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REVIEWS OF John D. Dingell VA Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan IN Michigan

Larry Dagenais

I went to the Detroit Va Hosp. for a hearing aid and to register for a Va Id. It took many trips but I finally got my hearing aid. Unfortunately they are almost unuseable (way to much back ground noise). My aid came with a TV adapter which did not work out of the box. I sent it in for repair in Feb. and have not heard back. While down at the hosp. I filled out all necessary paperwork for my Va Id card. Have not received the card(been over 3 months). My last point is the Va Reps. For the most part they were nice but there were a few with an obvious attitude problem.

Ronnie Bailey

I have been going to the Detroit VA for several years now, and they have done several different minor surgeries on me. They were prompt, proffesional and always respectful and curtious. I would not want to go to any other hospital. Had an appointment at 9 am, arrived at 8:30 am. Had another appointment at 11 am, almost 3 pm and still waiting to see the doctor. Even though this event was unacceptable, overall, this Detroit VA hospital has done me well. I bumped it back up to 5 stars.

Kathleen Rose

A veteran friend just had surgery at your facility. We were so impressed with the services provided and of the people at and around the medical center. Everyone was very helpful and greetings from staff and other patients were amazing. It was so very nice to be in such a peaceful, helpful, and hopeful place. Thank you for a great experience.

Alissa Hurley

The care here is horrible. My husband's appointments get canceled the majority of the time, and then rescheduled for months out. He has gone in for x-rays before and the woman at the x-ray front desk was too busy texting to even acknowledge him, she just held up a finger that apparently meant "wait while I finish texting." Most recently, I tried to reschedule an appointment with ortho because my husband injured his shoulder and cannot lift his arm. They canceled his prior appointment the morning of, an hour before, which was an appointment we had to wait three weeks to get. The lady on the phone commented to the person next to her about how I was one of "those stupid patients" and that she hoped no one died in the meantime while people like me are whining on the phone demanding to get in. I asked for her supervisor's contact information and she laughed and said she wouldn't give it to me and "good luck finding it out." Just a drop in the bucket in our many years of dealing with the VA health system.

Gregory Powell

My. Hospital. Doctors. I am a vet

Quincy Jones

They truly care about the veterans


This place really does not know how to take care of their veterans. I arrived 20 minutes before 6pm and still have not been seen. The young lady nurse or aide is seeing other patients before me. I do not know the route cause of my injuries and have been sitting for hours. It is now almost 9pm and no one has helped me. I am over coming to the VA this is the reason many vets don’t like coming here

Lance Barrett

Came in the middle of the night after being advised to by the hotline nurse. Everyone I worked with was very friendly and the room I was in was very clean.

George Louis

the care was great

Marion Mills

Nobody ever calls back, even when they specifically say they will. Dr. Smith might as well be dubbed "Dr. No". The most chaotic hospital I've ever seen. Screaming TVs in every room. If you're rated 100% P&T, we've found the staff has little to no idea what benefits you and your spouse qualify for.

Edward Jameel

would be 1 star but for the very Few good and qualified Doctors and techs.

Russell Payne

Running late but not to long. Thank you VA

Mary Andrews

Dr Mosely is an excellent Rheumatologist, I feel that I get the best of care. The staff is generally very helpful but there are a few, but that is true everywhere. I'm quite pleased with my care. The real problem is parking.

Arnold Jankowski

Veterans Medical Center and hospital and they have an emergency center also!!!

Jessica Schulte


Manya Walters

I made a appt in June for July with primary doctor. It disappeared. Again I made a appt for August in July one month to the day. Received mail notice appt.cancelled. I complain, I send message thru unhealthy vet system. They message back appt back on. Now I know they have doubled booked. I tell clerks supervisor he stated she's great employee. My PTSD went off. Friday, trying to rest they call me at 4 pm can u come at 230pm instead cause the schedule heavy. I wish I couI'd sue them cause now I'm stressed to the max. I will never go in there ever again.

Linda Thompson

To long of a wait, for scheduled appointment.

Oliver Riley


Douglas Alexander

I had a visit to the Medical Center on July 8 2016 for Ortho and I was very pleased with the care and information that I received. I hope to use your facility again in the near future and will be very appreciative of the care you provide there.

Lizette Ramos

The staff is corteous inside the VA facility. It is big and like a puzzle to walk through. However the neighborhood does not let me feel safe to walk around.

Robert Pryor


Craig Matte

The facilities are more than adequate, the services and staff are exceptional. I have had a thyroidectomy and a prostatectomy and both experiences were great. Surgical staff, first class. Recovery team, top notch. After care, the best. I have never had better or friendlier health care at any time in my life.

J.C. Foster

this place is a joke worst VA HOSPITAL ever

john demetrious

The Detroit VA is a life saving facility, many patients, and probably understaffed. I commend the hard work and dedication to us Vets ......on the other hand , workers that come in just to earn a pay check, with little to no concern for these Veterans need to be evaluated and reprimanded to the extent of being replaced. I am very fortunate to have a Doctor who is Amazing. My stress seems to lower just to see her . God Bless you , Sally .....

