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REVIEWS OF Regions Hospital IN Minnesota

David Ro

Horrible wait times at the ER, don’t come here if you have an actual emergency unless you plan on dying before you can get care. No variable staff or contingency to deal with peak times, that’s management 101. There were two nurses doing the ER triage when I got there, and after people started piling up during rush hour there was still two nurses, while people were having to wait on their feet from lack of chairs. I got lucky to come in before peak time and still waited 4 hours to get an Xray and talk to a doctor about it. There was still a huge line when I left.

Wen Crocker

Best Burn Care Unit a person could ask for! Blessed to be put in their hands! Top notch Doctors and awesome staff!

Thomas O'BRIEN

My chances of surviving the injuries were about 1/1000 rate but by the great doctors and surgeons I am alive and kicking

Renee Zamora

My 91 year old mother was transported to Regions after a fall.The ER staff was great, stopped the bleeding from her broken nose (she was on blood thinners), and stabilized her neck (fracture in her vertebrae). Took a while to see all the doctors on her team and get her moved to the ICU, but we were kept informed at all times. Almost 2 days in the ICU where she received great care, then on to a room in South 11. Well cared for and started some therapy. Now she's in Capital View transitional care center, located in the same facility. We made this decision specifically because it would be easy to get her readmitted to Regions if she suddenly went down hill. Nothing negative to say about the entire experience. We have used valet parking everyday, both on the South side and West side entrance. It is very reasonably priced, especially for seniors 65 and older, who get a flat rate of $3 for all day. We've never had to wait more than 5 minutes to retrieve our car, I'd say 3 minutes is about average. Also, I would give 5 stars to the cafe on second floor who serves freshly made flat bread pizzas, wraps, and rice bowls to name a few. The food is prepared quickly and is outstanding. The prices are very reasonable and they also give a senior discount.******

Lamar Nygaard

We just had our first child here. The nursing staff were incredible. We hope to have all of our children in their care, and are excited to see the new birthing center!

Tray Rivera

Parking is insane. Give yourself at least 20 extra minutes to account for the difficulty in finding an open parking spot that isn't reserved for some strange purpose - like valet parking. Valet parking is available, but only at the main entrance. I find this entrance not well marked, so I end up parking in the West Parking Ramp. Remember the LETTER of the floor you parked on; the elevators are confusing and if you don't remember which level on which you parked - well, I have had to just walk the parking ramp to find my car. They use to have paper slips with the floor letter on it for you to take at the elevators but not the last time I had to visit. The hospital layout is equally insane. If you don't know where you're going, ask at the front desk inside from the main entrance - which is actually on the second floor yet looks like it's on the first floor. I told you it was insane! Otherwise, great doctors and services.

Jessica French

Don't bother with mental health here! Why is it so hard to get help!?!?!

rod mason

Great care. Great service to the community.

Jennifer J

Went to the ER. The nurses were ok, not terrible, not great... But the doctor? My fiance and I went in because she had SEVERE pelvic pain. My fiance had an incredibly high pain tolerance, as even when she's in pain, she does not cry if she can help it. Doctor walks in to my fiance sobbing into the blanket. After multiple tests that only exaggerated the problems, the doctor sent us off and told my fiance "to take some Tylenol, even though I know it doesn't do anything." I couldn't tell if she was apathetic, sarcastic, air-headed or all three, but I will never bring anyone I love to that ER. My fiance could have stayed at home to cry and take Tylenol.

Sarah Burdash

Emergency department is excellent. Felt like they were very responsive and on top of their game.

Abby M

Great place to work and receive care. Love this great big team.

Jessica Smith

My father in law was brought there by ambulance yesterday morning bc he had intense pain in his neck and passed out 3 times. He waited alllll day long to be told it's probably a pulled muscle and that his artery in his neck was 50-69% blocked but it's ok and he was sent home. After doing some research we found out it could cause him a stroke bc it means not enough blood is getting to his brain. So I pray to God he stays healthy after this. Do not recommend this hospital to anyone!

blood Power's

There only there for the richest people..... do not go here

syd vish

This hospital has been taking care of my family for years and every time one of us checks in, the care gets even better. The stroke center helped bring my mom back from near vegetation 8 yrs ago. The emergency room can be a tad slow but they are constantly trying to make things run smoother. And they got me set up quite well with my back spasms and when I was in motorcycle accident. South 7 the heart floor. Probably my favorite floor. Has the best staff anyone could hope for. New floor to my family is south 9. Orthopedic. Again, everyone is taking care of us so well. The surgeon who put the plates and screws in my mom not only was efficient but extremely talented at his profession. I can not express how happy we are with this hospital. Their slogan is "take me to regions" I think it's a good one. I always come here. I always will.

Ayaan Cilmi

I recently had my baby#5, and I have all my children delivered at Region Hospital in St.Paul. Even when I moved to other part of the city, it's worth traveling to delivered at this hospital. The nurses are best, down to earth females. They supported me through my labor until the end. the midwives are great too. Highly recommend to those who are searching hospital to deliver their baby.

Robert Nyre

Very organized with a very respectful staff. Health Partners are just that, partners. All aspects of this visit have been first class. Reading old reviews makes me think people were at a different hospital

Michael N Franssen

ER Experiences to floor RNs - Nursing Staff - Doctors - Students - Technicians - Cleaning Staff - food & much much more working together as a network of ANGLES. THANK YOU. GOD HAS BLESSED all of you With smiles of Love & a dedication of service.

Kimberly Meador

My 6 yr old Daughter was transferred here at 1pm with a broken arm that needed surgery (Children's couldn't do the surgery until 6pm!) We arrived and sat and sat and sat (in a little box). They finally ordered more xrays and then we sat longer....they came back and said they needed more xrays...twice. So, 3 sets of xrays and 6 hours later, they decide to do surgery at 10pm at night! Should've went to Children's..... Her twin brother was with my husband and I throughout the whole day and NOTHING was ever said to us about him staying with us UNTIL she was going in to surgery and they said "He's not allowed to stay here!" Are you kidding me??? Why weren't we told this 6 hours ago when someone could pick him up? So after surgery at husband had to head an hour and a half home to bring our other kid home. I asked several questions throughout the process and the general answer we got from EVERYONE was "That's a really good question, for someone else!" And that was it! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

rob lefevere

Great people!

Leila Berro

My brother went in complaining about all his pain and aches that wouldn't go away for a week so I suggested he go to a hospital mind you he doesn't have insurance it was that bad.... Tland they didn't even diagnose him or release him with any information. What kind of hospital is this honestly and you call yourself a teaching hospital. Please if what ur teaching your students is to be lazy and not actually know what's wrong with your patient then bravo... Our world will be a better place with those Drs now.... Disgusting... thanks for nothing

Lauryn Neal

If I could give zero stars, that'd be too many. My father was recently admitted, flown in from SE SD to receive "care" at their facility. The non-care that was given him was horrendous. The nursing staff is mostly callous with blatant disregard for patient and family comfort. Getting an answer to a seemingly simple question is out of their scope of practice. Shall you bring their lackluster ways to their attention, you will be dismissed with a look of impatience, annoyance, and clear opposition. Bring it to superiors' attention, they shrug it off. We had a nurse inform us that, well, it is the weekend. As if that gives them the excuse for pisspoor care and concern for patients.

S Dillon

This is one expensive ass waiting room. Like you wait for HOURS! YOUR BEST BET IS TO CALL AN AMBULANCE at least you'll have a chance. Can someone explain how this place is still open??? I'll consider United anyday

Mark Fearing

Saved my life. So there's that. Excellent service, awesome care from doctors and nurses.

