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REVIEWS OF M Health Fairview Clinics and Surgery Center - Maple Grove IN Minnesota

Lee Taylor

VERY HARD to get to talk to ANYONE or to get things sent to your doctor that sent you there. Most of the time you have to leave a message and may not get called back at all. Starting to wish that I had never tried to do out patient care from the VA to this place as they are as hard to work with. Been trying for almost a month and a half for them to get paperwork that is needed for my primary care doc in the VA what he needs to get one of two diff meds to me and my gastro has been hurting A LOT for the vast majority of the summer

Malory L

Didn't get my records twice so there was a mix up with one appointment. Doctor I saw when they got it right was entitled and disrespectful, then when I needed an ultrasound of my heart I said I needed a female. I showed up and had to reschedule because it was a man, and I have PTSD. Stressful, awful. Desk people are GREAT though.

Jody D Gustafson

Great people.

Laura Dittbenner

Gwen Kenny

Melanie Hess

Love the staff in the pediatric specialty clinic!! We see Kara Schmid and her team for type 1 diabetes.

Maria Mendez

Friendly people, and good customer service.

Willam Kanaly

Very professional and respectful


NEVER have enough staff!! Turnover is ridiculously high. Staff is all very nice, but overall people are unhappy with administration and their pettiness and favoritism and ultimately leave. Vacation time is ok, but you have to use your vacation time to cover holidays! $100 uniform allowance yearly. Everyone is expected to do 2 jobs for 1 pay and you get no support from admin. It's COMPLETELY money driven with NO regard for anything else. Admin requires people to add/subtract hours with NO input from the employee. You are nothing more than a robot to them, they take no time to get to know you and your life - they honestly don't care - they know you'll leave soon and it will be someone else for awhile - until they leave too.

Deb Ahlbaum

Nice facility and staff is great.

Thomas Grable

Doctors are nice, wait was short.

Don Hummel

Really nice clinic free parking lots of specialties were they really hope


Great people, Great service. Love my doctor.

Nhia Lee

Had our 3rd surgery there today. First one went fine. Second one we were asked where we wanted our home prescriptions sent to and I told them where due to coverage and pricing. While my daughter was having surgery, I drove to pick up her prescriptions which is just down the street at the outpatient hospital. When I arrived there I was told no prescriptions were sent there. I drive back to Fairview Maple Grove and went to their Fairview pharmacy and it was sent there. So I had to drive all around which was so annoying. Don’t ask me where we want our prescriptions sent to if you’re just going to send it to your own pharmacy anyways. Anyhow, we overlooked this incident since our surgeon does a lot of surgery at the FMG surgery center. The third surgery was today. It was just an easy little local surgery at 7am. Daughter was awake for it. Told it would take about an hour or so. Waited for 20 min then left to go buy coffee at Daily dose. While I was driving back the nurse called and said that the surgery is all done and that she came out to the waiting room looking for me, but I wasn’t there. She asked me where I was and I told her and that I would be there is less then two mins. She proceeded to be very rude and practically yelled at me saying that “I shouldn’t have left because my daughter who is 16 is still a minor and but that that is neither there or here!” I was supprised that someone could be that rude. Again, our third surgery and have had ok’s to leave before without any problems. Did not think this time would be an issue just to go get a cup of coffee. If she would have spoken nicely, I would have just said that I didn’t know that because we were allowed to leave in the past. I’m also a nurse and no matter how mad or upset you are, you do not speak to your pt and family that way. We will not be returning to that surgery center. There are many places that offer a peaceful, calming, non-rude environment especially since we’re paying a lot of money for the useage of their beds and equipments and nurses. There’s a multitudes if competition out there that would better fill their shoes.

Sean Kelly

This is a large facility with many specialties. Whoever set up the initial listing described it as only a ob-gyn clinic. It was above average as fast as how well the waiting room and pre -surgical rooms are appointed.

Lil Bee

Front desk ladies are nasty. Have given them the benefit of the doubt and continued to go there. Still the same snarky nasty attitudes. Files are never up to date. Each time I go in there they have to update the same 3 pieces of information. The doctor my son sees is rude, judgmental, and constantly rushes us. Doesn't care to answer questions. Or takes the time to make me feel stupid about the questions I do ask. Sat on hold for over 34 minutes trying to speak to an RN about pre term labor. No one ever answers the nurse line. Same issue two years ago when I had complications with my first pregnancy.

Becky DePriest

Sussi Kure-O'Reilly

Absolutely wonderful medical center , greeting staff at the front desk are very kind and informative ( security at the door don’t smile period

Sherrie Turcotte

Very happy with the staff and quality of care. I would highly recommend this clinic.

