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Jessica Frisco

I am so pleased with the care that we have received from this hospital. From pregnancy to the birth of our second child, my regular office visits, our family's visits and my mother's most recent stay (she's not even a patient here).... this hospital is amazing. I really appreciate the empathy, professionalism of staff and care that they provide. Thank you to all of the hard working caregivers!

Kathy Klein

Caroline Baker

I hurt myself! Shattered my humerus, needed surgery. I have limited experience with hospitals, but recognize great care when it's given. Everyone from admitting, to nursing staff, and all doctors helped make me confident that "all would be well". Thank you all!

Susan Scarborough

This is my local hospital . I have visited and been a patient there. This poor review is specific to my last procedure. Bone marrow biopsy was ridiculously and I believe unnecessarily painful. It was horrible. They took 3 samples so it was awful times 3. Others have told me they went to a specialty center for procedure and they were anaesthetized and felt no pain. Additionally they place you on your stomach on a flat table and you have to be able to turn your head to the side on a flat table. I am 64 and can't. Both doctor and staff commented that many people have difficulty and complain. All agreed they should have a table similar to a massage table with a place to put your face in a lower space. All agreed it has been a problem and seemed not the least interested in resolving it. I like supporting my local hospital but will do my next procedure elsewhere. It makes me sad.

Julie Edlund

This hospital is horrible. Never again.

Don Johnson

To all who cared for me prior to and post surgery were very caring and saw to all of my needs. I did request a list of names of persons who cared for me, however those who responded know who you are and what was provided to me. My observations/experiences indicated that all had chosen the right profession. Thank you once again. Shirly a. johnson

Ali Hauer

Megan Salley

Had a great experience throughout my pregnancy!

Alissa Larson

Teanna Greene

I've had 2 children here and I'm about to have a 3rd in a couple months. I drive an hour and 15 minutes one way for my appointments because I wouldn't go anywhere else. This hospital and its staff are amazing.


My husband had a knee replacement here. It took 4 nurses to get his IV in who poked him multiple times. The worst part we never expected to deal with was a scratch on his cornea from the taping of his eyes shut or the enormous amount of bleeding from the catheter being improperly inserted. Both causing significant and needless pain. It seems as though the doctor in charge at the hospital had no worries about it to even bother to show up do deal with his large amounts of blood from that. God only knows what else is going to happen as we are not even 12 hours into this 3 -day hospital stay. BTW we did contact the hospital about it. They state their care was “reasonable” and completely shirked any responsibility for their service and their lack of care. Run far away from this place!!

Jen M

I gave birth to my daughter here in 2014. It was a great place to give birth. The hospital was very clean and very quiet. The nurses were attentive and friendly. Dr Dean is amazing and she made me smile even when I was in the worst pain of my life. I also really liked the food here. My husband had a complaint about the beds they provide for family to stay on however I think that is par for the course at any hospital. He had a choice of a few different recliners and a cot. Overall I had an extremely positive experience and when I have my next child I will be giving birth here again

Claire Millett

Gave birth to my son here in October. Of course labor was not pleasant (naturally) but the nurses did a great job of helping me along and getting me the help I needed. I can not stress enough how amazing the nurses in the Labor and Delivery are. From the operating room all the way through our 4 day stay, every nurse I had was so friendly and caring to both me and my son. They helped make my stay feel safe and comfortable. I wish I remembered their names so I could go back and thank every single one of them personally. Definitely recommend delivering your baby here! I had a very pleasant experience, thanks to the nursing staff

Thanawan Harvieux

Janet Oswald

Recently we have been to Lakeview ER on two occasions for my Dad. They were amazing. They were respectful of the surgeon from Regions and knew when they could not handle a situation and deferred to Regions. They treated my Dad and Mom with so much kindness and respect. They even gave my Mom a care package with water, notebook, pencil, toothbrush and toothpaste before they transferred to Regions. I have had three babies here and I myself was born here. I love how it has respectfully grown in our community! Thank you for wonderful care!!!

