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REVIEWS OF United Hospital IN Minnesota

William Lesher

Don't go here for long-term treatment, the ER seemed to be good and treated my wife well. But the long-term for things like cancer in conjunction with MN Oncology, don't do it!!! No communication between the doctors, only treat the symptoms, the treatment you receive from nurse to nurse, doctor to doctor is spotty at best. They have some real nice people and some people who shouldn't be doing the job. They seem to be good enough in helping out with emergency treatments and procedures but not for in depth involved health problems. My wife's care here was plagued with delayed procedures, cancelled procedures, know one seemingly knowing what's going on. Communication between the doctors only happens when your in the hospital, once you leave, your out of site out of mind, and the communication while your in there is fair at best. Even the Patient Advocate we tried to talk about some of concern with the delayed and cancelled procedures showed up at my wife's room when she knew she was in procedure (because they have there schedule) and just her card. Well you have stage 3 cancer you just can't walk down to see her for an appointment.

Kathleen Ryan

The nurses at United are the absolute best! They are the reason we choose this hospital, even though administration continues to take their benefits away! The nurses put their heart and soul into caring for their patients!

Dan Hart

Having a kid here and waiting in the emergency room for hours in pain and seeing people crying and others getting extremely frustrated because they have not been seen yet makes me not want to ever come back.. They said a few hour wait im going on over 3 hours sitting in the waiting room for a possible collapsed lung that research has shown better recovery results if treated promptly. This isnt very prompt... Almost would have fallen asleep sitting here if i could breathe and my lung didnt hurt so bad. If your in a real emergency call 911 they will get you in faster.. If not your better off going to urgent care.

Jonathan Smith

This can not be a Hospital,Never stayed on Hold so long,911 dont take me Here Please!

Theresa Preston

HATED IT. I brought my mom in - running into the EMERGENCY ROOM and said, "I think my Mother is having a heart attack!" The ER nurse took her sweet time to WALK, NOT RUN with NO URGENCY whatsoever - I'm surprised they rolled her past registration and didn't make her sign everything before admitting her. They took their sweet time - NOT ONCE getting a doctor to come - although we were had two Physicians assistants who took 45 minutes to see her after I keep asking to see a real doctor. This is the most PATHETIC service I've ever received. The real reason they don't give her a real doctor is because she has UCARE - although they still charge the state for the same price as a doctor! I think this is BULLSHIT! You should be charged a whole lot less because you're seeing a PA and not a real doctor EVER. I will take this to the media outlets and to the BBB and to who ever will listen to me.

Jessica French

DO NOT bring anyone here for mental health crisis! One month wait, denied outpatient program. You need to attempt suicide before they help. No wonder the world is crazy!

Trisha K

Been stuck in waiting room for 4 hours after being told it might be meningitis. Then given attitude by the freaking nurse. I would walk out but I can't move on my own. Which I arrived here from an ambulance. F this place

Willam Kanaly

Always willing to help with your care

Greg Applekamp

Had to visit the United ER last night due to getting very sick very fast over the past day. I had to wait awhile to actually see the Dr., which I expected for an ED and the fact that it was a busy evening. Impressive: Great initial triage ED rooms are clean, and welcoming. Board on the wall letting you know your care team and what tests are being done. More Impressive: Care team including PA, Nurse, Lab Staff, Imaging were all very professional, respectful and had great bedside practice. I haven’t had to go to an ED in years, but they did their job, discharged me about 2 hours later. If i have to go for an ER visit again i will definetly go to United.

Jerry Hall

I was at 310 Smith Avenue at the Day Surgery Center today. Arrived 30 minutes ahead of time, filled out the paperwork, changed for day surgery, prepped with IV line. Sat in a prep room for 1.5 hours, and then was informed that we couldn't do the surgery because beds weren't available at United. This after we talked about bed availability a day earlier, and again upon my arrival for the appointment. Maybe consider bed availability before starting up the rest of the surgical process? Nice procedure United Allina Management team. I will not be back. Jerry Hall

Gabreal Morales

Horrible experience. The Dr. Is using made up terminology from the Urban dictionary to be undermining towards people. It's not Ok to treat people like they are 2nd class citizens based on their insurance. There is no such thing as slick tummy. Look it up. The Dr.s are playing games with people's lives.I teach medical terminology so that's how I know this is actually happening.

Lynn And

Waiting time was unreal! At least 4 to 5 hours....and I concidered myself to being up there as far as priority

Lindsey Bronson

i had a horrible experience at united. my first time hospitalized and no one knew what was going on. nurses, nursing assistants and doctors all didn’t communicate, didn’t explain anything. wouldn’t answer questions. i didn’t eat for 29 hours and when finally gut upset and asked what was going on the dr said “you’ve be able to eat for 12 hours” but no staff told me. 0 communication between any of the staff. 1/10 patient care.

Bruce Dreyling 997

They are great with er they care about you they make my hospital stay. The Food is good there short-term stay staff rock They’re very nice people thanks for all your help I’m feeling right now

Deborah Cepeda

This has been my main hospital of choice over the last 20 years. Last summer I had a wallet stolen out of my room as an inpatient and now just last night I had a pair of pretty pricey winter Harley boots stolen. which also happen to be the last gift my father is ever likely to give me--no one to contact for 3 days!This had to have been done by hospital personnel . I am really angry and very upset by this occurring again in a space of 6 months! Not a great reflection on the hospital or who they choose to hire as employees--

Shawn Moorhead

Worst experience I have ever had, my wife was having trouble breathing and had massive pain in her upper body to the point she could not even move or take deep breaths so we went to United hospital with our two toddler children. At first everything seemed great check in went well and they came and did an INR test and then there we sat in the lounge for four and a half hours without as much as an update, we arrived at 7:30pm by me pushing my wife in a wheelchair because she was in so much pain she could not walk or stand at 10:00pm I finally asked the lady at the front desk how much longer it was going to be (I was very polite might I add) and she said that we were next to get it and I thanked her, an hour and a half later and after watching a half dozen people go in after we were so called "next to get in" I approached the last again and her response was "there is nothing I can do" I was not asking for her to wave a magic wand I just wanted the truth and apparently that doesn't happen there so I reminded her that we had been there for 4 1/2 hours with a 4 and 2 year old and the blood test they gave my wife was very concerning since it is a test for blood clots and we were and still are very concerned and I got the deer in the headlight stare and then I have up and told her we are leaving and she said "ok" I have never had such an awful experience anywhere and I have a great appreciation for what everybody does at the ER and I could not have been more patient considering my wife the woman I love more then anything was miserable and in massive pain I know they have a tough job and I am sure they deal with some real rude people but we are not and were not one of those people and I am not one to write a review unless it is a positive one but this was unlike anything I have ever had to deal with before, all we wanted was honesty and maybe an update but apparently that was to much to ask so here we are at home and my wife will have to be miserable for the entire night until the morning so we can go to a hospital that actually wants to help people.

keisha joyce

Was waiting 4 hours just to be seen. This hospital is worse than the one in Gary,Indiana. No sense of urgency at all.


Worst Hospital in the state I was brought in by ambulance with chronic stomach pains and non stop vomiting. I was waiting for two hours in a waiting room finally I called my daughter to come and take me to a different hospital

Glenda Matteson

All staff great!! Nurses gave great care & compassion along with the aids & PT & OT. Food was ok & wish I could have spoken with the surgeons who performed my surgery.

