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Maggie Adams

jillian loreno

Over the past 2 months I’ve been back and fourth between Abbott northwestern and this Plymouth location with issues regarding my heart. I was sent to Abbott for testing where I found out I had a heart issue and would potentially need a pacemaker, which I was referred back to West health to see dr. Moore and go over what my future looked like. She barely went over my results & was so concerned about my personal relationship life and wouldn’t stop talking about birth control after me telling her “no thank you, I’ve got it figured out with my regular health provider.” She then made a very rude comment to me about my personal life. Which I was there for my results of my HEART. Instead of figuring out my next steps with my heart, she referred me to an ob for birth control. After telling her countless times I have a primary doctor and have it figured it. Very very unsatisfied with this “doctor”.

Lisa Quast

Brought my 19 month old daughter in because of croupe, resulting in a nebulizer treatment. They were very well prepared for dealing with young children and had a person who was dedicated to providing distractions for her by gently interacting and entertaining her with blowing bubbles, toys, and they even offered a DVD player with movies if we needed it. Kids can quickly get stressed in new situations and the staff at West Heath ER was great at making it as easy for her (and me!) as possible.

Alek Rudstrom

Michael G.

Arline Young

I have visited the Urgent Care facility - at odd hours - around 11 pm or so when I had felt like something was really wrong (don't have a primary care doctor although I'd like too) .. I met with a doctor (name not listed) and I was diagnosed with a certain GI problem (dysphagia - or GI reflux with inflammation of the esophagi. I couldn't swallow some foods and when I did they became stuck in my esophagus. I cleared them out by vomiting them up (before I went to the clinic). The doc apparently didn't notice that I had bursted blood vessels in my eyes (close to the tear ducts) and I had bruising around them. Not only that I had high blood pressure which they didn't mention ... even though I know I have high blood pressure occasionally they said nothing. They told me hey here's a prescription for an antacid (Pepcid) which you can easily buy over the counter and not go through the hassle of having it filled as a prescription (cause some Pharmacies are not open around midnight). I don't know who the staff was that night - but when I exited the receptionist was weighing herself on the scale and talking to some other guy.. I mean I get it is like the middle of the night but have some professional respect....? I guess I felt like I was treated as some girl coming in at weird hours with 'something' and brushed off. Sorry. I got a call back today from the doc and while I couldn't receive it I responded with a voice mail I hope the doc gets. FINALLY - I understand medical staff are thin and pressured with overnight shifts and whatnot. But that shouldn't mean that when a patient comes in with any trouble you shouldn't brush it off. PPS - I was also told I would be referred to a GI doc or even a primary care doc. Even so - what is the point going to a primary care doc, explaining said symptoms and being billed for it then referred to a GI doc. Yea.

Denise Loukusa

Provider failed to assess effectively. I letter received a second opinion from another facility. Hoped for better care than what was provided.

Jacqueline Douglas

Jennifer Demeules

I saw a person at the front desk, then saw two nurses to take my temp and blood pressure. I was then taken back to the waiting room. Saw a PA followed by a NP and billing, the whole system was very inefficient since billing didn't even submit insurance. 3 weeks after the visit I received a bill that was never submitted to insurance. I sent it back saying to submit it. They then claimed that our insurance was invalid even after I had used my insurance website to view covered providers. If you want health care that works and you don't have to puts around with their BS don't go here! Plus you could get a faster strep test at minute clinic thats probably going to cost you the same and less time.

Wayne Mills

I went in to West Health about 10 pm on September 9th with horrible back pain, looking for pain management. I brought my prior prescription and upcoming surgery information. The woman who interviewed me, prior to seeing the doctor had the worst bedside manor of any health care professional I have ever met. She was more interested in telling me what they couldn't do and seemed to have no interest in my pain. I'm 62 and for the first time in my life I got up and walked out. I will never go back. I am so pissed! By the way, I had to add at least 1 star or I couldn't post this. She did not deserve any.

