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REVIEWS OF Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital IN Minnesota

Valerie Horton

They are always very nice & seem genuinely concerned about your well-being.

Carnivore Mother

If you had to choose between delivering a baby here or in deer river, there are a few fabulous home birth midwives in the area... Update: after having a life altering delivery in deer river my second delivery was in grand itasca, the nurses treated me very poorly. By the time I was ready to have my third baby planning the gentle delivery I needed was like pulling teeth; dr. Beyer was excessively pushy with tests that I did not want or require medically, They truly care about insurance and money more than their patients. The nurses I had for my third delivery were amazing though. Those women deserve awards

Dottie Riotto

I have spent 30 minutes on hold and have called back 4 time with no one answering! I am hoping my family member is not there dead! I would not be able to find out. Hire some staff please!

Austin Baldinger

This place is awful I went in for a sore wrist one time and the doctor I think her name was raddovich or something literally never touched my wrist she said I had a thing called gamer wrist (which sounds very professional) so later I went into northern pines orthopedic and saw Jeff temple (he’s awesome btw) but he said that I had actually broken a small bone in my hand. Another time my grandpa who has a variety of conditions from COPD to diabetes went to get his lungs checked and the doctor at grand itasca gave him a prescription for something but he never got better not only did my grandpa come to find out that the pill he was prescribed had a side affect of troubled breathing but he also found out from deer river that he has a rare bone cancer. So in conclusion some I’m not say all of the doctors (even though it feels like it) are absolutely horrible at their jobs and do not care about people it’s a truest terrible hospital

Michele Conrad

It is awesome

Pam Tribbey

I would give 0 if it would let me! My blood pressure has been high and all I wanted was to check my blood pressure by a professional. I was told to go to the emergency room. Because they only treat sore throats and such! I am seriously in disbelief!


Levi Wickersham

Your billing dept needs work !

BillieJo Skelly

Can not find their hours posted anywhere :(

grant jordan

Laura Venema

Very long wait. Nice staff

Dan Ayers

Mark Hegdahl

Unless something is very obvious, you won’t find out much here. If you get lucky you can get a referral out of network and see healthcare professionals of a much higher caliber. Billing is their most efficient process.

Samantha Kreutz

I would never recommend this hospital to anyone! The ER is the worst! The doctors are rude and condescending. I went in in October with a pop in my back and neck pain that followed, I had spine surgery in 2016, and the doctor let me lay there in excruciating pain and wanted me to tell him why I thought I had pain. I told him and he asked me why I thought that was. By this time I was in so much pain I couldn’t concentrate and barely talk! I got upset and he refused to work with me. I asked for another doctor and was told ok. Then I sat there for an 1hr waiting for another doctor. I finally walked out. They really let me down that night and I haven’t been able to get them to listen since then. I believe that doctor let his pride get in the way and I have suffered for it. This isn’t the type of treatment people should be getting when they ask for help!!

Justin Bergman

absolute waste of time. These people are nothing other than criminals. They need to be investigated for dirty billing tactics.

Tim Peterson

I found it quite disturbing that I checked to see if my knee replacement surgery was covered under my Humana insurance. I was told that the insurance approved it. The hospital was covered, my primary care physician was covered, but my surgeon was out of network. Unfortunately I didn't discover this until the bills started flying in. What I find quite disturbing is that all literature provided by the hospital indicated that Dr Possai was part of the Grand Itasca family. His picture is featured on the GI web site and plastered in the lobby of the facility. It turns out that Dr Possai is actually "affiliated" with Grand Itasca, but is actually practicing out of Northern Orthopedics. There were other medical professionals that treated me as well that were also "out of network". I'm sure there was a disclosure buried in the fine print that people in pain pencil whip, but Grand Itasca, if you want to do your patients a service, when you check medical coverage, let the patient know who is in and out of network. This is putting a great financial strain on me. I would have gone to someone else if I knew the facts.

Dennis Krampotich

I want to Thank the ER staff and flight for life for transporting my brother to Duluth. You saved his life. ❤️

Robin Johnson

While visiting from D.C. I torn my Hamstring. My husband and I had just arrived at my sisters when the pain ripped through me. They ended up calling for an ambulance. The medics where AWESOME! They were kind, knowledgeable, and professional. The personnel in the ER (Nurses & Doctors) were just as AWESOME. They admitted me due to other concerns and they treated me with the utmost compassion and professionalism. Kudos to the entire Granditasca Team!! Thank you

Lane Aultman

Honestly, don't waste your time. Waited an hour and then told to leave, just because a particular provider didn't want to order a test. Went down to another Fairview Clinic back in the cities and they were astounded that they would turn a patient away and disregard a test. Still need to double check they didn't bill me just to take my weight, height, and BP. In all reality, treat this place as a last resort. If you can do the traveling to somewhere else, I'd highly advise to do so.

