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REVIEWS OF St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor IN Michigan

Shemeka Jordan

If I could give it a zero I would. I took my mom here because she was sick. I feel like the doctors (she saw 4) and the nurse did not take her symptoms serious. Fast forward a feel day of feeling bad and waiting on an appointment with her doctors we find out she has bronchitis. She will never return here and anybody else I know. This was the worst ER I have seen and I have been to Sinai in Detroit which was pretty bad to me.


The billing dept does not know how to bill insurance,. You get screwed by them not following insurance procedures. You then get stuck for thousands of dollars owed. Then in 90 days goes auto to collection agency.

James Dieterle

My wife gave birth to all 3 of our children here. The 1st was a set of amazing twin girls! This place does a wonderful job. The staff is amazing and really does care about its people. If it wasn't for them my wife would have been in an awful position after giving birth.

Patrick Hoban

This is a great place filled with great people. I love the doctors and nurses there.


This hospital is nothing but a bunch of Satan worshipers. I wouldn’t take my dog there

Andrea Lewis

I am a caregiver that has accompanied a patient multiple times to this facility. The staff seemed to feel that I would be responsible for the patient's care while hospitalized. The worst experience was the last one. Being devalued because of your age and medical history is devastating. My patient did not receive the treatment he should have. He was discharged with an iv to which the charge nurse over the phone stated: I can tell you how to remove it. After that I immediately got an Advanced Directive in place forbidding to go to any St. Joseph's hospital for any reason, ever. It seemed to me that if they didn't seem you worthy of the best care, you simply don't get it.

Amanda Santana

I had a great experience here. The doctors and nurses were all nice. They treated me like a Human and not like i was faking it. I would recommend this hospital

Anne Puro

I could not have had a better care experience. The people who work at St. Joes are wonderful.

Greg Jagst

I work in home care and wanted to offer an aggregate experience review over the last 19 years. Generally, they are successful in offering high quality care to my clients admitted as patients or serviced via the ER. The wait time in the ER is usually longer than I'd like, but isn't that par everywhere? The location and access to various senior health resources--ringing the hospital campus-is very good. My hold time when most recently calling for information was almost 3 minutes and the "wait experience" was less than I would have expected. The main aspect of the hospital--patient care-has been high, in my experience.

John Belda

The hospital is fine, but they have a credit agency that sends threatening letters to the responsibile party within one week of receipt of the invoice. The accounting department is horrible.

Murphy Harrington

Embarrassingly subpar. The ER is a disaster. They sat me in a chair in the hallway, never got a room. But the bill was the same, for sure!

Emily Khon

Was discharged 3 times when I came in to the emergency room from shooting pains in both of my legs and I could barely walk! Uom is much better!

Cheryl Davidson

I had an ER visit and was very pleased with the care I received. The nurses, technicians and the dr. were all kind, caring and compassionate. They were very thorough in their examination and the test results came back amazingly fast. I don't know how they do it, but they were wonderful!

Jeany Dohm

If you need wound care, stay as far away from Dr. Holleran and his staff as possible. They treat patients as disposable lab rats because nobody in his office has any real medical knowledge. The motto is change treatment options as often and erratically as possible in the hopes that something finally works, and when nothing does in fact work, staff members ignore patients and continue on a crash course of idiotic experimentation. Then, when you try to voice concerns or communicate with the doctor at all, he acts like a petulant child and storms out of the room to see the next patient and collect more insurance money. Every patient is just another dollar, not a human being in need of care. On top of playing Russian roulette with patients’ health and not caring in the least if someone gets well, the staff is rude, unprofessional and extremely defensive of all Dr. Holleran’s quack-like decisions, especially Rachel and Tracy. Take your precious health to a facility with real doctors who try and staff members who at least care a little - drive right by Dr. Holleran’s and know you made a decision that will likely save your life.

Nicole O'Brien

Great experience withmy son's outpatient surgery!

Harry Anderson, III

I need to disclose that I work here. St. Joe’s is the hospital that I personally go to for my care. My immediate family (spouse, teenage daughter, my mother), friends and other inquiring people are also directed to or transported to St. Joe’s for elective or urgent issues. While there are many good hospitals in southeastern Michigan within easy driving distance, I personally know of the expertise, personal touch and quality that goes into to the care of patients at every instance within this health system. We are fortunate to have a state of the art healthcare resource like St. Joe’s in our community.

Kelly Chan

I recently took my son in to be evaluated by Dr. Aalderink for an orthopedic injury. He actively listened and gave excellent advice for my son’s recovery! We have used St. Joe’s for services over the last 10 years for surgeries, IP stays and diagnostics and have always had a remarkable experience.

Carolyn Dennis

The nurse, Megan, working in the observation unit in the emergency room has terrible bedside manner, lacks compassion, and had a temper tantrum when I disagreed with her blatant disregard for the doctor's orders. I usually have the best treatment at this hospital than any other, but Megan has severely tarnished that opinion. Dena, however, the nurse who had to take over my care, was much nicer. I appreciate that there is one nurse on shift that will do their job, as requested by the presiding doctor, without attitude or anger.