Amber Vatne

Dave Manuel

Clean nice frienly dr and nurses

Dandy Flower

Lauri Addis

Fairview is very slow. The don't like to talk with you.

Yer Chang

Mira LaCous

Alexis Kunicki Bidwell

Good doctors

Ruman Gure

Horrible! Incompetent! I bring my daughters here when they are sick and they always end up in the ER Because I take their STUPID advice. The last straw was this past week. My eldest daughter had a sore throat, fever, congestion,etc... but only advice I got was give her popsicles, lots of fluid and ibuprofen. Really? Thanks guys she’s now in the ER. I called to tell them she was not doing better but I was told to keep giving her the popsicles and other bull they suggested. I asked if I could bring her back. I was told no. Similar situation happened last year my youngest daughter spent months in the hospital due to cellulitis. Because her doctor didn’t care enough to do more research. I was told to massage the area and ice it. Lol. Wow. Thank you again but wrong. I am in disbelief that these doctors are allowed to treat people. Shut this place down. Do not bring your children here or yourself. Finally I HAD a primary care doctor there and she is as incompetent as they come. She suggested that my symptoms were imagined and not real. She refused to test me. I literally had to cry and beg to be tested for my symptoms. Two hours later she sent an antibiotic to the pharmacy because low and behold I was not imagining my suffering. She gave me a slight apology. Not a whole one. It was half one. I hate her the most because she is Asian and may have a bias against people of color. My presence would disgust her. Her evil approach to medicine disgust me. She needs a ton of sensitivity training.

Shunta Scott

Melissa Beggs

The waiting room was so engaging for my kids. The nurse practitioner was so great with my daughter and helped me clearly understand.

Jackie Todd

Probably the worst billing department ever. They are unpleasant, rude and completely unprofessional. Calling in to billing is the worst idea. It's ashamed to think people run departments where people are in medical need. Especially when the billing issues are no fault of their own. While the Drs were okay, I still wouldn't recommend this facility purely on the experiences you'll face with their admin and support teams.

Andrea Hembroff

Absolutely horrible and negligent prenatal care. Never was able to see the same doctor twice. Got passed around clinics all over the state. Now I’m being sued for bills I tried to dispute and couldn’t pay.

Damian Kubuo

Friendly people

Carol Ostman

I've been going their for years..very good specialist there

msk vin

megan brainard

Sarah Anderson

Cindy Muller

Easy to fund if you have the address. They take quality care in their patients.

Lydia Osebe

Sue Olsen

Wonderful, caring place. Great people that work there!

Jamie Keehn

Nurses were nice, but the doctor was so rude. I'm in my third trimester now with my first child, and I had some questions. The came into the room got mad because she didn't have the correct paper work and then I asked I have some questions and "well I don't have time" and walked out. Then a nurse came in and was like oh your still here? Like really?! The doctors there need to take time with your patients because without us you wouldn't have a job. And there is no way I'm coming back here for the care of my child. People might have a bad day which I get, but they need to be prepared! And no person should be told "well I don't have time and walk out" don't schedule doctors appointments so closely together. And have a talk with your doctors, that's unacceptable!

Thomas Frosch

Greg J

We see primary care, pediatrics, and orthopedics at this clinic.

Janet French

I have received excellent care from my oncologist, PA, and staff

Tuan Juan

Marian Jakubovie

Demny Pechtel

The nurses at the Maple Grove day surgery unit are fantastic. They, along with Dr. Duane, made my procedure pleasant and stress free. Everyone was professional and personable as well as on time. Thank you again everyone!

Irina Poage

Not organized

Kyrstie Quiah

Alexa dallin

s Reillo

Cynthia Durant

Clinic is in a strange location but the staff is great there

Fox Strife

Very friendly nurses and doctors who go out of their way to make sure to help you with whatever you need other then the parking is kind of a headache I would highly recommend the service to people

Sekena Britt-Nelson

j s

Shirley Bolin

They are very caring Dr's and PA's They are never in a hurry.

Dustin Metcalf

Best doc I've found yet and everyone in the pharmacy goes out of their way to help and couldn't be more nice


GOOD Service

Patricia Osmundson

Deepak Sethi

This is the worst clinic in terms of getting your information and medical records that I have ever dealt with. I was at the clinic last year and needed to have my medical records transferred over to another clinic, faxed them a form and left several messages just to have a simple request of getting my medical records transferred. DO Not go to this clinic as they never return your all back, when you call them noone has a clue of what is going on. Never had such an experience with any other clinics that I have been to. A simple request of accessing your medical records is something that every patient has the right to.