Coal Baynes

It seems that they really want you to use their valet parking, it must improve on their normal parking. I hope.

Amanda Cuate

I had my daughter at Regions 4 years ago, the experience was horrible. When I got there, they got me all situated and informed me that they were doing some teaching for other nurses and drs that day and asked me if it was alright if some of them came in here and there and learned a thing or 2. I agreed to it but told them once it was actually baby time, only professionals will do. (This part was alright, because they have to learn somewhere). During labor and all the waiting I had to do to get to 10cm, I got REALLY HOT. Keep in mind, it was the beginning of December, and I asked the nurse to please put the fan on me. I cared about no one else in the room, not even my husband or my mom, they could put their coats on. And they refused, saying that I will get to cold. I got mad and said that I will tell them when I get too cold. Then they didn't want to up the epidural after 2 times. Saying that it will be to much. So in the end, I felt EVERYTHING. After all this, and baby is finally here, my husband and I decided to go for a little walk in the hallway with baby. We didn't know that the baby had to stay in her little cart basket and so my husband was holding her in his arms. The front desk lady came up to us and said, "You are doing a very big no no." I remember those words like it was yesterday. P**SED me off. On top of being mad, I'm also EXTREMELY emotional. I cried when I got back to my room, and my blood pressure sky rocketed. But before this, they said that I might get to go home that day. Until the wench at the front desk made me feel like this. I was so mad that by the end of the day, I MADE them discharge me and my baby. I signed some paperwork saying they wouldn't get in trouble if something happened, and that was that. I waited to get the survey in the mail and I gave them a piece of my mind. But after 4 years, I'm REALLY hoping that things have changed. Mainly because I'm now pregnant with #2, and Regions is the closest hospital for me and anyone who would want to visit.

Nancy B

Mom was taken there and took hours to say nothing was wrong. She couldn't walk, lethargic, some confusion and was dizzy. Family took her home after many hours of waiting for a room for observation.

John Donohue

2 they've given me great care. When I needed to have a spinal fusion they were able to surgically repair my spine my pain immediately went away when I had surgery there last year the staff was wonderful my pain immediately went away and has not returned

Taylor Rosen

Love the staff! So helpful when I had to bring my baby with when I had gall stones !! Love love love the friendly staff

Volkan Metin

Hospital service was great. I was going to give 5 stars, until "Tina from billing services" picked up the phone. Let me just say she was not helpful, at all, (and I was trying to pay, not delay). She deserves a zero, since there are no negatives! Well, I still give 3 for the great nurses and doctors because they deserve a 5. Nevertheless, this is a teamwork and they need the same caring and understanding in all departments.

Rykia Carswell

This is the best hospital you can imagine

Diane Rainey

I took my husband to the ER on Wednesday early am. Things were going well they did a ultra sound and X-ray to find he had a fractured hip. They gave him a muscle relaxer and pain medication he was able to sleep for awhile. Then they came in with a difference doctor because the morning shift started. She asked a few questions about his fall and asked if acholol was involved. He said he’d had a few beers. Then her attitude completely changed and she wasn’t so nice any longer . Came in and said they wanted to keep him to control his pain. And they decided to keep him she said cause he’s a heavy drinker. No one ever said that and just because someone has a few beers doesn’t give her the right to say that he’s a heavy drinker she doesn’t know him . He told her that he didn’t want to stay. And then she said that they wouldn’t send him home with any pain meds. But she had to talk to the orthopedic doctors that sent him home with only 6 pain meds. That’s only three days . She never came back in . And they didnt give him any idea how long he may take to heal. And that he should take off work. No home instructions at all. I was very up set with the way they treated him . We will never go back there again. When I called his regular doctors office they were appalled that they would treat him so rudely and cass and not send any home instructions with him . So my rating is a D-

Autum Bickharry

WARNING!!!!I brought my 12yr old autistic daughter in Saturday night...she was hurting herself and pulling her hair...and instead of getting her admitted...they tried telling me she doesn't fit the criteria for a psych hold...instead they insisted I take her home which she didn't want to do...SO WHAT DID REGIONS TRY TO DO...THEY HAD AN OFFICER AND ORDERLIES LITERALLY TRY TO PHYSICALLY REMOVE MY AUTISTIC DAUGHTER BY FORCE...they realized they couldn't do that she's stuck in the er...and the hospital only solution is pretty much I give her up...but that's not happening...and believe when I say her caseworker and her regular psychiatrist aren't going to be to happy with this hospital. THEY GAVE HER HOLDAL AND DIDN'T TELL ME I FOUND OUT FROM HER THE NEXT DAY SHE GOT A SHOT AND WHEN THE NURSE CAME IN I ASKED HER WHAT IT WAS AND 3-4 HOURS LATER THEY SAID HOLDAL.

Adam Osiecki

If I could give 0 stars I would. I had a family member diagnosed with cancer. On their website it clearly states that the patient will see an oncologist within 48 hours. It has been 9 days since the diagnosis and she still has to wait another day to an oncologist. I have left messages with multiple people at the hospital and am waiting to see how they try to explain this.

Thalia Rosario

My mother was not treated with respect. She was treated in a way of an animal. The nurses would not help her with transferring to different beds. She was struggling and even though there were five to seven nurses standing there, I still had to put down our belongings to help her move to the next bed. Also when i addressed the situation that they were not helping my mom the nurse Mary H in the Alpha section and we were particularly in room 7, she addressed to me that she runs the unit and I was not to basically speak up for my mother. Now mind you my mother does not speak English. And when I told her i would just like to be discharged she continued to harass me and watched every move i made instead of going to help clients being that they were "so busy" like they said and couldnt get my mothers results to us in a kindly manner. Lastly, they brought my mother her discharge papers and almost forgot to taje her IV needle out of her arm. Almost let her walk out of the hospital just like that. I do NOT recommend this hospital to anyone wanting to be treated with respect AS A HUMAN! I also do NOT recommend Mary H to anyone AT ALL, nor doctor hernandez or any doctor in the Alpha section of regions hospital in st paul MN. They DO NOT treat you with respect. I hope that Corp gets ahold of this and I hope that Mary H learns more respect for elder people and people in general. She should not be a doctor if she can not handle or treat people with respect, their lives are in her hands.

pauline sone

This is the Police that abuse a badge never been arrested in my life I work in healthcare, but I believe Regions Hospital don't learn by mistake if anything happen to my son, I can't say what I will do but all I know is I will have my day in court, my son fell on there watch they didn't know, the doctor don't know what meds he is on. She met me as his mom I stood up to shake her had and she didn't. I address the situation and she said our policy is not to shake hand, I went to the front and I asked the nurses at the station and they said they do, the nurse manager said yes they do, She didn't came near me she stayed at one end of the room. I work in health care as a care provider you should be compassion, and take care of the whole person. how can you provide care from a distance? How can you provide care when you don't show us that you care? If I hadn't visit my son that day what would happened to him with that allergic reaction, and they now have fall risk bracelet on him. You have to know the side effect to medication and have your direct staff watch for them... Please Regions Hospital do not kill my one son I plead with you, he is ready to leave if you don't want him to leave send him somewhere else, I know I will have my lawyer on Monday but today is Saturday this is the longest weekend ever. Why was Regions Hospital nurse giving me a target gift card? I did not take it was it a bribe? I waited almost three hours for the Doctor in charge to let me know weather or not he override the treating doctor decision to let my son go, and he did not showed up instead I was escort out of the facility because my son want to leave with me even though I told him the doctor wont release him. I think she hold him because I said I don't want her treat him anymore because she didn't now shake my hand and she don't seems like she is the right fit for my. You can read this and tell how frustrated I am and her sister is crying and she is over 21 never seen her cry since she was a little girl, we all are crying. I also willing to let my son go to another facility but I guess we have no choice, what about civil right? If I withdraw my insurance how will they get pay? I will not responsible for that bill because I do not want him to be treat there. My son not working he is a Student. Anyone have family in hospital or any facility visit them make sure they are taking care of, I believe you have a choice where you receive your treatment too and I will have my Attorney prove that to Regions Hospital and anytime the news team and the media ready I will available for comment and share my story. I would like to why Regions Hospital was giving me a target gift card yesterday? I am not hungry I work 80 hours per pay period I work in health care I am not just a hard worker I pay attention to detail....

