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I had a excellent two night stay after my 1st surgery ever. The staff was amazing and very attentive to all my needs. The room I had was nice. Food was pretty good as well. My family was also treated well. I didn't get to explore the whole hospital, but I did see a large gift shop and a ATM in the main entrance.

Michael McParland

The ER had one of the absolute most incompetent doctors and nursing staff. I could clearly hear them talking about the patients and poking fun at them from their station. I was accused by one of them of touching her inappropriately when I was so sick sex could not have been further from my mind. I was under heavy mental distress and confusion they started berating me leading to me getting further agitated and feeling defensive because I felt abused. This has been a year and a half since and I still get intensely upset that I get angry and want to cry. I would rather die than go to any hospital now. This is the honest truth. Fairview Ridges is one of the worst hospitals with a horrible staff. One other thing was when I tried to explain my issue in depth to the doctor he cut me off and walked out of the room. I was in the ER for around 9 hours and saw the doctor twice.

Mike Noonan

Jan Levine

I highly recommend this hospital. My mom was discharged prematurely from a different hospital after being diagnosed with several different life-threatening conditions. I had her taken to Fairview Ridges and she has received nothing but top-notch, compassionate care. The hospitalist is in contact with me daily. Excellent communication and care. I couldn’t ask for more for my mom.

Ashley Bera

Took off work to get a test done in Radiology, and took necessary antibiotics days before the test. The scheduling department then calls me 2 hours before my exam to tell me I was scheduled with a radiologist who doesn’t do this exam. I am very dis-pleased and will be seeking a new healthcare company immediately. Not only did I take antibiotics for no reason, I also missed a day of work and will now have to wait until my next cycle to get this test performed (as it must be completed during a certain time from your period).

Ginger Duckworth

Helen Day

ER misdiagnosed symptoms and discounted my 23 y/o daughter's pain. 2 days later at Allina Savage Clinic she was IMMEDIATELY Dx with Shingles and possible Cornea involvement. CLASSIC SYMPTOMS. How could the ER Doc miss that and totally blow off her nerve pain?!

Kevin Miller

Brought my wife in with an asthma attack, sat in the waiting room for what seems like forever. We had to leave before we could get any help. No urgency here.


Carrie Olson

By FAR the worst experience I've EVER had! My FOUR year old was brought in for an unknown allergic reaction. 3 hours of being there and the medical staff spent a combined total of a MAX of 10 minutes and gave us no answers. At hour 3, I put the call light on and set a timer. After 7 minutes, still no one came in our room. I left with my daughter without discharge papers. When we left the room, 6 staff members were standing directly outside our room. No one said a word as we left and after 30 minutes of being home, still no contact from the hospital finding out where a FOUR year went!!!!

Jessica French

4 hours I've been here with NOTHING and no female doctors. Wouldn't recommend to my enemy!

Samantha Hardin

Spent 3 nights in Labor and Delivery for monitoring after being taken by ambulance. All my nurses were fantastic, they made me feel comfortable even though it was a very scary and uncomfortable situation. They took the time to talk to me and treated me like a person and not just a name with a chart. Dr. Cheng was great and really made me feel at ease. The food wasnt terrible...I would stick with breakfasts though.

terenie acon

UNPROFESSIONAL!! I bring my 4 year old son here whom was very sick. I was told by a nurse all of the rooms where full so it would be a wait. In the waiting room my son vomited a lot all over his clothes my self and a big puddle on the floor. The nurses looking at us as if nothing happened. After yelling to the top of my lungs for some assistance with some towels (although the nurses heard me the first 5 times I've asked they were 5 inches away) the older gentleman that being some towels was acting as if he was very discussed with my son vomit witch only made me angry because my son could not help it after all he's only 4 and sick! I asked if my son could get some water because he complained about being dizzy and said his head begin to hurt and no one helped us at all. I ended up just packing me and my son up who was covered in vomit from his shirt to shoes including coat and it was raining and snowing out witch only made matters worse As I was proceeding to leave the nurse chuckled because o was telling her how unprofessional she was. NEVER EVER WILL I GO BACK HERE. I OUT OF A 1 OUT OF 10 THEY WOULDNT EVEN GET THE 1!!

Harley Evenson

So I brought my 7 week old daughter to the Emergency room last night. She had been progressively getting worse- projectile vomiting. Going on a few days. Couldn't keep anything down. (Miraculously she kept the food down while at the hospital- but isn't that how it goes). Anyway. This young doctor walks in and gets the low down on our situation. I let her know that we've tried everything at home- more or less I'm hoping for a suggestion on diet change because again- everything she's recommended trying we've done. She proceeds to ask ME whether or not I feel it'd be a good idea... at this point I'm a little surprised. Why she is asking me my opinion on the matter when it was clear I had no idea what was left to do - I could not wait to get my daughter into her pediatrician to be seen and agreed to take her into the ER immediately for advice. After the ultrasound revealed no issues I was left back at square one. Left in the room to feed my daughter so they could monitor her feeding. I was over it all and asked to be discharged as this was clearly going nowhere. The discharge (nurse?) Came in. I expressed my concerns with her about our visit. I'm not sure why I was surprised as both the doctor and nurse acted as if they were just let out of school and not learned yet how to be professional- one of the nurses statements was that "I should really bring my daughter to a pediatrician to be seen because they are more specialized in babies and stuff." I've never had issues with Fairview before but I am in disbelief how things were dealt with last night. I loved Fairview. But I am really disappointed.

Gustavo Raul Guerrero

By far the WORST HOSPITAL EVER! Who ever goes to this location will waste there time, they don’t take you seriously, nurses or doctors will mock you. They treat my fiance like she’s some lunatic that WANTS to be there? Um, NO! We would like to spend time with our daughters and live a normal life just like everyone else instead of going to the ER. I take her to the ER because I have witnessed her fainting, not eating enough, barely drinks water and juice from a SPOON like a baby. And no specialist has been able to find an answer yet! (Switched to Mayo Clinic for her primary: hopefully answers soon!) So when she’s at her worst in symptoms of course I bring her here because it’s closest! (Mayo ER is 40 min drive from us) - I just hope somebody from Fairview sees this because the way you have been treating my fiancé is just not acceptable. SHE IS SICK, AND SHE IS IMPORTANT. LISTEN TO YOUR PATIENTS!

