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REVIEWS OF University of Michigan Hospital IN Michigan

Mansoor Isa

I can't imagine a better hospital. Many times this health system has corrected mistakes of others. The Michigan community is lucky to have such a system at its disposal.

ali alomari

My friend was admitted on the hospital and she had great service. The staff are doing good work

Tiera Jones

U of M has helped my quality of life, but at a great expense! I'm in the hospital and this is the cloest to being tortured as I hope to ever get. Most of the staff have been okay. I'm just in the worse pain ever and I have been for the past 7 day. My 1st night a RN tried to start a pic line bedside, he hit a nerve and ever since I've been on fire. Since I arrived to u of m hospital, my pain has doubled. I'm very ready to go, and I pray its never ever a reason for me to return.

Rob T

Very clean. Nice place. People are nice

Kevin Casey

Gteat staff very clean environment

John baar

Mott’s is the best!

Cynthia Perkins

The staff at this hospital are amazing !! They have taken excellent care of my husband every time he’s been admitted!! I would recommend this hospital to all my friends and family ... thank you all for your amazing excellent care !!!

Marta Wyngaard

The cafeteria is located on the second floor of the hospital. It has a good menu with a lot of variety from what to chose. After a healthy salad, I had a tea with chocolate cookies that were delicious.

N. Murray

Competent staff, extremely busy place. The wait times for any kind of procedure is horrendous. Regardless of what you're having done, plan to spend your day here. The staff isn't overly friendly, if they speak to you at all. I'd much rather stay close to home with my local hospital, but you have to go where your Docs want you to.

Lucretia Hines

Thanks to all staffed worked on Amille Pilgrim

Anthony ellis

Jason Knight

It is a good hospital for serious injuries however they treat you like a drug seeker even if you are in serious pain. I was run over by a garbage truck and nearly had to have my legs amputated. After three surgeries and staples from my groin to the bottom of my calf and stitches on my right leg from my knee to my ankle as well as huge open wounds 6 inches long, 2 inches wide, and one inch deep I was in an immobilizer on both legs. I was in the ICU for three days before being admitted to the main hospital where after two days I was put on only 20mg of oxycodone every 4 hours. I was in so much pain I couldnt move despite me telling them how bad I was hurting. After nearly passing out from pain, I called the office of clinical safety who reprimanded the doctors twice they barely upped my medication to 40mg which was still really 21.6 mg due to the fact that the extra 20mg was long lasting and was released over a 12 hour timeframe. Basically I was only upped by 1.6 mg per hour which did absolutely nothing for my pain. I wasnt able to participate in physical therapy or occupational therapy which made my insurance company not want to pay for my outpatient physical after I was discharged. Overall do not go to University of Michigan if you are in pain. It is a good hospital however their policies on pain medication is terrible and you may very well stay in pain if that is what you are going for.

Ronrico Adams

Because they do me right since i was a lil boym they fixed what sparow did to me...

Martin Pennington

Top notch hospital

Tina Tenis

My mom was brought here from our local hospital by ambulance a few days ago and I couldn't be happier with how well she has been treated. The Dr's and nurses are all very well trained and take the time to explain everything and listen to her concerns. I feel extremely fortunate we were able to get her in here and can rest easier when I'm not there knowing she is getting great care.

Terry Strean

Saved my legs, eyes and life with top Doctors..

Ramone W

The general consensus about the hospital is that many of the workers don't care about their patients, and several visits to this hospital has confirmed that consensus.

Nomadic Cheese

I was born here!

James Snyder

Eco ton

Brian Hawthorne

Saved my life from Brian tumor ×4

Lamont Bozeman

Great directions!

Julie Hagerty

Excellent care from doctors and nurses

Dave Kogowski

Staff is a-MAIZE-ing! Very tentative and caring.