David Compton

So I came in the emergency room 5pm with a few problems ; pneumonia, knee, and back pain outrageous. Was told i needed to be admitted. After 7 hours in the ER they finally got me to a room great! I got a floor sandwich and broke a tooth yeah. So that adds to all the pain. The first doctor on call was nice enough to order a pain med to keep me comfortable for the short duration. A day and a half later a different doctor walks in and cancels that and just says no. PM me if you want his name. No explanation 5 minutes before my next at 4:40 i requested a new doctor that at this time of 12:20am has not shown up ? Really remarkable care. I will see an attorney for this one,

Tomarilyn Komora

I used to respect this hospital. But with my family member's care this time around it's the most shameful so called patient care there could be. The communication between family and doctors is a joke. Their course of treatments should have been more thoughtout and executed directly to the point. Instead, they didn't look at the case more in depth before jumping to a quick solution.

Diana Maroudis

I went in with extremely elevated blood pressure,I went through triage and said my hand was contorted and I had 2 numb fingers. The nurse asked what my pain level was, and I told her. She determined I had a muscle spasm in my neck, and I was shuttled to the e.r.I had a cat scan, blood draw, and urine sample. The whole time there, the blood pressure cuff was emitting an alarm..... too high of a pressure. No checking of my “muscle spasm”....the CT was on my heart. There was no attempt to lower my blood pressure, and I was sent home after 4 hours with a bp of 168/114. I went to my PM doctor for a rhizotomy on my lower back, and he ordered an MRI of my neck.I was diagnosed with ruptured discs and vertebrae that had shifted in my neck. I need a fusion on 3 vertebrae and I need an MRI with contrast for my blood pressure, as medication is not working. I will never go back here, and am warning others to stay away.


Came in for alcoholism on top of that have severe anxiety hadn't slept in 3 days. My doctor was very nice and caring but from not sleeping I could not talk correctly or walk without staggering simply because my body was shutting down from lack of sleep. so while im sitting in my room I overhear the nurses laughing at me and calling me retarded among other names if they any basic medical knowledge they would know when someone's severely sleep deprived and dehydrated they hallucinate and its hard for them to comprehend words. also every time I would come out of my room to ask for something then walk away I would be laughed at I have never felt more embarrassed in my life the nurses the amount of unprofessionalism was astonishing. then once I was better I had to ask over 5 people to help show me where to pick my stuff up like wallet keys ect. What really bothers me is that it shows I have extreme anxiety on my medical records so when they kept saying that theres something wrong with me behind my back and im retarded well that really made me depressed and its still on my mind I do not want to even talk to anyone at the moment because im still afraid someone will make fun of me. so in summary I will never be going back to this hospital and your staff really need to learn how to conduct themselves and learn about the effects of sleep deprivation.

Kennedy Richardson

This is where you going you dont want to drive to DMC or UofM...but IF you're really bad they'll transfer you to the U. But they're super slow...and annoying listening to their gossip They forget they're working..

Emily Brodbeck

Do not go here if you are trans. Despite having all the necessary documents, I was admitted under my former (no longer legal) name and gender, being assured they would "change it in the back." They didn't. I had to explain this to EVERY staff member, along with my allergies. Got the bill for my copay today, two and a half months later, addressed to my old name. While the doctor did stitch up my finger expertly enough, I have no faith in the competance of their staff to pass on the simplest of information from one to the other, or to change outdated information in their system. Case in point: the nurse that asked about the medications i was taking wrote them down incorrectly, despite me LITERALLY SPELLING THEM OUT. They do not listen to patients, and I have never felt so humiliated by medical staff as I did during the hour or so I was waiting to get some simple stitches.

The Ruthless Btch

Love love love st Joe's. I delivered both of my children here and have always driven the extra 40 minutes to come here over Oakwood in Taylor! Thank you for the amazing hospitality and care myself, my children and my fiance have received.


I would say that the medical service they provide is really good. There are a few things I don't like. The main entrance of the hospital is closed including lights after 10 or 11 pm which is not good for this kind of big hospital. I was in the ER a few times because I accidentially breath the peanut through my mouth. So, I know pretty much about their ER. The average wait time just to get seen my doctor or physician assistant is from 15 to 35 mins unless you are dying right away no matter how much the pain is. The staffs during the night shift are not that helpful, and friendly like the ones in daytime. Another thing is that they will start asking about your personal life if you been there a couple of time within 10 days even tho it is because I am actually being bad luck, and lots of accident had happened to me. I have been to Pal Alto hospital and its other locations. Compared to that, this hospital could score 2 stars in my standard. Oh, btw, I even saw Male and Female nurses dating(having a moment) in the closed section of the main entrance at night. LoL..

Gerald Tyler

Top notch care every visit

Keshia Jordan

My mom had surgery on her neck they sent my mom to the 7th floor to die I would advise u to go to the uof m where they will help u that's what I did transfered my mom outta there they didn't bathe her nor clean the rooms and they unprofessional they just wanna collect money DONT DO IT


My 90 year old father was left in a hallway after going to the ER for a fall. No call button, no pain meds ( until I asked for them), waiting for an ambulance to take him home for over 2 hours now. Ignored by all staff unless I go and track the nurse down.

Teresa Shoemaker

The best hospital staff!!! They were right on top of my care. I won’t go anywhere else!

Vani McNamee

Went into the ER, wish I had held out and made it somewhere else, it was filthy. There was some dried blood in the room, trash cans were all full. They had to switch the biohazard sharp trash while I was in the room, but just left the full one on the counter where they also put the IV? They don't seem to use alchohol wipes or caps for the IV either, a germaphobe's nightmare!! While the staff was nice they have no urgency. I was never given a call button and getting assistance was next to impossible. It was not very busy, at least not busy enough for the nurses to not be on their phones most the day hiding behind the desk. I was deemed fine but I left feeling just as bad as I went in, ended up at U of M later that night and was seriously ill, was admitted to the hospital for treatment. It was an easy find for them that somehow the dr here couldn't catch. If you can make it, go somewhere else!!

