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REVIEWS OF Anderson Regional Medical Center IN Mississippi

TA Pierce

Worst hospital experience ever. Been since 7pm got called back to a broom closet of a room at 10:30. In extreme pain. It’s like no one even cares about the people that come here. The workers here act like we are just sitting here for the fun of it. WILL NEVER RETURN HERE. I WOULD NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL TO ANYONE! Not even if your passing through town!!

Judy Morrow

I was recently admitted into this Hospital from the emergency room. I was traveling from Texas to Georgia and got sick and found my way to this wonderful Hospital. From the moment I walked into the emergency room on Monday January 1st until I was released on Wednesday January 3rd I was treated with kindness compassion and thoughtfulness. If I could give a 5 + score I would certainly do it. thank you for everything you did for me to get me back on the road and back home. Again thank you so much for all the attention you paid me.

Ricky Gardner

Waited 41/2 hours to get a chest x-ray, ekg,and blood drawn. Nonsense

Warren Edwards

Our grandmother was being treated well and they have a great food selection for the patients and even a starbucks for visitors. The layout is a bit confusing however.

Artie Foreman

I set in the emergency room 10 hours with my 80 year old dad before we were ever called back to a room. Another time I set in the waiting room 4 hours with a torn knee before I was called back. Most of the staff friendly and caring.

art b

Juan Halicki

Karen Harrison

Several years ago I had broken my foot. I was first seen at another hospital and felt very quickly that I had been misdiagnosed although 7 x-rays had been taken. I decided to try again and wound up in Meridian and went to Anderson. They took 3 x-rays and I was in a cast. They treated me extremely well and I was pleased with the outcome as well as the care they took with me.

Susan Edwards

The nurses and doctors here are exceptionally caring and kind. The Security team here six stay asleep in the ER waiting room I have asked 2 times for observance when I go to my vehicle late in the night to no avail If you cant protect your customers you dont need to be there

Mighty Flamberge

Called because I need to see about getting an x-ray done on my foot. Was transferred to emergency room without notice. Then hung up on.


High chlorine, glucose, and hypertensive, with ribs starting to show. Came in over poor appetite among many other symptoms, including extreme thirst and frequent urination, which staff witnessed, and the first time they couldn't even draw blood because I was so dehydrated (I am quite visibly trembling, pale, weak, and disoriented when standing). Visited twice. Discharged both times as "nothing wrong" with "stomach pain." Stereotypical blood panel, despite autoimmune and seizure complaints, and ignorance of me repeating over and over that I take good supplements to hold myself up, as well as being aspie (yup, high functioning autistic friends: it's one of THOSE hospitals). One xray of my stomach on the second visit, which of course will not show anything related to what I'm complaining about. Never even reported stomach pain as an issue. Did report all the symptoms of - drum roll, please - hypertension, high chloride, and high glucose - which showed in the tests they did do, but went ignored. Hopefully I'll survive to see an MD after Thanksgiving. I don't trust this hospital to save my life if need be, especially if they cannot accurately record my complaints and are suspicious of me because I'm on the au spectrum and have some medical knowledge.

Nicholas Myers

Very kind and very responsive to my needs

Melissa Sims

Waited in emergency room 6 hours with a 6 month old baby who had tested positive with rsv virus .and had blood in stool. This is the worst ever!!!!!

Courtney Barker

My family and I will never return to this hospital. Both times being here have been the worse experiences I have ever had from a hospital. Waiting periods for both true emergencies were no less then 2 hours. Staff was unfriendly and very unhelpful.

Fallon Goings

Suzanne Townsend

We were just traveling through Meridian when my husband needed medical attention. We located Anderson Medical Center and went directly to the emergency admitting area. We were treated so kindly by every one of the staff. I expected to be there at least 4 hours when in fact they were very prompt and had us out in about 90 minutes which included time for an xray. Thank you Anderson Medical Center for your skill and kindness!

Heather James

Jeremy Smith

My life was saved in that hospital. I'll never forget William Billups III for his quick action and calm demeanor.

Neaky Carpet

This hospital is ridiculous. I had a family member to stay there and the staff is lazy. The bed had vomit and urine on the sheets and no one would change them regularly. The trash was overflowing, the urinal and bedside commode was overflowing with urine and bm, no one emptied it. They are not efficient staff at all. My family will not return here again. I would not recommend this place to anyone unless you want to be neglected.

Angel McGuire

NEVER use this hospital because they do NOT care about any of their pacients lives. They take their sweet time and as I write this I've been sitting in this waiting room for 2 hours & I have been the ONLY person that has walked in 2 hours. I was just here last night & was told to home home it was just a VIRUS. It very much is much MORE than a VIRUS


As a former employee I know there are people who care here. That being said this hospital is the most inefficient, redundant, and demoralizing, place for some patients. You have about a 50/50 chance of having good or bad care/experience here. There are many times where the complete buearacracy and business of healthcare actually gets in the way of taking care of patients. But I guess most healthcare facilities have that problem.

