough because I went back to see his pcp and he tested positive for strep. Most of the staff I dealt with should find a different job they don’t seem to genuinely care about people especially small children. I won’t be going back there.

Oliver James

insufficient staff. No one is trained to use simple database and technology.

Christy Love

This place is the biggest joke! I won't say that ALL nurses are just rude and inconsiderate, but I will say that a good majority of them are! About 99% of the "techs" are worthless! From the ER, to ALL the other floors in this hospital! They are lazy and haven't clue as to what they are doing when it comes to proper healthcare! They expect the family members to do their job just so they don't have to! When it comes to blood draws they are just ignorant to say the least! You have hospital doctors that just make a 1 min appearances yet charge your insurance 30 damn mins! They will send you home to only return 10 times worse! You have nurses who claim to have been nursing for over 20 years and are honestly the rudest of the bunch because they treat you as if you are such a damn burden to them! The "techs" need more training other than the 2 weeks that they are given. Some techs walk around and claim to be nurses! They will walk in and look at the IV monitors and start pressing buttons. I have seen first hand how all of this works. I plan to make a huge complaint against certain staff members of this hospital. Although I do believe that nothing will become of it. It's just sad that we are relying on these people to help get better when in all actuality they (NOT ALL) are making people worse. I'm sure others have had the best of care from this place, unfortunately we haven't!

Stacey Slatten

Memorial ER is amazing! The doctors, nurses, and technicians are confident, competent, and cohesive! Thank you for wonderful care!

Erin Edwards

Excellent service!! I was in and out of the ER in about an hour. The staff was very friendly and the doctor was knowledgeable and efficient!! Visiting an out of town hospital can be scary but it went very smoothly! Great hospital!!

Ronald Jones

I walked in the ER a couple of weeks ago with back pain looking for the reason. The wait, very reasonable, some complaining they were there first. Please, folks! It is not a fast food restaurant. It goes by priority! Everyone from start to finish was polite. Special thanks to Dr. Nguyen for the polite professionalism! Back pain was 3 buldging discs. Oh My Lord...I am breaking down. LOL

Sean Grace

A very bad corporation. A business is all

Meredith Seiss

I went to ER for severe pain in my side. Getting into a room was fairly quick (noon on a Saturday), I didn't even wait in the waiting room. The doctor saw me promptly and the nurse administered my blood test and IV quickly. I was a bit confused why my husband couldn't come into the room (he was parking while I was checking in) until 30 min after I got into a room. The wait for testing and such took a while, I got a CT scan as well. I was there in the ER for about 6 hours total. I don't know if I would "recommend" coming here but it didn't feel as bad as some other ERs/hospitals I've been to.

Rodger Hormell

My 80 ur old father-in-law had fallen and hit his head causing a massive brain bleed and put him in a coma. We were met at the emergency room by a Dr and a nurse. We were put in a private area where they explained the seriousness of the situation. A Dr Davis performed the surgery. After surgery, Dr Davis met us and spent a long time explaining the surgery and listened to our concerns. My Father-in-law's chances were slim for survival. With God's grace and the care of all the staff, nurses, techs, Drs including Dr Davis, my father-in-law is alive and going to therapy in less than two weeks. This Hospital and all its staff is amazing. Everyone was kind and attentive. Thank you all.

BMX kid180 Vlogs

You legit get carried from your room to a room with a matress while nurses just start your IV in the pediatrics ward.Wow,Not even gonna try to calm a screaming and crying kid,You should try to calm them and calm thier fear.

Rupesh R

Everything is excellent expect the WIFI facility.

Louis Lumpkin

This place is a joke!! Most of these people have bad attitudes and it just a job never will I come here again

Carla McCoy

I've heard they are turning away people who go to the hospital if it isnt a Dire Emergency. But just let someone Die after they been turned away and watch how a family reacts! Idiots!

rachel ladnier

Most of the time I get taken care of wonderfully when I go to er here I always get treated great my regular doctors and neru doctors here but today I went to er because I had a few seizures and had hit my head. I was treated so bad. The doctor wouldn't look at my head told me to just take extra seizure med why so I can run out before time to refill and try to explain to my doctor oh the er doctor said it was ok. He told me the er dept was there to treat heart attack and colds and nothing he could do. Then asked what do u want me to do? Well nothing apparently I thought you when to medical school if your asking me and can't approach a patient maybe your in the wrong field buddy. Umm what do I want I want a new doctor. And my neruo on the phone maybe she can walk your through what to do. Sure her nurse can walk you through what to do.