Michael Mehle

Debra Johnston

The lab staff is very good at what they do

Leah Bushman

I felt like my fertility questions were not welcomed at all with the OB. She was getting visibly upset and had an attitude. Even my questions about timing of test results her response was “yes I know I know why you’re here” when I wasn’t questioning that fact at all just asking questions. As a healthcare provider myself at a community clinic no less I was amazed and confused at my visit today. As a provider always answer questions without getting upset! She also mentioned a couple of times the cost of something which is not an issue for me, regardless of how young or unable to pay I may look. I left feeling frustrated!

Abdullah Hegazi

Angela LeBlanc

Love my clinic. I found the perfect primary doctor that actually cares about me and my health.

Cynthia Owens

Jamey Julia Brimer

Quality healthcare and kind-hearted staff,,

Ashley Corbett

This place is horrible. Do not go here. Very unfriendly. They do not answer questions, they just tell you to ask a different doctor. They rush threw appts. Worst O.B experience i ever had. And I have 5 kids. I repeat dont go here.

Carol Moore

don't know if they care about patient care......

Dianne Hamdorf

The Front desk staff and the Cancer Dr I saw was very kind and caring Nurses to.

Bruce Dockter

Sarah Diamond

Nicole O'Donnell

Matt Viscasillas

Ive been using this clinic for my primary care since moving to Maple grove. Providers are great, making appointments is usually easy and quick.

Alesya Johnson

My doctor was a male and had no emotion or kindness in his voice and hardly seemed to care. Im so thankful for Loretta she’s the best doctor.

Angie Dancer

Josh Rock

Great people ready to help.

Danielle Murphy

Steven Holcombe

Amazing people and great place to go


Staff is VERY friendly, from the front desk, to the lab, nurses and doctors! Have always bred treated great here!


Good hospital

Joan Nyakundi

I really enjoy going to this U of M location. They have lots of parking spaces available. It's easy to get into and wait is minimal. The imaging staff is above exceptional. I do a lot of doctors/health professional appointments. This is the best service I have gotten anywhere I have been. Make sure you have the 'My Chart' app. to alert you of any changes. I highly recommend going to this site.

Steve Ericson


Michelle Pollock

Cody Frank

Char Kollm

Staff are very nice

Jacob Hernandez


Was quoted for one procedure code, and charged for a generic code that technically covered the quoted code but was billed nearly almost twice the price. Dispute led nowhere given the technicality. American health care at its finest. Staff was nice, at least. I question the malpractice here given that prescriptions were literally thrown at me just because I said "I have _____ can I get a prescription"

Jon Doe

Very very egotistical. Poor service multiple times. Don't listen! They charge you with out fixing the problem. Never again!

Baby Bunny

Just now my kids is doctor in Columbia is doctor was fine not my kids as Doctor

Liz Homan

I had to see a new endocrine doctor for my diabetes during my pregnancy in 2014. The whole time (2 months) I had diabetes care there, the doctor was trying to calculate my doses and was trying to understand what and how much medication I was already taking. During the time she (doctor) was giving me an attitude like it was my fault that I was a diabetic. She was making remarks like I should've, could've, would've attitude. Making me feel like I was stupid. I was trying to understand how much to take and not to take. I was trying my best to understand her and follow her directions. She was too much. Maybe dissappointed that my diabetes wasn't up to her standards? I know she wanted to understand my health issues during my pregnancy, but she (doctor) didn't need to be rude about it and make me feel like I'm stupid with diabetes. That being said I was so uncomfortable that I asked to transfer to see another endocrine doctor in the cities. During my diabetes care in the cities some of the doctors was the same. Being pregnant is hard alone. Having diabetes is even more challenging. Doctors should be more caring/sensitive to us cause we choose them and their staff to have great care. Any care. Even with doctors mistreating me, I always give the respect. Why am I giving a review now and not 2 years ago? Because I didn't really care then. Now that I need the continued diabetes care, my primary doctor is referring me back to the same endocrine doctor. I'm rethinking to change clinics because endocrine doctor's are very limited.

MK Martianos

MHealth Maple Grove is an excellent clinic. It is clean, the staff is professional and the A list of doctors practice there. I have been to a lot of clinics prior to finding Maple Grove and none of them make the grade. Dr. Ho and Dr. Jewison are great doctors with positive attitudes. They will also take the time to explain things to you without talking down to you. Dr. Ho is my primary physician and she is so good that I had my entire family go to see her because she is so nice as well as thorough and she also listens to your concerns. Dr. Jewison is a sports medicine doctor that also listens and is knowledgeable of all the latest treatments to get your life back. Thank you MHealth for being a part of the community.


The MRI tech was extremely rude, my experience was not positive. I will go else where for my healthcare needs after my experience here.

