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Timothy Lens

Nice clean hospital, friendly staff

Rozella Eggerud

Kristina Coryell

Hospital staff is great, clean area for the most part, but deducting a star do to poor billing. Billing department does not send statements or itemized billing just a demand letter. They do not give you the recent activity to your account like if an HRA makes a payment behind the scenes depending on how your HRA works. Their third party administrator is rude and will make any questions more difficult than they should be just to get an itemized statement. The 3rd party administrator has even used false names so you cannot report them to the facility. I am writing this after 3 different visits only 1/3 of them have been negative from beginning to end...1/3 was a 50/50 and only one experience was perfect. I hope they invest in better administrative services for their business office to improve the quality and overall experience from beginning to end.

Ashley Tierney

Only place i ever take my children

sarah class

I love Children's Hospital because they saved my son's life. We will never go anywhere else

Matilda Sabol


Princess Burgos

My Daughter received wonderful care here ... Much Thanks

Toni Carole

They always do a great job.

Betsy Smith

Janet Redwing

Alex Roy

This ER was the worst I’ve ever been to and they are supposed to be one of the best hospitals specializing in children. My 1 year old daughter was showing signs of a concussion and we waited over 3 hours in a filthy germ covered waiting room with about 20 other sick/ injured children. One little toddler broke his arm and was there longer than we were. Another child had fallen and cut his eye and was bleeding on the floor. Finally decided to take my daughter elsewhere. The nurse made me sign a form and informed me, AFTER I had waited, that she was probably going to be just fine! Then as I’m leaving at midnight I get to pay a $7 parking fee for literally not having my child seen. Outrageous!

Erika Gabriela Santana Romero

antonio washington

My daughter goes there she 5mos now drive all the way frm dakota county wouldn't have it any other way!! Doctors are great && very caring.

Aimeric Lajuzan

My son hit his forehead on a curb and had a big gash. I took him to Children's Emergency Room and every single person that helped us through the process was absolutely wonderful. They helped keep both of us calm and explained everything very well without being condescending. I hope I won't have to go again, but if I do it will be with great confidence!

Cole Steinke

The staff was friendly and knowledgable but they were kind of slow. I thought it was pretty gross to see dried blood on the sheets in our room

Deborah Audrain

I had the pleasure of dealing with Christopher in order to set up an appointment for my son he was quick to get me to where I needed to go provided me with the phone number very friendly

Twigs 123

Jan Stefan

The people are so kind. There are toys to play with. Leave them in the room to be disinfected for the next kid. Healthy snacks room for the kids. The clinic gives kids a token for the tiny toy vending machines. They even had a present for Xmas. Amazing!

Eric Schrock

abdilatif ali

The emergency children they are not good. We wait three hours to call. I will never come as emergency this place

Tasha Brunner

On November 3 we brought our 3 year old daughter here. She had swelling in her feet and ankles and had not been able to walk in 2 days. We had seen 2 doctors previously who didn't have an answer as to why. Within minutes we were checked in at the emergency department even though it was quite busy, brought to a room and the doctor was in within 5 minutes. Diagnosis was HSP, a rare autoimmune disorder. From the emergency room staff, to the staff on the 6th floor where my daughter was transferred to spend the night, each and every one of them was amazing!! I can't thank them enough for their amazing care of my daughter.

tarik Rahaman

Great place my son Is their atm and i can't think of having him be somewhere else .then the children's hospital Minneapolis minnesota the doctors and nurses are so great and helpful and all the staff !

Chanda Diallo

Service is horrible we are from Colorado. I brought my niece in with a dog bite and 10:30pm and it is now 2:10am and we are still sitting here. Mind you when we came in there was only two people ahead of us. When I went up to ask front desk why it was taking so long and we have been here for a longtime he was on his phone and tells me it doesn’t go by first come first serve, it’s by most severe. Worst experience ever and I would never bring any of my children here again.

Jessica Faber

Fantastic hospital, but the past three days I've been on hold for over 20 minutes with the pediatrician office with no one ever answering! What do I have to do to make an appointment for my kid?!

Marie Pretty

Treated my infant great in PICU during his stay but when transfered to NICU my child was no longer the same, found out they were secretly drugging my child without my knowledge or consent. Made a report about needle marks but no response as if it's a regular thing.

josh bublitz

Caring and attentive staff. Great food with unbeatable prices. The open air of the building and casual attitudes of the people help establish an inviting atmosphere that makes my family and myself feel welcome and at home here.