Halo Stafford

My daughter was seen by Dr. Stephanie Frances Go on August 21, 2019. Dr. Go showed a complete lack of integrity, lack of proper patient care, lack of following typical medical practices and processes, and general lack of any care or desire to help her patients. She was negligent in the care of my 16-year old daughter. She made a medical mistake and won't admit it, take accountability, or responsibility and won't apologize. I am thoroughly disgusted that she has the right or ability to call herself a doctor.

Liz Chlebeck

I just got home from the absolute worst medical experience I have ever had in my life. I will never step foot in United emergency again, I have never had a care team be so rude, unprofessional, condescending just plain bad... A nurse who should not be liscenced to work with people. A doctor who did not have time for me, and made clear we spoke for under 2 minutes total. (I was checked in at 7pm admitted at 11:30pm and I was discharged at 1:30am.) I am a strong, hardworking, professional, kind 29 year old woman and I was abused and neglected this evening, I had to call my mother to come down I was planning on being there alone. I needed support in this unfortunate but real encounter with the nurse from hell. I was fighting back tears from the beginning. Mary was my nurses name, I wouldn't wish my experience on anyone. My reason for being there doesn't even matter, which is how I felt the minute I met Mary. I didn't matter, she was a bully on the playground only it was the United Hospital's Emergency Room. ***I have never written a review in my life, not one! ***I am normally someone who bites my tongue in these senerios (crabby doctor and or individual, I can shake it off and its over.) Not this time, this was patient neglect and abuse and I left feeling worse because of Mary and this experience. (This is just a small overview of the horror I encountered Monday evening.) I will review all details when I speak with the United patient care coordinator tomorrow morning. I tried to share my concerns with Mary towards the end in a professional manner but she immediately cut me off, was defensive and condescending. I wansn't allowed to finish a sentence she didn't like, snarkingly cutting me off any chance she got. I stated, that I was sorry and not trying to start trouble as she continued to become more and more deffensive. She passive aggressively finished our conversation buy informing me that she is having a "I am having a fantastic night" smirking (condescending tone) and overflowing with narcacism in her voice. I said..."wow you are really something," that made her happy, she smiled big (she was pleased, she bullied me into submission.) I was emotionally drained and told her to "please go, we're leaving." I called my mom after the abuse and bullying started, I told her I needed her to come down to the hospital. I did not feel comfortable in my nurses care, I could not believe what was happening. My mom commented after I asked her to go... "Snyou don't offer to help patients that can't walk when it comes to using the restroom or ask if need help dressing?" Mary's quick response... "She got undressed herself, condescending once again." I was crying as I was undressing when she brought me back earlier, breathing heavily and told Mary my pain was a 10 at least four times. I also stated I could barley take my shoes off. she continued to type, never looked back at me, never offer to help or find help. I did not have a choice, I couldn't for the life of me understand what was happening. I could go on and on, I will save the rest for the patient coordinator. This nurse from hell found pleasure in my discomfort towards the end, she was having a "fantastic evening." There is a reason Mary was 100% on the defense, she was wrong! I imagine she bullies people on the regular and gets away with it. I regret not asking for a new nurse right away. I asked how do you have "fantastic" night when you are working with multiple people who are sick, scared, in pain, worried, in an emergency situation and looking for your comfortbor at least genuinety from another human being?" Her response.. "I'm sorry you feel that way, in a childish tone." ?? Was that an answer to my question?? Shame on you Mary and Shame on you United Hospital for not being more aware of your patient care. As I stated this is just the tip of the iceberg. I advise you all to pick another Emergency Room, Mary find a new profession. Today was not ok.

abdur rahman Mohamed

This is the worst hospital in Mn especially for people of color. Their explicit racism is compared to none. The hospital staff called security on my visitors because “ they weren’t cleaning after their mess” I confronted them about their prejudice, a security girl threatened me with a trespassing. I asked her why are you threatening me and she told me “you are arguing with me” really?!! Isn’t that abuse of power?! She finally gave me a trespassing. What’s worse is they wouldn’t even let me say bye to my wife who gave birth in their hospital. What a rude and racist staff! Will never go back to this racist environment?

J Ames

Great staff by the nurses, I’ve been here 2 days so far. Food is decent only been on full liquids. But overall good experience

Dyann Reinhard

Had a good stay three weeks ago for my husband. Staff were very attentive and good at answering questions. They were in no hurry for discharge until we felt ready. Overall good experience. Minor incident in food court that was resolved.. Thank you United hospital

Lisa Madden

I have had my Brain Surgery at United they did a great job they worked with me to see if I was a Surgical Candidate. At Regions Hospital they told me I could NEVER have the Brain Surgery they told me I was bringing on my seizures my self I would recommend this hospital.

Lewis Wilson

This place saved my life and is way better for psychiatric care than Fairview Riverside in my humble opinion. Thank you so much to the professionals at United. The docs, the nurses, and the people who come in to facilitate groups are great. Since being hospitalized there in late March and restablilizing I've been healthier and happier than I have in my entire life. When I'm able to... I will give back to United hospital in some way or form.

Ron Edlund

My brother went in the Emergency room with serious lung problems and had to wait 11 hours to get a room!!! Yes 11 hours! This hospital is a zoo and overloaded There allot of better options in the twin cities I would never go to this hospital Prospective patients beware

Miss Infinite

Do not go here if you have no physical proof of something wrong with you. I went in there for abdominal pain that was very persistent. When I arrived there was only 1 other patient waiting to go in. Nearly 3 hours later, and told the waiting list is based on severity, having watched a dozen other people come to the hospital after me, and then being seen a room before me. I even watched as an older gentleman who was complaining about an achy hip go before me, he had arrived an hour after me... Feeling like wasting your time? Want to have your blood pressure, heart rate, and temp checked? If that is all you want, then go ahead! This is the place for you!

Jaanza Z

DIABETICS STAY AWAY FROM UNITED!!! I went to United with ketoacidosis last April. After bureaucratic rigamarole for a few hours, I finally received an insulin shot. Eventually my blood sugar level dropped to 136 but then United let it climb all the way up to 293. This was at 3 AM and I was vomiting. The overnight doctor authorized only 2 units of insulin. My ketoacidosis conintued, the vomiting continued and only at 8 AM when a different doctor came on was i able to get a halfway decent dosage of insulin. I insisted on being discharged that day no matter what.

Ashley Kuehn

Horrible I was in the waiting room for 3 hours before being taken back this is the worst hospital I have ever been to and I will never go again even if I'm dying.

Mariah Cuenta

The infusion center is the best staff I've experienced within those walls of that hospital. amazing staff, AM & PM. Shout out to Tammy & Annie :) Perinatal Clinic was amazing from their scheduler to the nurses & MD's. I am delivering my twins at Abott MBC but live closer to the united one. & the experience was just truly all I could ask for during this struggling last weeks of my twin pregnancy.

Sheryl Kasper

I had a total knee replacement at United Hospital yesterday. Overall the staff and services have well exceeded my hopes and expectations. Drs. Anderson and Ryan are wonderful communicators, have excellent manners and in my opinion exceed basic surgical protocol. Nursing staff and Physical Therapists are extremely attentive and informative. They towered above average standard of care in my opinion. Even dietary services were always thoughtful, patient and very courteous. The only reason I did not give United Hospital a perfect score was because of one very rude, egotistical and condescending doctor named Dr. Tongen. Maybe others have had different experiences with him but I can only speak of my own experience. Dr. Tongen seems to forget that although a Physician, we, the patients are paying his salary. We all have careers of our own and I assure you if I or any of my staff treated a guest the way this man treated me, as a patient, we would be up for reconditioning/retraining or termination. This is a post surgical ward in which the patients are seeking pain management, may be under sedation and above all else, are feeling vulnerable. This doctor, in my opinion, does not have the adequate bedside manner for this type of care. I have the utmost respect for people in the medical field and this interaction was the worste I have ever experienced in a healthcare environment.