Alison Johnson

I had a great birthing experience at the birth center. I wanted a natural drug-free birth which they respected. They let us walk to labor where ever we wanted. They were helpful when they needed to be and left us alone when we wanted quiet. They let me eat during labor too. The midwife and the other nurses who delivered my son was so amazing. Towards the end I felt like one of the nurses was my own personal doula. I wish the soaking tubes were bigger though. The postpartum unit was a little less relaxing compared to my birth. I felt like nurses were in all the time (some more helpful than others), they don't allow co-sleeping, and not very comfortable for my husband who stayed overnights with me and baby. I will go to Regions again for subsequent births.

Becky Morrison

Staff is always very professional.

Jennifer Scharber

My dad has leukemia. We have been here alot! ICU and ER and on 6th floor. We were here 8 yrs ago and now for the last year. I dont understand the bad reviews. We have only had amazing nurses and everyone is very helpful. We have spent month here at one time and they are always on top of everything. They have saved my dad over and over again. Would never go anywhere else.


As a frequently hospitalized sickle cell patient this is by far my worst hospitalization I’ve ever experienced. I was left in absolutely excruciating and agonizing pain for 48 hours. In the span of 5 days there was not even one second that I was even slightly comfortable and I ended up leaving AMA and going to a different hospital and have no reached a tolerable pain level. I was in so much pain that I was literally crying like a child and the doctors could not care less. At one point I was even accused of not swallowing my pain meds to “stash them for later to get high...” this accusation was AFTER receiving information that I had two massive bone infarcts (dead bones) and a sky high reticular count. I’ll add that both of these symptoms are irrefutable pieces of evidence that I’m suffering from a trenebdous sickle cell crisis... I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to this hospital.

Ananyia Gamer

Wonderful service. Amazing Doc’s and nurses.

myron White

Worst ER experience in my life. Waited almost an hour to be told I have a head cold which was not the case. They rushed my diagnosis and rushed me out of there. Nurses pretty rude as well.

Chris St. Martin

My 79 year old mother has waited OVER 4 hours in the ER in excruciating pain and all we got was excuses! Just awful. HORRIBLE

Arthur Rodriguez

The child birth center is the best to have your baby. The nurses and midwives are so compassionate about their jobs. They truly love what they do. We've had both our children here and they strive to make you feel as comfortable and at home as can be. They constantly check up on you to make sure you have everything you need Also the cafeteria food is pretty good especially for the guest. For 8 dollars you get many choices

Wallace Gregerson

1 ST Class facility. Staff is caring and very qualified. They will go the extra yard to make your stay successful and comfortable. Doctors are very qualified and actively involved in your recovery They are VERY good at communicating the process and action!!!! As good as a hospital can be . Felt very comfortable with their caring and performance. Rating 5 Stars!!!! Wally

Jen Gajda

I JUST WANTED TO THANK NERSE YOUNGER FOR TAKING SUCH GOOD CARE OF ME JENNIFER AND HEIDI..she was kind strong and kept me safe..thank you for delivering my baby..


I did not like this Hospital at all. They are suppose to treat patients on a temporary bases for pain control if needed. My tooth cracked in half and hurt like hell. They would not do anything for pain like I was a addict or something. Gave me a referral for a dentist as nd would not temporary give me some typical pain relief to be prescribed at home for a couple days while I find a dentist for no insurance patients. Instead they lied and said that dentist told them not to issue pain meds. That's bullshit and a lie I ain't ever going back in my free will and will tell all my people's st.paul is not a good place to live Just incase you hurt yourself and need temporary pain control

Paul Vaillancourt

Best hospital in Minnesota. In the top 50 hospitals in the country 3 years in a row. Minnesota's only hospital to receive this award!

Loulou V

I have good and bad experience with Regions Hospital. They saved my mother's life, when my mom came in as a Jane doe from her accident. The nurses treated her as if my mom was their own mother. They took me in fast when I broke my ankle, took really good care of me. I get their busy, but nurse forgot to give my medication and numb my broken ankle before doctor tried to twist it back together. Ouch! That would've hurted if I hadn't mention to the doctor. I was treated as a human being, very good experience. But my horrible one time they claim not to have any room available and I was left out in the busy hall way unable to breath from bleach over inhale, foor over 5 hours and just gave oxygen tank and a pill and inhaler. I walked out after waiting 6 hours and as I was about to leave, they told me a room was empty the whole time. I lost it and checked myself out. But through and through, I would rather pick Regions Hospital rather than Saint John's in Maplewood.

Moxie Music

The Crypt Keeper that works at the loading dock is literally the rudest and most useless person i've ever met. Dude, i'm sorry i'm here to deliver packages to the hospital... I'm doing my job, so why don't you try to do yours? You have the looks and personality of Voldemort. You old, bald, miserable human being

Kemal Ozturk

We went to Breast Health Center. Dr. J. Tashjian and his staff were very helpful and informative. Thank them!

Sherril Garahan

Extraordinary care by the best of the best doctors, nurses and aides.

Rachelle F.

Had to go the ER twice in one week and both times were just horrible! The hospital staff are terribly inefficient, you’ll wait hours and hours just to get your blood drawn, then wait some more for the results to be read and interpreted by the doctors/PAs; had to have an IV put in and the nurs that did it really hurt my arm, seemed like she had no idea what she was doing and was just using the needle to dig around under my skin looking for a vein! I mean the whole experience was just horrible to be honest! Had planned on having my baby here but based on these experiences.... Hell NO!

Marian Aden

It is the worst HOSPITAL in 20 years in the USA. If there was a 1/2 star, I had given. Specially do not go to their EMERGENCY, they just take your time and send you home with the pain that brought you into the hospital in the first place. I don't know what they have studied, but they are a waist of a time! Just do what they'll tell you and drink a lot of wateeeeeeeeer!

Christian Neal-Herman

Beautiful facility for visitors. Main Entrance staff was very friendly and provided a map with great directions to where I needed to go. Facility also has great signage internally to help visitors navigate.

Happi Fix

Receptionist hung up the phone before I finished my question. No bueno. 0 star!

Rick Jolley

Staff, nurses, physicians and facility are exceptional beyond question at Regions and HealthPartners Specialty clinics. My wife would not be with me today without the attention and expertise provided by the skilled neurosurgeons, specialists, trauma care services in ER, SICU, rehab facilities and associated clinics over now these many years.

Phil Turner

I've been here since 4pm and it's now almost 8pm. I would really hate to have an real emergency and had to wait this long... I just may not make it. Please do something about the long wait times since this is the ER and I just may give a star or two depending on the service I receive.

Argelia Rivera

The nurse on ICU called daniella was a total rude person. Ten people complained about that lazy pathetic snob. Hopefully non of your loves in critical care get this rude, lazy and uncaring nonprefessional trashy human being.

Linette Combs

ER is horrible! Don't waste your time. Daughter fell and had significant laceration on head and bleeding. Well 3 hours later were still sitting here with towels on her head to help the bleeding. Other patients are getting IV fluid in the waiting room.

