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REVIEWS OF Lake Region Healthcare IN Minnesota

ronnesha anderson

This place was absolutely HORRIBLE!!!! My Grandmother was in excruciating pain and they made her wait in the lobby for over an hour!. The doctors told us there were no rooms available and that they were full, but when they finally were able to see her i seen numerous of rooms open. I would NEVER recommend this place to ANYONE!. They were very nonchalant and i could feel in my heart that they did NOT care.

Mercury Goddess

They are always missing huge problems and just genuinely don’t seem to care about patients overall. Some stand out but very few. I would just like to see things get better.

Mike Riewer

Anon Amouse

Although the facility itself is very nice, the doctors are not so much. ( They do not listen, and will not work with you. ) But the real complaint is the pricing. THE FACILITY CHARGES ARE OUTRAGEOUS. I was charged over $7G for a thirteen minute procedure!!! ( That is ONLY the facility charge - not the doctor's charge, or the procedure charge itself. ) Know before you go >>> This is a "care for profit" sort of place :-<

Tiffany Gibson

charles roman

They can be expecting a malpractice lawsuit from me.

Gen Gustafson

ER staff was short and rude when trying to get answers about a family member in the emergency department


Financial collections at this facility is a joke. Got a letter today saying I was sent to collections for $170.00 bill after spending thousands for back procedures and surgery. The funny thing is that this bill was from 2013. four years ago. Never have gotten a bill from LRH. Just a letter today from collections. This institution makes collecting a debt look like rocket science being performed by a ditch digger. It's not that hard. Since my follow ups, I have gone to Fargo and Alexandria only. Will never deal with this headache again. P.S. Many people have been treated the same way as I have been by LRH. They have told me time and time again.

Selena Delaine

blair hurley

I had surgery to a cyst from my ovary. They went in and found a bunch of what they said looks like endometriosis, a bunch of fluid and didn't take out the cyst. They however did not test any of it. I found out on a later date that it was endometriosis and it had doubled due to lack of treatment for it. The cyst had grown over 5x the size in just 6months. Even though I had my parents with me. I was still above the age of 18 and no one talked to me only my parents. I am so displeased and filled with anger about how poorly I was treated.

Joel Ronallo

Several visits here, and nothing changes. Takes forever to get anything accomplished. A flu visit looking for medicine and checking for pnuemonia, resulted in over 4 hrs of time, only to be sent home to take Tylenol because of being diagnosed with influenza A. Every visit here has been a disaster. I'll die before coming back here!

Amanita Bella Dreams

Jenny Kohler

Wouldn't even give one star if I didn't have to. You are better off driving 20-60mins then risking ur life at this hospital. They have a good few Dr but u never will get into them. There ER rooms are so dirty idk how u can be healthy. Sucks we live in fergus and can't Dr here.

Dave Lindgren

Tygen Isham-Tucci

the mental health unit was total trash.

Sharon Bussanmas

Lake Region farms out heart patients to Fargo than does not provide transportation to immediate family members who can not drive to Fargo.

Robin Newbrough

They'll hand out prescriptions to psychiatric drugs and viagra like candy on Halloween, but if you're experiencing pain from an injury you should avoid this business. You'll be treated like you're pretending. After weeks with no improvement from physical therapy, I scheduled an appointment with the doctor to discuss cortisone and an MRI. They called me right back to tell me that there was no point in going to the appointment because the doctor was not going to help me. If you are in pain, LRHC doesn't want your business.

David Erickson

Great hospital and staff! Although billing department needs improvement, receive bills that are almost 6 months after service date!

Keith Schmidt

Everything seems very organized and streamlines. The clinic is easy to find and building is easy to navigate. Large waiting lobbies and rooms. Greeter at front door. Always clean. Connected to hospital. Good signage. Ample parking. Facility has doctors to take care of most any medical condition or emergency. Large facility with broad application and services for a town this size.

Myladie Whitehead

Kim Prax

The office staff has been helpful but the ER doctor wasn't professional or detailed at all!!! He didn't put any of my symptoms, history or current meds in his write up (8 hours after visit). Therefore, my insurance isn't covering the visit. Instead of $100 copay (which I paid), I now owe over $500. Very dissatisfied!!