Jason Mark

The view says it all. Worth the stay.

Steven Robinson

They saved my wife's life. I am a very happy man

Cristian L.

Not for profit hospital with very well trained medical team.


I tried to get financial assistance but Tracy in billing was extremely rude and condescending. I got a new job only 3 weeks ago, and could no longer qualify for financial assistance. She continued to LECTURE me about why I had not filed for help sooner, and didn't like my response that I was incredibly sick and could barely get out of bed. U of M hospital has been extremely helpful with my situation, and doesn't care that I have an income now, given that I was unemployed and a student at the time of my treatment. I will NEVER go to this hospital gain.

Ilana Houten

The ER hasn’t quite worked out the logistics of handling level 1 trauma and walk in patients at the same time. Some basic protocols - patient in hypertensive crisis should be on a heart and BP monitor from the time you put them in a bed - were skipped in lieu of a blood test to check for evidence of a heart attack/damage. It was sloppy and dangerous. On the whole, not a terrible ER. But, it’s got some growing pains and if you go there you should really have someone with you to be your advocate and pay attention to the little details that can become problems if not addressed.

Jeremy Piazza

This place is a joke who has their patience sit in a hallway when there was an open room and then call people after you to get the room then just talking about all my information because I have to sit in a hall where is the patient privacy at all smfh

Candice Hicks

I called Central Scheduling and was told I did not have to schedule an Ultrasound or Xray. The next day I drive to the Imaging Center just to have a rude employee tell me they could only give me an xray because I needed to schedule the Ultrasound. Even though that was the purpose of my initial call. Ok let's move forward. I call Scheduling while waiting for my xray and this rude woman tells me "call your doctor and tell him to fax the order", I explain that I have the order in my hand. She then states "why didn't you just say that?" It's my Birthday and I am trying to keep my cool. I ignore her ignorance and ask if I could just schedule the Ultrasound? She replies" Give it to one of the clerks and have them fax it because I can't take your word for it. I don't need an xray from this place. If the front line is this rude who in the heck would trust the rest. U of M, DMC, Beaumont, St John, or Henry Ford here I come!

Colleen Frizzell

Great hospital with excellent staff! The care my entire family has receieved has always been remarkable!

Kelly Shelley

I've never had a bad experience there. I've had to come through the ER a few times and have been there for an inpatient stay and overall the staff is wonderful.

fire stick

i would avoid the ER if you absolutely can. (or go to UOFM) If you have old cuts on your arm, they’ll put you in an observation room without giving a f about why you even came in.

Austin Heinze

Very very disappointed at St Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor / Ypsi. Long story short I was there for a broken back, during my healing stage I went in for my first and initial check up, no problem, that was fine, then they asked me to come in for another one a few weeks later just to be told that my back is still broken (like I didn't already know that), took all my pain meds away (because of the opioid crisis) and then charged me $150 for the short meeting that might of lasted 20 minutes in total So from this meeting I gained no new information of my current status, just what I already knew, they refused to give me any more meds for my broken back (which was still in pain believe me), you'd think I'd be the one able to tell not them. So after recovering the bills started to roll in, I paid them all off and now here I am more than a year later and they sent me another bill saying they are going to send me to collections? I did not have a good experience with this place at all I'd advise anyone to go somewhere else at least where you are treated well and they can send their bills out on time.

Ellen Donnelly

St Joe’s is my family’s hospital. I’ve delivered six of my ten children there. My sister received care for a heart attack at St Joe’s and they saved her life. My father battled cancer with their cancer doctors; when that battle was down, St Joe’s cared for him as he died. I can’t imagine receiving care anywhere else

Kim Gray

Took wondeeful care of my mother during a really scary time.

Debra Vasquez

This place is the worst place to go, if you really need medical care! My son was told that he "wasn't bad enough for surgery", only to be sent home. We went directly to U of M, and was in surgery less than 24 hours later. Unbelievable! Outraged! Mad as hell! Just like while admitted, we were passed to 5 different surgeons, told 5 different things, never diagnosed, now I'm getting no response after being told that an investigation is pending...? DO NOT GO TO ST.JOESPH FOR ANY MEDICAL CARE! THEY DON'T CARE!

Christina Wood

My father was transferred here due to lack of beds at U of M the hospital and come to find out they were not giving him his medicine for 4 days. The response of the nurses and doctors was horrible. Very scary!

Erica Senft

If I could give their ER 0 stars I would. I came in with chest pains, a swollen throat, complaining of being short of breath. While sitting in the ER waiting room for about 20 minutes I worked myself into a panic attack, uncontrollably crying and having an even harder time breathing, I started exclaiming for help, and the nurse was able to recognize I was having anxiety. HERE’S WHERE THE ISSUES START. Upon noticing that I was having a panic attack I yelled that I couldn’t breath, and the nurse yelled back, “it’s because you need to calm down”. Due to the short and quick breaths I was working myself into, I started panicking more and lost feeling of my face and began to drool, at this point now terrified and begging for help, to my surprise a nurse yells back, “I’m not going to treat you if you’re going to have an attitude”. THE SAME NURSE WHO KNEW I WAS HAVING A PANIC ATTACK. Mind you I was scared already and alone and all the while I’m being yelled at during this panic. I wish to God this was my only horror story here, however, it’s not. At another point I was admitted for a psych evaluation due to suicidal thoughts and tendencies. I was brought in by ambulance and was put in an exam room. I sat in there alone and waited to be seen by the nurse who came in and took my vitals, he told me I’d be seen shortly. I waited about 20 minutes or so, and someone pops in the exam room for a brief second and upon looking at the chart, says “whoops, wrong room”. After being left the second time, I took it upon myself to leave the facility. On any other occasion I wouldn’t expect a call from the hospital wondering my whereabouts, BUT FOR SUICIDAL TENDENCIES? You just walk into an empty exam room, see the reason the patient was supposed to be seen, and not EVEN wonder or question A THING? Now imagine something had happened. I seriously do not recommend leaving your loved ones in the hands of this hospital. They aren’t concerned. This is a job that requires compassion and empathy but this is a place that serious LACKS in that area.