Marley Jones

I took my infant son to west health urgent care, he had 2nd degree burns on his hand. There was no one at the desk when I arrived to check in. My son was screaming in pain while the nurse was sitting on his phone. Very unprofessional. There was no "urgency" at this urgent care. Do not come here for burns, go to HCMC, downtown Minneapolis or Regions, downtown St. Paul hospital. They have burn 24 hour centers.

Jen D

The experience going into urgent care was - at face value - totally fine. Nice people and quick service (maybe too quick??) After: 1. "We'll let you know about results, follow up with your primary if you still have troubles" 2. 3 days later: "Hi, I'm waiting for my results" Their reply: "If they're positive, you'll get a call, negative: check mychart" What is Mychart!? No one told me. 3. I sign up for mychart. Web page response: "Your registration will go through in 5 business days." Are you kidding me? I'll wait it out then. Hope I don't get worse! 4. (12 days later) "Hello! I signed up for mychart! And my results aren't there! And I never got a call." Response from them: "You need to talk to urgent care themselves." Urgent care: "You need to talk to the lab." The lab: "You need to talk to the doctor. I can't give out results legally." The "charge nurse": 24 rings and no one picks up This seems easy to read, right? But account for 15 minutes for each encounter, at least. I still have symptoms, and can't get through to anyone. Writing negative reviews feels really sucky, but I have no other way to get their attention - and I hope I save other people the time now!

jennifer Erickson

Pamski Luv

Great clean waitroom

Todd Johnson

DO NOT go here. The facility charges to use this urgent care run around $2500. Yes, you heard correct $2500. Abbott-Northwestern administers this facility and charges the same base rate as their emergency rooms. If you have an HSA, you'll get stung w/Abbott.

Chad Crumley

Very nice acommidations!! So let me first say I didn't actually come here as a patient as much as just to use the john. Would have given 4 stars if valet were available after hours!! My 3 large sons and I had just visited the nearby Red Robin and we should have known better - too let the food settle instead of just leaving in the van! I had the A1 hamburg with chrispy onions and the sons had burgs and bottomless fries and a milkshake each. BIG mistake. I knew something was wrong when the gas panes set in RIGHT AWAY in the van. THANKFULLY west health urgent care was shineing like a beakon right down the street. I parked my Chevrolet Astro van in the emergency area and whisked the sons into the safety of the john. Only complaint was their wasnt enough stalls in the mens (really??) so I had to use the ladie's. And someone was in their but it was an emergency so I waited for her to leave kinda doing a happy dance to keep things from getting ugly. She finally left and away we went to relief city!! As a bonus my sons each got 2 sodas from the soda vending machine as reward for successfully avoiding keeping the van clean. It's a very cherried out van so I'm sure you understand! I try too keep it nice at least. Unfortunately the sons became red in the face and stomped their feet until I purchased a third soda for each son. Well worth the price of keeping the peace. The sons are sleeping soundly now with emptied out stomachs and I thank the staff at west health for allowing us some relief from the Red Robin revenge. If I'm ever haveing health related problems they willo see me again and maybe I'll get my own bathroom in a room? THANKS

Becca Pitan

I discovered this urgent care/ER all rolled into one when I was looking for off-hours treatment for severe back pain. Most urgent cares in the area operate about 8am-8pm on weekdays, so the ER is generally your only other option outside of those hours, which stinks, because that is very expensive! Whether you are treated as an ER or urgent care patient here is based on your personal case- the more severe it is, the more likely you will be "upgraded" to ER care (and price). Everyone I met with- from the check-in desk to triage to the nurse to the doctor- were all so efficient, caring, and kind. I was in and out in about an hour (lucky timing! You never really know if it will be packed or not), and got the help that I needed. I would definitely recommend this facility to everyone. A 24 hour less expensive urgent care option is amazing to have in the Twin Cities. I'll never have to worry about illness striking at 11pm or 5am, because this place has me covered!