Kenya Sutter

Edelweiss Montera

Mhe Doctors and Staff are nice! Thank you!

Bethany Ouren

The doctors and staff at Lake Region are all excellent. They are kind and very thorough. My family and I are grateful that they are here and so close by.

Pukey Green

My parent received excellent healthcare here for nearly a week after falling at home. I cannot say enough about how well we were treated by the ER staff as well as the hospital staff. Even the cafeteria staff made us smile on some of the coldest days of the year because they were so kind. Thank you!

Stephanie Odgers

The campus is easy to find ideal location for the community. I have utlilized this facility specifically for physical therapy needs after a recent back injury-surgery. I must say the physical therapist staff are beyond amazing! I have seen just about all of the staff at one point or another. I would see one and say ok "this one's my favorite" having certain timing issues on my part I would schedule quick with a different therapist. Then again the alternative quickly became my favorite. With that being said - they are fantastic. I have came a long way from a full spinal fusion. And with the thanks of staff at Lake Region Healthcare.

Abdi Khali

The urologist that I met was very helpful: Dr. Levran. Also, the front desk receptionists were very helpful!

Heidi Fehlhaber

I have never worked with a better facility.

Aubree Simmons

Rate Zero for most doctors. Phycology is 5 stars

Laura R

The doctors and nurses are great, but FFS billing needs to get it's $#!+ together. I should not be receiving bills for "adjustments" on things I paid 8 months ago. I continually have issues with LRH and the Benny card people. Every single LRH bill requires additional documentation, and because of how slow LRH billing is, we end up paying out of pocket (when there is plenty of cash in the Benny card) because it goes out of the service year! We have never had these problems with Sanford or Essentia.

scott Duberowski

Mary DuBridge-Johnson

Nurses and other staff are awesome. Doctors, so far, have the personalities of mean rocks and seem to only want to get you out of their facility.

Marc Stratton

Tory S.

I checked in at 10:10, even though my appointment was at 10:40, and was seen almost immediately. I got out in 25 minutes. The staff and doctor was friendly. This place is the best. Go here if you truly want quality care.

Abigail Vondal

I have been in twice to the ER for kidney stones and both times dismissed. The clinic has really stepped up and now it's time for the ER department to step up. While I was trying to get the attention of my two "nurses", they were too busy trying on neck braces and taking pics of each other. Meanwhile, my BP from my pain was 173/103. Very disappointed. I have been a patient for more than 25 years here and only had two bad experiences. I have reached out to Pateint Experiences twice now and left two voicemails with my complaints and have yet to hear anything. Hippocratic Oath means nothing to the ER staff. Get it together! We are all humans. Treat us as such. I hope when you are ill that you have better "medical professionals" than I did. Sent me home suggesting Tylenol. Never again will I call 911 and be transported here. Ever. *** Update*** I have been contacted back about my experience and it seems as if they are very concerned about my lack of care. A grievance has been filed with the ER House Supervisor and Glenda has been amazing every step of the way! Thank you!

ahmed alobaedi

Dustin Severson

Very friendly staff

Shadow Avery

I wish I could give 0 stars... I had my son there November 2017 and they moved me less than 24 hours after he was born to keep a birthing suite open for someone else and after they moved me, THEY NEVER cleaned my room, changed my sheets, took out my trash and I was there for FOUR DAYS. Their was sand, salt, snow on my floor and in my bed! ( because it got on my socks and got transferred to the bed) I DID sent a letter in to there complaint department Or whatever and that was in April 2018. I got a letter every month until November saying “they were looking into it” whatever that means... I don’t know. I just know I WILL NOT spend another over-night there!

Jason Meyer

Hunter Lohrmann

michelle anderson

its always such a long wait to see the doctor, every time I schedule I can't get in for a month or two ... show up early and wait for at least an hour!! some staff is okay, but my experience here has never been satisfied.

Mike Olson

Jill K Trites

My elderly family member was brought to the Lake Region ER by ambulance last week. Although the ER was very backed up, he received good treatment and care while they were conducting testing. He was admitted to the hospital and has received excellent healthcare. Although it had been 30-plus years since he had been at the hospital, he has been treated with respect and dignity. Our family is grateful for the excellent healthcare he has received at this facility.

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