Jane Strudgeon

I came here for a blood draw and I am a hard draw. The phlebotomist took care to find the best site to draw and got it the first time which was on my upper hand. I was afraid but it was painless and no bruising!

Evalyn Mohr

I had surgery on January 8th. The pre op care was fine, however I am appalled at the post op care I received. I woke up after surgery in extreme pain. I was crying and was barely coherent enough to open my eyes. They gave me more pains meds and as soon as I opened my eyes, the nurse was over me saying "we'll get your boyfriend and you can go home." I fell back asleep and woke up when my boyfriend arrived. The nurse immediately made me sit up and get dressed. I had 5 fresh abdominal incisions. The pain from sitting up was so bad that I started having a panic attack. The nurse left the room and my boyfriend had to go find her. She did absolutely nothing to calm me down and started dressing me instead. I couldn't breathe or settle down. She told my boyfriend to get the car and put me in a wheelchair. She removed my IV and wheeled me into the hallway. I wasn't given anything to eat, I wasn't offered any water, and worst of all I wasn't taken to the bathroom. I had a 2 hour ride home and I started leaking urine before we got there. I contacted the hospital and filed a report over a month ago and I haven't heard anything back. The nurses are negligent. I will never ever have surgery here again. I advise everyone to steer clear, they simply do not care about their patients one bit.

Moira Salman

My dr was terrible go to u of m hospital if you can

Linda Ball

Any speciality care appoints are constantly being rescheduled, even as far as an imputation put off for 2 weeks so surgeon could go on vacation ! The staff has decent bedside manner but the receptionists who schedule need training ! Also seems with duel duagnosis’ One hand never knows what other is doing ! Very disorganized, go, you’ll see

LeeAnn Sutherland

I had a very negative ER experience, waiting 90minutes, while writhing in excruciating stomach pain, to get any pain relief. I would have given the ER 1 star; however, after completing the follow-up survey I got in the mail, I received a phone call and was able to meet with hospital personnel. That team had already met with the staff on duty the night of my visit and had reviewed my case, using it as an teachable experience as to how my situation could have been better handled. The overall outcome, then, merits a high rating. I would return to this ER should I have a future need, considering my last visit a one-time, less-than-ideal experience.

Alisa Soos

I had both of my children at St. Joes. I am so blessed to have had the wonderful care of Dr. Mouro and the amazing nurses at St. Joes!

John DeSantis

This hospital has issues, they had torn my ureter from my bladder during an out patent procedure in the early 1990's which i did not take legal action but should have. In 2016 after passing some blood in my urine went back to same office in early November of 2016 to submit urine sample and then get a phone call in early December of 2016 stating that I most definitively had an aggressive type of urinary tract cancer and also told the month delay in letting me know was due to my urine sample being lost. This was the last straw and took up my diagnosis with another hospital and after submitting urine and going through a lengthy procedure with 9 biopsies being taken there was no cancer anywhere in my body. How can a hospital be so negligent? I now have an eight inch scar on my stomach Iv'e lived with for almost 30 years along with internal scar tissue that keeps coming back and am also out $8,000 in medical bills to prove St. Joseph was wrong. No matter what this hospital tells you, get a second opinion.

Ryan Graczyk

BEWARE: The ER doctors are part of EPMG of Michigan, a contract company that does NOT accept insurance! The hospital may be in your network but the ER doctors are NOT and they will send you a bill. Absolutely ridiculous.

Cara Noel

Thank you for helping my sister deliver her baby girl, St. Joe's!

skeez deez

I have been to some pretty bad hospitals. But this place was the absolute worse. My girlfriend was in there for substance abuse and they treated her like a piece of trash. She was in there for 24 hours and they checked on her twice. You could hear them in the other rooms checking on their patients asking what they needed her nothing. The nurses were rude insensitive and over all ignorant. The rooms looked like hostels there was only a bed and a crappy chair no machines or anything to monitor her . I am still in shock over how they treated her. If you don't like addiction or can't push your judgments aside you are in the wrong profession.

Danielle Ivey

Very poor medical records department here at this place. I sent them my record request form to be sent to my pcp twice now. I call this place up and they claim, “we don’t have your forms in our system”. How? I sent it twice to the place and I understand if things get lost, but twice now? That’s very unacceptable, and poor customer service from the woman who threatened to hang up on me for getting upset.

Stephanie Couch

Compassionate, caring, dedicated staff. I would highly recommend getting care here!

Roscoe Rolston

Unprofessional doc Hodo, rushed me through, lacked compassion, girl who took me back was unfriendly, been here many times & won't come back. Leaving in severe pain! I had to ask if she was going to look at me??? No good reference for this place

Stephan Mald

Went there to visit someone and was impressed with the hospital overall and staff, from front desk to nurses. Wanted to take a picture in the lobby where a guy was playing a piano but a rude, power hungry security approached me and made me delete it. I complied and did not argue since that picture is already here on Google and on their website but this guy needs to be retrained so he can learn some manners and how to talk with patients and visitors.