Eugene Bentrum

The staff and doctors here r absolutely amazing... love the staff on the 4th floor made my long and grueling stay to save my foot from amputation like family they deserve a raise all the negative reviews r just ppl who like to complain

Rebecca Ledford

The care was sub standard. Nurses DO NOT care!!!! I was in a car accident and broke my leg and couldn’t get up. The nurses told me to wait for physical therapy to go to the bathroom. Physical therapy wasn’t even scheduled. Their rev claim person is an agent of hell. Her job is to come by daily and make you feel worthless for being in the hospital, In addition to sub standard care the staff WILL steal any valuables left in your room. My wedding ring and a priceless mother’s day ring was stollen while I was in surgery. And after I got the bill from them. I felt sorry I lived through the accident. In excess of $200,000 for a week and a half stay.

john Rhodes

The staff are outstandingly friendly and helpful. However, the doctors and schedulers dont know their rear from a hole in the ground. My wife's surgery was scheduled 4 or 5 times, up to the point of taking her to the OR and returning her and said for her to go home. I pointed out that she had a fractured ankle and the surgery had not been performed yet. As a side note, the food from the rooms and the cafe are a story all by itself. If you want an "I dont give a damn attitude" visit the cafe. Stay tuned

Jennifer Hollilster

I had outpatient surgery there a few weeks ago. It was horrible. The so called boss named Stephen Lee was staring me up and down like a sick puppy. He even asked me for my number. I asked him about the ring on his finger. Guess he forgot that he was wearing it. Creep!! I will go to some safer place next time.

Edwin Stoutz

The staff was very polite & professional. I never would have imagined I could be in and out of an ER in such little time with proper treatment. Nurses & Drs were very friendly, courteous, & caring. I would like to thank the entire staff, from the man who admitted me to the Dr who discharged me. I would seriously consider driving from New Orleans to Gulfport Memorial for treatment again.


My experience was great and the staff was verh efficient.

Kelly Campbell

Excellent care, takes time to listen and address your concerns. Provides in depth information on all your medical concerns and works with you to find specific providers as needed.

Lynelle Howard

I would rather die than have to go to the memorial ER again. The nurses were fine, but the doctor ("Willabrandt" or something similar) was awful. He was noncompassionate, careless, and condescending! I'm changing all my doctors and health care people from Memorial Hospital

Xannon Eliziah

I've been to the ER here multiple times and only once have I properly recieved care. Last night my brain felt as if it was swelling, I felt something CRACK in my skull, and I couldn't keep any food down I was in so much pain. All the doctor did was argue with my mother and send me home with a headache and nausea shot. The doctor didnt bother to listen to me or even ATTEMPT to figure out what was causing this extreme pain. A few hours later the shot wore off and it's just as bad as it was before. Tlrd; doctor didn't listen to me, argued with my mother. I got the short end of the help stick. And I'm suffering because of it. The ONLY good part about my visit is all of the nurses were very caring

bailey bollinger

There is nothing good I can say about this hospital. I have had better care at my house. It took them more than three times to try and get an IV in my arm. They are uneducated, ignorant, and down right rude. I am currently trying to get medicals records from them for the military and they are uncooperative. Would never in my widest dreams recommend them to anyone anywhere. You are better off trying to find help in the alley way.

Kristi-Elana Miller

I do not recommend. Unprofessional, rude and indifferent staff seem to be the norm. I've been to emergency rooms in many states for allergic reactions to previously unknown allergies in food/medication/personal products. The doctor saw me quickly and ordered the shot; however, the nursing staff was very rude to me and my wait for the shot was almost an hour after seeing the dr. My experiences here compared to other hospitals in MS and other states in the US are sub par at best and traumatic at worse and it's all about the staff and their treatment of patients and willingness to listen to their needs and see red flag/warning signs.