Garrett Hanson

They seem to have a long wait time to see anyone me my kids or wife and when they do I'm there all day cause what should be a routine check up is a full blown disaster besides the birth of my two kids every other experience has been a nightmare

Amber Bender

Bonnita Hamilton

I have many complicated health issues and despite moving to Hibbing, I have chosen to keep my healthcare with my doctor at Grand Itasca. He discusses all the options available to me and let's me make the final decision on which route I would like to go for treatment. When it is a treatment that he feels is very important that I have, he tells me. He is always very straight-forward while remaining professional and kind.

Isaac Meyer

Sidney Leonhart

Extremely unprofessional and horrible doctors and nurses in the ER division, especially those that work at night. Avoid at all costs!

E. Nashton

I'd rather die then ever go here. Constantly treated like garbage. They dont care about helping people they only want a paycheck.


I was a patient there.I needed a simple thyroid panel done.My insurance pays for it They would only check my tsh and then told me I didnt have a problem.Thought I had a pain pill deficiency. Tried another doc there,no way could I get a thyroid panel.Left went to Brainerd clinic they didnt question me ran the simple test and voila put me on a Natural thyroid med.That was over 12 years ago . Will Not ever go back .Apparently Grand Itasca doesn't know how to check ones thyroid.Lol

Brooke T

Joe Gustofson

Every individual I came in contact with was absolutely phenomenal. Very caring great attitude and happy made my whole experience wonderful thank you kindly. Joe

Eric Samuelson

My family of six have been taking care of our health care at Grand Itasca since we moved to Grand Rapids. We have had all sorts of health care situations. We have always been treated very well. The support staff and the Doctors are all very good. We feel lucky to have Grand Itasca at our disposal. Grand Itasca is dramatically better than the hospitals we have had in the last two communities we lived in.

Acacia Ruschmeier

Michael Stockwell

Drew Prochazka

We live in the Grand Rapids area. Our family of six has had all the different situations to use your local clinic/hospital. They have been great to work with. They are easy to work with and very friendly.

Brie Colombe

This has been the absolute WORST medical experience of my life. Has been an ongoing problem for YEARS. Even if you are able to find a good doctor, the care team, record keeping, scheduling policies are a complete MESS. As someone who frequents the doctor and has been to many different hospitals and clinics, I can say with utmost certainty that this is one on the worst hospitals in the entire state. It would take me a solid hour to write out all of my complaints. Just trust me and go somewhere else Hopefully after a few years of being a part of Fairview they will fix these issues.

Chris Salberg

TERRIBLE....If you want to die.....go there! Pain Medications you are suppose to get on an hourly rate you will get every hour and a half to two hours with excuses like "The nurses were really busy" as you hear the nurses talking on the phone about their children's baseball game with their spouse, gabbing about non work items with each other and then see them on their phones doing facebook......and when you complain they are very condescending. If you do the math and lets say the doc order a shot of morphing every hour and on average you get it every hour and a half in 8 hours that only is 7 pain shots out of 8 and 21 minutes in 8 hours you will be in 30 minutes every hour and a half.......very unprofessional.

Adri Remengesau

The worst experience I had in the ER. 39 weeks pregnant and has an accident which I almost had my big toe nail came off and it was bleeding and painful. Walked in the ER and was thrown in a waiting room for almost 2 hours of waiting. Almost an hour waiting for the x-ray staffs as well as the doc. I didnt even get my bleeding toe cleaned but instead they wrapped it only after the xray result and have me go. I demanded to get dressing tapes so that I can do my dressing at home. While waiting inside the room in pain, my toe bled twice, and if I didnt ring my nurse and ask where are the xray staff I would have been there for 3 hours or dissapointing..I'm afraid to go there again if I have an emergency or need immediate care

Sorin Toma


Toniann Englert

TeknicallyFlow yeet

Dan Koenig

I was 100% satisfied with the treatment in the ER and the hospital. The doctors were very friendly and professional. I have been going there for about a year and never waited more than 10 minitues to be seen for my appointments. Keep up the great work ethic.


Your patients should be able to measure their blood pressure on the weekend without going to the ER facility. It is not that complex of a service. Ridiculous, I had to either go to ER or wait until Monday or die.

N Stone

The level of incompetence in this hospital is astounding. I could fill a book with everything that this place does wrong. Terrible doctors on staff. Awful ER practices and a down right neglectful level communication.