Kevin Moore

Went in for kidney stone and had an amazing experience. Was brought back to a room immediately to resolve my pain. Great staff.

Linda L

Very slow processing additional tests.

nikita shukla

My sister has been non stop vomiting for three days now and has a very high white blood cell count. She was sent home from the ER being told “that they dont hospitalize people in that condition anymore” and that she should just go home and try fluids. Mind you she hasnt been able to keep water down. We do not know whats wrong. When we got to the ER it took about an 1.5 hours for someone to come and examine her. They gave us no solutions or did anything for her but put her on saline. We will not be going back due to the fact that they sent her home not knowing what was wrong and that they basically dont take care for patients in her condition. I have never heard of a more unprofessional response to her condition. She is home and still non stop puking, getting de-hydrated with no doctors supervision. They dont care unless your on the verge of death. Do not go here.

Lucas Barner

Great stay and care for our daughter Layla. Our nurse Chelsea in the Labor/Delivery was great for us both nights during our labor process!

David Fugenschuh

The staff were extremely attentive and friendly from reception to the physicians. All private rooms. Staff listen and address all your needs.

Wendy Wagner

Went to radiology and the techs were great. Thank you for your great care.

Robert Thorne

12 prior emergency room visits in past 40 years. This was the first visit, that I flet like staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Should have mentioned, I came here with a toe infection, that became gangerous. My fault. The Podiatrist was understand ing, and listened to my concerns. I had 2 surgeries, to remove the infected toes and being treated for 5 weeks if antibiotics. I am nurse, did care and insurance reviews. Other surgical, I reviewed were radical and extreme. Therapy, MRI, xray, ultrasound, vascular team, surgical, medince team were excellent. My only problem was with cardiologist, little to pushy, not listening, using fear to get me to agree. I have heart murmer, that I known about for 30 to 40 years. Did seem to bother the military, and 3 prior cardiologist, I have seen over all this life of mine.

Bernie Wilson

Amazing is all I can say about this ER and hospital! We were referred to come here from our IHA Pediatrician when our son had something going on. From the second we walked through the door, we were treated nicely with friendly faces. Our situation was time sensitive and we were promptly brought back to room from triage! Unfortunately he needed surgery after exam was finished, but again a quick call to urology and a room was cleared in OR and we were headed home by 5pm same day! Not all visits to ER are like this, like I said it was a time sensitive issue. But all staff were excellent and attentive and prompt to get things done! I cannot thank the staff enough. I will be heading to St Joe’s in the future! Thanks again from security guard to post op nurse and all the transit people! Hugs for all you do!

Mary Wegrzynowicz

I had surgery at the beginning of June. From the minute I walked in to the minute I left everyone was so kind. The was no wait when I arrived to register. Again no wait to get into pre op. The nurses in pre op where kind and explained everything. My doctor even came to see me before the surgery. He was waiting in the operating room and stayed with me until I was asleep. After surgery, the nurses kept checking on my pain level giving me more medication until the pain subsided. Again, my doctor was right while the nurse went over the instructions and things to look for when I got home. While no surgery is fun, the staff and doctors made it as comfortable as possible. I am so glad we switched to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.

Sunshine Hopson

Great staff in the birthing center!

Kimberly Meadows

I am so grateful to the doctors, staff, and support workers. This hospital has an adjoining hotel! It was so convenient and inexpensive! The food was great in the cafeteria. The gift store was perfect. I am grateful to have medical facilities like this near me!

John Eggenberger

Only place I would take my family for care. Kind, compassionate and personal care every time!

Holly Toy

Horrible took forever and staff very unprofessional!!! Will not return to their er again

Cheryl Amolsch

I went there yesterday. Wonderful staff and Dr. Was there for about 4 hrs. But ran all the right tests. If I could rate them higher than a 5 I would. I don't like any of the promedica hospitals. I'll keep coming here. It's a hour drive. But I love this place.

Lilly Freeman

If you can avoid the ER, do it. Been sitting here for three and a half hours, and still have not been seen by someone. They either need a better system, or hire some more people. Won't come here again.

Maddison Evelyn

Quick if you're going to the ER. I usually go to u of m and sit in a loud waiting room for over 3 hours. Was back and in my very own room within 3 minutes. It is not loud and hectic in the ER there like I am used to. Will always be choosing to go here instead of U of M from now on when it comes to the ER. Thank you.

Jessica Isaac

They took good care of my best friend when she was admitted from being real sick.

Kathryn Vincent

This is a very frightening experience. It’s amazing how rude incompetent nurses are. You have a 2 year degree, settle down with your eye rolling self. If you have another option take it.

Mr. Google

While visiting the emergency room, I watched their "security" team going through my wallet without my permission. I will opt to go else-ware in the future.

Lee Benjamin

I work in the ER here, but want to comment on the orthopedics clinic care for my son, even when they did not recognize I work there. Commonly kids end up at children’s specialty hospitals but the orthopedics team provided fantastic, patient and family centered care for him on two occasions. Ran on time, listened to his concerns, and he is back on his feet and getting back to sports. Great service from their team.