No Scop3

Idiot doctors that never know what they're doing. This place should be bankrupt. No one should ever go here! All doctors should be fired and reported! They ask people for information under drugs just to bill them! They create more expenses for patients and seriously need to be investigated. These are doctors that couldn't get a job at a real hospital.

erin phillips

Birth center has AMAZING nurses and staff all around!! I highly recommend them

LeRoy Zambrano

Chris Phoenix

Brian Viengthong

Staff here are attentive and willing to assist you with your needs. My wife delivered our 3rd child here. When she was having contractions in the parking lot, an off duty staff came and assisted us escorting my wife and I to the ER. A nurse came over right away with a wheelchair and jogged her up to floor 4th. Our baby was a quick delivery and everyone supportive and on point.

Betty Martin

My daughter was in the ER this week. Has a blockage by a kidney stone, blocking the tube or duct to her bladder. Where they did emergency surgery in Va, this hospital Dr told her she had 2 kidneys so she would be ok. I'm so mad I could SPIT! If she loses a kidney or something happens to her... Think long and hard before you go there.

Kolby G.

On August 30th, 2018 at 6:00 pm I suffered a major finger injury and found myself in the ER. I was treated by Dr. Roach and the team on staff (sadly, I can't recall their names). Dr. Roach did an amazing job to repair my finger. To keep me calm and comfortable we shared jokes and quote from the TV show, "The Office." One employee in particular stands out to me. She has only been with Ridges for about a month. Her job was to clean up my mangled finger and prep me for stitches. She admitted this was the worst injury she's seen in her time at Ridges. Though her service she was confident did a great job fielding questions and explained every step in her process to me. Throughout the process she was friendly and shared jokes with my wife and I. My wife is an RN for a well know hospital in Minneapolis and she was also impressed with the professionalism and personal touch everyone showed us during our time in the ER. Thanks to all who helped me on that day!

Ayanna Ali

I just walked out of this hospital’s emergency wait room because of unusual wait time and poor customer treatment (after waiting for an hour and a half). My 2 year old had a long lasting cough that was ongoing for the past three weeks which got worse the last two days. There was also this rude Indian nurse that was checking in patients. She was very loud and rude with some patients including us and was all smiles and polite to other customers. It had to do with the patients race which I will not go I depth with. The nurse that saw us to determine how long the wait will be didn’t even ask what was going on with my daughter and didn’t care to listen. The night staff at this hospital needs training on how to treat people (especially people with kids). Fairview was our to go clinic for everything and we won’t be coming back to it after tonight for sure.

Mackenzie Jacobsen

Worst experience in the emergency room with three separate physicians. I went in for a migraine around midnight 3 days after giving birth at another hospital. The first physician questioned all of my symptoms and was downright rude. When I told her I didn’t feel like she was listening to me, she said she couldn’t help with if I was going to question her and inferred that maybe I should just leave. I asked for another physician but there wasn’t one available. After finishing her exam she concluded that I did have a migraine due to my epidural and I was sent to another area for a spinal patch. The physician that performed that procedure asked me why on earth I would have given birth at Abbott in Minneapolis when I could get stuck in rush hour. He actually scoffed when I said I used a midwife for delivery. After the procedure they didn’t have me get up and walk or anything, just wheeled back to the ER. Another physician then came in and asked if I had actually given birth because they could see all my medical records at my primary clinic but couldn’t find details at Abbott. He then told me I should just be seen at Abbott if I have more issues. He wrote me a pain med prescription and left. Again, no one had me get up and walk after the procedure on my spine. I tried to get off of the cot and it wasn’t locked. I waited and no one came back and I couldn’t see a help button anywhere. I took off my monitoring stuff and no one came in. I was finally able to maneuver off my bed and then get all my belongings together that were stuck under the bed after about 20 minutes. The only positive experience was the lady that came in to take my medical information. She was very kind and empathetic and even asked if she could turn the light on with my migraine. Unfortunately, when the bill came, none of my insurance information was on file so I then had to take care of that with two separate billing companies. I went to this ER because my husband needed to stay with our 2 older kids at midnight on a school night and take care of the newborn. It’s 5 minutes from my home and he was able to easily drop me off and pick me up. I tried calling my mom and SIL and neither answered to drive me back to Abbott. The lack of sympathy, terrible bedside manner, and condescending style of questioning by three different physicians while I was alone and at my most vulnerable was enough to tell EVERYONE I know to take your business elsewhere.

Makayla Eckberg

Disgusting service. I saw a difference in the way I was treated.

Rob Kolar

The care I received, from the ER to actually being in the hospital, was exceptional!! The doctors were caring and very patient, taking the time to answer questions to my satisfaction, and the nurses (and assistants) provided top-quality patient care. If I ever have a choice about which hospital I can stay at, Fairview Ridges in Burnsville, MN is definitely where I want to go!!!