Jack Williamson

Was in for drug overdose because i’m not the brightest S.o.b. Staff at regions saved my life and treated me with nothing but care and understanding, didn’t feel judged or looked down on at all. Nurses and pca staff were great in ICU and progressive care, although pretty lacking once i was transferred to general care. Thank you!

Daniel Stephens

Great hospital, modern new wing with great views of the city. Staff are excellent

Mama Bear

I just got back from ER with my brother in law who they insisted was a drug addict and only came to the hospital for DRUGS! Are you kidding me? My brother in law lectures people about abusing drugs and would never ever do that. His treatment here was lower than pathetic, and they did not help him with his breathing problem, we left the hospital feeling threatened and afraid of his condition SINCE THEY DID NOT TREAT HIM FOR HIS BREATHING PROBLEM!!!!!!!!! They said in their own words "here's some drugs, since that's what you came here for." BEWARE!!! HORRIBLE PLACE TO TRUST SOMEONE WITH YOUR LIFE, THEY WILL NOT TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.

Mariana Morales

My mother has been having pain on her right side of her stomach to the point where she couldn't walk. We took her to regions 3 TIMES and the third, we had to call an ambulance. All 3 times, they told us nothing was wrong and gave my mom medication that did nothing but put her to sleep. My mom loves going places, moving around, when she would take the medication, she would only sleep and fell in depression. The people who you trust at regions, ended up putting the needles wrong and kept messing up with the medication they were injecting her. We finally went to a different hospital because she just kept getting worse and the people at regions only shrugged and said nothing was wrong; well she indeed did have something. Her right side was swollen from the Inside. regions were giving and sending her so many medication that put her to sleep and it was unnecessary. Even the hospital we went said regions messed up for not paying attention to the patients concern.

Erik Craig Weiss

This review is for the billing department only and the charge nurse who said she didn't need our insurance information. Yes, yes you do because you continue to hound us for payment even though it is supposed to go to insurance.

Dana Cruz

Regions Hospital threw away not one, but 2 stillborn babies. They, quite literally, threw them away with the dirty laundry, after promising the grieving parents a dignified cremation. I would never, ever trust a hospital that can't keep track of the precious body of someone's child, to treat anyone of any age with compassion, respect, or competence.

Kevin Chou

Nurses are great here, but doctors are very slow. Spent most of the day here and just found out the doctors won't be back until tomorrow to give their assessment. This is so frustrating. For the cost of healthcare, service and communication should be much faster and more efficient. two thumbs down Regions Hospital

Quick Save

Needs more accessible parking, and main entrance could use better directions.

Samantha Boshey

They have a term called "hallwayable" meaning a patient who isn't that sick can be put in the hallway until another room opens up. That's what happened to me after waiting 3 hours to be seen by a doctor

Jesus Salgado

I got there at 11pm didn't get seen until 2:45 and then the police at the deck seen I just got done around 5am I was sitting in the lobby and I was tried and here he come to tell me that I haf to G o and I told him I'm waiting on my bus that just so rude I hope someone be that rude to his kid karma

ber Lockwood

Worst ER ever!!!! Have been waiting for 2hrs and still currently waiting to be helped. Don't come to regions if you need the ER.

Shakila Farrell

I was treated with the up most respect and I just would like to thank MR.Michael T Paddock and your staff for giving me the best care I have had in a long time you and your staff are the real MVP so thanks again from the Farrell family

Tam Ngo

Best care best experience, best stay!

Keith Hagen

Nurses and PCA’s we’re VERY attentive, They ALL treated me with dignity and respect. THEY really CARE about their patients, To everyone who treated me @ 6515 THANK YOU ALL so much! I wanna say it’s been a pleasure but really it was a hospital stay.

Ernest Tarbox

Everything was great except when I needed pain meds they were slow on getting me relief for my pain at my last hospital stay.

Taylor Boerem

you guys forgot the bacon in my breakfast this morning.. but it's all good, i forgive you. good service and friendly staff.

Mark Conkle

Great staff; respectful care!

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This hospital doesn't even deserve one star. Okay let me break this down for everyone. They saved my life twice because I overdosed on pills. Ill give them 5 stars on that part. They do save lives. However other stuff happens that is quite unsavory to say the least. Let me give you examples from my stays there including the most current. Also how they treat my dad whom is very vulnerable. 1st example : They laugh at their patients. Most of the nurses, workers and even other people in the mental wards literally make fun of their patients. Why this happens i don't know but its the truth. This is why I opted out on working with the nurses and workers till I knew one thing. That the doctor there would help me. In the end I worked with most of the people there my last visit. Except for the ones that laughed at their patients. 2nd example : Yes they saved my life a couple times. Yes they helped me recover. However those great things are the only thing they did for me. Okay and I do admit some of the classes at the hospital where amazing. They over all are a good hospital however the 3rd and final example on how they treat their patients made me give them 1 star instead of 4 or 5. 3rd example : My dad was admitted and they did a decent job with him the first time. However in the ER where I was with him. He had mini strokes in his brain. No one could figure this out. So they sent him home the same day. That's whats so corrupt about this hospital. They should have admitted him that day. Instead I went home with him. Wait I made a mistake on this. I remember it wasn't regions that did this. It was St . Johns in Maplewood, Minnesota. So let me give you the final example... 4th and final example : Since the 3rd didn't apply to regions which I apologize about. However it shows how bad hospitals are in Minnesota in general. See the same thing happened there twice. He was admitted the first time and taken care of for the most part. The doctors did all they could which I give them a thumbs up for. However they deserve a 1 star for one reason in my opinion. The 2nd time he was sent there they sent him back the same day. The 3rd time and this is what really did it in. The doc wanted him to come back again the same night. First off we don't have transportation other then the bus. So a vulnerable adult with Vascular Dementia end stage none the less is sent home and not admitted. In fact this happened today. This is after his doc / psychiatrist and nurse sent him there. They have more of a say then anyone else. Which puts me to conclude this post. Final words on regions hospital : I would have given them 4 or 5 stars easily. Except they don't really care about their patients. In fact I was transferred several times to the nurse in ER. I admit their phone service is decent. However they only left a message with the doctor. I hope to let them know that he needs to stay there. Again recommended by two people in the health field that know my dad. They rather send people home the same day if they can. Which I give them 1 star for. Now in a whole I am not mad with regions hospital. In fact I recommend them over all for long term stuff. They saved my life which I will owe them forever. However I dislike greatly how they treat their patients as a whole. So with all that being said. 5 stars turned into 1 star. 5 stars for saving peoples lives daily. 1 star for how they treat their patients over all. Thanks for reading and I hope this is read and taken seriously. I love the hospital but I don't recommend it in general.

Eric Joncas

Recently moved to the twin cities and had an unfortunate experience with my mother in the emergency department. Not only did we wait 4.5hrs with no reassessments, once we made it back to a room, the staff was doing everything they could to brush us off and rush us out. There was little communication throughout the process, and the staff violated HIPAA multiple times, speaking loudly about patients. I also got to witness them rolling a corpse down the hallway uncovered. I don’t know if they assumed we were stupid enough to think the pale body with the gaping mouth was asleep, but I was appalled. Such little respect for the dead or the people having to witness such a sight. Will never bring anyone I care about back.

Maria Teresa

I took my 1 year old baby there with fever of 103.5, not appetite, and crying all the time after been treated at home with antibiotic and motriin ordered by another doctor 4 days ago. with no getting any better. They make us wait for 3 and half hours in the waiting roon with all adults patients. The nurse gave to my baby tylenol while waiting, but when Dr Hernandez EM doctor see us, he just said that looks a virus and sent us to home whitout any blood test and superficial examination. Planning to take my baby to a different pediatric hospital. Not recommended at all for Pediatric patients!