Amber Kime

I'm currently here being seen I've never ever seen such unorganized caios in all my life this patient room is trashed iv supplies, saline flushes just laying all over in big piles drawers with supplies left open any time I was give meds or a blood draw the nurse never cleaned my iv tubing pre draws and pre med she never cleaned the iv port. In 13 yrs as a cardiac patient this is by far the worst EVER I presented with chest pain with symptoms I was told to sit back in the lobby they'd call me then they gave me 1 dose of iv pain meds i was quoted "we are out of morphine, fentanyl, and a limited supply of dilaudid that we have to be very strict on WHAT!! I watch the nurse walk to the trash and dispense iv meds into the trash I asked what was that she said they only come in 2mg vials my order was for 1mg so why not hold the other mg in case of a repeat dose? Nope waste it... I won't be back and I won't ever recommend this place

Elizabeth Lamus

This hospital is horribal the staff are nice but the wait time for the emergency room is terrible. I waited almost 3 hours in thw ER for them to give me a over the counter medicine I will never come here again.

Samantha Greene

This ER is a joke, been here for hours with out of control blood pressure and pregnant they've never l not even given me meds to help at all. Won't be back .

The Johnsons

In and out of ER in 20 minutes! The doctor was amazing, good bedside manner.

Melisss Hatfield

Terrible hospital please never go here they will kill you or your loved one.

Laura Toms

I initially ordered iced tea, it didn’t have any color or flavor, so I asked for a coffee to replace it and it was Probably the worst cup of coffee I’ve had in years.

Rachel Johnson

Terrible place , don’t come unless you want to wait for hours and come in contact with rude nurses .

Tony Sleeper

A terrific team at MOSA, very helpful & professional!

Anita Zick

Very disappointed in St. Joe's. They rush things so their response time is great..but seems like they're too much in a hurry to do their job correctly. I live right across from the Ann Arbor hospital but I'll be driving to my old "go to" hospital in Dearborn for my back injections from now on along with my ER visits. I thought it was just a doctor or two. Nope, every time I've gone to St.Joe's I've been disappointed.

David Everett

Had hip resurfacing. Great staff. Great care. I am back to running due to the successful surgery, rehab and care I received.

Karen Barbu

Best hospital campus

carol carulli

Everyone was willing to help me! They smile a lot. Super clean. Thank you!

Marina Blanco

This is the worst hospital. Don't take your loved ones here...everyone is so incredibly incompetent especially in the emergency room. Rude, uncaring. Was there on March 13 2018...they treated my mom in the most horrible way. What a horrible experience and what rude horrid nurses and doctors!

blaine montgomery

Great experience!! From the ER to the OR to the inpatient recovery experience, everyone was so nice and professional! I was so impressed with all of the caring, compassionate people!!!

Harold Cooley

St Joes will always provide you with the most Remarkable Care possible.

Debbie Jarrell

Wonderful staff here and excellent experience! I delivered my son here in Sept 2017 and every single staff member was so sweet, compassionate, patient and comforting. The nurses all stayed 3 hours beyond their shift to care for me during my 38 hour labor. When I was moved to the family floor post delivery Patrice, Chris and Ashley were excellent nurses, never once complained even though I had to call them to help me swaddle our little guy non stop. The care I received here was beyond genuine and being in healthcare myself I was so greatful for their kindness. Glad to see some people really do enjoy helping others!

Stacie Gatchalian

ER experience was quick and thorough! Very happy with it. I have 4 major hospitals basically equidistant for me. Glad I chose here.

Phylisha Bryant

The birthing center, nurses and doctors are awesome. I delivered feb 2017 and enjoyed every minute of my stay. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I would have given 5 stars but the "low sodium" cafeteria food was awful, more like no sodium and they didn't even have salt to add to it. This is coming from a person who does not salt her food.


Overall great hospital. My mom stayed many of nights here. I would definitely recommend this location. Not Howell location for sure and others I have been to were better but not great. I would give this place 5 stars if they had a different name than those crazy places.

Denise Moffat

My mother was recently overnight at short stay in the Er. It was a very scary time for us. The staff was very helpful and treated my mom with respect and care.

DDT Grisch

Psyche ward is phony as hell. Visiting times blow, Mao Zedong quotes on the wall, and therapy consist of coloring books. At least they don't try and kill you like at U-M though. I'm just a visitor right, so what do I know! #madinamerica

Kathy Ringer

I have always loved St Joseph..this time topped all..rhe short stay unit went above and beyond their call of duty...its the little things that matter are you ok..can I get you anyrhing...the nursing and assistant staff needs more recognitions...the doctors are the best..thank you to all on the short stay unit

gerald German

The doctors and nurses here are the very best at making your stay here as comfortable as possible. The nurses especially. Some of the nicest people I've ever met.!!!

janice newberry

Tonight was awful. The attending Dr Whal in ICU has zero compassion and bedside manner. The Dr. walked into the room in front of my mother in ICU and said, “so what changed your mind and you want to let your mom die” Sitting on the bed next to my mother. Just two minutes earlier Dr. Wan was saying how alert and oriented my mom was. She thinks that’s ok? She is judging our hospice and DNR decisions? An agonizing decision we choose. So innapropriate. I have been in a lot of hospitals. I have talked with a lot of doctors caring for family in fatal disease in my medical sales career. I will never forget her awful behavior adding to an emotionally overwhelming day increasing our pain. You want details St Joe? Contact me instead of writing some lame PR response. Do I have to say speaking about DNR orders and hard decisions IN FRONT OF THE PATIENT is unacceptable. I feel emotionally abused and violated by Dr Waan. At least our nurse was humane.

