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REVIEWS OF MedExpress Urgent Care IN Minnesota


Expeditious, very friendly, thorough & knowledgeable

Lyz Rosecrans

Been there 3 times now and they've always been great. I have used "minute clinics" before and it seemed if you didn't have full blown symptoms for a week they wouldn't diagnose you and we'd end up at regular dr anyway in a few days. This place is different.. quick waits and they are just like going to the regular dr

Kerri Shandera

I recently visited this facility and was diagnosed with influenza A they were great. Very nice and very professional. I highly recommend this place. They were very quick at getting me in and treated me great.


Wow-so impressed! Fast service, professional staff, and Lee was awesome! Would recommend highly. (Went In for sinus infection) I wish she could be my primary care doctor!

Liz Malmberg

I typically don’t like going to urgent cares, but this is one I’d definitely recommend and will use again in the future. Everyone was extremely helpful and genuinely cared about my health.

Stacia Ray

I'd never been here, as I usually go to Chanhassen Park Nicollet Clinic. I'd recently switched insurance, so I thought I'd try a non-PNC urgent care, ideally one in EP where I live. When I called this one at 7:35, shortly before they closed, the woman on the phone was not only SUPER nice, but she said my son could be seen as long as we arrived by 8. Well, we got there at about 7:45, and we had ZERO wait time (that has never happened at Chan PNC!). My 7-year-old was really sick, high fever and nausea, and the entire staff was SOOO sweet to him. The front desk, the nurse, the doctor...all very kind and attentive! They gave us answers (and stickers!), and we were home by 8:30! A few days after we left, the staff called to check on my son, and when they got my voicemail, they called again over the weekend to make sure he was okay now. Don't get me wrong: I didn't DISLIKE Chan PNC, but I definitely liked MedExpress EP better, and I will come here again (well, but hopefully not anytime soon). :)

Libby Bruscino

I have been seen and treated here twice and both times it was a great experience. The office is very nice inside and clean. The staff is so friendly and I've always been in & out within an hour. This is my new go to place when sick!

Katie Bender

The ladies were so caring and really gave me all the care I needed. The doctir, Heather prescribed me everything I needed and more. I felt like a new person within 24 hours. Deb, the tech was very sweet and made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. Also, the facility was clean and I was in and out within an hour. Thanks girls!

Jonathan Holmen

Stopped by on a Sunday as they were the only place still open within a reasonable distance to us. Very friendly staff and very knowledgeable. I would visit again.

michael flores

brandon williams

Lyuba Netu

Lost my pee cup? I needed the test for a job.tryed talking to.them on the phone they pretended they didn't know what's going on. My employer never got the results that's what's going on


Christina Wilkinns

From beginning to end, the service I received was top notch!! The staff are extremely caring, thorough, and efficient. I will definitely be recommending to friends, family, and co-workers.

Kevin McColl

although the initial problem with the billing turned out to be an issue with my insurance company not sending me the credit card. This place actually is very good and probably more professional than the other places I’ve been at.

deniz gungor

On Sunday, morning time we took our kid to Med Express Urgent Care-155th Street. I would highly recommend people who needs urgent care, or any professional opinion for any health complains. We got our test results very quickly. Dr Mrs Fowler explained every single detail for our kid's problem to make us understand clearly. The approach was professional, and friendly. We left the clinic in a happy and satisfied mood. They informed that they would call us in couple of days to make sure all is going fine. This should be the way to care for all people, we do appreciate. Thank you!

Shelby Hedge

I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Noah Wilcox

First time experience and service was excellent, staff was very kind And provided excellent care. Highly recommend if you live near by.

Hayley Martin

i saw the PA Lee today, she’s fantastic. Everyone here is so helpful and caring, thanks for everything.

Maria Dorgan

Absolutely TERRIBLE experience here. Avoid this place like the plague. Stuart treated me like crap, wouldn't let my boyfriend back to see me when he came back with my insurance, and then LOCKED MY BOYFRIEND OUT OF THE BUILDING when he stepped out to the car to charge his phone. Made a terrible day even worse, I wouldn't go back if I was dying. Also pretty sure they gave me doses of the same medication instead of giving me anti-nausea medication, since my nausea never went away and curiously the nurse said the medications were in the same syringes and were the same color. When I feel better I'll be filing a report to the State of MN about this place... worst medical treatment I've ever had, this place shouldn't be allowed to see patients. Wasn't given anything for pain or nausea to take home, either. So floored by the lack of care.

