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REVIEWS OF Mercy Hospital & Medical Center IN Michigan

Ainara Del Valle

Had to be taken to the ER. I had a great experience. Everyone was kind and attentive and I felt very well taken care of.

Erika Lazaro

I recently gave birth to my baby daughter here, let me start by Thanking the medical team that took care of me & my baby. Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and kind. I would definitely recommend this hospital to any future mother looking for a great hospital. The nurses and the midwife were with me hand in hand with me while I was in labor, they were very supportive. I think that these team doesn't receive the credit/ recognition that they deserve. Thanks Mercy.

Brian Harris

I see the wound care client and they're wonderful thank you Connie

April House

This is the worst hospital I've ever been to. They are beyond unprofessional and quite out dated. The staff is horrible and they compassion. It should be closed down so a better facility can be built in its place

Jo Cvoro

Labor and maternity department is the best!

Raymond Farmer

There definitely should be a petition started to close down this hospital. This hospital has patients waiting 10-14 hours to be seen it’s no reason why it should take so long for patients to be seen. The doctors and nurses at this hospital should not be employed in the medical field.

Nick Bailey

The information this hospital provides to insurers is incorrect. They list doctors as accepting patients who are not The response when called: "oh we don't update that information." In of course, a rude and sharp tone of voice. I can't speak to the quality of care, because it's not possible to actually receive care here

Katrina Walker

This hospital could be a great hospital for patient care. But, all they care about is money and not their patients. I called to make an appointment for a physical therapist. After waiting and not getting through, I pushed the button for an auto call back. Finally, I a representative called and she refused to give me an appointment because I didnt have the referral in my hand. She refused to pull the referral from the system. I am sick and tired of their staff making it hard for us to seek medical care. Mercy patients already know that we cannot see a doctor without paying our co-pay first. We also understand that you are not going to let us see anyone with a referral. Its quite obvious that you care about the money and not the patients. This is the worst that I have seen at any hospital.

Chrstina Zavala

Worst Doctors from alivio clinic for ob / midwife never going to hospital

Crystal Freeman

Mercy Hospital of Chicago is one of the worst. They do WHATEVER they can to charge your insurance and you and when you don't pay the amount they think you should pay, they put you in collections.

Anika Oden

I'm not sure what's going on with the hospital but the cafeteria areally is awful. For years I loved going to the cafeteria whenever I had to visit. The breakfast was great and I loved the salad bar. That experience has changed dramatically. The salad bar was awful. The selection for lunch was little to nothing.....who wants burgers and hotdogs all the time.... that was the only thing that looked half way edible. Presentation of the food turned me away.... I'm saddened.

Yoyo Bian

This is updated for mercy hospital emergency department wrongdoing. My 17 month baby had no symptoms of head injury but vomiting. After using antivomiting pill at ER, she stoped vomiting. Her head did not even have a bruise or anything showed she had head injury. She only slipped on the floor. We refused ct scan but the doctor won’t let us leave. I went to hospital looking for medical record. Pecarn suggested ct scan vs oberservation. We have been hospital 4 hour before taking ct scan. Normally after 4-6 hour oberservation, we were allowed to leave because baby was totally normal. But their doctor lied to us about situation of my baby and forced us to take ct scan ASAP. They are inhuman. I really wish government can see my post. This hospital drag down Medicare drag down country to make money from poor people poor babies.


Doctors and staff are real unprofessional. Prescribe diagnostic tests and don't care to give feed back on tests. Asked me to take fresh appointment to get feedback on test. Additionally I once got locked out of online portal and called hospital for help signing in. They consistently redirected me to wrong places. It has been several months and I could never sign in to my mercy account. Will never go to this hospital. I will give 0 stars.

wanda woods

Terrible waited forever to see a doctor. I will never go back there Mercy hospital is getting to be Like St.Benard Hospital U will die waiting in those hospitals

Randy Craig

I have had 2 separate experiences there, one with my brother who was dying of cancer a couple of years ago and most recently in the ER when I suffered a head injury. Both times I was met with an extremely competent and kind medical staff. In particular this last time in the ER a very kind and thoughtful NP, Jennifer Serdiuk, took very good care of me. It was very stressful to have lacerations on my head and ear. She could have sewn my ear back together herself but checked to see if the hospital ENT Dr. Neel Patel was in since he was a specialist and was held in high regard by the staff. My injury might have ended up giving me cauliflower ear but Patel and Serdiuk gave great care. And I still am going back to Dr. Patel for follow up. I met and worked with over a dozen of doctors, nurses, administrative, and social work staff there between the two experiences and they were top notch caregivers and healers. Yes, I gave them 5 stars. I have been served by a highly skilled medical staff. Is it a perfect hospital with a 100% guarantee you'll be happy with every single person who works there? No. But I was blown away how well we were taken care of.

