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REVIEWS OF Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus IN Minnesota

Jeffrey Crooks

It would be hard to imagine a medical facility that is more organized, or more on top of the case. I am grateful that we have this health resource.

Kelley Bearer

Friendly staff, helpful, and courteous.

Betty Ramer

My mother was recently in St. Marys - Domitilla - second floor room 291. The nurses in that area were so very caring - helpful - unbelievable - I have nothing but praise for these people. The treated my mother like she was their own - very very impressed with everyone of them Thanks so much!

Heather Dang

If I can leave zero stars I would. It is a shame what happened with Alyssa Gilderhus. It doesn't matter that you provide "excellent care" to thousands of patients. You failed one patient miserably, Doctors act like Gods. WHY DID YOU HOLD HER HOSTAGE?

Joe Rico

Only for 1 in a million cases. Unless you like paying 4X what any other hospital would charge.

Mary Spannbauer

The wait time is horrible. They had us come in at 8,but appointment wasn't until 9. We have been waiting more then 2.5 hours to go get the procedure started. We are still waiting. It's very frustrating and disappointing that the mayo doesn't have their act together.

Jerod Spaude

Very nice hospital

Ryan Koenigsman

Absolutely the best hospital I have ever been to, period. Everyone there was very polite and coordinated. Appointments were like clockwork. If you want the best, go to Mayo.

There are blessings in everything

Such great people who work here and who truly make a difference.

Justin Gross

This was the worst experience of my life. This is supposed to be the best place to take a person in need. I drove 3 hours to get told the same thing I could have gotten at a local clinic. "Here is a prescription of drugs that is all we can do". All you Dr's are he same just drug the patient into a coma and put a band aid on it. For the best place in the country....I'd rather drive right by it.

John Kline

Overpriced. Terribly ran by people who care more about money than anything else

scott shattuck

Doctoring done right. Life done right.

Brooke Archer

We traveled from Iowa. By far the best hospital we’ve ever been to. Super nice & helpful! The doctor’s & nurses took amazing care of my husband during & after brain surgery!

Ashley Lehman

Came here when i was little! Fantastic Drs!

Valerie Cornish

Mayo found out what was wrong with me when local doctors couldnt after exploratory surgery, colonoscopy, along with 2 hospitalizations. Went to Mayo er, got in right away as I passed out in the waiting room. In less than 4 hrs they had my diagnosis. A rare reaction to my blood pressure med. All my care was great. Doctors tell you whats going on every step of the way.

Ed Larson

I think they were pretty good all around

Leslie Renaud

The doctors from Mayo Clinic are always amazing but St. Mary's was a real disappointment. Many rude uncaring employees. I'm used to Mercy in Des Moines and St.Mary's could learn a lot from them.


Great great great , enough said

Anonymous Anonymous

Keep your expectations low. Mayo isn't what it used to. Very hit or miss. Some doctors don't believe in antibiotics, birth control, or pain meds even for legitimate reason. Their diagnostic skills have declined severly. Poor testing. So you're always at the mercy of that. Lazy, incompetent ER doctors accuse caregivers of abuse and send social services to your house for bringing people to the hospital for care (because they asked to go to the hospital). The system is too compartmentalized and unweildy for them to get you the help you need in any reasonable timely manner. You're a number, and they don't care about you.

Analisa Phillips

Waste of time - emergency department nurse was lazy with a "who cares" attitude; floor nurses weren't much better. Came home after a stay and didn't know any more than when I went in. They DO have good food though!

Marcia Nichols

The ER is awful. People sit in the lobby for hours before actually being admitted or treated, other than having their vitals checked every two hours. They pretty much ignore the tears and vomitting of my sister. You'd think the renowned Mayo Clinic could do better. Plus, you have to pay for parking at the ER.

Jessie Willner- Manges

Supper was good! Little spendy

Brian Williams

The staff and doctors are top notch at their jobs. However the hospital as a whole needs to learn how to treat family and loved ones of patients with dignity and respect. My loved one who was a patient at the St Mary's campus was found to have head lice. Because of my association with her i was presumed to also have head lice. I was told then that I would not be allowed to sleep in the common areas as I had been. Furthermore for safety reasons i wasn't allowed to sleep in her room. I asked them what to do seeing that I'm four hour from home and had little money and wanted to me there for my loved one. I was instructed by a staff person to get the special shampoo and the would find a place for me to do it. However after obtaining it i was told that no such place was available at the hospital. I was also told to either get a motel room, which I could not afford or I was welcome to visit a local homeless shelter to use a free shower there. I have never felt more humiliated and angry in my life. I was the to support and comfort a loved one

Hadia Haris

I had a brain tumor removed awake by Dr. Burns. It went absolutely amazing! The hospital staff were very professional and kind. I highly recommend Mayo Clinic for any serious diagnosis. I had a great experience here, my headaches are completely gone. Thank you for what you do!

Louise Merriman

I think very fondly and positively of my dietetic internship training at St. Mary's Hospital - Mayo Clinic. An excellent professional experience that has served me well.

