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Simply Jackson

Took my son in and was seen within 15 minutes of checking in the emergency room. Everyone was so kind, knowledgeable and helpful and my emergency room visit only lasted 45-1 hour! Love it!

Zio Sumb

Ryan Sandberg

Aisha Abdikarim

Friendly and welcoming. Thank you for everything you deed for my 11 month old son. Emergency department doctors are the best.

Tino Jones

Melanie Xiong

Horrible. Doctors and nurses guilt you into staying for treatments if you refuse. I will never go back there. If you leave against doctors advice they tell you insurance will not pay for your treatments. Doctors dont answer your questions and just say they will find out and let me know but never come back. We went in for high fever. They wanted to keep my baby on antibiotics for 14 days. they assumed he might have some strand of herpes but all the test they did came back negative for herpes so they just wanted to keep him on antibiotics to watch him and see what happens. We argued to leave that night with the doctors. They wanted us to stay and told me if I take him home this or that could happen and it will affect his brain. I told them no we are leaving. They have no proof he has herpes so there so no way I'm keeping him on antibiotics for something he doesnt have. We finally get to leave and they made us sign papers saying if we don't go get a checkup the next day with our primary Dr child protection will come get our baby. Doctors and nurses don't listen to you. They just want to keep you there for learning purposes I feel. Nurses poke baby over 20 times to find vein for iv all failed attempts. Dr failed to get spinal fluid 1st time and had to do it 2nd time. If you don't agree with them they give u attitude. Horrible people/service. Will never go back ever again.

Erika Gabriela Santana Romero

Estien Shotley

Dr. McCord. Pediatrician. Great bedside manner. Very kind to my two kids.

Christine Jones

Excellent visit!!! Intake nurse was very knowledgeable and made children feel comfortable as they waited; even gave pain relief right away to children who needed it!!!! Impressive!!!Very attentive and kid aware. The team did not run unnecessary tests and call it “regular procedure” they focused on what is truly wrong with your child. Everyone seems very well trained and knowledgeable. They also are very comforting to parents that may feel stressed or have anxiety from their child being ill. Patient and yet quick to respond to the child’s needs. I felt very welcomed, listened to and understood!!!! Great job Children’s St.Paul team-after midnight weekday visit.

Jewel Angel

Grace Bullinger

Good care, extremely overpriced. Go elsewhere. I brought my six-year-old daughter after she lacerated her chin in a fall and required stitches. She received three stitches from a nurse practitioner. My daughter never even saw an actual doctor, but our bill was $1019. I have a high-deductible insurance plan that covers nothing until I meet an out-of-pocket expense of $5000. I never received an itemized bill with detailed charges, or any indicator of what total charges would add up to. I had no idea what I was consenting to when I signed their financial policy. I work in a dental office. Before any procedure is rendered, we are able to let our patients know in advance what the total bill will be, what is estimated to be covered by insurance, and what their financial responsibility will be after insurance pays. It disgusts me that this is not a standard in medicine, and that patients/parents are not allowed to make informed choices. For something as simple as stitches, this should have been a no-brainer. If Children's Hospital saves money by paying a nurse practitioner a lower wage compared to a physician, that savings should be passed onto me, the consumer.

Kimberly Christmas

My daughter sees doctor Christine Park she is carrying and amazing my daughter loves her she is so gentle and cares for my daughter and also asks how I'm doing because I suffered from post partum depression I absolutely love her

Matthew Gerths

Went to the ER with my pregnant wife because our 1 year old was having trouble breathing. We had been told already we should go to the ER by a doctor on DR direct. Waiting three hours each 30 minutes being told we would be next. Do yourself a favor and take your kids to Gillette. Writing this review while we continue to wait to get care for our son. My wife is afraid to change our son in the bathroom due to how dirty it is. Homeless people sleeping in the wait room. Finally got a room after 3 hours 45min

Ashley Berens

I just had my appendix removed this morning and I’m already home. The nurses are absolutely amazing 12/10!! They were super sweet and so helpful!

Bonnie Luzadder

Tinbite Samuel

Jessica Betts

I had my daughter at this hospital in December 2017. The entire experience from walking in the night we started in induction to the day we walked out with her in tow, was AMAZING!! The nurses are great, caring, and thoughtful. They took great care of myself, made sure my husband was comfortable and had everything he needed, and were great with our little baby girl. I wouldn’t have changed anything about the experience.

