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REVIEWS OF Staples Veterinary Clinic IN Minnesota

anmar alshatarat

Great service and friendly and fast service

Lucas Page

janet heck

Lisa Walters

Country Doctor at its finest. Price was very reasonable.

Velda Gaschler

For a Veterinarian Office, their prices are always reasonable.

Brian Winskowski

Zoey Salthe

Good with animals.

Patrick Shanahan

These folks helped me out during a big crisis in my life. I suddenly had to leave town, and without question they took in my cat, and when I got back they insisted that I not pay them. They're truly passionate about animals, and you would be well served to entrust your pets to tem.

Jeanette Vacek

They didn't take care of the safety of my cat in a room full of dogs. Overbooked.

Shelly Dukowitz

Kimberly Evans

My sister is a vet tech the best in her feild

Alan Bock

Melvin Lindula

I say better prices then other in area

Nancy Simon

Good with animals but some of the staff can be snarky. Reasonable prices but don't always take the time to explain everything to you and ask if you have any questions, also difficult to get in on short notice.

jeff dawson

Candy Pate

Ray Gildow

Good doctors. Great value. Excellent service.

Maria & Co.

They are amazing. Not only they have very reasonable prices but their knowledge and care has no equal. I recommend this clinic 100%.

John Shane

Always pleased with the service.

jackie jarvela

I would give this place less than one star if it would let me. And that is purely based off of the front desk customer service. Absolutely awful. I just called to ask about costs of services and apparently just answering the phone made her angry. I thanked her and said goodbye and she just hung up on me without a word. Sorry, I'd rather give someone else my money.

Birt Herman

Heather Rou

We are new to the area and I was super excited to see such great reviews for a local vet clinic. However, based on the way the front desk lady talked to my husband on the phone about getting my dog in, we will not be going here. Bummer.

Jess Geesey

Judy Marshall

Nice staff, friendly; took the time to explain what my daughter's new pup would be needing.

Ben Vogt

Great service, great staff, great prices

Jerry Wartner


Wonderful people who truly care. Wont go anywhere else.

Sarah Faye

Ashley Bartel

Great price and they take great care of your animals. I will continue to go to them for my pets.

Nyoaka Koone

Jeremiah Hooper

Wasn't impressed, in and out with alot of details that other vets like to know not even mentioned

R. R.

I love the doctors. I don't always like a scheduler that answers the phone, she is sometimes rude. I haven't talked to her for awhile, maybe she isn't there anymore.

Danielle Malaney

They don't actually care about your pet. They only care about money.

Roxanne Hejhal

Heidi Lokken

Great service and prices

toni kowalczyk

Brenda Loberg

This veterinary clinic is the best I've ever been to. The doctors love their job & you can really tell. I've had emergencies come up & they were so very helpful. This clinic has been around for so many years & it's because they love their jobs.

Joyce Welu Johnson

The best veterinarians work at Staples Vet. Dr. Kathy is my little Matilda's favorite. Everyone behind the desk is informative when asked questions. Staples is where you will want to go for your pet care. Big animals too. That's why I gave them 5

Bonnie Schaeffel

We have been going to the Staples Veterinary Clinic for quite a few years. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The doctors are amazing. They give wonderful care to our dogs. They are compassionate, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile. We love this clinic and even though it is a 45 minute drive from our house, I would not consider going anywhere else. It has come to feel like a home away from home.

Kim Johnson

Good doctors great prices

Carmella Wimer

Vladimir Zivkovic

Great service!

Marcia Day

Great, affordable care for our pets. The staff ate friendly and helpful.

Debra Phelps Boone

They were all right but haven't been there for a long time

Frosty Life

My pets were neutered here. 1 staff member was friendly. Very busy and run down.

Kris R

Courtni Lynn

Ed Lewis

Timothy Marsh

Larry Gibbs

Good food

Amy D

Very reasonable and honest

Steven Anderson

So nice. My pet can be difficult to be around but they are super with her.

selah taylor

The vets here are very good, knowledgeable and caring. The front end staff can be quite rude and unhelpful, it depends who you get, and in a small town-who you are.

cj spadino

Ashley Wingert

Kimberly Wynn

Great with our pets. Reasonable prices.