Judy Snyder

Was at doctors office 3 1/2 hrs for a regular schedule check up. My mom was seen b4 me and my appointment was b4 hers. I’m looking for new hospital. I even have awesome insurance.

Mariah Smith

PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE! Read the comments below b/c they are true. I was with a family member in the ER for over 12 hours and I can say it was a horrible experience even for me. They didn't have a call light in the room, the facility itself is dirty, some of the staff was very nice but an overwhelmingly higher amount of the staff was just lazy, rude, and gave dirty looks. They all seemed annoyed by anything you asked whether it was for clarification or a cup of ice. They all need to work on bedside manner.....from the environmental services to the doctors!! With that being said I'll assume the administrators advocate for their staff so they probably need to work on there people skills as well.

Maria Rojo

I had a baby on April 20/2018 I had a great experience I love it they were extremely great service they attended me really fast

Xiangting Bian

Absolutely nightmare. My baby kept vomiting and I told doctor about my baby slipped on the floor bumped her back of head. Took a shower before she went to bed. And she kept vomiting from sleep with no fever. Doctor gave 3 options all suggested to take ct scan for my baby only 17 month old. Otherwise they wouldn't allow my baby leave hospital. I told them my baby slipped on the floor same way before. She probably just got a cold and getting stomach infection. I was so regretful to let them take my baby for ct scan which caused high risk for my baby cancer. And she got high temperature and redness near ear. They are definitely money maker but not life saver. Don't go here. I am blaming myself for choosing to this hospital even if it's a close location. They scared you and asked to do all kinds of exam without really knowing what happened with your baby. Assigned urine test for 17 month to check urine infection while my baby is urine clear and private part clean no fever. They kept you waiting but doing nothing.I will try to complain and contact all my insurance and state to talk about this issue even if I know it is hard to fight for a hospital. They charged the service that we haven't used. They are fraudster. I wish every people know the bad reviews are real. Please do not risk your family life by even getting here. They won't let you go if they don't make some money out of you. Poor people have no power to fight for but at least we can avoid this place. All people there work together to refuse to give your discharge paper. They give u some guides as "portion of discharge paper". I think I majored wrong major. If I could be an lawyer or doctor to help my baby and to take this hospital down. They are absolutely nightmare of my lifetime. They are not doctors, but liars. No professionals are there. They care less about life but money. Mercy with no mercy at all. I really wish anyone can take this place down. If Donald Trump can do it, I will voted for him forever. I will try my best to let anyone I know not go this place unless u think u are going to die.

Anna Percival

I had originally posted a bad review a few weeks back, but there was a big misunderstanding. The lady on the phone making my appointment for my MRI somehow managed to spell my last name wrong and get my birthday wrong. So when I called to confirm my appointment, they said I wasn’t in the system which makes sense since I was telling them the correct spelling when they had the wrong spelling and wrong name. Make sure to arrive very early to any appointments, as you have to pull a number tab (like at the DMV) and wait to be called just to check in to your appointment. The staff is very nice and friendly for the most part. The doctors made a major effort to make sure I was comfortable and helped to calm my nerves.

Mayte Blanco

Horrible place to ended up sick , staff is rude with a lack of empathy for the sick or rhe family members ,i hate tthat on an emergency this is the closest facility to be taken to .

Henry Firth

Went to the ER to get my hand stitched up late on a Sunday. Facilities seemed pretty outdated, but otherwise clean. Staff was mostly polite, patient, and relatively quick. The doctor who sewed my hand back together did a very thorough job. Wasn't blown away, but I was in and out quick enough and the experience was positive overall.

Margaret Szczepanik

She and everyone in radiology was extremely efficient. The ER nurses n docs were extremely attentive and even called me twice after my visit to follow up. I was a self pay, so this was a pleasant surprise.


Never will I be coming here or have my family/friends come here again. A year ago I checked my credit score and it showed that I owed them money. Never have a received a bill from Mercy, I called the hospital and found out that they had messed up my address. They agreed that if I showed proof that my address was wrong and if I pay the new bill they sent out, they will contact the credit agency and fix it for me. I proved my correct address AND paid the new bill they sent out but THEY NEVER HELPED ME FIX THEIR MISTAKE. I made multiple attempts after to find out the status of it and they kept saying it will take 6 months. I called again 6 months later and was told someone will return my call in 2 days... no one did. Why am I having to chase after people and run around trying to fix things when they messed up in the beginning??

