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My husband is there and I can only visit every couple of weeks as I live in Illinois they are so kind to my husband who is really sick they have comforted him respected him I feel comfortable leaving to come home until the next time I can come to visit they always ask when they leave the room if there is anything they can do for either of us and he has never waited for more than a minute after he pushes the call button for the nurse. This is what every hospital used to be like and should always be like.Thank you Mayo from the bottom of my heart.

Denise Dale

Joshua Smokovitz

Great hospital, but the guys working at patient pickup are worse than security at the airport the way they push people through waiting to pick up patients.

There are blessings in everything

I can not say enough about Mayo Clinic, every doctor I have gone to here have impressed me so much and there is no place like it.

Brooke Archer

We traveled from Iowa. By far the best hospital we’ve ever been to. Super nice & helpful! The doctor’s & nurses took amazing care of my husband during & after brain surgery! Biggest thanks to Dr Lanzino and his team!

Derek Roadway

Tara Miller

I have worked at Mayo Clinic Methodist Hospital for 10 years. I love it here! The values they instill in all their staff is amazing. I feel truly blessed to be working at such a prestigious company. I cant wait for the next 10 years and what Mayo Clinic will accomplish.

Kelsey Tuchek


Benjamin K. Weber

Wished we had done a visit before coming. So that way we could get to know the hospital setting before hand. The food for visitors is not always available. Hard to get around in the subway walkways.

Sharon Lassila

Crystal Kwon

I had a pretty good experience here. I came in with a serious migraine headache, and nausea. Because of this, they did a head CT scan and meanwhile gave me pain medication. When I didn't respond to the one medicine/ it didn't help, they gave me another via IV. They also gave me fluids... still, this wasn't enough. They checked my blood and found out that I was cortisol deficient, and therefore (I assume) their thinking was that any inflammation could not be brought down due to my "inflammation switch" being completely turned off. (I have Addison's disease.) Anyways, they promptly treated me not only with pain meds, but with strong anti-inflammatory steroids, and I went from a pain level of 10 for 7 hours and wanting to die, to about a level 3 before they sent me home. The next day, my doctor at Mayo called with the test results regarding my cortisol, and he assigned me to meet with an endocrinologist to find out the etiology of why I have so much adrenal fatigue. He told me that without cortisol, my organs and muscles would not be able to function properly, and gave me a daily dose of replacement cortisol for my body to begin to rebuild itself. I have been fatigued for 2 years, and previous to these visits... no other doctors realized that I had hormonal insufficiency. Thanks Mayo

Aaron Johnson

Abdulrahman Alqahtani

Elizabeth Zimmerman

#1. only come here if you want THEE BEST care.

T. Hudgens

Saved my life and extended it as well! I had my second renal transplant at Mayo/Methodist and I am enjoying life 15 years later. They were very kind, even when I was the worst patient on the planet! Great people and the most gifted human beings, right down to the Dietary Aids and the Custodial Engineers. A place where the truly gifted belong and the recent graduate from school, aspire to work.

Joel Martwick

I've had nothing but wonderful experiences here. This is what ALL healthcare providers should be like!

blanca nunez

doug Zehr

Lynn Thomas

Chuck Sims

gaye larson

I have a rare form of cancer that has had limited progression because of too low a dose of a targeted therapy drug. My local Mayo health system clinic has referred me to the main Mayo Clinic in Rochester because the main Mayo Clinic does not allow the health system clinics to do certain testing such as PET scans. I am trying to schedule a follow-up PET scan and blood work and consultation which should not be hard, should it? You cannot believe how difficult this has been for Mayo's scheduling. Not only I, but also my family, has had this same problem with Mayo's admin work. It is abysmal. Not only that, but the scheduling people do not seem to understand how hard it is to fast for testing until noon in a day. Nor do they comprehend that it is winter in Minnesota and elderly people cannot drive in the dark, and that weather determines a lot of what scheduling is necessary. If I had any other choice other than seeing Mayo for my cancer, believe me, I would go there. The doctors are great, but the support personnel and admin systems are ridiculously bad, inadequate, and stupid beyond belief. To continue with my story, I am trying to get a reasonable accommodation to quietly read during my PET scans. Other scan providers allow reading and TV watching. Mayo seems to think my request will ruin my scan. I guess it has been forgotten that I am paying for this scan and that a less than perfect scan is on me. We'll see if I will be accommodated. The main problem here, as I see it, is that Mayo fails to live up to its mission statement that the NEEDS OF THE PATIENT COME FIRST. In my dealings with radiology, the patient is just a lab animal with no patient rights to say no or ask for anything other than the rigid procedures. I will continue this story. But, any Mayo patient who needs any kind of accommodation from this clinic will face difficulties. So the story continues: Since January 2019, my spouse has been trying to schedule his 6-month eye checkup in opthamology. First, in January he was told he would be scheduled in a couple of days. Nothing. After a month he then called and was told he could not get an appointment for another 3 months--now it would be 2 months past the time he was told to return. Finally after 3 tries and much angst, he got his appointment with profuse apologies on the part of the scheduling idiots. These scheduling people actually suggested (without knowing what his health condition was) that he should go to the local Mayo health system hospital. Of course, that hospital does not have the expertise nor equipment to do what my spouse needs done. My spouse has been going to Mayo for a decade because of his opthamology needs. Mayo's administration is broken and stupid beyond belief.