Charles Simon

Awesome medical staff here, healthcare at its best, the way it SHOULD be..

Julio Conde

We have been here for 7hours and still waiting They are very slow here.!!!!(Er deparment)

Curtis Koepke

Thanks for staff and nice people at mayo clinic and st. Mary's clinc

seth methner

We have been here for 4 hours and still havent seen a doctor yet. They are very slow here.

Elizabeth Zimmerman

the best-no joke. had to spend a few weeks here after spinal fusion surgery and i would definitely rate it the #1 hospital.

Janson Pace

Amazing facility and very amiable medical staff who know how to treat you! 1st class service i would definitely recommend it here.

Patricia Schulke

Thank you to the Cardiac Doctors, Nurses and Staff at St. Mary's Hospital for taking such excellent care of my father. Beautifully done!

ELLE elle

Amazing place,people and the best

Carter Lekatz

Went in to er on Fri. eve. After a sudden pain dropped me to my knees in Fleet Farm. Got there around 6:30pm waited sitting in lobby in terrible pain until they finally called me in sometime after midnight. Not sure if its staffing issues or facility space issues that caused such a ridiculous wait, but l expected better from Mayo.

Kelly Maigaard

The ER department was a disappointment!. After trusting my cancer care to the renown Mayo Clinic for years, I was rushed from my hotel to the St. Mary's ER in December with excruciating pain due to radiation. The ambulance drivers wheeled me in and the ER staff ignored me for over 1 1/2 hours. I was laying there crying, "please, I need something for the pain." I never got passed the triage area. After laying there, the pain passed so I yelled over to the office and said, "I'd like to check myself out." She gave me a flimsy blanket to wrap around my shoulders and I walked in frigid temperatures to my hotel (which was luckily across the street from the hospital.) I was wearing pajamas. I have been very happy with my treatment at Mayo.

Shirley Stewart

Wonderful service, great nurses, good doctors. Great experience, inspite of circumstances.

Johanna McDowell

My sister was at the Mayo Clinic for open heart surgery recently and was given excellent care. Her surgery lasted for 12 hours, but during that time we were updated many times. She was first placed in ICU and was treated like a queen by her nurse Brittany. She was then transferred to Mary Brigh 5C where she had top notch service by Smaro and Hillary, just to name a couple. They even made sure all of us were comfortable by offering chairs, a roll away bed and so much more. I can't say enough about this staff and all of the help that we received from everyone. So happy that my sister was able to go through the surgery here. It definitely made it a much better experience!


Very unorganized. Nurses and doctors kept thinking we needed to go for tests when the tests had already been completed. All of a sudden they were discharging us without anyone ever talking to us about the results of those tests. Had to ask the nurse to speak to someone about the results. The nurse did get a resident to come in and talk to us. My mother was trying to get dressed as fast as she could, which apparently was not fast enough for the nurse. She was ripping the bedding off while my mom was sitting on the bed putting her shoes on. They couldn’t get rid of us fast enough. Very disappointed with our visit there.

gaye larson

I would give the St. Mary's Hospital zero stars except for the nurses who, for the most part, were excellent. However, my surgeon was the surgeon from hell and mean as a rabid jackal. When asked about when my gastric tube would be removed, he got nasty and said he didn't know, maybe a week, maybe I would be sent home with it. I hadn't slept in 4 days and the tube was irritating my sinuses and allergies and bothering my breathing. A day later a REAL surgeon came in and told me he wouldn't leave the tube in one day longer, did a test on me, and a couple of hours later it was out. The surgeon from hell demanded I take heparin, and when I refused he sent a nurse and a PA in to pull a good-guy, bad-guy routine on me and threaten me with expulsion from the hospital if I didn't allow the medication. Knowing what I know now, I would have told those two to go to Hell and throw me out. The room was not very clean, either, and I had to share a bathroom. Plus, showers were down the hall and the water was almost always cold. My dog is treated better by the vet than I was at St. Mary's. I will never go there again, if I can help it.

Debra West

Best place to be when not feeling well..Drs. and nurse's(sara.sabrina to name 2) are the best and the PCA's (Ed ) are incompatible . Thank you so much!

Kat Scotting

I'm only sharing on the parking building. Its interior parking is made for GOLF CARTS. If you want to drive with everyone seated on the driver's side, you might be able to squeeze out without much damage to your car door... maybe. Unreal that this fine establishment would penny pinch parking spaces to such a RIDICULOUS extent.

Shante Smith

I see why they are world renowned thanks to my staff for helping me I'm new to Minnesota and Rochester rocks and mayo clinic is the bomb

Mark Duval


Richard Carter

Best Hospital care I've ever had. I've had hernia surgery at St Mary's and a shoulder replaced at Methodist. Quality of care was excellent. It's Mayo Clinic. Remarkable for me. Been a Mayo patient for about ten years.

Larry Marsh

Didn't ask for Insurance information, which resulted in billing problems and no solutions.