Eric Hickman

My wife had surgery on a Monday and was released on Saturday. Most of the staff seemed very friendly, respectful, courteous and concerned. The problem was they never got her pain level below a 6 and released her that way. (She does have a lot of allergies to the big pain meds and can't take them) We ended up back at the ER Sunday because of her extreme pain. Thanks to the fact that her Doctor called the ER and speeded things up we were only there for 4 hours waiting to get a CT Scan. While she was in the hospital I used 5 different men's restrooms. They all smelled like urine. That is not the fault of the cleaning staff. They did a great job. The problem is the waterless urinals they have placed in all the restrooms. They stink! That alone turns me away from this hospital. Waterless urinals are fine at a hardware store, but doesn't seem appropriate at a healthcare facility where things should be more clean and sterile.

Kit Kat

Dr. Bidgoli you should not be allowed to be a doctor, the way you treat people is unforgiving. I feel sorry for all the patients that Dr. Bidgoli has treated or lack there of. Dr. Bidgoli was very rude, uncaring, argumentative, unprofessional,and provided less then minimal care. The first time I meet Dr. Bidgoli, she basically told me she didn't want to treat me because of my other medical problems. Since Dr. Bidgoli didn't want to treat me, I got less than basic care. I'm a diabetic on insulin with controlled blood sugars. I take a high powered long lasting insulin, no sliding scale insulin or pills. However dr. Bidgoli didn't care and I was given about 6-8 units per day of a sliding scale insulin everyday. I was given 1-2 shots of a long lasting insulin, one I don't take and that was because I had an argument with Dr. Bidgoli about how she refuses to do anything for my consistently high blood sugars. I was in St. Joe's for 4 days and my sugars ranged from 250-400 everyday. I did tell Patient Relations but I'm sure nothing will be done about Dr. Bidgoli.

Michelle Holliday

Thank you for taking good care of my daughter. After many other clinic, Dr's, and ER visits, you ask listened and got right to the diagnosis. She was miss diagnosed and wrongfully medicated, but you put her back on track. She is home and feeling better, thanks to all of you!!!!

Stephanie Campbell

Currently been on hold for 30 minutes trying to get an update on my mother in law. They did not see her, give her meds, or IV fluids for THREE hours in her room!! She just had catract surgery and is extremely diabetic! Called and chewed them out only for a person to finally see her. Yet to get a phone call back as I was promised.

D Gaston

I had my cleary marked $30,000 service dog kicked out if the ER because the rent a cop thought he was required to have county tags in. This is not true. The rent a cop was very rude and tried to escalate the situation to violence. I had to go to another ER and and have surgery on the spot. Thank God there was a good hospital close by. Reported this to patient relations. They did NOTHING !!!!!


I am beyond words with this "5 star hospital" I am disgusted, horrified & speechless. First of all the fact that when you press the "call button" meaning something is needed & no one comes in for 20-25 min. Is beyond unacceptable. What's even more unacceptable is the behavior of the nurses. The fact that nurses have came in & COMPLAINED about DOING THEIR JOBS in general was beyond words for me but the fact that they felt that is was appropriate to do it IN FRONT OF US is absolutely unprofessional. St. Joes & Henry Ford are suppose to be two of the best hospitals in the area. With the behavior & how rude the nurses have been since we have been here is completely unacceptable & I would never recommend ANYONE to come here. You chose this profession which is to TAKE CARE of people who are in need. The fact you come in everyday & complain on the tasks you have to do for each patient & complain of doing the job you chose in life is mind blowing. I also am beyond words that when I ask a question to a nurse that I either get starred at as if I am DUMB for asking a question or I get an eye roll as if I am inconveniencing them or a RUDE remark or answer back. This is the field you chose in life & if you can't be respectful, do YOUR job without complaining or do not like being "bothered" with questions then do me a favor ....... LEAVE THIS FIELD. Being in the medical field is one of the hardest jobs but most rewarding jobs. It's a field you go into to HELP others so if you cannot do that get a new job.

Beki Lowmaster

My mom was having abdominal pains that were probably related to her cancer, and so was sent here. She spent 3 days in the oncology ward and the staff was amazing to her. Everyone was so nice and friendly, and the doctor made sure to get to the root cause of her pain. They did their best to keep her as comfortable as possible and were all around wonderful.

Ryan Swieringa

Staff was knowledgeable kind and engadged. Had a positive experience.

Laura Bleecker

I delivered my son at St. Joe's this past April (2017). I had a wonderful experience with the admission process, the laboring experience, and my medical staff was fantastic, calm, and extremely professional when I had to have an emergency c-section. All my questions were thoroughly answered before I went to the O.R., and all my wishes that I had communicated in my birth plan were honored (as much as circumstance would allow). I plan on making St. Joe's my future home for any medical attention that my family requires.

Charlotte Mather

So many great nurses at St Joes Ann Arbor!

Tipton Community Church

Someone had the bright idea to out waterless urinals in the men's restroom and they stink. The food is not good. Nurses were very friendly

Jasmine Dittmar

My family has been going to this hospital literally longer than I have been alive. I've had numerous family members work here over the years, and while the hospital has changed in many ways I still feel they do wonderfully. Obviously hospitals get over crowded and are often understaffed but people need to take that into consideration. I went into the L&D triage emergency at 10 weeks pregnant experiencing a miscarriage. I was taken to a room immediately after giving the front desk my ID and insurance information. The nurses and doctor I saw while there were ALL very gentle and kind in my time of need. They were even understanding when we asked for the male student to step out of the room. Overall a good experience (with the team obviously, not the reasoning for being there). I was given any and all information I could've needed and told to call if I needed anything further. THANK YOU!!


