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REVIEWS OF Mercy Hospital - Unity Campus IN Minnesota

James Matthes

Jill Anderson

Amazing...and the best hospital food I have ever had!

Lori Jane Hadaway Gombold

Needs updates in building, staff are ok, not compassionate.

kayla hausken

The doctors and nurses are wonderful. The female night time desk woman at emergency area is AWFUL. No compassion. You can tell she's miserable. Facial expressions of a rock. If you don't wanna be in the care profession, GET ANOTHER JOB.

Kyle Burt

I'm only here because it was close as I was dealing with heart pains and numbness down my left side...2 hours later, still sitting here...guess I could've just died 4x before being seen...

Aaron Walcott

Went to ER for abdominal pain. Took over 2 hours to ID as gall stones and get any pain relief. Urgent surgery scheduled but surgeon was 2 hours late. Post op care is awful. Over an hour to get any pain relief from multiple incisions, gall bladder removal. And that is less than helpful. Unresponsive staff. Not sure if incompetent or just don't care... Would avoid this place unless last option..

Jealeania Morris

John Bukar

Brittanny Buckhalton

Horrible the wait is super long and if you not dying or bleeding your last don't come here if your in pain the service is turtle slow

Kourtney Lee

The staff here are very rude and take their sweet little time when trying to help you

Mūkeko ʻEkolu

The lady in the cardiac rehab that answers the phone is very rude, she wasn’t very helpful. She was very rude about me getting my test results.

Emma B3ar

The emergency room doctors don’t believe the pt symptoms and instead want to run a bunch of unnecessary testing to come back and say we don’t know what’s wrong with you. If you say anything you did wrong they will use that and say that’s why because they really don’t know the answer. Don’t waste your time.

Crystal Rich

I hope I never go back here again in my life. Uneducated, judgmental staff. As I was talking to the doctor she told me I should go see a doctor. A simple Google search told me more then this staff could have ever told me. They even asked how the nurse was doing considering that they always have such a large turnover. Alarms ignored, when i did hit the call button they responded with "what do you need" in a condescending voice. Also asked unnecessary pereonal questions and comments that had nothing to do at all with my condition.

Amena Ali

I wanted to write a review, I went to the ER yesterday and had horrible service and experience, I was in so much pain. In my Lower left side .. the dr didn’t want to do a MRI, gave me a pain shot in my arm and prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers, and sent me home. He didn’t care if I was still in pain. The nurses got me ready fast even though I was crying and saying I am in so much pain. Put me in a wheel chair and rolled me out to the lobby. I am still in pain with muscle relaxers and pain killers, I am not able to move at all without the pain in my lower left side. It’s very sharp pain soon as I move. Took another appointment with dr tomorrow . It wasn’t fair that the dr didn’t do a scan yesterday and check me probably if there is something wrong beside my muscle. This was Dr at the ER. I want to mention his name but I won’t . When I told the nurse I am still in pain and I can’t move she said I will call the dr. She was frustrated with me because I couldn’t get up and get ready. She called another nurse to help me they tried to hurry me up and get my shirt on while I was in so much pain. The nurse laughed at me and said oh you have pain in your but and smiled, I said if I want in pain I wouldn’t have came. Who wants to spend hundred of dollars to go to the ER. I am so, I felt, horrible I couldn’t look at the nurses I was so upset . I don’t recommend this hospital especially the ER.

Lucas Stiles

Loved it

Daniel Jewett

Wonderful service at the laboratory today! The two nice ladies made sure I got in and out fast and we're very polite and friendly.

Khalil khalil

Stay a way from this place it takes a minimum of 2 - 3 hours to be seen. staff are used to treat every one in a rude way at all times and specially when your in pain. There is lots of employees just chatting but no work is getting done.

Masar 1992

Bad services

Guy Sibley

Slow, unfriendly, seeing people out of order thought were “fast tracked”. We were there with out baybe that had an object lodged in his eye and they had a very lackadaisical attitude about him and his care. Would not recommend to my enemy.

Sandy Isaac

Amazing staff, the care I received was great. I spent 3 days here and felt so cared for from all staff! Thank you.

Cheryl Edstrom

I can only speak to front/ER desk; joint surgery; and the joint surgery nursing station. Surgical intake staff, surgery staff, Dr. Kruse, and nsg station staff receive 5 Stars + and my thanks!! Care was seamless and I was kept informed of everything happening. This is my 2nd joint surgery there and would highly recommend Dr. Kruse and his team to anyone who asked. Zero stars to the front/ER desk (the reason for the 4 star rating), they ignore you, won't make eye contact and make no attempt to say "be w/ you" or anything. Took 20 minutes to get past them and all they had to do was tell me to take the elevator to the surgical OP floor.

Chris Gesino

I was dieing to get in... {lol} to the ER and thug service was ok. One Dr couldn't handle me but after the last one came in he handled the situation properly. I've beer here to many times and I walked away fine even if the staff seemed confused about certain things. I'm sure I'll be back since I'm accident prone

Qwer T

long wait.

Renee Judge

Unity Hospital is one of the best hospitals for up to date care, professionalism, kind caring staff, and a very clean facility.