Lauren Hinton

I had the greatest experience experience having my first son at regions...they have amazing midwives!!!

Alan Malcheski

pray you never end up here. If you have any friends or family in the ICU, you should be watching them every hour that you're allowed to be there. If they start sending you bills with generic terms for the charges, more and more, until it's in the tens of thousands of dollars, GET A LAWYER. Writing one letter to this place saved me $11,700. I got no reply, just an honest bill.

Jeremy Baker

Probably the worst hospital in Minnesota. Seems like nobody wants to do there job. Very uncomfortable feeling when you are there. Nurses act like you are a inconvenience to them.

Hawaii 4ever

Regions hospital worst hospital ever! Stay away. I wait 3 hours in the waiting room er. Very sick pneumonia. Bronchitis . I told them over over again very sick , they didnt even care. The man fat slob sitting at desk uncaring. When i the dr finally admitted me. I was immediately sent to intensive care unit. For bronchitis. From bad cold the dr said ur really sick. Well duh!! Worse hospital ever!

Jennifer Nguyen

Birthing center is great! Wonderful nurses and midwives.

Dan Craig

They are fantastic.

Tony Tutch

My experience at regions hospital was horrible. I moved back to the Twin Cities and went there with head pain and what seemed to be left ear pain. I went to the ER and explained I had bad pain on the left side of my face. I did not know what it was. They looked in my ears and said I had an ear infection. I was then prescribed antibiotics, and sent home. Two day later I still had pain and started to get a rash and hives on my ear lobe. On top of that I noticed the left side of my face was not moving, and left eye was not blinking. I went to another clinic and they came to the conclusion I was suffering from a shingles out break, They told me I was misdiagnosed and I could possibly get bells palsy. She said luckily I came in right away and have a chance of recovering from it. I was then prescribed the right medication. A few months later I went to ER and had to get surgery. I was sent home after 2 days of hospitalization and had to come back as they did not drain out everything correctly. I had a fever that got up to 103 and they had to perform the surgery again. 7 Months after that I had same problem and in need of surgery again. They sent me to the Operating room looked at the area with a scope and sent me home. A few days later I was seen by the specialist and he operated on me that day. The ER at regions did not do a good job and I always had to make multiple trips regarding an issue. I think they should take the time and make sure they get it right the first time. On top of that there financial office was very rude to me as well. I made payment arrangements and i paid over the amount agreed on their temporary payment plan and they sent me to a collection. I was told that it is in their policy that I cannot pay over the payment arrangement amount on a temporary payment plan. After making some concerning phone calls, they pulled it from collections and agreed to setup a regular payment. Over all they just want to get people in and shove them out. Then get paid even if the problem is not fixed. I still have issues resulting from surgery, but am afraid to go to a hospital because of the expensive bills and the fact that they may not do the surgery correctly. That is my experience with this hospital I would not advise anyone to go to them. I use to love the hospital when it was Ramsey County Hospital. Now it seems like they are all about profit before helping. I wish I can give 0 stars for this rating.

Zack Ruddle

I've never been to a patient at regions but they seem to enjoy calling me daily. Filing a complaint with the FTC since I'm on the Do not call registry.

Terryl Anderson

Regions your a wonderful hospital. They have the biggest heart. And for those who think that the doctors uneducated not their more educated then you ever know. Dont complain about regions when you prop your legs on chair and laying down and texting if they asked you to leave then leave dont blame them because your acting in a way that isn't right. Regions is a family hospital not a hotel. Regions rocks.


Trash hospital. Overcrowded.

Dennis Hughes

Never go to this place. Pathetic unprofessional . I'm a high school graduate. They said that doesn't matter anymore. More antipsychotics forced on patients with injections, ECT's etcetra.

Juanita Lau

The personel in the billing department needs to be trained in insurance claims. We got a call from them and was threatened to be sent to collections due to their inability to read claim filing instructions on the back of our insurance card that they made copies of when i checked in. We were constantly asked for the insurance address which is not provided on the insurance card which specifically instructed the provider to file with their "LOCAL BC/BS office". Should you need to be seen at Regions Hospital you need to make sure they have insurance information DOUBLE checked before they try to bill you and threaten to send you to collections without doing their part on filing the claims .

Rachel G

Visited someone . Patient needed help. Called for a nurse . 20 min later still no one ...

Alex Bussewitz

The care we got during the birth of our son was great. The idiots working in the collections/billing department have the intelligence of potatos. Not gonna go into detail, but they are some deadbeats that do super shady business practices.

Are S


Matt Hall

I cut my thumb off and they helped me more than I can ever repay back .nurses were nice and caring and doctors were top notch

Ashley Chavez

Service is pretty good staff is friendly

Melissa Y

The birth center was such a disappointment. If you are in need of a nurse after your delivery in the recovery room, and you press the nurse button- expect to wait at least 30 mins to an hour before someone checks in on you. Also, the midwifes are so unprofessional that they don't bother to check your charts before visiting you. The midwife on duty assumed that I was another patient and choose not to visit me at all. If and when they do send a nurse to you or the hospital pediatrician, they will try to keep you there over night as long as they can even if you dont have any major conditions. Very annoying. If you do the birth center tour, Mary is amazing and will do a great job promoting Regions, but trust me you will become very upset with the lack of communication and professionalism from the staff.

Dah Htoo

Nurses and doctors should give more smiles to the patients when they are taking care of them. I guarantee those smiles will brighten patients day. Please show kindness. Thank you

Happy Madness

Family member was admitted to the hospital for detox assistance and suicidal thoughts. Regions discharged them in the middle of the night, without calling their spouse or giving them any assistance other than a "sleep it off". Great work, doctors.

April King

My experience with the Birth Center at Region's Hospital was one of the worst experiences of my entire life. When my first son was born, one of the administrators at the hospital unilaterally decided that my partner and I weren't a traditional enough marriage or something and made a personal decision to leave me off the birth certificate. Once we got the official certificate from the state, I discovered that I had been left off. It took two physical trips into the hospital with our tiny newborn to get it fixed on their end. On those trips, we were treated incredibly rudely. Overall, I spent dozens of hours on the phone and sending emails. It took me a ton of (uncompensated) time off work to get things fixed with the state and social security administration; time I would have rather have been spending it with my new son. While there were certainly some very nice people there -- especially the lactation consultants -- I would highly recommend that any LGBT family find somewhere else to give birth.

Mike Blessing

I was brought from Cambridge hospital to Regions hospital via ambulance, code 3, for a severe Subdural Hemotoma - a blood pool 1/2" thick on the right side of my head, pressing my brain against the left side of my skull. Everyone was great, the nurses, PCAs, transfer staff, housekeeping, doctors, the anesthesiologist and team, and the Neurosurgeon, Doctor MacGyver, and his staff. The physical therapy folks, volunteers, EVERYONE. Also, a shout out to the Allina Paramedics who were great too. The entire ordeal, I felt very cared for and treated well by a professional and personable staff. And there's the whole being alive thing....


Best surgical center ive experienced. Start to finish. Reception, nurses, aids, and doctor. Every single aspect aces.ill always prefer this hospital over every other. Thank you Dr Kang and crew.