Wakky Boo

I went into the hospital with a broken tailbone, after waiting for hours, I asked a nurse how much longer it would be until I was seen, she said she didn’t know, I told her my tailbone is broken and it makes it painful to sit for hours, she told me I was welcome to stand and wait for a few more hours. Needless to say, I was not seen by any medical professional.

L Sand

The wait was extremely long. They seem too be low on staff because they one name called every 30 to hour . The snacks out of machine were very stale and the emergency room smelled horrible. I will never visit this hospital again as long as visit Gulfport.

Jeremy Rasler

The ER was great! Wonderful and knowledgeable Nursing staff and ER Physicians. However that's the best I can say. I was admitted for chest pain, once admitted my experience was nothing but negative! Mainly from the admitting physicians. I definitely would not return to this facility, I actually signed myself out of the hospital once admitted for such reasons as that the medical staff was not addressing my needs or concerns. Again will not return to this facility!

Rae Pope

Very very very long er wait time.. After waiting 8 hours be seen and then another 3 in the room. I would never go back. Hopefully the labour and delivery is much better.. Seemed very very busy and loud when I went in for a tour.

Sherry Reinike

I went to the emergency dept. with abnormal heartbeat and pain. I have a history of svt so I know when my heart is in distress. The e.r. doctor (I WILL NOT NAME HIM), would not listen to the symptoms. ....he insisted on doing a RECTAL EXAM!!!! Why would you put further stress on a patient that had a potential heart problem. I left after he said you are fine go home. I have since gone to a heart dr. And I have to have an angiography for blockage.

Briana Stewart

My uncle had a massive stroke which lead to a brain aneurysm. At first the staff was helpful and said they'd give him 10 days but after sitting up there for 3 days with no one telling us anything we tried to talk to the doctor over him and he was busy but yet he signed paper work saying he spoke to us everyday which was a lie we hadn't even seen him. My family contacted the medical board and told them about the doctor being unprofessional. That night they came in said he was brain dead the the family had to make a decision after Christmas. He woke up Christmas eve and knew who he was and is responding to everything. Most the staff could care less about the patients and their family. They're are some staff up there that's taking good care of him now.


Very rude and inconsiderate staff, I felt unwanted and I was just visiting.... on top of that they moved my sister to a new room due to cockroaches....

adreunnna walker

Hello my name is Adreunna Walker.I call my care doctor at Memorial Hospital Rheumatologist Dr.Gupta office.I ask can i have my medication because i was out on August 18,2016.Ms.Barbara call me back saying that i couldn't receive then because i needed blood work done, and told me i needed to make appointment. I told here i don't have the money to come in but i will get the blood work done.Then Ms.Barbara proceed to ask personal question if i cant pay Dr.Gupta how am i going to pay for my medication which is my personal business and hung the phone up.I got my blood work tone that Friday and Dr.Gupta receive them sign of on the the same day i dint know till later this week when i went to the office to ask again.The front desk said that MS.Barbara suppose to been call me back to pick them up but she never did.They sent a message to the back for Dr.Gupta.Ms.Barbara would not deliver the message.She came to the front and was lieing in my face saying Dr.Gupta told me no I cant receive medication or blood work which was already done.Because of Ms.Barbara i have been out of medication over a week.She have a very nasty attitude.

Gina Yon

Doctor never ask how staff treat you. Very rude like you on their dime doing you a flavor. Keep you waiting 2hrs or more. Damn shame, and their ER is same way. Getting mad just thinking about the crape. I know what you saying. If you don't …


Very good hospital

Matthew Dickens

I visited the emergency room at Memorial I visited Memorial Hospital on June 29, 2015. The entire experience was terrible from the rude customer service to the doctor that "so called" treated me. He said nothing was wrong with me and I got up and left. I was deathly ill the next three days straight and couldn't even get out of the bed. In the future I will highly consider my choices before entering Memorial Hospital. I pray I never wake up in this emergency room with a life or death situation going on with me. The board of Memorial should be ashamed of themselves.