Sonya Johnson

Negative stars, I came in with my mother who has multiple health issues and have been waiting way longer than needed, I understand that everyone needs to wait their turn but when someone is bleeding they should be put ahead of someone whose has a cold, people at the front were horrible with patients care. I work in a hospital and I know that they should not have someone waiting this long, we have gone here multiple times before for my mothers heart attacks but have never had such poor nurses, the cardiac portion amazing! ER nursing most insensitive nurses I've met.

Elizabeth Becker

Don't Waste Your Time I have been to this Hospital on several occasions and have gotten terrible care. The front desk and nurses seem to have little to no bedside manner and couldn't care less about patients. You see a Doctor for a very brief period, if at all and are treated as a number, not a person. I went in after severe vomiting and a seizure . . they heavily sedated me, told my husband I was fine and just sent me home after arriving in an ambulance. When I was pregnant I begged the nurses for help and they just told me "tough" and sent me to the other end of the building for help. I collapsed while trying to walk back and forth through the hospital and received more help from VOLUNTEERS than from the nurses. I would never recommend this ER to anyone and my husband just refuses to go to this hospital under any circumstances.

Hussein Ali

The worst E.R I have ever visited MAY she was PAIN the doctors does nt Care her PAIN he go to another patient United hospital is worst Emergency Regions is better In my experience


Small enough hospital to meet your needs, not a trauma hospital but excellent cardiac services and robotic surgery.

Kathy Newbauer

Discharged too early with active pneumonia and a feeding tube just placed. Asked the social worker if I could speak to anyone about my concern and was denied. Discharged anyway.

sandy romero

My husband was in and out of United hospital to many times to count in the past 4 years. Between the ER, ICU, hospital Doctors and nurses, the fantastic United family Practice team of Doctors and of course the radiology, and vascular teams of amazing Surgeons, Assistance's, nursing and other staff that assisted in the care of my husband. There are not enough stars up there. I'm just so grateful for all the caring personnel that crossed our paths. I cannot thank them enough for all the care they gave my husband and for the support that they gave me. Thank you so much, I will be forever grateful and give them all 100 star rating.

Gabby Jen

Horrible experience from check in to check out (Going to exclude the confusing parking situation). Even if I was dying, I would not return to this hospital. No one at the "welcome" desk to help out. Took forever to be checked in and processed. There were lots of people wandering aimlessly trying to figure out their poor system. All the doctors and nurses had terrible bed side manner and were rude and lacking compassion. It made us feel uncomfortable and they treated us like we were stupid. The first doctor was literally yelling at us. Samantha's eyes seemed like they were about to pop out of her eye sockets. No one even looked to see what was causing the pain. Samantha brought in another doctor and he (never told us his name) did nothing as well. All he said was that he was going to prescribe a different pain medication. We waited for a while to get our discharge papers and when a nurse finally came in, she asked what the doctor said to us, when he was coming back if ever, and where he went. I mean, don't you guys communicate? I told her that we were waiting for new pain meds. She looked at us and told us there was a new trauma patient and no one will come back to see us. She told us the doctor was prepping the same medication that we originally had that he said he would replace with one that would actually work. Also, that there were no discharge papers put in. She said no one was coming back to discharge us and that she wouldn't wait. Her smug look and her bad attitude made matters worse. Seriously? So unorganized. It's like the visit didn't even happen because both doctors didn't seem to remember anything we talked about. I never experienced anything like this before. They were all so unprofessional. I regret stepping foot into this hospital. It was such a waste of time. We felt like second class citizens here. Everyone there act like they hate their jobs and take it out on the patients.

Kimberly Krupka

My fiance was transferred to United Hospital from River Falls emergency room for kidney stones to have emergency surgery. We arrived at United Hospital around 11:30 to noon on Thursday. We waited for several hours before the rounding physician even saw us and during this time they also did not give any kind of pain medication for the pain that he was experiencing. my fiance was also NPO and had nothing to eat since 9 the night before for surgery purposes. By the time the PA with the urologist came to see us, it was around 4 p.m. that is when we were informed that they were not able to get them on the surgery schedule until the following day. I feel that if a hospital is not able to accommodate an emergency surgery, the patient should be informed of this information asap. This information should have also been communicated prior to us leaving river falls emergency room especially when We were the understanding he was going to United to have the surgery that day. We should have been informed prior to 4pm that a surgery was not going to transpire until the following day so he could at least eat something because he was starving. When it comes to Patient Care, there is none. The communication between the Departments is ridiculous because there is no communication. Almost every staff member involved in my fiance's care said something completely different than what actually ended up transpiring and we were never truly informed of what was actually happening. When it comes to the discharge nurse, she is one the float nurses that works in the observation area and discharged us, I think her name is Erin, needs to have an attitude check because we don't appreciate her throwing my fiance's catheter supplies at him! She had a disrespectful attitude towards us the entire time. No patient should ever be treated that way. She talk to us as if we were dumb and when we ask questions, she gave us this disgusted look the entire time. What was most appalling was that when we asked questions regarding a stent that was put in she says "why do you keep saying that word" and when we told her that he has a stent she says " well I don't know anything about you". I am sorry but when you're working with patients those are not the words that you say to anyone. When your discharging a patient you should at least be looking at their chart to understand what they were in there for and if they had a procedure what kind of procedure they had so you can give the patient proper discharge instructions as well as instructions on how to clean the area. I would never come back to this Hospital and I would advise anybody else to go to Regions or st. Joe's. If I could give this hospital is 0 Stars I would!! This isn't even everything that we experienced in our overnight stay, I have a lot more to say! UPDATE: we now think he has an infection and we have tried reaching out to the urologist who did his surgery and they have not called him back. He is peeing blood clots, having hot and cold flashes and having difficulty going to the bathroom as well as many other concerning symptoms! He called them at 12 today (tuesday april 24th) and never received a call back. He tried to make a follow up appointment with the doctor and was told he couldn't because the doctor never put in the orders!! His surgery was on friday!!! How is this even acceptable??? Seriously United, take a hard look at your complaints and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! THIS IS SERIOUS INFORMATION PATIENTS ARE TRYING TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU!!

Cindy Casey

April 19, 2018, United Radiology Department. 5 Stars for Kristen who did the MRCP, 5 stars for Regina from the Lab who did my IV without blowing my veins up, and Gina who was pleasant to work with. These 3 employees should be praised for their courtesy and compassion for sick patients who would rather not be spending their time in a Hospital Radiology Room due to a illness that has not yet been diagnosed. Good Words For Good People.

Mai Yang

Wasted 2 hours waiting, even the people who came after us were seen first!! A waste of time in the ER to be told they could not do anything about my daughter's virus!! useless Doctors!!! Never again i'm going there! i don't care if its close to my home. i rather drive the distance than go to United Hospital

Kristine Miosek

We had our daughter at the Mother Baby Center at United in St Paul and it was quite literally the most amazing experience! I went in after reaching 41 weeks pregnant and they were so patient and caring. I felt like I wasn't there to give birth. The rooms are massive; You feel like you're staying at a 5 star hotel! I even had a massage and aromatherapy bath! It was perfect. When our baby finally did come, they handled everything so professionally and precise. I was so excited to give birth here as this was my first choice. For our next child, we will definitely be giving birth here! Thank you Allina Health and the Mother Baby Center at United Hospital!