Karlynn Neu

I had one appointment in the Gastroenterology department at Mercy Hospital and it was a complete nightmare. The wait time was outrageous, they were unable to get my information into the computer properly and I only saw the doctor for 5 minutes. Then prior to getting the results from my blood work he immediately scheduled a fairly invasive procedure for the next week. Needless to say I decided to go elsewhere for my follow-up appointments. However, my problems with Mercy hospital were only beginning. My new doctor, at the University of Chicago, attempted to contact Mercy hospital for my blood work results three separate times and was never able to obtain them. This is clearly unethical, and forced me to pay for all the tests to be repeated. I have also had multiple complications with the bills for my appointment and blood work, some of which have extended out to now, 6 months past my appointment. The customer service center phone line is always at least an eight-minute wait and they have refused to contact my insurance directly. It is no longer clear to me if the complications with billing are due to a mistake entering my information correctly into their system, or if they are intentionally trying to over-charge me. All in all, I have never ever had this kind of experience with a medical establishment and I strongly recommend never going to Mercy Hospital.

Zitlalith Cortes

This is a terrible hospital. They only let a few amount of visitors to go up. By a few I mean only one person LITERALLY. The people at the front desk are always making excuses to not let people up and when asked for why they give attitude. The hospital is very dirty. They don’t even bother to clean up. All the staff gives you dirty looks and are lazy. The worst hospital in Chicago. If you are delivering, don’t come here! They don’t even give you the right attention when you need something. DO NOT COME HERE!

Dyrotha Todd

REFUSED MEDS AND UNABLE TO SET APPOINTMENT MY PRIMARY PHYSICAN WAS OR IS NURSE PARTICAN SHAH ????? IS SOMEONE DOCUMENTING I BARELY VISIT AFTER BEING OVERALL IN ER THIS MORNING NO MEDS BUT PAPERWORK TO ME SAID NEEDED MY GENERAL same mercy that was shown me to everyone involved with this concerning horrorified that some Identity Theft Or Worse Has Happened.....??????? S.O.S EMAIL asap WHAT'S goin ON ??????????

Micah Ngelale

The absolute WORST hospital I've been to in the city of Chicago. The midwives have no idea what they are doing. The radiologists are cold hearted and insensitive. The OBGYN's are confused and not on the same page with their other colleagues and the nurses are constantly complaining about how none of the equipment works. Please stay away from this place.

Haowen Zhang

I was waiting there bleeding for 4 hours and they just gave me an ice bag and tell me to wait. Then I decided switch to another hospital because I can't just wait any longer. Two months later I got a bill from Mercy Hospital, and they charge me $137 for the emergency room! Come on! I didn't get any treatment and just wait outside the emergency room for 4 hours! Never send your family to this hospital unless you don't love them anymore.

Meet Patel

Worst Service! Waited for 4 hours in the emergency room and by the time they called me, I was totally fine!

Sherry Bee

If you want to live please don't go to this hospital. I was very sick and I sat there in agony for hours while others whom wasn't as sick and playing on their phone got help first. This. Hospital emergency room should be renamed to Sit Here And Die Room.

Kofi Barfi

In actuality, they deserve nothing more than 0 stars. I had suffered 2 seizers prior to coming to Mercy. I arrived to the ER by way of EMT around 8:00, It took them 6+ hours to register and admit me into a room. The staff had these careless attitudes, no one actually listened to me about what was going on. Mind you, I also suffered a concussion from falling during epilepsy but it was a struggle to stay up because registration took so long. One I was admitted, the nurse accused me of lying about what happened and he walked out. the doctor came in and to be honest he seemed a little bit inexperienced. He couldn't tell me what could have been the cause but once I came up with an idea, he went along with it. Worst hospital ever.

Cheri Sallis

The absolutely worst experience in the Emergency Room! All the one star reviews are very accurate!

Beyond the Journey

Worst place to go to for women's health. Be aware, they operate under Catholic directives and so all their doctors and services have to follow strict religions guidelines when it comes to your options during a pregnancy. I just don't want them putting a mother and her unborn child's life on the line for religions beliefs. Other than that, they still need improvement.