Gale Strong

Recently I had a needle breast biopsy done after having had two abnormal mammograms. I went to Memorial for the mammograms and the biopsy. Fortunately for me, the suspicious area was benign. I feel that I got great care at Memorial and the staff could not have been better to me. I am a retired RN, so I know a little something about patient care....

Zachery Joynt

my visit was wonderful when i was born here 15 years ago

Dakota Bolin

It deserves less than that! I went there with my newborn who's legs were turning blue they didn't run any test on her heart or lungs or anything they just checked her circulation in her legs and told me she was fine. Took her to another doctors found out she has 3 holes in her heart!

Joey Huff

Not organized at all. They will bill you even when you can prove that your bills are paid! And then they will get another company (HFA) to send you demand letters, and when you explain things to them they hang up on you. And forget about the director of the hospital helping you. They will refuse your calls, its like a system that's wired together to protect themselves when you have proof they are in the wrong!

Fioly Woods

We were here on vacations. We arrived at 1230 am with my husband with a bad abdominal pain. The ER was empty, they took care of himy pretty fast and got him into a bed pretty fast. Took vitals, did, Xray, and CT scan within 2 hours, however, it was nearly 7 am and no one ever returned to read him the scans. Although the nurses were nice, they lacked servitude. I called them 4 times to ask about the results.on the last call they shared that it was taking long because it was a computer reading the scan results! A what??!!! Exactly not a real doctor, but a computer, so it was taking that long. Meanwhile they, did not offer him water, nor a blanket, I mean nothing! Nurses were watching TV, playing on the computers, talking with one another about their personal things, and the head doctor, sitting talking away. There was even 1 nurse who put his feet on the desk and leaned back and slept himself into heavens glory! If you are dying, you definitely youll go on to meet the Lord in glory in this place! We had a 9 hour drive back home in 5 hours and could not wait any longer. We signed out. And to them it was like nothing! I can say my husband did feel better after a while. With the fluids and pain meds they gave him, the cramps subsided. We are now on our way home to Florida . Can't wait to get home! Nothing like the health care of Florida Hospitals!!!

Renee king

I was out of state and got sick. I came in Er stayed 3 days at hospital. The Dr's and nurse's were Exceptional. I have never been to a hospital that took such good care of me.

Ed Allen

I can understand and even sympathize to a degree with the challenges faced by physicians and support staff, organizing high volume patient traffic, managing multiple patients with sometimes very complicated medical diagnoses. However, a …

Jodie Cotrell

Other than ICU visiting hours the Drs and nurses were great. The Cafe and coffee shop staff were completely opposite. They were mean spirited, rude and completely devoid of customer service skills. The warmer by the coffee shop register looks like it's growing green fungus and I don't think there's one person in the entire building that can make coffee but you still charge almost $6.00 per cup. This place would be a lot better if your staff would smile..... Be friendly or even just pretend they like their jobs

Robert Howard

This hospital is the worst I've ever been in. Their triage for the ER is a joke and couldn't prioritize a heart attack and a slight cough in the right order. If you have a choice never come here.

Sheryl Goodman

Absolutely one of if not the worst hospital I have ever taken one of my children to. Wait three hours for my son to get seen who had black emesis while I sit and watch people who are there " cuz they think they have a UTI ' could hear the nurse checking her in since they don't even shut the door for privacy and hippa . I have to go argue and throw a fit that we sat for three hours while non emergent things were going on.. nurse acts rude and tries to make up excuses please I'm a nurse to ya not working ... Then finally get back to a room two nurses working harder then the other then that are wandering around ... Told my son was gonna be discharged over a hour ago . So while we are sitting here waiting for them to take the iv out some ambulance tries to put another patient in the room he is sitting in .. try to say excuse me to the doctor whose response was I have an emergency and goes into another room without any nurses . Rude lazy .. poor care .. unorganized. Don't get me wrong there were a couple decent nurses but omg pathetic

Roy Tate

I would give this a - if possible. My wife was at the emergency room for 6+ hours Saturday and they were rude uncaring and accomplished nothing the place is nasty and staff rude. She is now in the hospital at Keesler AFB and receiving excellent care.