Pfeffer A

The personnel in staff during night shift or repulsive disgusting and vile. Been in multiple times job related non emergency and I have yet to have personable good experience recommend driving elsewhere

Linda Dyjak

Monday: Total hip replacement surgery - uncontrolled pain and nausea ..The nurse would not listen to me, just rolled her eyes when I complained of pain. First 3 days of therapy wasted as all they did was drag me around with pain so bad I could not remember any exercises. Spiked a 103 temp and finally got different meds and some pain relief. Early Friday chest x ray taken. Released at noon Friday. Sunday: Spiked a 103.2 temp, returned to ER, admitted with pneumonia. Asked them to notify my surgeon that I was readmitted, they did not. My doctor stated that he could see the pneumonia in the x ray and that in his opinion, I had been released with pneumonia. Never, never again to Ridges...

shell gaede

This was aweful waiting 4 hrs just to b seen another hour after that for an ultra sound this place was dirty cobwebs holes in the walls never again will I come here

Julie Christensen

This is the WORST EMERGENCY ROOM service I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing! I have a much less important job than these individuals, and move at TEN TIMES the speed as they do. I also am not a complainer, so I have to be SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED with service to go as far as to write a bad review online about the LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE I received. The RN (PATRICK) whom I dealt with was LAUGHABLE--as I've met convenience store-teenage-employees-on-their-phones who would've been more attentive and helpful...and this guy is responsible for MUCH more than they generally are. I basically wouldn't trust him to relay my Taco Bell order--let alone my personal information, needs, concerns, etc. NO PEOPLE SKILLS FOR THE LEAST BUSY EMERGENCY ROOM I'VE EVER SET FOOT INSIDE. I WOULD SOONER TAKE MY CHANCES DRIVING AN EXTRA 25 MILES TO FAIRVIEW SOUTHDALE IN EDINA IN THE MIDST OF A HEART ATTACK, THAN EVER GO TO FAIRVIEW RIDGES IN BURNSVILLE AGAIN!!!

Salika Pao

This place gets 5 stars because I work here.

Abdul Dirie

My wife was delivered at this hospital and we stayed 3 days but these days were so stressful, sleepless besides of our situation, too much different ppl knocking your door if you try to rest. What I felt was the employees were trained to do their job not thinking of the patient’s needs and resting. Some nurses are so awesome and nice

Thomas Meyer

Very helpful

Nick House

Worst place I've been in my life. They outsource there physicians to EPPA. No idea if they have any credentials, and they bill separately from the hospital. Major scam!!!!

M Jackson

The specialty care center is very nice and clean. I love that there is Jazzman's Coffee shop on the main floor. The gal making the coffee makes one great cup of coffee. As a repeat customer I actually enjoy Jazzman's over Caribou or Starbucks. The other day while we were waiting for a prescription at the Fairview Pharmacy we found out that Fairview is closing down Jazzman's and wants to focus their attention to the "We proudly serve Caribou" Coffee Shop at the hospital. This has got to be the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard. We find comfort in enjoying a cup of coffee while we wait for our appointments and waiting to get our prescriptions filled. This was a great way to help with our anxiety. Fairview Management....before you think about your pockets and profits please consider what affect closing down this wonderful little coffee shop will have on other patients and families coming for appointments. Jazzman's was a service that brought us comfort and was an appreciated element to great patient care. Now you want to make us go all the way to the hospital for thank you Fairview. We will be taking our business elsewhere and transferring pharmacy's. I will no longer be recommending Fairview to my friends or family.

Sitney Day

THIS HOSPITAL IS LACKING A BASIC SKILL IN MEDICINE. I went into this ER with severe pain radiating from my lymph node in my neck, a painful sore on my eyelid, and a painful itching sensation under my skin. He completely dismissed my symptoms and sent me home to use my perception hydrocortisone and take Benadryl. My symptoms continues to get worse and worse so I went to a family Medicine doctor and they diagnosed me with shingles and a skin infection. The hydrocortisone/steroid cream probably worsened the sore on my eyelid as well.

Dion Herron

mohamed ali

Best as I saw from day 1 till my mom got her knee surgery done.

Aimee Charbonneau

I am only giving a 1 star review because I had 2 amazing nurses while in labor and delivery and post-delivery - Amy and Kristen. I hope I remember these nurses's correct names because I want to give them all of the credit for the little positive experience I had delivering a baby at Fairview Ridges. Otherwise I would give 0 stars if it was an option. I also wish I would've wrote this immediately after my experience because I know there is a lot that I have missed or simply forgot about 3 months later. Brace yourself for a very lengthy review. I am writing this not because I want to complain, but because I think any mother who is considering delivering at Fairview Ridges in Burnsville needs to know about my personal experience. This is only MY experience so I can't speak for other mothers who delivered here but it was bad enough for me to take time out of my day to write this review. I went in at 1:00 PM for regular, strong contractions about 10 days before my due date. This was my 1st child BTW. I regret wasting my time writing a birth plan because I was judged and questioned about almost everything I wrote on it. My partner was also judged and questioned about some of his preferences as well. I was questioning breastfeeding due to being on a certain medication that I did not know how it could eventually affect my child if I breast fed. I was told by this nurse that I should "at least try" even after I told her my reasons why I might choose not to. After about 2 hours of contractions I asked when I could get the epidural and was told, "when the doctor comes." I was also told by the nurse that she delivered 4 babies naturally. I felt shamed for wanting an epidural. The overnight nurse (I believe her name is Amy) was amazing! She was extremely accommodating, helpful, and understanding. She was not rude or condescending as I experienced earlier in the day. When I finally arrived to the post-delivery room. This is where I continued to feel pressured to breastfeed by each nurse that came and went. One nurse said that she didn't know how to swaddle a baby because she is not a mother or grandmother. A little bit later after the breast feeding wasn't going that well, I asked for some formula for my baby because the baby got maybe 3 drops of breast milk to eat in about 8 hours. I was told that was enough because of how small their stomachs are. Later that day when it was time to feed again, my partner wanted to try feeding the baby formula with a syringe. The nurse asked me if I wanted to try breast feeding first and I said, "No, not this time." I was given the most disrespectful look I've ever received as a grown adult and was asked, "Are you sure?" I said yes. I got another judgmental look from the nurse as she whispered, "OOOOK" under her breath. The breast feeding push continued throughout the evening until my partner and I decided that it wasn't for us and I didn't want to even try anymore. This is when I told the overnight nurse, Kristen, that we only wanted to do formula and bottles and no more breastfeeding. Kristen was extremely understanding and did not question or belittle me for making this decision. Kristen was the only nurse I felt comfortable enough around to tell her what I really wanted. Lastly, I also received a card in the mail from the Baby Center department a few short days after being home. Signed by Amy and Kristen only. It is stressful enough being a first time mother and then being treated so poorly at such a facility it made my experience 10 times worse. I am very disappointed in the nursing staff in the baby center at Fairview Ridges in Burnsville and I really hope the staff was just having a difficult few days because I would never ever ever want any other mom to feel as judged, belittled, and criticized as I felt during my 72 hour stay.

