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garth mortensen

I believe this is the most up to date pet hospital around. Good for when you need more than a simple diagnosis. Expensive, but love conquers all.

Laura M

Blown away at my experience. From parking and receipts all the way to discharge instructions. I had an amazing experience. Dr Garafolo had better bedside manner than any doctor I've ever seen--human or animal. His student, Nathan, was knowledgeable and I felt exceedingly comfortable leaving Sophie in his care. Sophie is doing really great and I hope she doesn't, but I know we'll be back if she ever needs anything else!

Emilee Grunow

UPDATE: (2/26/18) Ever since I left this review - a little less than two months ago - I’ve noticed a huge improvement in wait times. The two times I’ve called in since posting my initial review I was on hold for less than five minutes and I’ve been able to get in within a week or less for both appointments I’ve made. I’m not sure what prompted the change, but this improvement has been really helpful for us. I want to say how much I appreciate these changes and hope that they continue. We decided to make this our primary care vet after moving to Minneapolis, however, the longer we stay with the U the less convinced I am that this clinic is a good fit for anyone who isn't seeking emergency services for a pet in critical condition. By far the worst aspect of this clinic is the inordinate delays they have. Each time I've called--whether it's to schedule a routine appointment, ask a follow up question about the vet's instructions, or receive help in determining if the pet truly needs to be seen--the time spent waiting on hold *always* exceeds 20 minutes no matter what time/day I'm calling. When I do finally connect, the person answering on the other end of the phone always seems to be rushing me through to try and get to the next caller. I completely understand that they want to address everyone waiting efficiently, but after waiting for sometimes up to 1/2 hour to speak with a staff member, being pushed through the call as brusquely as possible is frustrating. Then there are the wait-times for appointments. Each time I have called requesting my dogs to be seen, I'm always told that the next available appointment they have is in 2-3 weeks. I've called before for dogs dealing with issues that can't in good conscience be delayed more than a day only to be told that they simply can't see me for several weeks, and that if I want their clinic to address it I'll have to go to urgent care or emergency services. Both of those strike me as extreme options, and I hate to take away space from others whose needs may be more life-threatening (urgent care is a first come first serve option, by the way). Additionally, urgent care and emergency services are significantly more expensive than standard visits. Finally, urgent care hours don't begin until 5 pm, so not only is it more expensive, it's also not available during the day. More than once, we've had to turn to other veterinary clinics who are able to fit us in, often the same day or next day, because we've been told by the U that there simply aren't any openings for weeks and that we'll have to go to urgent care at 5 pm. This is all extremely disappointing, especially because--when we have been able to get in (for routine shots that can be scheduled weeks in advance, for example)--the vet techs and vets we've met and worked with have all been very kind and generous with their time. I really enjoy meeting students in training and watching them learn, as I often do alongside them! They've developed positive and loving relationships to my pets. I have appreciated each visit I've had at the U so far. However, I just don't feel like the U is able to provide our pets with the availability that is necessary of a high quality vet clinic. If the lack of openings and exorbitant wait-times on the phone continue we will have to unfortunately look elsewhere. Being forced to choose between doubling the routine examination fee on top of a trip through rush-hour traffic (because, again, the woman that I spoke to on the phone reminded me, it's "first come first serve so the closer you come to 5 pm, the better chance you have of being seen") or delaying an appointment by two weeks which could lead to more serious and permanent damage doesn't really strike me as a reasonable set of options.


After our regular vet was unable to see us in an urgent situation, he suggested the emergency services provided by the U of MN. Upon arrival and a long wait, we were seen by a surgeon who wanted to schedule surgery a week or two out for $8-10,000. She was a very unpleasant young woman. When I declined and said I would see my regular vet as I felt this was an emergency, she eagerly informed me I would be paying $214 for an exam fee. She never even got a weight on my dog, and poked at her ear one time with her finger before returning with the estimate. Truly a comical "exam". But true to her word, I received the bill in the mail. These young vets are certainly being trained to mimic our current healthcare system - from bedside manner to billing.

Sherry Deaver

The very best care for your pets.

