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REVIEWS OF Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi IN Mississippi

elton mayes

Joey Gullick

Great hospital.

Ryan Grisham

Jareba Henderson

The hospital is beautiful but the staff is not friendly!!!They really need to work on the whole ER staff..


I had heard some rumors that BMH in Oxford, MS was not a good treatment center. Long waiting times in the ER and cranky Doctors and Nurses, made any visit seem like a bad day coming. But in reality the exact opposite proved true. I went through a time in life, where I needed several hospitalizations. I was literally depending on this hospital to save my life. And thats exactly what they did and in such a compassionate way, that I can honestly say that I am grateful for Baptist Memorial Hospital-North. Today I am doing much better now and I know that this community hospital made that possible. Thank you! UPDATE; The new hospital is located on Belk Blvd, between Lamar and Old Taylor Rd.

Bryr Banton

Lisa Caldwell

L Merrell

While out of town on vacation my sister was admitted to the hospital resulting in a double amputation. After many daily attempts to speak with a doctor and sometimes a nurse was effortless. After many left messages to have to doctor contact me the emergency contact NOT one call was returned it is day four already. Sad on the part of the hospital. My concern is has so many individuals lost their live for their craft and are just seeking a paycheck at the expense of sick people who are at their mercy. I'm understanding more and more why so many people are opting for holistic medicine and natural herbs. Lord have mercy on those who fall in the hands of those uncaring individuals.

Stephanie Griffis

The doctor didn't know what he was talking about. Made me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about. Wouldn't take my dead dog there! Took 4 hours just for a bladder infection!

George Kendall

david mcminn

Candy Mcgee

This was my first name visiting the newly built hospital. My experience was extremely poor and horrible. The doctor started off tell me too go to a OBGYN before even attempting to help me. The doctor rushed out without listening to all my conditions. I left confused, disappointed, &with no help or answers. Only a fat doctor bill for a waste of time. Its a just a sad case all our tax dollars wasted on a newly built hospital with poor assistance and insensitive doctors.

Dennis Bramlett Jr

Chase Brown

Felicia Y

Kim Bramlitt

As I sitting here in the family waiting room, I’m over hearing the supposedly professional nursing staff sitting at the desk discussing why my daughter chose to be NO PUB. First of all.. it’s none of your damn business! Your job is to care for these patients, not meddle in their business nor put your 2 cents worth in. Maybe it’s nurses like you that cause the public to disregard the importance of the nursing profession. Shame on you and hopefully your family will NEVER be as disrespected as you have caused others to be and feel!!

andrea taylor

Hal Landrum

Adel Adel

So disappointed with my recent visit to the ER. The floor was so dirty and there was dust around the bed. I feel like that rooms should be cleaned and mopped after each sick person who enters. There were pieces of paper on the floor, there was also a stain on the sheets which I couldn’t get a picture of because I had seen it right before I left and nurses were in the room. Nasty.

Johnny Wolfe

I, my boyfriend and sister brought our brother and his girlfriend here after they had just been in a seriously bad car wreck and the nurse “JUDY” was EXTREMELY RUDE! She treated us all very poorly and got a tone with us, ignored the fact my brothers nose and finger was broken and blood was everywhere on him and his girlfriend couldn’t even feel her fingers and limped with blood everywhere Once my brother and his girlfriend were in the rooms being checked out I overheard her gossiping to the other nurse and random people about everything. This hospital needs to take employees like this as a serious problem and replace them as a hospital is made to TREAT people not GOSSIP, BE RUDE, or anything else that involves treating patients poorly, having an attitude problem, rude tone of voice, and talking to others about something that is none of your business unless your treating the patients and even then their information including STORY is confidential and no ones business!

Larry Covington

I'm truly puzzled by the negative reviews that this NEW hospital has been getting. My family has ALWAYS been treated with LOVE AND respect. DOCTORS AND NURSES HAVE BEEN TOP NOTCH. I've been in hospitals all over the South and southwest and Baptist in Oxford is WONDERFUL. Also cudos to the ER! THANKS FOR YOUR DEDICATION AND CARING. LARRY COVINGTON

Theo Bacuetes

If i could rate less i would. They sent me out of the er with a heart rate of 185 (danger of heart attack) because they thought i was drug seeking despite me telling them repeatedly i didnt want opioids or anything similar. A week later i was puking so much blood i needed transfusion. The clinic i went to discovered the heart rate and ulcers causing the internal bleeding and puking were caused by a severe allergic reaction to an anti nausea med that this er Gave Me More Of.

Holly Kelley

I have found the people and employees great. My family and friends have been to ER and the service has been wonderful. The cafeteria has great food. I have been impressed.


box map

Jared Baker

This is going to be an amazing new hospital for Oxford!