Amanda Lindsey

Regions Hospital provides excellent care with interdisciplinary treatment approach & respectful of patients & their unique needs.

kline west

I was there to get a stomach check up and the doctors were very racist and discriminated I will never recommend this hospital the security officer 1A to attack me and hurt me physically I did not do anything wrong I am a different nationality's he is white and I'm black and looks like the doctor did something to the security option to push him to doing that and was a very terrible situation and I recommend that nobody go to this hospital in is very terrible

Therese Strandquust

I did not have one negative experience at Regions from check-in through 5 days and check out!! The staff are second to none, from the surgeons to maintenance. I am ESPECIALLY overjoyed at the nursing staff, they all were caring, courteous, their compationate care of me was overwhelming. Thank you so much for helping me through my fears and pain. I will never forget any of you!! I will definitely tell everyone I know to take them to Regions!!! Thank you again! Therese Strandquist


The emergency room has the urgency of a sloth on vacation. It's been over 2 hours of waiting and they will provide no estimate for when my loved one will be given the medical attention they need - what kind of medical practitioner calls this an EMERGENCY ROOM?

Kerstin Johnson

I delivered my first baby with the Regions midwives and had an excellent experience. The nurses and staff were beyond wonderful, and the facility was great. Very private rooms, quiet halls, and separate postpartum recovery rooms.

Patrick Morris

Massive car wreck - went in seeking help, kept us 6 hours and did NOTHING other than prescribe a sling for someone with whiplash and recommend ibuprofen. No better than a Walgreens pharmacy without the sense to recommend a better opinion.

Ronan M

Nice friendly staff both in Gillette and Regions from what I saw of them, keep in mind this is for the therapy section of Regions and mere encounters with Gillette. There's some construction going on outside at the moment which makes getting in a little intense, but once that's cleared up I would imagine it'd be much better.

alvin kennedy

The service was terrible i was not helped at all... Wish i could give zero stars or a thumbs down!!!

Rich Tucker

In sure they sent me here to die. Been waiting 3 days to get antibiotics for a cyst. None of the procedures for my heart have happend on time. I am ready to walk out and go home to die

Christine Preuss

I brought my brother (who was injured from a fall and had other health issues) to Regions ER, I walked in and talked with Nick the EMT and explained I needed assistance to get him into the Hospital. Nick responded immediately within seconds he was at my car talking to my brother and getting him into the hospital. I went and parked my car and when I arrived in the ER they already had my brother in a room and were starting IV's. My brother was admitted to the hospital and was given the best care anyone could ask for! I just want to Thank all of you that were there for my brother Michael and our family for your Dedication and Support. It really meant a lot to us! Special thanks to Nick EMT, Dr Thompson ICU, Dr Matthew Mundy, Nurse Mary ICU, all of you are really the best! I will never forget how all of you cared and did your best through this sad time. Thank you!

Jennifer Oie

Sent here back in 2015 due to a hematoma which was the result of unrepaired knee damage and blood thinners from getting 5 DVT blood clots on a previous hospital stay the month before. My leg was 3 times its normal size due to the internal bleeding and my leg hurt so bad you couldn't even touch it. The doctor on my floor refused to give me any pain meds and called me "a hysterical woman" because I was in pain and asking for pain relief since I hadn't received anything since the ambulance picked me up 6 hours earlier. My nurse was a wonderful human being that advocated for me because she could see my leg muscles spasming and how much pain the swelling was causing me. I didn't get help until shift change when the new doctor would listen to the patient. That is 12 hours of the most horrific pain I have ever dealt with. And I am still paying that hospital bill because even though I had insurance, I was still stuck with $3000 to pay and at the time, I was unemployed. Billing and financial assistance departments lost my application for aid 2 times which sent me to collections for not turning in my paperwork. Then the third time, they denied me any assistance--how does that work when I have $0 income?!? On my third interaction with this hospital, I was getting the IVC filter removed which had been placed during the visit mentioned above as a means to prevent my DVT from reaching my lungs and killing me when they removed me from blood thinners in an effort to stop my bleeding. The filter had to be removed from the vein in my neck and even though I informed the nurses and doctors before the procedure that local numbing from lidocaine doesn't work, I was ignored. The resulting procedure was me fully awake and not numb as my neck was cut open and the filter removed...just awful. I asked my primary to write that I am allergic to lidocaine in my chart so that no one ever uses it on me again because it does not work. Just listen to your patients...pretty sure I know my own body better than a total stranger!

Patrick Worley

The worst hospital ever. The staff was rude and disrespectful. The nurses that took care of my mother must have got there degree from walmart. No one knew what was going on I had to tell the doctor and nurses how to take care of her

Ellie Johnson

Quiet hospital. ER did not look busy at all. Looks clean. Waited a little over 2 hours. Back in incredible pain. The staff were pleasant and very empathetic. The medication , not greatly, but significantly improved pain level for about 4 hours. I was disappointed in not being able to lie down completely as the chair I was offered in th room did not go back completely. This would have helped with pain greatly.


Every nurse and midwife we worked with were great. Shout out to 1st Floor L & D nurse Shelly and 2nd Floor nurse Delaney. You guys were so helpful, sweet amd informational. We really appreciate the suport and assistance while we were there for Labor and After Care.

Morning Glow

One of the worst hospitals ive ever been to. I went in for detox. Im not the most patient person, but i just told myself just wait awhile. But im regretting it. I have been waiting over 2/1-2 hours so far. Their was only 5 people when i got here now thier are 20 people here. I ask the lady how long will it be until i am seen, she tells me another hour. The day i decide to get help for alcoholism is the day i have to wait 3hrs to be seen.


The website leads you to believe the mental health units are wonderful places. Best part is you get your own room. Worst part is the doctors. One visit resulted in my dose of a benzodiazepine was cut in half. I was sick for 8 weeks. Next visit resulted in doctor taking me off drug altogether. I was bent over in pain and sev ER Ely sick WHEN I WAS DISCHARGED. If docs are going to take people off of meds, they should have some clue about withdrawal. When I complained, I was told there was 0 chance I'd have withdrawal. A dozen ER visits later (not at regions) I was finally put back on med. I could have died. I'm still sick and it's been 8 months. The food is horrible. The so-called therapy doesn't exist. Patients are not given info on meds prescribed by doctors. Staff got upset when I asked for info. The outdoor space they brag about is a small covered porch surrounded by a chain link fence. And can someone explain why there are dozens of 1000 piece puzzles but nowhere to put them together. Be prepared to do a lot of tv watching. They are there to push drugs, not actually help.

Montgomeri Baldwin

They saved my life! God bless them <3

Latrice Jones

Alright. Not sure who you hire for the night shift.... But they all need some retraining. I wait a half hour in your lobby, someone brings me to a "trauma room" and less than 10 minutes later my fiancée is LAYING IN THE HALLWAY! Not even that, I walk to the bathroom, someone else is laying in the hall too. Nice to see how you take care of patients

Kurosh Amrami

I was a patient in South 10 for four days in the last week of June 2017 for surgery. I had wonderful and caring nurses and assistant nurses and doctors, especially Faustine, Kelly, Carole, Cassy, and Akberet. They were all attentive and helpful. Faustine, a vigorous woman, did her best whenever I had a request. Kelly, a very kind lady, was always checking to see if I needed anything. The kosher food was tasty, and the kitchen staff did their best, but food that I think should have been hot was only warm. I’m still giving the hospital 5 stars (rather than 4.9).

Lori Barth

Only reviewing the ER, I give it 1star. The set up is confusing. The wait is ridiculous. (3 + hours to even be seen.) 4/5 staff was rude. I will say there were a couple good ones in the bunch though. The lobby is gross and uncomfortable, which is a shame considering the wait. They also come out to the lobby and take your vitals in your chair in front of or next to all others waiting. It's uncomfortable and awkward. I was also referred to this ER by an Urgent Care Dr. The Dr. gave me 4 pages of his notes and explaining his concerns and why he referred me. I told them this multiple times and tried to give it to them. No one would listen or look at it!! No one! This was my first time here, and I only came here because the Urgent Care Dr. recommended it. NEVER again!! Would never recommend this ER to anyone, EVER.