gwendolyn beck

Went for a scheduled MRI. Clerk was so rude at 6a. She wanted $300 upfront. I told her I had Medicare and Humana. She informed me in a very dry and argumentative that I didn't have enough Medicare. I showed her my card and then my Humana card. She threw my Humana card bavk. I got up and left. Told her it was to early in the morning for this. She hollered as I was walking away, " you not going to take test". Terrible experience

Diana Martinez

Was temporarily in MS in Oct. 2014 and had to take my 10 month old son because of a high fever. Had already been to the ER the night before to Garden Park. Terrible experience, feel free to read that review. The staff at Memorial was amazing. Even though they were adjusting to a new system, they were very timely, efficient and extremely nice. All the nurses adored my son and the extremely competent doctor went above and beyond when seeing my son. He clearly had plenty of experience with children. I hope I never have to return to an ER but if I do I'm definitely going to Memorial.

Kimberly Gay

From out of town. Had a terrible fall. Broke my humerus. They reduced it great and splinter, drugged me sufficiently for me to be able to travel home for 8 hours. Care was great.

Daddy's Designer Toyz

Terrible experience. Waited one hour and thirty minutes in the emergency waiting room.when finally being brought back to a room, the nurse said "we have people that have been waiting for four hours" really, 4 hours waiting to be seen? …

Robbie Higdon

Lost my billing paperwork and ended up sending a bill to collections that NEVER should have gone! Tanked my credit! They're just as bad in the billing department as they are at saving lives...

Shadowwolf 173

Fractured 3 bones in my ankle went in Thursday afternoon get their say Went in yesterday to go under the knife 7am-12pm the doctors & nurses were really nice they put me in a 3 week wrap then a boot when I go back Only issue I have ever had is finding a parking spot

george watkins

I was turned away from the emergency room. I was in crippling agony from tooth pain to the point where i couldnt see out of my right eye. They told me it was not an emergency and i needed to pay them $200 to be seen. I will be following up with some kind of patient advocate. Wow never in my life have i been made to feel so sub human

Jerry Sparkman

Can't believe that it takes over two weeks to get a PA on medications processed.

Jacob Melnick

AWFUL. They charge at least 2-3xs what other private places charge for imaging. If you haven't met your deductible, expect to pay way more than you should. The finance office is also extremely unhelpful and has no sympathy for your needs or …

Victoria Y

I totally take my opinion back! A few days after going here I got sicker. Come to find out the doctor gave me two meds that shouldn’t be taken together. I had a bad allergic reaction that swole up my face and throat. Went back in to be treated, which was a total waist because I ended up figuring out what was wrong with me and it was far from their diagnosis! What I do know is I could have died if I hadn’t took care of it! They better hope I don’t consult with my lawyer!

Ricky Starcher

The service here is HORRIBLE! Not twice but three time they entered my insurance information wrong. Due to that I am in a hassle to get the right info to them so the correct people could be billed not me!

Judy Smith

My husband recently had arthroscopic knee surgery. The entire process was easy and efficient. The staff was incredibly kind, and kept me informed. They took excellent care of both of us. It was a great experience.

Chaunce Woodmansee

The entire hospital is a team of doctors working very carefully to see your treatment plan reach the most desirable outcome... not "out to make a buck"

Raymond DeFlaviis

Medieval medicine. You have about a 50-50 percent chance of survival. They can only turn a profit by hiring 3rd rate doctors. Go to NOLA if you can. This place is about what you'd expect in Appalachia.

Renee Patenotte

This Hospital is a joke. I spent 4 hours in the ER to be told that there are others who are sicker so they will be seen first. I was there with my bf, who has brain damage from a bad wreck in 2009. He went in cause he had a migraine for 3 days and needed relief. He got hit in the head at work earlier & blacked out. And they had the nerve to say others were sicker? Who are they (the nurses) to say whether or not someone is sicker. They had not done x-rays or catscan. This is not the first time someone with previous head injuries was pushed to the side here. Only, she didn't live to tell her story. She died from a headache that she had from previous head injuries. She was at memorial trying to get relief & after hours of waiting, she left. She died the next day. When is someone going to do something about this Hospital & the staff? The rude nurses or med techs that take your vitals & symptoms? The nurses who have NO EMPATHY for their patients? The ER is a ridiculous joke.