Janis Bachmann

worker at mayo clinic confessed to misdiagnosing trump supporters pregnancies as ectopic

Craig Schaller

Thanks to all the great staff, nurses and doctors for taking care of my dad!

Shane Brandt

Never again will we place any family members well-being in the hands of this institution. On Easter morning, my wife took my son to the emergency room for a repair to his Broviac line which was clotted. He is TPN dependent and very susceptible to infections which could quickly become septic. First, this world renowned facility did not have a repair kit anywhere in the hospital. This is something that should be readily available at all times. Second, the on duty nurse broke the line while trying to flush it and took no preventative measures to close it off besides a clamp. Fortunately, my wife is a nurse and corrected this mistake. Worse than both of these, the on-call emergency doctor refused to come in because it was Easter and had the staff tell my wife to bring my son back tomorrow and he would look at him then. Knowing how quickly my son could decline if an infection were introduced, my wife had to drive him another couple hours north to Minneapolis in order to get the required care. There is absolutely no excuse for a doctor to respond this way. If he doesn't want to work on Easter, then find a different career. I found the mistreatment by this "medical professional" completely uncalled for and a source of embarrassment to this hospital. I have tried to follow up with mayo clinic on multiple attempts in an effort to make sure no other family had to deal with this nonsense, but have not gotten any response back. Very disheartened by this hospital, the lack of care and responsibility during this visit, as well as the dismissal of the situation by their "leadership".

Jessica, Tree Ring Art

We worked with many different doctors, nurses, chaplains, and other hospital staff, while we were there. They were all wonderful and really helped us through an incredibly stressful situation.

Chris Western

Horrific experience in the emergency department. My niece was brought in by ambulance and we were there seven hours. The wait could have been bearable but the staff would not give her anything by mouth, not even water. Despite repeated requests to get her some drink and food it was not ever given. And in all that time no doctor ever made an appearance. I know how busy ERs can get but that makes communication and follow up all the more important.

Ryan Stack

its pathetic that you dont have a directory to your departments unline olmsted medical center does.

Dhari buftain

Lovely staff and nurses wonderful

Andrew Hoese

World class medical care. Extremely knowledgeable and leading edge. Service and facility are amazing.

Danielle Jackson

I just had surgery at Mayo in Rochester yesterday. It was an outpatient procedure, but I took awhile waking up and getting back on my feet. Everyone was so nice and didn't hurry me. They let me go at my own pace. I had the same nurse pre and post opp, she was absolutely fabulous. Thank you to Dr. Coddington for doing such a wonderful job and Lori Jean (my nurse) for being so compassionate!!!! I would recommend Mayo to everyone, they are great!!!

Carrie Johnson

I've had 2 surgeries here, multiple stays for tests and they've always been good experiences. I recently had outpatient surgery, I had to be to St. Mary's by 5:45AM for check in, everybody was real kind and helpful with getting me checked in. There was not long of a wait to get taken back to my hospital room by a nice man who was informative on the hospital itself and where I'd be going for my surgery, very helpful man. It is a huge beautiful hospital! When I got to my hospital room, it was very clean. All of my nurses were very welcoming before and after surgery, they were fantastic! They were all very kind, respectful and helped me in any way they could. They all showed such compassion for myself and my Mom who accompanied me there for my surgery. Back in the operating room, the nurses I hadn't yet met introduced themselves, the anesthesiologists (I did meet prior to surgery) told me what they were about to do to put me to sleep, informed me on what to do for my part. They introduced me to another doctor who would be assisting with my surgery along side with my original surgeon as it was a complicated surgery. They all used calm voices (to I assume to make sure I'd stay calm), they were very informative. After surgery, my original nurses took great care of me again, making sure I wasn't in any pain and helped me with my pain if I was having any. Beautiful pictures hang up throughout the hospital, my Mom said there is a screen with a number alerting the family and/or friends when the patient is in pre op, when they go into surgery and when they get out of surgery. For privacy, they give a specific number rather than put names up on the screen. Over all, a fantastic, beautiful hospital with compassionate nurses. Whether one is going for an appointment, test or surgery, they're in great hands!

Remote Adjusting Services

From a person who distrusts the medical system due to multiple poor experiences - the Mayo Clinic is surprisingly impressive. Our 78 year old mother was flown in from Mankato to their ICU where she was monitored around the clock due to a life-threatening ailment. She was here for four days, then moved down a floor where she remained for several more days. The rotating teams of doctors explained what was happening, changed prescriptions based upon her body's changing needs, and answered questions in a manner that we could understand without a medical degree. The rotating teams of nurses were AMAZING!!! While remaining professional, each of them provided our mother with a level of care as if she were someone that they cared for personally. I hope I never have a need for a hospital, but if I do, this is the only place I would trust.

Jarrod DeMond

Best care I have ever received. My newborn son needed open heart surgery a week after his birth, the surgeons took the time not only to meet us, but also to explain in depth what they were going to do, and what would be necessary in the future. Dr. Said was absolutely top notch, as were the staff in every department we encountered along the way. The Mayo experience is something you have to experience to understand. They truly are the best.