Jason Criss

Great er visit years ago...went to try a new general practitioner got there 20 min early...VERY rude disrespectful and aggressive greeting by the welcome desk guy. They told me when i found where i was going "he works for the company doing the elevator repair." What haha? So my only advice really is have someone helpful and plesant at the help desk. Doctor was lsnt in by 11 am my apt was at 10:30 so i just left. Not upset at all but i wont be back unless i need the er.

Joseph Delgehausen

The care was great and very little to no wait. Upon receiving the bill there was an error and within one day of notifying the clinic I received a call back and the error was fixed. Overall a good experience.


I had a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE here first the lady at the front desk was rude with no remorse. Then I was sent to the wrong room and had to transfer to another because of incorrect information once I finally was settled in my room it took TWO hours for a provider to check in and on top of that she barged in my room although the privacy curtain was in front of the door! She didn’t care she came in and proceeded with an aggressive excessively fast check up just to send me home TO BUY MY OWN Tylenol although i have health insurance.

Aouda Khang

Keith Kaye

My wife and I (both physicians) attended Allina West Health ER last night (as a patient). We were both highly impressed by all the staff and the prompt and efficient service we received. Mr David Momberg at admissions attended to us very promptly and professionally. The ER Physician Dr Marc Ellingson was superb in his manner, knowledge and efficiency as was Nurse Rachel, ECG technician Jeremy and all others attending to us. Thank you all so much

Russell Major


Last night I went to WestHealth, after throwing up for a couple hours. I had this sharp pain in my stomach. My dad drove me to the urgent care and we pulled up to the front. I got out of the car and starting throwing up even more. I was throwing up so bad I could’ve even stand anymore. I fell into the grass, my dad ran in asking for help. The people there said they can’t help because I wasn’t in the building! I couldn’t believe it. They said it’s part of procedure. They can’t help anyone outside the building. My dad was asking them just to help me get up. They said they couldn’t. After my dad asked for a wheelchair he was able to get me up. These people didn’t even help me. They were more concerned about my insurance (which I have) after waiting in the lobby for an hour. I was begging them to let me in because the pain in my stomach was so bad. They said they couldn’t do anything. Finally we got in and it was close to 3 and half hours before they gave me medicine for my stomach. We asked multiple times what was taking so long. They said it’s always busiest night of the year. My dad was trying to explain that no one was helping when I couldn’t get up. The nurse said yes that’s part of the procedure we can’t help anyone who isn’t in the building, and the parking lot is not considered part of their property. (See picture below of where I was located) My dad asked what was he supposed to do? Call an ambulance for right in front of the building. The nurse replied “Yes, you shouldn’t be driving if you’re feeling that Ill you should call an ambulance.” 1. I wasn’t driving, my dad was. 2. An ambulance is close to thousand dollars. Even after insurance it can be upwards of $75-200. (For most families that’s not a small amount of money.) 3. I live 5 minutes from the hospital, by the time I waited for a ambulance it would’ve been much more time and way more expensive. I know I can afford an ambulance but with the cost of healthcare I don’t see how that’s the best option. Honestly, I’m just disappointed. I understand that there’s a lot of people, but if they know it’s the busiest time of the year why wouldn’t they have the staff to be prepared for it. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen urgent care like this. It’s not like health insurance is cheap and these hospitals are struggling to make it by. These hospitals “non-profits” are always advertising that they have the best healthcare. I also understand that it’s part of procedure and I don’t blame the people who couldn’t help, because they’re just doing what they’re told. But shouldn’t the hospital say if someone really needs medical attention just do the right thing? I’m pretty sure I saw more people concerned about my insurance and that it was going through than the concern of me having the pain in my stomach and throwing up.

Jennifer Lembcke

Quick in and out. Friendly nurses and doctors.

