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REVIEWS OF Forrest General Hospital IN Mississippi

Wendy Craig

My husband checked in at the er because he was having horrible pains in his stomach. They made my poor husband suffer for 5 long hours and their excuse was they didn't have any available rooms. When they call his name and we walked to the back with a nurse I counted over 10 empty rooms, then after they placed him in a room he waited another hour. But they did diagnose him with two kidney stones.

Brad Sullivan

Alfretha Martin

Big Daddy

Worst hospital there is lost my leg cause of them doing a botched surgery on mine knee and claimed it was my fault got treated horribly doing my stay they cussed me and my family out didn’t get feed for 2 days cause the doctor didn’t know were I was

Marie Brewer

Forrest General Hospital is so busy making the hospital bigger to get more money they have lost sight in what the real meaning of taking care of people is! The employees are rude and could care less about you as a individual!

Damian Powe

Sudhakar Singh

I want to work in your organisation at Laboratory Technician job. I complete BSc medical lab technician

Arthur Mccastile

Beth Miller

I am Elizabeth Buffington. I had a heart Cath done yesterday. The staff and doctors were wonderful to me. Especially my nurse Josh. I asked my son for frozen yogurt after the procedure and Josh went and found some for me without my knowing. He is an angel an as well as efficient and caring in his job.

Tammy Bradberry

Raven Rhodes

Valentina Caldito


So much disrespect from a nurse. I was just outside waiting for my sister to get checked out and a nurse drug me out to have me wait in the waiting room. I know this is a policy but she didn't have to be rude about it.

Shaneatha Jefferson


I’d give zero stars to the ER department nursing staff leadership if I could! Serious Lack of communication and caring. Why would a non-trauma related ER visit of my elderly Dad take over 10 hours before admission? Why does a family member have to chase down nursing help? Why aren’t the monitors actually monitored? Why are cancer patients carted off to an infectious waiting area for goodness knows how long? Oh...because FGH doesn’t have a non-infectious area for patients awaiting ER care!l - yep that’s what we were told. I was present with my Dad...but my heart hurts for those ill and without an advocate- because if I hadn’t been present, I feel like my Dad would have been just another number and left in a cold ER room for hours with nobody checking on him and nobody paying any attention to his monitors. C.A.R.E. - This is posted ALL OVER the hospital and in tons of FGH facilities so they want patients and family members to believe they “C.A.R.E”...but when queried about what that first letter “C” stands for, even Nurse Heather couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. (I guess she’s in a position of authority - she certainly made it seem like she was a decision maker...yet she did nothing and took no action on my Dad’s behalf. However, to give due credit, the attending nurse did know...she just failed at it. FGH says they WILL: (..not they’ll ‘try’ ; not they ‘may’; but they WILL:) C - Communicate with Compassion and Courtesy A - Acknowledge and take Action R - Respect and Reassure the patient E - Empathize and Explain what is taking place. None of these things happened until after 6 hours of nothing..- I lost my cool! Then things started popping and Dad got some medical attention. Why does a family member have to bring these things to light? Also, PLEASE, someone teach younger nurses and techs about the elderly! Don’t rip tape off “old” skin!! Take care with our Older folks...they are precious! Please take the TIME needed not to cause undue bruises and hurts that sometimes turn to open sores. And for goodness sake.....practice C.A.R.E. Don’t just post it on the walls of your many fancy facilities and your website - some of us expect it and all of us deserve it. Important Note: the attending ER physicians, Imaging and Respiratory Therapists were responsive and’s the floor staff nurses and techs that seem a bit arrogant and lack compassion - they are too busy flirting and visiting/gossiping/arguing. I witnessed a nurse loudly argue with a disrespectful tech. It doesn’t take long for a reasonably intelligent person to figure out what these kids are up’s a hint: it’s NOT about the patient. ER Nurses Emerald and Brie deserve a break on this review...they displayed a caring nature and did seem concerned for their patient.

Debra Deese

My brother was in this hospital for a fall out of an oak tree. He fell a long way and was on the ground overnight before someone found him. He fractured his shoulder/arm, leg, and skull at the eye socket. He had to have surgery on the leg and arm and was confused that night. The staff let him get out of bed and fall again and that meant having surgery again. He was supposed to have a brace on but the whole time he was in there it was never applied properly but once. The care was terrible. I would go in to visit him & call for his nurse & they'd just turn the light off & not ask what he needed. Do not recommend this place.

john umstead

This is the 4th time since November 29, 2017 I have been at Forrest General as a patient. I have spent over 6 weeks in this hospital. For the most part I can only say good things about the doctors, nurses, techs, etc. However, there are a few nurses that leave a lot to be desired. They have horrible attitudes, they get angry if you ask them for anything and don't dare ask then for something for pain because they are going to let you know right away that they think you are a drug addict for even asking. My vascular surgeon had to get onto one of the nurses when I was here in January because he saw her response to me asking for pain meds. I had a bypass that time, in November I had two fasciotomies and this time I have had a leg amputation. So it's not like I came in for a hang nail and begging for drugs. Overall though, the doctors are courteous, most of the nurses are compassionate and the rest pf the crew is capable.

