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a.m torres

The check in lady at the ER is extremely rude and inconsiderate she made rude faces to me and huffed and puffed as I was trying to tell her what was wrong with me. It's been 40 minutes and I'm still waiting in the waiting area to be called. My lips and face a tingly and she didn't care to get me back right away! I think she needs more customer service training! I myself work in a local clinic and she is not providing the best service here!

Ben Wu

Nice people but a 10 minute ER visit and chat with a doctor cost a few too many hundreds of dollars. Made me sit around for another hour until I was dismissed. Have a heart, it was a freak accident and my friend thought it was the right thing to do. I just needed to regain my memory after a head injury from being punched by a random guy while I was sitting in my car. Why are you trying to make money off of me. But business is business I guess. Best of luck if you are stuck here.

Elisabeth Thompson

I took my daughter to the ER for what turned out to be a peritonsillar abscess. Dr. David Peterson drained it which solved the problem for the time being. His professionalism is stellar. Not that I like spending time in the ER, but I would go back there if I had to.

Rachel Murphy

I had the greatest experience at Abbott. I came in at 4 AM and was in triage for less than ten minutes, they immediately took care of any need I had. They were so proactive, caring and detailed. I am so appreciative. I want to shout out my RN Heidi, my PA John Burman and MD McKeand. Thanks all!!

Beth Callahan

We have had such a life changing experience with this hospital and staff!! The staff are angels with legs!! We have never met more caring,compassionate doctors and nurses! We truly owe them the world!!..words will never be enough for our gratitude! Thank you!

Donna Packer

My friend got bit by our family dog. We rushed her to Abbott ER on 28th and were amazed at the compassion, caring and warm service we received. She was rushed inside the moment we entered and started receiving care. Tom, Dana, Heather, and many others whose names I can’t remember were wonderful. We were out and done in less than 2.5 hrs. I’ve been in many ERs in IA and TX and this was the absolute best visit I’ve ever had. Congrats, Abbott ER staff.

Kyle Korum

I came into the ER for lower abdominal pain and after some testing, it was determined that I had appendicitis. The entire staff whom was treating me were very nice and helpful to my needs throughout the time that I was there. I felt like I was in very good hands the whole time and it was about as pleasant of an experience as I could have hoped for. I don't write many reviews, but I felt like they really deserved my review here.

Erin Gantz

My boyfriend took me to this hospital on 7/12/19 because I had passed out and was in a general state of mild confusion. Although I was taken to a room right away, that was the only good part of my visit. The worst part of my visit was the blood draw and IV. I have small veins that roll when a needle is poked at them, and I told the woman taking my blood that. She completely ignored me and went for the first vein she looked at, and because of this she was digging around in my arm with the needle. It took over 3 minutes to take my blood because of how quickly and unprofessionally she went at it and it was very painful. But the IV was even worse. They used a different vein in the same arm, and it was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. Although they got the needle in the vein on the first try, it was so painful, even after they took the actual needle out of the IV. The whole time I had the IV in (which they didn't even USE), it was so painful and I just wanted it out of my arm. Three days later my arm is only getting more painful, with the pain extending from the middle of my forearm to the middle of my upper arm. I went to the doctor on 7/15/19 and found out the pain is from an infection in my arm from the blood draw and/or IV and there's a serious threat of the infection moving into my bloodstream. I have been placed on antibiotics that I have to take four times a day for 4 weeks. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL! I had the worst experience I've ever had at any hospital here and I'm very disappointed in the way I was treated during my visit.

Tim Stafford

All I can say is wow. My daughter went there for depression and suicidal thoughts wanting help. We where told they offered the best help to only to be discharged from the ER saying they can't help her. She proceeded to have security just standing there because she was screaming she wanted to die in the parking lot. One would think you might re-evaluate a patient in your lot wanting to die but no send her home to only have use call the police to step in wow is all this really should say. No wonder the death rate is so high with subside if you ask for help and get discharged. I pray one day mental health will be taken seriously one would think a mandated reporter would have to step in and keep someone from hurting them selfs :(

A Abshir

It takes hours to see your first doctor, we spent almost 8hours just to have medicine priscribed. Never coming back here. and the staff are chatty on their desk, if you press the help button different nurse will come and ask you can "i help you". you have to explaine your self and why you are here all over again. The staff sould pay attention to the patient not them selves, if there was half star i would have given them. good luck.

Travis Creley

Shawna Audette

Chris T

Abbott has been taken over by greed with Allina. Look how they are treating their nurses! DO NOT SEEK CARE HERE. They are out for money, and will compromise patient safety by letting experienced nurses strike. DISHONORABLE AND GREEDY!

Mark Compton

Easy to use

Robert Crowley

I had a pacemaker in April 14, everything went great, Great doctors and nurses. Had Prostate Surgery in Oct 2015. A positive experience in every way. Several visits to ER, some waiting but nothing that was difficult to deal with.

marion matsu

Very impressed with the surgeon, Dr. Eric Johnson and his team at Abbott NW Hospital here in Minneapolis. I found from the hospital pre- admission phone calls, scheduling and today’s pre- op surgery area efficient. The post op care on the PCU east 4th Floor is exceptional. I am particularly impressed with Kayleigh RN who is an exceptional nurse and very attentive to detail. Thank you for this wonderful surgical patient experience Dr Eric Johnson @Abbott NW Hospital and Allina Health

Vanquish Cancer

I'd really like to say better things about this hospital but it has serious, fundamental and organizational issues. Seems like many of their talented docs and nurses and techs are leaving for greener pastures? Lately there seems to be a serious decline in the skill level of staff I work with...and staff aren't empowered to solve problems and are discouraged from handing off serious issues to higher ups. I had a family with a lab appointment and there was a medical issue, nobody seemed to know who to call or what to do. So, yes--I think they are declining.

Mikiyah Modisett

We have been in this waiting room for more than 4 hours and are currently waiting to see a doctor. My mom is pregnant with stomach pains and there are plenty of people in this waiting room who haven't been seen yet.

Nitsua Relmes

My grandpa died there and no one tried to help him

Chiushun Dan

this is why the health system is cracking down. For a 2 hours ER visit (Dr saw me no more than 10 mins) for a fever, the total charge is around 3000 dollars. No ambulance, no meds,. all routine basic test, chest x-ray, blood count, ekg, that's it. FYI: National median is about 600-700 dollar for such a ER visit. The most shabby part is they double billed insurance company and me on every possible bills.

La femme noir


Zach McNamara

I give Abbott 5 stars. I spent 5 days in the hospital suffering multiple seizures and every employee was more than helpful and made my experience that much easier. This is the only place I would go to in Minnesota after recovering from a seizure or having epilepsy troubles. The doctors, nurses and all staff go above and beyond to help. Thank you guys for everything.