Ellis James

I went into Mercy for an emergency hernia operation. The surgery went fine. But, I had to do dialysis while at Mercy on my last day at Mercy I had dialysis. During dialysis, the tech stuck me in a place she should not have stuck me. I was discharged at about 530pm. I got home and noticed that the place I had been stuck would not stop bleeding. I am on Warfarin and that did not help. I bleed all night that Monday night and into Tuesday morning. I had to go back to the Mercy ER at about 0800am. The ER managed to stop the bleeding. But, there was a clot formed a little piece of gauze. I knew if I took that gauze off, the sight would start bleeding again. Sure enough Wednesday morning while getting ready to go to dialysis, I removed the gauze and it starting bleeding again. I went to dialysis and the nurse got the bleeding stopped. As I was leaving dialysis, I started bleeding from my hernia surgical site. The nurses called 911 and I went BACK to the Mercy ER. again. Second day in a row. The ER cleaned me up and sent me home. I had to take a cab back to dialysis to get my car. That cost me money. The next day, Thursday morning at about 1000am, my surgical site started bleeding AGAIN. I called 911 and went back the the Mercy ER for the third day in a row. This time they found a artery leaking and had to put a suture in it. That finally stopped the bleeding. I had to take a cab home and that cost me money again. I am very unhappy with Mercy Hospital and will never use them again. I have never been so frustrated in my life. Having to go back to the ER three days in a row after being discharged is beyond crazy and uncalled for. I wish I could less than one star.

Lorenzo Harrell

Was just discharged from Mercy today. Arrived at their emergency room Monday evening doing snow event. I had a problem with my foot. Waiting time about one hour. Was admitted had foot surgery. Was there for six days. Been coming here since 1972 my wife and I had our born at Mercy Hospital. 9th floor staff outstanding. One female doctor that comes around in morning has a very nasty attitude I think she from India or not. I think they do a great job. A shout out to 9th floor keep up the great work. I thank you so very much for your wonderful care !!!!! Lorenzo

liu qi

My wife Can’t move because of a sudden back pain, Called ambulance, waited in different rooms for total of 8 hours, no information, no idea how long are we going to wait, just wait, no body is nice enough to give out info what is the next. My wife can’t move so she stuck in the wheel chair for that long

Ressia Ross

This is the worse and most horrible hospital on the planet Earth! They have you wait for over 5 hours to give u a perscription and a high doctor bill!! This so called hospital needs to be shut down!!!!

Belia Nunez

they have the worst staff at the central scheduling system. A bunch of morons that can't even give me the correct information. Never get calls back, never answers the phone, its a hassle just to schedule an appointment. I am sitting here with a broken elbow and this people aren't willing to help!!!

akasha german

Terrible.... the entire emergency room experience


I am a Chinese who had biploar disorder n psychosis disorder i really enjoy the time there i hope i can always stay there on the psyfloor because all i feel is love.

Melissa Maldonado

Horrible experience. I had a C-section and the opening was not straight. You would assume it would have to be straight. Nurses were rude during the delivery and no professionalism. I will not return to that hospital. I am wondering if I can sue them for how they left my C-section. The room was super hot almost to 85 degrees and having a newborn In that tempt is not okay!

Akuna - Rank 6- Colonel -

More than a dozen times I have gone to this hospital I will never have complaints. They hospital staff goes above & beyond. They are always so happy & cheerful.

Rita Baldwin

The ER needs to work on their time with the patient. They put you on the room and sort of forget about you. They kept my husband and it toom 7.5 hours to get a bed. This is unexceptable. I could see if they were busy. Once we got a bed the doctors start coming and he got the treatment he needed. Staff was nice and accommodating. I think the doctors should make their rounds more and come talk to the patient about their results.

Sarah Martinson

My experience at Mercy Hospital was terrible from the moment I was placed on the ambulance. The EMT was disrespectful and giving me medical advice he was not qualified to make. I was shaking and hyperventilating and all he could say was, "Calm down," as if I wasn't trying. The bed they placed me in had dried vomit underneath it and for three days nobody cleaned it, even though I told the janitor and the nurse on the ward. When my boyfriend called internationally on business the nurses kept yelling at me to get off the phone when I was already emotionally upset from being in the hospital and not being able to get ahold off him because I was not allowed to keep my cell phone with me. By the time I got off the phone with him I was hysteria and in tears, but no one on the ward consoled me. The food was terrible. Always bland and cold. And then, instead of changing my medication, they increased the dosage of the medication I was on that resulted in my hospitalization. Within a week after my hospitalization at Mercy, I was hospitalized again because of my medication. This time, however, I was taken to Northwestern and I had a much better experience.