Bob Johnson

I'm a little torn on this Hospital they have had good service, but I have had bad experiences. I have had them check me in and see me then a few days later, call me for the bill. They said, "we no longer take your insurance". I asked them why wasn't I told this when I checked in. They said, "it is up to you to know". I don't see how that would be remotely correct since I have no way of knowing. All I could figure is they want me to ask everytime I walk in the door if my insurance is still accepted.

Dr. Tim Parker

Forrest General hospital emergency room has started a new way of treating emergency room patients. Once you go into the back to get your vitals, they will then make an assessment whether you go into a regular exam room like you used to in the emergency room or either put you in the hall of the emergency room Along with All the other people who have “smaller illness matters”. You will not be placed in the traditional exam rooms with a stretcher. The room has an exam table only. They never had me sit on the exam table but asked me to stayed in the wheel chair. Once in the hall you will sit in “chairs that are bolted to the wall” across from the nurses station for you to sit in, They will then come get you for xrays ect. When finished you sit back in the chairs bolted to the wall. They ask me to leave my sock off and shoe off while I waited in the hall with a lot of other people sitting beside you. It was ask why they did not put you in an exam room and they said it was so that those that are not being admitted to the hospital or more serious can get a room. I would encourage everyone not to go to Forrest General Emergency room unless you are having a heart attack. if you have a “non hospitalized matter such as a sprained ankle Go to immediate care or somewhere like that because you will get the same care there but Forrest General will charge you just like a old fashion emergency room fees but they have turned it into a clinic inside of the emergency room. You will pay less money at immediate care. Now You may possibly get in and out faster at Forrest General emergency room than you used to but you will pay a lot more. You will probably more than likely not see a regular MD but will see a nurse practitioner. . They will charge you for seeing the nurse practitioner just like you would have seen a certified medical doctor. They told me to elevate my foot and ice it. They did not give me an aspirin or Tylenol or anything for my pain. I was not impressed.

Joey Langley

That is the worst hospital that i have ever been in and i will never go back there

Sindi Holman

Saved one of my best friend's life when she was in a horrible car wreck back in February. They were awesome to her, her family, and her friends. Treated everyone amazing.

Marsha Mcnail

Had emergency surgery there. The stay was fine. However the billing/business office is horrendous. I was told that it was my choice to go to the ER. And, now I am being threatened with a lawsuit even though I was paying each month on the bill. I was not making the required payments.

Bridget Archer

gary hill

This place needs to be shut down. Slow isn't even the word. Does anyone around here work or do they just walk around with their thumbs up their asses?

Linda Stephens

The nursing staff was exceptional. The doctor "assigned" was not worthy of her MD. We arrived in the ER with Hematoma Blisters the size of XL Eggs on my DH's arm and after an hour, the bleeding started and wouldn't stop. 4 hours after that, we saw the first doctor and he was ok. I believe he tried to help Ray. Sadly, by the time my DH got a room, a 2nd E.R. Doctor had been assigned, Heather Richie, MD and this is when the nightmare started. My DH was on Coumadin, is 94 and had been bleeding for 3 hours straight. In her "infinite wisdom" she prescribed 2 suppositories as well as an oral laxative - for a 94 year old, with only half a colon, and already bleeding for 3 hours! This was done in the E.R. examination room. He had 24 hours of hellish bleeding from his anus and is still in pain 2 days later! And Heather Richie, MD, said "WE were over reacting!" She was rude, totally uncaring, refused to look at the blood that she had caused - the list goes on. And no, she didn't prescribe any creams for his comfort and he was never checked to see what damage might have been done to his 94 year old rectum. Every room as a card with C.A.R.E. on it - maybe "DR" Richie needs to read it sometime. And take "Bedside 101!" Please note, the nursing staff on the floor where Ray stayed for 3 days was excellent! It's just sad that one truly uncaring doctor can so ruin a hospital's reputation again.

susan sellers

How about a map of departments on your web site. the new women surgery center, the cardiac care, this hospital is so big is getting so i feel like cattle coming through.

Lamar Montgomery

Run away as fast as you physically possibly can Run in the opposite direction of forrest general hospital...or be prepared to be ignored of the issues that brought you there misdiagnosed and be told go see your primary doctor to get a real diagnosis and if you need pain MGMT meds to alleviate your pain... bahahaha...(DRUMROLL)...well they don't do call ins to pharmacy's (anymore)...and apparently they don't care that the reason your in there hospital is cause ur in PAIN and 8 on a scale to 10...they didn't even write up a work restrictions due to my pain...lite duty bedrest etc...the cost of my visit one days pay from work $250.00 $75 insurance copay which leaves me in worse shape now than before my decision to gamble with Forrest general hospital...they have nooooooooo business in health care

Ed Doty

Sitting here in the er now. Been here almost 3 and a half hours and all they have done is run an iv and check blood pressure. Was told 3 hours ago they would bring pain medication, staff seems very friendly but the speed at which things get done around here is laughable at best.