Stephen King

I went there at 2 am because of extreme lower abdomen pain, fever, nausea, and headache. The waiting area had two couples there. After a few minutes security guards came out and spent 15 or so minutes trying to kick out this couple(probably in their 20s maybe low 30s) who apparently had a reputation of playing hide and seek in the hospital. After waiting in the waiting area for about a half hour someone called me to do paperwork and such. Mid way through this I felt as if I was going to puke to they got me something to puke in and got me a room soon after. They didn't start running tests until an hour later. They asked me to pee in a cup. Then another hour later I got some blood drawn and a chest X-ray. An hour after that I got a catscan. Around 7 am they told me I had appendicitis and that they would need to remove my appendix. They got an IV (although I had to be poked twice) in me and ran some antibiotics and fluids through it and told me the surgeon would come and talk to me. I didn't see him for an hour and a half. I didn't actually go into surgery until 1pm. My anesthesiaologist made me gag on a stick with a gauze soaked in some numbing agent taped to one end in order to numb the back of my throat. I'm not sure why, but he said I needed to be intubated while awake. Once I finally got in the surgery room they had to intubabte me while awake at least twice because they messed up the first time. After my appendix was taken out I spent the night in the hospital which was a pretty typical hospital stay. I was released the following day around 4, but not before the surgeon told me that my appendix looked fine when they went in there. They took it out anyway as a precautionary though. This was probably my worst hospital experience ever and won't ever use this place again. The nurses were kind, but there were far too many other negatives.

Mark Yackley

Dr Kamath is an amazing surgeon. My wife & I are grateful for all his work. And the nursing staff is most accommodating.

Lila Diver

This is the worst hospital for ER visits. Long wait time, and the staff are very mean.

Doug Prentice

This is by far the best hospital in the entire state as far as I'm concerned. It is very clean and the entire staff is awesome and the doctors are very professional and thorough and so are the nurses. The emergency section where I went on four different occasions is one of the best in the country and so is the hospital.


Lon Yoki

The best Doctors for my specialized Surgery. Their nurse and assistants also the best. Amazing treatment and care for the three days spent there.

Sonja Colburn

I was referred in for an ultrasound over the holiday week, before I am to be induced the first week in Jan. I called every day just asking for a time and date. Repeatedly the staff said they will call me back and let me know, they never did. I finally got an appointment time on Friday for the following Monday. (Took them a full five days to “process the referral and give me a date”. I go there on Monday, wait a half hour to get in, the nurse forgets to put me on a stress test and now long story short the doctor didn’t have time to meet with me over the results. Glad I paid all this money and drove 4 hours for someone to not have time to meet with me. Pathetic.

P Hansen

I miscarried at in the emergency room lobby at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, because the medical staff said they did not have room for me when I first arrived. When I first arrived I said I was 13 weeks pregnant, bleeding with severe abdominal pains that were unbearable. They said it's probably a bladder infection and made me wait for 2-3 hours while I was screaming in excruciating pain until they finally gave me pain meds (which did not relieve the pain) and did a pelvic exam. When they did the pelvic exam they saw that the fetus was stuck in the vaginal wall, which is why I was in such terrible pain (I thought I was dying). I might as well been in a third world country or out in a field and received the same courtesy and care as I did at Abbott Northwestern Hospital during my miscarriage on September 28th -29th, 2012. I am very disappointed and hurt by the medical staff for ignoring my pain and condition, which made my experience there much more horrific than it needed to be.

oceana lyn

Took my sister to the ER due to heart problems, waited 10 hours in the ER to get admitted. While there, there were 3 black people who looks seriously injured and in pain laying in the hallway waiting for a room and care, walked past the rooms seeing majority white skin patients sitting on the beds inside the rooms playing on their phones (did not look like they were in an emergency situation at all). It really opened my eyes to see how colored people are treated. No parking what so ever anywhere. Had to pay 12 dollars for the "public" ramp. No cafeteria for family to eat. The skyway cafe is a huge joke. There is nothing worth eating there. Huge disappointment.

leah rozie

I take my daughter to the daycare in the hospital and the security gaurds profile and harass me and her father on more than one occasion! We have ALWAYS ALWAYS been peaceful and we bother nobody when we go about our business yet we are still profiled, harrassed and humiliated. We have no reason to be anything but peaceful when we our daughter uses the daycare services. TODAY her dad went to pick our daughter up and used the bathroom, two security guards followed him, checked on him in the bathroom (saw nothing wrong) yet waited for him outside and then LIED telling him he was on tresspass on his way out. He knew he was NOT on tresspass and contrinued to the daycare door and opened the door with his key card. The security guards embarrassingly walked the other way realising their mistake. About a month ago, I was in the bathroom when a blonde female security guard LITERALLY kicked the door open!! I stopped and waited to see who it was and she showed her face and acted as if she "caught" me doing something wrong. She asked if I "had any buisness in the hospital" and I told her that I my daughter uses the daycare. She obviously felt stupid and left me alone. When I was pregnant I took the Birthing classes located in the green building. The first day of the classes, I could not find it, a woman security gaurd again approached me, I was 7 months pregnant (I am 5'2, mind you) and she treated me as if I was some criminal ready to steal everything in that hospital. I asked her if she knew where the green building was and she had no idea, so she told me to "stay there" while she radioed somebody who did. Nobody answered her and I was late for that class so I ignored her and found it my damn self. I was not going to sit there and be treated like a criminal. She followed me. There is doing your job and profiling people of color to harrass them based of your racial bias. YOU CAN DO YOUR JOB WITHOUT OBVIOUSLY TRYING TO HUMILATE PEOPLE OF COLOR FOR USING YOUR SERVICES! You need to RESPECT your patients and visitors with respect and dignity. I am taking everyone from the community's experience, who has had a similar and down right DISGUSTING experience with the racist staff at Abbott and I am going to expose this establishment for treating its patients of color like garbage! I have noticed a disturbing pattern that Abbott staff treats American Indian and certain African American community members with such disrespect and refuses to properly give them care. Many members have had to visit hosptials in the suburbs to receive care for kidney infections, open infected wounds, cracked teeth, flu symptoms, ect. after being improperly treated at Abbott and/or racially profilled as if they are soley seeking drugs for their visible or obvious injuries/ailments. You can see for yourself in these comments alone, every person of color rates one star with a disgusting experience attached. Now imagine how many there are who do not rate or report their experience here? How can you treat another human being this way? Because of your own pathetic racial bias, it's okay to make another human feel like a criminal or inadequate? To humiliate us in front of our families and deny us the health care we need and deserve! This is unacceptable and you will be exposed for the way you treat the people in the community who rely on you to give them care. You have got away with this dusgusting behavior in the past but not anymore. The people have had enough of the way you treat us.

Claude James Sr

If u sick great

Brenda Heinkel

Emergency Room, great experience and a huge thank you to the staff that cared for me: Dr Kearney, Dr Chris, Dr Damergis, Dr Steele, Dr Caldwell, Nurse Yinka, sweet woman that took my blood, Radiologist Tech, Radiologist and Amanda. Also, one of the pharmacist's Zack Nelson is very knowledgeable and a sweetheart. I am forever grateful for all of you working together as a team to execute a plan for me. Neuroscience Floor, where do I begin... from the time I was admitted to the time I was discharged, I never felt like a number. Truly compassionate staff that always answered all my questions and took the time to explain what the next step and plan would be. Dr Ebbers (Noran Clinic) and Dr Zafari thank you for listening, taking your time with me and your expertise. Dr Doran, who performed my lumbar puncture, was amazing and Radiologist Tech Larry and Steve (thank you for keeping me calm)! To the Nurse's: Jody, Kayla, Missy, Kelsey, Kristine, Mary, sorry if I missed one. NA's: Zahir, Leetha, Abe and Jo (thank you for the walk). You all made my stay as wonderful as you could. By the time I left I felt like I made new friends! It's ALL of YOU on the frontlines that truly make a difference and you represent the company well. Allina Abbott Northwestern Hospital, you have a lot of talent here, please take this into consideration as you continue to make changes in your organization. Also, please treat your staff as well as they have treated your patients. As we all know, most people can go to any hospital of choice.