Journeys End

Have had 2 Knee Replacements at this hospital. Wonderful care. And very recently had a colonoscopy. All staff caring and professional even tho I was a whiner and cried. Seriously appreciate their patience and understanding. The nurses, the doctor, CT technicians were very kind despite my whining

Rita Keating

Lakeview Hospital EMS participated in an Emergency Preparedness Drill with my place of business on October 19th, 2018 with the Stillwater Fire Department, Stillwater Police Department and Washington County Emergency Preparedness. What a professional group, led by Jon Mueller, our entire staff was impressed with the EMS and how they work so closely with the all the community partners. Stillwater is very fortunate to have this entire team of professionals taking care of their emergency needs.


I had kidney stone surgery there and I absolutely love my treatment I was an outpatient verses Hudson hospital I'll take it anyday!

Jessica Holmes

First time my son had surgery here today. Staff was very loving and caring and welcoming with my son and my family! The 2nd best hospital experience that I have ever had. My son's surgery went very well. Thank you so much to all the staff and nurses and doctor/surgeon!❤

Clint McFrosty

Brought my mom in at 3am. They kicked her out at 4am. Brought her to Regions and she stayed for 2 weeks and they say getting released from lakeview like she did almost killed her. I do not trust their ER staff at all, and highly recommend going somewhere else for any trauma/chronic ailments.

Inspired Horsemanship

Tessa Andrews

Michael Chelberg

I previously worked here in the Emergency department and can say it is of the most friendly ED's in the area. Patients are received rapidly into the department with very, very low wait times in comparison to many other hospitals I have worked at. The doctors and nurses are both compassionate and knowledgeable. They will get you the care you need or send you to a higher level of care if necessary.

Adesua Ehiguese

I absolutely loved my experience at this hospital, my 3 year old boy had his adenoids removed by Dr. Klockey, she was very descriptive on what exactly what was going to happen with my son. The nurses made sure I was comfortable while I was waiting, offering me beverages or snacks, and during recovery they made sure my son was as comfortable as possible, they even called a week later, asking how he was doing, and sent him a get well card signed by everyone who treated him that day. I will definitely be bring my son or myself here when we have medical needs! Great experience! Thank you Lakeview hospital!

Jen Moran

Catherine Geslin

Doctor Jennifer Boklewski... The ER Doctor.... was very Compassionate Concerning, Caring and an excellent bedside manner! I highly recommend her and that hospital. The nursing staff was excellent and also the other doctors who took care of me while I was at Lakeview Hospital.

Kristine Brewitz

I went in to the ER last night after having a fishbone stuck in my throat. After a few short questions Dr Richards deemed me as only having “annoying discomfort”. He hadn’t even looked at my throat before recommending me to an ENT. Probably seeing my dissatisfaction and shock, he explained that he didn’t have a way to look down my throat, because the “scope wasn’t there last time he checked” and “even if he did see the bone he would have no way to retrieve it”. My Mom and I were shocked! My mom said something to the effect of “you haven’t even looked at her” and then he gave a half assed open your mouth and an across the bed distance glance. We went home and used a flashlight and tweezers and got it out! He didn’t even see it but would have had he been looking. Both my Mom and I were severely disappointed. Had we not lived so far away (and were in town) self treatment would have been our first option. Would take a lot for me to trust going here again. I will say though the supporting staff were wonderful.

Gina Smith

I had a great birthing experience there. Dr. Hildebrandt and the nurses were amazing! I can't wait to see the remodeled birthing center when we have our next baby.

Tim Weinberg

Good to have a great hospital near by.


I had a 3D mammogram done here in Dec 2016. I had to go back for a second test and I was scared to death. Every single person at this hospital was awesome (except the gal who checked me in the second time in front of the mammogram clinic). In the mammogram waiting room, there was a little basket that had some gift bags. Inside the bags were blessing beads which a nurse at the Lakeview hospital makes on her own time with her own money. There is a little card in with the beads that helps you to remember your blessings and I found that it kept my mind off of the breast cancer check up. I was so relieved when it was over and felt that the people there actually cared about me and my state of mind. I went to the front desk and asked if I could donate some money to Mary Helen (the nurse who makes the gift bags) so that she could continue to make these beads to help calm people down while they were waiting to find out if they had cancer. The front desk told me that the hospital was working on a way to help her get the beads because they have helped so many patients. My experience here was fantastic and I will always go here for my mammograms.