Chelsea Bryant

Brought my husband in because he has had a constant headache with little to no relief for 9 days now and fluctuating fever reaching over 103 at times for two weeks. The nurses staff and the male nurse we have had has been so sweet and accommodating. However, we got here at midnight. Its almost 4 am and still no sign of a doctor........... What? I thought this was an emergency room. Not a "I will get to it when I decide to pick them up" department. Otherwise I would've went somewhere else with quicker care service. The doctors need to get some pep in their step around here.

Russ Clement

records department were rude and insulted me after brain mysurgery

Sandra Jones

After months a frequent visits to other emergency rooms and doctors, I had my daughter taken to Forrest General. The nurses, radiologist, and Dr Lee Pace was wonderful. Dr Lee not only found my daughters problem, he took the time to explain what was going on and what she needs to do and not do. We need more doctors like Dr Lee Pace. Thank you Dr Lee

Kristen Smith

Never in my entire life have I encountered such poor, pitiful disregard for patient privacy and/or care. The insurance lady could be heard from my room with the door closed, about 20 feet away, verifying my insurance as loud as she possibly could, exposing my social security number, birth date and other vital information to anyone that could hear. This was absolutely unacceptable.

Meghan Perkins

I had the unfortunate pleasure of being seen by NP Blackledge. She can in the room with and attitude and continued the have one. She prescribed me medication without properly examining me. This has by far been the worst er visit I have experienced

Megan Henricks

Darlene Walker

The helpfulness of the staff.

Robert James

This is the worst hospital (in my opinion) in the state of Mississippi. Maybe the worst in the south. Everybody here acts as if they are better than the next. The way some of the nurses spoke to the patients and the techs; you would think they hold Evan Dillard's credentials (president of the hospital). But I digress. The ER is probably the worst area in this hospital. Some of the doctors and all of the nurses act as if they have something better to do versus saving someone's life! Need I remind you that you're the one who chose this profession?!

Renee Williamson

Worst hospital experience EVER!!! Beautiful, well-maintained facilities with most INCOMPETENT medical staff! Strongly contemplated calling for an UBER at 3am to leave. If I had not been so violently ill I would have!!!

Bob Rogers

Varris Kees

Horrible service and don't treat you for what you came in for. Waited for hours in pain. I was clearly dehydrated and they waited 2 hours before they started an IV. Pretty sure I had salmonella poisoning and they sent me home with nausea medicine and no diagnosis. Sent my payment to collection even though I was making monthly payment. I'll just go to an urgent care clinic or Wesley next time.

Rockstar SuperVillain

Was in the ER room for 3 hours before I was given pain med, which I had to repeatedly ask for. Not even narcotic level. Just Toradol for a kidney stone. This used to be standard procedure, coming here kidney stones isn’t new to me. I’ve now been told by my urologist to not bother with the ER. That I have better pain management meds at home.

Amy Easterling

Barbara Guidry

Not happy they would not listen to patients and they where to busy covering up highlands mistakes

Sheri Shoemaker

Very clean, private rooms (not shared, that I seen). Quality care. Allows family 24:7

Vanessa Cox

I'm having fake medical bills from this hospital show up on my insurance claims. That is insurance fraud and I'm willing to press charges. I've never been to this city and never been treated by one of its Dr's. Shame on them.

brady swinney

Prakash Rethe

Because of SOME ONE SPECIAL is working in this Hospital. Dr.Prakash Rethe ,INDIA

Shemecka Ducksworth

My grandmother has been spending time at this hospital due to renal failure and kidney failure. I love the way the doctors, nurses and staff attend to her.

Jesse Alford

This hospital management and Doctors are not professional, they don’t listen to you about your opinions. Housekeeping is the worst I have seen anywhere, not but a few nurses give a damn. Looks like everybody just trying to draw a check and that’s it! They need to either change management or shut it down.

Bob Silverstein

Worst hospital ever! Told me to come back the next after a wreck with with semi if I happened to me in more pain. Went back, NP basically told me I was lying to get pain pills. I demanded a drug test and asked them to watch, what do ya know clean a whistle. these doctors and nurses are jokes to say the least.

Jennifer Curtis

They were all very inexperienced

Bethany Watkins

The worst night of my life.... I came to the hospital at 5:30pm on Feb. 21, 2017 and didn't leave until 12:30pm the next day. I sat in the waiting room with my mom until 11:30pm, when they finally decided to get my mom back to a room. Then, after the test at 1:30am, they decided to admit her into the hospital. Then, I went to the nurses desk at 2:30, and they told me that they won't have her a room until 7:00am in the morning. At 7:30am, they said that they would have a room soon.Then, at 9:15am, the surgery doctor came in to tell us that my mom wasn't going to be admitted. Then, my mom and I tried to find out why. At 12:00pm, after talking to the doctor, they decided to unamit her,and told us to go to Highland Hospital to do her surgery. So, I will never come back to Forrest ever agian. Also, they told my mom at 10:00am this morning that she could only have ice cips, but then at 12:00pm she could have whatever she wanted. (BTW she is diabetic, and they know that)