Keith Marschner

Why does take 3 - 4 hours to get prescriptions filled..that is unacceptable Hire more people to fill them.or how about the ones filling the precriptions stay off their cell phone..i can see maybe one time you have a long wait, but everytime.. Today i am here 2 hours ..i go check see how much longer...they havent even looked at prescription yet This is no way to treat get better respect at your local pharmacy

Tank Thomas

I was a patient here for 15 years. After Dr Adler retired last year, the pain clinic refused to help me. They reversed everything this man had fought for over a 10 year period. This Dr was the head of comprehensive pain services at the Detroit VA. He had received 2 grants from this hospital. Yet, as soon as he left the building, the whole attitude changed overnight. They went as far as to misdiagnosed my records to make sure nobody in the VA health care system would ever prescribe me any pain medication again. I won't go into my whole life story. I do have a spinal cord injury is all I will say. I will also say that this is the worst hospital I've ever been to in my life. I've been in & out of hospitals since I was 19. Now in my 40s, I will never go back to VA care even though I am rated through the VA & I have earned the right to be cared for. So glad I didn't go for 100% disability! Thank god I have insurance through my employer! My heart goes out to the veterans who have no other choice. My advice, DON'T GO TO DETROIT! Choose Ann Arbor. This hospital doesn't care one bit. All about federal funds at dingle VA

Keith Ballard

I have always received good service and care at the Detroit VA hospital. I have been going to the Detroit VA since 2010. I find the staff very professional and friendly.


This VA cancels appointments without telling you. They make wrong diagnosis regarding my health 100% of the time. This place has no doctors. Must have students from across the street who use veterans as ginnea pigs. I Went to a different medical center who straightened it all out. I say SHUT THE VA's down.

Ashley Holcroft

What a disappointment. Our vets rely on this place to take care of them. The hospital is dirty, the staff is lazy, rude, and many seem less educated than they should be. Appalled at the disservice witnessed to someone who was in the service.

Henry Kritzman

They where very efficiently good

Brian Burke

Absolutely the worst treatment I've ever received at any VA. Mismanagement, malfeasance, uncaring and unprofessional people are all over the place at this medical center. The Pharmacy staff are the worst and I'm still waiting on my travel pay and it's been nearly 3 weeks since I submitted it. Travel office phone just rings when I call and no calls are ever returned when I've left messages. Medical care was substandard and I would never expect to find such care at a civilian hospital. I was discharged within 3 hours after surgery, in extreme pain and bleeding through my pants. Doctors falsified notes saying I was in no pain and could tolerate a diet when I hadn't even eaten or when the spinal block still had me numb, How could he even write such a thing when I never even met my medical team after surgery. Gave me hydrocodone and discharged me to drive three hours to west Michigan after a hemorrhoidectomy. Made it about 2 miles before I could no longer drive and had to get a hotel room for the night and the next day two friends drove to Detroit to pick me up and drive my vehicle home. Terrible service!

frankisha fulton

There is a wait at times which causes a back up of patients

Emerald Jonz

I have never had a problem here. They have a food court, work out room, and they take good care of the vets.

Sermon Library

Worst VA Hospital Emergency Room I have ever been in. I fell down a flight of stairs and when I arrived the staff took 1 hour to get my paperwork from Ann Arbor VA. They left me in a room with NO CALL device, adjusted the bed, I slide down, in extreme pain, could not move to readjust so it was worse and the nurse had left to leave me there. I finally called out to a woman passing in the hallway to please get me some help. I text my friend who worked in the hospital and he was appalled at how they left me. The doctor finally gave me pain meds that did absolutely nothing for me. Finally, I went to the Ann Arbor ER and I was treated perfectly and they gave me the pain meds I needed to help me through the recovery. I will take an Uber to Ann Arbor from now on if I can't drive before I ever step a foot in Detroit VA (which is a short drive from my house).

Armor of Light Ministry

It really aggravates me how dishonorably veterans are treated by the command staff of this hospital. I can't imagine how many veterans are in need of care but forego a visit to this VA center because they don't want to be treated like animals who are wasting the VA's precious time. The command staff here should be embarrassed.

Michael Mcnabb

The hospital is for service contented disability. I find it really great place with doctors and staff show great interest in your health.

Donald Conklin

Great service friendly people and very very active hospital

Wayne Harris III

I edited my review because I had started to finally see changes at the VA in 8 years. The pharmacy people had always been rude and disrespectful and downright disgusting when it came to handling Veterans. Especially the elderly. The pharmacy has gotten better with speed and efficiency of placing orders. Which had always been a sore spot at the VA. The parking garage is a mess. People speeding, driving the wrong direction, parking in two spots, and almost hitting people. **I had made comments prior about the VA ratings board, which is a major sore spot for the entire Veterans Administration. However, I think a lot of the problems resides within the lack of treatment and misdiagnosis. It took me six months and costed me thousands of dollars to seek private medical physicians to finally get proper diagnosis. Which had been ignored in the dozens of exams and visits at the Detroit VAMC, leading to misdiagnosis and lack of service connected ratings.

bob phill

Worst receptionists in one place, no one wants to do there job just talk to other workers. Need a headache go here.

Sek N. Wisdom

Excellent service, generally speaking. The staff has always been good, I noticed the improvements. Above all I know that they mean well and they attempt to do a good job.

Christopher Davis

Life Savers...Literally!!

William Smith

This the worse hospital i every when too. Wait times are very long. i rated the Doctor fair. But they it is ran its a joke. its told them three to detent cancel on my forehead. When they detent it, they gave no follow up to cure. They charged for a bill for a Doctor visit, that i cancelled in person. Some need to shut it down, or invest how its ran. It is a good example of Detroit, which I left 2005. the VA hospital is ran like third world hospital, and plenty of employee should fired or replaced

William Pacey

Its the Veterans admin. Some employees care, others just there for a paycheck. If you are lucky, you get those that care.