Kayla Doherty

Was repeatedly asked why we were there and told they “think” we’re in the right spot basically asking us where we should be in their ER? after being sent over from urgent care with specific instructions already sent before we arrived which apparently needed three sets of eyes before they could read ct scan

Katy Robinson

This is my go to ER when something happens in my life that warrants an ER visit. The staff is SO NICE and helpful. They don't bog you down with unneeded tests. And its usually fairly quick to get in under an hour every time I have been there.

connies cakes

~ Lakeview has Always Been a Wonderful Hosp. for My Family ~

Joe Smith

Extremely happy with the care we received while my wife gave birth to our kids there. Just had our second kid at Lakeview, got the same nurses as the 1st time, Constance and Nan, are amazing!!! We couldn’t have asked for better nurses then those two. I absolutely love Constance energy and positivity that she brings to the experience, and Nan is extremely experienced and knowledge. We absolutely loved it!

Michael Porter

(Translated by Google) So (Original) Tak

Honest Reviewer

Don't have your baby here. I can't believe some of the practices they have done for delivery and it disgusts me. Inducing too early, violent force with vacuums and causing infections which I have all witnessed :( Don't let a doctor force you to do anything with your own body if you don't want to.

Samantha Schwartz

Ci Thao

I called to check if my insurance went through and the lady was polite at first however through some miscommunications I could tell she was getting frustrated and irritated with me. Please ensure that your employees are properly trained and more patient as some people may not be familiar with how Billings and insurance work!

Miss Mexa

HORRIBLE, STAY AWAY! Bad service, horrible customer service and the doctors are a bunch on liars.

su meyers

I am a bit disappointed at the recent HEALTH PARTNERS advertising campaign for the child birth center at Lakeview- the theme song is a great song but it about a girl getting on with her life after getting dumped....AND why did you have to leave the swear word in the song Babies aren't "good as hell" thanks but no thanks!

Tom Vanderpool

Great 24x7 coverage. Detailed plans shown to me up front and always someone available to help either proactively or by call button. Status board was right there in front of me. Pain medication was seamless and the two days were very productive including sending me home with instructions on using the pain killers but also, reducing and eliminating them within a week.

Mary Smith

Danielle Wamstad

My first child was born at Hudson Hospital and it was a disaster from the very start of my clinic appointments. So for my second I decided to go to Lakeview instead. It was 150% better in every way! Both of my doctors (Nelson and Schneider) were fantastic! Very honest, straight to the point and Fun! My nurse in the clinic (Jordan) was my favorite and I am honestly going to miss the follow up visits! The birthing center was also amazing! I had 2 main nurses during my whole stay (Shelley & Alisha) which was awesome because I didn’t have to explain myself to a new nurse every shift! And they were both great!!! Positive and bubbly yet empathetic when I needed it! An amazing experience across the board!

Tascha Zapata

I hate to even give this horrible place a star. I had surgery here and I was left in pain, ignored by the nurses after I asked to speak to someone in charge I had a nurse come into my room and point her finger in my face and told me "to stop acting like a 4 yr old and when I wanted to act grown up she would help me with my pain relief" because I was in extreme pain after my surgery and I was quietly crying. I had to even unhook my own IV to go to the bathroom due to being ignored. I honestly felt like my life was in danger after being in pain for over 2 hours I had to actually call the hospital from my room in recovery and talked with a lady at the front desk and ask for someone in patient care because I was scared for my life! No lie. Once I got someone from patient care to come down to recovery all of a sudden the nurses had to do their job and could not ignore me anymore. I NEVER received pain relief and was left/ignored by the nurses. The nurses were rude, mean and absolutely horrible. I would not wish my worst enemy to go to this hospital. No one deserves to be treated the way I was treated and I seriously hope this hospital gets closed. They are going to kill someone one day due to their negligence, what if I had serious issues after my surgery? I would have died in their care that day due to being ignored. I would not go to the hospital unless you want to experience how it is to possibly die while being at a hospital. I hope this place gets shut down immediately.