MJ Kinney

It was my experience, that if you are not bringing in your pet for (1) urgent care or (2) emergency care on the weekends, the staff at UM will not help you. Quite a bureaucratic system for what is ultimately the care of a living, breathing family member. I visited with my cat on Saturday afternoon, hoping to speak to an expert on recent diagnostic results that could not be explained by my former vet. I simply would like to know the next best steps to move forward based on recent blood test results, and explained I'd be willing to wait in the lobby in the case an expert (residing behind the wall) had a few minutes to spare. I was advised this was a no-can-do, and that I'd have to make a medical appointment unless it was urgent or emergency. Me: "Sure, I'd like to make a medical appointment then." Staff: "Then, you'll have to call on Monday. I can't make an appointment for you." Of course, I had to ask for the number to call. With great service, no one should feel like they are an inconvenience, and further, shouldn't have to jump through red tape to so much as reach a standard solution. I'm disappointed to say the least, but the Google stats paint a pretty clear picture. At the time of this review, you have 20/69 reviews being 1 star (that's 30% of your reviews = 1 star!). I took the time to read them all. Astounding not one member of your team has taken the time to get back to a single 1-star case.

Katie Ostendorf

I want to thank Jen, Dr. Mcfey, and anyone who helped out with our sweet Oscar. He had a herniated disc slip in his spine and needed emergency surgery. The updates were amazing, the care was amazing, and we are SO thankful for them caring for our dog who is our world.

Leigh L

Came to the emergency care as my cat was having a rough night. He was treated with respect and care, and they made me feel a lot better about his condition. Everything was well explained, and I would definitely recommend!

Vadym Snesrud

More expensive than regular Vet visit. Medicine is 3X more expensive than what I got from my Vet - same exact medication.

Mike Kubes

Molly's heart was stopping. They diagnosed the problem and put a pacemaker in. She is like her old self now. Way more energy now.

E F.

Absolutely the best staff. Top notch professionals. Very thorough and detail oriented. Couldn't recommend a better place to bring your small animals. 5 stars!

Patty Zacharias

Very informed on the issue my dog had. They took the time needed to explain my options. Thank you team.

RC Hobby Experts

This is the best Vet in the Midwest. The care my dog gets here is above and beyond all the others I have been to, and the prices are much better as well.

Wendy Martin

I took my cat here yesterday after finding an abscess on his bottom. Vet tech Eva and Dr. Boschee were both kind and respectful to me and my cat. Dr. Boschee took the time to explain the options of treatment to me and answer my questions about pros/cons, cost, and follow up care. The discharge instructions provided by Eva were thorough. Though the whole process wasn’t cheap, I’m glad I didn’t wait to find care for my cat; and I’m very happy with the overall experience.

George Elbazi

I recommend this place do anyone with a pet they did an amazing job doctor austin gave my puppy a second chance in life I will always be grateful for this place give him a raise he deserves it.

Leslie Carey

The staff at UofM Small Animal Hospital were so kinda, patient and caring when we brought in our very frail, dying kitty. They walked us through slowly, step by step and sent us a very nice card after we had to put her down. I've had to go through life events like this at other animal hospitals, and this was by far my best experience. If you have to go through something traumatic like losing a pet, at least you are in good hands here.

Katharine Storkson

Unbelievable care. My boy zeus is alive because of the incredible staff and veterinarians who took care of him. Unbelievable care and service.

Agility Shiba

The U used to be the BEST place, bar none, to bring your pet in a crisis. However, they no longer keep a lab technician on staff overnight. They still advertise themselves as having basic bloodwork as part of their emergency services but it is NOT available after 9. They can "call a student in" and get kidney values, but cannot do liver or cbc, which can be critical information in diagnosing an emergency situation. I have tried contacting them to discuss why they still list these services on their website when they don't have it available, but they just tell me the client service manager will call and they don't. If you have a true emergency, go to one of the Affiliated clinics or Blue Pearl. They can do the tests necessary to diagnose issues. My friend could have lost her dog because I recommended this place and they couldn't diagnose a raging infection, easily identified by a cbc the next day at her normal vet, but now 18 hours behind on antibiotics put the dog in a riskier position than it should have ever been.

