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REVIEWS OF Essentia Health-St. Mary's Medical Center IN Minnesota

kenya moore

The worst place I ever been to no good help and the people are rude and they don't really care they just want you out of there they will send you home in even more pain then you came there with

Mrs. Roy

Good staff.

Breanne Dietrich

Couldn't of had a better staff :)

Steve Walters

Steven Severin

Barbara Johnson

Marilyn Eide

Saved my brother's life. He had great treatment there and an attentive nursing staff. You are number 1 in my book!

Heidi Foster

Ryan Washburn

Constant chaos with the nursing staff and never was able to rest/sleep. My operation went well with Dr. Joe Davis. Total hip and I am very pleased with the operation and anesthesia etc.. leading up to and then after reversal of anesthesia. Would be at least a 4 probably a 5 if the nursing staff was more organized and considerate to their patients in recovery. Beyond being polite,. They seemed to not care one bit about their schedules and allowing me time to sleep at all.

John Johnson

Doctor Charity Wipp demanded respect because I insisted she listen to her patients and she was mad because I didn't call her "doctor". What an ego! Dr Jay Shoaps is awesome, humble,talanted.

Good Guy

If you love your family take them elsewhere. I've been here several times over the past few years treating a family member with cancer. The staff has been friendly but extremely disorganize. They have a huge probably with both oral and verbal communication as well as sticking to their own schedules. Both the Mayo and University of Minnesota come to mind as much better alternatives. Both are light years ahead in professionalism if nothing else. In a side note this place is really dirty, dusty just unclean, fingernail clippings on the floor of the waiting room...

J Kneeland

St. Mary's is big, the nurses and doctors I interacted with were courteous and knew their stuff. With three parking ramps make sure you know where you parked.

Brian Soulia

Been all over the world best care ever. Total renal failure two years ago, coma. They saved my life. Treated for colloid brain tumor, 100 % positive outcome. Both times on Michigan Medicaid I hav never received a bill. Will never go anywhere else.

Blake Schlecht

I'd give them zero if possible not helpful at all I'd rather chop my leg off then ask them for help.

Ayesha Bozeman

Only emergency room I go to

K Joki

On a couple occasions I have frequented walk in care or Urgent Care the hours have been adequate wait time has been minimal care professional and courteous. Emergency Care is 24/7 wait times Ken vary put up our never inconsistent with the amount of patients. Care again is consistently courteous and professional. Paperwork insurance and billing not overwhelming and you are treated with respect.

Tina LaRocque

jacob bickel

Everybody I dealt with was very nice and proffesional. Great hospital for the city of duluth and our wonderful people.

Alabaster Williams

Being kept overnight to get a diagnoses I recieved two days ago, being denied food and hearing about the nurse's stepdad's dick stank. 0/10 would come back for emergency services.

Mdfiroz Firoz


The worst experience ive ever had! go anywhere else if possible.

Diane Aili

Nice clinics, the hospital is prehistoric. No one will help you. Er waiting room is awful. Lady at desk isnot helpful.

Linda M Dykstra

Went to see Dr for kidney stone. Had to stay overnight because my blood wasnt right. They put me in a room with a 90+ year old lady that was afraid of the dark and had her tv turned up very high, also she kept screaming help me. Well after awhile I asked to get another room and they did, so much better. Other than that all nurses very helpful and so nice. I would recommend this hosital, I was treated very well and had my kidney stone removed. Now I go back to have another one blasted, hope I have the same excellent service. Treated me great. Thanks to all the Nurses, Aids, and everyone else. I had Dr Lauer. Excellent!

lindsay pikula

I have never had a bad experience at any Essentia Health Hospital or clinic, especially St. Mary's in Duluth, MN. I recently moved to the area and the doctors here are very kind, genuine, and helpful.

Jenny St George

I love St. Mary's. They have taken such good care of my entire family including my (at the time 11 year old) son, who passed away from Recurrent Stage IV Neuroblastoma on 5/30/2018

cliff smith

Cheri Johnson

Ive never seen a worse er then this I called up to Dr Rhodes I am having breathing problems he knows he has told my laywrr I have an obstructed airway and chronic layringitis I was ambulances there Dr said I have stridor and Dr Rhodes whoulnt even come see me really? Sent me home with a dead phone and no help and I live in Hayward wi so walk home with breathing problems really just stuck no one gets and ambulance ride for nothing ?!?!?!?!

Patty Kovatovich

Just had total knee revision and I couldn't have been more pleased. Everything went like clock work from pre to post op. I was home the following afternoon with all my instructions. Loved how all of us total joints were up at 600 am dressed and in a chair ready to go to PT later in morning. I have not 1 complaint (highly unusual for me). What a well run floor. Staff was great.

kyle huggett

I left the hospital 6 days ago after having emergency spinal surgery and they could not have been any better...The nurses were phenomenal and they never let one of my questions go unanswered...THANK YOU

David Lovshin

My son has surgery b and they were very nice to us.