Ms Bwells

The wait is long when they call you to the back. Overall they do a good job!

Lindsay Levang

awanewquay rendon

Been in the ER waiting room with snotty, rude, disrespectful triage nurses and security staff.


Alana Grotewold

The staff are very compassionate for their patients and family.

Laura Gough

Cindy Parker

Very nice doctors and very helpful

Zuleyma Morales

I had my son there and he was in he NICU for a month because he was diagnosed with a birth defect and he came back home healthy I love the NICU nuses! And the docotors too they are so very carrying!! I would rate this a 100 but there are only 5 stars so let's go with the 5 stars!

Gamer Siblings

Big Thank You to doctor who took care my daughter. I was cried, and pray to God almost haft of the day because my daughter stayed in a different hospital in an Emergency room for 3 days and they could not find any sign of virus in her. As soon as I brought my daughter in, I meet with one Doctor, he fell so confident that he could treat my daughter in 2 days, and he did. Oh my...Thank You doctor 2525 Chicago ave. I would recommend if you love your children, this is the place.

JoseLuis Zuniga Gonzalez

My son was and still is in pain , and they are leaving him for last other people came after my son and they are already been seen...ive been here since 2p.m and is already 7 18, and they keep saying im next when people meep going bfore me that came aftere .... SMDH! IM STILL HERE WAITING! BUT wat do they expect?? Theyre not thd ones in pain right!?! ....

alexandra rothstein

Absolutley amazing (Besides the ER wait). They took such great care of my little one. Great doctors i couldnt thank them enough.

Jordan Nohre

Amazing!!! Everyone there is so loving!! I had a horrible experience but they made it easy to get through

Omar Aden

Nice clinic for children.


Thank you for taking such great care of my children every time. I also think the update on the building is great. Parking is always easy. Staff is always sweet and prompt. My kids never fear going to the doctor or hospital because we continuously are in good hands. No one ever enjoys going to the hospital but the staff here makes it as enjoyable as possible by always greeting us with open arms. We never have an issue with insurance. Our questions and concerns are always addressed. I never feel like we are in a crowed because attention is so personalized. Thank you for the great work you do!

Carmen Montano

I grew up going to this place and never had an issue. However, yesterday my mom took my younger siblings for a check up and pediatrician Katherine Ann Otto was extremely rude and ended up yelling at my mom to the point where she had to leave and couldn’t stay for the entire appointment. It was extremely uncomfortable and made the boys cry. Would not recommend this place to anyone. This has been one of the worst experiences here and it’s very sad to have to leave this place just because of a terrible pediatrician who should not be allowed kids.

Amit Talwar

Pierre Arnold

Reade Gosen

Charlotte Eames

My sister is there right now and I know shes in good hands.

Tracy S

I am so impressed with the amazing doctors and Nursing staff. So, skilled and so caring. Thanks to all for taking such great care of our Grandson.

Rodney Martin

Even tho are daughter past away at childrens minn from a situation that was out of mans control . I would highly recommend this hospital ! There standard of care for these little ones is very high ! The Drs and nurses seem to have there heart into doing there best ! Thank you for all that you did for us! And even tho God saw it best to take little Megan to be with Him in Heaven are time with her at childrens ( for nine weeks) and ( two short weeks at home after that ) was sweet !! May God bless you for the work that you are doing there !!!

Reagan Anderson



Our daughter broke her femur clean through on Buck Hill (nothing against Buck Hill) and Children's fixed her up quickly, the surgeon seemed to be an expert in his field, and clearly explained all our options. She went through surgery in March, and by that autumn was playing soccer again. Staff is super friendly, they have a lot of activities to keep your child bored, and the rooms have fold-out beds so parents can stay.

Jorge Cuellar

Best place to deliver newborn

Jolene Baker

Jacob Wolkowitz

chalino lopez

(Translated by Google) For the good service (Original) Por el buen servicio

Daejon Glasgow

Great care staff! They also go above and beyond!!!