emily cobb

I am from out of state and this was the WORST er visit In my entire life, I am pregnant and went in due to severe sickness and pain on the left side of my body. I sat in the waiting room for 4 hours and when I was finally brought back it took another 2 hours to speak with anyone. A doctor never came into my room only nurses. The nurses were terribly confused and misinformed. One would say one thing then the other would come in and say something totally different. One nurse told me they stoped using a specific medicine due to birth defects then the other nurse prescribed me the medication the other RN had told me not to take. Then the RN that told me it was dangerous completely changed his story and said he wasn't sure if it caused birth defects or not. I was never given anything for pain and they gave me a catheter even though I was fully capable of getting up and using the restroom. They didn't do all the labs they were suppose to do. They failed to mention the part where I have anemia and they weren't ever planning on giving me an ultrasound to make sure everything was good with the baby until I demanded one. The lady that transported me to ultra sound was unbelievably rude she told me my fiancé was not allowed to come with me and see our baby and she refused to give me an answer as to why. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she told me she would get right on it and then never returned. I wasn't allowed to see my baby on the ultrasound and when the nurse came in to tell me about the results she informed me I had a cyst on my ovary which was causing the pain, never told me how big it was or how to treat it or what not to do, if it could be harmful to myself or the baby, and she gave me no information at all on the status of my baby. No heart beat nothing. I had to return the next day and get my medical records to find out anything! I've never been so mislead and so disrespected at a hospital in all of my life. I am so thankful I am from out of state and do not have to deliver my baby here honesty I'm not even sure they are capable. My sister in law had her 9 yo daughter here and the nurse inverted her medicine. Gave her way too much of a certain medication and not enough of another she ended up having an hour long contraction and when she confronted the nurse she told her that it was normal. She put the life of my sister in law and niece in danger. So patients beware if you can go to Wesley general hospital I strongly recommend it. UPDATE: 1/03/16: so I have since returned to NC and checked in with the emergency department at UNC Johnston medical. Not only were the doctors shocked when I told them about the care I received I was also severely misinformed. Not only did I mention several times that I felt like I was having problems with my blood pressure but from time to time I experienced dizziness hotness ringing and muffled sounds in the ear shaking and trouble breathing. The doctors at UNC Johnston discovered I have low blood pressure 74/50 anemia and also a heart murmur. They told me there was no reason other than incompetence that they missed all these things. Also I had told them that a few weeks before I had a UTI which I had taken antibiotics for, they utterly failed to check a urine sample before they gave me an unneeded catheter. Which either brought on another UTI or worsened the one I had before causing me severe lower back pain. The doctors at UNC explained everything to me and took time to make sure they looked into every detail of what I had told them about my symptoms. It just goes to show the complete lack of care that I received at Forrest Genral

Garrett Foulon

Lisa Lee was very unfriendly.

Belinda Walters

I have had great care until this time. This section of the 3rd floor staff does't do their jobs my Mom was here for a couple of days and she never received her medicine. My husband is here now and we have to chase the staff down most of the time because they don't answer their pages. I keep finding them outside on the cross walk. Last month my husband was in the hospital twice both times he was put in the 3rd floor and was treated great it just seems like the ones in the 3300's don't care about doing their jobs and some are even rude.

C Col

I am at the er since 130 am and have not seen a doctor. I'm dehydrated and was not offer anything for my pain. Don't come to Forrest general unless u live being done like an animal

Keven Sumrall

Nick Arceneaux

Tanicka Ally

Some of the staff were very nice but the hospital inside look like a trash box in need of a good cleaning


FGH sucks. Waited over 4 hours with a 4y.o. who had 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Was sent by after hours doctor for documentation with social worker. But they don't know what to do. Ignorant people. I'm an RN of 21 years and embarrassed for the medical profession. Should have called police to document abuse. Never saw doctor. Never again. Sick sick sick. Nurse gave us over counter med. and I guess felt sorry and let us. Didn't offer Motrin or Tylenol for pain. Good thing I'm educated and know how to tend to the child. It's sad the department people need most in emergency situations is so uncaring and indifferent to people. I'm glad when I stand before God He'll know I treated His children with care and respect like they deserve.

Brandee Elizabeth

if i could give this place ZERO STARS!!! i would! im PREGNANT and my JOB sent me here because they thought i was having a miscarriage and i also have kidney problems, which i let them know ahead of time. it took FIVE hours, for one lady to come in and ask if i’m comfortable during my visit. im so disgusted, my room is DISGUSTING, my sheets have blood on them, floors terribly dirty, it took them THREE tries to get blood from my arm and i’m a bleeder (which i let them know) and she poked me hard and my blood went everywhere!!!! she threw the sheets on the floor and walked out and never brought me a new blanket. i was not checked on once, nobody asked how i was feeling, when i confronted the staff on my issues, i was told i have a fever so nobody could bring me a blanket or pillow nobody told me anything. fact is, when they took my temperature, my temperature was 98.1, which is in fact normal body temperature. so i was lied to, the lack of communication here is honestly atrocious and i wouldn’t recommend ANYONE coming here. my cousin delivered her baby here and had the same experience regarding the lack of communication and dirty room. my best friend had to chase down a nurse just to tell them someone needed to see her boyfriend who had broke his arm. ridiculous. i hope this place gets SHUT DOWN.