Angela Goebel

Because of extreme pain, we spent about 5 hours at Lakeview Emergency Room on Saturday. We were cared for quite well for the first 4.5 hours. The doctor, NP Student, and RN were kind, patient, good listeners, and very helpful. If had to, we would return to the Emergency Room. Unfortunately, when we went to inpatient pharmacy, we did not receive the same trauma sensitive practices. It was taking an extremely long time to get the medications and my wife was in a lot of pain. We were waiting for 30 minutes when a 'security guard' or someone of the sort approached us. There was nothing trauma sensitive about his practices. Instead of his first statement being, 'are you okay', he told us we could not sit on the floor and continued with very rude and disrespectful statements to us. I am not sure who trained this individual, but I would hope that there would be better trauma sensitive training for him in his near future.

Krystal Oh

Always amazing staff and great doctors who listen.

Christie Coury

Did not have a good experience with my second delivery here. Am very disappointed with the selection of OB doctors that I experienced. I am a postpartum nurse so I know what's good and what's not. Had my second c-section here and am disappointed that they still use staples, which is an outdated technique but cheap and faster for the surgeons. Incisions do not heal faster compared to internal stitches which most hospitals use. My OB did not properly clear my active bleeding when closing me up and I developed a hematoma which delayed my incision from closing for 3 wks. Not one nurse checked my dressing and incision even though I kept asking and no one noticed that I was black and blue around my incision from the hematoma until I was getting discharged. When my baby was born she had to be given CPAP, which is respiratory help but somehow if wasn't working at first because one of the nurses who's supposed to prep the OR and check the O2 to make sure it's working never did. That's a huge mistake and should never happen. I would not feel safe having another section here for my baby or I and that is why I am never going back.

Ann Thompson

Good luck with this place. Was charged approximately 3000$ for an ambulance ride/ER care I stated I didn't want but was forced to even though my roommate told them he'd drive me the 3 BLOCKS there, they said "no". I set up auto pay with Debbie and it never came out, called Billing they said they had no idea, rinse and repeat until I get a Final Notice for the balance. This place is a money hungry pit and it's ridiculous that this is what they do to people. My ER visit was them giving me water and doing an "observation" TOTALLY worth 3000, right? Apparently I'm in the wrong business.

Mandy Hollibaugh

Poor hospital! Very dismissive with my children and myself. Really quick to push you out the door. I get specialist opinion's and have many records of Lakeview hospital's errors time and time again! Do your home work. Don't be afraid to challenge a doctor on your care and do not let them push you out the door as they do my family and mysellf.

Stephanie Mangrum

Bad experience levels to save on more car insurance 782.

alex goetzke

If you have a minor injury or ailment I'm sure this hospital is fine. Along with any other hospital. If you have a loved one with any sort of sickness that is or could become life threatening, stay away. Severely understaffed. Literally couldn't find a doctor or nurse when I went looking for one on a Saturday afternoon. One nurse told me in the late evening she was watching over the ENTIRE HOSPITAL. They delayed a lifesaving procedure and my grandpa passed away. He had good health before all this and probably could have survived with proper care. I would never want someone else's loved one to receive the same care. Be careful

R Johnson

I had laparoscopic gallbladder removal with Tim Perkins MD would recommend both him and Lakeview hospital. He was very thorough during consult, very personable with a good sense of humor and calmed my nerves about surgery. Surgery went well and he even gave me a picture of my gallbladder once out. All staff i interacted with at the hospital were awesome to deal with. The facility is very nice and updated. Love that it is a smaller hospital so it doesn't feel like you will get forgotten about if it were a big hospital with lots of patients and they have free parking.

Bob Petersen

Mike Duncan

Jillian Nikolai

Emergency room visits are great. Nurses and pas and doctors, etc. Have all been wonderful in my experience. Great bed side manner and they describe all the information you need in an easy to understand way.... But the pharmacy has always taken forever. If I'm In such excruciating pain that I go to the er in the middle of the night, then I would think someone would at least help me understand when my mess would be ready.. But instead I get am annoyed tone with a "it'll be a half hour"... 45 minutes later and still nothing and no one to be found. I'm tired and I want my antibiotics and pain meds so I can work tomorrow. Not cool.