Jill Andersen

Charles Byas

Donna Samano

I love this hospital and clinic. My son has the best Pediatrician

Rachel Vath

Sandra Weathers

My son had an outpatient procedure done in June of 2016 the staff doctors and nurses were EXCELLENT CHILDREN'S is the Best

Camille Williams

Kirsten Rossum

Unfortunately, the pharmacy here drops this review dramatically. My son has been receiving chemo here since June. We’ve gone round and round about delayed times, and nothing changes. We wait for hours, and have had to have extended overnights because the pharmacy couldn’t get meds up to the floor in a timely fashion. Absolutely horrible. So much so that I would recommend receiving treatment from another hospital.

keeley detwiler

Mark Grinsteinner

They killed my Son. They knew that they were gonna have a huge lawsuit on their hands after they put a line in his arm incorrectly and he was gonna lose some digits. They made him "go away" to cover their butts! Better hope your loved one doesn't need any help overnight in the CVCC, because they don't make any decisions till 7am when the "real" team shows up! My Son was neglected every night here!

Lotus 58

Thundertazzy 412

I had an abscess in my left facial cheek as and they did surgery on me and helped me they have good doctors and good nurses and good everything everything here is good and I'm always being PATIENT with the doctors and nurses and specialist's they helped me thundertazzy himself and I am thundertazzy

James Rudi

Erik Daniels

Great place, awesome staff and Doctors. I am thankful that I went there, and still go there to see my Doctors. The nurses and Doctors truly seem to care. Overall great place.

Andrew Welty

Will be back

Andrew Renschen

Great staff and Dr Getnick is great and awesome with the kids. Love how the place is decorated for kids. Makes them feel comfortable. Comfortable seating and waiting areas.

ken harned

Great people to work with

Ganesh T

Very caring Doctors

Doug Ludemann

Eddie Whaley

everyone was so nice and made my very nervous daughter feel so calm!


Very happy with the care that they have given my family here

Mark Snabb

alice white

My 12 year old had heart surgery twice!! The Doctors & surgeons saved her life! During our month long hospital stay the nurses were so loving & truly seem so care!! ❤

Sadie Daniels

Awesome surgeon I loved her and my doctor was amazing as well they were both very nice to me.

Cường Unlimited

This place is elegant & clean. They have great help desks staff. You should find out exactly what floor or building your appointment is in, or you'll have to walk back and forth between buildings through the skyway, or walking outside in the cold winter. I learned the hard way, hahahaha.

Jack Hollar

Everyone there is so nice and they have helped me a lot

Darryl Mitchell

They are great nurses and doctors here

Mackenzie Thurau

The nurses who cared for my son were all outstanding. They even gave him a blanket in pre-op and he absolutely loved that. All the staff were incredibly attentive to not only my child's needs but ours as well. I greatly appreciated their kindness and patience with him. I'm so thankful he was able to have his procedure done there and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Jacob Hauer

I go here quite a bit for my asthma, and we get in and out really fast it's awesome but today my brother had to go to Specialty Diagnostics the one of the concerns I had was that the doctor had wiped my brothers chest with a rag and then threw it on the floor and then 5 minutes later picked up that Rag and wiped it on him again

Brandi Rutledge

It was horrible.. transfered there by ambulance for my son to have surgery, there for atleast 7 hours to be told my son did not need surgery and sent home. Well 2 weeks later my son now has 2 screws in his elbow and going through what should have been taken care of. I am in the process of making a claim. If I could leave it with no stars I would but its not accepted like that.

Katy Wersal

I was here and the lady named Pam was very rude even when your asking simple questions also then she had patient put themselves on scale and read weight? Very poor customer service. Is it not for people like us that come in everyday to be seen the reason you have a job? Any other time i have been here it has been great.

Daniel Schreiner

Professional place. They have taken great care of my daughter.

Diane Berg

Everyone is so helpful and they treat you like family. The Ronald McDonald House on 3rd floor is a Saving Grace for the families that have children inpatient at Children's Hospital. They give one family meal per day, there are snacks and a food pantry to use while staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

Charlene Adelmann

This breaks my heart to complain about a nurse when all the others were so helpful and kind. Maybe ill do another review for the 99% of the nurses I encountered and leave this one is Christmas maybe she has something going on in her own life that makes her so judgemental and rude. I wish her Peace. Night shift in ICC.

Victor Contreras

We arrived at 9:45 pm at the ER , was told the waiting time was one hour max!! At 12:45 am we asked why it was taking so long (3 hours waiting at the check-in area ) nurse at the triage desk said, she didn't know how much longer we had to wait before my 15 month old baby could se a physician, very slow ! better say super super slow staff!! Very unhappy the way the run this hospital!