Marie Smith

Wonderful ABNW true ER doctors! It is more convenient than driving downtown. I make them use a manual cuff as the automatic is too tight and makes me squeeze my hand and get a falsified high number. I have low bp. The automatic cuffs are awful, not accurate and leave you bruised! Good care at WH!!

Ruben Torres

Christine P

I brought my dad into the ER. My parents have always went to west health for any emergencies and have received excellent care from the nurses and doctors. I am a nurse with Allina and have also been pleased with the care in the past. Recently my dad was brought in and eventually admitted. His care on this visit was poor. The triage nurse was excellent (I wish I would have gotten her name) but she was very pleasant and quick getting us back to a room right away after finishing triage. Our nurse in the room was Carrie M. She was rude and obviously has poor nursing skills. She poked my dad several times before finally "giving up" and had a male nurse come in who started the IV in 1 stick. Carrie obviously had no idea what she was doing. She also hardly ever came into our room to check on my dad. Do your nurses not do rounding checks on your patients or even update them on what is going on? When he would ask for a blanket or water she was so rude and would never bring those items making excuses every time. We would have to ring the call light and then another staff person would get them for us. I am sure she is above answering call lights. Although we have never had a complaint before, I am now questioning if we should ever come back to West Health if this is they type of nurses that are hired there.

Km K

I do not like the new web access, we cannot easily get to the WestHealth directories. get redirected too much. I chose the websit for WestHealth so give that website. If I want Allina I will go to that website

David Self

This was an absolute night mare for us. We will never bring our children to West Health again as long as we live. My wife and I are filing a formal complaint against Debra Ann Weimerskirch and West Health Urgent care. I believe that woman should be barred from practicing medicine. I also believe that we shouldn’t have to pay for any of their services because we wanted none of it. We were there looking for a confirmation that it was food poisoning which we’ve both had before. We also have an 11 week old son that my wife breast feeds 100% and we were kept from him this entire time for NO REASON! I am utterly furious with Debra and I can’t believe she’s allowed to work with CHILDREN! She should be ashamed of herself! My wife is a stay at home mother, we purposely decided to raise our children this way to ensure they are properly taken care of. We take parenting incredibly serious, and are terrified that this woman will ruin other family’s lives for no reason. I am fearful that if she has a bad day, some poor unsuspecting family will be ripped apart due to her complete and utter negligence. This woman threatened to call Child Protective Services on us if we didn't agree to her crazy recommendation of sending our son by ambulance down to Minneapolis Childrens, where he ultimately came back negative for EVERYTHING she was sure it was. We’re working with an attorney and plan to file legal action against her and West Health for what they did to our son and our family. See attached photo graph with the entire story.

Donyelle Williams

The overall building is very big, clean and quiet. Walked in at 4:15pm for abdominal pain. Immediately put in a room from front help desk. Mostly female staff. The only person with a cheery attitude was the short older lady w/ crazy long silver hair who took my tests to screening and the new doctor training. Didnt leave until 6:50p with what seemed like nobody waiting or getting took in.

Samantha Slater

Even though the wait was long,(nothing they can do, it was a Saturday at 9pm). I was very pleased. Very well rounded staff. They all acted like they loved their job and made me feel like I wasn't a burden. Saw doctor Hokanson and he is great! Wish I would have caught the nurses name as he was also great:)!

Traci Ellwein

Elena Popova

The wait time was way too long. I spent more than 2 hours just waiting for someone to see me and then waited another hour to do the scan and then waited 2 more hours.

Dan Bishop

Went in for swelling . Was seen within 10 minutes and had very good service and diagonsis. Was out within 45 minutes

Ecogoddess B

I've been to this ER before for heart palpitations and other non- alcohol related problems I've had and it is hit or miss if you get a nice doctor or one who is annoyed that you don't have something more exciting like a gunshot wound. Recently I abused alcohol for several days and when I started detoxing went to them for help. I was calm and non- aggressive, but upset. They treated me like I was a piece of garbage and said they weren't equipped for my "problem". Your a hospital!!! You can do surgery and fix broken bones, but can't help someone detox??? I ended up leaving and was bounced around two more hospitals and got the same treatment. Healthcare in our country is a disgusting joke.