Kristyn Drews

I am not usually a fan of urgent care facilities but MedExpress may have changed my perspective. The Secretary at the front desk was very kind and patient. The nurse and the radiology tech that came in to see my ill son were very professional and also very sympathetic to my son's illness as he was so ill he could barely speak. The doctor that treated him was excellent and we received very good care. We showed up at 7 pm and they close at 8. We were not being rushed at all and I feel the entire staff were genuinely concerned over his condition. I appreciate that they all stayed late to see and treat my son. Thank you to your entire staff for the care we received on Saturday Dec 16, 2017. I would definitely recommend this Urgent care clinic.

peter Peterson

Took our 16 month old son in on a Saturday for what turned out to be an ear infection. The entire staff was very friendly from the front desk all the way through the visit. We only had to wait about 10 to get in which was great. Our little guy was very fussy but they were extremely patient and got us on our way as quick as possible. Nice, clean and new facilities... was a very pleasant environment and visit.

Kerry Adams

Annie B

Raymond Morse

Samantha Reeser

I was in and out within an hour. They were really friendly and helped me quickly . Definitely a good place to go to !

Luis Magistocchi

Super friendly staff from the moment you walk in. We took our 4 year old son and waited less than 15'. Jim was great in keeping our son calm while he took his vitals. And NP Kimberly was also kind and caring.

Nancy Laughlin


I never thought getting staples in my head would be a fun experience but Lee, Mandy and Nina made it much funner than it should have been.

JaydenTV 1987

Brought my son here today for the first time and couldn’t be more impressed with the place! Several of us got there right at opening. The girl got us checked in quickly. The nurses and doctor were absolutely amazing! So glad I chose this place! It will now be my go to when needed!!!

Lisa Marie Lentz

Friendly and caring professionals. My daughter received great care on a Sunday and almost no waiting.

Nezar Alzeer

I went there to do my drug test. I asked the lady at the front desk: how long does it take to do the drug test, her answer was with a bad attitude as long it takes you to pee

Ryan Harding

I took my wife here with sever nausea and dizzyness. When I presented my insurance they looked at it and said that my insurance didn’t cover them. My coverage is an employer administrated plan and covers ALL urgent care clinics. I asked them to call the number on the insurance card to verify this. The receptionist herself was very polite and agreed to do so. She called, and as I already knew, my insurance assured them that they were covered and all they had to do was submit the claim and it would be paid at 100%. The receptionist hung up and asked who I assume was the office manager who told me that even though my insurance said they would pay, the clinic would not even agree to bill them since they were not “in network”. All this occurred while my wife was extremely sick in their lobby. I’ve never encountered a business that essentially refused service even after being assured that they would be paid. We ended up going down the road to Midwest Minor Medical who quickly attended to my wife while I filled out the insurance paperwork and they gave me absolutely no issue with submitting a claim to them.

Bridget Kimball

I have visited this location 3 times in the past 6 months for my 3 year old son. Not only do they do better with him than the the children's urgent care but they the doctor recognized my little guy even though we've only seen that particular doctor one other time back in May! And let me just say that Dr.Fowler is amazing! She is so kind and professional and does an amazing job with my son! Thanks for taking care of him!

Barry Ruffalo

Jennifer Gdanov

Sammy Zq

Avoid any place that is tied to United Health - UHG. Very bad customer service - utterly nonsense policies. They are happy to send the bill to collectors - rather than arrange a pay plan with you. Not sure how it makes them money. If you really need urgent care - go to Fairview Southdale or Park Nicollet @ Chan - they are much better.

Peter Daliere

Had to visit for a bout of pink eye. The receptionist, nurses, and Dr were spectacular and there was little wait. This is my new urgent care facility of choice!

Kris Adkins

Fast, efficient, new and clean


Ginger Smith

My son was having a severe allergic reaction upon arrival at the clinic. The staff immediately tended to him and administered several injections to ease his symptoms. They were very caring and professional ensuring that he was fully asymptomatic before discharging him. While we hope to never need their services again if we do we will definitely go back. Thank you to Dr. Powers and the multiple nurses that took great care of him.

Alissa Beller

While the office staff and nurses are very nice. The doctor we saw was a quack!. No bedside manner, messed up the test samples and totally jumped to the wrong diagnosis then prescribed a medication with such a high dose the pharmacist even questioned it. I will never go back there again

Molli Marasco


I visited the clinic and had an overall pleasant experience. The PA was friendly and experienced. I was however surprised that the office required a $150 payment at time of visit even after providing my insurance. This is not typical of other Urgent Care facilities I have been to. I received my bill in April and was surprised I owed another $78. The standard test I had been seen for at other facilities did not charge nearly that much to diagnose. Seemed a little overpriced. I was disappointed recently when I received a collection statement dated 5/30/18 for my $76. I typically submit all of my medical bills to my flex spending for reimbursements at once and a delay in a 30 day payment has never been an issue at any medical provider. Unfortunately, I will not visit a Med Express in the future due to their extreme billing measures. When I called to speak to someone and make immediate payment over the phone she was not interested in helping me understand why I was sent to collection. I suggest updating your statements to include verbiage supporting your strict payment timeline (the statement indicates 30, 60, 90 and 120 day??) or atleast attempt to reach a client notifying them of the possible collection action PRIOR to sending to collection so immediate payment can be made.