Maria Henehan

I had to take my baby to the children’s emergency department last week and our experience was beyond spectacular! Better than ever could have expected! Seriously recommend to anyone and everyone! Emergency Department at Children’s Hospital is the best I’ve ever experienced!

Amanda Maria

They were so attentive, kind, and efficient. Explained everything and answered all my questions with patience. I appreciate their staff very much.

Daniels Hab

First time here to see my brand new niece, the facility is super amazing, members of the hospital are unbelievably great, clean and cool communication skills and ready to assist you in seconds. Thank you for your kindness and help.

Nancy De Moncada

Jenny Bowen

The staff on the 5th floor is wonderful. Especially Marji. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my son today. I couldn't have asked for a better nurse for him. YOU ROCK.

Becky Banuelos

Jennifer Lusk

Waiting room is absolutely ridiculous. Kids running all over the place and no parents are even paying attention.

jay thomas

Building was clean in and out staff was friendly doctors are great parking is reasonable even have handicap parking street parking most likely be filled up give shot always have nice items there is a shop and stop gas station next door with snacks there is a Burger King next door a couple of restaurants two blocks over washrooms are very clean floors are not dirty they try their best to keep the homeless out out of the entries out of the door

Dustin Vickerman


Cheng Yang

Jomally Acevedo

Vinicius Seixas

Stacey Lysne

They were great when we first got there in the we but afterwards it all changed. We went to children’s because they are suppose to be the best. Well I am call bs. We didn’t get a doctor or our nurse to come back and tell us that our didn’t have the flu. They just gave us the discharge papers and the rx paper. No telling how much or if we can give them to him at the same time. What a poor service. The best part was the cleaning lady came to clean the room two minutes after we got our discharge papers. I have an 8 month old it takes more then 2 minutes to get your kid out the door. Especially when you have to put them back into clothes.

Nirmal Ghatani

No matter how good English you speak they offer you an interpret. That's like we don't want to hear so called English with accent. I was there two time.

Mar Medrano

John Towah

Abby Sassy

Angela Burnett

My daughter was having international issues and she had brought her stuffed bear Berry he even got an iv to help my daughter not to be so scared very caring and comforting nurses and drs helping with a sick child

nancy byrd

This hospital sucks we thought this was our best choice it wasn't we had to wait 4 hours to get my son to be checked dont go here .

Orlando Silvar

Dionne Miller

Great place to be cared for

Karina Marin

I can't give a better rating even when the doctors are great knowledgable and experience, nurses are nice and worried about kids being comfortable. What bothers me a lot of this hospital is their lack of cleaning. This is not the first time I been here unfortunately and every single time the place is not clean. Two years ago, my son had to stay 3 days in the hospital and the room they gave us was dirty when we got in. Bathroom with big stains of someone throwing up and floor dirty as well. They end up coming and clean up the bathroom but I start cleaning everything else with desinfected wipes. Today at ER the room the gave us had spots of blood on the floor and the bathroom also blood spots and dirty. I don't understand being a hospital they should have better standards on the cleaning. This really bothers me!!!

Vivian Sun

Heather Davis


Had physical therapy and checkups here. Great, helpful, friendly staff. We felt that we were well taken care of.