Valerie Steele

Melissa Class

DO NOT let your dog anywhere near Dr. Elizabeth Pluhar. Our beloved baby died an excruciating death because she does not know the difference between a furry family member and a common lab rat. She is completely misleading and blatantly dishonest.


Patrick Gores

Alena Venell

My dog has been in this hospital in and out. We have left her there overnight multiple times and I always know that she is in the best hands possible. They haven't figured out what is wrong yet but I know that they will, we just need to have faith that the doctors are doing all they can to help our beloved animals.

Pawsitive Impact

They really took the best care of one of our dogs. They were so kind the day we had to put him down and they loved him like their own. Thank you so much.

Lindsay Keen

Husband brought my dog into the 24hr ER. We were on a limited budget and had to be very careful and choosy about what we could get done and what we couldnt. They discussed options with us and as we were figuring out what to have done, they ran tests and procedures that we DID NOT OK them to do and then charged us for it. We were waiting on a breakdown of cost for everything and during that time they just went ahead with it. UNACCEPTABLE!!! Would never come back here, even if this was the only option for care.

Ryan Holt

Tommy G Richter

Knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Best place to take your animals.

Alexandra Engert

Jenna O'Rourke

Worst experience ever! They had a resident do my dogs surgery without informing me or consent. I never figured out it was a resident until he left the place. The 2% chance of surgery complications happened on my dog, no wonder why. I paid $7,000 for this surgery to now have no vet assigned to my case & my dog still stuck with complication from the surgery. Worst vet clinic!

Brianna Pischke

Couldn't have been happier. We brought our 10 week kitten here when he was in heart failure. Over the span of a week, we were in and out of this pet hospital at all hours of the night. Each time we saw a new doctor and they all were fantastic. We had 100% trust in everything they were doing to help our kitten be comfortable in his final days. It was obvious they treat the animals like one of their own. From the doctors to the front desk workers, everyone had a loving attitude.

Ann Stainback

About done with these people. I took two fecal samples to them for my two cairns ( as suggested) and they were submitted to the wrong department who THREW them away. Now (a week later) I am being asked to bring in new ones which I don’t plan to do. Thought they were the best around but their lack of communication and efficiency is overwhelming to me considering their prior reputation. It took my making 3 phone calls to get this maddening information. Guess I’ll be looking for a new vet today.

David Brewster

The only place I will bring my 4 legged friends :) you may pay a little more for services you need, but I think its well deserved knowing that your animal is getting the best possible treatment anywhere around here. They are also open 24hr for emergencies which saved my Great Danes life a few years ago.

Brett Fredrickson

Jim Stahn

Though our reason for visiting was less than ideal, we couldn't have been in better hands as we said our final goodbyes to our beloved cat. Right away we were greeted at the door and guided to a private room where we could spend our final moments together at our own pace. Everyone was exceptionally kind, caring, and respectful. Thank you so much.

Lisa Mansfield-Silkey

Our primary vet referred us here after identifying a mass in the chest of one of our cats. From the moment we arrived to the day that our pet passed from an aggressive cancer, the staff here have provided stellar care for her and access for us whenever she needed an overnight stay. Their ability to be both gentle and unvarnished in their updates and recommendations is amazing. I can't sing their praises enough, and I'm so grateful to them for giving us a little more time with our pet.


While I hate having to visit, I am so happy for all the help and care they have given over the years. There isn't enough praise that I can give them, they have gotten me and my pets through some rough times, and were emotionally supportive.

Devin Clarkson

Becky Grossman

Kristi Flynn is an amazing and compassionate vet! We have seeing Dr Kristi Flynn with both of our dogs for a few years, a young lab and a senior aussie. These dogs are 100% different in personality, how they handle being at the vet, and how they do life in general. She treats both dogs with so much compassion and respect. Right now we are dealing with troubling and uncertain medical issues with our senior dog. Dr Flynn has been compassionate, detailed, and follows up every few days with a phone call to check in! She also is respectful to our decision to start with maintenance treatment options to see how that works before jumping into invasive testing that could be inconclusive anyway. She is a realist and just wants what is best for us and our dog. We really appreciate having the U and Dr Flynn available for our pups!