Linda Hess


Jarrett & Karen Smith

RE: Linda Weston; Date of Services: 7/30/2016 I arrived at your urgent emergency department after a fall injury in the Delta Airlines Airport. The services I received were outstanding. The ER doctor on staff was Dr. Nicholas Dahl and Registered Nurse Dawn Wenzel. Both showed concern and compassion for my situation. Dawn could not do enough for me; she made sure that I received my medication from your pharmacy before discharged. She also made sure that my daughter and I had arrived back at the airport safely. Doctor Dahl called the following day to check on my progress. Your hospital is blessed to have these two members as a part of your staff.

Kelsey Parrish

Had both my children there and they are amazing and the new mother baby center is great

Taylor Alsobrook

Don't ever have your baby here. Worst care ever. Anywhere else would be better experience.

Jenn Sjelin

Was seen and registered in very fast. But for there being so many staff, nurses, and doctors available and there being such short amouny of people at the E.R there availability & time i was sitting waiting in my room. Was not timely manner nor fashion and they could of been more on top of there patients and there needs. But they were additude friendly and didnt speak in any unrespectable tone and all had a very friendly smile on there faces.

Yenghoua Vue

Wished i could give this A negative 5 stars. Got here at 12pm and waited 4 hours and still no one , not doctor came to assist me. WHILE people whon just got here Getting help from nurses and doctors leftt and right. I don't complain much cause I know it's a hospital but 4 hours straight of no service is just abit to much... terible service.... very unhelpful ED staff...

Rita Winchester

My elderly father was admitted to United ICU the beginning of January for congestive heart failure. When he declined and experienced multiple organ failure, the doctors at the hospital offered options, explaining the pros and cons of each in understandable language and ensured that my dad was aware of what was happening. When the decision was made to focus treatment on providing comfort, the staff made it a priority to keep my father comfortable while also maintaining his mental alertness so he could engage in conversation throughout his last day. The staff was attentive and responsive and matched their care to his functioning, making his last day very peaceful and with no suffering. I am forever grateful to them for providing that.

Charles Grant

I just sent off a check for $1,838 dollars for one of the most inexcusable experience one should have at a health care facility. Before writing this I read some of the reviews and I could totally emphasize with many of them as it mirrored my experience perfectly. I was writhing in pain as the intake personnel coldly struggled through the process but that was just the beginning of the miserable experience. After a couple of hours laying on a bed in terrible pain, the coldest and by far the rudest doctor I have ever met spent about 1 minute with me but had enough time to tell my wife who was patiently waiting with me that she did not need to be asking any questions, He would be asking the questions. Then finally after he left I was attended to by a PA who administered some pain pills at $13 a pop. After the ex-rays came back ok the nurse administered a vile of morphine at a cost of $90 but apparently it was $137 to inject it. I guess the real problem is - at my age I knew of a time when individuals in the health care industry were kind, compassionate, and honorable. This experience just seems to be a reflection of what is happening throughout our country. It is sad, real sad. Before I finish however, I want to give credit to the 2 wonderful individuals in the ex-ray room they were kind and considerate. I had to give this a rating of one star or it would not let me post. Otherwise, I would have given it a half cracker.That's all.


I'm currently here in the surgery center. Just had knee replacement surgery yesterday morning. Everything, from the info and assistance from the pre-op nursing staff to check in to surgery and care after has been flawlessly wonderful! I'd heard plenty of horror stories about this surgery from those who've had it. I work in skilled trades, so many coworkers have joints broken down from a career of physical work. So I was understandably filled with anxiety about the process and the pain etc. All my fears have been tossed out the window. Surgery was around noon yesterday and I was easily able to walk around the halls with just a walker that I didn't rely on much, did another round today. I think this is due in large part to the quality of the surgeon (Dr Heller, who is truly awesome) and all the care from the whole team and facility. They're very proactive and seamless on infection prevention, making sure I'm safe and comfortable - and reasonably pain free (very little pain considering the surgery.) And every single employee has been highly professional, far above competent, and genuinely friendly and helpful. I'll be back in a month for the other knee and I'm looking forward to it. I highly recommend it!

Peter Saad

Helpful staff. Parking available but expensive


I went to the ER for fluids after two weeks of vomiting, and I'm glad I did. I have a rare disease that many doctors aren't familiar with (MCAS) and lots of folks with that disorder have absolute horror stories from going to the ER. The doctor wasn't 100% on board with my theory as to why I was vomiting, but she was very polite and did everything I asked to accommodate my weird allergies. My nurse was so kind, warm, and helpful, and all the staff there seemed to get along well and be in a good mood. I'm sure they have bad days like anyone, but all in all, it was a wonderful experience.

Robert A. James

My mom was hospitalized here for 7 weeks. The doctors and nurses did there best to meet my mom's complicated clinical needs. I have no complaints and commend the staff members.

Thomas Gall

Time and time again my girlfriend with a thyroid condition and chronic migraines visited this facilities emergency room. We have spent countless hours in wait for a nurse who isn't "qualified" to answer questions and ER doctors who's condescension and egotistical complex gratifies as a right to diagnose all visits as "anxiety" on the patient's part. Irony is found when the "qualifications" of an ER doctor is to treat immediate physical and not emotional issues

Bryan Dauchy

You employ a muderer at your hospital Dr Steven Hanovich.

Pamela Stone

My mom's care was very good here. The nurses seemed caring and efficient with minor exceptions. I had to wait there for 10 hours which isn't unheard of for a surgery and did not find the waiting areas very comfortable but I think United Hispital gets the most important things right this being caring for the patients.

Kemal Ozturk

We just visited a friend of us in the emergency room. All the people we met were very nice.

Nafisa Salim

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.!! Not only were the staff rude but they also didn't help whatsoever and discharged my little sister. There was only one woman who's name was Lacy who actually was nice by the rest were really rude and wouldn't answer any questions about what we really asked about...! Never going back. Shout out to Lacy

Marc W

The Staff was awesome and the Doctor saved my wife's life. My wife had a 14 hour brain surgery, rebound to normal within a month. If it would not have been for the diligence of the Medical Team, I would be without my wife. I'm forever greatful and appreciate the attention and great care.

TraMaunte Spragging

I tried so many places and gave them the exact same symptoms. Other places just nodded and smiled and sent me out with no help. When I went to United the doctor cared and listened, the nurses were really cool, and they ended up finding not only the problem of my symptoms but another problem as well to something I thought was normal. I left fully treated and satisfied.

Kathy Hawley

I had great carein the E.R dept on Sunday, very early morning

louis murphy

Palm laceration into the muscle. One inch deep. Emergency staff got me in as quickly as possible. Sutured up and shut, and given aftercare instructions in a wonderfully professional manner. Thanks to their staff.

Freedom Miller

Dr. KATHRYN BOYD is absolutely amazing very concerned, informative and willing to go over and beyond for her patients haven't had a ER doctor that professional in a long time great work it's very appreciated. Thanx for your service

Kelly Behlen

Worst service I've ever gotten at a hospital, for too many reasons to list.

carla atkinson

Behavior health adolescent impatient unit : NO THERAPY! NO HELP! Very unclean. No structure. Patients really just run wild in the evening. Screaming on purpose for no reason and fun. Very loud music I can clearly hear over the phone. My child stays in the " jail cell" room cause of the kaos. Sooo the staff forgets about her. Staff does not check on her, staff will not go in to talk to her. Staff forget about her for meals and groups. My child is not any better. Physically fine, but mentally and emotionally, she seems worse. Don't expect any sort of therapy here.