Nick Kiphuth

Koko Moalin

was just in the ER...staff seemed pretty nice, they actually took time to try and figure out what was going on rather than just send me home! deff will be going back!

Fernetta Cotton

Worst hospital of all.. I had my son there 2017.. They didn't tell me they was going to poke him in the head to put a IV in..they did that twice.. He was in NICU!! I WAS a wondering parent.. They could've called me on my hospital room phone or cell phone.. NOPE THEY DIDNT!! I went to ER on 3/39/19 my son had a dog bite.. He needed 6stitches.. I sat in hospital from 4pm to 7pm not to be seen at all!! They wasn't busy at all.. How i know my old child hood friend works there & told me!! I was better off going to HCMC WHICH the worst hospital in MN.. My son was hungry & tired.. They left him in a room without anything.. FAIRVIEW RIDGES DON'T GO THERE


Make my review go to the top as a warning to those who go to this cas cow emergency room. I won't go into too many details but when doctors and nurses are fraternizing and waiting to go home while my wife turns white and passes out from lack of blood you hope your reviews are read and people have a chance to go anywhere but this place. I sure hope the staff reads these reviews and takes action before someone dies. Comedy of errors and a lack of empathy and compassion.

Fred Cabor

Dont go there they have no clue what there doing. rude AND it stinks in there like death

Imani Carbin

Had my first child here and the staff/service was absolutely amazing! I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Aquatik Guru

I despise this place. Can't believe what these people get paid to take their time and not care about the people who come in. Cant wait for the day Minnesota shuns Fairview!

Genn Gtz

This is the place where you want to be at for any hospital needs. It is great here!

nancy byrd

This hospital sucks the doctors and nurses are rude and they don’t care my mom couldn’t walk and they try makeing her walk she fell I called 911 because she fell on the floor all test came good but umm why can’t my mom walk ? We been here since 2:30 and it’s 9 and we hear nothing! All the nurses and doctors are just talking about their personal life o called a nurse and they took 20 min to show up don’t come here! She didn’t even do the flu test we all have flu at home I want to know if she does have it she said no

Dylan Ross

This place sucks. All the doctors are nice and kind, but the service sucks. We waited for 2 hours to go back in the back, and we were there before everyone. Don't go here!!! Go to a different hospital.

cory harmening

I cut off half an inch of my finger and my wife drove me there, We where there with in 8 min of the incident and thought we might have a chance of saving the tip of the finger. It took 40 min before we saw the doctor and got some pain meds, Then when the pain came back we paged the nurse and after 5 min my wife went to check to see what the hold up was and the nurse was standing with a group of ppl talking( the whole time a loud alarm was going off outside the room indicating we needed assistance). It took 4.5 hours before we actually had surgery. Worst Hospital I have ever been to. We will never go back for any problem even though it is the closest.

John Wilkes

My name is Jessica and this is the worst hospital in the southern suburbs. First of all they are rude even to children my daughter had issues with her tonsils took this place 7 months and thousands of dollars to determine my baby needed her tonsils removed. My child suffered for 7 months it had got so bad she couldn't swallow ice the bacteria had grown together in her throat and closed it up, my child would be in so muchpainandhave to wait to get Tylenol ! We've walked out numerous times due to the wait gone to St Francis and we're diagnosed and treated right away. The nurses are so rude and racist told my boyfriend we are not at hcmc he's African American I couldn't believe that comment!the security at ridges looks for reasons to harass you if you're African American as well I've had them beat my boyfriend up forno reason because he didn't want the bogus treatment they were giving him they held him down. Forced him to accept treatment he didn't want! I suggest you do not go to Fairview ridge's emergency room turn around and run the other way! Worst hospital I've ever been too in my life

Brenda Peralta

Recently had surgery here and would like to share my experience. Everyone I came in contact with from the minute I walked in the door, to when I left, were amazing. Today I received a card in the mail from Fairview Ridges. It was signed by all who took care of me while I was there. Thank You Fairview!!!

Jessica Sicurella

Almost lost a finger and waited in the lobby for 2 hours...

Eric Palmer

Every Nurse/Doctor/ Care Provider was helpful and had my best interest in mind. It was quite the experience, but I am glad I had the care and expertise of this staff! ER- Surgical- All Awesome! Thank you!

Serenity Meyer

If I could give this place a 0 I would. In the ER and they will not get my a inhaler even though its a documented condition

Lauren Grose

My baby was in the NICU here and they made it so I wasn't stressed and they took excellent care of my son.

Latasha Woods

The staff was very attentive and helpful after my surgery.

Kaylene Kickhafer

Vennessa Zurn

Awful ER!! Came in with real back pain!!! Got treated like a drug addict!! Only wanted one dose of medicine to relieve the pain so my body could sleep to heal. Never again! And people wonder why insurance is expensive because of Quacks at places like this!!!

Amber Belisle

Kristie Litchy

Emergency Room staff is RUDE!!!! Jason Dukes.....very condescending person....also pretty much told me I was lying that I am allergic to a specific medication. He acted like I was there for fun and like I only wanted pain killers which was absolutely not the case!!!