Mark Paulouski

World class medical facility just keeps saving my life over and over.

Tracie Knuth

I ended up being flown to Mayo Clinic in Rochester from Eau Claire after an aortic anuerysm was discovered during an ED visit. After meeting with their vascular surgeons, endovascular surgery was scheduled later in the week. Less than 24 hours before the surgery I was told to go home because I didn't have insurance. This is a life threatening condition & mine is very large. I now have Badgercare & insurance thru my husband's employer, but cannot get taken care of. The surgeon's nurse & "business office" aren't communicating & I'm walking around with a ticking time bomb. I'm not impressed with this place.

Bruce Dahlen

Saved my life. Twice. The staff is outstanding. There are always the exceptions, but overall, I have been amazed by the continuity of care. The nurses are the backbone of the hospital and provide outstanding care.

Gary Stevenson

Gave it five stars cause that's what my pain is at.

Vesa Bostrom

Finally got great care in an efficient manor! Having had to have medical care around the country, Mayo and St Mary's showed me that it can be done, great care by great people , in a timely manor. Thanks for the great heart beat is better thanks to you!

Evan Brook

Horrible death camp. Crazy krissy xray girl wouldnt give all xrays. Psycho doctor sent my mom away on a broken leg. Took my mom to another hospital, re xrayed, and WOW, they said it is PLAIN TO SEE my mom's leg is fractured. Would NOT recommend this terrible place to anyone, unless they have a death wish and enjoy being mistreated.

Kemal Ozturk

I spent almost 4 hours here. It looks like a huge factory! They are making new ones from the olds.

Addie Freiermuth

You are just a number and not a actual person .Even when you call in you have to give them a number not your name. but if you have a heart issue or cance this a great place I believe this is there specialty .

Kosar Khan

Excellent vascular hospital

Little Lacie

HELD HOSTAGE BY MAYO CLINIC! CNN article titled “Escape from a Mayo Clinic” "I hope that someone somewhere will look at what happened in this unfortunate case and improve both our Mayo employee's actions and patient systems so that it not need happen again to any other patient at Mayo," Gaalswyk, the former Mayo board member, wrote a Mayo vice president after Alyssa left the hospital. "The situation need not get out of hand like it did."

Arman Arghami

Best place to get your care or work for.

Yvonne Coleman

Outstanding, excellent!! I have been going to the Mayo Clinic-Rochester for many years. Mayo Clinic-Rochester has been consistently excellent each & every time I have been there. I would recommend to everyone who reads my review.

Lisa Johnson-Sharp

The doctors are great the care exceeds what I ever thought it could. Thus far the nurses have been great with the exception of a couple of them which had a "better than you attitude " and as the spouse of the patient it is uncalled for. Overall if you want excellent competent medical services Mayo Hospital and clinics are where you want to be.

CJ Johnson

Was treated in er. They didn't help much then at 3am i was kicked out literally. I had an appt at 7 in 4 hours. I asked if I could wait and was told no. I Went outside and sat on the curb to try to figure out what to do since I had no shoes or money at the time i forgot them when i was dropped off - at which point security threatened to call the cops on me for trespassing worst treatment I've ever revived in an er bar none!

Annett Wynn-Krump

I came in for my second aortic valve replacement in 13 years. I came here because this is the place you come to if you want the best in the world the doctors are on the cutting edge of advanced technology and the staff at hospital are the best..

Mara Norris

I was transfered here by ambulance from another hospital for further testing. Extremely dehydrated and worst diarrhea I've ever experienced. I arrived in the middle of the night. Blood test taken and put in a room. Nurses were extremely rude. Wasn't even offered water, breakfast or lunch the next day. After asking the nurse she was annoyed and bright me some broth. Telling her I was in pain, she ignored my complaints. Telling me " we were talking and don't even know why you're here." "We aren't even doing anything for you." I was emptying my overflowing hats or stool and urine by myself. Eventually I was discharged. Short hours later I was admitted to another hospital where I was treated wonderfully. I had a parasite called cryptosporidium attacking my intestines and was bone dry for fluids and very weak. Come to find St. Mary's Drs wrote in my report I had anxiety induced diarrhea..... Wow..... I have never been treated so poorly on my life. Esperanza was the nurse. Terrible manners. Thank God for St. Francis.

kat griggs

This is an amazing place. They are so accommodating with schedules, once you are there, in order to work in tests and appointments. The medical staff attendance beyond compare. If a not for profit can be this excellent, why can't more medical places? Even without a clear diagnosis (at this point) I am happy with my visits.

Tammy Larson

Top notch. Doesn't get any better than Mayo!!!