Leslie Lespier

Never got service yet they sent my bill to a collection company without billing me first ,I even gave them my insurance that should have covered the cost. Now its affected my credit score. Dont come here unless you wanna spend the next 3 years regretting it.

Alien X Inc.

This is the last hospital I would recommend for any kind of service. Check in at your own risk. Yikes

eileen smith

This is a very good hospital the nures in doctors are nice

Jemma Robeks

Nice staff

Nicolas Castino

Ankur Patel PharmD is the worst person to deal with. He is not knowledgeable on many issues and I would NOT recommend using his services.

shenell jones

This is the worst emergency room visit ever!! Checked in at 5pm. Still waiting to see a doctor at 3:00am. A total of 12 hours will be spent here, so I'm told. Since my insurance company for sure was already billed. I have to stick it out.


I wish I never went. They didn't really do anything besides tell me I won't be getting bills from them and now I'm getting bills from places and I don't even know how to pay them (where to send the money). Biggest scam ever.

Lindsay Gerrard

First time utilizing a Party Bus and I genuinely had a great time, this is my best Birthday ever! I will definitely be booking you guys in the future!

Jimmy Santos

Waiting times vary for me me, from 10 minutes to 8 hours furthermore there is medication being handed out in the waiting room. Utterly terrible. Update: still here it's 5:31, when I ask how many patients are ahead I get the same number since 2:00. However if you come on the right day you will get admitted faster and have better quality service overall.

John B

Horrible place, beware

Mickey Van Deren

As my wife laid in ER, she could hear the nursing staff talk at the nursing station about their weekend at the bars, and their sexual encounters after a night of getting drunk!! HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL!! I wouldn't expect this type of public discussion by McDonald's employees, but yet, we hear these conversations at a hospital, by the "professional" hospital staff!! SMH!! ER clerk didn't fully understand English, entered wrong address on records (even after writing it down for her), when seen in ER. ER failed to give all paperwork at discharge, leaving the Rx and work release on the counter. ATTEMPTED to correct address in person several days later, when we came to pickup the misplaced paperwork. They were unable to find her in system. After speaking with six different departments over the last two days on the phone, they want to mail a form out for her to print off at a library, to mail back, along with a copy of her ID. COMPLETE INCONVENIENCE, all because someone didn't understand English. They WON'T correct over the phone either. All we are attempting to correct is the apartment number!! She OFFERED to give the hospital account number, the hospital MRN number to verify who she was on the phone, but that wasn't acceptable. This was our FIRST and will be our ONLY encounter at this hospital. Take our advice... and go to Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital. They are truly a FIRST RATE hospital

Andrew Gualano

Terrible, same message over and over we will return you're call @Bull! Are you too cheap to find someone too actually do this job?

Carolyn Sammons

I was in Mercy Hospital for a 2 day stay. The nurses in the ER, when they take you back to a bed before seeing the doctor, were very nice and accommodating. Lauren and Noel were great. They gave that extra special care. Lauren was my favorite. The nurses on the 10 floor, need to take classes in customer service. I did have 2 nurses that were really nice, and accommodating. Yewande and Lisa. There was another nurse that was very good, too, but I forgot her name. The doctors were very good, but they can't stay and do daily care. They are remodeling, so I hope to see better service with all. The wait time may be long, but it is better than University of Chicago Hospital. I waited at University of Chicago Hospital for 15 hours. Mercy was only 8 hours and then I was in a room.

Anna Bakre

I wish I could have given no star. This place is just about the money

Candice Tan

This review is specifically for scheduling appointments purposes. While at work, I tried to schedule an appointment for test. The wait to schedule for a test was too long, at least 10 minutes. I also used the callback option, thinking that it might be faster. However, they put me on hold again for another 5-10 minutes after calling me back. It would be nice if the on-hold recording provided information on what someone will need to make the appointment in order to expedite the process.

Brittney Spears

This is the worst hospital ER in Chicago, IL. I have been hear since 8pm and it now 2am. I came in for chest pain, dizziness, and lost of hearing . I thought since I get great services from my doctor was hear, the ER would be the same. I was sadly mistaken and the thing I hate most it that this area look better but the still treating blacks the same. I will never come back to this ER.

Siddhant Priyadarshi

Horrible place for treatment. Is this what they called advancement in the field of medicine by keeping people wait in the ER for nearly 6 hour. These guys need to be first educated about what’s the response time in a ER room needs to be.


Very bad service in that hospital

Felicia Pikes

The wait is too long, you might as well go to the county, you'll be seen faster,then when you ask questions they say your wait time could be up to 12hours

Menyon Larauix

Favorite Hospital

Mauricio Padilla

My girl was having the baby and still no doctors to attend her untill the babys head was seen... worst experience ever!!!!...i highly recommend you dont choose this hospital to have your baby!