Ryan Risch

Awesome staff when daughter was born!

Kierra Delana

The emergency department id horrible I have been there 3 times twice for me and once for my boyfriend and all but one time we received really bad service, and the one time our service wasn't bad is because they though i could possibly have a ruptured appendix or kidney stone. The staff in triage are very rude, I was there on the date of 8/20/16 and the stuff was very rude I was previously at children and they transfer me over to abbott because eI was having an excreting migraine because I have chronic migraines and the told me that I was a low priority and would have to wait a bit 2 hours later I go up and ask them how long it would take about and they told me "well you are still very low prioriy so a few more hours." this was a shock to me as I was crying and withering in pain in the waiting room the entire time I was there, I was vomiting at the other hospital and at abbott in the bathroom in the waiting room I made the staff aware of this and they still did not care. The doctor that I had at children's even told me that he had called abbott and they knew I was going over there and that he let them know I needed to be seen right away. The writing room was very very loud and I would expect them to have a sercutity guard ask people to not be so loud but no this was not the case. There were people in the waiting room walking around talking watching videos on their phones. A lot of the people there seemed like they could have to an urgent care instead. After 2.5 hours of waiting and extremely poor service and rude and unhelpful staff I decided to leave and take my bisques elsewhere in the morning. The tim eI went with my boyfriend because he was in extreme pain he was doubled over with stomach pain he had vomiting and diarrhea and a fever and they told him he would have to wait a bit 4 hours later they still hadn't brought him back and he decided to leave because he was sick of waiting and sick of the rude un helpful staff, so he decided to win until the morning to go to a park nicely walk in clinic. I would absolute not recumbent going to the ER here all 3 times the staff has been run and there have been other people in the waiting room who also complain about the rude staff and how the staff just doest seem to like their jobs at all and don t seem like they care about their patient and don't want to be there. If you can I would take my ER visits to anywhere but here. They will defiantly be getting a call form me complaining about the service in the ER department. I wish I could give this post 0 stars.

gecr eyman

Amazing staff - Specialists, Doctors, Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Technicians, as well as the food service staff...everyone. All were kind and skilled at their jobs, and went the extra mile. If I ever have to be in the hospital in the Twin Cities, I will always choose Abbot Northwestern.

Lisa Niemeyer

ER dept is one of the worst around....I will never go back and will never recommend the ER.

Janet Graupman

We were treated very well!

Donna Davidge

They are letting Doctors butcher people even though they know the physician shouldn’t be practicing because they are not qualified. Never use Dr. Kevin Mullaney or ant Twin City Spine Doctors, ever ever ever! Never use Allina, period!!!

Babu Krishnamoorthy

I admitted my mom at the West health ER near hwy 55 and 494. She had multiple symptoms (diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever). She was transported from here for hospitalization. She stayed here for 4 days. Care was good, no complaints. They did colonoscopy and biopsy of colon and determined that she has infection in the colon. She was advised she will heal on her own and discharged without giving any prescription. My mom came home feeling little better but never became 100% alright. Now 3 weeks later, her symptoms have worsened and she is ill again. We are in a dilemma whether we should go back here or go to a different hospital. UPDATE 9/5/2018: I took my mom to Methodist hospital this time on 8/30/2018. They repeated most of the tests (blood, stool and a miniature version of Colonoscopy). Finally on 9/4/2018 they found parasites in her stools. They are treating her with medication now and she is showing good improvement. When I asked why the tests taken at Abbott Hospital didn’t identify this problem, I was told it could be sampling error. I am not sure what Abbott could have done to avoid 2nd hospitalization for my mom. I am very disappointed.

Ryan Gohlinghorst

They have always taken good care of me. A very knowledgeable and caring staff.


Mom went in to this hospital ER in an ambulance for heart attack symptoms. Arrived 430 pm. Took 8 hours in ER for them to tell us she has a “turned stomach” issue. 1230am. Seemingly no sense of urgency at all this in this ER. People are nice, just move slow as turtles! I will not advise going to this ER unless you have no other options.

Linda Speer

I had a fairly rare brain syndrome and after being in the Neuro ICU for 4-5 days in an induced coma I was able to go to the regular Neuro department. Everyone was good, some were exceptional. 5/5 for this visit. I've also been at Abbott for kidney failure after a severe dehydration and while not on the same level, still 4/5 stars.

Amber Babel

Only getting 1 star because the staff has been friendly. My 10 month old and I have been waiting for over 90 minutes to see a provider...never again. Best part is advertise their average wait time as 10-20 minutes! Such BS!

Addison Lewis


Omar Aden

Thank you all helpful people a I appreciate all the help you do for me.thank you again.

Grigory Turovsky

Nice staff and service

lillian kuehn

Long wait times, staff not friendly.

Jack Agee

emma newell

My grandma is here getting surgery and we are visiting her now and she said the food tastes like garbage! The nurses don't check on you for hours and they are kinda really SLOW. I wouldn't recommend coming here.

Antoinette Harris

I love Abbott hospital nice Peoples great services and geat food MacDonald in the building i love how they check and make sure i am ok make sure i have my meds from home and here my problem they are a the best to me and my husband thank you all.

Dane Roberts

Terrible management at Allina, the hospital network that owns Abbott Northwestern, cuts corners, resulting in very unsafe, understaffed facilities in a crime-ridden area. Abbott Northwestern is in a dangerous neighborhood, which in the past week saw a man and an 8-month-old baby shot to death in broad daylight across the street from the hospital. Abbott Northwestern staff and their family members have been beaten and robbed on the sidewalk outside the hospital, even while waiting for the bus. All because Allina executives would rather pay themselves millions, including their CEO who makes more than $4 million a year, than pay for a couple more security guards or off-duty police officers to protect patients and workers. For years, Allina execs have refused to pay for ONE security guard (making probably $15-20/hr) to be posted full time in Abbott Northwestern's ER, despite hundreds of 911 calls made from metro Allina hospitals each year. Meanwhile, Allina's nearby executive offices are guarded around the clock by security guards. In 2015, there were nearly 500 incidents of nurses being attacked, injured, or threatened at Allina's metro hospitals, but still Allina won't pay for proper security guard or police presence. In addition to dangers from the public, patients are exposed to the risk of unsafe staffing conditions and bad policies. The hospital is routinely understaffed, so much so that employees can't take lunch or bathroom breaks, or attend to patient needs quickly. The actual workers are good--the danger comes from the C-suite's decisions to cut corners on safety in order to pay for their exorbitant salaries and kickbacks to board members.