Pat Henneberry

It doesn’t get better than this. Dr. Huddleston, orthopedic surgeon and his team are amazing. They are constantly reviewing your care. Big shoutout to the team of nurses on the 8th floor . It’s what team work looks like! I am a two level fusion and this is first level care. I know what they mean by “the Mayo Way”. Thank you for listening to my lifestyle and understanding me as a person! #bestplaceever

Ann Whittle

I have been there as a patient on several occasions. They have saved my life. When another hospital missed a diagnosis they used the same information the first hospital had and correctly diagnosed me. I have no complaints about any treatment or services. First of all to the complainers, this is a hospital, not a hotel. It isn't room service. We are critically ill and getting our meds and emergencies taken care of out weigh any delay in a glass of water which can be gotten by a family member if necessary and there is one around. If not, nobody is going to die from a wait when they may die from a delay in critical care. If you want to be babied, go to a hotel.


The nursing staff was above and beyond fantastic!! So professional and gentle in every aspect! As were most staff encountered during our stay! Some of the residents still have some learning to do when it comes to more complex issues and mayo needs a little more multidisciplinary approach they are very specialty focused even though more than one issue might be going on and causing issues in all aspect of the persons health. But overall care above and beyond exactly what was expected of Mayo. Upon discharge though they could be better with making sure a plan is in motion and follow ups are arranged to prevent delayed care and relapses in conditions or worsening of conditions.

LORI Davis

I had a nissen Fundoplication wrap back in 2003 and have had nothing but intense problems for the last 2 years. In the last 6 months i had to have EGD's done every week. The local Topeka hospitals couldnt help me and transferred me to Saint Marys Mayo Clinic February 13, 2018. February 14 2018, i had the most awesome team of GI drs walk into my hospital room and announce everything they was going to do to me. They did the procedure and once again i am able to eat after being unable to eat for a long time or drink anything for almost a week. I was weak and in alot of pain. I was very sick from being mal nourished. I am blessed to have met the most amazing group of GI drs. My esophagus was closed and they opened it up and i am now able to eat and drink anything i want. I DO HAVE TO BE CAREFUL. Thank you so much GI Team! You have all touched my life and i am totally amazed and blessed. You all saved my life. May God bless you all as you take care of your next patient and touch their lives like you touched mine! Sincerely, Lori Anne Davis, Topeka, KS.

Noah Kuball

Expensive for a hotel. The people in weird blue outfits kept asking why I was sleeping in different rooms. I just said I was just wondering where the bathroom was. Good food though. Horse meat was the best probably. Or was it rats tail. I don’t remember. But I made love in the mud and the rain. -Creed Braaten

Stojan Krajšek

One off kind medical facilities

David Yeazle

I'm thankful they tried their best. But on the other hand, being alone watching my father pass away while sitting in a room with a large family who had not only that room but a private room that a family who's family member's not doing so well can use and I had to do my best to hold on a brave face in front of people laughing and enjoying themselves as their loved one got better and better and even had both of his girlfriends show up and discover he's been cheating like mad, meanwhile I was wishing I had some silence and alone time as I had to make the decision to pull the plug. I did not get to use that small private room that the other family just used to store their clothes and stuff until their family member was moved out and even then I had to break down crying saying I have to decide to let him live or not and I just want to be a lone for a moment please. I have a strong feeling I may not have been so scarred from the experience if I was able to be alone during the hardest parts, especially sitting by people laughing and playing with kids screaming and running around. I did my best to be near my father, but at one moment we locked eyes and for the first time I saw pure dread in him and that will be with me forever now. He's always been strong and I hate that I stepped out for a minute only to return with him having a tube shoved in his throat and our last words being "I'll be back in a moment, I have not eaten" and his last words to me was "Okay, can you get me a diet soda?" ..... he never got to drink a soda again.. I will say though that once the plug was pulled and as his liver and kidneys failed they administered morphine to him to the point he simply felt tired and went to sleep......... Okay, My Mom's in the hospital right now and I've been thinking about my Dad while doing my hardest to keep my Mom alive and hoping for rent, but I did not realize I was logged into my Father's account... This.. hurts... I'm worried about my mom and missing my Dad... But my psychiatrist dropped me for doing suicidal. She didn't say that, she told me to wait a week before making my next appointment and in that week I got a letter stating that they don't want me back and that I should seek out "real" help. So do research. Only one person in that whole building is a psychiatrist and she's the one who wrote the letter telling me not to come back for being suicidal. (I told the woman I'm NOT suicidal, but if I were in a bank and it was being robbed, I would not mind dying from jumping in front of the bullet and she started asking me questions basically forcing me into planning a suicide I didn't want to talk about until I got very triggered. (That used to be a word for us with mental problems. I mean triggered by what it meant. Not the PC whatever that people need to just grow up from). Anyway,... I was very impressed with everything from much newer tech than up north. (Lakewood in Staples MN spent a ton of money to double the building size, yet they are still using the same technology from 2005 when they moved there. It was a tiny clinic 10 years before that. They were also the type of clinic that dished out the drugs to my hypochondriac sister. Either than or the place is a miracle worker and has cured several incurable diseases. :P So if you read this far, I recommend this place above the 10 plus clniics and hospitals I've been to in the area.

aaron talle

Great staff very caring and compassionate

Cookie Wordsman

My mom has been here for two weeks, in three different rooms and with numerous different teams of doctors, nurses and staff. Each person we worked with was kind, compassionate to mom (elderly) and tested her with dignity and respect. They also just happened to provide her with top-notch care. Driving two hours to get here is nothing to get this level of service, especially when people come from all over the world.