Tyler Osterhaus

Computers are down and the ER staff literally just told me that “It's a total cluster." My daughter's doctor cannot be found and when we asked for answers the staff laughed at us.

Gabe Smith

There are two clinics right next to the hospital also. Very nice place.

Pricc Ramirez

Most racist and descrimintory emergency center at this hospital. Never go here again. Doesn't even desire a star. My sister who has ibs severe pain and a chronic disorder was refused to be attended but anyone else who had a little cough were attended immediately and of course were not of color. Luckily my sister could tolerate her pain but only for a few minutes from there she couldn't tolerate it any longer. I had to tell there nurses and they just said a simple "well she has to wait her turn" and walked away. Unbelievable.

NorCal55 X

I had severe facial pain after wisdom teeth extractions in 2015. When they triaged me the blood pressure monitor cuff squeezed far to hard and left huge red streaks and pain on my arm. I complained and the nurse admitted it had "acted up all day." I asked why not trade it in for a working one and she said they would the next day!!! Knowingly injuring patients is NOT OK. Then I had a 3 or so hr wait. Saw a P.A. not a dr, she ignored everything I freaking said including my level of pain and said I had TMJ and bailed. I was alone constantly looking out of my room waiting to try and grab the next staff members attention I possibly could to ask to see someone else, it never happened. They ignored my shouts and me waving my arms. Omg do they ignore people dying too? Yes. The nurses literally started talking about me outloud in front of everyone to hear about ME asking what they should do about ME and that they should kick me out before I was finished being seen because I was unhappy with the 10 sec examination from some moron Physician assistant who refused to figure out what was wrong with me, give me anything to help pain or a real diagnosis. I was embarrassed as hell and it definitely violated HIPPAA. So it didn't work and I got my discharge sheets with info on TMJ. I asked if I could see someone else and the a holes threatened security on me so I got up and told everyone their gonna get sued and to stop treating people like crap.

Kris Jernigan

If I could give them a zero on this review, I would. I went in for an outpatient procedure, ERCP, and the doctor perforated me during the procedure. I understand that mistakes/complications happen, but the care afterward was horrible. I would have never recovered except I was able to get a transfer to Mayo in Rochester. I am forever indebted to Mayo for my recovery. I think the doctors at United Hospital couldn't admit that the issue they had created was now out of their league to solve. Don't believe anyone who says it is easy to file a medical lawsuit. I tried.

Renee Nelson

Today my spouse who is a heart patient was attempting to be seen in the E.R he laid there from 9:30 am until almost 5 PM. they say they were trying to schedule a ct scan. He asked a nurse about the procedure, I guess he thought he was out of ear shot range but the patient heard him, so my husband asked them to remove the iv line so he could go. This is the 2nd instance of let's say mild neglect when u fool with this E.R. Several years ago My friend mentioned to me about mild neglect or covert racism. I didn't see it then but we sure experienced it today!!!!! Kudos to the er staff that did not help a patient. Today y'all sucked. let's see if i get a call back from hospital admin!

Kayla P.

I was very impressed with care I received while an inpatient at United for 5 days. The nurses were excellent, my cardiology team was informative and responsive to my questions, and the support staffs from housekeeping to phlebotomy to dietary were all friendly! Working close by I had no idea what to expect being on the other side of the hospital bed. The whole team made my staff as pleasant as it could be. I only have 2 complaints: 1- the rooms on telemetry are tiny!!! And 2- the beds are awful!!! I guess they are new but horrible. I had never been so happy to see my bed!!!

Yelena Kibasova

I ended up at United twice in one week by ambulance due to excruciating pain. The first time I was treated promptly but was discharged the next day with no explanation and no significant contact with a doctor who tried to explore the possibilities of what happened. A few days later, I ended up there with the same pain. I arrived at the hospital in severe pain and was greeted by a very cold nurse. She told me I had to wait and then left the room for 20-some minutes. My husband was furious and I just cried and screamed the whole time. Finally a doctor came and at least asked enough questions to get to the bottom of my problem. The way I was treated was very unfortunate the second time.

Sarah Allen

Everyone is very helpful and patient

XXsoul reaperXX

Wouldn’t recommend!!

Steve Rieken

This place is a joke. Went into the ER after a fall on the ski hill. I had a CT scan and hand x-ray (which the doctor never even looked at; my hand is still screwed up to this day). Then the doctor says "you have a broken nose, but i could have told you that by looking at you. We'll get your discharge papers. Tylenol and ice." Three weeks later got the bill for $5,000. Awesome...thanks guys. I might actually rather die before going back there.

Rory McGarrity

Hospital staff could not be more hospitable

Gina Versaguis

All the nurses were well educated and very nice. I feel the people on here do not understand that there is still an ambulance bay that is taking in critical patients when they are sitting in the waiting room complaining about hangnails and papercuts

Jamie Debolt

Worst hospital and “medical staff” I’ve ever seen!

Kristine Cotterman

My father went in and didn't leave as planned. Last April, he died because of a change of plans we never agreed to. My father was in the hospital for a few weeks, he got weaker and was aspirating (not swallowing properly). But somehow they thought he was ready to get transferred to the nursing home. He needed a feeding tube, which was fine because he would get stronger... like he had in the past. I suggested he get the one in his nose which works fine and is non-invasive. But the nursing home won't let them have that kind. So he had to get one put into his stomach. He was on blood thinners at the time. AT our family/dr meeting, we agreed he would have the surgery in a couple days. HOWEVER, THAT SAME DAY, just a few hours later, there was an opening in the OR and they proceeded to put the feeding tube in WITHOUT letting the blood thinners get out of his system. They had to poke a couple times! NEXT THING WE KNOW, he's bleeding internally, needs to be given blood, extremely uncomfortable, wants to get out, is given a drug that is for psych patients/dangerous for heart patients, and passes away 5 days after our meeting. HE DID NOT KNOW HE WAS GOING TO DIE. I want this looked into! DO NOT LET THE DRS GET YOUR LOVED ONE IN BEFORE THE BLOOD THINNERS ARE OUT!

Honest Reviewer

There are some very sweet nurses around the Neurological Intensive Care Unit.

Therese McKenzie

Got wonderful care both in the ER and in the Hospital.

dacia miller

I just want to know why I was charged for my chest x ray which wasn’t needed when I came in for a ankle fracture This place sucks don’t ever come here

Jamie MacBain

Was treated by Dr Joseph (Jay) Westwater in the ER. Fabulous physician! I wish he had a private practice or practiced within a clinic!

James Gravening

In pain! And showed up for my mri scan half hour early! And was told there was a delay so I waited for 2 hours? And still nothing.

Maria Rivera

My niece was having a heart problem. She was on the wheel chair in pain and I was there before the other people came. The nurse took the other person on before us. Look like racism because we are Latin . This is ridiculous!!!