Tammy Morin

The nurses on 4th floor were awesome with me,and very pleased with all of them,and also the drs I was there for 21 days and I felt at home

Nancy Campbell

I do prefer St. Luke' a long shot.

Lisa Howard

Winona Gillespie

Slightly Disturbed

Reagan Anderson

This is AWSOME I love this hospital so much love love love

Eli Chastain

Jeremy Thompson

My grandma's there now, they told her that she couldn't be released on a weekend which makes sense. But her release date on her chart says the 30th. Yesterday she asked if she could be released Monday, and they say not till Tuesday. She also asked her nurses for things, and they kept "forgetting". She's pretty old, but sharp as a tack.

Ruth Lupa

Provided effective and efficient care and all had great bedside manner! Thank you to all involved in my care, from the moment I came into the emergency department though my transfer out of the ICU and discharge from 9th floor.

Jonathan Trillo

Kind caring staff during late night visit. I know someone from there is reading this, keep it up guys!

Paul Nayes

Horrible communication within their departments. Unqualified GP staff that actually thought they would try to override orders from Mayo.

Esther McGill

Paige Bennett

Excuse my language but f*** Saint Mary's. The people are very rude and very judgemental I tried to file a grievance and they wouldn't let me everyone in that place can suck a dick and choke on it that's my opinion take it or leave it f*** that place.

Jon Thompson

I was born here in 1986 and I am alive today. so pretty god experience as far as I am concerned.

Daniel Litwin

matt fisher

Worst WE place ever been here for 3 hours and my wife is having bad stomach pain and still haven't been seen screw this place just awful

Rebecca Peterson

Brandi Duncan

Lauren Rodriguez

Shawn Carr

Dana Willard

This place is awesome they saved my boyfriends life!

Isabel McGregor

******PLEASE SHARE****** First of all let me start off by saying that I LOVE the people of ST. Mary's hospital. I can't tell you how good their staff was to my mother and my brother, sister and me. But one bad doctor can ruin a good name for the rest! A lot of people refuse to go to the doctor because they believe that all doctors care about is making money and shoving unnecessary pills down your throat. I have been around more than my fair share of all kinds of doctors in my short period of life so far. Most of them are good people that want to help you! Now, this morning I learned that my grandmother who has recently completed chest and neck radiation treatments, called to have her pain medication prescription refilled because her throat hurts so much that she can't eat. The doctor that she spoke to (Dr. Sawyer, one of her doctors) refused to refill her prescription because my grandmother cancelled her appointments for brain radiation because she does not want to have her brain radiated. Her scans show nothing in her brain, their logic was that her form of cancer often spreads to the brain and there might be something they can't see so they basically wanted to radiate her brain for good measure. My grandmother chose not to get the brain radiation as it can cause permanent short-term memory loss and loss of ability to speak correctly, etc. Her primary oncologist respected her decision and cancelled all of her appointments for brain radiation. Her primary doctor was not informed by Dr. Sawyer that she wanted to refill her pain med prescription and Dr. Sawyer simply refused to do so because "she should've come in for her appointments" . Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel that this is an abuse of power especially when it's her decision. Whether or not she wants the radiation for something that MAY or MAY NOT even be there. And she need she medication to be able to eat so she can heal properly from the last round of radiation and chemotherapy. Doctors like Dr. Sawyer that just want to book all the appointments and treatments they can so they can get their money are the reason people believe all doctors are bad and in cahoots with big pharma! I know that most of the doctors/nurses/aids at St. Mary's are wonderful people who go out of their way to go above and beyond for their patients! So there is no need for doctors like this to continue working there and giving all the wonderful other doctors a bad name!

Dean Perry

Sometimes they get it right sometimes not so much but overall good

Jodi Long

My husband & I spent 3 weeks in the NICU with our newborn daughter (Luci). We were 900 miles away from home. We lived in Tennesse & wasn't expecting to stay 3 weeks. But, unfortunately our new edition required medical attention. Every nurse and staff member on that hall & administration made our stay a home away from home. Even on the few hours we had to leave for our adoption hearing in Wisconsin a volunteer was in our daughter's room holding her & rocking her during our absence. We called her "rocking grandma". I failed to keep in touch with all the "nurse family" but, our daughter is a beautiful (3 time pageant winner) most of all healthy, intelligent,happy, thriving 3 1/2 year old in preschool. I just wanted the staff to know how normal the little baby Luci born in Wisconsin, transferred to St. Mary's with NAS, conquered & flourished & is living happily in Tennessee. I would love to thank all of you for helping & caring for our little angel.

james Durovec

Marty Schubitzke

Very slow service. People waiting long over 2 hours. Will be taking a good look at switching to St. Luke's

Jeanne Innis

No assistance pushing my 300 lb son, who just had a seizure, slumped in a chair, while I juggled 4 bags and pushed him from emergency to 8th floor.when I got there a male aide seemed content to lean against the nurses station while the seated RN pointed to the room Down the hall I could push him to! Just one event of a few i could print. St. Luke's here we come.

Breazy Mitchell


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