Teresa Pfohl

I'm alive today because of Mayo. And cancer free I might add! .

Gina Belt

St. Mary's is the worst hospital I have ever been to. They treated me like an animal when I was there as a child. They would tie my hands to the bars on the hospital bed every night...which was for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. To this day I still struggle with phobias and fears because of the way they treated me while I was there.

Subash Khatri

My God father is in there...!!!88..!!King


I am just sickened that this establishment just sent my daughter to a hotel to recover after major surgery in less than a days time & without proper pain medication & having to dress her own incision. I am just beyond words ..I am just so livid. And the disgusting arrogance received by the surgeon is nothing but appalling. I am just shocked that this is Mayo treatment. This place disgusts me.

Charm Jackson

My child was sick and they got him in asap!

Sandy Miller

I love you all. Thank you for taking care of me. Debra Graham NREMT-P CCEMT-P/PNCCT-P

Avril Ameli

I love being here and I have no negative things to say about it. I loved it so much that would want to live there. The staff are the nicest people and so are the doctors. The cafeteria people are so funny and sweet. I was there for a month cause of family and it was one of those times where you know you belong there.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Debbie S

The ER can get super busy, but they do whatever possible to help you. Parking for ER is tricky and always to capacity. Physicians, nurses even maintenance are 10+.

Maria Alexandra Cardenas

They are rated number 1 world wide becuae of their professional excellence and outstanding staff.

rajendra thakore

The best for study and treatment too.

Kathleen Koch

The staff are wonderful.

Olivia Zelkowitz


Th Cann

“I am happy to learn that it is your professional opinion, and the surgeons opinion, that we hold off on surgery. I am however extremely upset that we flew up to Minnesota to be told to go home and see an internist. There were three months ahead of time that we could have either done that at home, or set it up to be done while we were at Mayo. Not professional at all, and caused my family to waste a ludicrous amount of money. I would greatly appreciate a call about this, as well as an explanation for why we were not handled more professionally, and to the standards that we came to expect out of Mayo.” We were then told to file a formal complaint and that the doctor did not care. I quit my job to come down and have the surgery done and recover, and all Dr. Anavekar had to say before we came was; “did you go to an internist to make sure it’s nothing else.” He decided to wait until we got to mention the internist for the first time out of our three trips to Minnesota and communication over email and phone. Super unprofessional and a lack of care was shower when I expressed my discontent. If you do go to Mayo, which I don’t recommend, definitely DO NOT go to Dr. Anavekar. He is far too busy and obviously doesn’t care.

Beth Plank

I've been in and out of care there for heart transplant and failure. They have several 'teams' that come and speak with you about your treatment plan as an inpatient, each one tells you something different and they don't talk to each other so you have no idea who is actually supposed to be caring for you. There was no plan for follow up other than call the operator switch board and guess which 'team' to talk to when something goes wrong. They have lost site of why the Mayo Brothers started the hospital. They are too big, excessively test just to run up the bill when you disagree or question the teams, don't communicate with each other or the patient. They herd people in and out like cattle and treat you like a number and dollar sign. When 'greeted' they state what's your mayo number, not hi, not please, if you don't know your number they sigh, roll their eyes, grab your paperwork, scan it in if they can, point out your number a with its right here sharply stated. And if they need to actually look you up with your name and date of birth it's clearly a chore since they need to get to the next number and dollar sign. As an inpatient they have you fast all day for something that doesn't happen 90% of the time! And they will have you out the door before the weekend, even when you are not ready, and had serious complications just hours before being released.

Dan Kreps

Great hospital best in the world for tough cases. Nicest staff and doctors.

Fue Moua

Went to Eau Claire, WI Mayo and they referred us to Mayo in Rochester, MN for a special eye operation they couldn't do in eau claire. Went to Rochester, and all they did was stitch her lower eyelid so it wouldn't rub against her eye ball. also, after the operation my mom had blood still that hadn't been dried up or been cleaned (she's an Infectious Disease Patient) and they were going to let us leave without any gauze pads, bandages, or rubber gloves. Also, they didn't even bother to schedule a check-up to make sure her eye was ok in a couple of weeks. All in all i was pretty annoyed they didn't explain things in laymen terms and didn't really seem to care about my mom or my own well being in regards to her condition and the possible spread of other diseases. My mother is really weak and i had to drive her 6 hours total to get stitches she probably didn't even need. You'd expect medical professionals have better courtesy and manners but it's obvious they don't here.

Private Private1

They're evidently aspiring to be a bank not a hospital. They put off surgeries that should have been done on the spot to weeks later at maximum swelling. Permanent damage resulted that could have been avoided if patient went elsewhere.