Systemic issues throughout, and dreadful to visit. Within the slew of problems and bad attitudes are handfuls of GREAT men and women that work there. I never thought combat veterans would have to go through these kinds of hoops and treatments to receive care. Hopeful that communicating these problems with policy makers can create a better environment for my brothers and sisters I served with.

Ronald Ward

I've been coming to this VA for almost 25 years and don't understand what all the complaints are about. The staff is competent and I've always received timely care. There is no such thing as perfect. All over the VA I constantly hear other vets complaining. End the pitty party and be grateful

Andrew Huff

As far as VA facilities are concerned, this place looks nice. Some of the other veterans complaining about the facility itself should visit Battle Creek, NYC (Manhattan), Lansing CBOC, or Albuquerque and then they might be more appreciative.The hospital could be cleaner. My appointment was late by 20 minutes. I don't understand why VA clinics cannot maintain their schedules. Completely unacceptable. The staff in orthopedics was vey helpful. Radiology was helpful, but very slow. I will update my review over time if I ever return to this facility. 10/2016. OEF & OIF Veteran


Appointment was at 10:20 am. For the RA doctor. It a now 11:57 am and still not in to see him. Problem is the lady at the desk didn't check me in ( how is that possible I was sitting right in front of her giving my information to her in order to be checked in) so thanks to the lady NOT doing her job I've had to sit here and wait!! Amazing!!

Michael Jacobus

After being on hold for 1 hour and 48 mnts a guy comes on and says is anyone there? then hangs up even though i was trying to talk to him. How do you give zero stars. Will update after further interaction.

Thomas Taylor

I've been in the ER.for over an hour no one help me very Rude and unprofessional,they sat me in a room and turn off the light I ask for help they said we don't have enough Doctors..

TJ Dumas

I'm just disgusted with this place. I had x-rays done on my hip a month ago and when I asked the desk when my next appointment with the Dr. was, he told me 4 MONTHS!!! On top of that, NO ONE CALLED TO DISCUSS MY X-RAYS. I've tried calling for over 2 weeks now and no one has answered the phone! I even called Patient Advocacy Rep and he literally asked me "What did you expect to happen" I EXPECTED SOMEONE TO ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE! This is the worst hospital ever. The staff is horrible, they act like you're bothering them. They're not prior military so they could care less about the vet's coming there and it's evident by the way they talk to the vets. I mean what the hell is going on here!

Andrea A

Worst care at this Detroit location. Takes months to see a doctor and forget about any specialized testing you are screwed! The only good doctor I found in the neurology department who had to fight the VA to send me outside of the VA ended up quitting because he said he was tired of going through the fight and red tape to give his patients the care they needed. The non VA testing that was finally approved (because the VA does not have the needed diagnostic equipment) had finally revealed some of the reasons why I was experiencing such debilitating symptoms. Now my new VA neurologist I was assigned to is going through the same fight get me approval for non VA care again as my medical issues worsen she admits they do not have neurologists with specialties at the VA or the diagnostic equipment needed to help diagnose and treat patients like me....and that's what our president calls acceptable care!! What a joke! Adding to my earlier post.... My pcp at the VA ordered a bone density test and after waiting 1 1/2 weeks with no calls to schedule I called the VA. I attempted multiple times to reach the radiology dept. with the phones ringing endlessly with no voicemail. I finally reached someone to be told they would need to take my number because they couldn't schedule me and gave me no reason. I said that I would be driving almost an hour to the VA today and if they had any cancellations I would take it. The lady then said well we have three openings today, but the tech is very "particular" about her testing and so I cant say you can take the appt. or not. She went over the prep. instructions and we agreed there were no issues there, but she alluded to the fact that the tech just likes to do things their way and couldn't schedule me in. She suggested I come in for my other appt. and ask my doc. in that dept. to look in the system to see if radiology put me into one of the three slots and then I would know (at the last minute) to come to the radiology appt. What the heck!! No wonder veterans are dying waiting for appts. Are the techs dictating their schedule or workload?? What would be the reason the lady could not schedule me at all that day when I finally reached someone? Oh and let's no forget the dirty bathrooms with no soap in the dispensers, trash overflowing in the trash bins and bodily fluids on the floors.

Fortune Vereen


Kyri Alexander

I'm a 12yr veteran, I'm in lot of pain had eye AM appointment fully expressed level 10 of pain. With infection made me sit to be seen 2hrs. The appointment was made back in May first available was July 19. Really

Steven McClure

I can't get an appt. I can't change my provider. This is the epitome of the broken VA system. Employees who know they can't be fired and are not accountable to anyone. I am beyond frustrated with trying to get care here.

Steven Munoz

The Detroit VA. Generally speaking it's a mix of good and bad. The medical staff, e.g. doctors, technicians, etc. are good, but then you you have the rest of the staff. Some of them are genuinely good, hard working people. Then, you have a percent of employees that behave as though they're doing you (the veteran) a favor. Condescending, arrogant, too bored or tired to really provide you professional customer service. Nepotism, bickering and poor leadership skills appear to be part to problem. After several years, I finally transferred to another VA facility.

Frank Weatherbee

Sraff is friendly.

Samantha S

My dad currently attends this hospital. It just seems like they can't get anything right. He had gotten measured for a knee brace, and was told it would be coming in the mail. It never came. He followed up and they said they would take care of it. They never did. Followed up on the knee brace for the 3rd time, and the hospital said that all the measurements had to be retaken. I had requested some copies of MRI and X-Ray reports via fax, and they never completed my request. Tried calling to get through to a rep, and no one has answered my call. I'm highly, HIGHLY disappointed with the way this "hospital" runs.