Igor Pavlenko

Richard Jonathan Hanson

about 5 years ago I checked into this hospital because of very strong abdominal pain... After several hours of being ignored the very young doctor diagnosed me with aphasia(difficulty swallowing) and sent me home. a few hours later I was at the Northfield er being told I needed 15 inches of my colon removed because I had about 50 micro perforations that were leaking feces into my abdominal cavity causing an infection so bad that they had to give me an ungodly amount of pain meds. the major problem with this hospital is their doctors apparent lack of compassion.. I've only had 1 genuinely good experience at this hospital and it had never been repeated. if you want to be ignored and left in pain this is the hospital for you.

Nicholas Fischer

Very long wait, Dr told me I could follow up if I still had pain days later, and then was blown off, and told to see a regular Dr instead of continuing the same Dr's work

Salina Spain

The nicest people I have ever met! They were amazing and caring and empathetic and explain everything the do. Even the people who did my X-ray and MRI! I love them and I am making them Fairview my primary in the future. I wouldn't trust anyone else!

Alexis Cull

So unprofessional and unorganized. Been waiting over 24 hours to figure out what they’re doing with my fiancé. Very rude over the phone, I️ made certain that when I️ call they can tell my information on him. Every time I️ call they act is if I️m stupid and they aren’t allowed to tell me anything. Keep your stuff in order and stop talking about your pedicures and manicures and take care of patients!

Issa Jackson

unless you're ready to die, just drive the extra 10 miles or so and go to southdale! Or better yet, go to Regions!

Danny Huff

Went from "it could possibly be cancer" to "just an intestinal virus" in under 30 minutes. Attempted to give my mother a drug that she specifically had marked as allergic to on her wristband. Absolutely no excuses for something like that.

lola cruz

Mackenzie Jacobsen--Fairview just didnt want to do their jobs, thats why Fairview asked you why you didnt just go back to Abbott... It was none of Fairviews business why you delivered your baby at Abbott as if Fairview would be competent enough. It was none of their business ... The only thing Fairview shouldve been worried about was finding resolution for your headache and doing the jobs they were hired to do. The night staff is extremely lazy as I experienced this while layed up in their nursing unit for a week with a diabetic wound on my foot when their nurses half a$$ everything they do. We also were there a several other times when things were handled incompetently too many to mention..

The Macias Family

I was raped and not only did they assume I was drunk and "passed out" when I stated I too 2 SIPS of alcohol and was DRUGGED...... they were rude and absent from my room as if I was last of importance. Not to mention the put me in a room with NOTHING in it. Just a bed. Rape nurses had NO supplies NO lights NOTHING! To do the "exame" on my "areas" for rape, they had to use MY CELL PHONE to see! Due to no lighting! Offered me no pain meds or any assistance at all and it was a brutal raping. This hospital is a piece of work. Should be shut down. I want to take legal action.

Maggie Bloom

Disorganized staff, NO bedside manner or professional bearing. Literally talk about you like you're not there right in front of you. EMT escorted us around carrying a big gulp cup with him and slurping out of it between giving us instructions. They sat a nurse outside our room who was smacking gum so gross and loud I was ready to just leave. The triage room was dirty and disorganized as well. I should have driven the extra distance to a different hospital. I have worked in healthcare over 15 years and this is one of the grossest and rudest places I've had the misfortune of visiting.

Derek T

Mayra Zimmerman

Very good, thank you so much

steven sauber

Waited 1 hr 40 minutes and still 3 down in the queue, left and drove to st francis in shakopee, 10 minute wait and we were in. Unless you are dying dont expect them to move quickly. Worst ER visit ever

Susan Dickinson

Efficient, thorough and compassionate care. Very pleased with my experience.

Shawn Wilson

Was at hospital ER at 4:15 today my wife had surgery two plus one day ago cervix removal. Been in extreme pain last 7 days but she figured that it was overdoing it. Today the pain was intense she's had a fever for about a week but thought maybe flu. She decided to go to urgent care and that checked her out and the said call your surgeon and you need to go to ER. She called surgeon and was put on a after-hours call. I picked her up from urgent care and took her to ER. At ER she explained what the back story is. The intake nurse only wanted the why are you here, oh pain. My wife also had lab, blood and urine results from urget care. She does have a Ut. And they said ok well wel you back as soon as possible. 3 hrs go by so I ask how much longer my wife is in exrextr pain crying because it hurts so bad they say 5 people in front of her. There were not no more than 2 as I sat there and watched them shuffle patcients paperwork. I understand the whole triage and serious before not. But people going back with a limp or a stained arm get real . I told the in charge gal that my wife was at urgent care and told to go to ER and that her surgeon was called and said to go and have hospital call her. The head nurse up front said to me , get this, so has everyone here been to urgent care and have a surgeon. We left I contiplated call an ambulance from the parking lot .inste in we went to another ER. And she was brought back within minutes. I will update this when we're done here.

Ryan Sparrman

Called to get replacement crutches after having Achilles repair surgery and turned me down. Spent over $1000 there after my injury and can't even offer $40 crutches that I offered to buy. Cheap and disgraceful

Brandon Reynolds

My aunt was there on Monday night. She suffers from severe health issues and after running a few tests they told her she was fine and sent her home. She knows her body and decided to make the drive to Mayo Clinic where she has been several times. They ran the same tests and found that she is in Congestive Heart Failure and her blood clot medicine isn't working. Also late last year they told her that the pain she had in her leg was caused by a muscle injury and there was no blood clot. 12 hours later Mayo said she did have a blood clot and it had been there for almost a week. Terrible doctors. Rude. Just try to push people through as fast as possible

Meghan Schellhammer

Our son spiked a really high fever and was struggling to breathe. The lovely check-in and triage ladies in the ER assessed him quickly and brought us back to be seen right away. There was a flurry of activity, but everyone was very calm. It was clear that the experienced and thoughtful ER team was taking every precaution while ensuring our little guy did not get scared. He received a homemade blanket to keep him cozy. We were admitted to the hospital to watch his breathing overnight. In the Pediatric department, we were met with smiling, reassuring, and highly competent nurses and doctors that watched over our son carefully until it was time to be discharged. Our transport team members were efficient and kind. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience or level of care for my child.