Chae Young Wang

Waste of money and time. I spent over $140 and they didn't give me any information about why my pet is being sick and everything. I AM SO MAD. JUST go to the mission animal hospital please. Mission animal hospital is way way way much more better even though it is far away.

Bonnie Fetch

Place feels small. But is HUGE. Everyone Very Friendly, Personable. Dedicated to Service. Was able to make an appointment and be seen quickly. Dr.s, Techs, all staff Very Professional. Thank You U of M Vet Center !!!

Jillian Dressel

I have been bringing my cat to the Cardiology department for many years. He has seen a few different vets over the years, and every single vet, student, and tech has been amazing. My cat had a very perplexing issue, and I had brought him to multiple vet's without an answer until I was referred to the U, where they were able to figure out what was wrong with him. I couldn't imaging taking cat anywhere else. Love, love, love them!

Jason Luu

Nate Teig

I can not express the gratitude and appreciation to Dr Chris Hoffman and his student - both where excellent - gave me options in treating my dogs issues - I came in with Hip Disp. from my VEt only to find out it was her knees - they worked Maggie and checked her over - she is a cattle dog cross and they both had cattle does so they understood the attitude of Maggie and they explained everything in detail - suggested idea and let me go home to decide. I am in that process now - but Dr Hoffman was very honest and caring in dealing with both Maggie and myself. I can not express the thankfulness I feel in my journey to treat Maggie. Dr Hoffman is a knowledgeable and excellent bedside manner that you don;t find that often. Heart felt Thank YOU!

Minh Pham

Judith J. Coerper

Jeanne Megna

We went to the Oncology department for some chemo recommendations, etc. and found the Dr. and staff to be extremely negative and not helpful! And this was after a very long wait to see them!!! They actually did not seem to even like dogs, had no sympathy and were very clinical. The only reason we went to them as we were told that they were the only ones that treat dogs with cancer. Do not go here, run as fast as you can..............We did have a great experience at Gulf Coast Vet Clinic in Houston, TX and I would highly recommend them. Oh and the only reason I gave them 1 star is because it does not allow you to give none!

T Lyons

We were referred here by a vet at South Metro Animal Emergency Care on Mon. 9/18/17. We are so lucky to have brought him here. They are extremely helpful, caring, and know what they are doing. They have taken care of our little 4 year old frenchie and essentially brought him back to life. They did not waste anytime, as soon as we walked through the door a staff came and took him back, they did everything and anything they could do. The Dr.'s are extremely helpful and communicate what their treatment plan is for your pet regularly. Our little buddy is still there today, Friday 9/22/17 and the Dr.'s make sure to contact us twice a day with updates. There truly is NO OTHER place to bring your pet for an emergency. This is the best care you will find. We are SO grateful for the Dr.'s and Tech's and even front desk staff for all their help. We are hoping to bring our boy back home soon, but know he is in the best hands.

Christina Mesich

I had to drop my kittens body off here Saturday afternoon for rabies testing because he bit a nurse while in respitory distress while she was stabilizing him. Unfortunately we had to put him down. Upon dropping him off here I was informed by the women at the front desk that they did not think I could get his body back because for the rabies test "they cut his head off to get brain matter for the rabies testing"...I had just put my kitten down 3 hrs earlier and hearing this was traumatic. It could've been said in a nicer way. Their lack of customer service/compassion is horrible. Then to make things worse the very next morning I get a call from mission animal hospital (the vet that euthanized him) saying they called the u of m and they said they never received his body. Now I'm freaking out because if his body isn't there then where is it? I just dropped him off yesterday. I call mission animal hospital back and they inform me that the u of m called back and said they did infact have my kittens body they just looked in the wrong log book. This has been a horrible experience and I hope no one else has to go threw this after loosing a pet.

The Ole Bob

Very educated and a truly caring staff. They are very genuine about caring for all sick or injured animals. Very kind pet loving individuals.

Ann C

Emily Nehring

Elisabeth Edmunds

Wonderful!!! Everyone was so lovely to us and our pups!