John Laughrey

I bring paperwork & occasionally a veteran to the VA hospital. I am formiliar with the Ann Arbor V A.

Stephanie Rogers

This place is batting zeros in my book. I have had 4 appointments here and only 1 I was actually seen. They canceled on me three times. And the one appointment that I did get was 2 hours late, the doc forgot to even put in the refferals I needed so I had to call 3 times to get them to put it in. Very dissatisfied. Terrible service.

Dee Schuster

My beloved Dad, of 88yrs. for the first time ever, feeling what is means to be a stranger in a foreign land. My Dad Semper Fi-Dad still carries the Rifle Flag in all Parades, still does his "duties" for his fellowship and all having fallen. Proud to see how amazing VFW & K of C still respect all our military. Such an amazing display of pure American Pride- for all whom have ever served. No controversy, no disrespect, just respect and huge Pride among ALL military reps. Yes, an eye opener to see how little this is taken in to the "lack of" consideration for Dad & all whom have served our great country. Genuinely-Sad with eyes wide open.- Overall attitude of staff was condescending, rude and a terrible sense of "I don't give a *&^^" loomed over this entire episode. Disenchanted~ disapproving over all.

TySha Byrd

Horrible rude and unprofessional staff! Brought my mother in to the emergency department at 8:00pm. They told me once she had a room they would call me back with her. It is now 10:30, I'm still in the waiting area. Asked multiple times if I could go to the back with her for support and she has lupus so sometimes she isn't able to communicate effectively when she gets sick, they've gave me the run around the entire time. She is in a room but they aren't allowing me to go back with her. I have no way of getting in contact with her while she's back there, because she's not allowed to have her phone. I've never heard of any hospital not allowing family to be in room with patient!

Carl Menger

I've had 2 visits to the ER here. Both time treated well, quickly and correctly.


Debbie Dingell needs to fix this place, but there isn't a Congress person or senator that actually cares about veterans. We already did what they needed us to.

Bryan Ivancik

Told to come in and sign a form so they could refill my medications I asked if I needed an appointment the nurse said no been waiting 2 hours just to sign a form meanwhile all the workers are laughing and talking to eachother. Everytime I have ever had to come here even for the smallest thing it turns into an all day event because the staff is trained poorly in time management. This VA is Awful and a disgrace to our vets if you have a choice to go to a different VA I strongly recommend it.

j c

Had healthcare with Saginaw VA Medical Care system for 15 years with excellent service. I moved to the Detroit VA medical care system and they are horrible. The most disrespectful place I've ever seen. It is the worst health care I've ever received. Spend the extra gas money and go to Saginaw or Ann Arbor if you can. TERRIBLE! I am a 100 percent service connected disabled Persian Gulf War Veteran.

Gugu Rice


Darrell Mitchell

Very helpful, the medical prescription department could use a kick in the rear but other that best facility I've been in.


Not a very professional or trained staff, drove a total of 6 hours to leave in disgust.. Fortunately my local VA in Battle Creek is great, wish they had the facilities Detroit has-will never go back again. A disgrace to our country.

Victoria Smith

I have not had a problem with this place! I got care here for conditions, that outside medical centers denied i even had! My doctors are great! The nurses and staff are great! I wouldn't trust my life with the majority of ( make as much money as possible) doctors! Been there! done that!, and I almost died! I grant it, the place has become extremely busy, but that is because so many Veterans are now using it. They are even re-modeling and adding on because of the onslaught of new patients. I used to work here also, and I can guarantee you that the staff do not have it easy with a bunch of whining, complaining, veterans, that no matter what you do for them is never good enough!. You are seen, when the doctor saids you need to be seen!! Just like every other doctor or hospital office! You have your first initial visit, then if they don't need to see you for 3 months, then so be it! If you think you're desperate and dying...then go to Emergency...anywhere!! I know they don't make you wait long periods if the situation calls for you to be seen more often. I'm a witness!! I have had so many appointments (and still do), that every body ask me "Where i my cot"? lol. The medical society outside is taking alot from the VA system!! It's people like the whiners on here that gives the VA a bad name, and its not like all! For every 1 veteran who complains, there are 100 of veterans who would say that "They won't go anywhere else"! and I'm one of them unless im not near a VA. But the complainers are doing the right thing... they're going somewhere else!

nicholas summerlee

The medical care as a whole is still sub par compared to the private sector. I received both great care and horrible care at this facility. It is my dream to work here to provide the best possible care to our veterans. They need good people to work here instead of just local people.

Just some Vet

Criminals paid to hide a diagnosis from the patient and or veteran. They do not care about you. They are paid to be the barrier in your care. They don’t want you healthy, they want you managed while they line their pockets at the cost of your health. You have no voice you have no say. They will use doctors to intimidate you with their license when you try to tell them that you are having side effects you don’t like. They will even use statistical data to convince you to follow “their” option. Then when you want important information about let’s say side effect or why your health is this way they say well it’s just statistical data it doesn’t apply to everyone. Well thank you for explaining to me that you can use statistics to benefit your motive and then provide no supporting data and then hide behind those same statistics. How does one not see that they are using healthcare to manipulate you. At least this criminal entity.

Adam Hall

They put Veterans first.

Linda Spencer

The Hospital was clean bright and friendly. We were treated quickly and respectfully. Everyone went out of the way to help us get where we needed to be. Call back took a little longer than I had hoped, but there are a lot of calls to be made. Treat people with respect and you will receive respect. If you don't like the treatment you are getting, pay your deductible, buy insurance and go to a private doctor. Most of you are being treated for free and don't give me that crap that you are owed anything! Buck up buttercup or pay up and shut up !