Brian 132

They will search you for being native American that's trespassing on a hosiptal grounds. If your native American your not allowed on these grounds because its private property.

Dwayne Nurse

Hi good morning I am simply reviewing to ask member of staff about the healing gardens and it's successes.

Janis Froehlig

No, my birth plan wasn't followed. I had a vein collapse by a brand new phlebotomist, and my daughter's name was misspelled on her birth certificate which made a horendous year-long mess with Social Security, but compared to the rudeness and nonchalance I've gotten in several other places, at least these folks comoaritively care and will fess up to mistakes. The nurses were patient during my lovely 12 weeks of bedrest. I had a chance to get to know this place, and though I wasn't happy about it, I couldn't have reasonably asked for better care. It could have been cleaner.

C Blalock

The "doctors" here are a joke. I asked for a CT scan because I've been experiencing severe abdominal pain for months. No CT scan was done, instead I was told to take Tylenol. Tylenol will only mask the problem, not treat it.

Jessie Fox

THIS Place SUCKS.............TREATS IT EMPLOYEES LIKE CRAP AND Patents Like A Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Miller

I would like to give a shout out to the nicest nurse ever I was in a rush to get my daughter lunch an wound up not having time she bought her lunch an brought it up to wear we were I was allready in the back I didn't get her name Ty so much mamm that ment the world to me u took time out of your day to help us I will forever rember u

Vladimir Dilan

I get to the hospital in the ER with a really bad pain my nurse it was Jodi and the PA. Allison she was really good and understand my situation and the staff all together make me feel better 100%. I don't have words to describe how good they work, that's what I call perfect quality.

Angeilea Nunn

The Er department at Abbott is horrible! Most staff was very irritated if you asked any questions. And when I did get a response back it was always rude and short I am sorry that I didn't know who you were and wanted to know what meds. you were putting into my IV, also I clearly stated that I was allergic to adhisive tape and it is also in my chart, but when blood was drawn from both my arms adhisive tape was used both times and also on the bandaging from my IV. I am for sure looking for a different primary care Dr. through a non Allina clinic so hopefully I will never have to go Abbott Hospital again.

Kalila Shomion

The nurses were friendly and efficient for the most part. They tried not to be too disturbing. I was kept clean and everyone kept their hands washed.

Nikki Vang

My father was diagnosed with liver cancer and liver diseased. Every Monday my dad would come and drain acite fluids out his system to lower discomfort. We thought things were going to be just a normal procedure but, they nicked his vessels and caused internal bleeding. Which may had caused the infection that he had. Doctors did not give full information on reasons why they did not want to treat him. Only to tell us that he has "a short life to live" WHICH WAS REPEATED IN FRONT OF HIS FACE MANY TIMES! My dad wanted to put a catheter into his stomach to drain the fluids. The doctor said that "there's no point of doing the procedure because he's going to die anyways.." The doctor also asked if he wanted to be on DNR and my dad said no. For some reasons that doctor didn't accept his answer and kept pushing to be on DNR. As a doctor you need to respect the patients wishes even if he's going to die. I HIGHLY suggest NOT to be admit in Abbot Northwestern Hospital because they give false hope and information. It's all about money.... Some nurses were great with there services. Some were rude and you can tell they are because they would roll there eyes after services. There social service take a long time to reply back to you.

Liz Green

I was admitted for Hyperemesis as my ketone levels at home were +3 even while running constant home IVs. The doctor that saw me said "There isn't much we can do for you here. I'm not sure why you came in... Maybe you are just a vomiter. Some people never vomit and others OVER vomit. We will continue IVs and send you on your way." Talk about a joke. That was a HUGE slap in the face. I'm sorry but this is my second pregnancy. I threw up maybe 20 times the entire pregnancy with my first... While I have thrown up well over 50x in the last week... hmmm... sounds about normal. People wonder why people who suffer from Hyperemesis feel so hopeless? After running constant home IVs there was NOTHING you could do for me? This is the hospital I am supposed to DELIVER MY BABY AT? Not anymore.

DeBron James

The only ones that nice are the ones who are learning.

Unstapled Lisa

My father Charles became a patient there on Thursday after having surgery on 10/4/2019 somewhat urgently, because he had spinal stenosis that got so bad in a short period of time, that they couldn't wait for him to try less invasive treatments. Yesterday when trying to get him to walk, he fell. Because of that they ran tests and found Pulmonary Embolisms in his lungs that could've killed him, not long after his fall, yesterday. I am a medical and mental health activist and blogger and I also advocate for patient rights, as well as healthcare professionals right to safety in their workplaces. I am so grateful to the caring and careful treatment of my Dad, so is the rest of my family. I'm especially grateful for his Neuro Critical Care unit nurse Maren, he mentioned great care with a nurse on that unit named Irene and to Sergey, who was one of his nurses before being transferred to NCCU and back on 7 tonight, since Thursday in the Spinal post surgical care unit, which gratefully he was able to be returned back there due to the diligence of your hospital professionals who played a part in saving his last night, so he didn't die from those blood clots in his lungs. My father though, as much gratitude as he's had and shown for the care he's received at ANW, as well as my family who's expressed that to staff, aren't a medical activist of sorts or blogger , but I am, in addition to being a local 7 Google Guide, unfortunately I can't thank his surgeon in this, too, as I don't know his name but that's why I'm doing that here. With much gratitude, Alissa/Lisa "UnstapledLisa" Kasen... p.s. I am trying to balance my Dad's right to privacy, with hopefully though enough info for the hospital, should they need the information to make sure those nurses who exceptional, as well as other staff, can hopefully give them the credit they are due.

Emma boladeres

Very pleasent stay staff is awesome...

Bee Bee

This was a nightmare went in for broken leg and ankle was. Treated like trash if you want to use a bed pan they don't help you did all kinds of heart test for no reason the surgeon said four days later I need to have surgery now no one tells me why I said no I check out this was a horror story much more to say but can't they need to be sued when you go to a er with broke bones the surgery is done right then not four days later god help any one who checks in here that was in January 2018

Zack Smith

This hospital is filthy dirty. 1st visit- Mold in bathrooms, staff dumped waste water and body fluids in bathroom sink. I left as soon as I could. Had to ask for food everyday even though I filled out menu? 2nd visit- I almost died due to misdiagnosed infection and MD would not prescribe antibiotics the first 2 days even though I had a fever of 104 and riggers ! 3rd visit- The nursing staff in emergency room were on their cell phone and sat around chatting to each other while I was in a room waiting for emergency surgery. At one point 3 hours went by before anyone checked on me to see if I needed anything. If my insurance paid for ANY other hospital I would NEVER go here again! One positive thing is the surgeon was great.

Monica Green

Aside from the ridiculously long ER wait, this hospital has been amazing. I was admitted to the spine unit in the heart hospital. So many wonderful nurses and doctors that go above and beyond. I've been genuinely cared for by compassionate people which makes healing so much better and less stressful. I even was offered free acupuncture in the ER to help with pain and stress!