April Gordon

My niece got a gash on her eyebrow while we were on vacation. We arrived to ER at 4:36 a.m. and we were out by 6 a.m. I was very pleased with that. The nurse and dr. was very attentive and professional. Thank you!

Dean Lewis

Applied for financial aid but was sent to collections regardless of my multiple applications for assistance.... I was sending them money (what I could afford) each bill they sent and then they stopped sending the bill's. Thanks for the help. Medical business is so ruthless regardless of the people's wellbeing.

christina aldrich

I am sitting here now. Been here over a hour and they taken 2 people back before me that was here way after me. These people suck. If you can go some where else do it

Sarah G

It has been really hit and miss. They have been great but sometimes not. My first experience with them was when I went there to deliver a baby I was giving up for adoption. It was an open adoption and the adoptive family was with me through the delivery experience- the staff could not have been more insensitive to the situation and i filed a grievance. After that I broke my leg, went in to the ER with an allergic reaction rash all over my face, and they were great. Then I went in on Mardi Gras for a bad flu because the doctor's offices were closed and I was on chemotherapy right before final exams. the doctor was so nasty to me, I understand it is an emergency room and maybe my problem was less than an emergency in his opinion but I was suffering and he was so callous he wouldn't even write me a note out of school despite acknowledging my flu. He told me to wait it out. (on chemo, there is no "waiting it out" i had no immune system and things only got worse i know from experience). For the second time I was met with insensitivity to my problems. Luckily my choice to go there two weeks ago with post appendectomy pain- they found a blood clot and admitted me for a week and a half where the staff the entire time was awesome.

Veronica Whaley

These people have been so very nice caring and understanding when times are very hard to understand just want to give a shot out to all the hard workers on the 5th floor for being very kind towards my father it's such a sweet feeling for someone to understand the hard times in life

melinda hetrick

I took my son to er after waiting forever and he was in extreme pain we finally went back they just looked at him just took blood work and told us he is faking to get out of school I took him to his dr and come to find out he had to have surgery he had a extra blood vessel in kidney area had to replace it in different spot went to new Orleans children hospital to have it done but I will never go to there er again the labor and delivery and also the pediatric department up stairs are wonderful

Autumn Carter

I was well taken care of by the nurses, doctors, and surgeons. Everybody was nice and considerate when helping me. They have great attitudes and made me feel comfortable. Although, i arrived at the hospital at 2pm and got called back at 8pm. I understand patients get called by “emergency,” but i was the only person crying in the room because of my pain and most likely only one of the few that stayed 2 nights at the hospital AND had surgery! (I did not know this would happen, but i do know i was in great pain) It was utterly ridiculous!

Linda Coffee

ER dept...sucked!!! Came in ambulance..excellent care..big private room. Walk to registration desk..trying to give clerk my info....her cousin or something came up talking all ghetto her..disturbibg my registration..asked her can she let her finish my registration..she says..well she can work and talk. Im a heart patient therr for my bp. They did text..gave me iv in 1 hr iwas in an out an never saw a doctor or anyone to tell me results if ny test. A totally wasted visit. Nurse came back and said.. Doctor said you can go. Im thinking what dictor.. I never saw a doctor...

Shannon Gutierrez

i was very pleased with the care my family received. Staff was pleasant and very attentive to family's needs.

Bobbie Wilkerson

Excellent care by all staff and volunteers.

Melissa mcdonald

If you love your family, please take them somewhere, anywhere else.

Kenneth Dixon

They do not care about individual patients. They refer you to doctors in other departments for treatment who, in my experience, don't return your calls. Also, when you do get to see a doctor that you were referred to within their system, you are lucky if they spend five minutes talking to you. Only one of the doctors I have seen that work for this hospital system seemed to genuinely care. The rest just seem like they are in a hurry to get to the next patient. To top it off, the modus operandi of Memorial Hospital seems to be to assume that everyone complaining of pain is a drug addict. The only reason I ever started seeing doctors at memorial is that they were within my insurance network. I'm currently looking for alternatives.

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