Zuhaan mohammed

Hello Everyone , I would like to share my 6 Days old Son's sad story/ experience with all of you who were looking to know how is Childrens Hospital , Saint Paul. First of all iam very Sad to announce that my son has died in Childrens at Hospital.Saint Paul. Our Son was born in Regions Hospital through C-Section and he was good until we get discharged. after 3rd day we went home happily but after 2 hours we see that he has done bloody poop so we rushed to Regions , However Regions dont have Expert Children Care/NICU as it was an EMERGENCY so they have transported my son to Childrens Hospital, Saint Paul in Ambulance. at Childrens They started IV, Given Antibiotics and were doing some medical procedures and X-Rays as well. (he was in need of emergency Surgery as his small intestines was twisted that has cut off the blood and he was sick, bloody poop, bilious liquid was coming out .and his belly was increasing-This Came to know after Surgery when my son was died). Read actual Story of Childrens Hospital Doctors at Saintpaul. Team of Doctors trying to check everyday what exactly he has by doing Series of X-Rays and Blood Culture and when i ask each time they were saying X-Ray does not show us some thing like twisted of which doesnt feel like need to go for surgery , as of now we feel that he has NEC( Necrotising Enterocolitis ) is an infection in small intestines. Doctors keep on doing same thing only X-ray & Blood culture by which they were unable to find out whats going on . i asked them go for some thing else either CT SCAN or MRI or there is not anything to check whats going on in his abdomen. they said no , we are monitoring closely. as my son's health was getting worse and worse and doctors were doing same thing x-ray , antibiotics, blood culture . keep on saying same thing he is getting sicker , his x-rays shows not to go for Surgery . fiinally when he was more worse on ventilator/oscillator and his belly size with 12 cm increased , on 4th day in childrens they said now we would like to go for Surgery . After the Surgery -Doctor said his small intestine was twisted and we un-twisted but small intestine was become totally black and your son is not going to survive as he will die . They gave 2 options (1) We will Remove Ventilator , hold your son in your Arms then at least he will take last breath in your arms. (2) Keep on ventilator , he will die soon . They were actually unable to Diagnose what he has , They were unable to provide the Standards of Medical Care. it was an emergency we bring him to hospital in time but doctors took 4 days to diagnose which was some thing Emergency as his intestines was twisted which cutoff the blood . IF he would have diagnosed at early stage and surgery would have done at early stage my Son would have saved , But They didnt early like that. They delayed , Delayed , Delayed , Finally we lost our Son .. :( Thanks for Reading our Story .. Please make sure you choose right hospital to get right care for your babies. Thanks again . Take care ... Regards Zuhaan

Miss Lula

If you have an infant, go to woodwinds or anywhere but here

Rachel and Ryan Humpal

My son has been sick since September. Hospitalized in October and December at Children's once in St Paul once in Minneapolis. Seen in the ER multiple times. Seen an infectious Dr as well. We are not impressed. No one could tell us what was going on with our son. "Its too complex. There's too many things going on not leading us in any direction. Its a virus. (Virus panel came back negative) Keep medicating him and he'll eventually get better. I'm not sure what you're doing here? I'm not sure why they referred you to me. Your son doesn't have a fever. (They have been giving him meds and fluids) Even though your telling me he's not getting better, his numbers tell us he is. Maybe he's in rut and doesn't want to go to school. Maybe when you leave here you should follow up with a Dr not a nurse practitioner (the nurse practitioner has been trying to get us help, trying to figure it out! Seen my son go up and down with what's going on) Is there anything else you guys habe googled you think is going on? " These are all things we were told during our visits here. Every time we were there they would run the same test. Never try anything different. We would ask for other stuff to be done and they would respond with "we don't see any reason to do that. Or its too invasive to do." I can not express enough how heart breaking it is to watch your child in pain every day, not gain any weight, be so fatigued and look so pale and not one Dr in St Paul or Minneapolis wants to help you get your child back to himself. Medicating all day everyday isn't the answer. Not to mention a couple nurses we had. When we got to the er and the nurse tried to tell my scared 5 year old to put on a gown and he didn't want to and then she replied with "well I'm not asking I'm telling you! You don't always get to do what you want!" And same nurse during his blood draw "if you would hold still this would be done already. You need to stop moving right now" blood draws are very scary for kids. Now he's terrified when ever anyone comes near him at the Dr. You work at a children's hospital where kids are going to be scared. I get every one has a bad day but your bad day effects these kids for the rest of their lives. We went to Mayo in Rochester and we were there for two days and they already are finding things. They did a test on my son we had asked for in Minneapolis and found things. Two days and we are headed in a direction helping my son. And weird they are telling us we can not be giving him so much medication because we are masking what is going on. Very unhappy with your services provided at these two hospitals. Now we are paying you for your services that provided us with no answers and no help and another hospital that's actually doing what your hospital should have been doing.

Tyler Biron

11 month old cuts finger. We got to ER at 6pm. Get checked in. Wait said to be less than 1 hour. Nope 2.5 hours. Nurse has to dress wound 2 times in waiting room. Told we weren't high enough priority. We finally get called back at 830pm. Get put in a room. Wait another 2.5 hours. Nurse bandages wound another 2 times and changes sheets. We watched the entire Moana movie and channel 11 news. Doc comes in at 11pm. Says her schedule wasn't in order by patient waiting time so we were skipped.