Nice Price II

huge. Bathrooms are clean.huge cafeteria. Okay variety of foods.. Many different Departments. Main entrance help desk is near emergency entrance. Good luck parking for free here.. On city buslines and free UM shuttle buslines. One of largest hospitals in nation. 8 or 9 different floors. Valet service.

jon pankey

The Dr's that performed my surgery were perfect, every nurse,male or female offered the best care possible for whatever the situation called for with me,They were proavtive in my overall treatment,responded quickly to my call lights,there was nothing about my stay I would want done differently,I do believe it doesn't get better than this.

Lisa Palmer

Great Hospital and care!

Moke Carson

They Helped my brother


I Was here in 2011 I suffered from an AVM Eruption. Which caused me to have a stroke. I would really like to truly thank The Whole entire staff on the 12th floor for helping me. I Love you guys dearly, unfortunately I had to leave once I got well. All that matters is you guys got me well. S/o to Sarah my physical therapist! You are the best and I LOVE YOU!!!

crawford myrna

Great place!

Candace Suriano

I had surgery yesterday. The staff was wonderful! From the surgical check in person - Janay - nurses- Ruby, Norma, Betty, Martha - and support staff - Kelly, Rodica and Arianna- to the anethesiologists, the surgeon - Dr. Edwards - and the residents - Dr. Bae and Dr. Makoney - everyone was kind and attentive! (Hopefully, I did not get anything wrong.) After surgery, Dr. Edwards told my friend who brought me that they had made sure my eyes were okay since I have dry eyes. That is incredible attention to detail! I am very impressed by Dr. Edwards of UM Maxillofacial Surgery and his support staff, Nurse Practitioner Ash, and scheduling person, Ms. Kulas. Thanks so MUCH!

Pinkamena Diane Pie

This hospital terrible. The wait times are beyond ridiculous and the staff seem to enjoy laughing and joking around while there are patients that need help. I brought a friend to the emergency center for immediate help and they made us wait over 7 hours before he even got checked. The staff obviously needs more training and discipline. I wouldn't trust this place with my life or anyone elses life even if they were the last hospital within a 100 mile radius. Have fun dealing with a bunch of jokers who have no business being in the medical field.

James Randolph

Went to ER. Spent 45 minutes waiting to see a doctor and 8 HOURS waiting in a hallway waiting for a room.

Christine Schindler

Great medicine very nice staff and doctors! Also a very busy hospital. Went through the ER and stayed in the ER for over 24 hours. Great nurses!

brian hurry

best hospital in mich

Amy Collins

Fantastic hospital. Saved the lives of many I know.

Goddess of Trauma

I go there for my doctor appointments. Dr. Pajewski is good, and they have all necessary ancillary services. But the system is not as good as their reputation would make you think. There is high employee turnover, and some of the employees are disgruntled. The physical therapy department is not good - the staffer there just wanted to sit and talk with me. I went to an outside physical therapy group and they kept me moving - that's how it should be! Also, the sleep lab is horrible. I am allergic to latex, and it says so on my chart ..but in the middle of the night, during a sleep study, someone came in and put latex tape on my face and neck. I had bright red painful patches on my face where the latex tape had been. I am also allergic to silicone, and they didn't offer the cloth masks that are available now. Also, their medical equipment department would not accept my insurance! I found a place online that would accept my insurance and would provide the inflatable cloth mask. Still it took months for the sleep center to send the necessary paperwork. They finally provided the documentation when their supervisor went on vacation!!! I have thought of changing hospital systems to a different hosoutal; but I stay because my primary care doctor. Oh! When I needed back surgery I went outside the U of M system because their doctors said I needed a fusion and that they could not get me on their schedule for 6 months. I went to a surgeon connected with a hospital near Detroit, and the surgery was done within a month, and no fusion. I think this is a quality issue! A spinal fusion should not be done unless it is crucial, because it reduces flexibility for the rest of your life. I hear that their children's hospital at U of M is very good. I went to look at it and it seems child-friendly and comforting. I think it all depends on which services one needs. But they definitely need to improve many aspects of the hospital system.