Jana Morse

People are so friendly

Damian Ingersoll

Had an amazing experience here. Was greeted nicely and the staff there was caring and very knowledgeable! Mandy and Jared were both stellar! If they both could be my primary physician team i would be incredibly happy! Mandy made me feel at ease even though she had to give me a shot in a not so comfortable place! Highly recommended!!!


I unfortunately had a very unpleasant experience with this location. My associate, employee and I all dealt with Saba. She was abrasive and unprofessional, and unwilling to assist in a pleasant, never mind professional, manner. My office came to find out she was extremely rude to our employee at their site, so we followed up to find out more information regarding the situation. Her delivery was condescending and rude, and she was unwilling to be helpful or explain policy in a pleasant manner. Due to her poor communication and attitude, I asked to speak with a manager. He delivered the same message much differently: pleasant and professional, and willing to explain policy. Due to the nature of this business, I was very disappointed with the customer service received from Saba, our first point of contact. We ended up calling a different clinic that was much more cooperative and able to assist. Hoping this improves going forward!

Zach Prim

Went to this place. Told them I was in network. When I spoke to them over the phone they gave me an estimate for doing a simple strep test. Said it would be under $100.00 potentially even cheaper. I go in. Test 1 indicates nothing so I have to spend another day with the pain of strep before the second test comes back positive. Next time I call back about the cost they say there is nothing they can do an instead of trying to work with me send me to collections. I'll pay the bill, just do yourself a favor and go somewhere with some customer service and who actually want to see you feel better.

Alexander Basov

Keith Alllmeroth

There is a handwritten note on the door that this location is closed indefinitely. I'm driving around in pain trying to find somewhere open and I find this. What a disappointing business when people are relying on care.

Kevin Unterreiner

Friendly staff and very convenient. Would use again if needed

Jessica Applegate

Staff was great, Mark who did an X-Ray on my foot was great with me while doing it, making sure I was comfortable. Would definitely recommend to other people.

Janette Porter

Great staff. The medical care was superb. They were kind and help ease my son's anxiety about a broken finger. They can do x-rays. Not busy.

Franklin Wood

Even as a first-timer, I was back to work in an hour! Friendly staff and physician. Very nice facilities.

chauntayna nelson

This is a clean and organized clinic. The staff were kind and efficient. I waited maybe 20 minutes to be seen and was treated within an hour of walking in the door. The NP (Kim, I believe was her name) was very nice and listened to all my concerns. Thank you to everyone there!

Thomas McDonough

Griffin Witta

Cheryl Foster

Friendly folks!

Lucky Loh

I’m glad this place is in town and close to my work. I was there last Friday with months of pain caused by my psycho ex but I won’t elaborate on that. The waiting area is very clean and everyone was nice and professional. I felt embarrassed about my injury to begin with, that’s why I waited so long to have it checked out. The doctor was very friendly and had a sense of humor so it was easy to talk to her. I got an xray and it confirmed that I had a broken bone for months. I don’t get sick much but if I ever do then I’ll be back to see her.

Deb Smith

Megan Pavlisich

I had to come in for a drug test for my new job, and I have anxiety when doing urinalysis tests. My collector Elena was not only hard to understand, she spoke very softly and was turned away from me when she spoke which made it even harder to understand her. It took me at least 20 minutes to go. She asked if I was okay which knowing someone is there, I can't go. When I finally got done, I had to act as if nothing was wrong after sweating the whole time. I came out to find her sitting on the floor to which I apologized for taking so long. I was extremely close to giving up on the test. Never in my life have I ever been so embarrassed. I'm never going back here again.


We arrived on a Saturday about 30 minutes before closing. The waiting area was empty and my young adult son was taken back after about 3 - 4 minutes. He needed an antibiotic for an infected incision and they were able to provide the filled prescription right there rather than sending us to a pharmacy. Everyone was professional and friendly.

Megan Baney

Super friendly staff and very fast services.

Brooke Hartman

I went this morning and saw Rita “Lee” Fowler. She was awesome! I had a great experience and recommend to everyone.

Suzy Johnson

It took too long for my 16 year old daughter to be seen for mouth pain (a probable infection) so we left after waiting over an hour without seeing the doctor when we were told there was still another patient before us. Very disappointing and a big waste of time for two busy people. Will be going to Park Nicollet in the future instead.

Megan Marks

WOW! I was checked in, seen, discharged and in the pharmacy in less than 30 minutes. Never been to an urgent care so fast and efficient!

Rachel M

Amazing staff, always going above and beyond to help. They are not out to suck money out of you, like most regular clinics. Their Nurses and Doctors are even willing to speak to their patients over the phone when needed. Thank you, EP MedExpress! :) -R. Blundy

Eric Friel

Marcus C Rasmussen

Excellent friendly care.

jennifer jones

I highly recommend this urgent care. I was seen right away. All staff and Dr were very nice and know what they are doing. The Dr. took time to explain everything well. It's also very nice and clean inside.

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