I was born here and can't remember a thing, must be a coincidence.

Brittany Sly

If I could rate the ER with zero stars, I would. It is completely unacceptable how long it takes them to do anything. There should be no reason as to why I have to wait 5 hrs just to get a half assed diagnosis. Horrible service

Dave Martin

Complete Kong show from the beginning! The nurses/PA are completely incompetent! My wife was told to go to them by the Urgent Care across the street due to a possible Blood Clot in her lung. She was admitted & the staff was convinced that it was pneumonia & nothing else. They were going to order a CT scan which she cannot have due to being allergic to the dye. So they ordered Chest X Ray & a VQ scan. We were told that they needed to courier the die in and it would not be until 3. At 3:45 the PA Julie came in and said it wasn’t necessary to do it. I then started to proceed if she could give my a 100% guarantee that my wife did not have a blood clot, we would not do the scan. Julie then just walk outto let us talk about the scan. Not even a minute later a person came to transport my wife to have a VQ scan. We were just told that she didn’t need to have that scan. WTH???? Again a SEVERE LACK OF COMMUNICATION!!!!At that point I started to question the communication referencing the “Left hand does not know what the Right hand” is doing. At that point I got the Head Nurse involved along with some guy that claimed to the ER Dept Manager. Older guy with gray hair wearing a white button shirt with black pants. I told them that it was there liability/ Malpractice lawsuit if the sent her home and she had a blood clot. Since that was the original reason why she was sent over there, but they didn’t want to check for them? All of suddenly the Head Nurse said it was important to rule out blood clots! The whole staff needs to find a new profession as they must be Medical School Dropouts! This place is a Malpractice Lawsuit waiting to happen!!!!!! Lack of communication along with incompetent staff!!! I now know why it’s called Morgview Ridges!!! Just like the one in Wyoming MN. Iwouldn’t take my dog to this place! I would go to her Veterinarian before this place! Do yourself a favor and go to United or Mayo!

Mo Handule

Cumar Hilowle


Ryan Just

Went to have my daughter and the delivery doctor was 3 minutes away from getting off his shift so instead he sat at a desk in the hall waiting for his replacement to come when my wife was clearly ready to give birth. The nurse told my wife to do small pushes because she doesn't "get paid the big bucks" to deliver and can't. Won't be going back

Alyan Olia

No problems.

Hugh Betcha

My spouse had to spend 9 days here in 2016 with a life-threatening condition (she survived). Most of the staff (with very few exceptions) were very kind and caring folks. Each room is a private room so that was a very pleasant surprise. Hopefully neither of us will ever have to go here again, but certainly our (mostly her) experience could have been much much worse and far more uncomfortable.

Cecelia Bunnell


Been to ER many times with my elderly parents. Always a professional experience. Wonderful dr's n staff.

Toylanda Lee

Jennifer Marting

I work for an emergency department in a hospital in another state. A very sick patient was here visiting and we needed to obtain her medical records very quickly from Fairview Ridges Hospital to expedite her care. Both myself and our ER Physician were extremely pleased with the prompt attention this matter was given, especially since this was a weekend. Excellent customer service and strong communication skills from Keyona in Medical Records at this facility! Thank you!

Carol Kruger

I can not believe how rude the staff in the ER is. I had taken 1/2 tablet of a newly prescribed medication. It caused drowsiness. The maintenance woman in my apartment complex called 911....after I had told her the problem and that my daughter was coming over. SIX paramedic surrounded me in my apartment hallway. I had trouble explaining the problem to them due to some complications resulting from brain surgery I had years earlier. They refused to come in to my apartment or do anything that would allow me communicate with them easier. They loaded me into the ambulance and took me to the hospital where despite my objections I was given a dose of Narcan. I asked to speak to the doctor. ..instead I was held down...resulting in an injury to my arm....while they gave me a second injection of Narcan. When my tests came back the results show no narcotics in my body and no other similar substances. I was put on a 24 hour hold. The problem turned out to be a reaction to the new medication I had been given. I was and am extremely angry. I am 65 years old and was treated with zero repect. Both the paramedics and the ER staff were completely arrogant and disrespectful. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED THAT WAY. I finally heard back from Patient Relations. The ER doctor wrote that the paramedics took a fentanyl patch out of my mouth and that he took a fentanyl patch off of me. I have asked the paramedics to correct the mistake. The only fentanyl patch that I had was the new prescribed one that I had just put on after picking it up at the pharmacy. Those patches are VERY expensive. ..he threw it away.

Colton Butler

The staff is great and very attentive.

Elizabeth Htoo

Thank you for take good care of me last night! I appreciate that ..may God bless you all

Anne Gouge

The staff doctors are amazing....felt like family they were so thoughtful and sweet

Jason Bethune

I've never received such poor service... Incredible??!!?? They need Dr.Cross back out of retirement?!? Bad Communication I had to walk out.. MN

Kasnib Lis

The nurses and staff were pretty nice and accommodating. Communication was off between nurses and the doctor. We were under the impression that this Dr. Dill who did the surgery would come by to do his check in rounds w his patient. Waited the entire day, didn't get an exact answer as to if patient should go home or not. Nurse said she would send a message to Dr. DILL to give us a call. When he called he was extremely rude, short, and practically yelling at me on the phone as if we were bothering him and inconveincing his so important schedule. When I explained to him that we have not gotten an answer as to whether or not our patient was to go home and thought he needed to make the final check, he was acting like we were idiots or something. A Dr. is supposed to be able to answer their patients questions and provide their professional opinion. Instead he was so rude and belittling. Horrible bedside manners, his surgery results better be top notch with that condescending personality.