I have been to this ER since I was a kid. This time was a little odd. Their fast track was indeed fast. However I was checked in, in the hallway, and seen in the hallway. They reviewed my medical history, personal info such as address and insurance info, as well as my treatment. How this does not violate my HIPPA rights is beyond me. Kinda scary to think I was outside of two occupied opened rooms... With their doors opened, and now they have my email address, home address, insurance information, social security number, know my family doctor, my husband's phone number, my mother's, and the list goes on. This is how identity thefts happens St. Joe's!!! You all are better than this, you can't compromise people's identity, to hurry the process!

Alannah Strawsine

I recently was admitted in Labor and delivery because of a kidney infection, and I have never felt more relax and safe. St. Joe's labor and delivery provide excellent care. If I coukd leave 10 stars I would!! Each and everyone of the nurses and doctors who took care of me were so compassionate. I loved my stay at St. Joe's. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Allyson Blake

The nurses that were on staff were and are wonderful. In person and over the phone I was able to track the patients progress and setbacks. The staff was empathetic and performed their duties in a friendly manner. The social worker was very attentive and kept tabs on the patient's situation at all times and handled the transfer to the outside care facility effectively. The doctors were attentive and provided daily follow ups and were skilled at communicating with us. Not many hospital stays are looked forward to, but if your seeking great care from a staff of experts, St. Joseph's on the border of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor is your go to center.

Brad Olson Michigan

Great experience on my ER visit last summer for a simple complaint, but I needed help in the middle of the night and was treated with caring.

Maureen Cummings

Excellent compassion and dedication to the mission of a faith based organization.

Miss K T

I've received care here for several different things. I feel like the staff are always friendly and professional. I would have given them 5 stars if it weren't for the delivery with my daughter. My experience was not very good then and I did not feel comfortable after I delivered her. I felt like they were trying to take control of my entire delivery & interaction with my newborn child. I did not like that. Other than that, my general experience here is a rather pleasant one. Their emergency room waiting times are ridiculous though. That is the other reason I will not give them 5 stars. I've waited in the emergency room for up to 2 hours before.

Heather Kozlowska

Took my four year old son there last night, and was surprised when the nurse handed me the supplies to go ahead and do the ordered procedure myself. I was not successful, so I asked for help. She seemed annoyed and I waited for 40 minutes while my son was in pain and she didn’t come back until I went out and asked again. She made it clear that I was bothering her and I was very uncomfortable.

Kay P

Experience today 2/1/2018. Pre-surgery testing in Ste. 3003. Appt. was at 9:45. No one in waiting room in front of us. No one exiting. So why did it take until 10:06 to get called in? Very inconsiderate. Doesn’t the staff have any idea that some of the people waiting could be in pain and waiting on them to do their job and be on time is important? DON’T book appointments you can’t keep!!!

Nancy Siegrist

Had ambulatory surgery. Beautiful facility outstanding clinical care, competent, skilled surgeon. Highly recommend.

Jaime Lynn Miller

In, Treated and discharged in less then an hour. Actually listened to me and we're very friendly.

Liz Garrett

This hospital is the reason my second cousin is dead. I will never recommend this hospital to ANYONE.

Bunny Winslow

Best care anywhere !!

Matthew Cottenham

I have been here several times lately and I hate to admit it because I used to think so highly of this hospital but these negative reviews are right. The wait times are ridiculous in the ER and not all but many rude nurses and doctors alike. The doctor says sorry for your wait but there’s 120 patients right now and only 4 doctors. Well seeing every time I have been here the wait times are the same you would think they would realize they have a management problem. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t know how 4 doctors can effectively treat 120 patients and not miss things. This will come back to bite them someday. It’s not like they don’t charge enough to have proper staffing. Oh well like so many others time to find a new hospital.

Burgundy Black

Everyone seemed like they'd rather not be there. Like they were being inconvenienced by... Oh I don't know -their jobs! Most of the people there that I personally encountered seemed like they were in it for the money only. Which is a shame because this is a career one should really value and get a personal sense of accomplishment from. If you're in it for the wrong reasons do your patients a favor and quit so that legitimately caring people may enter.

Nicole Roberson

Excellent hospital! Great L&D, emergency, surgery, etc

Noctis Caelum

It's ok

Nicole Green

Terrible bed side manner, in emergency trauma. Brought my mother in for a laceration to the head. The nurse was extremely rude. Any question that we asked, we always got a snippy answer back. Very rude and snotty. Will definitely request another nurse, if we ever get her again. Someone with that kind of attitude, should not be working in health care. Very unprofessional.

Matt Navarre

The care provided to my family, and the compassion it was delivered with is second to none.

Erykah Robinson

The cancer department has very rude and unprofessional receptionists. Was refused to be given my grandfather's lab test results numerous times when I politely asked what was going on with it.

John W

I had the misfortune of taking my father to the ER at this Hospital on August 11th of this month. We were concerned he may be having a stroke and his heart was weak and told the employees of the concerns and an hours later still nothing just an disengaged employee that made excuses about a room being cleaned than something else 40+ minutes later about the room not being ready. I watched other people come and leave while we waited over two hours with no help! Finially I called U of M ER and they said to come over ASAP and they will get him taken care of right away. We raced over there they got him right in and come to find out he did in fact have a stroke. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL go across the street to University of Michigan, you will get much better care and staff that cares. I work for a health system and from a “do no harm” type of business model you need in heath care this place does not have your well being in mind!!

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