Samantha Madden

Been there a lot wonderful experience

Tcxas Tough

My father was in horrible condition from an overdose and it took up to three hours for the EMERGENCY medics to actually come into the room to treat him. He almost died.

Megan Metcalfe

I have mixed feelings about Forrest General. The first time I showed up at their ER I spent 5 hours waiting to see someone and ended up leaving. A few months ago though I went to the ER with severe stomach pains and was seen immediately. I was prepped for surgery within a few hours and by 4 o'clock that afternoon I was settled in a hospital room. The staff was so nice and did everything they could to ensure that I was comfortable.

Buddy Lee

Worst experience ever. No matter the situations. I Went to ER and the whole process was rushed. The nurse/doctor was rude and seem careless. I wasn't given anything for my pain, just a prescription for something that could've been bought otc. More than one occasion from friends and family, same results.

Eva Russell

I was in a horrible car wreck last year. Honestly, if it weren't for this hospital, I'm sure I wouldn't have made it through. I lost all of my blood, and was in critical condition. I've also had tremendous support after I had my last surgery at the beginning of this year. The only thing I found wrong with this hospital is the moment when they kicked me out of the hospital 2 weeks after I had my accident when they were supposed to put me in an inpatient rehab. I understand my reason for not having insurance at the time, because for some absurd reason, health insurance is a requirement for almost everything. At the same time, they didn't even try to help me get on Medicaid/SSI or anything like that, claiming I had to be pregnant to qualify for Medicaid (which I know is bologna). Other than that, this seems like a hospital full of professionals who knows how to do their job. I wish every hospital was the same way.


This review excludes their labor and delivery unit and NiCu. Both of those parts of the hospital are excellent, but this review is for the ER. This hospital has always struggled with their ER for as far back as I can remember and I was born and raised here. Went to the ER at 4am for severe abdominal pain a week after having a baby at their hospital. 10 hours later I was still sitting in a room waiting on results to, what I am almost positive, was an uneccessary CTscan. After waiting so long for them to come get me for the CTScan I decided to say to hell with it and not get the CT scan and just go home. Once I rang the nurse and told her to have some one come take the iv out so I could leave, they magically showed up to take me to get the (uneccessary) scan. Wouldn't want to lose that money I guess. After all these "tests" I asked for a tylenol for pain. Never got it. I literally asked 4 different people for a friggin' tylenol and never received one. CTscan that you probably don't need? SURE! Tylenol that you definitely need? Keep dreaming. 10 hours later, I still had not seen nor heard from my nurse or Dr. About my results before I finally had enough. Mind you I have a 1 week old infant at home that I am her food source and this hospital just took 10 hours of time away for NO REASON because I still didn't have a clue as to what was wrong with me when I left. Waste. Of. Time. I grabbed the first nurse I saw, asked her to take out my IV, and left with the same damn pain I came in with. It was laughable and infuriating. It was like they were children playing hospital. If you can make it to Wesley, go there instead. Forest General's ER is a joke.

Emily Bowen

This is the WORST hospital I am flying back home to North Carolina 11 weeks before my due date to avoid having to have my son at this hospital full of incompetent medical staff. THE ER IS THE WORST ER IVE EVER BEEN TO IN MY LIFE

Miya R

Horrible u have to keep callin to ask them to do one small thing then when they do they have an attitude. Never enough workers. Unorganized. If u have sick love one plzz go somewhere on the coast..!!

Brad Deese

The care here has declined so much in the years since i was here last. My wife is a patient here and its so pitiful that they bring the exact same meal for dinner that you had at lunch. You call for assistance and if you get the nurse its been no less than a 45 minute wait. Better hope its not a life or death situation unless you have your affairs in order. But I will bet my life that the price of the care hasnt decreased. Its just sad..

Maddie Chaisson

Harold Bazor

This is a Hell Hole I was in the Hospital for a few days and the E R was very good i went in by a ambulance they were very efficient, then I was admitted it was very nice and I was treated well for a day or so then it all changed. My case was given to a dr jabber he is one of the rudest dr i have ever had the displeasure of ever dealing with run away as fast as you can

DDR Trucking LLC

Pitiful service after waiting 2 hours in the waiting room they call me to the back along with another lady. They place her in her room first then decided they where short handed so sent me back to the waiting room. Then 5 mins later rolls another patient out the waiting room to the back. I am in pain and very disappointed. I guess it’s another 2 hours for me smh!!!

Rachel Von Rebelle

Had to go for two emergency stays and the staff was exceptional.

Joshua Taylor

Snow Man

This place sucks. Besides for the occasional good nurse, Forrest General Hospital would be on par with a 3rd world country. This hospital doesn't offer anything as far as the opioid crisis is concerned. Board o' directors making that money tho


The worst hospital I've ever been to, say in emergency waiting room for 3 hours watching my mother cry due to severe pain in her stomach area while people who came in after us went ahead of us

phoenix musgrove

My 6yr old sister has been there for hours and hasn't had anything done!! Its 2am and I know yall arnt busy!!!! Your reviews are awful and yall really need to get it together!!!! Yall are suppose to be a sanitized caring place helping people nothing otherwise!

rayquan Sanders

They left people in the waiting room forover five hours in pain its like they make u feel like a animal

Jesselyn Hancock

My son was in the NICU here and the nurses are absolutely AMAZING. I will love them forever. I will not have my children any where else! I love Forest General. They take such great care of you!

