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Christian Alaniz

Went once for a checkup and paid the bill TWICE!!! Just found out that same bill went to collections after paying it. No one is willing to fix this error either.

Willie Tate

Jackie Petersen

Jay Ekren

Have been a patient for years, excellent care. Just had a procedure and it was handled extremely well.

Cindy Falos

Altru is a Great Hospital and the staff is very caring.

Jessica Norman

Terrible place.

Jerry Cox

Worst customer service ever. E R is the worst.

Christopher Christian

My wife and I just had our beautiful baby girl three days ago here at Altru. Our doctor was Dr. Lays, and she is awesome! Great personality, very knowledgeable, just an all around great person! After staying with my wife and baby daughter I got to know the nurses on the 4th floor too. They are all very wonderful as well!!! Super loving, caring, and great individuals! You can tell all of them love their jobs and are very dedicated to everyone they are caring for!! My wife and I could not be more happy with our experience here!!! Thank you everyone so so so so much, hope to see you all again some day. Thank you.

Troy Pruett

It's been an hour and all I keep getting said to is we will check on that then nothing or no one has came by this is a pathetic excuse for a hospital

Marie Jacobson

They have messed up my kids shot records MULTIPLE times, coded in my visits wrong so Blue Cross didn't cover, Said my daughter had a leg fracture (she never has), Told me they wouldn't refill my inhaler because they had no record of me having asthma when I have had it since I was 12 years old (32 now). Such a poor excuse for a hospital!! Then having tax payers pay for another multi million dollar facility when they couldn't even get the first one right! We live on flat land with no earthquakes and the "Engineer" couldn't make the building stand for more years then what it did.....come on!! They should just start all over including all management!!! The mistakes are endless

E Nigma

Catherine Dyer

I honestly am surprised by the low ratings of this hospital. I had a wonderful experience here. The staff was incredibly kind and so very attentive.

Tanner Yackley

Stayed multiple days for the birth of our child. Dr Lays is fantastic and the nurses that helped us out were great too!

Paul Zettler

Max Napier

This is an amazing hospital go to have always been helped in a reasonable time and always the doctors and the nurses have been very long and respectl to me..and always they have treated whatever it was that was ailing me at the tme..

Deshawnte Warner

Having my kid here . but I wasn't allowed in the delivery room because I didn't have a babysitter to watch my 1yr old son who was sleeping BTW . worst f***** hospital ever i didn't get to see my kid born because of that.. But everytime I go out the room all the staff just stare at me while there having convos n sh** . they can't watch my son but they can sit around in a office and chat up a f****** storm I'm really hurt I couldn't see my kid born please don't come here .horrible hospital, because if she was a single mother they would have improvised and found someone to watch our sleeping 1yr old

jeremy lynch

Kinda a hit and miss with both the nurses and the doctor's. Night time you're kinda on your own for help from the nurses.

Feng Xiao

Linda Wilson

I completely understand that we have a pain med issue. From the love of God, I have never ever had an issue ever getting something for pain. I have explained to the ER Dr what the walk had said to tell me there is no other pain med they can put me on. What the hell ever happened to listing to a person before jumping into consideration thinking there only her for drugs. No I am not there for drugs I am there to be treated for a massive tooth pain yet all we do is numb up the area. When you call the nurse hotline you get told I can't help you. You need to come back in.

Matt Headlee

I will never forget my experience at this hospital as my sister was spending her last days on Earth hear the nurses on the 6th floor were Angels I'll never forget the connection they made with my sister especially Sarah I'll never forget the connection she made with my sister as she was making her comfortable you are an angel sent from God Sarah thank you for what you did for my sister I'll never forget it and God bless you all

Audrey Rose

Worst hospital service I've ever witnessed. Would have much rather drove out of the way to Fargo to a more trustworthy facility that actually gives a damn about their patients in serious matters..NEVER again will i come back or let family come back. This place is a joke that just wants money. They DON'T care.

For School

My uncle has been going into the ER a lot for the last 6 months or so and "nothing has been wrong" but now all of a sudden he has terminal cancer you "didn't see earlier" really? You have a freaking cancer center, stop being lazy and actually take care of your patients and pay attention, this isn't the first time you've overlooked things.

cade hoben

I'd rate this zero if I could lol. They take forever to get you and take forever to help you. Spent 5 hours to find out I had a virus. Afterwards, they ignored how much pain I was in. They let me go with a prescription that doesn't even help.


when you make payment arrangements for your balance they send you to collections anyway after sometime , as long as a person shows that you are trying to pay a balance , there should be NO REASON to have to send anything to collections . money doesn't grow on tress. we have to live to each day , yes of course its there policy that they require a certain amount on a balance . but be happy the patient is sending what they can on their bill .

Mark E

It's a hospital. Who wants to be at a hospital. It's as good a facility as one can hope for. The staff is friendly and helpful. What else can I say? It's a hospital.

Dan C

Tom none

Through the entirety of my treatment Altru's staff have been friendly and professional. Wait times for surgery and doctor visits have been short, and doctors and nurses have taken extra time with me to answer my questions. Overall, I have had a great experience at Altru, and would recommend friends and family to receive care there as well.

coco hayes

Waiting way to long

Mohamed Mohamed

It ass hole hospital

Kurt Dahlin

Cole Martin

The doctors are quacks and all this place is worried about is just getting as much money as possible

g funk

Jack Zeller

Go to the cities for your care. Incompetent Drs, rude scheduling dept, and an all around horrible hospital. Go ANYWHERE else. This is by far and away the WORST hospital I have even been to.