Sandra Stennis


I had a great doctor to oversee me. And wonderful nurses to help me recover.

magdy saad

Raines Rackley

The Hospitalist did not read my discharge care plans for Anxiety. She was trying to treat my anxiety with heart medications. She would not give me a prescription for my Valium because she says it causes seizures. This is a very stupid and dumb Hospitalist. Valium is used to decrease and prevent seizures. This was a miserable and scary experience for me. If you value your life or health do not go there.

Kristy Real

Took my daughter to ER for high fever and throat/ear pain. I suspected strep but it was after hours and her fever was too high to wait until morning. Told them at intake that she was allergic to mycin drugs and waited to see doctor. He didn't swab for strep, but said she has pus on tonsils and they would just treat it as if it was strep. Well, I don't agree with taking antibiotics for viral infections so I wanted a swab....he refused. So I agreed to get the antibiotics and he prescribed a Z-pack (?). I asked for a shot because she hates to take pills, but he again refused. It was late, she was miserable, so I acquiesced. Waited 30 minutes to get Rx filled at after hours pharmacy and then drove the 20 miles home. Z-pack is Azythromycin....a mycin drug. If I had known, I would have reminded the idiot doctor that she was allergic. So they called in a Rx that I can pick up in the morning - penicillin - which is what the shot would have been. Did I mention that I am dead broke and her insurance deductible is super high? I knew I would be paying for an ER trip out of pocket, but that $25 at the pharmacy for a drug that we can't use, 30 minutes of waiting in the car while she was miserable, a return trip to the pharmacy and back in the morning.....that's over and above anything we anticipated. When you stop to think that he could have just given her a shot instead, it makes you wonder what in the world was his reasoning for refusing the shot.

Gary Mick

Bad place don't come

Nae McGrew

I wished I could give them a negative -10..The Dr was awesome...the staff was horrible and very unprofessional.. one of the nurse had the audacity to tell my dad "oh hush you know you are dying". I wished he knew her name because I would make sure something is done about that. Housekeeping is awful. We went to visit my dad Thursday, the trash was running over... the bathroom was awful.. Never leave your love ones there alone..

Trending With Haylee

My son has been admitted here several times and each time has been a good experience. The nurses on the pediatric side are amazing fast and so sweet. They were always on time with medications and on top of his treatment. Very thankful for them when my son was super sick. Love the pediatric side!

Ann G

Been using this pharmacy for years

Nancy Chatham

Harold Neely

Poor Performance for an Hospital. They can’t Possibly take their job seriously.

Devin M

Great hospital ever

Kesha Stanley

Kathryn Williamson

We have always had a wonderful experience at Anderson's. I have had all 3 of my children here and everyone of the nurses, doctors, techs were always kind and helpful.

Carlos Parker

Amanda McDonald

Craig Doyle

Was hospitalized 4 days there.... good nurses/doctors, good amenities and good food.....quick service unlike Rush. I will be switching my doctor to Dr. French if possible, a great asset to the hospital.

Bruce Davis

Extremely busy in the ER which made it tough for me to handle the pain, knew that others most likely were worse off. When I was admitted everything changed, they did as well as anyone who cares about you. The nursing staff is some of the best people I have had contact with. Doctors were interested in the outcome and tested and tested, several visiting physicans and thanks to the US Air Force Colonel amongst them who advised me of a doctor he felt could help me, I agreed. That afternoon Dr. Calvit came in and ordered testing of my BM and the test came back positive for Cdiff, my room was now closed quaoritned. A few days and I was well enough to go home. When you get outstanding care and are so ill you don't know what is going on, it's difficult to say thank you enough. So one more time Thanks, to all those entrusted with my care. Happened March 2014.

Glynis Greene

How do I begin! Anderson hospital's staff is caring from the moment you step in the door...from reception to intake and the nursing/doctor staff. Dr. Douglas Phillips, Dr Mark Phillips, Dr. Scott Anderson, Dr Jorgenson and Dr. Tart (please forgive if i mispelled names), were all instrumental in the care of members of my family including myself when I visited my parents. God Bless Anderson Hospital and staff

christy jordan

Amazing staff. Dr Geer is best cardiologist. He did double bypass surgery on my husband and had amazing success.

Ivy Pline

I was very pleased with the staff and care I received. Each individual I came into contact with in the ER took the time to make sure I was comfortable and politely answered any questions that I had. I came in having a miscarriage and they worked quickly and were friendly and informative. A special thanks to Zeno, Blair, and Angela for your care and support.

Anail S

This is in regards to Anderson Express Care located within Anderson Regional Medical Center this is where employers send new hires for a drug screening. This is the most unprofessional staff I have dealt with in a while and poor customer service. I would not suggest this facility to anyone. I will not be returning to this location again. The people that were servicing customers made me really upset. I do not care if you are a nurse or doctor you are always suppose to exemplify the highest integrity for yourself and those around you. The staff in this facility has gone down.


Very rude people, never seen such unprofessional people at check in.. if your in meridian ms and need a hospital go to Rush.

ronee saucier

Receptionists are very unprofessional. Called three times to check on family and I was given false information. Very rude when speaking to consumers. They do not know how to work under pressure. They are unfamiliar with people asking about the ambulance service.

troy ayers

9hours in the ER for my daughters concussion before we were even seen then the ass hat of a doctor said we should have brought her in earlier. I will never return go across the street to the competition much faster.

Suzette Lowe

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