Angela Pedersen


Kristina-jeremy Blair-noyer

My mom and I have been in this hospital for almost three hours we were in the lobby for and hour got into a room took 45 mins for the doctors to come in and she had her X-ray and we have been waiting for the doctor for over an hour this is so redick and when someone asks for help don't search the web for tablets like seriously that rude and saying I can't help you that makes your hospital look worse

mary k

I saw Dr. Evelsizer for a scary bad injury and he was amazing as were the nurses. The wait was not very long. I have had longer wait times there but the people there care about patients.

Elias Hernandez

Chavez Aleman

I would give more than 5 stars to this hospital if possible,keep up with your good work Doctors and nurses,you did I great job when I was there,God bless you all.

Adrian Adrian

Richard Epp

Victoria Krause

Had back surgery here then stayed for rehab. Doctors, nurses and CNAs were wonderful. They literally had to teach me to walk again. So thankful for the care I received. I can walk again.

Theresa Poirier

The daytime nurses were young and not very compassionate or experienced, my evening nurses were absolutely fabulous, hence the 3 stars! I wish the day nurses were as amazing as the evening nurses!

Ruby Curwick

My step mom is there sand they can't seem to come up with a solution. They are clueless!

Natalie McCormack

Had right knee replacement on 4/8/19. PACU nurses were knowledgeable and caring. The quality of care decreased considerably up on the joint replacement floor. My knee was not iced until 4 hours after I was sent to the floor. When I asked why my knee wasn't iced I was told that I need to request ice for my knee as it is not automatically given. I had to ask for ice every 40 minutes to follow my MD protocol of 20 mins ice, 20 min rest. The nurses would not keep track of the ice time for me. No one seemed to know what was going on or was in charge of my care, I was asked if I was having physical therapy that day, which I'm not sure why I should or would know. The worst was during the night when my blood pressure and heart rate dropped several times below the normal limits and the beepers and buzzers were constantly going off. Instead of investigating why my blood pressure and heart rate were dropping they lowered the threshold of the monitor. I was told that it wasn't a big deal - that was after I had syncope and passed out. There were many more issues that occurred, however, for this post my suggestion is to stay away from this hospital and seek care elsewhere. The stress that I went through during the hospital stay has negatively impacted my recovery.

Kyle and Tiffany Financial Freedom

This is the worst emergency room we have ever been to. Sadly, we gave it a second chance today. How long does a person need to wait before being seen? And its not me being impatient, just read all the reviews. If you're dying, don't come here because you will just die waiting in the ER waiting area because Suzie who came in an hour after you with a jammed thumb is more important.

Greg Eckes

First and foremost, stay away from this place. I had two back surgeries performed here with equal results. The surgeon and the surgical staff were outstanding but that's when the greatness ended. After being transferred to my room I had a nurse throw my shoes at me. She belittled my wife until she started crying. And this was all because I was supposed to be discharged 8 hours earlier. My second adventure there was no better. They refused to bring me my pain meds and when I pushed it the nurse said" I don't care I only have 10 minutes and I'm off shift". Then in the middle of the night some nurse comes sneaking in to my room and switches out my pain killer syringe for a new one but another nurse just did that 20 minutes earlier. The syringe was still brand new. Don't walk away from this hospital, run.

Steven Luebke

Worst hospital I’ve ever been to. The facilities are fine, but the doctors and nurses are terrible. I was there for four days and saw the doctor for maybe one minute. If I called for help it took a nurse 2 hours. They leave everything to the nurse assistants , whom could do nothing. They tell you to wait on the nurse, that’s another two hours. I even called the hospital administrator and nothing happened.I was told they’re very busy, which I understand, but when I walked out to exercise my legs, all the nurses were just hanging out in front desk eating something like a pot luck. They wouldn’t even give me crackers... I even called the hospital administrator, and absolutely nothing changed. They wouldn’t even give me medicine, they just told me to get through it. What a shame of a hospital. At one point I said don’t I haveI have patient rights, they said yes, and then just walked away. I’m going to do everything I can so nobody goes there. What a terrible terrible place. I discharged myself and went to a different hospital. Don’t ever go there. Is it possible to give them less than 1 star? I just started a lawsuit against the hospital, for neglect and lack of knowledge of how to care for patients. This place should be shut down.

Kristine Barfknecht

Unlike North Memorial they actually care

Shawn Byrnes

elizabeth ritt

If I could I would rate this at -3. If you are in actual need of emergency services head straight for Abbott Northwestern. This hospital is the absolute worst. Went in with heart palpitations (12:45pm), confirmed by EKG, knew they could be from thyroid imbalance. They sent my blood off to Abbott for the thyroid lab work (hours after taking the blood - 5:30pm). Would have let me lay there in ER until the results came back if we hadn't asked at around 4pm, but let me leave since my other labs were normal, telling me they'd call when the results came back from Abbott. No phone call. I called this morning for results and was told that in order to find out what they were (is this a thyroid event or do I need to go to a cardiologist ASAP?) they told me I'd need to follow up with my health care provider, rather than THEM tell me while I was on the phone while they were VIEWING the results. REALLY? REALLLLLLLYYYYY??? Are you that incompetent and hungry for more money in your system? Never again. Unity is only 1 mile from our house but I'd rather make the ambulance ride or trip to Abbott in the future. Just disgusting.