Pamela Wollmuth

I wouldn't trust any other hospital or doctors with my son. And I live 4 hours away!! But it's worth the drive because I know he is getting the best of care!

Jim Domeier

Best children's hospital in MN.

Melissa Erlandson

best place ever! my 7 month old was diagnosed with cancer and they saved her life!!

Matt Neisius

I'm a 29 yeah old ma being treated here for cancer. Everyone here know you. They treat you like family. They go out of there way tomae you feel at home and its just not me but also my family and friends that come visit.

Chris Heyer

Good care. Terrible Administration. We appreciate the care we get when we are physically in the hospital (genetics) but I have to knock off 2 stars for the terrible administrative experiences. 1. They do not call the right contact with lab results as instructed. 2. They leave voice mails asking to call back the general operator who refuses to connect you with a real person and lands you in another voicemail box. 3. I was told testing results were sent in the mail only to find the postmark was dated a week later. 4. The online system does not allow self registration, leading to more back and forth voice mails. Again, getting the operator who doesn't know where to transfer the call to. 5. I was told that I would receive reminders to set up more labs and I never have. 6. We get two separate bills for every appointment. 7. One of the two bills is not itemized at all. Only a date of service. You have to call to request that an itemized bill be sent every time. 8. Do not get calls back after leaving voice mails 9. I was told I'd get a call back on the same day (Tuesday) and did not get a call until Friday.

Brad Carlson

Under the worst circumstances this place is a shining star. They treat the kids and parents so incredibly well. Simply an amazing place to bring your ill child.

OutdoorsWith Jay

The best childerns hospital in Minnesota


Their urgent care was terrible. Went there two days in a row with my 1 year old because family insisted it was the best place. The first day they said he had an allergic reaction. The second day the ER doctor said she didnt believe it was an allergic reaction since the swelling over his whole body was worse and his joints were affected. When we got there he could see. When they sent him home his eyes were swollen completely shut! Took him to the pediatrician the next day and she was furious they sent him home. She called and had him admitted. He was there for a week, my family has a history of autoimmune disorders and everyone who saw him agreed he needed a rheumatologist consult - except the dayside doctor who ended up in charge of his case. Every night doctor agreed, the "skin integrity specialist" agreed, all of them. Except him. He kept canceling the consultation against my wishes because he already decided what was wrong - which every other medical professional who saw him agreed was not the case. I took him home after a week even though he wasn't completely better and told them straight out that it was because of that doctor and if we had any more issues hed be going somewhere else.

Sandy Nelson

Great doctors and nurses

Krista Bjork

My son had appendix surgery here a few years ago. The staff at the time was wonderful, so when my daughter broke her arm and needed specialist care-I thought of Children's. Big Mistake. I called trying to schedule an appt for my daughter to get her broken arm evaluated by the ortho specialist on Sunday 7/2 (obviously it wasn't during business hours), twice on Monday 7/3 after 9:00 a.m. Left a message all 3 times (after being transferred to appt scheduling by real humans). Today is Thursday, July 6th and I still have yet to hear back from them. Needless to say I am not holding my breath that they care about my daughter and I already scheduled an appt with Twin Cities Orthopedics. They were actually answering phones this week!

taylor majeres

Lack of communication among patients/patients families and the Doctors. Lots of choices made behind the backs of the patients. I myself never felt like a priority by most docs and nurses. Anything that I ask for or need always comes with a large time delay which has happened nearly every stay I’ve had since June 2018. If you wanna know the right hospital, go to Mayo.

Bob Tworavens


Jesse Frizzell

This place is slow, as in plan on a 12 to 24 hour block of time to go here regardless of the diagnosis slow. The staff is great in the knowledge and information area, kudos for that. The hospital itself when it comes to billing shows that it's just another business. For example if you have a $3000 balance remaining from an original $12000 total charge that's only 2 months old I suggest you get a cell phone with a great battery life that can handle all the calls. Unless you agree to a payment plan that will pay off the whole balance within 6 months they will even tell you the calls will continue. Even though we were already sending in payments willingly it doesn't matter. You choose to pay their payment levels or you get reminder/collection phone calls. And for those of you thinking there must be some form of financial assistance... lol yeah there might be unless you're white and male. That's what I was told automatically disqualified me and I hadn't even given them any financial information. The hospital didn't even want to discuss my son's information when I was there with me even though I brought him in. They told me I need to sit quiet and wait while they spoke to mom first. Well as they found out the woman standing next to me was not the mom and I have sole custody because the mom is not in his life at all. So if you're white and especially if you're a white male be prepared to cash in on all that white privilege and pay with cash and whatever level of patience you have for ignorance.