Alex Wunderlich



Their providers (doctors / nurses) are good in my experience (Dr. Messinger in particular). Their clerical staff are a nightmare. I don't go back unless I absolutely have to. Every time I call one of their 'specialty clinics' (Endocrinology and Down Syndrome specifically) I get major run around. I'm constantly asked to leave a message or they take my name and tell me they will call me back and no one ever does. I emailed their family liaison about it a few years ago and she followed up that time with the Down Syndrome clinic, but to this day it continues. I've currently been waiting since 17 June (today is 10 July) for a call from Endocrinology - they needed to check with the doctor first before they scheduled the appointment. This is despite the fact that our primary care physician sent the referral in early June asking them to see my kid within two weeks. They never called on the referral, so I followed up and am still waiting. Just called again today and...they took my name to call me back. I guess they don't think my kid's medical needs are that important. So...if you manage to be seen by a Children's doctor, you're in pretty good hands I think. But good luck getting an appointment or even a call back.

Sabhapathi A

Dmitriy Gula

The KIDS Eating Channel

My daughter was scheduled to go under in the pediatric surgery department. We were scheduled for the surgery at 8am but then ran into a few obstacles with her identification. After talking to a few nurses about her identification and pre-registration we were ready to go back and get ready for the surgery. While in the room this nurse who said she is in charge of the floor came in and bombarded us with many comments and questions about her MIDDLE NAME. Like what medical practices identify you by your middle name. And in the midst of us being bombared, my daughter reaches for her sippy cup and barely puts her lips on it. Another nurse who was there to assist claps her hand and startles my daughter (which is so unprofessional to do) and my husband takes it away from her. Then they were attacking us saying maybe we should consider rescheduling the surgery since she possibly could have taken a sip of her milk (as she is suppose to be on an empty stomachs). My husband was there and I saw as well that she didn’t get anything. At this point it was around 9:15 (1hr past our scheduled time) and I was starting to get irritated by these nurses bombarding us about everything. The nurses leave and a few minutes later they send in the anesthesiologist to tell us that we could no longer go on with the surgery because she has had milk to drink. At this point I got really heated and told him that she didn’t drink anything and if they didn’t want our service just say it. (I mean we can tell by the nurses bombarding us that they didn’t want our service from the get-go.) I wasn’t surprised when he came in to tell us that because it was the impression we were getting the whole entire time. The anesthesiologist then went at it with me by telling me “well maybe you should’ve never brought that sippy cup with.” Wooooo boy was I mad. I fired back at him and said, “excuse me but are you trying to tell me how to parent my child and question my parenting skills?” We dressed my daughter and left. The nurse lead who bombared us came back in pretending like she didn’t know anything that was going on but I know that they didn’t want to treat us and I’m pretty sure our race had something to do with it. And probably the fact that they were behind schedule and therefore decided to kick us out just so that they can get caught up somehow. The whole team was white. We were mistreated. I would recommend that the hospital give some kind of racial equity training to their staff as well as how to be professional. But after everything I’ve come to realize that this is the world we live in. It’s just a reality check and a reminder that there are people out there who have bad intentions and are ignorant. I would definately not recommend going to this hospital. It was an inconvenience to my husband and I as this takes time, planning, and time off work. I’ve decided to take my daughter somewhere else. Don’t waste your time here.


We visted the children emergency because of very sick child but they don't have enough doctors to help quickly. We have to wait for more than couple hours. That is totally unacceptable during emergency. People do not pay for emergency unless they need. But the hospitals are not giving the right service other than charging patients more money by the name emergency.

Michael Thomas

If I could give 10 stars I would. This place is great. Staff is great. Only thing is what's with no regular soda only diet

Sophia LPS

Waiting rooms are covered in germs. Doctors are just ok.

anthony bajalia


Kelly Stoffel

Mariann Biörserud

We came to the hospital on the 27th of June and stayed over night. Our son Karl had developed a major infection after an allergic reaction. Amazing staff and organisation!


No. And never again. 8 hours. Failed 1st try. Delayed 2nd try. Never answered questions. Didn't give a damn until we walked out. Absolutely horrible way to treat a disabled kid.