Tim S

kind staff... parking isn't easy... better to take the light rail if going alone

Jim Windsperger

I had back surgery and spent time on the 10th floor for recovery. The Nurses and staff are the best!!! Thanks for making a difficult recovery a lot less stressful!!!

Evie Enderle

I am very anxious with needles and had to go in for a flu shot and blood test. The nurses who helped me were extremely friendly and very reassuring. I was in and out within an hour and would highly recommend their services.

Angelbaby Twincities

Courtney and Amanda did a very bad job today answering some common questions I had about my vist I was seen there last week and had got a ultrasound and I was told I was 9 weeks pregnant so I asked them to put in a documentation and they said they would but when I got home and checked my belongings it had nothing to do with what I requested so the fact that I called back and got the run around 3 days later I get a call back saying they can’t give that information to me how when it my information I really don’t like regions hospital and I would never ever in my life come there ever again there emergency department acts like they have nothing but charging you and taking your money i don’t want to go no where and be seen by anyone if I’m not going to be taken serious sad part is I work at a hotel where allot of patients go there I will be sending them to a different hospital at least they don’t have to go threw that WAY TO GO REGIONS

Mietta Green

Worst place to go to when you need urgent help. I went to the er. I haven't been seen yet and it's been over an hour. Oh btw I was transferred over here by one of their urgent care facilities and still had to wait. So over two hours of waiting. Then the financial specialist decided that talking to her friend was more important than getting through registration. I told dilido with glasses by the name of Logan S. When I'm going to be seen he told me I've only been waiting 53mins. Okay? And? Is that an acceptable time to wait when you are in pain and vomiting?!

Michelle Romano

I also can't thank Regions Hospital Cardiovascular ICU unit medical team - EVERYONE was sooo attentive, accommodating, wonderful, kind, knowledgable, and answered all our questions with my best friend Thaddeus. Even when friends gathered around his bedside to help Thaddeus transition into his next life, the Hospital Chaplain lead my friends and I in song, prayer and story. The head nurse during that time - Frank - was exceptional as well as all the other medical stafff/team during Thaddeus' stay!!! They are ANGELS. Because of this experience, this is my #1 hospital of choice!

DaLonda Carter

My daughter had surgery there and it went fine but her aftercare was horrible. She tried telling them that something wasn't right and the nurses actually stood at the end of her bed told her to stop being a baby. Needless to say I got a little upset. But because I didn't want to make a bad situation worse. Because of them not listening to her she ended up going back into surgery and she had a blood clot that was restricting her airway removed. And ended up in SICU on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma. Will never use this hospital again


(I'm comparing to to mpls and robinsdale hospitals)Visited the er lastnight. In and out. They also helped me establish temporary and hopefully more permanent health insurance. Everyone was nice and at least acted like they cared. The doctor I saw was great.

Jacqueline Carter

Awesome staff! Really helped an associate of mine recover from a serious condition. He was extremely rude to staff due to the heavy medication he was under but they remained professional and took good care of him. Kudos to all of them!! That was November 2014 and I won't ever forget them.


My niece had a big surgery in her pelvis. She was well taken care of. All doctors, nurses, care takers, front desk and security people are very very kind. They are professional and efficient. I'm very impressed by them. Family member is allowed to stay overnight in the private room she stays, very impressive services. I definitely recommend it.

Gina Dodd

I came in for neck, back and shoulder pain. I explained my families medical history and they brushed off my concerns. They gave me a muscle relaxer that did not work and brushed that away too. I spent over 4 hours here. A person with diarrhea was treated before me. DO NOT GO TO REGIONS!

Dianne Xiong

My experience at this hospital was awful and I know that the hospital won't care or address these complaints ever but I am posting it hoping that others can see this before they decide to come here for care. Came here and was totally disappointed. All the staffs were extremely rude. When they are in the room, the want to strictly talk to the patient. They felt they don't need to answer any concerns or questions the family may have. All the staffs continued moving along and do whatever that was ordered expecting the patient to be okay and go with the flow. If the patient question any of it, the staffs get extremely angry and will leave the room and stop doing what they were doing. They won't even explain why they were starting the patient on a med or why a MRI was ordered. They felt offended that the patient questioned his care so they leave the room and reported off to the other staffs/providers that the patient was noncompliance. If the family have any questions, it is reported off that the family was interfering with the patient's care. When the family and the patient voiced their concerns, the provider and charge nurse say sorry we will address the concerns and try to answer any questions the patient or family may have. 5 minutes later another staff comes into the room acting exactly the same again where "I don't need to answer any questions. You as the patient do as what I say." Nothing get change after several complaints. As a matter of fact, the poor patient is now labeled "noncompliance." No, the patient wasn't noncompliance. The patient will just like to know what is going on and why. Is that considered "noncompliance?" Don't come here unless you like to do as what you were told to do without asking any questions.

Lin W

Zero stars, I will never return to Regions ER again! Been here since 3pm it's now 8:35pm and I have yet too be seen.

Ricky Perez

This hospital has made some improvements when it comes to the building... but they need to improve their ER by a whole lot. We spent 7 hours at the ER just to be told my girlfriend has a breast infection after giving birth and prescribing her antibiotics.. in less than 10 minutes. The bathrooms are filthy, the nurses are slow and rude... I will NEVER EVER set foot again at this hospital.. I convinced my GF to give birth there and the midwives were having a debate on who would stitch her up in front of my girlfriend while she was bleeding out. "you do it" "no, i dont feel comfortable" "well you have to learn some day, plus.. I really dont like doing this" "well, me neither but i guess i can try" "yeah, just try and ill be right here guiding you" "ok" All so they were unable to stop the bleeding. They had to call in a doctor who then said she would have o go back to OR to have a anesthesiologist put her under and have her sewed up. In my opinion that was highly unprofessional of the midwives to not have stepped out or even walked away in the corner of the room to have that discussion about their insecurities. HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL.... IF I COULD GIVE THEM -5 STARS I WOULD!!!

Ryan Kelley

Excellent health care

David Dudrey

I went to regions for a complete hip replacement doctors,anesthesiologist,nurses,surgeon, were all professional with a sense of. Rationality, my heal time was one week and I was walking up and down stairs....... DavidDudrey.

Traci Hilmanowski

Phenomenal care from everyone at the birth center! From the moment we got there to the day we left, literally every staff member we encountered were SO helpful and kind. Any questions we had were answered and products to help with the trouble were provided if possible (about breastfeeding, nipple care, post partem girdles, what's normal for a newborn questions, plus at least 50 others!). Would highly recommend this hospital to have a child. Thank you Regions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grandmahugzarebestforhearts Idrizow

When we got to the emergency room on Wednesday I thought it was an hour I would stay but nope it was 9 hours. Very uneducated doctors as well

Erika Vasquez

I was induced back in Jan of 2018 and it was the WORST experience I had especially with my first time in labor. The nurses and doctors knew that after 3 whole days in the hospital I wasn’t able to go into labor and they wanted to send me back home even though I had already passed 40 weeks of pregnancy. We had to demand a c-section if not I’d probably still be there. Most of the nurses there were not approachable at all which made me feel very uncomfortable. I wouldn’t recommend Regions to anyone my experience was horrible.

feral kitten

Do not go here and dont let an ambulance bring you here. The staff in ER dont care about you and their work is clearly rushed and sloppy. They also like yelling at patients who are going through severe blood loss.