Jen Moran

My husband and I went to the ER on a Saturday because he had a kidney stone. He was in so much pain he was red faced and sweaty and was literally vomiting as we walked in. We asked for a wheel chair because he was having trouble walking due to the pain and they made us stand and wait while they looked around for one for so long my husband just decided to walk the rest of the way to the waiting room. While we were waiting they took another man in before anyone else who was there because he quote "thought he just might be sick from a rice crispy bar." A RICE CRISPY BAR! he was laughing and joking and said he didnt feel sick but thought he should come in.....and they wasted a bed on this fool. Meanwhile we sat there waiting as well as many other sick individuals. On top of this my husband's grandmother went to this hospital when she fell and broke her arm and leg. They overdosed her with pain medication and killed her kidneys and liver! She was transferred to another hospital thankfully. Do not go to this hospital unless you have no other choice!

Stephanie Silva

They SUCK! RUDE so so so much more to say

Robert Hammond

Tina Thompson

I have never had a good experience in this place. From giving birth to my son 25 years ago, until recently. You don't expect to get c-diff going in. But I had it twice after being there. And told the Dr. I had it. The pharmacy is aweful. I waa overcharged $50.00 That insurance didn't pay, they had the generic but the generic was not prescribed by the Dr. This place is a joke that got shut down by lost revenue to merge with Mercy in Anoka. To pick up more income. It is not a benefit to people. It's a disgrace they are covering. Alumina health is a joke


Terrible, unkind, and down right sickening. This happened quite a few years ago. I was 14 weeks pregnant and having contractions. The triage nurse was uncaring about my situation. The contractions were very painful, and in my agony i used an expletive, she told me not to swear, i apologized. During another contraction, i slipped. She became angry and yelled at me. She asked me "are you safe from violence at home, including from yourself?!" I told her I'm going to the waiting room to wait for them to take me back. I sat there, having contractions for 2 hours. So i went to the front desk and asked the receptionist what's going on. She was surprised i wasn't taken back. When they finally came to get me, they put me in a room without saying anything to me. I sat there for an hour and a half and no one came to talk to me. I lost my baby, i pushed the call button and waited for another 30 minutes before a nurse came in. I showed her what happened, and she threw my baby in the trash! She told me she'll get my discharge papers ready and left. I wasn't examined by a doctor or anything. I guess i was just there to have my tossed in the trash. Thank God they shut down labor and delivery there

Jodi Lynn Ardis

Very friendly and professional staff. And Doctor Edwin Turner was great . Thank y’all for the fast pain relief

Megan Jacobson Varnado

Alex Awaijane

Waited 2 1/2 hours to get stitches removed... Was told triage would do it but they said no and had me wait to see a doctor. Biggest waste of time of my life.

Chi rag m

Very bad care, had to ask docs for alternate treatments to consider before they give up. Very bad admin staff constantly messing up w mistakes in profile.

LeeAnn Dawson-Schmidt

Just had half of my midurethral mesh sling removed due to erosion by Dr. Michaels from Minnesota Urology. This is the 3rd time having part of or all of a mesh sling removed, apparently my body does not like foreign objects/materials in it. The surgery went great, my urologist was wonderful as was the supporting staff of nurses, anesthesiologists, and the rest if the crew. I am a red head and I am the definition of a red head who need more of EVERYTHING from anesthesia to pain meds. They all listened to what I had to say and did exactly as instructed. As awful as these types of surgeries can be, they did and amazing job! I'm an a week post op and feeling better each day! Keep up the good work!!

Justen Ritter

Ally A

Nice Staff. Long Waits. Straight up, they left a IV in my dads arm after discharge. Good food for a high price. Made me bring my dad in the ER food from home. The name change to Mercy hospital: unity campus is aggrovating and unessisary.

Tyreisha Smith

Would never go again will just wait until I get to my home state to figure out what is really going on with me. No standard procedure was done at all.they deserve no stars and I'm a medical professional. This place really suck they just going to experiment with me when the two test came back clear it sucks I'm trying to tell you what is going on but the doctor isn't listening i know my body and when something changes.

Brian McAlpin

jeaneen lofquist

Mary Brown

I just wanted to let someone know my complaint towards your emergency room. My husband was seen there in Sunday night and my complaint mainly focused on the waiting room that we sat in for 2.5 hours before being seen only after me complaining. My husband is a cancer patient so germs are a no if at all possible. From what I saw in the waiting room no effort on the part of staff is trying to prevent this. I realize on a Sunday night at 8:30 there may not be sufficient janitorial staff but here is what I saw laying around and not being done. There needs to be someone every so often maybe every two hours doing this. Maybe just maybe someone could throw on latex gloves and pick up the empty throw up bags, the dirty kleenexes, the empty saliva ridden pop cans, bottles, and cups. And maybe the hospital could be given Clorox wipes to wipe down countertops, arms of the chairs, house phones, elevator buttons anything that the general public and sick people are touching. I am thinking max time consumption of 15 minutes. This would look good for hospital and alleviate some spread of germs. Also we were not pointed towards any face masks and knowing that my husband is a lung cancer patient this should have been a hospital priority one would think. Thank you and please feel free to share at next stage meeting and maybe someone on shift could appointed to do this nightly.

Jacalyn Callies

DON'T go there for help with mental health and detox. Horrid experience

LuLaRoe Chelsey Albrecht

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I was seen here for a terrible migraine over a year ago; I went into the ER and was told that they would be giving me a bunch of drugs that would knock me out for the entire day. I refused the drugs, as I had to go to work and said I just wanted to make sure nothing else was going on. The Dr decided that perhaps and MRI was a good option to go for, I agreed. Prior to being wheeled down to have the MRI my husband and I overheard a HUC talking about me directly outside of my room; saying LOUDLY that I was probably just a drug seeker anyway (even though I refused whatever combination they were interested in serving me at that time). I was LIVID and asked to leave we were discharged with no care being provided besides the initial admission. I called Patient Relations immediately afterwards and voiced my concerns I never received any care from Unity Hospital and they still want to charge me 300.00. Now they think they're going to take me to collections for this ... no way!!!!