Portia Bera

I gave one star because i had to, or else i could not write anything. Had a horrible experience here. I am 11 weeks pregnant and went there with a severe lower abdominal pain. The nurse came after almost 20 mins (dont know how they say its an emergency room!) the doctor took another half an houe time to show up. Inspected and said i need to do an MRI for a suspection of appendix. It took them 5 hours to set up an MRI for an emergency patient. Meanwhile none of the doctors or nurses came to even ask if i needed something. I was without food and was hungry and the pain increased. The nurse came to give a painkiller which the doctor suggested and it was a morphin. Before injecting i asked her if its safe or not during pregnancy and they said its not proven. You can take or cannot. We wont force! Fortunately i did not take it as my husband googled and found out its a catagory C medicine. They gave me one pouch of saline which was over in half an hour. And after that did not refill. My husband and i decided to go to another ER and check out. As soon as he said that to the reception, immediately the doctor came to know about my whereabouts and within 20 mins they were ready to do the MRI. i was taken there. The report took another 1 hr to come and everything was normal. The check out procedure took another 1 hr time as there was no nurse to do the process and our nurse was busu was another patient. The doctor prescribed a medicine from their pharmacy, but my husband could not find where exactly the pharmacy was. Although the sign was there. The cafeteria was supposed to open at 9. Past 9 they said it wont open. We returned back after all these hassle tired, annoyed, hungry!! Wont ever go back or suggest anyone. For me its a negative star rating.

Mark Conkle

Avoid this hospital at all costs. They will lie to you, hold you against your will, and mistreat you!

Jaq Michael

I just had my 2nd hip replacement surgery on 10-19-18 at United. This hospital and its staff are truly amazing. Doctor Anthony Anderson ( surgeon) is an awesome doctor. Dr. Anderson explained the entire procedure the first hip. I felt confident I was in good hands, that’s why I went back to have my other hip done by him. The nursing staff on the 6th floor are remarkable, they are kind and caring well trained and just a good bunch of people. I hate for anyone to have to come here, but if you do you’re in awesome hands

Carrie Wiste

I was taken to the ER here in October, because I had a fainting episode that scared my husband. I was treated poorly by the ambulance staff, given a battery of tests and some IV fluid at the hospital, and then told that they had no idea why I have this fainting condition that causes symptoms my husband describes as absence seizures. They also gave me no advice about how to prevent them, and tried to keep me longer than necessary, because they could charge me more for taking up space. Now, two months later, we're still receiving bills from around the country; each test that was performed, and every doctor or lab that looked at them, is billing us separately, so we've no idea what we still need to pay, or when/where the next bill is coming from. The staff and administration of this hospital should be ashamed, and so should UnitedHealth insurance, which has harassed me via mail and phone, asking questions about how the incident happened, instead of getting information that should've been recorded by the physicians who attended me, all in attempts to pay less than what they covered, which was minimal. These people are horrible, and I will never again let anyone take me to this hospital or pay another penny in insurance to UnitedHealthcare.

christopher garvey

Came in the emergency room 11:11am was never seen by a doctor it's now 3:15 never go there unless you wanna die

Quintella Howell

Been going to this ER for years. Disappointed every time. I'm the fool though.

Jennifer Taylor

I have in the past had nothing but great things to say about United hospital. This morning I came in at 2:30am to children's hospital. I was informed that it would be at least a four hour wait. When we finally got roomed. I went to the restroom, to find everyone Doctor's and Nurses sitting talking about their lives. Myself and my daughter was told that there was two doctors on staff with three patients ahead of us, if there's two doctors why would it still be four hours to be seen. We have to do better with the care for our babies. He has a ear very bad ear infection and he was crying, the registration Nurse gave him something (Ibuprofen) for the pain. He got some what comfortable and tried to rest. I'm sure he has a double ear infection

Thomas Kutz

I would like to say thank you to everyone at United Hospital for the treatment that I received on Friday during my surgery it was top notch and I cannot say anything bad from the time I walked in the door until I left I was treated with the upmost respect. I would like to thank all the nursing staff in the surgical department you guys were awesome.

Christian Peterson

Very understaffed.

Jim Domeier

My father has used this hospital many times. His most recent visit was the most memorable and significant. Post cardiac surgery, he suffered a stroke while in post op. The providers and medical staff worked endlessly to care for him. After several months he was admitted to the Courage Kenny in patient. Amazing work.

Ashley Dujiki

This is not the worst hospital in the world and I am still blessed to have insurance yet the staff is brutually selfabosrbed and mentally incapable of managing the lives of others and it is a complete mess in here the hospital needs to be cleaned very badly as it is not serile what so ever.

Alan Newbury

If I could give united hospital a negative star rating I would. I will make sure to tell everyone I know how terrible united hospital is and just might put up a billboard advertisement about it too. I went in for surgery to have kidney stones removed..yeah I know not super serious....but the patient care and informing me of things was hands down terrible. I probably could of gotten better answers and communication from a wall that I been watching dry for 4 hours. So let me explain I was in extreme pain. I was given 4 doses of Morphin and 3 doses of Dilaudid within a 3 hour period at my hospital before being transferred to united. The last dose was given to me right before I left for the 30 minute transfer. When I got to united it wasn't more then 30 minutes before my pain kicked back in. On my chart it said patient should call nurse when in pain. When I did, it took almost 3 hours before they gave me anything. I was in terrible pain within the first hour, and had to bear it for 3 hours before any relief. Whenever I did call for my nurse I got someone different everytime. With each time, each nurse or cna never had an answer to my questions. Like when am I having surgery? ( Which I was transferred there under the impression it was happening that evening) only to find out they couldn't get me in and scheduled me for the next day. I had to stay overnight with an IV all night. At one point I thought the IV was airlocked and called the nurse. Again, I got someone completely different then the one assigned to me on my chart. He asked what the matter was and I explained. With only one foot in the room, he said it's working just fine. I then said well I do not see or feel it flowing. He proceeded into the room, grabbed my arm without saying a word, and unhooked my IV so I could see it drip out. He put it back on and said THERE!!! There are many more things I can list between those two examples and my surgery but I'm going to skip to after my surgery. After surgery, I woke up from anesthesia and looked down to see a catheter in me. I was instantly pissed and started yelling at the nurses to call my fiance. I know it may be common knowledge to have a catheter after a kidney stone removal surgery but regardless a patient should be told about it or even the possibility of having it. I WAS TOLD NOTHING! So, I assumed that there wasn't going to be one. Yes, I could of asked about it before surgery but I had trust in my surgeon and nurses that something like that would be brought up and since it wasn't I believed it wasn't going to happen. Now I know I have to ask about everything. Not only did united break my trust with them, but now I'll have to have zero faith in any surgeon or nurse I might have in the future because of my experience. I filed a complaint with United but from the other reviews, I doubt that will do anything. So my plan is to get the word out as best I can to help others by telling them to NEVER go to united hospital. I'd rather fill my tub with ice and carve my own kidney out after a shot of whiskey before I even say the words united hospital. If they were the only hospital within 50 miles, I'd hitch hike my way to the next nearest hospital and take my chances with death.

Michael Kirby

EKG nurse complete B and shouldn't be in this line of work. My wife needed a diet order to be approved prior to her ordering room service as she was hungry. Was like pulling out teeth getting someone competent enough to put one in. Bev, her nurse finally had to Do it and she was very nice. The staff didn't seem to know what her previous days lab results were which was a bit disconcerning to say the least. Overall in terms of health wise, I'm comfortable with United, but for how expensive things are ($5 for 12-pack of tums, etc), I expect better attitudes and competence on services. No, it's not a hotel I get it, but some things should just be common sense.

Matt Holden

Most of the staff we had were great. Our nurses were wonderful. Dr. Kafla put everything clearly so we understood it all. Dr. Couri (cardiologist) didn't get great ratings. Told my parents at 1015 am he had some ideas of what could be causing my dad to be tired and he would share them very soon. Didn't hear a word until 945 pm! Then after our TEE procedure he said he would discuss some things before Dad was discharged. Never saw him. Aside from that, it's a hard place to get the layout on. I kept taking wrong turns. But there was always someone who worked there ready to help me find my way. That reduced my stress a little. Thanks! Very impressed with how nice the staff was from E.R. to Observation to Inpatient Heart Clinic.