Don Laney

You are treated like a number. This is the worst experience of three surgeries I have been with for my wife. Just because you can contact people via text doesn't make it right for every situation. How about explaining what is going on and treating us all like this is not an every day occurrence for us. Someone said: "but they have the best doctors".The doctors travel from facility to facility and I prefer the Maple Grove hospital. Parking is free and the staff is great.

Leopoldo Torres

The best persons profecionals and tha nurses all veri cool but especial tha most biutifull 《danielle》♡☆:)thank you for all :)

Dennis Kissinger

Had robotic prostatectomy one month ago and can't really find anything negative to say about my experience. From admitting to preop, surgery, recovery, all contacts I had were extremely pleasant. Can't say enough about care I received at W3300. Nurses were fantastic. Foodservice and housekeeping employees also very pleasant. Okay, so the meals were just so so, I try remember I had just had surgery! Thanks to all. .

Elizabeth Reader

Thanks to an ER registration representative, a second account was created under my name. Now anytime I go to the doctor i have to explain which profile to select. They told me 5 months ago my account would be does it take 5 months to fix a mistake? On the other hand doctors and nurses are really great and thorough. The care they have for their patients is genuine.

Tracy Ball

I have been a patient at Abbott for 5 years now. I can not put to word how wonderful this hospital is. I have had lots of visits to there surgery unit, I have had about a dozen impatient stays,the wound clinic is by far is my most favorite unit because of the people. The nurses are top quality people and there is a patient care Coordinator Beth is amazing. I feel that the doctors on staff are by far the best I have ever met. Dr. A bear, Dr Wagner, Dr. Batog are a few of doctors that have made me choose only Abbott. I want to thank all the staff that have all given me there 110 % always. A special Thank you to all of ICU and 4th floor east for my second to last stay April 2019 I had no idea how sick I was and don’t remember all of my stay but my trust and respect was always there.

P Yang

Good service here. The place is very big since it is many buildings attached together.

Николай Ютубич

Россия большая страна!

Abdul Yusuf

Rude and obnoxious, understaffed and have to go through ID screening b4 you see an ER personal.

Laura O

Nurses are awesome, doctors... Not so much. I had a rollercoaster emergency experience there. Surgeons were downright mean, but the nurse were exceptional... And really saved my life. For them, I am forever grateful.

lori hofmeister

Last week I had surgery for a parathyroidectomy at Abbott. I have to say the staff made this a great experience for me. Lori my nurse in pre-op calmed me down by talking fishing with me. Anesthesiology was so patient trying to get an iv started. Not sure of her name but she had the brightest white smile ever and she talked Grey's Anatomy with us. The nurse in post-op before I left was always singing. Thank you Dr. Barth and everyone involved. Won't hesitate to use you again if needed. Shout out to Louis in Radiology for taking care of me for my CT/Sestamibi scan. You all rock!

James Rudi

My daughter has been going there for speech and today was her last day yippy yippy very happy for her she did a really great job. and we got to watch them tearing down the old Emmanuel Mennonite Church on 25th and Clinton Avenue South.

Tony Peterson

Had spinal fusion surgery, was well taken care of great staff , top notch doctor Heather McLane and top.notch surgeon Kevin Mullaney I'm two weeks out and can really feel a world of difference, thanks to all of them

Angela Dotson

Service is slow. Wait time hours for a person barely breathing. The staff is inconsistent with knowing information.

Aj Stricker

Lily Smith

This hospital is not even worth one star. I had to give it 1 star so that I can tell world that this place is totally ghetto!!! I wouldn't even bring my dog here for help!!! The doctors are the biggest jerks!!! Please go anywhere else but Abbott!!!

Uncle Bacon Face

!!! Warning : Seek care elsewhere !!! Incredibly poor and outdated practices. When you are in the ICU one of the most important factors is having your support team there. They offer a folding chair and nothing more. I have been to countless hospitals in MN and close to as many ICUs and I have never seen such horrible conditions. The only thing they cared about was billing me for as many services as possible and making sure to do everything in the middle of the night while one is asleep and unable to ask questions and challenge if something is really necessary or in my best interest. One rogue doctor withheld food for days, to the horror of other doctors who discovered what was occurring days later — no wonder I wasn’t getting better! I’ll take my chances traveling farther away to seek medical care, anywhere is better than here. Additionally we spoke to patient care services to elevate our concerns and they failed to follow up on the issues at hand — but no worries they been super quick to bill me! I will say there were a few staff members that were absolutely phenomenal and I just wish I could send a recruiter their names and have these poor wonderful souls placed in jobs at a better hospital.

Leah Freitag

I looked for reviews prior to choosing a hospital so I hope putting this out there saves some people from choosing Abbott. While a lot of the care was fantastic, the fact that they were not equipped for the problem we presented with, and unable to treat my wife as a human instead of numbers in a computer, was so incredibly scary and disheartening. The staff had zero compassion and didn’t at all care for the fear they were instilling with their choice of words. Also, 100% not LGBT friendly, as I was very frequently assumed to be my wife’s sister. I highly urge you to look elsewhere before choosing Abbott in an emergency. I will have PTSD for a very very long time because of the care my wife received. I am grateful she’s alive, but I really wonder if she’s only okay because I fought back against the care she was supposed to receive. My worst regret is the fact that I have to pay so much for this terrible experience.

Andrew Harris

Was satisfied with the care for my son at children's.

Angela Ross

Great surgeon and ok pre op staff. Very unorganized. I was scheduled for a 9 am surgery and they didn't take me down till 10. The post op was a nightmare. The nurse's were rude, condescending and very lazy. My husband had to get me my first glass of water and, three after. The nurse's didn't take my condition seriously and when I wanted to speak to my surgeon in regards to pain management, the grilled me as to why and said "Well your going to have to wait" blood pressure got so high because they were so unfriendly and blatantly ignoring me while in pain that I requested to leave! Never the position you want to be in or your loved one after surgery, so disappointing. If you care about those you love, run don't walk.

Phyl Van

great care!

Molly Lyman

My mom had back surgery here. She had major complications and was in the ICY for almost a week. Nurses were fabulous. I have also had three c-sections here and had amazing care.

Joe Cudzilo

Waited 3+ hours - and had very poor customer service. Would recommend going somewhere else.

Eric Smith

Received tremendously attentive service from both nurses and doctors on a recent visit to the emergency room. Knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and patient enough to answer every single question we had. Would absolutely recommend.

Ruby Simmons

nurses are so great!!!!!

Lynn Gaspardo

If you have to be in a Hospital this is a great place to be. Friendly staff, great nurses, private rooms.

Sandy Goblirsch

I apologize for giving this hospital only 3 stars because my care was excellent and I was blown away at the amount of technology they have now to patch me up and put me together like new. The complaint I had though really effected my stay and I hope they are working on it. They did not have internet in the two rooms I was at. I realize we are suppose to be resting but not having the ability to reach out to family and friends is emotionally traumatizing. No email, Facebook, You Tube, nothing to bring your spirits up when you live 3 hours away from your home. (TV is not really my thing especially if I can't stream!) This is a real bummer that I hope they can fix before my next visit.

Valerie Arias

I was treated very well. All the Dr and nurses were nice and caring. Even the food was pretty good.