Tator Totter

Just spent 2 hours in the hospital with sawdust in my eye. Everyone who came after got in first. The doctor looked and didn't see anything so I went home. Walla. Now taking sawdust out and called back to the emergency room curious if I should come back or not since there do a sawdust still in it. . Spoke with Cindy and she said...and your question is?. I said there is sawdust in my eye and I'm not sure if I should come back or what to do. She said I dont understand why you would want to come back and I explained that I think theres still some in there...then I said never mind I guess?..and she chuckled and hung up!! Since when does a nurse not suggest coming back or go get the doctor in a situation . I have never had that happen before. I have been to this hospital lots of times and never had been treated that way......update a month later. I received 2 different bills. One from the hospital. One from the doctor. Also was told they do not have to tell me thatthe doctor bills seperatley from the hopital. One for 378.00 . One for 288.00. So about 700.00 just to drop a drop of dye in my eye and just look at it and say there was nothing in It! I didn't even have a procedure done. They only looked at my eye!! Completely money sick here. Do not go there whatsoever

Andrew Heen

Please, if you love your family do not send them here. They dont CARE for you. The nurses are rude and don't show any compassion. I felt terrible after my mother was treated so badly.

Moonphase Pagan

I will only go to this place if it's my only option! I do not think I have EVER had a positive experience here! The doctors treat you like crap, and like an inconvenience, and so do most of the nurses! They DO NOT have bedside manner either! Unity needs to find more caring doctors or something, These people are making a bad name for this hospital! : / I came in tonight with an injury by ambulance! That's how bad the pain was and the swelling and such. The doctor came in, asked what happened and was a smart a** and she had a bad attitude! I proceeded to be nice, keep negative comments to myself, and tell her what was going on. She rolled her eyes at me, pushed super hard on my injury and said well, you need to make a Dr. appt to possibly have an MRI since we do not do those here, and this is not a medical emergency that would warrant one. She ordered a x-ray, nothing for the pain, so I had to do what the x-ray people needed me to do crying and screaming in agony. Once I got back to the room, I called for the nurse and had her go talk to the Dr. for something for the pain. Which was like pulling teeth btw... Half hour later, she brings something for it and 5 mins after the Dr. walks in. She said, "nothing is broken, so you need to wear this brace." (which looked like a long sock) I then proceeded to tell her that I can't have anything touching my injury. It hurts too much! She told me, "no, YOU just don't want anything to touch it!" She then proceeded to try and force me to put on the brace thing, and I told her to prepare for screaming because of the pain! "Oh, that's not necessary, you don't need to do that!" She then slammed the brace on the counter and walked out of the room. I was discharged with no pain meds or anything to help with the pain, no dr. referrals, NOTHING! Talk about inappropriate, and unprofessional! Do not come here! Go somewhere else with higher ratings and better doctors! Don't waste your time! I'm super angry and upset and there is literally nothing that I can do about it!


while nobody likes going to the hospital, Unity does make it a more bearable experience. I was having heart issues and went to the emergency room. I was immediately taken to a room, hooked up to a heart monitor and was given meds to bring my blood pressure down to a safer level. I was treated with respect, and liked everyone I came into contact with. My only issues are with the lack of sleep I got and the lack of info I was given upon my release (but I feel that was mainly the doctor's responsibility)

Sue Vang

If I can give this hospital a -10 stars I would. Worst hospital ever worst doctors too. How can you tell your patient that is in so much pain rating pain at 10 that she has to wait for tomorrow to get a simple 5 minute procedure done. Please if you are in pain do not come here at all. Never.....

Megan Dornfeld

I'm writing this review to warn everyone, do not bring your family member or loved one to this hospital! You could potentially wind up in a situation like mine...A family member of mine was taken there for psychiatric care approximately 3 weeks back, the hospital recognized how mentally ill and unstable she was and submitted to the court for a civil commitment (at that point I was impressed they were taking the initiative to protect their patient) the court decided to offer the family member " a stay of commitment" which just simply was her agreeing to the commitment to keep it off her permanent record. The hospital was told by authorities to keep her in the hospital until she was stable and they turned around and let her out the next day! Not stable! Not at all! The family has been told by the authorities on more than one occasion and by more than one source "Unity hospital is known for not cooperating with authorities" and "Unity hospital is known for discharging patients prematurely", it was their job to protect her, to stabilize her and they chose to let her walk out the door which I would think would be a huge liability for the hospital! They failed their patient! The hospital released a patient that is a danger to themselves and far from Stable! Unity was a huge disappointment and they failed their patient, failed miserably!


I went to Unity for detoxification and counseling. Immediately, upon arrival I was brought, and very gently, taken care of. In all honesty, my experience with this hospital for my stay was one of my happiest memories. Thank you all so much. I truly miss being there. The nurses and counselors were were very sweet and caring. Doctors.. A bit rough, but nothing I can't handle. I'm now successfully a non-addict!