Curtis Carter

(Translated by Google) Itsss great (Original) Itsss greatt

Anita Bullock

Love this hospital. It's got the best docs anywhere.

Toni T

I'm sure this isn't a bad hopital but I don't understand why no one can direct you and give u help. I was denied to even make an appointment for the general surgen because they had to have my previous records. These are surgeon's that go to school for what 8 yrs maybe plus yrs. I had a pilonidal cyst on my tail bone, I was in pain and trying to get this taken care of sooner then later. The lady offered no other assistants expect that I could wait three weeks, HA! When I became anger and she didn't like the way I was speaking to her. I then didn't understand y I should care since a she didn't even care enough to understand my situation or direct me to a better option. The Healthcare act is scam and fills pockets of people that don't care about you or your health this includes hospitals, the goverment and these scamming health insurance companies. #healthcareisntafforable #failedmedicalsystem

Lasheena Worrell

You are a garbage hospital! Definitely would not recommend!

Christine Davis

Jamie Jeffries

Amazing place to be! Great staff and my Doctor was amazing! Hospital stay was great. I felt very taken care of.

Dave Sprayberry

Great hospital. National ranked in many categories.

Tony Strickland

They do great

J Jeffery

Dr. Very thorough about procedure that will take place

Dakota Danowski

Place wastes your time. Was there for over 7 hrs for pretty much no reason. Never returning to this garbage hospital

jaafer dirawi

Most caring

Thomas Whitney

Great place to heal!

Cassandra Zielitch

this place runs more like a business than a hospital. longest appointment wait times of any clinics I have ever heard of. you will die or at least suffer while waiting for the appropriate care. not to mention the phone staff will make you feel like you are an inconvenience

Naseem Baskin

I work here!

Nancy Lossing

The most efficient hospital I have ever seen!

Robbie Thomas

Love this hospital.. Great service and treatment. Just make sure you get a map for the in this hospital is a city inside...

Watching TESHA

Libby Cellini

I'm getting discharged in a few hours. I'm very thankful for the wonderful team and staff at University Hospital. Everyone is extremely helpful. God bless each and every one of the staff members. Thank you Dr.Carrott, Surgeon Christopher for the jokes during surgery. Nurses Terrance Sloan ,Docs Li,Davenport, Sameer.Pa,Suzanne,Ron. Nurses Heather, Aneea,Alicia,Molly,Theresa,Mura,and assisting Kelsey. Thanks for all the wonderful care and hospitality


You really have to fight for your rights. If you don't feel comfortable, keep asking questions and demand answers.

Rhonda Mercer

I work here

Sonja H

I been visiting here recently. I haven't been here since the late 70s...Omgoshhh it's like it's own lil city...I wouldn't doubt if it doesn't have different zip codes in it LbVs


Jake L

a great place they do great things

Patience Hinson

No hospital could compare to this one such a great caring place.

Carrie Martindale

Absolutely amazing place with compassionate and caring staff who are experts in their field.

Penn Station

This hospital was the worst experience i have ever had with any sort of medical care. They knew that the insurance we had was something that would cover everything they do so they took advantage of that and put the patient at a state where he was almost dead in one week, so much so that he went from being fit to immobile in 1 week. Certain doctors would ask questions like " where would you like to die" when hes completely stable and in condition where he is likely to make a full recovery. He went to get a second opinion and was told that he is fine and should only get better from here on out. Bottom line if you love whoever needs the medical attention do not take them here.

Amber Carter

Amazing staff and always taken such good care of here

Laura Lin

It's hard to like a hospital, but they seemed to work hard to provide comfortable, pleasant atmosphere for visitors and patients.

Jodie Shoffner

Jordan White

I work here and thoroughly enjoy my job and the people that work here are extremely nice!

Wen Xin

Jim king


Daniel White

I was born here!

Marietta Near

Helps me find the right place I need

Kevin McCarthy

I have been a heart patient for years and I have almost always had a good stay. Always making me comfortable.