Maryann E. Robinson

It was heaven, the care and compassion was more than expressive in our time spent the St.Paul Gillet and Research Hospital and Minneapolis Childrens as well

Jason Braun

Rachell Barnes

This place is full of awesome staff and I love it here, however the parking ramp is probably one of the worst I have ever experienced.

Martha Parra Mundo

Me encanta children's muy buenas personas siempre, y muy profecionales Dios los bendiga

Lavenya Vasudevan Vijayagopal

This is the children's hospital where everyone are friendly

olivia shores

I was impatient here for a month and I had amazing doctors and nurses. It made me feel more comfortable, and they have so many ways to cheer you up. It's just an awesome place (Other than being sick). I strongly recommend for any children.

Jesus Mejorado

Nadia Ingabire


blue gravity

Great Dr.s and nurses. Takes forever to get admitted.

Jen Barnes

Cường Unlimited

Awesome place

Todd Magnusson

The wait is awful. Welcome to 'modern' health care.


The nurse and other staff are AMAZING!....

Samuel joseph

Good hospital

Li'l Loompa Brammann

Words cant even begin to describe the staff here. An emergency with our daughter lead hous ti be transferred from our normal hospital to Children's...we showed up exhausted, worried and on edge. After the ER admission...which was and experiance to say the least. Do t get me wrong the staff was amazing, warm, friendly so helpful, but when it takes 3 people to find a vein on a baby I am not to happy. After we were sent to our room in the Epilepsy ward we were welcomed with friendly smiles and warm hearts. The Doctors and especially the nurses were nothing short of absolutely amazing. Not only did they answer any and all questions without hesitation, but they were there when you called. They checked in often and helped with any thing they could. From watching our baby show we could catch some rest to making our oldest daughter feel just as loved and special. The doctor was so sweet and helpful and they made sure we left with the answers we needed and the confidence we need to continue at hime care. As well as the info and numbers to reach anyone day or night. I cant beginof to thank then enough for their kindness.

Abilash S

Hannah Silva

Darrin Schepers

This is not where u want to give brith !! Staff is very rude , and not helpful !!

Liz Kesler

The doctor we chose for my son's surgery in June was wonderful, as were all the nurses who cared for him before and after the procedure. The problem was the anesthesiology staff. It was well documented in my son's chart that he has anxiety and that he takes an SSRI for it. The nurses and the child life specialist who prepared him for what the OR would like like seemed to understand that. They were all patient and kind. The nurse anesthetist, on the other hand, (I don't know her name as she never introduced herself) rushed my son into position on the table and forced the mask on his face when he asked her to give him a minute because he wasn't ready. She said, "Well, it's time." He fought her off and knocked the tube out of the mask. Then she and two other nurses AND the anesthesiologist held him down while he screamed in terror and reached for me. There were four adults in surgical masks fighting him. They told me to help hold him down. I asked if they could give him some time to get prepared and told them he's not ready. The anesthesiologist told me, "Just hold his hands. It's better if he screams and breathes it in faster." I was appalled. We are STILL dealing with the trauma of this event. My son has asked me repeatedly, "Why didn't you mama bear that room apart to save me?" It all happened so fast, but I regret that I didn't. He has spent months having nightmares, refusing to close doors or be away from me, and hyperventilates when he has to see a doctor. I regret that I let the doctors handle him so roughly. I WILL fight back if he's ever in that situation again. So, parents, know your kids and make a plan for what to do if the medical professionals spin out of control too quickly. We had a similar situation at Minneapolis children's when he needed stitches, so I should have been prepared. We will not use a children's hospital again. Regular hospitals have always been such more patient and understanding of his anxiety.

Jim Domeier

Great work by all.

daniel d

Brought my 4 month old in to the ER. We were TOLD by the baby line that we had to go to childrens because other hospitals are not set up for infants, ok. We were in the ER for 3 hours. The only thing they did were suck boogers from his nose and ran tests. Turns out he had rsv. Nothing you can do for that, and that's fine. They billed my insurance 748 dollars. That is absurd. Childrens is suppose to be non-profit?

Connie Taylor

Masersha A

This place emergency room is good service and take 5 too 6 hours . The happenings 2 time. Add wen go place next time

Jennifer Hexum

I want to thank the staff for the AMAZING job they did with my son today! You made both of us feel calm throughout the day. Wonderful hospital! Keep up the great work!!