Jamin Ruff

It seems like the people care...

Mary Dick

Brother-in-law having surgery


Based on the reviews I'm going with a 2. I'll have to see in person.

Drew Ledoux

Horrible staff who talk to and treat vets like trash. Good luck ever calling for anything. U always have to take a while day off work just to have 1 question answered. The list goes on n on. This hospital is horrible

Roseville CoC

For the most part I get pretty good service. I do hate when I get there for an early appt. and im there an hour early first to get signed in and wait an hour while others get in first. Most people are very polite but some noy so helpful. I have been in a lot of different hosptials some better some worse.Some depts are harder to get appt but I can under stand some dept are busier. Some times I believe test are over used and results are not getting done or the doctors are clueless in finding the problem. I believe that some times meds are prescribed to much especially pain killers which cause other problems . I Ibelieve I have a doctor that is over booked but pretty good doctor. Rarely has any doctor or staff been inconsiderate.. I would grade this facility around 8 out of ten stars by my experienc sine going there for the last 7 years. I am a vietnam vet and 65 today.

Daisy Mills

I just moved to MI a couple of minths ago and had to use the services of the VA. My biggest complaint is the pharmacy....sooo slow. I just got out of the ER and am waiting for my meds. I have been here for over two hrs. And still waiting. Im in so much pain right now and i cant do anything about it. Im not impressed.

Diana LaBonte

My Dad's 2 separate appointments went smoothly, we were in and out ahead of schedule. Friendly helpful staff.

Leslie Sturm

Fast service with fast track friendly helpful staff

Daniel Ward

I tried to call this hospital to get some help for a potentially suicidal friend, and was greeted by one of the rudest people I've ever had the displeasure of speaking to. If this is who is manning your telephones, then that tells me that you don't care about veterans. At all. I cannot believe that someone so uncaring is allowed to work for the VA. What a complete disgrace.

Mat Perfitt

The people that work here are RUDE and about as UNPROFESSIONAL as can be. I have NEVER been so offended or treated so horribly as I have been here. This place is a COMPLETE DISGRACE to the MEN AND WOMEN who fought for this great nation

Robert Roberts

I have a doctor not from this country and she refuse to let them look at my lower back had to come back to Dallas tx , because doctor said , at age 43 i was to young to have back trouble even though my mos was 11B. Dallas va done mrI and cat scan , i have bugled disc L-3 -L6. im now lost feeling in legs and feet. The worker talk to you like Dog and only care about how much money can be taken from the Va. My Dad died at the Va. they gave information to someone who said was the grand son .The man took all of dad money off his bank card at dad had died.

Derek Grosso

Good medical care

Ronald Dailey

They are not taking care of veterans at all.I needed surgery and they sent me away almost lost my leg

Christopher Jennings

I have never had any problems waiting or scheduling

mark scully

They allways treat me well here.Dr.Shapiro is a great doctor.


Most services provided are the greatest. Still could use some improvements in other areas.

James Pitts

I have always received very good health care at this VA MEDICAL CENTER. I was diagnosed with terminal Lung Cancer and received excellent compassionate care from top notch Nurses and a Great Thoracic Surgery team headed by Dr. HARVEY PASS THEY literally saved my life. I have also received great orthopedic surgical Care from Dr. P.J. Harris and his compassionate staff of Dr's, Nurses and Physical Therapist. I'm VERY PLEASED with the compassionate, professional services I receive here. I truly believe I would be on the other side of the grass without the Detroit VA Medical Center. Sgt James Pitts

Leni Higgins

I've been going for 16 years now and have 1 doctor thats been great, all the others are the worst 3. Appointments r always months away, wait for an hour and get in there and rushed out within 5 minutes, reorder prescriptions 10 days in advance and it still takes over 2 weeks to get them 3 days past when you're supposed to get them, so you have to suffer until they come in, I could tell you even more, but I don't have enough room, they really suck and don't care! !

Amy C

This is by far the worst VA we have been to. We might start going out of our way to go to the Ann Arbor one like many people have suggested. First, a lot of front desk and phone answering staff are rude. A lot of times the sound like they have an attitude and just let you stand in line while they stare at their computer. We went to the dental clinic to have my husband’s tooth fixed which took 5 hours and over 3 dentists to confirm that everything was going well/finished because the main dentist (I’m assuming is new) thought the procedure was finished when it wasn’t halfway done. I needed to schedule an appointment with mental health for my husband in relation to getting an examination done for a social security case. I talked with the schedulers a while, explaining what we needed, to get scheduled with someone who could accomplish this (we are not yet fully “in-processessed” with the clinic). When we came to the appointment, not only did we find out that we were only given a 10-minute session, the psychiatrist refused to do anything besides verifying refilled prescription because we haven’t completed the steps to be checked in and reach the “normal point” of being able to see him. Now, we are at my husband’s appointment with his main doctor which we have had scheduled for months. After 45 minutes of waiting, his doctor came out to tell us to wait 10 more minutes (we waited a half hour more) so he could see WALK IN’s. Why the hell should we even make an appointment if we can just walk-in and get seen before appointments? We also have to get blood work done and see prosthetics. Had we known we would intentionally not be seen until at least an hour past our scheduled appointment, we would have gotten these things taken care. When we asked about the walk-ins once we were seen an hour and fifteen minutes after our appointment time, he said the walk-ins have been waiting longer than us. So what? That’s the price you pay for walking in instead of having an appointment. I didn’t set up an appointment (months ahead of time), planning to wait an hour past my appointment for people who didn’t even have an appointment! The staff should be ashamed of the poor quality service they provide. This center is a joke and I would strongly advise going to a different VA center if you can. This center doesn’t deserve even one star.