Lisa Linden

Absolutely unimpressed with my visit. There is a clear lack of communication both between staff, and staff and patient. I was lied to multiple times, and was told I said things that I did not. Both doctors I was dealing with in the ED were demeaning and rude. I was told by my child's neurologist to come in to children's if another episode happened again, so a scan could be done. Children's told me they didn't work with that Neurology clinic. When I asked for more answers, the doctor told me to turn around and use the phone on the wall to call and schedule an appointment with cardiology, when I was asking why this was necessary. They said not to give her any food or drink until they checked into a few things. We waited for hours with no answers and nothing to eat or drink. I'm appalled by the way we were talked to and treated by multiple staff members. I'm very disappointed by the fact that after all that time, I was given Google definitions by a trained doctor. I came here for help, and it seemed like it was a waste of time. I would expect the long wait times during busy times, but not when it's not very busy. I will not return. I seem to always leave here with no answers.

Kay Hanson

Genni Torres

Great place

Jorge Gonzalez

Michael Nelson

Extremely unprofessional doctors and nurses here. Will be filing grievances. But then again if you have MA and are poor you aren't able to take care of your kids...thanks for the terrible patient care Children's. Obviously they care more about making money than they do offering equal care to all types of people. Dr. Hudson is a terrible doctor too! It's no wonder he has been taken to court for ethics. Extremely unprofessional and really rude.

Huda Adam

Nice hospital and great doctors

Molly Ann Niesen

The staff here is so amazing. We spent time in the emergency room department and we were cared for extremely well. Our son was only a month old and diagnosed with RSV. Our son then was admitted, after many doctors took the time to evaluate him, into the PICU to have breathing treatments and further evaluations and the proper on going care. Thanks to all the nurses who helped our son have a speedy recovery.! God bless Ya'll!


Extremely long wait especially if you're not Caucasian! They definitely make sure you KNOW you'll be treated much differently from them especially if you dont have private insurance! Waited 3 hours in lonny area nefore my child was seen by a physician AFTER describing her pain lwvel as 6.... made sure every person who was not of ethnic background got seen right away... awful check in staff and process unorganized rude security.... better off going to the county pediatric hospital

Matt C

This review is specific to their billing/customer service department. They evidently operate multiple electronic medical record systems. There was a DOB mix-up, which I corrected by sending in a copy of the birth certificate. However, I continuously had trouble accessing our account over the phone because some departments showed the corrected DOB while other departments claimed it was never corrected. Furthermore, I called to ask for clarification on some billed services. They said they would have coding review it and get back to me with a revised bill. I called after a couple weeks of no response and they told me not to worry about it and that a revised bill would be coming. A couple months pass with no update and I all of a sudden get a call from their "Collections" department telling me I have a bill past due. A bill that they promised me would be reviewed, that I would be updated on, and that would be re-issued. Another issue is that the original bill was a summary bill and was not itemized. The only way I knew what was charged was by reviewing my insurance EOB. I called and requested an itemized bill from the hospital on three separate occasions and still have not received it despite being told each time that they would be mailing it that week. Hopefully the most recent request is successful as this person even called back to verify our address. This being said, I would rate the patient care as 5-star. Went to the ER for a head laceration and received great care with no issue. Very friendly, very informative, and very good with kids. Their patient-care is their saving grace as the lack of accountability, responsiveness, and uniformity in their billing/customer service department would have lost me as a customer otherwise.

B. Michelle Lucas

Everyone here was wonderful and took great care of my child! As soon as we walked through the doors of the emergency room, our experience was great. Even though we had to wait in the ER for a long time, the triage nurses, receptionist and security were all kind and friendly. Nurses Karen and Raina on ICC were very kind and gentle with my child. Thank you Children's for having such wonderful employees!

Polly Crandall

Super helpful staff!

sky warrior

I love this hospital the doctors who took care of my baby in nicu saved my daughters life. They are truly angels! All the staff is amazing and very kind. This was a very hard time for me but the staff was very supportive and resourceful. Thank God for this hospital!