Allie N

Gloria Jean

i give unity hospital a -5. my husband needed to be seen for his eye lid and went in and i must first this if every single staff member hates their job why dont yall quit not one staff member was polite in any way at all not one smiled or asked if there was any way to make him comfertable an they all has angry faces as they walked down the hall so he was seen the first day by a dr who said he scratched his cornia an to use drops an ointment but to come back if it changes or gets worse so the next morning he couldnt open his eye with green an yellow discharge so we went back and same as any other time no one was nice or helpful so the dr comes in an was no older than 21 with a doctorate but couldnt figure out what was wrong even though he told her what the dr before him said, she put the drops to dilate his eyes first than the meds to make it numb lol so his eyes started to water from the pain an she got furious saying he needs to stop watering his eyes like ummm ok sure so than she started saying the dr before was wrong but she didnt know what was wrong or didnt know how to help him so she discharged him an that was that i guess. lastly to make this very very well known she did not wash or disinfect her hands at anytime she walked in or out she put on gloves to touch his eye ball but in that process she was touching everything in the room after putting on gloves an before touching his literal eye ball she touched everything i must repeat an we asked her to change gloves an she said why their my opinion drs these days need to go threw the correct amount of schooling for a doctorate not the fast track 2 years you read about online cuz drs now days dont knw how to do the job right at all. she didnt wash going out either all drs i noticed as i was told to leave his room so she could look at his eye not one dr washed or disinfected hands theyre all to worried about the money they make off each perosn who comes threw the doors...........i strongly advise going to a diffrent hospital serious guys!!!!!

Joe Hammer

The last time I was here for surgery, the nurse response time was terrible. Later I heard a nurse in the hallway on the phone with her union rep complaining about the hospital understaffing the required number of nurses for the shift. Not what you want to hear as you are lying in pain waiting for them to bring you your medications. When one of our daughters was born here with medical issues, there was nothing they could do after the birth other than call for transport to Children's Minneapolis to get the care that Unity could not provide. Numerous experiences over many years and confirmation from others have reinforced the bad impression. Later for another surgery I went to Fairview Southdale and was amazed by the difference in the level quality and care. Our next daughter was born at the Mother Baby Center at Children's and Abbott in Minneapolis and it was a great experience. I now avoid Unity at all costs if I have any choice. I will gladly drive the extra distance to go somewhere that provides better care.

Michelle Pavlack

káwthar Naaji

I’ve been here since I was a kid. My sister was born here. As for me being here it seemed they admit people by severity of their pain. I don’t really have anything to say I mean it’s a little shock that it’s rated mostly 1 star. In the end of the day we just want a doctor to help us to make us feel better.

Rob Conde

Stuck for hours in a room, food services EXTREMELY unhelpful. Didn't receive breakfast until 5pm with all other orders "non-existent", day after was told only can order one item for the whole meal. Everything is ALWAYS beeping loudly no matter what. Extremely vague on diagnosis requests, haven't been able to rest for more than a few minutes in days. If you want to live, go elsewhere.

Carrie Schorn

Joan is very unprofessional


Took my boyfriend in there with flu symptoms, they said he did not have the flu and two days later he still has a fever and is throwing up. Should test for both kinds as tamiflu helped the last time but they refused to prescribe him this time. Now we have to bring him to a different doctor that will diagnose him correctly this is becoming a headache just because they don't test for Influenza B.

Cici Scofield

Daniel Fortesque

Unfortunate experience as a Contracted Traveler working in the Operating Room, with hypocrites. Thanks Tom and Emily.


I have to say I love this place because I was born here and now im 14 years old And all I want to say is thanks.

Aleta Anderson

My adult daughter was in the hospital for about a week and had excellent care from everyone while she was there. Her Dr. was exceptional. He was kind,caring, and very informative. His knowledge and his willingness to share helped put us all at ease.

J. Donnelly

Brilliant nursing staff and surgeon,Dr. Norgard. Broken hip one day, operated on next morning.Painless. Attentive, helpful staff.


Great staff and Experience!

Sam Ripley

We sat in the waiting room for over 3 hours just to be seen after being there for 3 hours the night before if they had done the job right the night before we wouldnt have had to come back not to mention the doctor was very rude! He didnt even close the privacy curtain when cutting the incision on the inner thigh

Yvette Marie

Took good care of my mother Kathy ...

Pamela Wittner

Emergency room staff was amazing. Super fast admitting and i got taken care so wel

Mariah Paul

My experience in the ER has been terrible for me and family. I recently gave birth in this hospital because its so close it was really my only option. My experience was terrible, I was treated like a idiot and judged consistently by the end of my first night I wanted out! This was 4 months ago but i still am completely angry... A experience that is supposed to be beautiful and joyful was dreadful. I would never recommend anybody to the birth center!

Jasmin Radford

My wife was drunk n slurping suicidal comments because me n her brother just got into a physical altercation! I tried to go see her with our 1yr old n 2yr old boys they had me wait then tell me I couldn’t see her n I asked why the social workers remarks were I can’t because they just drugged her n it’ll be unsafe I signed shocking to know n asked what drug they gave her n her remarks were I can’t tell So I told her I’m legally supposed to know I’m her husband n need to know what state she is in she then walked away n called the nurse to tell me the same thing n then told me I had to leave I asked why then gave me no explanation I told them I need to be here to make sure she is okay as I am very worried n irritated atm I said it all calmly n they insisted I be escorted out as the security guard proseeded to escort me out grabbing his taser as if he would still tase me while holding my two sons in my arm I remarked I’m calling my lawyer n pressing charges so currently awaiting my lawyer to file lawsuit n serve them

Sara Chamberlain

Wendy H

I had two ER visits in a row - going at 10 PM on a Saturday night and 3 AM on a Monday morning. The wait time was minimal and the staff was fantastic - they were very comforting and explanatory. They made what was a very distressing situation for me as calm and controlled as they could. I very much appreciated their demeanor and quick work!