Brad Ellison

They discriminate against handicap accessible at the front door, it's for valet only.

Caleb Hays

I had a fantastic experience at this hospital this week! I went to the ER at 5AM on Tuesday. Turned out I had appendicitis and the staff were all very comforting and professional. I was prepped and in surgery by noon. I went home that night. Given the circumstances, I think I had the best possible experience I could have. I can only speak for myself, but I would definitely go to this hospital again. Even though I hope I don't have to! Thank you to everyone who took care of me!


Absolutely the BEST! My pre op nurse,Jean was awesome as was Michelle! Post op nurses were also awesome! The nurses I had for my short stay were helpful and caring, I'm sorry I can't remember their names... Abbott Hospital has always been a great place to go when needed, but this stay was perfect from start to finish. Sending much love to all of them!

Beverly Finkelstein

My husband, Jerry Finkelstein, was at Abbot Northwestern Hospital Heart Hospital, on April 5th & 6th , on the 4th floor. Julia Thonn was Jerry's nurse and she was outstanding! We were very pleased with her total attention and her professionalism . Actually, the whole nursing staff was also excellent. Our thanks for making our hospital visit less stressful. Beverly Finkelstein

BK 182

Surgery and MRI services good.

Adam A.

I went to the ER today at 3:30 pm. I got in very quickly. Every staff person I interacted with was very nice and knowledgeable. While they couldn't exactly diagnose my issues, they did all they could to listen and ask good questions.

Lydia Simich

Scheduling nightmare. Logistical disaster. Customer service catastrophe. I can't say enough about the apocalypse waiting for you when you enter the threshold of Abbott Northwestern. If they tell you to go to the basement, run. Run, run, run. It's a death trap. The women who work down there don't see sun and they make it abundantly clear that they do not care that you exist. Oh, and if the one lady doesn't get her ketchup AND hot sauce for lunch - better watch out. My appointment for a 45 minute surgery today was at 8. It's 10:30. My husband has no clue what time to tell his boss he needs to leave to pick me up, I could have worked or slept in this morning, our dogs need to be let out, and my phone is almost dead. They also gave me a check in time if SIX THIRTY. We live a half hour away. I've been sitting here for 4 freaking hours. I know what EVERYONE on staff is ordering for lunch. If you have another option, you should probably give it a try. Abbott just maybe isn't quite there yet... ya know, for being one of the older hospitals in the metro area.


This is a really amazing. A relative of mine went here for a heart surgery and their stay was very nice. The staff was very nice and comforting. They did their best to accommodate all of their needs and they always had a welcoming smile on their face. I would totally recommend this hospital for anyone who needs a surgery or just a regular doctor appointment.

Sonshine Tres

Jan and Tom were my nurses in ICU and were so incredibly wonderful. The epitome of caring and professional. As was the Intensivist (doctor) whose name i don't recall because i was so ill (tall man, no hair). I was transferred via ambulance from another facility so i didn't have any of the issues with wait times, etc. Once i was moved up to the medsurg floor my experience was fair. Some of the nurses were great, some weren't. Call lights not answered promptly so had to help myself to bathroom after being instructed not to. The beds are extremely uncomfortable, the rooms overly warm. Waited two hours for an Advil one night with increasing pain while the appropriately concerned and kind nurse tried to get an order from the on-call resident. Why does this facility not use Hospitalists? The environment in general feels a bit old and outdated, disorganized i.e. work stations along the hallways, or stuck in a corner here or there, etc. Food service was fine. Great idea having dedicated uniform colors to identify the staff of a particular dept. This was very helpful and much appreciated in such a large facility while dealing with all the confusion of a sudden, unexpected illness and hospitalization in unfamiliar surroundings.

Jim Domeier

One of the best hospitals in MN

Kristen Carlson

My sister chose Abbott because it was in her network. After being admitted my sister's condition declined and she needed surgery. It turns out her anesthesiologist is out of network. So in addition to being out of work for 3 months, with no income, paying her deductible and co-pays, she has received a $7000 bill for the out of network charges. There is something seriously wrong with our healthcare when premiums are paid for insurance and someone could still be financially devastated by uncovered care.

karl miner

The care my wife received from the nursing staff was all over the scale.One nurse stood and watched my wife struggle with a pillow after major surgery to her abdomen.On a regular basis the nurse staff failed to hook her up to apparatus wife asked to be hooked up and then the nurse left only to not turn on the leg wraps this happened repeatedly.We had to request the emptying of the urine bag multiple times.While I was there the nurse staff was playing with their phones at the desk in the hall more than paying attention to my wife's needs.They made me feel as if I was interrupting them.On the other hand their were nurses that cared a lot and it was clear they were gifted at being a nurse making sure my wife was comfortable and properly hooked up.Unfortunately the good nurses were outnumbered by the lazy uncaring ones.

M Azam Xhan


mary johnson

I went to the emergency room recently. I will never return. I cannot believe how shabby and dirty it is. You walk in and the entrance is gross. The whole place is run down, marks on the walls, dirty floors. I mean seriously? Why would I come back here?

Will Westman

Maintenance ppl are basicly useless during evenings. Dude had no idea what he was doing. We did job for him as he just scrambled around wondering how to set up anti dust aluminum doors outside room. He thought we were supposed to set up their equipment . Rather annoying.

amanda manery

This was horrible i am 23 weeks pregnant came in by ambulance took from the er to the mother baby center back to the er to sit in their waiting area for over a hour their attitudes sucked and were rude i decided to go to a different hospitial

Kerry painter

The hospital it self is fine but our experience in the ER was not so good. My elderly father with heart issues was brought into the ER by ambulance, my mom and dad sat in a room for 6 hours. They were helped at the beginning but then they saw no one for 6 hours. They were not told anything or even checked on. My dad wet his bed because he could not get up. No food no water. He was admitted and the developed a sore hip 6 hours same position wonder why. They got there at about 11:30 am and did not go up to a room until after 6pm. He deteriorated quickly and passed away a week later. Very troubling for my family. The heart icu nurses were wonderful caring and compassionate.

Taylor E

Elisa Burge

Friendly nursing staff that made our extended stay more enjoyable :)

Anna Lee

This hospital feels very outdated the staff needs to be updated on The type of procedures they perform out of the hospital I had the gastric sleeve surgery and had to come back and forth out of the hospital without being able to eat or drink anything and vomiting !!! Also the medical staff seem very unaware of what to do!!!! I hate I let this hospital preform surgery on me!!!! If you want good service Go to the suburbs ,it's sad but I've been to a couple other places that were way more attentive. Don't have surgery here after they will treat you like crap!

Christy Firm

I was here for 6 days recovering from spine fusion. It seemed to take a day to get my pain under control, but after that things were great. I had one nurse that wasn't really great, but all the others were amazing. I wouldn't let one experience ruin everything. Very attentive nurses, nurses aids and staff. I appreciated everything and the food was really good. Overall, a great experience.