Colleen Burke

Overpriced. Told it would be around 200$ but ended up paying closer to 400$. My normal emergency vet was half that for the same issue. Was told they would call me the next day with test results. I had to call them. Still wasn't ready when I called. They did call and email me later but they were still waiting on one more test that would be ready in a day or two. 5 days later, still haven't heard anything. This place will never see another one of my animals.

Marlena Rivera

When our dog Conan was severely injured and no other vet seemed equipped to properly help him, the U and their staff was a godsend! They went above and beyond with his care and were so sensitive to what we were going through as well! I cannot say enough about how caring every single person who I spoke with was through the entire process!! We are forever grateful to Dr.Veytsman and his entire team for helping our boy get healthy when every other vet made us feel hopeless!

Michele Kamenar

We have taken both of our dogs to the U for a variety of different services over the years. I cannot speak highly enough of our experiences there. They have provided the utmost in professional, quality and dignified care for our furry family members. I have seen how they engage with families in times of crisis and am always impressed beyond measure at how much care and dignity they put into every interaction. For specialty care, I cannot think of a better place to take my pets. They have a customer for like with our family.

Julie Johansen

This place is simply the best veterinary ❤.



Jordan berg

Thank you so much for the help you all did for me and my Dexter. The staff worked so well together and was very welcoming. I have gone to a vet in Apple Valley for over 10 years now always liked the place, but your establishment has been the best experience I have had in years. I know now where I will be bringing all my dogs and where I will be telling my friends to go to. I had no worries or concerns for Dexter while he was getting some surgery. I knew he was in not only great hands, but some of the best hands that were caring and loving as well. (Plus I know he loved all the attention he was getting) On a scale of 1-5...I would rate my experience as an 6. Thanks for all the smiles PS...thank you so much for helping me with the financial side of things as well. I had just recently lost one of my jobs and am still going to school for law enforcement. It's people like all you guys (especially Maria) that I am grateful for. You are a blessing. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will be seeing you guys soon. Jordan

Private Private1

Very sorry that we didn't bring our previous dog here. Probably would have saved her very precious life.

Danielle Potter

Molly Brown

I cannot even begin to tell you how terrible of an experience I had bringing my pet here, so many things occurred, I would not even know where to begin and I don't plan to. I am going to tell you this: I paid for ER exam only without appropriate follow up MRI imaging that was recommended by two doctors including the ER MD. Due to this I was proactive and had my vet set up an MRI for her on an outpatient basis instead. This facilitation was already all set up when their care coordinator Sara put the kabosh to it without my consent after contacting the vet. I had to fight and strongly advocate for my pet the past two days and it has been absolutely exhausting. The hoops that they were making us jump through were absolutely rediculous. The female doctor was rude and patronizing. In addition they also have an absolute gem of a care coordinator mentioned earlier named Sara. Sara is a sour apple, disrespectful, nasty, argumentative/instigative and displayed scolding-like behavior towards me and was unlike anything I have ever experienced within a healthcare service industry and I am a healthcare administrative professional!!!! If I were to ever speak to any of my patients' family's the way she spoke to me I would have been terminated. I did speak with her supervisor today and had an amicable conversation, so hopefully her attitude will be addressed as her customer service skills were absolutely disgusting. In ending, if anyone is even thinking about coming here...think again... go somewhere else....unless you want to pay a lot of money without proper resolution/follow up for your pet, to be presented with a ton of hoops and to be treated like absolute crap on top of it. I intend to take my complaints to a higher level; no one should be treated this way. Beware.......

Diane Grell

I brought my cat Simba in because of respitory distress. The Dr. Kept me updated on his condition and explained everything to me. As it turned out I had to euthanize my cat because of congenital heart failure. They were so kind to me.