Chrystel Mosley

Amazing staff.

P.J. Kessler

Dr. Bruce Bartie did low back disc surgery on me at Lakeview Hospital. I received outstanding care from when I entered to when I was discharged. A++++++ ALL staff was outstanding. Do not hesitate to have your surgery here.

Jeff F

Really great,professional hospital. The doctors and nurses go above and beyond their duties and are very friendly.

Inked Again

Currently hospitalized. Sadly, this does not seem to be a place of healing. (I hope instead of responding to this post the organization uses the time to train staff. Post responses are all the same anyway.) Some of the nurses show very little understanding of how pain is expressed by individual patients. People show pain in different ways based on many factors. They seem to forget pain management is part of healing and the first part of this process is to LISTEN to the person who is telling you they have pain. Here, you are shamed for asking for assistance with pain and some will delay following doctors orders to help with it. This shaming is potentially traumatic. Rather than problem solving, nursing staff is quick to “blame the patient” and point out problems with staffing and how overworked they are. As a patient I can do nothing about this. Several of nurses have been condescending and borderline rude. I understand this is a tough job - do you (the nurse) understand I am in pain and here for help? You can hear the nurses complaining all down the hallway. I hear some raising their voices to patients too.I guess morale is low? Counting the hours until I can leave as go home to care and compassion. (Also, a few nurses wear heavy perfume. It surprises me as a hospital should be a fragrance environment.)

Kathleen Taylor

J Booth

I took my wife here for a biopsy of her "lady parts" , check for any abnormallys . The entire staff from check-in to departure were so wonderful, caring and polite . Very professional and knowlegable people here. If you need to ever have treatment here feel assured you're in good hands.*** I 'd like to give a special "SHOUT-OUT" to Dr. Willet ,...she is awesome!!

Bill Hieb

I recently spent 7 days in intensive care with pneumonia. The entire staff was extremely professional and accommodating. They had a genuine interest in my recovery as well as my comfort. They were a blessing! Thank you

Hannah Lohmer


This place is a joke was in a roll over car crash been waiting over an hour and still have not been triaged how messed up is that

Stasia Whalen

I would not take my dog here if they needed medical attention. I would much prefer to drive an extra half hour to get to the cities to a better hospital. Lake view used to be great but now they are nothing but for profit. They ruined my birthing experience with my second and youngest and were not supportive of my breastfeeding, this making bonding harder. A birthing experience is something special that a family can never get back and lakeview made it a bad one..... Please please please consider before going here how seriously you need to be at THIS hospital or clinic.

mike fedock

Over the past few years I have seen a number health care professionals at Lakeview Hospital, primarily in urology and cardiology. Every one of my experiences with Lakeview has exceeded my expectations, including the medical evaluations, diagnosis and treatment. I find their services to be highly professional and caring. And the person(s) at the reception desk is (are) always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Lakeview!

Robert MacGregor

I feel sorry for the people who had bad experiences. Funny how medical institutions seem to always get negative reviews around here. Maybe people need to understand that medicine is not an exact science, and that it is made up of people who can have bad days and make mistakes. It doesn't help that many people who will show up at these places are probably already having a bad day. My wife and I just had our first child here, and all I can say is, I don't see how our experience could have been any more positive. Especially within reasonable expectations. We were there for the better part of three days. Everyone we interacted with seemed to want to be there, even if it was 3:30 in the morning. The birthing process was very well taken care of. Afterwords, the staff was very helpful at getting us acquainted with taking care of this new person and all of our questions and needs were promptly taken care of. My only other experience with this hospital is in the imaging department, so I can't vouch for the rest of the place. But every good hospital has weaker staff and I'm sure the more terrible clinics have a selection of great docs and nurses. I know people who have had bad experiences at Mayo! So there you have it. If you're going to have a baby or have an image done of your back, I can at least recommend doing those at Lakeview.

donna deschenes

While in Lakeview for appendicitis and an appendectomy I received outstanding care by both nurses and doctors. My overnight stay was memorable because of the excellent care I received from Beth and Hollie. The nursing staff the following day were busier but still attended to all my needs in a pleasant caring way. I had a good outcome and left with appreciation for all the staff.