Jerrymon wexler

Great salad bar in the cafeteria. I was very impressed with the quality of the emergency room and the way I was treated.

Steven Barlok

Best hospital I've ever been to and I've been to hospitals in Atlanta and San Diego. Most everyone here jokes around with me and we have a good time. I would recommend this hospital to go to or to work at. I have friends that work here and they say they love working here. Thanks, Steve

Bella Simpson

I was born here :)

Brandon Brown

Laurel Arrington

Linda Thompson

The new hospital sucks. The doctors and specialist are great. Most all lab people are professional and don't mind helping. Most of the nurses quietly and professionally go about their work, but really don't want to do non medicine

Kathy Caine


I cannot believe how much the patient care has gone down in the past few years. Nursing care has declined and some of the nursing staff are very arrogant and surprisingly uncaring. My father was a patient and passed pure blood in his catheter for several days before we were able to get anyone to do anything about it. One nurse told me that it was not unusual when I voiced concerns about it. Not surprising, my father ended up having to get 2 units of blood afterward. It is like they don't care and I have been a nurse myself before some of them were born. I must give praise also to some of the nurses because their care was outstanding and they went above and beyond in his care. The nurses in the ICU3 were very caring not only for the patient but also for our family. The hospitalists have been amazing, especially Dr. Wall. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the names of the nurses who were amazing, just the ones who weren't.

Dorothy Jordan

My daughters doctor broke her clavicle. They didn't even give us a decent pacifier to help soothe her through the pain, and wrapped her too tight. She was changing colors and my husband noticed. We loosened her wraps as much as possible until another doctor came in and we brought it to her attention. She said this is too tight, yes, after my husband had loosened the wrap, it was still too tight. The doc fixed the wrap and asked for her pacifier. We gave her the bottle cap with tape on the bottom to her. She said what is this? We told her that's what they gave us. To top that off, I went in yesterday for chest pain, bowel problems, breathing problems that occurred every few minutes that was causing my pulse to drop. They gave me to radon which is a med that people with blood clotting disorders shouldn't take. Yes, I told Dr. Heath about my blood clotting disorder. Nurse practitioner Young knew as well. I'm still having the shortness of breath. Lack of pain is not stopping that, which according to them was suppose to. The hospital was once the best, so I thought. They prescribed me a valium and said the pain was causing me anxiety. I told the nurse that I didn't have any worries when I came in. I took it, and guess what? The breathing and dry cough persisted. I'm not a lab rat nor is my child. I just want to find a facility that has staff that truly care for people and helping them get better. I left the hospital with 155/95 blood pressure. When I came in, it was 129/85 . They put on my discharge paper that my end blood pressure was 117/80 . Now who is suspect? If you don't care for people, the medical fields that involve dealing with people should be treated like leprosy, stay away. We pay our money for high insurance. The least you can do is treat us correctly, literally.Kalvin was a great nurse. He was a nice size guy, but showed the most concern over anyone. I saw Dr. Heath once, he just stood there and looked at me. Dr. Young only touched me when I was showing her where my chest pain was. We did not see Dr. Heath but once. NP Young actually told me what they thought was wrong with me with the door wide open, violating my hippa rights. She didn't even walk into the room, she kind of hung onto the door.

Angie Dickens

James Mcleroy

Allen Leache

This place treated my dying 97-year old mother disgracefully. It has an extremely arrogant culture. Strange for such a mediocre place. All the Bible quotes on display must be for marketing purposes only.

Ashley Dillard


Audrey Westmoreland

They are off of time. They do not have enough nurses. The doctors are horrible.

Chip Hatfield

My wife had to have an outpatient surgery. Per the doctors office/hospital, we were to be here at 0530. The hospital called and preregistered so they had all the admission info before we got here. On arrival, were asked for insurance info one more time, (dont think it changed since day before). Then off to waiting room to wait there until 0630. On arrival at room we asked the nurse w hy so early. Was told the majority didnt get here until 0700 and would be 0730 before taken back. Come on people

Donna Beavers

I love oxford Baptist, they have a great staff that cares for you , everyone is very friendly, and some awesome doctors. Dr. Cole is my doctor and he is the best, I recommend him to anyone.

J Hutch

5+ stars hospital. The best

Terri Hovious

The nurses have been very kind and attentive. However, after 10 the nurses aren't always informed about my husband's needs. ALSO, I went down to the cafe at 1pm today (saturday) and there was NOTHING OUT!! No salad bar, nothing but rice and a couple of scraggly pieces of chicken. No cashier, what the heck are families to do??