Pam Pritchard

Amie Weeks

I would NEVER bring my German Shepherd back to the U of M. Wait times are absolutely ridiculous! My dog was barely examined because of her breed and the way she responded to how the vet tech approach us in the waiting room. We spent nearly $3500 for what they thought was Aspergillosis diagnosis and treatment. In fact was not Aspergillosis. I gave them the green light to take whatever measures necessary to diagnose and treat my dog. They didn’t do a standard procedure biopsy of her nasal tissue to actually determine the cause of a 6 month issue. Once they concluded she didn’t have Aspergillosis, it was case closed and they fell short of actually figuring out the issue. She had reoccurring staph infection despite antibiotic treatment, that they completely ignored. Despite me asking on numerous occasions wether it needed attention. They told us she was perfectly healthy. Symptoms never resolved, our vet again consulted the U. We were told she might have rhinitis. Our vet started another round of antibiotics. Again symptoms returned. After bringing our dog to Blue Pearl internal medicine doc, (whom was trained at the U) told us she was shocked they did not perform a tissue biopsy while our dog was already sedated. A biopsy would have percisly diagnosis’s my dogs condition. I was very upset hearing this. More time (which could have compromised her health) and money unnecessarily spent if the U of M had done their job. Now I was going to have to pay $650 with another specialist to get a biopsy done that should have been completed in the first place! I left a message for the U of M liaison to discuss my frustration and they never returned my call. Thank God my dog didn’t have a condition or disease that progesses rapidly with all the lost time dealing with the U of M. The biopsy revealed she has Muccutaneous Plyoderma. Also common in German Shepard’s.

Emily Eveslage

My dog is 2.5 pounds and was hit by a car the staff at The U took amazing care of him. He is completely rehabbed and I couldn't imagine my life without him! Thanks so much for taking the best care of my baby. One of his nurses was so in love with him she bought him a sweater and a matching one for his twin sister who wasn't hurt. Great staff and amazing care would tell anyone and everyone The U is the best place for ICU care for your furry babies!

safari z

I brought an animal with bladder symptoms, no vitals were taken after 4 + hours, I was told culture test is required down to the specific strain and it will take one week while being sent to the lab. Refused to prescribe broad spectrum antibiotic and insisted on no antibiotic at all until one week later after specific bacterial strain is known. My pet had a confirmed UTI infection a few years ago and was now older, with the higher risk for UTI. The written report issued stated probable UTI. I think in one week the animal could have had irreversible kidney damage with the infection allowed to run rampant. I had to find appropriate help elsewhere.

Kristin Backman

I just had my first experience here and couldn’t be happier with their service! Receptionists and vet techs were SUPER friendly and loving towards every single pet there. They are up front about costs on everything, as they seem to understand that not everyone can drop $1,300 on their cat

Jasmine Jette

My local vet referred me here. So I called several times and spoke to a woman named Sharon. I wanted to know specifically what they were going to do at my pet's appointment and how long it would take, who would do the procedures, would there be hospitalization and what the protocol would be. Sharon kept saying there was no one around to answer my questions and to quit calling and that they would call me when they had answers. I reminded her that I called when she herself had told me to and she got short with me. Well I'm still waiting for a return call and it's going on two weeks and nothing. This indicated to me that their commitment to my pet would be lacking. I could not allow my pet to languish in horrible pain any longer, and her case was urgent so I immediately took her elsewhere. ETA: Going on 3 months still waiting for that phone call. I tried again and again to call them and give a report to their customer service. No answer--stuck on hold

Ashleigh Corvin

Do not waste your time. Not only did I sit out in the lobby for over 4 hours until they came to discuss why I was there, they also showed little sympathy and seemed to think I couldn't understand any clinical terms, which was very condescending. They ran the exact same tests that my vet ran a few days prior on my kittens blood, yet they already had my vets results. They gave me no answers and sent me on my way with my kitten to die. My kitten could not eat or drink water, and they didn't even hydrate him. My vet hydrated him the next day. Thanks to my vet, and not the U of M emergency, my kitten will live. There are better places to bring your beloved animal, rather than this place, that just uses them as experiments and they don't care if your animal lives or dies.

joseph kazer

If you have an emergency then maybe this would be a good place to go, I took my dog here to check growths on her feet and they took a needle to test for cancer. Then I got to sweat it out two days only for a tech to vaguely explain "It's probably benign." with no conclusive data to back it up. Thank, I'm probably not coming back.

James Carr

Many great experiences!