Scott Nelson

Kayla Running

The worst clinic I’ve ever dealt with. Every single one of my experiences there have been negative. Called to see if I could reschedule appointment simply 10 minutes later than the scheduled time and first it took them transferring me to about 5 different people to figure out who I needed to talk to in order to reschedule, ended up having to leave a message. They called me back about a half hour later but didn’t leave a message so once again I had to go through being transferred to five different people to figure out who I needed to talk to, one lady was extremely rude and was mad that I called back but what else was I gonna do if they didn’t leave me a message?! Finally got ahold of who I needed to talk to and they said I couldn’t move my appointment simply 10 minutes later because I was the last appointment in the day and the doctor I would be seeing is suppose to get off after my appointment. So apparently 10 minutes late off work is too much for them... I’ve had to stay late after work for almost all of my jobs every time. But whatever, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the fact that in order to reschedule the appointment time for a different day... I’d have to wait another three months or so after I’ve already waited 3 months to get to this appointment in the first place, meanwhile my condition is only getting worse. Every time I deal with them it feels like they have no idea what they’re talking about and they always rush through appointments, not taking time to consider every possible diagnosis and instead only focusing on one general diagnosis. So glad I switched to the St. Lukes in Hibbing. It is worth the drive! Everyone who I talk to who has gone to this clinic only has negative things to say so I guess that should say enough about the quality of this clinic.

Ha Beeb

Privacy is the worst I've seen in 30 years. Patient doors arent shut curtains arent fully drawn not even for an exam unless asked then still not ,completely. Waiting I learned the women across the hall came by ambulance had pneumonia compromised by HIV, her address and much much more. I've worked in the med field for my entire live and have never seen such gross negligence. Also because my curtain was not drawn I saw partially how they were cleaning the room throwing her used sheets on the chair , I saw no bio hazard anything, no chemical cleaners, etc. This is a place you go to get sicker, which I did. Came in with a for back left with no help for that but woke up with cold and flu. There is no way this place should be open . None. HIPAA and universal precautions and privacy are non existence.

Penny Hougdahl

The staff was friendly and work efficiently. I was very pleased with the services provided.


My first experience at Grand itasca was down right a disappointment in many ways.

Enai D

I have the misfortune of having Grand Itasca as my primary care clinic, and I would not recommend it to anyone. The service is consistently slow and poor, the staff generally unhelpful, and the customer service is, as a rule, downright awful. Do not go here, if you can in any way avoid it.

Dave Sebesta

I was sick and they fixed me. 5/5

Braidy Nichols

Chandler Davidson

Absolutely terrible experience, waited over 3 1/2 hours in the er just to be looked at for 10 minutes.

Tina Nordlund


In need of lab tests that were ordered by my physician, I tried on two different days to set up a a lab appointment and could not get anyone to answer. The very nice operator even wondered what was going on after multiple attempts on the same day. . After 3 tries in two days, I gave up. This is unacceptable.

Vanessa Aamodt

Extremely rude people working here

Kayla Aubid

Amazing nursing staff and all of the doctors we’ve worked with have been reassuring, thorough, and genuinely caring. The maternity ward is beautiful and the whole prenatal and post partum experience has exceeded any expectations we would have had for a healthcare facility of its size. When husband had to visit ER they got us in quickly and took the time to consistently check-in when they unexpectedly got busy with a trauma. Highly recommend! (Side Note: the original art by local artists throughout the facility is unique and awesome to see them supporting the arts economy)

Sarah Timmerman

I have a rare condition I’m very educated in. I have MEN 1syndrome and hypoparathyroidism. I got the flu the evening before I had to go in and vomiting lowers my calcium levels which causes me to go into a tetany seizure. It’s not a regular seizure. I’m aware the entire time but my muscles painfully cramp and I get terrible weakness. I tried to call ahead to the ER to see if they had the type of saline in needed for an IV and they were condescending and rude to me on the phone (mid seizure). The ER nurse actually mocked me and said “sooooo you are having a seizure but you are talking to me on the phone?” I told her what kind of seizure it was and she completely blew me off and wouldn’t take my name or anything. She just said we are here and will admit you when you get here. I decided to go in anyway because it’s the closest hospital that I could think of. Luckily I had taken an extra dose of calcium and it kicked in because I sat in the waiting room for an hour after I was admitted because I was told there were no clean rooms. I watched others who came in after me get into a room which tells me I was not a priority. I ripped off my bracelets and left and self medicated at home. I still really needed that special IV but I couldn’t sit up anymore. I will never go back. I will go to big fork or drive all the way to Duluth before I go to this awful place.

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