Lane Raichert

Great staff, good facilities.

Susanne Leonard

This is the WORST emergency room experience that I've had in my entire life. Do NOT go here if you have a serious injury or might be dying. They do not prioritize based on injury. They triage everyone that enters in the order they enter before determining whether the patient needs ER services or clinic services. My son broke TWO bones in his arm and was screaming in pain. They wanted to triage everyone in the waiting room based on when they arrived. That's not emergency quality care. Nobody was screaming or crying or bleeding, etc. EXCEPT for my son. My son's arm was bent unnaturally and it was completely obvious he was hurt. I'm sure you could walk in with your arm chopped off and they'd seriously tell you to have a seat and wait for all the likely clinic candidates to discuss heir cold symptoms in the triage room. It's ridiculous. If I wouldn't have gotten assertive with the staff we would've just sat there for God knows how long. They were nasty and unprofessional to add insult to injury. This emergency room is a joke. Go here if you have a sinus infection or a cold and not a serious injury. If you suspect you might be having a heart attack and want to live, please go somewhere else! This might as well just be a walk in clinic because that's how they operate. We ended up having to go Children's Hospital for services they couldn't provide anyways. Despite a pretty full waiting room at Children's Hospital, we were taken back within ten minutes of arrival based on the severity of his injury. The only reason I'm giving this rating one star is because outside of the triage/front desk hot mess, the attending physician, nurses, imaging staff, etc was adequate.

Meg Turner

Arrived with eye infection. Blood pressure checked with automated machine that was so tight I ended up crying and with an arm still bruised almost from shoulder to elbow. Reading was very high and also incorrect (20 minutes after leaving I had it checked and it was normal). Next someone came in to draw blood. For an eye infection? I refused it. Then a nurse came in to go over my medications. Then they rechecked my blood pressure with the same painful machine. Then another nurse came in to go over my medications again. Then a nurse had me do an eye test with a a chart on the wall and was very concerned because my left eye had poor vision (not to mention an infection). Then they brought in a machine to check for glaucoma. I asked why they were doing this and Laurel or Hardy, one or the other, said they "need to cover all their bases." This was 1.5 hours into my visit and the only base they had not checked was - the infection in my left eye. I finally walked out. without ever being seen by a physician. Maybe if I had told them I had a broken leg they would have checked my eye infection. What an embarrassing circus this place was.

Jessica Wong

I have gone to urgent care on a number of cases for myself or a loved one and never had to wait, and always got exceptional customer service. The medical staff made sure I was comfortable and taken

Ex-muslim Atheist

Bad service, stay away .

Oona Gaarder-Juntti

5 stars for playing the healthcare billing game so expertly. Everything that is wrong with healthcare. What should have been a urgent care visit turned into a $3,000 bill for a headache caused by blocked sinuses. Will never risk going here again for services. I have decent health insurance and still have to pay hundreds for a visit that would have been a copay at another clinic. Beware -


I brought my husband into the Urgent Care and he was immediately transferred to the ER. He had two infections and was dehydrated. They were on top of this situation immediately. Started him on antibiotics and fluids. He kept passing out. He was transferred to Abbott Northwestern Hospital. One more day and he would have died due to sepsis. I read the negative reviews, but our experience was excellent.