Adolph Fiebiger

Very beautiful Hospital staff was very friendly and helpful doctors were great they did a good job from what I seen everything is well organized

S. Mark

Not up to the quality of the Mayo Clinic doctors. The place itself looks okay but there are a lot of double rooms (why not make them all singles???), the nursing staff makes a lot of mistakes (failing to give meds, not noticing when an IV is dry) or often will go many hours not checking on you. Social worker was a jerk. Many of the people who came in to help with rehab or PT or even post-surgery care were students, not actual professionals. Felt I could have gotten better care back home. And the parking at the hospital is horrible--you'll walk a long way. Come to Mayo only for the high-quality surgeons, not the hospital.


Don't work there if you have depression. They will let you go.

Fred Gantz

I had surgery here. The nursing staff was great, they kept me taken care of. This hospital has services available that I have not experienced before. There was a in house barber, I had hand massages and sat in the outside park area. I also had physical therapy on the floor I stayed on after my surgery.

amy wait

Tried getting ice chips or drink or food Dr said I could have 10 hrs later I got a sandwich no drink and oral surgeon was kinda rude nurses and lab people were nice but was in the ER for 11 hrs got told to return to iowacity never again will I go back

Destry Decker

Best hospital in Minnesota! They are talking excellent care of my brother, and the doctors and nurses are wonderful!

Lisa Johnson

Amazing staff! Everyone was really helpful & friendly. Thank you, so much! Prepare to pay for parking, & watch out for construction across the street.

Nena C

Had the best emergency room experience I've ever had yesterday!! Every single staff member treated me very very well.

fatina Imran

We visit the hospital for cardic op. To my son ites the top hospital in the world thankes dr. Deriny and all the team

phil hoemberg

Great care

Miles Mu

Great nurses and nice doctors, service was a bit slow


The best medical care in the country!


I waited so much time to check my friend's emergency,

Jonathan Poppe

My wife was taken by helicopter from a rural Wisconsin hospital to St. Mary's after having a major health catastrophe. We were here for 5 weeks and the doctors performed several long and intensive emergency surgeries on her in an attempt to save her life AND make sure she had a liveable life if she was able to survive and recover. Things were very bleak for a couple of weeks but they never gave up. They saved her life and she has the quality of life she had prior to the crisis. The physical scars are still there, and the emotional scars come to the surface every now and again, but thanks to the specialists Mayo has at their disposal, my wife arrived at St. Mary's with us thinking that she'd need significant assistance for the rest of her life if she survived to leaving with hope for a normal life resumed after the healing was done. Thank you!

Vicki Chambliss

Excellent. .best place in the WORLD!

David Baxley

Top notch, world class service

Zalman Saperstein

Absolutely the best medical operation in the USA.

D Moneyy

Best service any where!!! Was I a accident and saved my life with really caring knowledgeable team of doctors and nurses come here if you truly care about your health or any concerns will not leave disappointed


According to CNN they tried to medically kidnap a girl. And there seems to be a common theme that the doctors feel they are superior to patients which goes against everything the Mayo Brothers tried to create.

Rajib Bahar

Good service!

Allison Gegelman

This place is no good

Jack Head

The hospital Team Members is what makes this hospital wonderful. If not for them it would just be a building. Could not ask for better care

Quack Pack

I would avoid July when the new doctors hit the rotations. We saw many mistakes and poor supervision. They give them way too much control and those mistakes can be disastrous. We were not impressed with St Mary's given the caliber of Clinic Mayo is, we expected better. St. Mary's does not live up to the Mayo Clinic reputation.

moh wisen

Very good service i like this hospital

James Honn

excellent care with the correct physician

WagThe Puppy

In 2006 I had surgery at Mayo Clinic and after surgery was sent to recover at Saint Mary's Hospital in a private room. The room was huge and old and dark and cold. But the nurse was what really got to me. She was a real nurse Ratched out of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Nasty, not nice. Cold. And the next day when I was to be released, I asked for my release papers including instructions, only to be told that "your surgeon told you those right after surgery." Right after surgery? I remember a woman talking to me as I was wheeled out and while I was just coming out of anesthesia (turned out she WAS my surgeon), but I certainly didn't remember what she said! I was released the next day and told that I could go home, but I was so scared (not knowing what to expect and what I should be doing), that I went to the surgeon's office the next day and got the answers I needed. Mayo 1) needs to ALWAYS provide WRITTEN instructions after surgeries, and 2) Saint Mary's is obviously where they send the peons (just read the rave reviews for Mayo's Methodist Hospital). If you are having surgery at Mayo Rochester, I highly recommend you insist on Methodist for any hospital stay required.


This should be a hospital for treating patients, not a prison holding patients against their will!

Nicole S

First off, if your having surgery, the valet parking is great! $8 for the first hour, and $1 each additional hour, with and $18/day max. (A local hotel tried to claim it was $18/hr, trying to boost shuttle rides, i guess) Anyways, amazing hospital, and amazing staff.

Bilbo Saggins

Take the tour of the grounds and building, it's amazing and educational. Mayo Clinic is the premiere medical facility when it comes to treating cancer. The staff here are above professional.