Sarah Nelsen

I had brought my son down to the emergency room and doctor paul zenker was extremely rude and yelled at my son. Normally i have no problem with this place. But that was uncalled for.

erica blazek

was there last night getting 2 stitches in my sons head. worst doctor ever staff was terrible took 20 minutes for my son to get 2 simple stitches in him and no way will i ever bring him here again. will stick to the awesome staff at Regions thanks but no thanks

Irina Yukhimchuk

My daughter had a surgical procedure done, she wanted to stay longer. The staff and the environment is magical, this place is absolutely awesome!

alixx665 University of Minnesota

they have pick up drop off zone

Lauren Anderson

Worst experience imaginable. Doctors and nurses were incompetent, neglectful, ignorant, heartless and wrong. My real rating is 0 stars for this place. It's dangerous to take your child here.

Corrine Thomas

Brett Engelhardt

I brought my daughter to a neurologist because she was experiencing headaches on a regular basis. We had a 20 min. consult with a PA, were given a prescription and told to do a blood panel. I received my bill weeks later for over $900. I had to call twice for an itemized bill which I have compared to other facilities, and for some of the test Children's was 8x the price. On top of the high prices the charged a " Hospital Based Facility"of $184. In the end my daughters headaches are worse and more frequent. I called billing to talk about the tests and the prices and they referred me to the nurse, the nurse referred me back to the billing department. Really a poor experience.

Dave Thompson

Saida Ortiz

(Translated by Google) Excellent hospital (Original) Excelente hospital

Lynn Hughes

Jennifer Hillman

No communication between staff and no communication with the family. Been here over 12 hours and haven't learned anything more than what I knew when I got here. Over rated!

Ebony Jenkins

So my daughter had surgery at Children's Gillette and she had stomach pain ever since. The pain has worsened and everyone is giving us the run around. The doctor that perform the surgery said it may be tissue caught in the surgery scare. Told us he would have his nurse call us and never did. No doctor will investigate this they keep saying go back to the old doctor. My daughter is crying her eyes out and throwing up and they won't fix this.


I had a very good ER experience where I was in and out in a half hour (granted, I was not there on a busy night,and understand there can be a wait when busy). A nurse welcomed me immediately,took vitals, and asked about my concern right off the bat. My daughter also needed 2 minor surgeries by 2 different surgeons (one being an outside surgeon). Children's was wonderful with coordinating their schedules so they could tag team and she would only be sedated once. I really appreciated receiving a follow up phone call from the surgery dept the next day to see how she was doing.

Barbara Kellen

so thankful for children's


cindy farrell

My daughter spent 10 days and nights at the St. Paul Campus. I could NOT be more grateful for the loving attention of the staff there. The nurses, dieticians, doctors, social workers right down to the cleaning staff and a multitude of volunteers were all thorough, exceptionally patient, and went out of their way to accommodate my daughter who was a 'difficult" patient a great deal of the time. There are so many resources for parents and children. What a blessing this hospital has been while my daughter is struggling with her health.

Mary Smith

The doctors here are great for the most part , however the RNs other staff and guests not so much , there is lift handicap parking in the back which is great because we have a lift. However everyone without a lift parks back here , blocks the cut outs and makes it a lucky day when you manage to get a parking spot . I've watched staff who may just have a plaket park here when its a longet walk to where they need to go then form the parking ramp just because they don't want to pay for parking.And the hostility is scary and dont even try the ramp unless you want to be honked at and screamed at by a bunch of people waiting to get around your big converson van because you have to unload basicly in traffic.Anyone with a lift van and especially a full size conversion van knows how hard it is to find parking for the semi monster size vehicle you drive around. The hospital however just perpetuates the problem by not doing anything about it and places that blame on the city. This is just causing aggression in the community and it maked me sick .

Gio Celaya

So far the care has been really good the nurses male and female have been excellent. The doctors seem to be going through everything to get a diagnostic on my child without skipping a beat. The only complaint I have is the hospital is trashy and the cleaning staff aren't not doing their job to keep the hard work of the medical staff presentable.

Pao Moua

great service! Fast and kid friendly!