Vicki Breen

The ER was busy, but they did take care of my husband as soon as possible. The staff were all very accommodating and very professional.

Michael Daily


James Henry

Nice stafff but

Julianne Noora Scasny-Alsamman

Horrible hospital. We brought a family member in and they said she is terminally ill and dying and can't do anything and she only has a few days or a week left. Went to Mayo clinic turns out she had a blood infection which wasn't even detected! Seriously, don't go there you could die.

Susan Link

my friend went there in the Emergency room and the care she received was tremendous. They zeroed in on all the many issues she had and was having and, frankly, began addressing things I didn't think they would. The staff was very polite and caring and treated her like a human being instead of ignoring her and just talking to me. She then stayed in the hospital for a few days and the care was equality good. Very impressed. One negative: The cafeteria could use a little help especially in off hours.

Nebula Nightshade

Well, was forced to go back... had an injury. All I can say is, SCREW YOU Allina. You have lost a patient for life.. I have mental disabilities, and you just do not give a crap and continue to insult me, and do crap that you should not. I give up. Oh! And FYI fire Dr. Worley... he's good at being condescending, and an ass!! Do not rely on the representatives to call you back either! They don't! And if they happen to, they leave a message if missing you and that's all you get. You try and call back and nadda. Forget it ALL the doctors here are not good Drs. They proceed to tell you nothing is wrong with you, when you in fact know you do. Oh and you are S.O.L. if you need a cab voucher! This pompous lady sat there and told me it's my problem to figure out a way home, and then proceeded to yell at me besides!! Screw you Alina!! Now I know I'd rather scoop myou own eyes out with a spoon than go back and be treated like this. AGAIN! Frackin hire people that actually CARE ABOUT YOUR PATIENTS!

Shane Smebakken

I would give a 1/2 of 1 star if it was an option. The Triage nurse & the nursing staff were very courteous & respectful to the family member I brought in to the emergency room. I brought my Mother-in-law in today to be treated for opiate addiction, to get her into a detox. She is frail & has never attempted to get clean before... The Dr told her (with me there), that they do not help with getting into a detox, or anything like that. They gave me some #'s & said she should go home & kick a 15year painkiller addiction ON HER OWN. She's 58years old & can barely stand on her own! I personally am aware of addiction & also what it takes to recover; I couldn't believe what I was hearing this DR say! I don't know if this was an isolated incident or Allina/Unity hospitals "policy"... They should be ashamed... The nurse was & also apologized & agreed... I asked her if I leave my mother-in-law there were they willing to accept responsibility for turning away a vulnerable adult... The nurse went to ask the Dr if there was anything they could do... Apparently not because they released her to fend for herself. My mother-in-law has never even attempted to stop this addiction & this is how they treat the sick? I am shocked. Good Job Unity, I hope you don't end up with someones fate on your hands...

Kelli Brady

Emergency room staff is extremely rude upon entering the front desk person had a nasty attitude..Privacy is not an option they ask all the infomation at the front desk and then ask people to stand behind a sign which is not enough distance to even be considered private. I heard everything that the guy in front of me was saying and I'm pretty sure the person behind me I heard everything that I was saying, Very unpleasant first visit and guaranteed last one...

Christina Chapman

Sara Johnson

What an amazing team of professionals! Our son broke his arm playing hockey and was brought to the Unity ER. The team was warm, caring and most importantly they we able to set a badly broken arm. The pediatric orthopedic doctor we saw the next day at Gillette said we were lucky to have a doctor and team that successfully re-set his break so well. Well done Dr Dandelet and nurse Mark!!!

Vee Bill

Daniel Hayle

Not only do they have some of the best nurses and caregivers, they have amazing pizza on Fridays in the cafeteria!!!

Tara A

This hospital sucks. Don’t put these doctors and nurses in charge of your life. PATHETIC hospital - they should be shut down.

Chris Weigel

Had my first ER visit here. They had me in and out in no time and all fixed up! I would have gone to minute clinic but they weren’t equipped to give me the pain relief I needed. My nurse was great and the dr was very nice. I am happy

Robert Davis

David Piersiak

They kicked me out over looking too tired

Colleen Ryder

alex smith

Terrible nursing. Do not get to you in a timley maner. Dont give meds that are needed. Food servives is slow doctors un helpful. Dont come here

1 8

Had a very sick dry heaving girl in here, these women have no sense of urgency. They hate you and their jobs and have no soul

Nicole Grahame

I went to unity emergency room twice in the last week in bad pain in my left arm and my left chest and a little bit of breathing problems, they sent me home to suffer didn't give me anything for the pain I'm extremely upset with why these damn doctors don't care about us people, we shouldn't have to suffer!!!!!! All of these doctors who don't give a crap about us people need to be fired asap!!!!!! It's not right how they treat people!!!!! And I'm still in a lot of pain, tryed taking ibuprofen and Tylenol but they have not helped at all, I can't handle this pain and I shouldn't have to suffer nobody should have to!!!!!!! Not only that if someone says there is something wrong with them than these doctors should be doing as many test to find out what's the problem with there patients but instead they sent me home!!!! I'm so very upset about this!!!!!!!! I'm a freaking human being what the hell is wrong with these doctors!!!!!! Wish they were in my body suffering like I am !!!!!!! :( :(


Called with a serious matter asking for treatment for addiction related problems. They transferred me 3 times after telling the second person I had cut myself. 3rd person asked me why I was calling....want to cut more.