Michael Swain

I'd say they did a really good job helping me be born. I'm still alive today, 28 years later which is great. Things are running fairly smoothly still. The hospital layout can be a little confusing, I was totally lost the first time I came through this place, mostly slept the whole time (my parents just carried me out, I was out pretty hard). Great doctors and nurses, I didn't really have a choice but they were great. The ER is pretty small, but they've got good valet.

Maher El-Awar

Andrew Gordon

Jack G lashbrook

Andrae Moore

If your not nurse or a doctor or management take a guess.

David Bryant

I am a practicing physician on the faculty of a different medical school. I have a life-threatening chronic cardiac condition. The care team at Michigan Medicine has saved my life twice. This health system combines the world's finest medical providers with the facilities and equipment that allow them to do their (miraculous) work. If you want a hospital that has a day spa and fancy interior design, go somewhere else. But if you want to be cared for by the finest medical/nursing teams on the planet, go to the University of Michigan. You will not be disappointed.

Beverly Tabor

Reggie Baker

Great staff


Really bad experience. Incompetent doctors. The nurses have more common sense and finally listened to my father in law that his hip hurt and took x-rays and found a fracture. First he spent three days in the emergency room, then two days of MRIs and other tests that didn't find anything. They would have sent him home with a fractured hip if it weren't for one smart nurse.

Tammy V Turnpaugh

Olivetta Wright

UM is the Best. Thanks to all the staff for the Love and care for my Mom during her stay.

Torri Kilbourn

Nurses are great. Docs are friendly. But will someone please grow a pair and treat patients with actual pain. Husband is in here with bowel tracking and active crohns. He is a few cm away from an extra hole in his side but that doesn’t seem worthy enough to get pain medication. These doctors need to get back to patient care and stop letting insurance companies and angry parents that don’t know how to discipline their addict children run them. Treat your patients! Make them feel better! Make them comfortable! That’s what you signed up for!

Christine Douglas

The experience I had, to say the least was amazing! No one likes being sick or being admitted. However, I had to have emergency surgery and was admitted for 5 days. From the time I walked into the emergency room, went through testing, having surgery, and then finally being able to come home every staff member that I came across was amazing, treated me with me and my family with such compassion,and concern. The only downfall is in the ER we did spend a lot of time sitting and waiting for answers or what was next. But hands down best hospital around!!

Angie Margret

I'm coming here for help/guidance with my epilrpsy

Kristine Miller

Takes 3 hours to get discharge papers after being treated

Liz Garrett

They took real good care of my older sister when she was real sick.

Jen Bernard

I've never been more satisfied with a staff of doctors and nurses than I am with that of the womens and children's hospital here! The around the clock care for both my son and I as patients as well as attentiveness to my husband and our daughter as visitors went above and beyond any and all expectations. I'd recommend the Von Voigtlander Womens and Childrens hospital to anyone needing or planning to need care for anything ranging from OBGYN to NICU! Super impressed!!

Richard Wingard

My wife has been battling cancer for many years, U of M has been a God send! We feel well taken care of, the cancer center staff are wonderful people. Although it's over a 2 hour drive for us we wouldn't go anywhere else!

Hajjaajaa Ssjsjsjskksjs

A-1 hospital I drive 2 hours to it

Jaye Claybron

I love the U of M hospital they taking care of my mother and I adore her so thanks guys

Jim Vitek

Becky Hall

This is the best hospital if it wasn't for them my son would have died he still fighting for his life but he still living and I love the staff they are paicent with the family they come to visit there family member that is in the hospital

Myrna Edwards

Helpful..people is nice

Alicia Sutfin

Everyone is nice and helpful. This place is massive, but everyone's willing and ready to help get you where you need to be.

Todd Heckert

They might not have a cure, but you will walk out alive

Kurt Trainor

Staff is amazing kind and caring

Matthew Dulecki

Good place

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