Andrew Gillim

Has really great service and caring staff. At least they don't abuse you like Wesley.

Nick Hutto

This is one of the worst emergency rooms in the United states. 2 different nurses lied to us, stating that our room was being cleaned when in fact they didn't have a room available. Why lie? I hate that this is the only place close by to receive emergency care.

Tammy Trunnell

They have really came a long way... The staff is really nice n helpful

Pat Adcox

In with broken hip for one month . Treated with kindness, professionalism from Dr. to nurses to Nurses aides, and all affiliated personnel. i’d recommend FGH to any who asks.

Annie Heathcock

My boyfriend and his father went to the hospital the day after thanksgiving. They were working on a car and it rolled off of the jack resulting in the rotor falling on the inside of his left shin. His father came to attempt to pull the car off his son resulting him to hurt his back. They were both taken to Forrest General Hospital where my boyfriend only had X-rays taken and sent home with 12 pain killers (taking around about 5 hours) and his father not even seeing a single doctor, walked out because of his pain and proceeded to Wesley where he was in and out in almost half the time it took to even get him in a room at Forrest General not to mention that his fathers L1 and L2 were fractured and his L4 and L5 were herniated... he was obviously in need of medical attention. FGH needs to re-evaluate their ideas of good service and find a way to become a better hospital, not only to better serve the people who trust them with their lives but also show us individuals that we CAN trust them with our lives... this experience was the worst medical experience they have ever had. I only give one star to share my review in my opinion they deserve none.


The ER Not That Great My Last visit!A Lot Of Standing Around Is What The Staff Are Doing At Forest General E R ! They got some good Doctors And staff though.

Brian Cuevas

Billing department has no knowledge of what anyone is billed for when asked for a "detailed" explanation of what was done all they give is what doctors were used and the amount owed. DO NOT PAY THEM A DIME FOR ANYTHING THAT YOU OWE! Force them to give details about what procedures and treatment was done. We had a bill for chapstick at a cost of $35 for 1 tube. NO WONDER INSURANCE IS SO EXPENSIVE THIS HOSPITAL HAS A SCAM RUNNING!

Tonja Wiles

WORST in terms of getting patients gifts delivered to their rooms timely. Can take days regardless of when they receive and sign for the item. Save your money and hand deliver otherwise your paid for merchandise will sit in a room until the gift shop decides they can get around to it. Horrible!!! Unprofessional, unorganized chaos. So uncaring!!!

layla owens

Jamie Foster

-1... Deplorable. Happy 65th birthday.

Chastity Smith

Asking for everyone's prayers. I'm with my best friend , she's been very sick for awhile. I love you Mona

D 3

My husband has been patient here he received good care in ICU but that's the only place after you leave ICU you are pretty much on your own. Night shift staff must sleep all night, they sure don't provide care for patients.

Dillon Ryland

leigh clark

Chris Hernandez

David Housley

Look I have lived here all of my life my wife had both of our beautiful daughters here without any trouble you people are rating this hospital on just your Emergency room visits if you are pregnant and are having problems you don't go to the ER you go straight to the labor and delivery floor where they are experienced with pregnant women and of course if you go to a different hospital afterwards telling them all this stuff then they are going to go above and beyond expectations for you so you won't go around talking about them I agree the ER visits do take longer than they should but that's only one all section of this huge hospital

Larry Carraway

Instead of treating my 5 yr old daughter for ear ache they preached to my wife about driving in the rain good thing daddy wasn't there mom to easy going I will be there next time for sure

Princess Atkinson

I have been going to Forrest General Hospital for ten years and I wouldn't choose any other hospital over them. The Best Thanks to Forrest General hiring the best.

Marilyn Ackerman

They discharged my husband from the ICU straight home with NO Home Health Care, 6 days later he was back in the ICU near death. He was also mistreated in their Dialysis Unit. If there was any other choice, I would not go here again.

Amy Nobles-Schmidt

Not bad compared to Wesley!! Going to Wesley made me realize how professional FGH is!

ashley parsons

I’m confused seeing these bad reviews! I took my 23 month old baby to the er he was sick (terribly )the nurses and staff treated us great! All you want when you take your child to a hospital or doctor is for them to be taking care of like a mother would take care of her child and these ladies did that! From the moment we walked in all the way to discharge everyone went above and beyond to help us and i’m greatful for that! I slept a lot better knowing my child had been taking care of the next night ! Thank you er nurses





My husband and I took our elderly grandmother to the ER for unusual changes in behavior and personality. She was taken right back, vitals done and then had to get up and go to the nurses station several times. No call button in room. It is typical that you can't eat or drink however she is diabetic and was 2AM. 3 hours latter the last time I went to the nurses station I refused to leave the station until the nurse physically got up and came to check her sugar. It was 40 before they desided to give her juice and gram crackers to try to bring it up and a total of 4 and a half hours before we even saw the addmittance doctor. At 3AM we were told that she would be moved to the stroke word on the 9th floor as precaution. However we we came back to visit she was not in the room number or even on the 9th floor and we were not notified of the change. Her behavior still has not improved when we went to see her. We did speak with her nurse, the sitter in her room and the dorctor who did come immediately to speak with us about her care. Who informed us that it they could not get to the MRI brain scan until Monday because they are waiting to clear up a uti that is partially part or her confusion so she can be more conherent at sitting still. We took her on Friday at 9pm, it is now Sunday and as of yet it still is not ran to determine her irregular behavior.