Joyce Smith

This has got to be the worst medical facility for response time and medical follow-up. Mercy HAD a history of being a good medical facility and hospital; now, the waiting times and "good" medical care are long gone!!! When you go there, take a sleeping bag and pack 3 meals. If you are waiting for a call-back, you will probably get a faster response using a carrier pigeon service. Good Luck!

Diego Cucalon

Customer service is sub-par and trying to contact someone through their phone system is a 1 hour task at best.

Latwaun Coleman

This hospital is not about caring for the patients it’s all about providing revenue. Dr savage in the er is a horrible dr never go there... please go somewhere else if u want to be cared for. Unlike me I waited for 3 hours and never got treated for the pain I was in while entering into the er with an heart rate of 120

April Cole


Ciera Jackson

Have you waiting for hours when it’s clear you are in very bad pain , then get you to the back and you wait even longer just for them to say all blood test were clear. First off how can you tell what the pain is through a blood test!!! I hate mercy and I’m going to sue them. I left there only to go to another hospital and they say that I need a blood transfusion but yet mercy said nothing was wrong with me.


I had a baby at Mercy in 2016 and I am expecting number 2. I have nothing else than good things to say about the maternity. I had a wonderful experience, the staff was awesome, the birth itself was great and I felt the doctors and nurses were extremely competent and helpful. My stay (2 days) was great (a little hot in the room but that's all), and whatever the shift, all the nurses were great. Teri, my lactation consultant (I took a class before the birth with her too) was awesome. I could call her even when I was back home and helped me a lot. My doctor (Dr Ablovias) is unfortunately not working at Mercy anymore but I am confident that the Dr Clark will be as good as her and my second birth experience will be great.

B Lew

Reviewers, please understand that I wish I could rate Mercy slightly lower than 4 stars. It's worth it, in general, to go here (if you're low income) before "mayor" schmuck murders it and every other reasonable-quality South- and West-side hospital in this city. Pro: As someone born here & treated here as a kid & as an adult, it has earned my trust. Much-needed financial assistance came through for me. It's surprisingly accessible by car. Con: Everyone Mercy rep I've spoken to by phone has b-----ed me out. Nasty service by phone. Building is a little "lived-in". ER wait time is brutal (6 hours in late Dec.), and surrounding food places aren't great. Definitely go, but go with warning.

Shivam Inamdar

The doctors here (Specifically Physicians) are money-making monkeys. I had a cut from a knife on my hand which was a minor injury and treatable with little cleaning up and band-aid. These idiots took me to the X-ray room and took x-rays of my hand (Which i never got to see yet). Then they charged me 800 $ physicians fee (X-ray service not included, just physicians fees) and 40 $ X-ray fees. On top of this 1000 $ hospitals fee. My insurance covered just 800 $ worth hospitals fee, the rest I ended up paying. Not the fees, but their services is worst part. I sat there whole night to see a physician and in the morning (around 7) they took x-ray of my hand and never ever I saw any physician !!! (You read that right) ( Still paid 800 $). I don't even want to write about ER cause I think with what I write, google might take down this review. IF YOU HAD TO GO TO THEIR ER AND THEY TRY TO TAKE YOU IN FOR X-RAY, SLAP THEM HARD ON FACE. I hate google for not allowing 0 stars in rating at such points. Why do I have to give 1 star if its not worth it. Put short : You have too much money to spend and don't care for your health ? Want to be disappointed with awful service and ill-treatment ? Want to see how bad a hospital can be ? This is your go-to place. Thank me later.

abby burlison

I an a nurse practitioner from St. Louis working now in family practice but formerly in an Emergency Department. I fell from my rental bike (why no helmets there?), lacerated my head and had a bit of a concussion. The care I received was prompt, curtious, professional and kind. I left feeling I had the best care our healthcare system offers. Having said that, if my bloody head had to compete with a cardiac arrest, trauma or just high volume, I would have needed to wait. That is called triage and most ERs do it expertly. Thanks for taking such good care of me, Dr. Conner and the rest of the staff there on Sunday. Eileen R.