Stephanie Kilum

Negative -1. The manner the night security aggressively approaches female who are alone in a car picking up a patient, is absolutely shameful. Two men weighing over 200 pounds sneaking from the back of a car. And to ask the same question over and over the seem like they were under the influence of something. Asking is these a problem multiple times. Besides their aggressive selfs, not at all. Being your a medical place your employees should set an example instead they are part of today's problem. Training and retrain is great. Hopefully your staff address this before someone is hurt because your staff thinks its ok to act in a threatening manner when they approach people alone at night in a parking lot.

Sammy Torres

I went to this hospital yesterday at 10:28 P.M. my wife and I waited for two hours to be called into the room. Once we got called in, the staff seemed very unprofessional and it also seemed as if they were there to just get their job done instead of caring for the patients (us), the staff also seemed very unorganized as we waited an additional three hours just to get some blood drawn, a urine sample, and an ultrasound. Never again will I go to this hospital unless it's some sort of emergency.

REMi Evonne

WORST Hospital in MINNESOTA, Right next to North memorial! I would never suggest this place to anybody I don’t care if your dying! They wouldn’t care, just very horrible! I can’t even explain what happen just know this isn’t the place to go when in need of care........... THEY SUCK!!!

Grace Vie

I don't know why people are complaining about this hospital. I'd give more than 5 stars if it was possible. I was admitted there a few days ago and the staff is really professional and helpful. I'd recommend this hospital to everyone. So thank you so much Mercy Hospital Unity campus for everything, and all the care. Thank you

Jessica Hamer


Extremely good care in the Emergency Room and while I was in the hospital. The Emergency doctor probably saved my life.


Patti Kunene

Worst overall experience in their ER.

Angie Graves

I had kidney stone surgery last Monday. Tuesday I was in unbearable pain, went to the ER and got seen and admitted right away. Released the next day. Right when I got home, the pain got stronger then the day before and I had my son drive me back to the ER. I explained that I was just released. I was crying and could not control my sobbing from the pain. I could not sit down and stood against a table crying in extreme during my wait. I did not get a room for almost an hour and a half. Other people who were waiting were commenting about my condition and how it was unfair that I had to cry in pain while people who did not have an "emergency" were being taken back. I assumed that those with the most need were taken back and seen first. I mean, when I say pain, I mean beyond the 10 that they ask you, when wanting a number in reference to how much it hurts. When I did go in the back, it was another three hours for a doctor. I went to the bathroom and took a urine sample without being asked. When they did come in they just grabbed it. It was ridiculous. By the time I saw the doc, my pain had subsided a bit, he wanted to send me home. Thank God that the doc from the night before happened to see me and asked why I was there. As he was talking, the pain came back, he treated me and I was admitted for an additional two days. I know this is long. However, the kind of pain I felt should have been taken more seriously. Once admitted, I was treated nice and taken care of by the doctors and nurses and I appreciate all their work. Getting there though, was an absolute nightmare.

Mike Cook

DO NOT LET THE RATINGS FOOL YOU. This hospital and staff are GREAT! My family and I are traveling across the country to raise awareness for Angelman syndrome. We were only supposed to be in town for a day but somehow I got a severe infection in my right leg. Since I needed to go to the hospital I looked at some, around the area, and I was a little intimidated from the negative reviews that Mercy Unity Campus had. However, I started reading them and the majority are people saying they went to the ER and had to wait when others got to go in. I think that is just more about people not fully understanding that patients are admitted by severity. (i.e. if you show up with a fever and no other symptoms and have been waiting 30 minutes but then someone shows up having a heart attack, they will go before you.) Anyway, the hospital was most convenient so I came to the Emergency Room. I cannot say enough about the entire staff and I do mean the entire staff. Every single RN, MD, CNA, Tech, Cleaning Crew, Food Service, etc.. have been so polite, friendly, caring and willing to do anything. Even the physician was picking up trash that was on the floor for they were all working as a team and not as if anyone was better than the other. I ended up having a severe infection but they took care of me and made my stay so comfortable that I felt that I had known everyone, so thank you to the entire staff at Mercy Hospital - Unity Campus and know that our family is very grateful to you and your team. Sincerely, Mike Angelman.Blog

Sehrish Nayab

Barbara Carlisle

Docter are so rude,and lie right to you,and tell you deal wth your pain only cancer people can get anything for pain after nomonia and from coughing my ribs musle were torn thanks for telling me I'm a drug searching person and you no I was admitted for influenza A thanks all you doctors!!!no stars from me,

Kaitlyn Robertson

Go in for some mental health issues and get told to just see your psychiatrist... And the nurses have horrible attitudes. She just gave me a med and said goodbye. Then expected to go out side and sit no less in the rain

Seth D

Service was nice and friendly but I just received my second bill for a 1 hour visit with my son who got one stitch and a topical gel to numb the before the stitch and cost almost $1000 dollars after insurance. Won't be using this place if I can help it.