James Rettner

The staff is very nice and helpful I was admitted with a massive heart attack and treated promptly. I think given the work load they receive day after day they are very good. I have no problem going back again if needed.

Libra Girlie

Was admitted to United due to pneumonia & having asthma exasperation. The 3 days I was there sucked. I wanted to go home so bad , food was sub par. Nurses were okay but they had terrible bed side matter & would knock on my door during the night to do vitals & check how I was doing . I understand I am sick but that doesn't mean check on me multiple times when I am trying to sleep [ repair my body ] !

Joan McCallum

I went in for a gallbladder surgery consult. During consult with Dr. he immediately asked me several times if my belly button hurt. I answered twice it did not. He told me I had a hernia and he could fix at same time as gallbladder. I trusted he knew what he was doing. Went in for my surgery. After my surgery Dr. came out and told my husband it went fine. My husband inquired about the hernia and surgeon rudely walked away and said it wasn't a hernia after all. I never seen my Dr. again nor did I ever receive a follow up from hospital inquiring how I was doing. The unnecessary procedure on my belly button was painful and took way longer to heal than the necessary gallbladder surgery. Would not go back to United Hospital.

Kimbler McLane

This is the worst hospital to have a baby. My daughter is 39 weeks pregnant and her contractions are 5 minutes apart. They keep coming in the room saying they are going to keep her for another hour and then they will check her. They don't come back for 1 1/2 hours and check her only to take all the monitors off of her and tell us they are sending her home. She is dialated 3 1/2 cm. No one is telling us anything then they come back in and tell us the are concern about the fluid around the baby so the are ordering an ultrasound and start hooking her back up to monitors. We have been here for hours over 6 hours and a Dr just shows up to talk to us in a very dismissive manner. We are still so in the dark about what is going on. When we ask questions they are very vague with the answers. If they send her home we are not coming back here to this Hospital we will go to St. John's Hospital. Two of my children were born here and I NEVER had this kind of thing happen. Right now I have nothing good to say about United and I don't trust them with two lives that mean the world to me.

Gene Mueller

Garbage buisness ethic. Suppose to take people in by the ABC method, not here. People with colds and back pain going in before severe illnesses. Waited 3 hours with a severe cellulitis hand infection with an allergic reaction to initial shot from allina urgent care. Even with there urgent care sending me. Heading to another hospital.

beth johnson

HCMC use to be the worst but United you have officially topped them. I came in with severe chest pain, shortness of breath, and back pain at 3:30am !! Your emergency room staff was so rude and unhelpful.. You should be ashamed to have them on your team.. I've now been in my room for 1hr and 15 minutes and have only gotten one breathing treatment 20 minutes ago.. And it was turned up way to high ended up being gone after 5 minutes and I ended up puking on myself from coughing so hard.. Had time to clean it and myself up and still write this review and still no sign of any help ! I'm so disappointed. I'm suppose to receive help at a HOSPITAL not neglect

Dale Marinenko

I had back surgery a number of years ago. I could barely walk when I came in. The surgery is the most successful if anyone else i know who's had back surgery. The care was excellent as well. I am very happy with the way everything went.

Rajib Bahar

They do good work. Translation service isn't that good.

Kalel Lennon

Yesterday afternoon the receptionist mocked me when giving her a patients name over the phone. One of the rudest and most unprofessional receptionist. Disgusting.

Debbie Hildreth

Totally not happy with care my husband is receiving. From being treated like a piece of furniture(in two days moved twice late at night) to having wrong information entered into his records that possibly resulted in having to stay an extra day. There is very little coordination of care. There were some wonderful staff so I gave 2 stars.

Kerry Saarinen

My son had his tonsils removed here and we had a great experience. Great friendly informative staff and clean rooms. They let us stay after his surgery until we were ready to go and kindly wheelchaired my son to parking/pick up area and quickly filled our meds. They even brought me a warm blanket after his surgery.

Carlos Merino

I'd like to aknowledge this hospital has the best care I have seen in the Twin Cities.

Eddie and Renee Cann

Amazing service. Quick, thorough, caring, attentive and great bed side manner. We wish we lived closer

Luv Vi

Let me start this off my saying this has been a long time coming. I've been going to this hospital for 11 years. (I have a chronic condition). I started coming here in 2008 and even back then, the service has been inconsistent. Things get better once you are officially admitted (still not the greatest - I have waited for a nurse for an hour with a dry iv and pain) but their emergency triage is severely lacking. About 80% of my trips to the ER has always been an extremely long wait. (avg 2 hours waiting) I've seen people complain and the staff cater to those people and bump them up the list. I understand and have been patient cause I understand not everyone is at the same severity but for example, there was a time when someone kept screaming they couldn't breathe cause they have asthma but continued to yell and scream and make a scene. They got bumped up. Now tonight took the cake. I have been waiting 6 hours so far. Now Ive been sitting here in severe pain and just barely keeping it together. I kept giving this place a chance because they were and are in my network and apart of the Allina system which I use a lot. Plus I figured, this is probably normal but after tonight I am done making excuses and finding a new hospital. I am so disappointed in the lack of structure this place has. I could continue on but my advice would be to try somewhere else first.

Sheyli Trujillo

I wish I could give them a 0 star. Waited 4 hours with terrible stomach pains and vomiting, just to be told that I had to keep waiting... aha yeah no. Not a fan of Regions emergency room, but I should've gone there. Not coming back.

Megan Kochendorfer

Friend forgot a cell phone in the box on a bench. It was held by security until she remembered and asked staff. Excellent :)

Michael H.

I have had 2 cancer surgeries here. I have never felt so cared for. I deeply appreciate that. Great staff with above and beyond bedside manner. This is a wonderful hospital. They saved my life! God bless, United Hospital.

Brenda Smith

Was vomiting and couldn't even keep water down for hours at home. Went to ER via ambulance. Got some nausea meds and was very weak and exhausted. They practically pushed me out the door after a couple hours. At 3 o clock in the morning, who do you call to get home? I didn't have my glasses. I was in my pajamas. I didn't have any money. Still not feeling very good and was given a pain med. The nurse offered me some bus tokens (I haven't been on a bus for years)when I told her I didn't have a ride. I had to wait in the ER waiting room for hours until I got ahold of a friend for a ride home in my pajamas. Very humiliating and disoriented.

Colin Geistfeld

Best care available!

Olivia Hall

0 stars. They let their hospital staff take advantage of people and could care less what it means to someone. They don't care. They're there for the pay check.

Dakota Perock

Terrible service... no urgency in the ER, NONE. More worried about the printer malfunctioning than the patients that need attention. Overall pathetic.

G Pullano

Starting to believe this is the worlds worse hospital! This hospital puts business before care! They lack common sense and compassion. Last week they sent my 83 yr old mother home - where she lives alone, with 2 compression fractures in her spine with instructions for no bending, lifting or twisting. They recommended she go to transition care, but did NOT follow through by keeping her in the hospital, instead they sent her home with instructions not to do anything. I had to fly from my home in Florida to be with her, because she can not be left alone. She can not perform the basic daily functions on her own and they send her home alone. Even the home health care worker who visited said she should be in transitional care. She went back to the hospital Monday and the care gets even worse there. She spends the whole night in a room, where no one checks on her, no one gives her any food, water or pain medicine. How would you feel with two broken bones in your back and no pain medicine. The nurse comes on shift and pulls her out of bed (didn't read the care instructions), probably cracked a couple more bones. They aught to be ashamed of themselves. Incompetence everywhere. How hard is it to justify an 83 yr old with cracked spine be admitted into the hospital for a few days. Whats become of our health care system that business is put before patient care!