Lequita Graham

Adam Blom

Always excellent

David Little

Mother battling late stage pancreatic cancer was admitted at 2:30am with a fever following a stent procedure. Early blood draw showed signs of infection so antibiotics were administered, nursing staff nice - only Pros. Cons - Pain was unbearable and a ultrasound showed nothing but enlarged gallbladder. GI consult ordered, that doctor didn't stop by for over 24 hours. At that time he ordered an MRI that showed the main stent was missing. Biliary specialist consult for new stent ordered FOR NEXT DAY. This quack now says stent is working perfectly and no endoscopy needed. WTF??? Leaving to go to Mayo...sorry quacks, to much hypocrisy for this family.


I wouldn't go anywhere else. Our family has never had a bad ER visit, surgery or hospital stay. I've had both of my kids here and wholeheartedly trust this hospital to take good care of us.

Angela Reitemeier

Woefully incompetent in pediatrics in the ED. We've given them two chances and it's two chances too many.

Amanda schreyer

Mindy Mae

We have been there a few times now that we moved to the south metro and I'm not impressed. The doctors and nurses are fine, but the administrative staff is awful. You will not be sent to the right place, you will be billed wrong, they apparently don't stock antibiotics for someone with a penicillin allergy and they'll do very little to show they care or interested in fixing any issue you bring to their attention. Go elsewhere if you can.

Gino Marchetti, II

Very kind staff, and the hospital is very well kept and clean.

Sue Quinn

Complete breakdown of communication from Dr to nurse to patient. Follow the rules and get dismissed for being upset for the 5th time. The lady in charge is q joke not even a Dr. Dont ask for pain medicine there at all people are immediately treated as junkies I've seen it on a 70yr old patient St Francis and I've had good care at Southdale STAY AWAY FROM INTERNAL MEDICINE GROUP

Kathleen Castellano

Carolyn Bollinger

Nurses were emotionally abusive towards me following the birth of my daughter who ended up in the NICU. One nurse even threatened to not allow me to see my daughter if I could not go without pain medication following my emergency C Section. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL!

Ana Guerrero- Hernandez

How do you discharge a patient who complains about being weak and unable to eat and drink regularly without even giving them fluids through an IV first? And then send a nurse with discharge papers with the instructions like “make sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat” ?! LIKE NO ****! I would eat and drink everything in sight if my throat wasn’t impaired! I WENT TO THE ER TO SEEK HELP, REAL HELP! If I could eat and drink fine I wouldn’t end up there in the first place!!! Tired of not being taken seriously. WENT TO MAYO AND THEY SAID I WAS SEVERELY DEHYDRATED! THEY PUT 3 BAGS OF FLUIDS IN ME! 3!!! Get it together Fairview!

James H

They lost my dead grandma. I wish I was joking. My grandmother passed away last night on Jan-11-2019 at Fairview Ridges Intensive Care Unit-Room 354. Less than twelve hours later, the hospital had lost the body. 100% lost a. Human. corpse. Her name is Carol Ann Moran. If anyone spots an extra corpse floating around, we (the family) would sincerely appreciate it back. I MUST reiterate that this is 100% real, and as of Jan-12-2019, the body is still MIA. It is for this gross negligence that I must give Fairview Ridges Hospital 1 star.

Kayla McNulty

Couldn’t have asked for sweeter nurses and doctors for the delivery of our baby girl! The entire team was incredible and we are so grateful for them.

Brittany Gulbransen

Megan Allie

Was there for over two weeks. I was treated with great care and compassion. I don't want to ever go back but if I need care I would return.

Brandon Johnson

Every time we've been here, had nothing but good prompt service.

R Lloyd

Terrible healthcare. They seemed to hire mostly bottom-of-the-class doctors. Two of my family members were misdiagnosed and mis-treated and almost died as a result.

Marsha Thonerfelt-White

I recommend Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville because the treatment is nothing less than the BEST! Not exaggerating, whenever I come there or bring my children or grandchildren there bored and doctors don't rush me out, they are thorough and THAT'S why I would go THERE over anywhere else.

eshwar redy

Very bad experience with billing department

Doreen Eng

Sat in ER TODAY 11/24 for over 6 1/2 hours with my daughter was told they had 6 ER DOCs working why does it take so long to get urgent care isn't that why people go to ER ?? I was very upset and frustrated. Once you even get into a room your still waiting to see a doc and to get a blanket or your prescription it's another hour!! We ended up leaving and not waiting for the prescription!! People who were sick almost fainting in their wheel chairs ended up leaving!! Nice process Fairview!!

Rocio Figueroa

I was sent home with pain! I felt neglected! Bad service and communication.

Jane Schmidt

Skip going to the emergency department at Fairview Ridges. The staff (including the doctors) is rude, incompetent and unless you literally have a hole in your head that's gushing blood, they will do nothing and in addition, misdiagnose your condition. Do yourself a favor and drive right on past Fairview Ridges. You won't be sorry and you will be alive!

James Perry

Don’t have surgery here!!! Nursing staff is incompetent and the most basic surgical Practices are completely ignored. My mom haD surgery here and they either did not tape her eyes shut (again, this is the most basic of surgical procedure) or during wake up from General Anesthesia they completely left her alone and didn’t make sure her eyes were protected, so she got a cornea abrasion. This is more painful than the actual surgery and honestly shouldn’t happen in a surgical center at a hospital in 2019. This was easily preventable and absolutely ridiculous that no one was paying any attention to such a common problem with patients under anesthesia. Very disappointed in this hospital.


Make sure your loved ones go ANYWHERE ELSE. The ICU doesn't have DOCTORS AT NIGHT. YEP. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. My father didn't leave the hospital ALIVE. Have them taken ANYWHERE ELSE.

Mathew Quaschnick

My wife gave birth to a very health baby boy. We were extremely happy about the birthing process however once we were transferred to the recovery center we were subjected to long periods of waiting and tests for our baby that were unnecessary. We basically felt like prisoners and as all prisoners our voices and opinions were dismissed. Very disappointed

Janet H

Dr egger and dr dukes in ER are idiots. Dr dukes told me he could not help me anymore cause he was "off in ten minutes." WHAT THE HELL!!! Dr egger continued to berate me for smoking when I was having a panic attack. His bedside manner is horrific. And watch your billing from them. Never again.