Jason Flowers

I had a appointment at 14:30 on a Tuesday. When I arrived a noticed a older gentleman in the waiting room. When I looked closer, it was General Patton himself! When I was finally called for my vitals, in passing a exam room the door was mildly cracked open. General Grant gave me a nod. I had amazingly I had managed to get a appointment and seen quicker than the previous folks. I had come in for severe pain from a spinal operation. I left with Motrin and disappointment.

William Amell

Since I have switched my hospital insurance to John Dingell I realized that it was the best decision that I had made in a long time. The Doctors and staff have treated me with such respect. The nurses have gone out of their way to be kind and considerate as well.

Allante Wells

Some of the staff help out the vets, but majority seem lazy and service is always slow, appointments never start on time

Ralph Wals

This place has helped me with treatment shelter and employment I don't know where I'd be without the Detroit VA

Craig Macneill

have been using the Dingle VA medical center for years love it am treated better here than other hospitals ive been to

Nekia Walker

I am an ICU/trauma RN. My grandfather was admitted into the ICU at the VA hospital and it was by far the worst medical experience I have encountered. It was so bad I had to have him transferred to Henry Ford hospital. The staff was extremely rude when they were even available. His RN did not anything about what was going on with the patient; he attempted to hang blood without a second verification from another RN and without a set of vitals; he wore no name badge and wasn't aware that his patient was being transferred. This list goes on. The surgical staff were extremely rude and condescending. The truly sad part is this is the facility we are expected to send our vets. Very disappointing.

Lynn Neal

they are very professional and compassionate. yes sometimes things get back log but over all i have received wonderful service.

Michael wysinger

Good doctors

Dennis McKnight

Have not had any issues or long waits

Cheryl Price

Today, I had the worse experience with an operator from the transportation eligibility department. She was beyond rude, condescending and extremely unprofessional. She would not let me talk, she berated me because transportation did not pick up my handicapped brother from a rehab facility even though I was trying to explain to her that this problem has occurred twice. When I asked t speak to her supervisor twice, she ignored my request to continue to over talk me), she connected me with Mr. Dwayne Dye who identified himself as the lead in charge. When I asked him for a supervisor I was informed that I could not talk to a supervisor until I go through him first and that the supervisor may or may not call if it is not important!!! REALLY!!! Very poor customer service. However the saving grace was the transportation department called me and handled my request with professionalism and kindness!!! He changed all the information in the computer system and was gracious enough to give my brother another appointment. He restored my faith in good customer service at the VA.

shellielove Hudson

For the most part good service in the clinics. In the ER the nurses are good but there are some doctors with terrible bedside manner. They do not want to treat you for pain which I suffer from greatly, especially at night due to fibromyalgia attacks. I have prescribed meds that just do not resolve the pain all the time and certainly cannot take them all at once. I think they have forgotten that pain is what the patient feels, not what the doctor thinks about the patient. Everyone is not, I repeat not, a drug seeker.

Clifton Johnson

This VA has great service!

ken hart

i had an appointment on 1/14/16 in the ortho dept. everything was fine until the nurse who takes your weight, height, temperature and blood pressure came to get me from the waiting room. when she put that thermometer into my mouth there was an awful smell that smelled like death or human excrement. almost like that thermometer had just been pulled out of someones anus. it was either the temperature wand or her hands. It was so disgusting that as soon as they sent me back to the waiting area, i had to go puke in the rest room. now im worried she gave me some deadly disgusting disease. People who work in that kind of business need to wash their hands. in all my experiences with the va this has never happened before. And you would think she would put gloves on. i am disgusted. Unfortunately they couldn't do anything to help with my shoulder pain.! will never ever go to this facility as long as they hire people like this.whoever is in charge of this hospital needs to address this issue as this is unacceptable. this is the following day and i have upchucked 3 times already because of this. I hope the top guy at this facility reads this. excuse me as i have to upchuck again.

Art Connor

My son has recieved nothing but run around and canceled, changed appts. Been waiting over a week for an urgent MRI appt to be scheduled. Scheduling should not take this long.

L.Jackie W.

As a relatively new patient of the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center, I was reluctant to visit because of so many poor reviews; however, after making several personal visits, I am encouraged as this was not the case during my visits. Hopefully, one day all patients will feel comfortable with this facility and reviews will improve over time. With that being said, my experiences were definitely far better than most I've read here. With the exception of one staff person, all were kind, courteous, and professional. Follow-up appointments and prescriptions are timely and results are concise. I will definitely return and plan to register my son soon.

Tim R

In my opinion, only a handful of good people work there from the few years of being seen there, and they unfortunately can not make up for the rude, incompetent, and unhelpful staff I've encountered more so than not. The care or lack there of, is a testament to why so many veterans turn to suicide.


OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE! - 10 JAN 2017 I am pleased and proud to say that I had an excellent experience during my first visit to this VA Hospital (John D Dingell VA Medical Center - Detroit) on 10 JAN 2017. I was seen by Dr. Chitturi in the DET C&P GULLAPALLI wing for an injury claim evaluation and medical exam. Based upon my veteran peers' reviews, I was, frankly, prepared for the worst and to be treated poorly. To start with, I found the center well marked and the front desk staff polite and helpful, on two separate floors. Then, I was actually seen 22-minutes [earlier!] then my originally scheduled appointment start time of 2:30 pm. Dr. Chitturi greeted me in the waiting area, she was very patient, thorough, and managed to make a somewhat anxiety-filled experience, very relaxing and not hurried. Overall, the entire staff that I had come into contact with were cordial and courteous. Again, I did not expect that; hence, the reason I felt it fair and appropriate to post a current review. Finally, as a 26-year+ U.S. Navy veteran (still serving), it was a re-assuring experience to be in the company of so many fellow Veterans. There was a unique kind of patient camaraderie there, whether I was in the elevator, waiting room, or just observing the tributes on the walls to our Veterans. We all had a common bond. So, excellent overall experience,. My thanks to the staff who chose to serve Veterans and are doing it well. Go Navy! // MCPO JSN

Lawrence Barrios

When I first came here, about 16 years ago, I had problems with my Dr. Now I have a fantastic Dr. Who works with me about my health care, her and her team do a wonderful job on explaining to me about what I need to do, I appreciate all that they are doing, people, those of you who are having problems, please go see the patient advocate, they will help you out, in conclusion ,I want to say thank God for the V.A.

Melissa Langford

From florida,first visit here and "wow" what a disappointment to all who served!! We thought orlando VA was bad...this place is a discrace to our veterans!!! And a gas leak in the facility closed half of the building down...they evac the staff but left the patrons in the gas leak area and then an hr later told them the staff had been evacuated and they couldnt be seen today!! Again"wow" This is how we treat our vets? Shame on our county!

Steve Kirkland

I've been getting health care at the John D. Dingell Health Center for 8 years. I like all of my doctors and have been treated with respect by everyone I've encountered. It seems the only people writing reviews are ones who have a gripe. For myself I wouldn't be alive to say this if it weren't for the Health Center and it's staff.

Edgar Poe

All for the veterans , service is great they are doing so much to resolve my situation, can not thank them enough

Amanda C.

It doesn't cost anything so u get what u pay 4. Had a front car collision, was x-rayd was told I was fine nothing broken. 1.5 mons later I have a pain like a band around my chest & my breath is taken fm me. Found out that a rib is out its socket causing the symptoms. Can't move at that moment. Now I feel like my ma (82) all hunched over because of the stiffness & pain. Praying for deliverance fm these infirmaries.

william higgins

You get treated like your the dirt the doctors walk on. The only doctors that will touch the VA anymore are the ones that washed out or the ones that really need the experience. When you have traumatic brain injury or a prosthetic I highly doubt you want either. Had an incident where a guy working there behind an appointment check in desk told me. "I don't care if you or any other veteran needs help, right now you need to get the hell away from my desk" i was completely blown away.If my leg were green and rotting I'd rather HOPE it gets better then go here because hope works better then even this God forsaken place. I also sat in the emergency waiting room from a serious allergic reaction for almost 2 1/2 hours. THERE WAS 1 OTHER PERSON THERE. That's it. Finally a nurse saw me and actually cared. Said I didn't look good and I told her how long I had been waiting and she was rude and then went back and got me a room. Yes I had to ask after checking in if I could please be seen by a doctor now. I hope this building gets destroyed in a flood. It would be the best thing to happen to Detroit since it was first a city.

Tyrone Brown

I personally got to see up close and personal how they treat veterans. They are the epitome of government workers with bad attitudes that can't get fired. I went to register for an I.D. and was met by and man with the driest attitude and the stinkiest breath. He throws a stack of papers at me and tell me to fill them out. I noticed on the last page that I had an option to either register online, by phone, or in person. So I go home to register by phone. After answering 1000 questions I'm told that I'm not qualified for services because I made too much money and that I wasn't in the system as having a disability. I had to remind the phone screener that part of my income was FROM my disability. So because I am at 50% i was supposed to be automatically enrolled without going through all of those questions. So I go back to the VA to see the same dry old man, I tell him that I recently registered by phone and was there to take a photo for I.D. He tell me that he doesn't see it in the system and proceeds to toss another packet of forms to fill out.I tell that I'm 50% disabled and should not have to fill that out, I should be automatically enrolled. He ignored me and wanted me to fill out the paperwork. I left and went to go file a complaint. If he doesn't like his job, I will gladly fill in for him because his customer service skills sucked.i may go to Ann Arbor for a better experience.

Haley Buczniewicz

The hospice and palliative care unit took care of our grampie for nearly six months, in that time he was visited by is at least once a week. Every time the hospital was spotless, the staff was compassionate, and we felt our family was getting everything we needed. He died this week and they provided us with benefits information and a farewell salute that was very tiring and well done. Our whole family is very pleased and will be forever grateful

R.L. Brown

What a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible experience! My father, who is a retired veteran First Lieutenant (1LT) US Army (1975-2005). Served in Italy, Persian Gulf and the Gulf War Operation Desert Shield. He is the most hard headed and stubborn person and bleeds Red, White and Blue and is an avid supporter of the VA Medical System, (especially John D Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit, MI.) I am a Physician Assistant in Florida and received the call that my father was in the hospital for kidney stones and high blood pressure. When I was told that he went to the VA, MY HEART SANK! I grew up in Metro Detroit and the VA in Detroit has never had a good, positive reputation and horrible sub-par care! I immediately called the VA Hospital and was met with the rudest most unprofessional call center that told me on several occasions that my father was not in the hospital. This was told to me even after my mother (A Registered Nurse) just left him to go home and get him a change of clothes. I was told that I had the wrong hospital and was hung up on. I called back to request the AOD and was hung up on again. Finally, I got to a Rochelle the AOD and she was very nice but still handcuffed by the out dated system and she also had trouble locating my father. Finally, she finds him by calling to the ER to see if he was a patient. 10 minutes later she returns and asks me questions about a different patient!??? HIPPA, JCAHO! I then had to swallow my frustration and anger and be very calm and patient. Swallow my dismay and calmly explain who I was and who I was looking for. Rochelle the AOD was nice enough to apologize for the drama and personally found my father in the ER number 25 on the list. The patient tracking system is so archaic that you have to search for the patient! Micro-feech! He will never go to the VA Again! 1 star is only for Rochelle the AOD!

paul johnson

No complaints here. They seem to have my welfare in mind and are competent.