Jennifer Vukelich

The vets are amazing and so helpful and the atmosphere is welcoming as well

Mark Miller

If you havent tried this place out yet, you must go! Quick, affordable, pet friendly.

Eight Ball

I was very pleased with the services my cat Lily had done with spaying and getting vaccinated cost were extremely cheaper to other places ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tammy Fredrickson

My cat Bella had a stroke and Dr. Kathy got her in right away. Was really good to work with. Called me back concerning any questions I had. Being there are 4 vets there you have a better chance of getting your pet in without much trouble.


Scott Tappe

Always happy with them!

Benjamin Davis

Fair price very experienced staff

kylee harris

Nancy Stevens

Busy place! Great staff

Joann Voeltz

Amanda Shamp

Wonderful caring staff. They have been excellent with little Max. Definitely recommend!!

Summer time

Excellent clinic and staff. I feel they actually care about animals before money. In my opinion best vet around!

Tina Hendershot

Lisa Kubichek

Great vet clinic, they are all about taking care of The Animals that come in

Janell Akerson

Good selection helpful and nice prices

Dennis N

Great clinic. The vets really care about your animal. I would highly recommend

Kathy Wood

Very friendly and helpful

Micheal Thompson

Tim Terwilliger

Pam Boomgaarden

Denise Pierce

Yeah it's a drive but it's a nice place for my pets

Pam Smith

Bert Wimer

Patty Nystrom

They probably could have done more...... My kitten died :(

Amy Holien

We were up on vacation when our dog injured his leg . Called this clinic to see if they had any appointments available, I have never spoken to a more rude individual , zero compassion , sounded like she could care less . I wouldn’t take a worm to be seen here .

Thomas Ehrmantraut

Reuben Anderson

Great people and trustworthy. I feel good about taking my pets there.

Jessica Marshall

Ashley McGinnis

We love Staples Vet Clinic! I have been bringing my pets here for well over 7 years now. The staff is absolutely the most caring & attentive I have ever had the pleasure to meet! My Boxers & kitty love seeing all the Veterinarians there.

diana linehan

Staples Veterinary is the ONLY Veterinary Clinic that I will take Yeti & Betti( My Kitties) to! Dr.Kim , Dr.Kathy & Assistant's I give my Gratitude & 10*s each. See you soon for Yeti's Manicure/ Pedicure

phyllis wikstrom

Care of my pet great job

Anders Stone

Wonderful, kind staff who were welcoming and enthusiastic about our visit. Down to earth and very accommodating. We've been taking our pets to Staples Vet for years now and trust the care. We are very appreciative!

Alan Marshall

Small town Vet. Caring, knowledgeable and proficient. Prices are average. The last I visited, I had our lab put down. Sad! They were very supporting and kind. And, very humane. I miss our Maggie girl...

Amanda Tweeter

I had a bill there that they wrote of because it was over looked when my husband died in 2009 and because of that when I brought my other 17 year old dog in today to be euthanized after having a stroke 3 days ago they denied me services. Please keep in mind that this is also after they initially set up the appointment with us on the phone the whole day prior, knowing my dogs condition and us having cash in hand today for all our services.

Kelly Kruize

Have used Staples Vet for years and for many of my four legged loved ones, very accommodating and personable. I like that it's no frill, no high overhead but good care for the animals and they don't over sell products, services not needed.

Lori Pilla

They have the most caring team working herre. They have shown the most kindness and gentleness to my pets.

Kathleen Shaffer

This vet clinic has faithfully served my numerous dogs and puppies for nearly twenty years! The diagnoses have been accurate with timely treatment. The staff is kind, courteous, and conservative. Thank you for your service!

Sherry Mohr

Dr. Mickelson is amazing. My 16 year old chow chow has never received better care and attention. Since this dog has been in our family he has been to a bunch of vets all over the country. When I had a bunch of immunizations, exam, blood work, purchased medications, flea/tick meds, and some products the entire bill cost less than half the regular vet exams anywhere else; I stood dumbfounded. These people are NOT GREEDY(commenting on rude reviews)! What idiots in their right mind would think that? Oh yeah, greedy people who think they should get free services. And yes the front desk staff may be curt but this is a very busy place and the front desk staff does more than just answer phones and book appointments. They work with the animals also. I wouldn’t take my animals anywhere else.