Shane Brandt

My wife took my son to the emergency department today, Easter. First of all, this world renowned hospital did not have a simple repair kit for my son's central line repair. Even more tragic and shameful is when they called the head surgeon on the surgery team to come in, he refused because it was a holiday and stated that my son would have to come back tomorrow. Because of that my wife had to drive further on to Minneapolis to get the necessary care for my son's condition. Apparently this wasn't a priority for the surgeon and hospital. Such a disappointment.

Carroll Rose Davies

Alexa Pennino

Rory Koch

Linka Berezovskaya

Kelvin Dixon

Great set of peoples friendly and quick.

Eglal Ahmed

Lokal Rezension

Only Kings and Queens can visit this hospital. OMC provides better consulting and care than this corporate hospital.

Madonna Collins

Joshua Tripp

Becky Solberg

I had two stays at Methodist in 2018. My first was for ten days and the last one just three. I was on the sixth floor both times in Station 62. The nurses were excellent!! They are compassionate, caring, go out of their way to help in any way possible. I can't say enough about how good the care was. My personal favorite was Rowena. She was awesome!!

Justen Ritter

Jamal Azouz

Great centre

Zachary Missel

Katherine Reed

I was in this hospital back in the 80's and I got the best care I have ever had!

ROB Reitz

Not happy about this place, won't take people that have gone through workman's comp issues.

Hamad Aldhaheri

Leroy White

Ray Visser

Very helpful and caring during my surgery. The food was excellent except the pepperoni pizza. It was so salty it burned my mouth. Couldn't eat it

Jeffrey Nolze

Excellant. Medical staff. Very caring people and compassionate.

Yusuf Hassan


Lots to see big place. Great doctors

Josh Hawes

Kelly Meyer

Amanda Perez

This place has changed my life forever . after attending lymphedema clinic I was given a new chance at a new life with the instructor of Dave and Ann..more to come keep watching ur mayo news

Th Cann

“I am happy to learn that it is your professional opinion, and the surgeons opinion, that we hold off on surgery. I am however extremely upset that we flew up to Minnesota to be told to go home and see an internist. There were three months ahead of time that we could have either done that at home, or set it up to be done while we were at Mayo. Not professional at all, and caused my family to waste a ludicrous amount of money. I would greatly appreciate a call about this, as well as an explanation for why we were not handled more professionally, and to the standards that we came to expect out of Mayo.” We were then told to file a formal complaint and that the doctor did not care. I quit my job to come down and have the surgery done and recover, and all Dr. Anavekar had to say before we came was; “did you go to an internist to make sure it’s nothing else.” He decided to wait until we got to mention the internist for the first time out of our three trips to Minnesota and communication over email and phone. Super unprofessional and a lack of care was shower when I expressed my discontent. If you do go to Mayo, which I don’t recommend, definitely DO NOT go to Dr. Anavekar. He is far too busy and obviously doesn’t care.


Very clean. Very kind and caring staff. Included in the hospital building are things you might not find everywhere: A patient's library, a wig shop, and an enema prep facility.

Maria Jimenez

Jennifer Kloss

Nurses, and care staff were absolutely wonderful on 8th floor. Best care I've ever had. Had to stay two nights.

Diane Ruppel

I had a ventral hernia repair on July 31st. I can not say enough positives about Dr Robert Cima and the staff. Mayo saved my life in 2016. I needed a hernia repair and travelled all the way from Memphis to have the repair. I am a nurse and Mayo truly follows the Mayo way.

Memory Jacobs-Mehring

Glancis Luzeena Raja

Rajib Bahar

Good facility with lots of services nearby


Quack Pack

Needs updating, but staff is great , care is good.

Tiffany Hoakison

tripp family

Sonia Panopoulos

Edward Burke

Robin pumilia



Fred Mendoza

Nick Straw

Very friendly staff. Extent quality of care.

Shawnna Bolinger

Chris Zychowicz

Exellent facility on ly wish the could bring some s Gi specialty’s to western wis coming long drive from Edgar wi all in all great friendly staff

Lyndsey Hogan

Doctors were great! Most of the nursing staff was next to horrible. I was not please on how my mother was treated or the family by the nurses.

Alix Alroomy

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