Taylor Smith

Kaela Bergquist

My dog and I were very well cared for after a dog attack. They provided me with items to take care of my wounds while they met my dog's needs and I felt that he was in great hands while I left for the ER. It was late when they were finished and the bank flagged the transaction as fraud. They let us go home after a traumatic ordeal without any issue.

Todd Beam

Called seeking guidance and information and they were quite rude. They said they wouldn't help me unless I paid first for an appointment. I explained I was outside the area and only had one question so I wouldn't be making trip for nothing with a critical pet. She's like I'm sorry I can't speak with you further and hung up on me. YEAH IT'S ABOUT CARE ALRIGHT and by the way that pet passed away in my arms waiting for help. You had a paying customer who was willing to go the distance for answers and solutions and you wasted his time and insulted him. This wasn't for me it was for my pet and timing is everything when dealing with death and disease. We're taught from day one to seek veterinary help when a pet is sick yet everywhere I turned i ran into walls which appear to have been established by greed or stupidity. As a doctor you have a moral obligation to help all patients NOT just past clients or those who have kissed your rear. I'm not a mind reader whatever happened to medical code of ethics?! I'm happy so many others are satisfied with this place but if you don't mutually respect ALL customers in the industry what is the point?!

Christina Boling

I have a growing love/hate relationship with the university. Love: The flexibility of the doctors in performing procedures that I would like some. Generally they have been incredibly communicative and I genuinely appreciate that. Hate: The wait times. It’s a full day ordeal going to this vet. Expect 4-5 hours of waiting for any procedure. Sometimes it’s understandable, sometimes I have to remind myself they are busy because they are a university. Love: The staff are usually wonderful and very well educated. Hate: The cost. It’s expensive and there are precious few options (short of CareCredit and ScratchPay) for payment. Love: The standard of care my dog receives is usually very good. Hate: They charge for things like suture removal. And my dog has been misdiagnosed here. I’m generally pretty understanding about stuff like this, being a tech myself, but it is really upsetting to realize I actually almost killed my dog over a prognosis he was given here only to find out it wasn’t that at all. I was explicitly told there’s an incredibly slim chance his condition would be anything but what they thought it was- low and behold, a couple months later he’s totally fine. There are things I wish had been done better and things I thought were great. Having traveled the country with a chronically ill dog and visited many vet clinics and universities, I have definitely seen better and I’ve definitely seen worse. Also the wait times for the phone are insane- 20-30 minutes. Again, it’s a university, a vet school, etc. But geez. For some reason I never had this problem at Tufts!

Ryan Speltz

Care is great, cost very hi for the client confrontation they create

Debbe Carroll

We brought our dog to the U of M veterinary medical center for a CT scan on her liver. After bringing her home she would not eat and was trembling. I called to speak to the doctor we were working with, Dr. Winger. I left a detailed message with someone and was assured the doctor would call us back. She did not. The next day our dog woke up coughing and in respiratory distress. After racing her to our regular vet we were told she had fluid on her lungs from laying on her side too long during the CT procedure and during the recovery time. We were given medication and after 24 hours she was much improved. I again called Dr. Winger at the U of M medical center and left a message with a detailed description of what our dog had gone through that morning. I was assured Dr. Winger would call us back. It is now a week later and we have yet to hear from her. We spent a lot of money on this procedure and trusted these people to take care of our dog. I would think you could expect some "after care" from the attending vet. If not for our regular vet, I hate to think what would have happened to our beloved dog.

Barbara Hagan

U of M Animal hospital is the best. Because they save our dog from dying. Thank you!!!!

Ashley Puma

Emergency care is way too expensive... You are students you should not be charging that much money to treat an animal that needs urgent care.

Catherine D

Experts with pets

Janel Honke

We had the absolute best care when we brought our pup to the University for treatment. They were quick to find out what was going on with our pup and checked in with us morning and night since we weren't able to stay in the area during this time. She was taken care of like one of their own!!! I would absolutely recommend their care in the future to all friends in the area:) Thank you again!