My Brother had an Appt.Monday to put poor Dog down after 14 years.Lymes bad. The guy says,to my Brother if you bring him after 5pm we charge an extra 100.00 That's not Caring and kind.Thats,Greedy.Id never step foot in your Door Cheap mainly means poor care. Its why I go to the Best here in Mn and in Dallas,Texas They call me and talk to me on my Poms care non stop..Get hugs and they care. Gee must be nice to gouge Disabled Veteran who has almost no money!!Sobbing as,the Dog passed this,Morning..Be ashamed!!!

Dawn Cain

Wonderful, caring, friendly staff who love their work. Prices are affordable. My family has been bringing our pets here for three decades.

Jennifer DeBoer

Awesome vets and service!

albert zugschwert

Jason DeGrauwe

They never answer when I call!

M. J. Garcia

I trust the staff at this clinic. They are very professional, and they show great care when taking care of my dogs' needs. The clinic is always very clean and sanitized, and the staff members are caring and friendly.

Kris Young

anonymous anonymous

(Translated by Google) Theft (Original) Goid

Kathy Martin

This was a great place to bring my big dog. He has been having some issues lately so off we went. This was his first visit with these vets. They checked him from stem to stern. Determined it was food issues, got all of his shots and meds. They were excellant with him. Staff was very good with him also. Better price than some of the other vets as well. Big thumbs up!!!

Jessica Roberts

This is a great large animal vet.

Roxanne Sieler

We love staples veterinary clinic, they very friendly and the price is very reasonable. I would not change veterinary clinic for nothing. I would definitely recommend this veterinary to all my friends and family.

Zachary McCuskey

Joseph Weishalla

Amanda Bisted

They are very caring. I always feel they only want the best outcome for my pet.

Chrystal Alshatarat

I have always had a great experience with the Staples Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Martin is wonderful!! Their prices are extremely reasonable and they have always treated my animals exceptionally well!!

Brandon Patnoe

Very helpful and kind staff. Great, affordable vets that really care about your animals health.

Vincent Marin

Alysia Eggers

It’s a great bet for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend!

Franklyn Eck

People there are great with my boys.

Gary West

Good service and reasonable.

Jessica Cass

Great care and affordable prices. I was very pleased with the oral surgery my dog received.

August Japp

Russell Meier

Vet was understanding of the need of our old dog. Great bedside mannor.


J Treb

David Davis5.9r/t

Jordan M Jez

They saved my dog

Katherine Crisp

Called to make an appointment for my cat (having breathing issues) and the receptionist told me she had no openings and I would need to go somewhere else. She was very rude about it. I called back later to have my kitties records transferred over to another clinic, and a different receptionist answered and was also extremely rude. I was astounded that they would treat their customers like trash and did not care about my pet, especially seeing as we have been there multiple times before. I will never take my pets to Staples again. If they can not treat their customers with respect how are they treating my pets?


A very helpful caring place to bring your pets.

Jonni Krecklau

Sandy Porter

Cowboy hat Catahoulas

Passing thru town and needed blood drawn for serum. They got me in very quick at a moments notice. Staff was very kind. And what a great price. I was sitting in the car waiting while eating my lunch. They actually walked it out to my car. Love small town America! Thanks guys!

Lacey FitzGerald

Clean place with lots of items for sale

Trenton Mills

Eddie M

Gary Leblanc

Jill Draves

We have used Staples Vet Clinic for several years. We recently had to put our 14 year old Rat Terrier down. It was crazy busy in there at the time, but the staff was kind and considerate. They let us take our time saying goodbyes..I would 100% recommend Staples Vet Clinic. I will not go any where else.

Andy Galles

Great doctors and pricing. The building is in need of some sprucing up though

Josh Zaborowski

Very reasonably priced. We drove 30 minutes because of all the good things we heard about them.

Troy Thompson

Great people skills and even better animal care, this is the standard by what other vet clinics need to set there standard to

Leah Cain

Love this Clinic

Barbie Mithun

Joy Watson

Service seam quick , & very pleasant staff

Michelle Kujawa

Love this place!

Bambi Johnson

Pat Mccalla

Not too friendly . They do not have a large animal vet.

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