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REVIEWS OF CHI St. Joseph's Health IN Minnesota

LaRayne Kolkin

Mom and two kids made to walk in the cold I had to call an ambulance last month (February) at a Laundromat. I had my two daughters, 8 and 3, come with me. After I was treated, I asked a male nurse if there was anyway for me and my girls to get back to the Laundromat. I had no one to call who'd be able to get us. He said no at first. Than later came back into the room and said that the hospital had a non emergency service for people who needed rides but that it was too expensive. I had insurance but I was told by the hospital intake lady said that I didn't have it (but I did). So they couldn't offer me a ride. So my girls and I had to walk back to the Laundromats in 10 degree weather. Luckily, after trying to flag people down for a ride, a sweet elderly woman came and rescued us. I don't know if we would have made it if we had to walk the whole way.No one at that hospital cared or batted an eyelash, knowing that a mom and her two kids were being made to walk across town, late at night, in the freezing cold. None of them.

Sean Haddy

Have had a positive experience utilizing the hospital a few times, since I moved here. Staff is attentive and friendly, and ensure you're taken care of.

Camo Girl

HATE THE ER. everytime my daughter or i go in its an hour or more for no more that 15 to 20mins of service. This last time I was in the nurse said i will be right back with your paper that was at 10pm didn't come back till 10:28pm. I like the walk-in and the docs.

John Jones

We had our baby at Park Rapids and had a very good experience. Everything went very smoothly. The CRNA did a great job with the epidural. We stayed one night and then went home the following day. The nursing staff took great care of us.

Amanda Artnson

My brother had a appendectomy by Dr. Bratloff and everything went very well. The staff were very attentive and took extremely good care of him. His pain was well controlled and is back home now.

Jean Nennig

Bob Kaumans

Shockingly awful service from the Surgery Department and Staff. Careless and unprofessional. Definitely would NOT use again.

Amanda Downs

Very unorganized seem like they got their degrees from a cracker jack box. Would never recommend this hospital they give Essentia a bad name.

meee meee

Nicholas Smith

Jesse James

Joe Cool

Adrienne Kronschnabel

Debra Smith

Won't let me post what I want. Horrible cari

Cynthia Forderer

Been hospitalized multiple times and staff are wonderful and caring every time.

Patty Sherman

Went to the ER after falling off a ladder. All the doctors were so pleasant and polite. Was in and out in less than six hours which can’t be said for all emergency departments. Would definitely recommend if you’re ever in a situation that you don’t want to be in.

Brooke Mariucci

Worst hospital experience ever.

Jennifer Wellman

I brought my son with a temperature of 106, they said it was fine until 108, nope! I love these hospital drs and nurses, my son has 11 days of pain and suffering. But he sufferd for no reason. Should have been admitted and taken care of!

Charissia Andreoff

Worse bedside manner of any care provider. Been here 2 hours and all that was done is a urine sampl3

Aaron Aslesen

0 stars-Worst ER visit ever 1 hr wait for screaming baby. horrible admin people charged me incorrectly. i am still to this day having to work with my insurance to clear up all the wrongly coded bills. what a joke park rapids location

Kate M

Took my seven year old here and all of the staff were so attentive and caring ! They quickly identified his issue and minimized the amount of needle sticks he received, but having the entire team in at once! I am so thankful for their care!

beccabird photo


Sadie N

A few years ago my father, who lives in that area, went into the clinic at the behest of my mother who could tell something was seriously wrong. The doctor he saw, Dr. Officer (also an ER doc), said he was fine, gave him some nitrates to take, and sent him home. A nurse and my mother both agreed, sans doctor, that this was not accurate and that she should bring him to the ER. Turned out, he was in the middle of a massive heart attack and had to be airlifted to Fargo for an emergency quadruple bypass surgery. Thankfully he was saved and recovered well. Cut to a week ago. He was sitting at the kitchen table with my family and suddenly dropped his head and was unresponsive. I called 911, EMS came, we lowered him to the floor and he regained consciousness. The EMS looked at his medications and saw that two days before, his doctor, Dr. Benson at Essentia, had changed his blood pressure med from a half a tab once daily, to one tab twice daily. They said that most likely, the med change had made his blood pressure drop so low that blood wasn't sufficiently getting to his head he passed out, and once we straightened his body out on the floor, the blood flowed to his head again. Having a somewhat medical background myself, this made perfect sense. He was taken to the hospital in the ambulance for a doctor to check him out. The nurses were all fantastic, as nurses almost always are, but the doctor he saw (one who is not listed on their website) told me when I asked him very specifically, that the med change was not what caused this episode. However, he could not give any alternative explanation. My father was released and is doing just fine. He is not taking two tabs of his med daily, but to prevent a repeat episode is taking a half tab twice a day and has had no problems since. I have been to numerous ERs, hospitals, and clinics in my profession and for personal reasons, hundreds in fact. But I have NEVER seen such unapologetic, gross negligence and bold-faced ignorance. Had my mother not insisted Dr. Officer was wrong those years ago, my father wouldn't be alive. What kind of doctor is unable to recognize a massive heart attack WHILE IT'S HAPPENING? What kind of doctor increases a prescription for a beta blocker by 3x and does not instruct this to be done gradually as is standard practice? ("To reduce your risk of side effects, your doctor may direct you to start this medication at a low dose and gradually increase your dose.") What kind of doctor disregards the most logical and obvious explanation for sudden unconsciousness and states matter of factly that this huge med change would not have the effect that it SO clearly had? I would avoid this hospital for anything other than a fishing hook in some body part. I grew up in the area, and hate to say it, but from the above experiences I would not trust the doctors of the Park Rapids clinics or hospital. The nurses on the other hand, have all been amazing and frankly, saved my father's life with their encouragement of my mother to seek secondary care for him.

tree feller

We were on vacation this past summer in Park Rapids. My son was running a high fever so we decided to bring him into the clinic. They did some tests, found nothing but did put him on an antibiotic. Total visit cost right around $2000. This was nothing short of highway robbery. *My biggest regret was not inquiring about procedure costs up front. We won't be coming back to the area.

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