Chad Solei

Bunch of crooks here...went in with severe diarrhea and saw the urgent care nurse. All he kept asking me was does abdominal hurt and I couldn't figure out why he was so focused on that. Finally I said sure because I had been pooping for 5 days of course my abdominal hurt. Right then he said I can't see you, you have to go to the ER. Considering I had this issue for almost a week I felt like I had no other choice and they were going to do something different than what they could do in urgent care....NOPE they sent me there to up-charge me for sitting in the ER doing things that they do in urgent care. $2,000 later and I was no better. I tried fighting it to the top and of course they wouldn't back down from their "policy" Bottom line, they are a bunch crooks and schemers to get more money. Worse part is they didn't even cure my issue, I needed anitbiotics which I received a week later from doctor on demand and within 2 days I was better. DON'T GO HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SCREWED OUT OF MONEY. I'm filing a complaint with the ethics group...but since it's run by doctors I'm sure nothing will come of it

Amanda Sebwenna

Very professional and efficient service! My fiance and I were in and out in less than an hour everyone was FABULOUS!!! Also very knowledgeable on the medical situation and very informative on causes and how to heal. Best hospital weve ever been to. Dr. Gregory Scott Watkins is awesome.


Just called to ask and confirm if i have an appt there..Rude lady answered the phone and transfered me to an anesthesiologist? For real? This place is a joke.. i am happy i dont have an appt there and if i ever happen to have I will cancel.

Sunhee Nohrenberg

Yesterday I encountered with Very RUDE UNFRIENDLY young immature staffs at the check in!! And most stupid young doctor who doesn't know the answer to my pain symptoms, so he requested the bunch of test like EKG, blood work, xray done after that he told me everything came normal so now he wants me to do ultrasound, I asked him what's the ultrasound for? He told me maybe the gallbladder, I told him mine's gone 30 years ago! He sent me home with no pain medication, after home for a couple of hours with pain I called them back and told them, I might have to see a different doctor to get some pain medication, and very rude woman answering the phone and told me "it's up to you to comeback or not, we are not gonna tell you what to do!" Unbelievable someone answering the phone like that! So I ended up went to Park Nicollet urgent care, not only doctor noticed I'm in the pain and gave me a prescription, staff were very friendly and kind! I'm hoping someone take look at the all the reviews and take some actions on those rude staffs!!

Cody Carpenter

Had to take my girlfriend in early Saturday evening for a really bad migraine. We got in immediately, she got triaged and admitted to the ER for medications and fluids right away. Everyone was so friendly and speedy, but never rushing. I hope we never have to come back, but if we do it's our first choice.

john bruyer

I have had many medical issues in my life and this was one of the best trips I have ever had by far. Also the PA Marissa Wojcik was very friendly. She was very cute too.


Beware of this place, they might send you emergency services bill if you go to urgent care there.....crooks at this hospital. Happened with me already. Otherwise they will threaten to give your file to collections to collect money and screw up your credit.

Leta Rick

Horrible! My husband had ruptured appendix with sepsis. Dr Kapsner missed the signs of sepsis and we had to wait 3 hours after appendicitis diagnosis to get an ambulance to Abbott NW hospital. He had rigors because he was septic. Nurse Carrie couldn't care less and brought him a blanket and said the room was cold. We are lucky he survived. West Health almost killed him. DON'T GO TO WEST HEALTH!

Dustin Walter

My fiancé is dealing with kidney stones and walking into the ER/urgent care in a lot of pain... the receptionist named Lynn looked at her and said “ I hope you aren’t in any pain because you are going to be waiting awhile.” Like of course she’s in pain we are at the ER! That shouldn’t be the first thing she says to her before she even knows why we came into the hospital. Not cool... and the receptionist continued to be mean the rest of the check in process. the rest of the care she received was spot on and very nice. But find a receptionist that can be nice and a little more comforting seriously it’s the ER!

Marlena Miller

Never again

Martene Ackland

Took my husband in for what we thought was pink eye very early this morning. They checked thoroughly and determined it was a shard of metal in his eye along with rust. The doctor removed it and the rust and gave him a tetanus shot. We were in and out of there in under an hour with no wait. I'm happy we have a great urgent care near us!

Carlos Hernandez

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