Merlin Davis

David Lawler

Morgan Lee

Wayne Bernard

Too many patients per tech Not enohjjjbbh

ryan justus

This place is a joke my girlfriend went here had pain in her stomach couldn't eat or drink the nurse came out said she" was fine" if she was so fine why can't she eat or drink this place is a stupid pitiful lame excuse for a joke of a hospital

Marlie Cooley

My sister went to the ER. She hot there at 5:30 PM. She had to wait until 11:30 am the following day to get a room.

Ian santa Smith

My sister is having her first baby girl I call down there to check up on her due to the icy weather the roads are closed and her phone is off so I'm concerned they answer and I ask about her they tell me her room number and end the call .. I thought they would atleast connect me to the room but they hung up on me so I get my friend to call they keep hanging up on her and now they won't even answer her calls ..

Dianne Breakfield

The wait is far too long and the staff seems rushed

Heather Ainsley

I Just Like The Name!

Hannah Madonna

I went in to the ER with horrible chest pains and wound up having to have my gall bladder removed. I was able to go in that same day. Everything went really well, the nurses (all except one) were great. I haven't had any problems and apparently I reeeeally needed the surgery because I felt so, so, so much better afterwards. My only problem was that I had a panic attack when they put the IV in (I'm super scared of needles) and the nurse was VERY exasperated with me. But it was the ER and I'm a grown woman so I can understand lol.

daniel decker

Kristy Hutto

Yet another ER that doesn't care about helping anyone, just get them in and out without an answer . And the MD or NP, she never introduced herself , was a blooming idiot with a God complex that wouldn't listen. I'm sick of these types of providers.

Virginia Means

Dionne Cage Fashion

My cousin was shot in the head and they did no operation and no doctor was seen for a couple of days only nurses!! Finally the doctor comes in and says my cousin had no chance, however he had a heart beat, he was moving and all vitals were stable!! Considering I had a friend that survived a gun wound to the head, I would say this place did not provide my cousin a fighting chance. This is the worst hospital in the WORLD!

Nimesh Patel

This review is on behalf of my uncle. He got hit by a vehicle and was transported to the hospital via ambulance. Once he arrived he was only given an X-ray and no other medical treatment for the injuries on his face, arm, chest/side area and leg/foot. He was told to have a specialist treat the wounds. He was discharged without any treatment of the wounds. What an embarrassment to FGH.

C. Newman

I had a terrible experience at The Professional Enhancement Program (PEP). It is part of Pine Grove which is a division of Forrest General. Though Pine Grove has a drug rehab, they do not use evidence based medical therapy for opioid addiction. On the other hand they treat sexual disorders as addiction, which is not evidence based. There isn't even a DSM5 diagnosis for "sexual addiction". In other words, the place isn't committed evidence based medicine. My experience turned into a nightmare. I transferred out in Jan.2017. During the transfer I contacted the patient advocate. I had been given the "sex addiction" label and wanted it removed. As mentioned, it's not a DSM-5 diagnosis. My complaint simply went back to my therapist, Dr.Bennett, who wouldn't remove it. I got retested at a facility unaffiliated with a sex rehab.. You guessed sexual compulsion or addiction. PEP almost drove me over the edge, even insinuating I would end up in jail. They used poorly worded polygraph questions to confirm their hypothesis. The worst was " have you ever had a fantasy about a patient"? How can a person say they have never done something? I didn't know up from down...I was going insane. Bad science and polygraph are a dangerous combination. Much of my therapy after leaving centered around what occurred at PEP. Though still troubled by the experience, my life instantly improved when I left. May of 2019 will mark 6 years of sobriety. I've not gone to jail. In fact, I was made department chair in 2018 and expect to serve again. I feel an obligation to warn others about the PEP program. I wrote a more thorough review in Pine Groves google page.

Chris Brewer

This place thinks their the best but their the worst...just wanting something to charge you or your ins company for...they dont care bout the patients ..and rude as hell and stand around talking. .

Jenny Smith

I was there around this time last year. The nurses were wonderful and kind. The ER staff being the best ever. I had heart problems and a gull bladder that needed removing. 3 days later I was home and almost in top shape! The surgeon was awesome , and anesthesiologist was very good too. The Nurses on the floor were caring and helpful! I was treated like royalty. TYVM Forrest General!