Karen Walter

My grandmother was here and it was honestly the grossest hospital I’ve ever been to. If given the option I’d go to any other hospital. There was visible dust on the bed she was in. There was a black short hair on the sink in her bathroom (that was clearly not hers) The chair I sat on had an unknown stain on it that I assumed was blood. The only bathroom I saw had feces in the toilet and didn’t look like it had been cleaned in awhile. When you first walk in there’s a horrible musty scent that was coming from the cafeteria. I felt disgusted even using the hand sanitizer on the way out. But the nurses I encountered were very nice and seemed to be doing a good job.

Thomas Krasowski

These people. Are rude and obnoxious. I wouldn't.take my dog to be seen by these people

David Egeland

Dr Chong saved my life. I came to their emergency room with stomach pain and Dr Chong, who fortunately was on call then, eamined me and decided to operate right away, without knowing what she would find. She found a very dangerous optuator hernia, which I found in reading is very hard to diagnose, must be operated on immeditely and has a 60% mortality. She operated even though my physician sons considered I should wait it out. What a mistake that would have been - Dr Cong saved my life.

Kim Heikes

My mother was airlifted to your hospital this past week from Hutchinson. The care she received here was amazing. The doctors and nurses were incredible -- patient in explaining things in basic, understandable terms and very caring. I had one doctor ask if there was anything more she could do for us. I have never heard a physician ask that and was very impressed. Thank you for all you do and doing it so well. My mom is home and doing great -- thanks to your care. God Bless!

Huda Adam

Good place

Andrew K

Theodore J. Stonich II

A friend of mine who died was discharged to the sidewalk in the middle of Winter with a collapsed lung for being homeless. After being told that he was not allowed to go home for days due to the seriousness of his condition, the his hospital DOCTOR did this within an hour of finding out the he was homeless and the temperature was subzero in his hospital gown and jacket. Criminal charges have never been filed. If only he had not lost contact with me so that he was not homeless. He was part of a select talented few who had been approved for the Minnesota Arts High School. Ironically he was a biochemist student with a very high IQ shortly before becoming homeless. In loving memory.

Robby N

What an awful experience. Dr. Pagan didn't listen to me and dismissed my heart condition at my cardiology checkup. They tacked on some extra charges for no reason and refused to remove them or work with me. With my husband disabled I cannot afford an extra $200. This doctor was in network so I was expecting only a co-pay. They refused to help and then said they were sending the bill to collections.

Leah Perry

I give this hospital zero stars!!!! Worst experience ever. I went into the hospital after having a fall on the ice when I was 39 weeks pregnant. After the mother baby center checked my son’s heart rate it had dropped and they suggested I get induced. I followed their advice and was induced it took 2 days for me to start Labor. Once Labor started I had a wonderful nusrse she was friendly helpful and knew her job. However during my labor there was a shift change and I was given a new nurse named Miranda (I pray no one ever has her has their nurse). During pushing she continuously walked away to go to the bathroom and did not help with holding my legs during the pushes. She didn’t even contact the Dr in time he was only able to get his gown on and then my son fell out. I had about an hour of stitches after all on my right side where she should have been assisting with labor. During labor I had a temperature of 103 and once it was over my body went into shock and I began to shake uncontrollably. Thank god my Dad and husband was there to take care of me because the staff had no care whatsoever for my well being. Right after my stitches were done Miranda informed me that I needed to pee and that if I didn’t she would stick a catheter in me and stated that was her threat to me. She didn’t even get me water. After being unable to pee they asked if I wanted to stay here an try or go to postpartum. Obviously I went to postpartum to get away from this horrible nurse! In postpartum I continued to complain about the pain and Was not given any help. I was told I could no longer have anything besides tylonel and ibuprofen. I was in tears because the pain was so bad and unable to move. I was sent home and told to contact my OB if the pain got worse. Last night I had to go to the ER because my stitches had ripped open. I’m now on pain meds and bed rest and unable to care for my newborn on my own. I would highly recommend to never give birth at this hospital and will be looking into suing for malpractice.

John Halstead

I had a pacemaker put in my chest by a Great Dr. My primary Heart Dr. now works out in the Plymouth Hospital. Which is OK. I did have a small problem one day. I felt something funny going on with my Heart. It felt some what like a charge or shock near my heart. So, I called my Dr. & he told me to come in. So, I did & they found out one of the wires had come out of my heart. They asked me which Surgeon I wanted to re-insert the wire & I trusted the Surgeon who put it in. He did a great job helping me & have had no problems. I trust Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Thanks So Much. Bye & have a safe week.

Rachel Livingstone

Terrible. If you ever come here with a loved one who needs overnight care look elsewhere they would not even Allow an arm chair in the room but dont worry if you want to sleep in the waiting roon of strangers on equally uncomfortable chairs the staff says you can.

Tim S

Dropped my mom off and had to watch the car. There were tons of folks milling around the parking areas. Not in the best neighborhood.

Jodi Herickhoff

My mom recently had 3 major surgeries in one. I have to tell you the ICU staff, all of the MD's, and, especially, all of the staff on H8200 Vascular Center were AMAZING!! My mom is doing great and one of the biggest reasons is because she had outstanding care!

Taxi Topper

This hospital treats their staff disgustingly. My girlfriend tried to report illness and workplace injuries at their occupational health office. For three years she attempted to report an illness she contracted in the hospital. The occupational health office staff, told her there is no way she could contract mononucleosis in the hospital stating, "how can you get that here?" Each time she called, the staff batted her away saying, there is no means for you to contract mononucleosis in a hospital specifically and condescendingly, "how can you get that here?" You are a goddamn hospital - germs germs disease disease and more disease. Hearing of other similar stories, it is apparent Abbott Northwestern Hospital has a system where they harass their employees who attempt to file illness and injury reports. When she attempted to get help from the "union" she said they helped managers get away with not filing the illness report by ignoring telephone calls and pleas. I am thoroughly disgusted with this hospital at how they treat my girlfriend and the stories she shares with me. Abbott has earned and deserve a despicable reputation and we will be sure to spread her experiences to anyone who thinks of working "with" them. Until this story breaks in the media or Abbott genuinely changes its stripes it is extremely ill-advised to work here - as the previous writer mentioned, run do not walk, run away from this hospital obtain employment where they will treat you with some type of dignity rather than their bottom line. With regard to the "owner's" response. Frankly, human resource "director" does not want to discuss this further, many employees have already complained. The Human Resource Director who works for the managers and other administrators response, you say? Abuse the employees more by attacking them behind closed doors, ignoring their complaints, reporting no one has ever spoken to them regarding the complaints, and maintaining the status quo of deflecting worker illnesses contracted in the hospital by employees in order to create and sustain their reputation and profitability. You are not sorry, you are only sorry your true business practices have been publicized. You are threatening the safety of not only your employees but your patients. You must cease obstructing employees from filing worker illness reports. Due to your active complicity, It is now time for some investigative reporting and filing reports with the MN department of Health and Human Services. All other employees effected by Abbotts obstruction of filing worker illnesses, we advise you to contact the MN department of Health and Human Services to report your employers harassing techniques and refusal to file your illness claim.

Tacky Popper

Everyone was great. The nurses were so nice and the doctors took time to talk to you. The private room was clean and very nice. The food service was slow but the food was good. Overall a really good experience. Thank you Abbott!!