Tirdad Kiamanesh

I visited ER in 2016, I received a bill which was way higher than it should be. I complained about it with insurance and the hospital and they fixed it, meanwhile before the process finished, they sent it to the collector agency. Anyway, I paid the bill ... After 3 years, in 2019 I received a new bill, different numbers, different services for the same visit. It took hours and hours to call them and try to find a person to fix it. Until now, we are still trying to talk with a person who is responsible for this after 2 weeks. Don't go there. It is a waste of time and money

Mara Demien

Went to ER as a family member's was hemorrhaging blood. and this was the closest ER to McCormick Place. Emergency Room was FILTHY as well as packed full of waiting patients. Family member was not triaged in a timely manner (>30 minutes). Left Marcy and went to Northwestern Memorial where the medical staff recognized the urgency of the situation and he was seen within 10 minutes, even though they also had space issues.

Bryan Donahue

We just had our daughter here, 5th child, first time at this hospital. Things were a little scary to start, with scheduling but I nce we arrived we were taken care of quickly and everything went perfectly. The nurses here in the maternity ward are all great, friendly, caring, professional for both mom and baby. Thanks for a good experience.

M Aguilar

Very unorganized. Extremely long wait.

Tiera Sticks Jones

Their registration is rude and unprofessional. The staff tell you one thing and either DON'T produce or do another that inconvenience everything you set up for the times that they initially set you up for. I am pregnant and need blood work. They told me to come back because I may have complications however, when I get there the lady tell me they are busy and the lab close. The lab just told me I can come to the back and get blood drawn but the registration has to register me. Smh this is ridiculous. I don't need that mess. ESPECIALLY when the 1st tests was saying something may be wrong with my pregnancy. My dam baby is at risk! I want to give them a zero.

Jackie Braet

NEVER go to this hospital!! If you have to crawl to a different one, do it! Not only is the service horrible, their billing turns you over to collection agency without ever sending you a bill! They are scamming people at this hospital every day! It will only let me post this if I give them 1 star, they should receive 0 stars!

Diana H.

Everything is always so slow. I've been waiting for 6 hours just sitting in the ER waiting room. This is unbelievable. Staffs always have an attitude.

B Chansiri

I Love my doctor. I received his information online when searching for a new gyne. He's very nice, very informative and he is always on time. His assistants are also very nice and professional.


I went to the hospital for examination on March 11th. I followed the door registrar and the nurse doctor explained that I felt uncomfortable, not pain. I asked for a CT scan. I waited for three hours and did not have a blood test and did not scan. Let me go back to some medicine, not a prescription. After eating for more than 10 days, there was no effect. This doctor is too irresponsible. Why not arrange for me to do a scan. I have a feeling that the tumor in my head is getting bigger and bigger.

Sebastian Garcia Escallon

Great doctors, great nurses

Nancee Arellano

This experience has to be one of my worst ever!!!!!!! My niece was not feeling well,seeing as how this was right down the street from the minute clinic I originally tried to go to but the nurse there said she was no longer taking patients so I thought ok we should be in and out..No biggie...WRONG!! We got here at 8pm and are still sitting in the waiting area it is now 3:15am. Not only are they taking their sweet time but the staff moves at a very slow pace like as if there isn't people here that aren't in pain!! I understand there are many people in this facility that need medical treatment but this is just ridiculous!!! When we asked how many more people were in front of us we were told 5 and that was at 1:30am. Well since then there has been more than 5 people called. Never again will I step foot back in this ER I would rather go to Cook County than to come here again!

Esther Griffin

Horrible Service, they really don't care about anyone but themselves. Will never go back there. If you have another alternative, you are better off than going to Mercy Hospital. Their bills are so high and they literally do nothing.

Christian Jimenez

Just had my baby born at this hospital and they treated my wife and I amazing. The nurses and doctors were so nice to us, assuring us that everything was going to be ok in the hands of professionals. I am glad I chose this hospital for the birth of my beautiful son.

Nathan McGill

Was there for a hip replacement. Nurse's were great. Problems are no one will pick up paper on the floor and when discharged I was to have pt in 72 hours. Pt wanted to schedule me for 3 weeks out not 3 days. Called repeatedly with the promise or a return call and no one ever did. Will wait until I see the surgeon. No excuses for not having post op pt.