Thom Davis

grandmahugzarebestforhearts Idrizow

Not going back here if I need emergency care ever. Very rude staff. Don't go here

Jody Dunn

My Mother was an emergency room Patient this past Wednesday. All the staff were very pleasant. My only concern was after the nurse took blood and inserted her IV she left all the bloody gauze and supplies on a tray next to her bed. She came in later and said "Oh I see I left a mess" but left again without cleaning it up. She also left a vial of blood laying on the counter by the door. I could understand this happening if it was an urgent fast moving emergency but it wasn't.

Jessica Hensel


John Anderson

Final word on my complaint pushed up to Healthpartners is, "Sorry, we're done with you". Nothing else we can say because it's our policy not to tell you anything. Why call it a "Patient complaint process" if the patient won't ever get any help? Apologies only go so far and especially when the ones you need to apologize will not do that? Complaint process is FAIL/FAIL for both Lakeview and Healthpartners. I was in Lakeview for a double surgery on September 11, 2018 and an act of negligence occurred during the start of my anesthesia. I chose two really good Surgeons but couldn't choose my anesthesiology team as the hospital has a plan in place to save money by using one MDA to four Nurse anesthetists, leaving slim cover and that policy was ultimately the cause of the error I experienced! The anesthesiology "Team" dropped the ball through miscommunication, administered a drug that I had refused. I was promised by the anesthesiologist that this drug would be withheld but it was not. I was not physically injured but I did file a complaint about that. I got no answers and eventually they came up with a story about an AUDIT of my case, which resulted in them using my records but not allowing me results from said audit. I believe that was an excuse to get rid of me. In fact, I still was billed for the drug I had refused!. Their Patient services Rep promised me she'd get the answers I needed for closure but that promise was broken too and I got nothing but ten weeks of apologies and stories. She then closed my complaint and told me there was nothing else that could be done (Sorry - good bye!). In my records I find evidence of a cover up by the anesthesiologist and am uncertain how far up the ladder this goes, but I did try and speak with the assistant to the Director and after a few days was told "Sorry but we were told to tell you that this is being handled by Healthpartners now and there's nothing we can do for you. A promise made by the assistant director turned into...another broken promise! THEN I got a letter from the Quality Director telling me to stop contacting and bothering hospital personnel as there's nothing more we can help you with and further contact is "inappropriate". Was jacking a drug I refused into my arm while I'm lying naked on an operating table, tied down unable to move and then my CRNA arguing with me "appropriate" in any way? What a helpless feeling and one of the most terrifying experiences I've ever had in my life! Healthpartners finally ended it all with no answers. Funny. They used my case and records and tell me I'm not entitled to any information at all. But it's finally over, I guess. FAIL/FAIL for patients both at Lakeview and healthpartners. The hospital itself doesn't seem to care at all about the hell I went fact the last thing the Quality Director said in her letter was that she "hoped to gain my full trust again and hoped I'd give them that opportunity". As far as I can see, she gave me just another broken promise. Nobody here wants to take ownership of the problem and fix it. Currently I don't trust this hospital at all and I don't think that there's anything they can do that would ever give me that trust back. Although I think the doctors and nurses are some of the most caring folks I've ever met, they are being pushed too hard and shoved into a mold that both makes money and gets some nice hospital awards for the owner and director to hang on their walls. From what I can see, the administrative branch cares little about the patients....they don't see us a people with families and feelings. That's too bad because Lakeview could be so much more, but leadership has to come from the top and leaders must lead by good example and with sound policy. I can never trust a hospital that can't even resolve it's own problems, let alone won't help me gain closure on the ones they created for me! Anyone who might be thinking of having medical needs taken care of, I'd suggest you look elsewhere as administratively, this place is off the rails .

Alex Olson

They took great care mending my sister's broken leg. The surgeon took the time to review the care plan with us and show us x-ray's of her leg before and after. Great experience considering the situation.

B k

Lots of good staffes and good to patients

Rose Johnson

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