Crystal Green

We came to the ER Sunday around 5:30pm, there wasn't much of a wait until we got into the ER room were we stayed until about 4am. However in this time frame the nurses & doctor was in and out running test and keeping my fiance with IV drip & other meds that were much needed. They admitted him, the rooms were full so he had to wait. While we waited the nurses even got my fiance a sub from subway (bec the cafeteria was closed). The first area he was put was the 2nd floor TAD unit and the nurses here were Very Nice and Very Caring! We spent 1 night there the next day got moved up to the 7 floor, again the nurses and doctor were great! Couldn't ask for better, caring staff!

Mary Overstreet

Teran Bonds

Carla Mahatoo

Ardena Gillman

My mom had been here on several occasions! They saved her life!

Christopher Kottemann

STAY AWAY!!! We normally go to another ER in town but decided to bring our daughter to FGH....huge mistake! Our 16 month old had been throwing up and had a fever of 102.3 and was in pretty bad shape. I give this review a 1 because we got into a room very quickly and was seen by a nurse right away. The nurse didn't listen very well, then told us she was going on break and would be back in 40 minutes. For the next 2 and a half hours we heard or saw noone. They didn't even come to check my daughter's temp or administer fever reducer. I had to ask someone to come check on her. The original nurse shows up with an order for tests and said she was surprised the doctor hadn't came in yet...3 hours waiting now. Then another nurse comes in and says she was taking our daughter for a chest x-ray...we hadn't even seen the doc and our daughter did not have congestion but was going to get an x-ray? We refused and asked for the Dr. We finally saw the Dr. and after looking at her said she had an ear infection and sore throat. When the nurse came to administer the shot she stuck it in my daughter's thigh, my daughter moved and the needle came out then she jabbed it back in while my daughter was kicking...needles to say my daughter's leg was swollen and brusied. HORRIBLE INCOMPETENT STAFF!!!!! Can't say for sure but both the Dr. and nurse may have been on some kind of drug. After 6 Hours!!!!!!??? we got to go home. Went to our pediatrician next day and he said her ears were fine. Just a bad viral infection. Holy smokes Batman, what a joke. I know only a little about medicine but I could run that ER better with the 3 stooges. DO NOT GO TO THIS ER!!!!!

Lillian James

Horrible. Doctors ran test after test on my mother just to bill Medicare and Medicaid. Did not care about her care. Then wanted to release her before helping her get well. Techs were lazy and did not want to do their jobs. .The social worker tried to threaten me about having to pay my mom's medical bills. I would not recommend this hospital. Will ask to go to Wesley if needed again. ROOM was dirty. I cleaned my mother and the room when I was there. This hospital need to train their staff on compassion esp. for the elderly.

Landon and conner


Shut this place down ASAP! So a friend of mine works in a lab where they work with mites and was infected on the job. These little bugs are crawling all over her so she's swatting and jerking, like most people with bugs on them. She explain s this to the Nurse and Doctor and they basically tell her she must be a meth addict. They didn't even take the time to look at the area she was complaining about. As a reminder, we're talking mites which means you can't see them from a large distance and they didn't even want to come near her. Even if they didn't believe her at all and thought she was a drug addict, they should've done their job and actually look. What type of meth head only asks for antibiotics? These were the most judgemental POSes I have ever encountered. They then start mocking her and basically calling this microbiologist a liar and saying there's no way she works in a lab.

Dan Cheney

Artemio Ibarra

Floor was filthy, fingernails, old bandage by bed, trash in corner. Over 2 hours and still haven't seen Dr. I miss my hospital back home. They have a guarantee to be seen by a Dr in less than 30 minutes or everything is free. New ownership made those changes. Ok the visit cost did go up, but it's well worth not having to wait hours to be seen

Vivian Longmire

DO NOT GO TO THIS ER!! GO TO WESLEY MEDICAL CENTER! I got to the ER at 11pm with chest pains. No one seemed to be concerned in any way, even though they have signs posted to let them know if you do. I stood in the hallway for 15 minutes before I was called back to what I guess is the triage. The girl who took my vitals was extremely rude, she didn't say one word to me the entire time while she got my vitals. What ever happened to bedside manner?? I don't even know her name because she wasn't wearing a name badge. Actually, there was not one persons badge that I could read because they didn't have one, or it was turned around. At that point I was shown to the waiting room where I waited SEVEN HOURS TO BE SEEN! In what world is it acceptable to have to wait 7 hours in the waiting room at the ER?? I kept being told, "I don't know what to tell you" when I asked how much longer it was going to be. There were even people being seen that got there after I did. No explanation as to why I was having to wait so long. I had to lose my cool for anything to be done and once I was finally seen all the nurse and doctor could tell me was, "yeah I know I'm sorry" when I asked why I had to wait for so long. After all of this they were not able to even tell me why I was in pain. I left the ER in the same amount of pain I showed up in at 9:30am. Ten and a half hours at the ER, and no answers.?! This is by far the worst hospital I've EVER been to and I will NEVER go back!

John Gallemore

I have been to Forrest General hospital multiple times and I am still going through the same thing when I get an ivc filter in and the doctors say my blood clots are still the same really no changes

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