Kelly Kuesis

I was born here..wish I can say that's the only good thing to say I should not have anything good to say about this place.when I was born in 1993 they told my mom to let them put me to sleep like a sick dog because I was to early and under developed that I would be severely retarded..24 years later here I am thank you thing they kill my uncle in 2005 his name Peter steir, they claimed he was just another "steir" that he must be just another drug addict so they brought him to the back room and let him die....another thing everyone new my mom there especially her favorite male nurse who always jokes about sending her to the 4th floor my moms name Cathy Ann Steir ..they treated her fairly she's always making her big escape out the front doors when the doctors weren't looking.funny,crazy,insane,loving even kind sometimes maybe needs anger management but a really good woman,that my mom.she died 2010 I was 16..since then things really got bad in this hospital they really stoped caring,they may say they know what's best or use some smart words to make you feel inferior or just make you feel like they know what there taking about when they don't....if they ain't listening to the patient and what the patients concerns are then they don't know what they are talking about..if there's no patients there's no paychecks they pay your pills but quit looking at people like dollar signs and see them as someone genuinely in need of help as if God sent them to you to help cure and mend the weak and broken and make them strong once more to see many more days because you helped them..iv gotten really sick myself but every time I try to come to mercy hospital they are against me..they try to upset you or agitate you in words or discomfort,or say are you a junkie or are you just here for attention just plan ignorance some people are actually sick and need help you doctors and nurses need to not just open your eyes but also your hearts and lend a hand and ear to ones in doctors and nurses forgot why your hands were open to the ones on there wasn't for green paper,but to help the people back up guys even use to have a cool chef there with great food and free who could not afford it but not no more you guys raised the prices and no longer give just guys even use to give food in the ER to people now you give peanut butter and bland Graham crackers just sad....and what use to be a home away from home when you had to stay there is now just a dark scary room with no couch or chairs....the rooms use to have a couch and table an chair? Now nothing?.....even before that it had a pull out bed couch..just very sad how things change and how even the people can keep collecting that paper it won't change a thing..only you can,laugh,love pass it on.

Marissa Nieves

Terrible place! Disgusting, not even clean... A hospital should be the most sanitary place to be, but this hospital is NOT. They had a hobo sleeping in the emergency room. While I'm all for the homeless having a place to sleep (especially in this weather) the emergency room is not the place for it! There are places that can provide shelter. Had to take a bath later on, nasty place. Thought we were going to catch things just sitting there. Plus the wait, horrible. Stay away from this hospital.

Thom Warkentin

Dr Jones performed a procedure, previously unsuccessful at another facility and Dr. that made me whole. If I had to wait all day and night I would do it gladly. Simply not enough acolytes for him and this institution.

Amy Arnold

I am a nurse and have worked in several different facilities. This is absolutely the WORST hospital I have ever been to. I went to the ER with severe chest pains. I waited for 5 hours listening to horror stories of wait times and even worse stories of people that were wrongly diagnosed. The floors in the ER and the bathrooms were disgustingly dirty. If I hadn't already waited so long I would of left. The visit ended by me finally calling the administrator and asked for my EKG results. She talked to the nurse and was told if they were abnormal I would of been called in back already and there are at least 10 people in front of me. I am currently on my way to a different hospital. HORRIBLE HOSPITAL!

The Straight No Chaser Show

The hospital is not clean and a lot of the doctors are rude. The nurses in the ER were too busy looking at clothes on line to service patients and the billing department is a nightmare. I love my primary care physician but hate that, if I have to go to a hospital that I have to go to Mercy.

Sydney Trotter

Mercy Hospice Family Health Center took very good care of my Sister in Law, I am so very please how they cared for her. Thank You 6th floor Hospice Center, may God continue to bless the staff.

Casey Sheehan

Dr. David is very attentive and truly cares. I'm glad our paths crossed. Going forward, I'd definitely reach out to him for any health care concern that I have.

Melissa Castillo

Waiting time can be a little faster and clerical a little more professional, but the doctors there are very compassionate and love what they do. My surgeon Dr. Slack prayed with me before I had my laminecomy and made me feel better and I had pain every where in my body and Dr. Savcic had a good hunch I had Lyme Disease and treated it immediately. I'm blessed to have such good docs on my side.

Linda Doe

AVOID MERCY AT ALL COSTS! Their So Called "Hospice CARE" is the WORST!! They are Murderers! Only take your family there if you want them to Die! My Grandmother was old, but she was fine. She went in to "Mercy" for a fall and the drugged her to Death, turned her into a Zombie and she suddenly passed away. I will NEVER take ANYONE I Love to these Killers! I'm seeking Legal Counsel asap! Second the place is just plain DIRTY! No accommodations for staying with your Loved Ones but HARD WOODEN CHAIRS in patient rooms at the 24 hour Hospice Care but who wants to sit in a Hard Chair all night? And you'd BETTER STAY ALL NIGHT and MONITOR your Loved Ones because those Nurses & Docs will KILL THEM! ASK QUESTIONS! AVOID "Mercy Hospital" AT ALL COSTS!

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