Dan Tallman

This pertains to report an issue with making appointments. A voicemail was mistakenly left on my phone regarding scheduling of a future appointment. The message referred to Children’s and the caller’s first name but did not include a callback number or refer to the office. It seems likely that the party that needed the appointment will be further delayed getting it. I tried to call back to advise of the error using the number shown on caller ID. The recorded message makes apology that the original call is not traceable to the phone it was made on. The recorded message does not offer a number to call to report the mistake which seems a logical extension to a voice message that refers to the problem. I have run into this several times over the last few years from a variety of clinics and dental offices so it seems Children’s is not alone with this problem. This is the only channel of communication I found to report the problem.

Pao H

Best Children hospital and clinics in Minnesota. Follow me on Instagram: Backpacker711

Ilham Shahin

Crisi Kent

Olivia Griffith

My son needed emergency surgery on his appendix staff, docs & nurses have been nothing short of amazing

Julianne Crocker

Ana Alarcon

Grate service


I have a mixed review which is why I gave 3 stars. Most of the staff was very good. The nursing assistants were very good and most of the nurses were very helpful. They saw my son in a very timely order for his high blood sugar. My complaints are that there isn't public access to the stairs. I am claustiphobic, and whereas most people don't think twice about going in an elevator, it causes me extreme anxiety. I had already spent five hours in the emergency room and was tired, hungry, and stressed over my son's new dianosis of diabetes. I knew myself well enough that if I forced myself to go in the elevator, that it might trigger a panic attack. So I told the nurse I would take the stairs. She said ok and left with my son. I ended up wandering around the hospital for a good half hour, trying to find stairs. I asked about five different employees where the stairs were and NO ONE knew where they were. They finally called security to walk me up the employee stairs. We ended up taking a super long route, cutting through many different floors, going through many halls, going up another stairwell and then cutting through more floors again.. God help this place is if there is ever a fire. My second big complaint is the way they teach about diabetes. I was told that they used to have patients stay 3 days for educational purposes. Now they have cut it down to one day (plus the overnight.) I was so frazzled and in shock over my son being a diabetic that I couldn't absorb any information AT ALL. Nothing that they said made sense to me. I am a visual learner, I don't do well with people talking and talking....while the nurses were very kind and patient, the way they were teaching me was not effective. I ended up having a meltdown the next day when I couldn't figure out the formula to give my son insulin. I might as well have just taken the elevator since the meltdown happened regardless. I will say that you can request an additional day if need be. But I think they need to rethink the way they teach. Less talking and more visuals. Give patients and family a few hours to absorb the new diagnosis before throwing so much information at them. I didn't even get a chance to sit down when I finally found my son's room before the teaching began. As it is, we are home now and I am still trying to figure out this formula. Turns out that it's all in the big book of diabetes that they send home with you. I would recommend Children's to most people but I think the people in charge need to reconsider how they work their system.

Beth B

Maddie Cole

Jared Little

My son was born here, the facility, the staff, and everything was absolutely amazing here. This is a wonderful hospital that really cares about its patients. I’m so glad that we live close enough to go to this place. They helped us so much answered all of our questions. I would recommend this place to anybody who is thinking about taking their child there or giving birth here.

Susan Soutor

Good place to work as a RT!

Erin Guzman

In January I brought in my 5 month old to the ED for a high fever while in triage my son cried and turned a dusky blue color around his mouth..the triage nurse brought him right back and called RT to take a look at him and found that his oxygen levels were low he was admitted to the PICU where he got many tests of his heart and lungs done there was no signs of infection and his heart was normal he was referred to Dr Mikesell to look farther into his lungs she ordered a lung biopsy and after 1 week of tests and intubation they had finally found out what was "wrong" with my baby he has a rare lung disease and his body doesn't produce all the protein to make enough surfactant. I was soo happy with the fact that after days of normal tests they didn't give up on my baby..if I would have brought him elsewhere I probably wouldn't still have my son with me.......6 months later my baby is almost 1 year old and on 24/7 oxygen and as happy as can be.

Alex Olson

Excellent care and compassionate staff. Our daughter was in good hands here.

Laurel Dahlquist


Only issue I have is with the cafeteria. Only options are "healthy choices" so no deep friend foods. Fries & chicken strips all baked and for drinks you can only get Diet drinks or bottled water. So make sure you bring a soda

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