Gregory Hicks

The nurses on the 5th floor are nothing but rude as a majority and halfway down their jobs. My pain medications are "as needed" but yet when I request them it takes at times up to 4 hours to receive any of my prescribed pain medications. My nurse tonight is Katherine and she obviously has no desire to comfort others with their poorly dressed bandages or anything else for that matter. I would rather travel to another city in search of medical treatment than to ever come here again.

George McGuire

Absolutely terrible service in their financial department. Went in for an x-ray and they claimed my insurance was expired. I had to call my insurance company in front of them and confirm that it was not expired. They then accepted my insurance, I paid my co-pay and left. Two weeks later I got a collections letter stating I owed the full amount for the visit and also stating that I had selected self pay and had not provided insurance. This was absolutely not the case, as I had provided my insurance information and confirmed that it was active in front of them. I had to manually provide my insurance information with the collections folks and am waiting to hear back to make I don't get any more BS $700 bills from this visit. On top of all this the nurses were exceedingly rude. I would highly recommend avoiding this hospital at all costs.


This is the most inept example of hospital care i've ever experienced.. i came to the er after having gotten my finger caught in a coffee grinder . The triage staff here is absolutely deplorable . They genuninely do not care about the patients . I was in triage for less than 90 seconds before being sent back out to main lobby area, after waiting an additional 20 mins my son asked how long it would be before i'm seen. The front desk person said "we're packed , its going to be a looong wait" 10 mins later , the triage nurse comes out and says " if its bothering you that much , we can cover it up with a band aid..".. .. do not go to this place, you would have better luck with a veternarian.

Oso A


josh smith

Their staff and attitude needs work

Octavia Johnson

This hospital is the best hospital I have been to, the staff that works here is awesome. Talking about cater to your patients, well they do. They make you feel right at home. Love love love this hospital.


This hospital has a great Emergency Dept. ER nurses and doctors are very responsive. I have been here several times myself and with others and never had any issues. Staff has been competent, helpful and pleasant every time. If you go here and wait long, it's because they are extremely busy and/or there are true life and death emergencies ahead of you. Just like any ER, they take patients by order of who is the sickest/most injured. That's what ER's do, they are for acute/sudden issues, not things that can and should be taken care of in a Doctor's office or clinic. Shortness of breath, chest pain, broken bones, major issues/injuries threatening life and limb are true emergencies. If you don't have a true emergency, go to your doctor or a clinic, not an ER. Pain is not normally, in and of itself, an emergency.

Linda Davis

Danyelle Wright

Kayla Bolden

My son came in with a fever of 103.5 and chest pain. Everyone that came in after him was seen n rush to the back. He was checked in at 530 n it was 642 when i left an took my son to another hospital.

Greg Sisk

I had a issue in the Neurosurgeon dept 7/31/18. The Administrator personally came out and resolved the issue. 8/1/18 I returned to hospital emergency room. I experience a professional and friendly staff. Dr.Murphy exemplifies what the face of the business should look like. Diana, Keeshaune, Marquita, Crystal,Neveia, Valerie, Quana, Phylis, Mrs. Little ,all the PCA's and the young lady that transport(Entire 5th floor staff) Last but not least. DR.HOUSTON an amazing young and gifted Dr. Who knows how to troubleshoot and get to the root of your condition. The best professional and friendly staff I've experienced in any industry. Please continue the keep up the good work. Happy Patient Room #5117

Tarence Terelle

Shining Star

Oxford Baptist Memorial hospital is evil and rude. Even when I rode in the ambulance Sunday they treated me bad. Saying I wanted attention. If that so, why would I tell them I didn't wanted get in the ambulance or go to the hospital. After that nurse said in my face I just want attention, it took 4 nurses wrestle with me as I tried to leave the Hosptial. I could had a stroke or dehydrated but they will never know. I left that hospital without being check. The people in the ambulance handle me rough and told the doctor I just want attention. Why they forced me to be there if they feel that way? They got mad at me because I couldn't respond to them as they question me. When I couldn't signature a paper one of the nurses with attitude at me told the other nurse to sign the paper for me. I don't know what paper she sign.

Antonio Toliver

Dr. Nichols in the ER will be the failure of this place. I come in for sickle cell pain and I'm given a tyenol and some nsaid AFTER waiting 1 hour to be seen by him and 3 hours of just waiting. James my nurse on the other hand is AWESOME. Did any and everything in his power to help. I have 2 stars solely for him

Beth Onsby

My son was seen in the ER this morning and I have to say Dr. Smith and the nurses were nothing short of amazing and thorough!! Very pleased with the care we received today. Last month my husband was seen and the beginning of the visit didn’t start off too well due to the MD being cold and seemingly uncaring but turned out to be an excellent decision. The MD that I considered rude and uncaring took the time to examine and run appropriate tests to properly diagnose and admit my husband into the hospital. Thanks BMH!! Keep up the good work!

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