Listen well to parents and kids

Shannon MARTIN

I used to love this hospital...that was before I found out about their extra profiting sceme off children. Medical kidnapping and drugging kids up to keep them in care longer. True stories... Now is the time to come forward and fight! Have you or your loved one been wronged by this place or any government funded facility? Please trust God and fight with us! We will not be taken for fools any longer! SEARCH US ON FACEBOOK: WE THE PEOPLE VS THE 50 UNITED STATES also search: STOP CPS FROM LEGALLY KIDNAPPING CHILDREN. FAMILY FORWARD PROJECT

Linda Yang

Thanks Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis for always taking great care of my children. I can’t express how thankful I am of all the staffs here. My children and I always felt welcome and knew we were in the best hands there could possibly be.

Chad Mcgathy

We brought our daughter in because we suspected she dislocated her finger. When we first got there things seemed good, but after they did her xray we waited for two hours and nobody even checked on my daughter. We called the n urse to see what was going on, that is when they told us my daughter did have a fractured finger, but were waiting to hear from the hand surgeon. We waited for another hour and didnt hear anything or see anyone. Our daughter had been in pain, so we called the nurse and they were nice, but the time frame of sitting is ridiculous. Feeling very discouraged.

Aira Judielle

Carma Pinger

And i oop skaksksk Your mum is a noob sucks

Very caring team in the nicu

Firestone stonefire

Best place

Eugenia Konnahk

Was told by a nurse that I needed to come into ER to be prescribed eye drops for pink eye, we waited in the ER for over an hour. This is the longest I’ve ever waited in the ER at any hospital, much less a children’s hospital!

andrew newton

Our five year old daughter had a 105 degree fever. It was the middle of the night and we chose to take her to Children's emergency room because we thought she would get the best care. This was not the case. There were no other patients in the waiting room, so we got in right away. But the staff didn't seem particularly interested. The doctor was very nonchalant about her fever and didn't seem to be particularly interested in treating her at all. They gave her some ibuprofen and a popsicle. She also had a bad cough so we talk them into giving her a chest x-ray, which turned out okay. Then they pretty much sent us home. A month later we got a huge bill, which I understand because it cost money to have staff available in the middle of the night, but you would hope that that the staff would at least be interested in treating your child. Very disappointed, if you have a sick child, I would recommend you take them somewhere else.

Donald Phillips

Where are the electric car chargers? ‘Com on guys! Is it too complicated for your facilities’ staff to figure out??

Sam Hilton

The staff are amazing! From the nurses, who are very professional and know how interact with the kids, whatever age they may be, to the doctors, who are extremely knowledgeable, capable, and gentle. I went to this hospital for a surgery and was greeted with awesome care. A few days later, I had to go to the ER because of [Personal Information Here that is none of your business], and the wait was only a few minutes, after which they took me to a room and just casually chatted with me, asking questions along the way. In the end, they solved my problem, and I came home great! Definitely giving best rating for this place!

Tracy Vacura

Sierra Harris

Great place to take your kids to see great doctors

Odin Matrix

They will do anything for their patients!

wolfearN shawn

Great hospital always took care of my daughter when she was there nice doctors and nurses never felt uncomfortable leaving her in their care!

Sherry Wold

This is the ONLY hospital that knew what was wrong with my daughter, then 5 weeks old, and now she's 3, we still see the ENT team at the Cranofacial Clinic. Dr. Sidman is a true gem, he helped me a very scared concerned mom understand the options for my daughter and how the decisions we made would affect her in the long term. We drive from Saint Cloud, 2 hours away just for the knowledgeable and caring staff.

Hannah McMillin

I’ve been going here for three years and have seen many different specialists and caretakers. All have been kind as well as brilliant

Kimberly M

The staff were friendly, and took great care of our son when we were in the short stay unit. What I didn't like was that they were super slow! They told us we were getting discharge at noon but we ended up leaving like a four hours later.

Naw Mary

They take care my sisther very well, so kind with her

Chuck & Lottie Rike

Love Children's! <3

Gaby Figueroa

Dmitry Kniazev

Quick and easy check in process. Done all the procedures as scheduled and only spent about an hour to do both EKG and CT on Friday afternoon. Very satisfied with the people as well: everyone was super nice and professional. If you need parking, there is 2 hours free parking a block away from the entrance.

Helmut Geissler

good clinics

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