Cool Sabin

Worse hospital ever. Racist. ER will treat you as if your case is not an emergency. You can wait over an hour while others (white) who came after you are being seen. If you are not white, please go somewhere else.

Jennifer Maurstad

Alissa Knopps

I brought my 14 month old son here to urgent care yesterday 2/1/19. He was DX with RSV the day before and his xrays were cancelled with his current provider. I felt something more was wrong. The urgent care waiting room was dingy to say the least but everyone who came in contact with my son was so caring and gentle. They did the xray and found pneumonia of the right lung so they got him some antibiotics. The thing that got me was the xray techs giving my son a stuffed puppy which he loved. Thank you to the nurses and doctors for their help in DX and treating my guy.

jace cahoon

99 percent of the time waiting to get charged for all of it when they spent no more then a minute out of being there for 2 hour an hospital was mostly dead

Allie MikeW

Id rate negative stars if i could, gone here multiple times for a variety of reasons just to be recomended ibuprofen or aleve and a pat on the back saying i hope you feel better. None of the doctors are thorough at all and completely leave you out of the loop. Not to mention how pissed i am for getting nothing every time ive gone except a $300 bill for them to tell me what i already know. Would not recommend even crookston is better.

Cheryl Storhoff

When our family member gets out of here we are never coming back! Bypass and go onto Fargo. Drs have been great, sccu staff was great (waiting room was below par... coffee maker broke for days, furniture needs to be thrown! Cushioned chairs with bare wood showing as its worn out!) Once you are on a regular floor it is pathetic. Seriously, sick patients and they have to push help buttons 2, 3 or even 4 times to get help! Charts are not always looked at, I think when there are orders on a chart they need to flash on the screen or it doesn't always get done. A simple urine test was ordered on the 21st and didnt get done til the 25th as "it was missed". Needed help in the bathroom and he sat there for half an hour at least! 3 calls to the nurses station!! Orders for blood in the early am and still waiting for that over 12 hours later!! Frustrating place to say the least! I know why they dont have more suggestion boxes as they would be overflowing!! Thank God we have family who can stay and be here. I cannot imagine those left here with no family and no advocates.


Good Hospital, Nice People, Awesome Service and a Great Place to Work.

Neal Martin

I wouldn't even recommend them as a good place to die. I wish we had another hospital for competition. We would have but Altru bought them out just so that wouldn't happen.

derek fuller

When I arrived at Altru after I sustained a Lis Fracture to my metatarsal I was politely admitted by a pretty front desk lady, then they ran through the procedures of figuring out the diagnosis of the injury and severity of it. I've never broken a bone in my life until then but I knew I was in good hands. I was fortunate enough to have an excellent and experienced surgeon named Dr. Britton perform internal fixation to my foot. It was an all around successful experience! I'm so very thankful for all the knowledgeable staff at Altru and so glad that the recovery was quick.

Matt Mc

Terribly slow ER for everything Not thorough at all

David Fite

Horrible experiences through the years. Staff is rude, many doctors do not care and we were turned away when our 7 day old daughter needed to go to the ER. Fax number for referrals was changed (should NOT be using fax in 2018) and no one was notified causing my new provider to send referrals to an old fax number. They throw money away with how they treat their senior nursing staff and excessive hiring of expensive travel nurses. Management is poor, support staff is poor, morale is low. I wish someone would buy out Altru already.

Rick Isham

On May 1, I had lower lumbar surgery on L2thruL5 and S1, also 2 discectomys. Upon entering the building i was greeted by a nice gentleman who offered to get a wheelchair.noticing i was having trouble walking. I politely refused. My wife and I went to the receptionist, waited our turn, she checked me in and told us where we needed to go. Also, she offered a wheelchair. We entered preop, checked in and was told to have a seat . Soon the nurse came to get me and my wife . She took us in to the preop station, introduced herself and her aide. They both were very professional and courteous. A short time later, Dr Robin Severud and her team came in and explained the anesthesia procedure. Shortly, her intern came in and administered somethimg to relax me. The next thing I know i was in recovery. The staff went above and beyond just waking me up. I was taken to room 633 where the nursing staff and aides were very nice and helpful. I stayed overnight. The evening and night nursing staff were very helpful also . The next morning, May 2nd, my neurosurgeon, Dr Mark Larkins, came to visit. He explained exactly what he had done, answered questions, and released me to go home. Everyone, from my entering to departure, went above and beyond for me. It was also the first surgery of any kind I have had, and 60 years since i was in the hospital. A final note, the clinic personnel and Dr Larkins nurse practitioner were also very good and professional.

Reon Sears

Slow if they ever show up. Food is gross and cold. Doctors dont spend time discussing findings. Been waiting 6 hours to get my approved med for Rls still nothing. Found out tha I have brain meningioma today. Thats all I know this used to be a decent place 3 years ago. .

Walden Chaske

I came to this hospital back in oct. With pnamonia & was in ICU some days they would put me on chair a nurse named Carrie & nursing staff called team Carrie one day she puts me on a lounger to get my balance stable she told me I would be there for an hour be there for an hour 2 hours go by she doesn't come around another hour go by finally comes in my room and tells me half an hour I could go back to my bed I was sliding down my foot lounger her and one her team members grabs me to reposition me instead they slide stool into the wall & my head slams into the wall I lost my hearing 100 pcnt both ears I have a conclan implant that fell off my head they both laughed and pulled me back up almost stepping on my hearing imlant on the floor after I put it back on I asked if I could go back to bed she says in a little bit I was there for 6 hrs another nursing staff had to put me back to bed

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