Pam Hopf

Two points of care failure: 1. ZOFRAN WAS ADMINISTERED and prescribed on discharge. Three days in the hospital approximately 8 doses administered improperly. The instructions say to dissolve on the tongue no water necessary. In fact drinking water may cause headaches. I was given with water and then more drugs for the headache! I did have access to the instructions until I was home. 2. This was my first hospitalization. It was not until the day after 4-hour surgery that I noticed the Airlife device and asked about it. The aide said I was to use it but that was all. I thought I was to blow into the device, well no. I learned later that it is rather important given the extent of my surgery for hernia repair. My entire stomach was above the diaphragm tucked behind my heart. My primary doc indicated that lungs can collapse is not exercised.

Caitlin Percy

The nurses here are truly some of the best in the state

Tabitha Kraft

My husband had went in to have surgery and this is by far the best experience we have ever had. The nurses went above and beyond going as far to help us down to get our car out of valet. The doctor stayed on top of informing me of my husband's progress. We will definitely coming back here for our future needs.

Pao H

Great hospital locate in Minneapolis

Sonja Bones

If there was a no star option that would be my rating. The way this hospital treat people is horrible. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go there for a bandaid. Lucy Furlong & Krishnakumar Balakrishna Menon (Doctor if you feel he’s worthy) are the worst when it comes to people skills. This so called dr talks about compassion in his mission statement yet he lakes that the most. I could go on more- I won’t. For your own well-being DO NOT GO TO ABBOTT

Maxwell Truax

For two days I have been soiled in urine, blood, and snot. They will not change me, though I've been told several times I'd get a new gown which has yet to happe. When I ask about the shower they say I'm not the one who can decide that and the subject stops there. When I'm asked about pain (which the past week has been an 8-1,) they give me same amount of Tylenol 1-10. Did I mention I'm in a tiny uncomfortable bed and room with a fever of 104.7. All that aside tho I did meet a few very cool nurses an my first room was pretty nice

stephanie kindt

Rudest staff I have ever dealt with even the food service people are rude I was told to come get the food because he wasn't waiting all day mind you he just got to the room!!! Do not recommend at all for anyone to come here!!!

Maddie Murray

Great staff and programs. I tried to kill myself and they really helped me turn my life around for the most part. A+ to the youth mental health ward. Only complaint is staff that didn't check in as much as they should. They should make sure that the kids are safe and doing ok and if they are not, just let them know that they can always talk. Also the beds were really uncomfortable. But overall the experience was good.

Chris Baumann

I think I'd much rather die then go to Abbott northwestern hospital ever again. They are literally blood thirsty and very threatening. I was recently at Abbott for a gall bladder removal which the surgeon removed but failed at removing my gallstones. I've been paying them $250.00 a month for 3 months straight then I receive a phone call from their business office telling me that my payment amount isn't good enough and that they were going to send my account to a collection agency if I didn't agree to pay the little over $4000.00 at once or sign up for their credit card (medcredit) or a payment plan of just over $500.00 a month. I've made every payment thus far of $250.00 on the same day without hesitation but explained to the rude lady on the phone that was all I can afford monthly and was still told "too bad then your account will just end up in collections". Like I said before either go to another hospital or just die cause it's a lot easier then dealing with these blood sharks.

Lisa Evans

HuBBy had surgery Here...The WhoLe Staff is WunderfUL & MY HuBBy is A1 AGIN!!!

Patrick Kegley

My one recent experience I felt Nurses techicians and Doctor were profient and quite Professial However place was Slammed No available room to be for Dr, advised 24 hour observation and I opted to leave after waiting 4 hours to be into C dart space ... stable by morning though

Jessica Loe

I really love this hospital. My dad had massive heart attack years ago in Wisconsin and was brought over by ambulance. They we're so good to him and got him up and moving after a week. I also did my emt clinical here and loved the e.r. training I received. So helpful. Best hospital in twin cities with bedside manner etc.


It has taken me seven years to write a review on this hospital and my biggest regret is that I didn't speak up earlier. I survived a massive heart attack, and though the hospital did aid me back to recovery, the nursing staff was horrible. I can remember maybe one kind nurse in the two and half weeks that I was there. I was yelled at by nurses repeatedly when I was delirious from medication (my family told me this, they witnessed it), I had a male nurse who was rude to me and yelled at me constantly for "moving too fast." (I was extremely dizzy, a "fall risk" and every time I nearly fell, I would do a quick side step to get my balance and then he would yell at me.) It was extremely uncomfortable having a male nurse and even though I requested a female nurse, I had this guy for most of my stay. I had a nursing assistant who heard me struggling with my four IV poles and catheter, trying to get to the bathroom and somehow manage it on my own because no one would answer my call light. When she finally came in, she mocked me saying, "You're not used to being sick, are you? I can tell, I heard you yelling at your IV poles." Um, then why didn't you come help me?? I had another nursing assistant tell me I picked a stupid name for my newborn daughter (I had my heart attack right after I had her), and then a float nurse who acted bored and angry that she had to take care of me. She told me that this was not her floor and that she was very angry that she got floated down there. Uh, not my problem and may I say, how inappropriate for you to complain to a patient?? This is not to mention the many times I had to get my own meal tray, which no one would bring to me, because I was MRSA. I always had to get it myself, even though I was a fall risk. No one would answer my light, even though I rarely put it on. I could go on and on with so many stories. The reason why I did not complain is that every time I did try to speak up, I was reminded both by my family and by nursing staff that I should just be happy to be alive. Don't go to this hospital, they don't care.

Daniel Henriquez

Asha Shields

Hospital sucks it’s always 3-7 hour wait to be seen and staff gets frustrated with patients because they are always under staffed. And I tried talking to staff to file a complaint and they give you attitude..

Muhammad Stevensh

This is one of the big evil Nazi hospitals of the Dr. Mengele remnants. Prepare to fight if you are faced by them.

Maria Sigcho

(Translated by Google) The place is very beautiful. The area in Minneapolis MN 55407 is very quiet. (Original) Es muy bonito el lugar.bien tranquilo la area en minneapolis mn 55407..

Amy Swendra

The ER is horribly slow and disorganized. The floor nurses are fantastic and my Dr is the best.

Duwayne Hougo

I was admitted with chest pain and rapid heart beat. All of the staff that managed my care were great. They found a blockage in my heart and took care of it and then installed a stint to make sure it would not be a problem again. Thanks to all who had a hand in getting me back to good health!! DuWayne

Adam M

Horrible staff and service. Extremely unprofessional. The somali guy in the golden colored vest was very rude. Will not go again and will advise my friends and family never to visit this hospital.

Alec Peterson

I went to the new clinic in Mill Valley today. I loved that I could make an appointment . Everyone was nice and courteous. Alas the appointment confirmed my own thoughts that I am going to have to cancel my upcoming trip. Fortunately the doctor did not hesitate to complete my insurance claim form.

Tori Jenkins

Incompetent staff. No rush for anything. You have to repeat requests more than twice. Majority of staffing is unfriendly

Linda King

Exceptional care, very caring employees, you are in the city in this century old hospital.

Rosa Adan

Broo!! They have my mom up there like a prisoner. She can't even go out

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