Daniel Huschke

Dear Staff, My daughter had open heart surgery in December, 2015. The quality of care was exceptional. The Surgeon, nurse specialists, all those who did all the extra procedures, the food prep. people and the cleaning staff, have our DEEPEST respect and gratitude. Everyone was kind, professional, and the Hospital is the cleanest that we have seen. There is a man who helped me. I had parked my car the night before and the next day, I walked 3 levels trying to find it. I went inside to the nearest desk. No one there. So as I stood trying to decide what to do, a man came in from the parking ramp. He is Mr. Feraol Adem. Mr. Adem asked if he could help me. I told him I was very tired and couldn't find my car. He showed me that he had a badge and was employed by Regions. Mr. Adem, went and found my car. Awesome! He went out of his way and I thank him. We all found so much to admire about Regions. May God Bless all of you, Dan and Molly Huschke

Tara Erickson

They are the best

devyani rajan

Best bet to "waste your time and money" !!! My experience with radiology, mammogram & ultrasound was something I never want to remember again. Am still not sure that the person who called herself radiologist was a literate Doctor OR someone playing doctor-doctor in neighborhood by wearing a white coat.

Mark Christianson

Great doctors and nurses. Seems like they really care about their patients.

Liz Murphy

This hospital has the WORST billing department I have ever experienced. I got my bill in the mail months ago, and to this date I am still coordinating how to pay it. Buckle yourself in for the dysfunction of a lifetime: First, they enrolled me in "E-pay" without my consent, so I'm getting these emails left and right asking me to pay my bill. But there was no way for me to pay it online because I didn't have what's called an "easymatch code" in order to see my bill and pay it. I tried to get this code from billing, and they send me a code but it doesn't work! It's an invalid code. Sigh. So, I had to coordinate getting my statement in the mail in the hopes that there is an easymatch code on there or just pay it traditionally with a check. After waiting several weeks for this bill to literally travel less than 10 miles, the bill never shows up in the mail. Thus, I ask billing to send it again. It finally shows up. But there's no easymatch code listed on the bill, surprise surprise. I decide to send in a traditional payment by mail. But wait...there's NO information in the bill that indicates WHERE to send your payment! There is however 2 separate addresses on the bill and an even entirely different address online. I called the payment center number listed on the website, and I email an individual in the billing department. THEY BOTH GIVE ME TWO SEPARATE ADDRESSES TO SEND MY PAYMENT. As I write this, I still have no idea how to pay this bill. I'm still struggling getting basic information from this hospital. I'm not sure if this hospital realizes how poorly it's payment center/billing department is run, but it's so concerning that this organization can claim that they have done their due diligence to bill you when it can't even send basic payments and transmit basic information about addresses. Meanwhile, my credit score could be affected by delayed payment because of these jokers' incompetence. The hospital treatment I received was mediocre at best, and no where near the worth of all this drama just to pay my stupid bill. TAKE MY MONEY, REGIONS. I WANT TO PAY MY BILL. But I can't do that without basic information that really isn't above and beyond what any patient should expect.

Alekander Xayarath

Had a very pleasant experience and all the staff was really nice and helpful..

Peter Griffin

I am a pharmacist. We spent 2 days trying to fix an error on a prescription over the weekend (it was Region's error) . We were transferred to multiple answering machines and ultimately to an incorrect after hours services. We were then berated by the after hours service because, "they do not deal with pharmacies, only nursing homes." In the end, they could not resolve an incredibly simple problem for one of their patients, and treated those trying to help their patient very unprofessionally.

Zakariya Abdullahi

It seems like a great place. All of my sisters were born there!

Julie Lor

They are not well train on their heart center on the 7th floor! Never talk about the cons of what to expect! Guarantee the patient must go through heart surgery to live 20 years! The doctors does not care about the patient after surgery. The nurses are horrible! When my father was decease due to their horrible care. They had the nerve to repeatly harass us to give up and turn off all their equipment! They don't respect no ones culture! I would never give this hospital a star. I hope they retain their employees and I do not recommended this hospital.

Ruth Castle

This place is a butchery. This woman insisted I cough after my c-section and I ended up with a hernia. I refused several times but she still insisted, and then forgot to tell me to hold a pillow on my abdomen. They also did my nose septum straightening surgery there, and I've had nothing but problems since, and my septum doesn't look straight either. Out of all the hospitals in the Twin Cities area, this one is by far the worst one.

Char Downing

My favorite health care facility! I've been cared there for surgeries, & my visits for ER care was wonderful. I received prompt care for both occasions & was triaged with no problem, admitted & received care within a half hour (if that). On one occasion, a cat bite resulted in a huge issue, but I was on I.V. meds & a hand surgeon was attending me so fast I was shocked. I was a patient for abt. 3 days & found the nursing staff to be very attentive & the hand surgeons were even more so. I was also a patient there for 2 hip replacements that are very successful & again, no complaints. Sure, the food is'nt that of a 4 star restaurant, but I can't get 10 Christmas guests all fed at the same time, so I commend them that I received what I ordered! The PT & OT staff were gentle & understanding (especially the PT lady who promptly sent me back when I went wonky with a medication issue. (If she sees this, I'm sorry if I was really weird). When people complain that they waited a long while for treatment, the should understand that the sickest goes first & ask themselves if they are really sick enough to need emergent care. "TAKE ME TO REGIONS!"

Diana Ditsch

I don't recommend this hospital. I had to stay overnight and had several blood draws. The technicians dug around in my arms and hands. I have deep bruising now in several areas. The clinic staff does such a better job and is kinder about it too.


Left ER after 3 hours without being seen. Shame if you can not accept a patient after 3 hours and still called an EMERGENCY room.

Anita Hit

I still have traumatic memories of Ramsey Hospital but since it has been named Regions Hospital it is much better.

Megan Lynsky

My mom had her hip replaced just today at this hospital. Seriously the entire experience was so pleasant from start to finish. Here’s what we experienced today: - Informative and knowledgeable medical staff: everyone explained what was going on to my mom so she would be comfortable. From the anesthesiologists to the nurses to the doctors. The surgeon also talked privately with me and my cousin who were waiting once the surgery was over to fill us in on the entire procedure. They explained everything from start to finish and showed us X-rays. - Friendly staff: the nurses were chatting with us and making us laugh, the cafeteria staff were all friendly and accommodating, and the receptionists were friendly/informative, and they even got me a cup of coffee! The guy who transported my mom from the OR to her private room was funny and chatty too! - Helpful technology: the waiting room had a big screen tv with numbers for each person undergoing surgery to keep waiting families informed about what stage their loved one was at (patient checked in, pre-op, recovery/wake up, outpatient recovery, extended recovery). Also, we were provided a buzzer (kind of like you would get at restaurant to wait for a table), and whenever the buzzer went off you could go to the desk for an update. - Quality medical care: my mom has bad reactions to hardcore pain medications and anesthesia, so the doctors basically gave her an epidural, light anesthesia, and more appropriate meds. We appreciated that they listened to what my mom needed, and we were so pleasantly surprised at how comfortable my mom was and how my mom came out of surgery so quickly and easily! - Clean and comfortable facility: my mom’s room after surgery was so large and accommodating with comfortable furniture for guests and a private bathroom. For us in the waiting room while surgery was happening, we were so comfortable in reclining seats, with a tv, and plug ins for my laptop and my cousin’s phone. All around positive experience!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this hospital stay so great!

Chasity White

Horrible went to the Emergency Room and was in A room but they put me out the room claiming it was a person sicker than me. Apparently im sick if im at the hospital. Who wants to be in a hallway when they already sick and people constantly walking by. Will not come back to this ER ever again. Already look sick just for people to look in your face just irritates you more.

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