Scott Lange

Came in for a kidney stone and they got my pain under control. Great staff and very attentive to their customers needs.

Jesse Sawyerr

the receptionists are really rude, but everything else if fine

Daisy Bowman

The staff here are always wonderful! In addition to providing holistic, comprehensive care for their patients, they provide support for families that goes above and beyond the normal call of duty. My father spent his last days here, and I basically lived in his room. His care team was so kind and thoughtful. They made sure we had as many comforts as possible at a very difficult time, including some of my favorite snacks, delivered to me each night. Any time I've visited the ER, I've been seen in a very timely manner and received personal, highly professional care from nurses, doctors, and the hospital staff. Thank you Fairview Ridges team! You're the very best!

Julie Torgerson

Best hospital experience I've ever had. From the ER and through the next four days, every single nurse and doctor who worked with me was fabulous. Thank you for your care, and for making me get better. I appreciate all you do.


Last week I had a severe allergic reaction that ended up up making it very difficult for me to breathe. As soon as I walked in the door they got me into a wheelchair and off to a room. Within minutes they assessed me, gave me an IV and epinephrine and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. The doctors, nurses and staff were excellent. Thank you!

carolyn jackson

I was nervous when I came in for my surgery and the nurse needless to say went above and beyond to comfort me. In conclusion I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Josue Jimenez

Where are the doctors?

Hannah H

Went to the ER at 11pm on a weeknight. It was not very busy and I only had to wait a few minutes to be seen. The nursing staff were all wonderful, very patient, and considerate. I am sure I was not the most pleasant to deal with, as I came in crying from pain that turned out to be my first ever kidney stone. But everyone did what they could to help make me comfortable, and quickly got through the needed tests, scans, etc. I had the unfortunate diagnosis, my pain (temporarily) relieved, prescriptions, and instructions, and I was back at home within 3 hours. I recently moved to this side of the metro, so this was my first visit to the hospital. I previously lived in the NE metro, and so used St John's ER in Maplewood (fortunately only a few times!). But compared to St. John's, I would pick Fairview any time!!

George Deer

Came in to the ER with an inflamed gallbladder. After 4 hours was admitted to the hospital for surgery. Katelyn, Tara and Abby provided superior care during my stay, both pre and post surgery. Couldn't have asked for better care.

Mengyuan Wang

I was treated very well at here. As a foreigner, I’m barely know any procedures which they will do for my wounded hand. But they did explain everything very clear and calm me down during the whole treatment. I believe they took care of my hand carefully, Especially in the late evening. Thanks for the doctor and all nurses!

adekunle adigun

Not well organized

bluegamer 19

By far the best staff from the moment we walked in to the stay.nurse staff 5 star. Dr.s 5 star. The cleaning crue 10 stars.I was a cleaning lady for 20 some years so I have to give a fue more stars there.made my mom& I feel like we were the only patients in the hospital.thank you all so so much.will never go anywhere else if our choice.god bless all the wonderful people that helped my mom.

Beth Pollack

I have never liked Fairview Ridges. For one, my mom died in their care. It seemed like a cover up, but she had been suffering a long time so I made peace with it and let it go. Recently my dad was urgently admitted for low hemoglobin (internal bleeding). They tried to discharge him the very next day due to "no answers from the endoscopy". No action plan was made. No additional tests ordered. They didn't even want to wait to see his lab results before making this decision. I was flabbergasted at how this was being addressed. I was let down yet again by this facility. I don't see quality care being given.

Jeanie Fredlund

I was recently hospitalized overnight for Norovirus. The nurses (all except one) were excellent both in skill and compassionate care. Thank you!

DeLaina Marie

They helped me make it through a panic attach. I thought I was having a stroke and I had no family with me. The Doctor and nurses treated me like family.

Greg Paquette

I've been to Ridges many times. I've had three operations there and I was extremely impressed. The staff were friendly and they did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable.

Albert Benjohar

ER was nice , but the level of communication is terrible they had my i had gull bladder issues very paingfull ,they did not know my primary doctor name WRONG, cuz she was no longer in that location they wake you middle of the night for vital signs , you cant have any rest terrrible......

Peg Klun

My daughter-in - law has been in Labor and delivery for 26 hours! They had to start pitocin for a 2nd time, and refuse to check her....What the heck? I would NEVER come back here ..

Jeralyn Mohr

After watching a relative go through a heart attack and clots in lungs and legs, I was eager for a nutritionist to come into the scene to give professional advice on how to make dietary changes, both to aide in healing and to correct habits that may have caused or worsened the diagnosis. ..the dietician was appalling. Clearly trained by FDA standards in the 50's, she proceeded to recommend continuing diet soda and chemically flavored water with artificial sweetener as main sources of liquid and then gave the most unscientific, generic advice on diet with no understanding of food. Incredibly old school, will never seek modern or forward thinking advice from this hospital. Not ok.

Felix M

Avoid this hospital if you don't want issues with your bills after you get discharged

Elizabeth Newmaster


I almost died, the staff refused to let me. I hope that if I am ever in need of medical help that I am lucky enough be in as good of hands. Caring, compassionate, wonderful nurses and doctors. Great staff. Thank you

Kevin Kalal

The nurses and staff are wonderful. However, the Neurologist are outsourced from a clinic that I believe could care less if the patient dies or not. We requested a test to see if my mom had a disease. It was to happen the next morning. The person never showed up to give the EMG. We asked the person testing and they said that they did not get the request. The Neurologist apologized and said that they will have the test done in the morning and get the results to us at 3:30. It is now 7:20 at night and the nurse said the Neurologist is not coming. They tried paging but no response. If you care for your sick loved one, go somewhere else.

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