Lynn Rowe

In June I had a heart attack I went to United er after a horrible experience at Mercy. In June they were awesome. Last night I was sent to the United ER by my doctor for treatment of a 4 day migraine that left me heaving in the waiting room for 3 hrs until I started having chest pains and my blood pressure shot up to 189 over 108 great for a heart patient right. Then when they finally decide they should maybe do something I had the rudest most angry aggressive person come get me for an EKG where she proceeded to clip leads to my skin and actually tear skin off. They completely disregarded the orders my doctor had called in and after 3 days of vomiting I wasn't even offered fluids until I threw a fit. I was never properly treated for my problem but when I said I was leaving 10 people came out of the woodwork to try to lecture me out of it. Didn't work. So now on day 4 of my migraine episode still can't keep anything down and have been 4 days without heart meds because i keep throwing them up and have no hope for help in the near future. Patient advocacy is a joke they don't even answer there phone. If a negative number was possible I'd have given it.

grandmahugzarebestforhearts Idrizow

Service was very disatisfying. The emergency room tech who took care of me was very inexperienced and somewhat rude when my dad asked if they could do some tests and figure things out from that point. He said it would not help. I was so stressed out I almost cried. I want the emergency room employees to know that their service was very poor and I will not come back to their emergency department. Can the head of the emergency room talk to the employees that I was there because something was very wrong. I hate your emergency room and the effort was so little it was pathetic. Do better

Doc Savage Quinn

So, I call up to see if a friend was recently admitted. The gal I first talked to, super helpful, can't find the name. She patched me to the front desk at midnight on May 13th and the gentleman I talk to, proceeds to tell me my friend isn't at any United Hospital and as I'm asking a question, he hangs up on me! Great caring and compassion you have in your customer service staff. I hope I never end up in your hospital!

Monica Xyooj

I called twice to the nursing station 4900 and let the phone rang more than 10 minutes without answering. Called the hospital operator and was told they're very busying. Don't they have a HUCC or receptionist to answer phone calls anymore? This is terrible services for a hospital.

Chris Wester

Overall the medical services I recieved and the comptency of the staff was OK, but there were multiple miscommunications, and I was effectively forgot about in the ER several times. My call light also went unanswered multiple times, which I consider to be an unacceptable practice in an emergency department setting.

Alex Jolly

Worst service ever. Got admitted to the hospital for acute influenza A and the doctor didn't even came to look till 6pm at night. No help was given to bring the high fever down or to bring the heart rate down. Took more than an hour to even get a room. Worst hospital ever....

MATT Swanson

We'd like to Thank all the nurses and Dr's in the neurosurgeon wing (Dr. Davis and staff). My father was so impressed with how well he was taken care of by everyone, especially the nurses. I can't tell you how reassuring it was knowing he was in such good care. THANK YOU!!

Carol Ervasti

My daughters had bad seizures and we went to the Mn epilepsy group. They have done a wonderful job. They are very thorough abd treat her kindly. Thanks to a great group of people from the lunch servers to labs at children's. Also the lady doing free soluable tatoos. Sam will not forget that!


I don't think there could be a more worthless hospital in the United States. Staff was rude, wait time was 6 hours and their advice was to see someone else, so that's what I suggest you do too, go to a real hospital with a staff that cares and is competent.

Matthew Putnam

The scheduling center people are the rudest ever! You would think that if it was your job, that works directly with clients that you would have some knowledge of customer service? How about some retraining "MANAGERS"! Hopefully in the near future I never have to come here ever! And great " form" answers to reviews! Humans not robots!

matt nichols

17 minute wait to talk to an operator at the main number, normal business hours- pathetic

Michael khan

Here with my friend who fell and have severely lacerated his fingers where you can see the bones on at least three fingers. Waiting for almost two hours and still no one calling his name. Asked a nurse about the reason behind the excessive delay, she gave me cold shoulder. The sign says the wait time may be 3-4 hours. How could someone in the ER may have to wait over 4 hours to see a doctor? I can’t imagine. United has to do something about this or next time I am not bringing anyone here.

katheryn Williams

I came in with food poisoning and they refused to check my stool! This is the second time I had this experience with this Emergency Room Department!! The first time they took the sample they never ran it sent me home? I came back about 4 days later in agonizing pain, and dehydrated it was then that I found out they never ran the sample they had taken from me? Why would you request it and not run test on it? Had they done their job they would have known I had salmonella poisoning? There has got to be a better system what about the patient?

Joanna Kautzmann

I went to the ER over a year ago. Received a bill and paid it. Just this week, I got a message from a collections agency that I had a delinquent account from Emergency Care Consultants. I had never heard of them until now. Apparently, they have third party doctors working in the ER that you will be charged separately for. This is extremely shady business practice. Shame on you.

Tamara Henschel

Everyone at United Hospital was so kind and friendly. The physical, emotional, and mental care was impeccable. United is the best! If I ever need to go to the hospital again, I want it to be United!!!

kittylove71 simbamidnight

I would never come here again. I told the ambulance driver i had no way back home and i couldn't get on a bus due to some issues i have. He told me they had cab vouchers but they don't. I asked for water from five different people and never got it..then they kicked me out of the room after i told them i had no way home. So i left and went and sat at the enterence to try and figure out what to do. Went back in waiting room because i got cold security asked me if i was waiting for cab i said no that i didnt have away home some women came up to me and said we can give u a bus token then demanded me to tell her why i can't get on the bus trying to explain to someone that you have mental health issues is hard.I am deffily afraid of enclosed places with people in them i am scared they will hurt me. Well they kicked me out of the er waiting room... Np compaasion for people no more.

Jim Hanson

I had to take my girlfriend's mother to the emergency room on Saturday night because of an accident causing her to fall through the glass front of a curio cabinet. It was a mess with the cuts she received on her head and hands, and being 81 years young, she was more than just a little shaken. Sam was the PA that took care of her and immediately got her relaxed and laughing. I have spent a lot of time of late in several hospitals for friends and relatives, and Sam was the best by far of any provider I've been around. I didn't go when they did a CT scan and x-ray, but was told everyone in the hospital was stellar with a shaken elderly lady. Thank you United for all you did that night, I cannot say how much your staff impressed me and everyone else on that trip Saturday night.

L0st_ Prophet

Decent medical care, attentive staff, but you’re going to wait a long time behind the mass amount of people that come in for a common cold or a headache. Just the cost of the hospital being in a large city, it is what it is.

Christopher M

Cost me $2200 to get two stitches after normal business hours. Could not be more dissatisfied.

Alexis Berg

Worse hospital ever just had s really good nurse her name was Rebecca

Becky Wegwerth

We had a good experience here for surgery. There was the nicest volunteer at the Surgical Guest Lounge - Tom. He was incredibly kind, somehow remembered everyone’s names in the waiting room and was very personable. He had several family members smiling and chatting as they waited for surgery to be completed. We were very impressed with him. It’s so nice to see this kind of warmth in health care.

Dillon Brown

They have saved my life more times I can count anymore always on your side aswell love love all the nurses the Dr's are the down fall they are very very mean and inappropriate.

Ashley Dannenfels

I have a complicated medical history and, unfortunately have been to the United ER several times. I have always been treated with the utmost respect, sense of urgency and beyond excellent bedside manner. Would, and have, recommended to others!


This hospital was fantastic and spent 5 day here and now my healing starts.

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