Annie Fish

My boyfriend enters the ER, one person ahead of him. His turn comes, speaks with desk person about his issue, goes and sits down. Calls me, to inform me what's happening, and two other people come in. The person ahead of my boyfriend is taken back and I hear him say to the desk person, I'm next right? She replies "no, you've been on the phone, so you lose your place". Are you kidding me? Letting a loved one know you're at the ER and why, is reason to go to the end of the line? This isn't a hospital, it's a carnival. My dog gets better attention at the vet than they gave my boyfriend. Unethical, controling and obviously they hate their job.

Jennie Blanchard

This is an awful place to seek needed medical attention. I ended up leaving against medical advise after being accused of being suicidal and a drug seeking patient even after another hospital evaluated me and felt I needed more advanced care. All started during my intake, I was asked how I am holding up emotionally and expressed how I am tired of being ill and having to jump through hoops either for insurance to cover needed medication to having to prove to doctors that I am even ill cause with my disease I don't always look sick, so she questioned me a little more and we both agreed that I was not suicidal just depressed and we would get me in touch with psychiatry, next thing I know they are coming in telling me they are removing everything in my room and taking my personal belongings and putting a camera in for everyone’s protection, I was completely thrown off at this and I refused the camera and removing my belongings and I was willing to show them everything I had to prove I had nothing to hide, well the CNA called her self Zippy got very rude and proceeded to tell me she was taking my things and that I also had to remove my piercings as well and if I didn't she would get me sedated and remove everything that way I proceeded to get even more upset demanding she left the room, at this point my assigned RN Kathy felt awful about how this was being handled knowing at this point I was trying to get a hold of my husband to pick me up, she decided to go talk to the supervisor and they paged the on call doctor who evaluated me and felt I wasn't suicidal, now time for calming down was in more pain and feeling humiliated at this point. Morning comes and it was time for the GI doctor, right from the get go he was very rude wouldn't let me explain in my words what was going on thankfully my nurse was in the room and she even interrupted him to see why he was concerned about my past and not at all worried about what was going on he said he was going to review my records and be back, few hours had passed and nothing yet so Meagan my RN got a hold of the on call doctor let him know the situation he reviewed my records and came to me and apologized for how everything has been handled and he would get things going and take over my care first we needed to address the pain so he had CNP Judith Onduso come see me so her first suggestion was taking me off iv meds and do oral, now keep in mind I had been vomiting since Friday and was on medication to help with that so I expressed how that didn't make much sense so the next suggestion was for something that would dissolve under my tongue so I asked questions cause I've never heard of this drug and asked how it's been tolerated with others with the same disease she proceeds to tell me she didn't believe people with my disease need anything in the first place and she was only going thorough this with me cause the doctor requested, I brought to her attention I really don't use narcotics and that I was previously using medical marijuana and with that needed no narcotics and that my contract had expired and I don't have the funds available to renew my contact and she proceeded to ask me than how I plan on paying for anything they would prescribe if I'm so broke, was so frustrated at this point that I decided to leave and get treatment at another facility. Dr.Chen with MNGI and CNP Judith Onduso and the CNA that calls her self Zippy are not allowed to treat another person as badly as they treated me. Next time maybe you won't make assumptions based on your cynicism and perhaps you will treat the next "drug seeker" with a minimum of dignity and kindness. "Do no harm", remember?

charlotte Knoche

I just came home from having radial bone (wrist area) fracture set, The care all along the way was excellent - the admitting staff, nurses, and doctors were all terrific, Couldn't be more pleased.

Angela Palacios

My one star is for all the awesome NAs that work there and I thank you so much. My uncle was in the hospital for months due to a heart breaking tragedy in his life where he lost everything. He might have been a little difficult at times but like I said he lost everything his wife and all his belongings and his house. As extended family we would bring him in little things here and there like stuffed animals, homemade gifts, big model cars and more. When he was discharged we came to find out the these items had been either "lost or tossed out." The NA's were great. Not so much the Drs or the Social Worker. I feel that I did more of the SW's job than she did. After he was discharged and I took him to his new home when emptying a hospital bag I noticed that the was at least 7 pills in this bag and I believe some were narcotics. I did call patient services and complain about the stuff that was misplaced or thrown away that we had spent money on. And how he had just lost everything right before coming in there and now he has lost everything again. And we were unhappy about that. And we are also very displeased about the communication with the social worker and the lack of communication that was going back and forth between family and hospital with our uncle. I felt like even that feel upon deaths ears. I work at a hospital and we never would have treated anybody like that. We would have made it right for that patient and those family members. We would have apologized and made sure that they felt like they were heard. We would have offered them a gift card and the amount that they felt like they were out. That's what a good Hospital does and Mercy Hospital is not a good Hospital.

Drew Hogan

My nurse Conor in the e.r was the absolute best nurse I've ever had! Really cared about getting me out of pain and treated me the way I want to be treated which s hard to find these days. Thanks Conor!


Worst experience in the world. Getting asked the same questions 5 times, gets quite old. Not every nurse here that doesn't pertain to why we are here needs to know. 1 time, put it in the system and be done. Nobody in the emergency room wants to answer the same questions over and over. Wouldn't recommend this hospital to anybody. Let alone the nurse that drew his blood was very rude. I guess being nice is unheard of.

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