Phil Johnson

great people

Krista Kim

Troy Burau

Great cancer center!

Tamara Richardson

Debra Cail

Grst Dr

Tim McClure

They had a schedule mishap. 3 hours off from work to find out that the appointment had been canceled. Before you go to an appointment you should verify you still have one. We will need to go through the process again to get a new appointment for my kid.

Chris Empson

Nice place. Good medical treatment options.

John Mayer

Great people!

camielle parent

Amber Woodard

I absolutely love this clinic. I started with primary care here and they have since referred me to Rheumatology where I met my current rheumatologist. They all work as a team and keep my best interest in mind. They are all so wonderful and I have yet to have one even slightly bad experience. I recommend everyone go here if they can.

Carol Jones

Georgia Meyer

Effie Ulrich

Had a colonoscopy here a few weeks ago, doctor was OVER a hour and a half late.. apparently this is normal when talking to the nurses. He loves to talk and wont stop, and then he has to do his paperwork after. Don't remember his name right now. Then the nurses left me alone for about 45 minutes, my area around me was completely empty. No one came and checked on me till they decided to bring me back to the room. When he finally showed up to do the colonoscopy he told me why am I doing this procedure on a 24 year old. While the procedure was going on I would ask questions because what else was there to do? He would say "that's normal, that's normal.. your fine I think your paranoid." Then after he comes to the room to talk to me about how it seemed so normal and that it was probably just IBS. That's all... I was too paranoid to be there according to this doctor. Was the worst service I have ever had..

Charles Morrow

nice and clean

Glenda Minikus

Beautiful Clinic

Dana Itman

Vicki Javner

I have never written a public review but was shocked at the low reviews others have posted. I have my primary doctors and all tests performed at Fairview (now U of M) and have always received exceptional care. I recommend my doctors to all my friends. The practitioners are knowledgeable, compassionate, and I wouldn't go any where else for care. I have been a patient for more than ten years. Highly recommend.

Hannah Mills

Laura Wilbur

Vanessa Mccahon

Always very accurate, accommodating and professional.

Joe Reed

Teri Wright

From the appointment scheduling to the check in to the nurse to the doctor to the pharmacy; everyone was caring and went out of their way to make my experience great.

Deann Homan

Hawi asrat

Brian Thole

Bryan Thiery

Dr. Lara is an amazing pediatrician and our kids love her (even when it's time for vaccinations) :) She always communicates openly and gets back to us within 24 hrs if not immediately. She's the best!

Marissia Triemert

The most incredible, caring, and intelligent people work here, from the front counter to the lab. The imaging center or a primary physician. They offer so many services and resources for many other needs. My therapist is one of the best around. 12 years with no luck until coming here. My primary and my son's primary doctor always go above and beyond with our care to make sure we are in tip-top shape. Thank you Fairview team!

Robert Wiese

It is really beyond my understanding why you have to wait "More Than 6 minutes" for the appointment desk.. I guess this is better than "more than 15 minutes" (for the appointment desk) at another time when I called and about 10 minutes for imaging to answer.. Also, forget about getting an appointment with a dermatologist within the next 3~4 months (if at all).. Aside from these issues, the medical expertise is great ( if you don't die waiting for an appointment!!).. My rating is based upon the medical expertise ~ care, not the wait time (which would get a - star)..

Antoine Derjani

Quick and clean

Jessica Anderson

Way Wes

Carmen Garcia

Always fast service and pleasant staff

rayray27! haters back off

My Dr is caring & knowledgeable when it come 2 treating my pulmonary conditions!

Patricia Ward


Harmeet Bhatia

Casey Wolf

Professional and clean, staff is friendly.

Steven Debner

A pleasant, organized environment. Pleasant caregivers.


Amazing and friendly staff

Brenda Nichols

Great doctors

Sarah Haug

Love the doctors and front desk is so helpful

Peggy Lange

Staff was amazing, very caring

Corina Butenhoff

Anthony Johnson

I want to start this off by saying I have NEVER done a google review on anything, But the way I was treated was unacceptable. I came in with my girlfriend to support her as she was getting an MRI. She has anxiety and was very nervous about the whole process. When her name was called by the nurse we both stood up. Immediately she looked at me and shook her head, stating "Nope you need to stay in the lobby" and promptly walked away. As I was waiting in the lobby I seen family members, spouses, and couples all join different nurses together. Now I am used to this kind of behavior and reaction to people of my skin tone. Sad, but true, however in a hospital setting this is unacceptable. My girlfriend was shaken and cried as soon as we got back in the car, even though her results were positive. I will not only drive farther to avoid this clinic but will avoid Fairview as a company from now on.

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