Linda Franzwa

Cra bby receptionists..great place tho

Rina lynn Cruz

Brought my mom for a procedure n chk up n was a good environment n great staff n not to far frm hme for the care she needed ...

Dorothy Ray

The staff who treated and cared for my husband were first-rate, caring and extremely competent. This appears to be a world-class medical facility.

evan howard

i believe this is the hospital from the viral video honoring the young girl. good on you, and more so; thank you.

brenton johnson

They did a good job taking care of my wife.

Tonya Salvanera

The bedside manner of one particular Dr was probably the worst I have ever seen. He barked orders like I was a dog. I was in so much pain and they did NOTHING to help. It saddens me greatly that their is always a bad apple in the bunch.


The Parking Is Insane.

Bobbi Freking

Mayo was so wonderful when we had our daughter born over there due to prematuirity. The care we recieved while there and after is above excellent. There are always good and bad experiences for everyone no matter where you go, but I truely believe that this is one of the best places in the world.

Tobey Hicks

Slow... but always have done a decent job caring for people.

Andrew V

Such a great place!! I went there to visit an uncle and the doctors, nurses, and all the staff were friendly. Dr. Gary on floor 7 of the Mary Brigh Building was very talkative and joked around and made the whole experience great!! Its doctors like that who make hospitals a great place!!

Caleb Tiffany

The best cafeteria with views of the courtyard and accessible to eat outside. The most helpful staff right when you walk in at the information desk. World renowned cardiologists and surgical staff, it's no wonder why so many people from all over the world come here.

Ron Phillips

The best hospital bar none. Very nice and truly concerned people. Wish you were closer.

whatz up

A hospital that kidnaps a child, is wrong. They should be praying and be thanking their god that wasn't my child.

Suzann Holweger

I trust this place with my life in fact my life has been in their hands a few times.

Christopher Adkins

What a wonderful hospital, and wonderful staff

Arlene Deaver

Amazing staff. I had to have two stints due to heart blockage. I was admitted from Mayo Clinic a few blocks away. Staff was waiting at the door took me straight to my room. I was treated very well. Nurses were there at the drop of a hat. 5 stars all the way!!!

Keta Leslie

I saw rheumatology and neurology. This is a great place to go if you have an easy to diagnose condition, because they are more than capable of doing the basics. However, if you're like me and are suffering from some sort of condition that isn't easily discovered through standard tests then they're just going to send you to another specialist that will only do more standard tests. Then eventually they will just send you away hopeless and without answers. Even my local general practitioner is baffled by Mayo's incompetence. Mayo literally just did the exact same tests my general practitioner had already done which they had copies of, and some of these tests prove that something is going on but Mayo failed to follow through with more in depth testing. Thanks for wasting my time. So disappointed.

Stephen Decker

Not so much the reason for having to be here, but it's definitely one of the best hospitals to be at.


Professional, friendly, and clean are just a few adjectives that describe this place

John Myers

If you need to be in a hospital, this is a pretty good one to be at.

Jamison Dean

Great place .. You pay for you get and these folks are some of the best . I liked the care and the follow up very much.

Eva Navarro

It's An Amazing Place! They Give You All There Attention. I Had Psoriasis & They Helped Me Right Away

Samantha Kinnear

When I was 16 I had urosepsis, I almost died. The wonderful doctors and nurses here saved my life.

Chad S

Top medical care facility with outpatient, inpatient and emergency services. Children's hospital within is beyond excellent with spotlessly clean facilities and kind, caring, skilled staff from custodians to nurses to doctors as well as an excellent Child Life program. Garage parking on site, shuttle to downtown facilities, cafeteria with allergy friendly options, gift shop, library, chapel and comfortable waiting areas are all helpful for a patient's family either for the day or on a longer stay.


Charged me with a misdemeanor disorderly conduct for spitting in a nurses hair, while I was being detained from being in a blind rage punching myself continuously in the face. Even apologized and still have to pay 400 in my savings that took me 6 months for a vehicle to finally get on with my life over this. My opinion, they just want to charge 6,500 7,500 a night to launder taxpayers money (especially if you have medical assistance) into businesses like this just to say you're helping mental health patients out, but honestly you are not, you're just making the wealthy's wallets fatter, in return having rich snobs charge patients that weren't right in their minds at the time with crimes. Also, you should expect that kind of behavior working in a PSYCHIATRIC UNIT FOR UNSTABLE ADULTS, HINT HINT. Hope that 400 bucks treats ur hair well, I know how much abuse it went thru and I'm oh so sorry.

nooraldin alyasiry

Very unresponsive and non efficient, i m a physician and went with my sister who had dd bitten by a dog and we were begging for ( Tetanus vaccine,since the last one was more than 15 years for her) the nurse didn't even bother clean the wound and at the end she said well if you dont like it you can go anywhere!!!! I think they are burning their reputation with these non pro-acts.

Louis Evans

Hat's off to the Surgeon and medical staff they were able to do a procedure that the Surgeons would not perform here at the Mayo Hospital in Arizona for my Significant other ..

Honeybadger 3677

They help people live and are very good people

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