Christine Ford

Stephanie Mae

My furbaby Tyson needed emergency surgery and the VMC did an excellent job. Dr. Blackford-Winders did a fantastic job and even made sure to take samples so that Tyson could be part of clinical trials. I have never been treated better in a crisis and talked to in a calm professional manner that I understood. The VCM staff treated us like family and gave Tyson the beat possible care available. I would highly recommend the U of M VCM over traditional speciality care clinics like Blue Pearl. For the money you get far superior care at the VCM and friendly staff that genuinely wants to help your furbaby. Fantastic experience all the way around.

Lola Youngdahl

We took our cat Waffles here for his Iodine-131 therapy and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Everyone we encountered was so kind and helpful. Thank you so much to all the staff who helped treat and take care of our cat, it's very appreciated. :)

Sabrina Stone

Michael Daubert

Lydia Malm

Pete Calcasola

Even though our visit to the hospital turned very very sad for us because we had to say goodbye to our beloved choc lab Hana, I can't say enough good things about this hospital. Dr Amelia Campbell was our veterinarian from the start to finish-6 hours total. She was thorough, prompt, smart, caring, compassionate and left no stone unturned with diagnosis and treatment. She truly felt our love for our dog and shared it with us for our beautiful, just 6 year old lab with what turned out to be a very aggressive cancer. Thank you U of M staff and especially to you Dr. Campbell for your caring love and support through our difficult time. We highly recommend this hospital especially for your pets critical needs. Pete & Randy

karen weaver

We were there yesterday with our Cat she is having a very hard time breathing thru her nose. We were signing in at the front counter and the recp took her in her carrier to give to the emergency team. We were sent to sit in waiting area shortly a student came to get us took us into a our details it was 12 noon when she walked out. We sat for 2 hrs exactly once she came into tell us they had an emergency with a dog. She finally came back 2:05 with the Dr. Girl and her. Explained so of what they thought was going on told us we needed to go up front to make an appt with Internal medicine went up and they said no we cannot make that appt today we have to call back on monday. In the meanwhile we were waiting for them to reweight our cat the Kilo the student gave us was way off. We knew our cat was not that low. She came out with our cat with a number more accurate. She said she would send us a detailed email with what we talked about. This is now the next day 11:48 still no email. Needless to say i am very upset with the service we recieved. And will not return to the U Of M small animal hospital. Shame on your students i think can do way better to the next person!!!!

Pamela Olson

The professionalism by all of the staff was nil, from reception to the "doctors". They are condescending and do not listen and behave without appropriate empathy. We spent hours waiting on test day and surgery day with no apology or explanation. My dog had surgery, an eye removed. The day of surgery we arrived as instructed at 6 AM. The surgery was at 10:30 AM. We sat in a freezing cold waiting area until the surgery. When the surgery was complete, they brought my mini-poodle out and plopped her on my lap. She was soaked in urine. I had to ask for a towel. We were released at 4 pm with liquid pain meds. I had begged for pills because my stubborn gal will only take meds with some tasty bit of food. They still gave me liquid. That night I could not get the liquid into my dog's mouth, it ended up all over the inside of her cone. I left a VM at 4:00 am for different meds. I got a return call at 1:00 pm from the surgeon. Her voice dripped condescension. After answering her rude questions and statements implying I was incompetent, she told me to bring the dog in to get a fentynal patch. I did that. A technician (she was actually quite nice) put on the patch but failed to give me any instructions. That night in my water bed I had turned on a radiant space heater. Little did I know at the time that water beds and additional heat causes the fentynal patch to release much more medication. My dog became high as a kite. She was extremely agitated and moaning and groaning. I ripped off 3/4s of the patch. (very difficult, they are really stuck on). Luckily she calmed down within 10 minutes and slept ok. When it was day I got up and googled about the patch and found out about heating and the possibility of overdose. So I was very glad she lived through that. Now, 2 weeks later all is well. The surgery seems to have been done correctly. However I still have a very bitter taste in my mouth from the unprofessional, bizarre, rude and condescending attitude I found at the U. By the way, I had to go to the U of M because it was the only place that had an anesthetist. My dog has heart issues so that was required. Also, all told I spent $3200 on this single surgery.

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