Nancy Mroueh

Great Directions to Hospital and looking forward to going to get help for my Husband who fought for our Country and suffers daily to live here where We have no conversation for our troops

Mike Finley

When I come for an orthopedic appointment, the doctor has already reviewed my records before I get there and knows why I'm there.. taken care of and on my way in fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes before my appointment.

Rhonda Thoman

Appt too far apart. Can't get my appt close enough together for my work schedule but the care is good considering the price.

Grace ayres

One star is to much to give this place The last visit here we walked out after waiting for 3 hrs for. 9am appt

Jaelynn Bergeron

This facility is beautiful and you have some friendly staff although I must say my first time there was not such a great experience. First I was scheduled in a PCM clinic that refused to see me as soon as the NP walked into the room. Instead she took me to registration sat me there and then I was taken to my case manager who was very nice, but the NP stated she would see me right after for my appointment even though she said i was scheduled at the wrong PCM, which is incorrect all OIF/OEF veterans can be scheduled at any PCM, even WOMEN. But because I was a woman she only had a referral to X ray waiting at the front desk and wanted nothing further with me. So I then, didnt get my appointment which I scheduled and had to go into the ER for my pain which is the reasoning behind me making my appointment, which in tern I had an appointment at 10 and wasnt ever seen or evaluated even in the ER as they do not treat pain management..... I have sinces scheduled a new appointment with a different PCM and await the craziness of going there again. I can only hope I have a better experience.

Kira Smith

I've always had a decent experience. I go here for regular medical stuff and then to Ann Arbor about my mental health issues. They're kinda behind compared to Ann Arbor in that you need to get a parking stub and carry it around in order to not pay for parking if you're a veteran. Seems like it would be easier to just check to see if veterans had their card on them at the booth instead. I also don't like their policy of making women veterans talk to provider's in Women's Health. It's a little weird how I can't just see a regular provider, I need to talk to a woman's health specialist. It makes booking appointments a lot harder because you can't just be scheduled by the regular appointment schedulers. You need to be transferred to Women's Health and it's hit or miss if they'll even answer the phone. It's ok though since I pretty much will just message them via MyHealtheVet to avoid calling. Also, I had to fight in order to see a Nutritionist. Originally they wanted me to do some sort of fat person program that I had already partially completed in Utah but after just saying I was just to bother with it they went ahead and booked me for a nutritionist. Ended up not really helping me anyway tho so I can't really fault them for that. I'm a 100% T&P disabled veteran who also has Tricare4Life + Medicare. I prefer going to the VA over private doctors because they don't charge a fee plus I like knowing all my health information is in a central system and if I go to any VA in the country, they all have my health info. Big convenience, although you're at the mercy of the VA to provide decent care.

Charlie Hopkins

Why does it take sooooo long for the hospital operators to answer the phones?

Robert Therrien

Went there for surgery, Sugar was high so they did not do the surgery. The ENT department never contacted me again. This hospitals show veteran as a no show if veteran is late for an appointment even if the veterans does show up late and calls in to inform them he/she will be late due to traffic and keeps the appointment. ER doctors will send veterans home to go see their primary doctor in another VA hospital to be scheduled weeks later when the veteran is in excoriating pain from torn ligaments without any scans. This and all VA medical facilities will not issue opiates even to veterans that are not addicted under the U.S. Government yet another ridiculous non winnable Political only scam against drugs in our nation, without supplying replacement pain killer for the opiates forcing Veterans to turn to marijuana which does work on a lower scale but is not addicting, putting veterans at risk of being imprisoned for violating federal law forbidding procession or use of marijuana. Yet opiates were ok until the Government says there is an epidemic and now forbids them. Not for the good of the people, but to wave their hands and say "Look what I am doing for you while in office fighting for power for my political party while destroying our country with their in fighting. This hospital takes valid claims by veterans needing help and payment for spouses who are their caretaker and denies the claims declaring it's just civilian life that is causing then to need so much from their caretaker even when that veteran has had an in home care taker before that was canceled due to cutbacks by the VA facility due expenditure of their budget. This VA facility declares Veterans Mentally incompetent without any competency testing violating the veterans civil and constitutional rights forcing the veteran to spend large amount of money for their tight budgets to hire outside medical personnel to use to fight these false accusations on an appeal and consistently exceeds their authority by interfering in a veterans life by threatening a veterans disability payments that veteran earned. The Handicapped parking at this facility has an extremely low ration to normal parking even though the ration of handicapped veterans is a much higher raiton to veterans that can walk on their own and some of the handicapped parking is on a more than 3 degree slope making it almost impossible for a veteran of larger size in a manual wheelchair to navigate up those slopes from their vehicle to the elevator to enter the hospital entrance located on the first floor only from the parking structure. I could go But there are so many things wrong with the Detroit VA Saginaw VA and Ann Arbor VA medical Va Facilities, it would take a book to list them all..

Mark Jarosz

After 26 months of screw ups by the oral surgeon I was assigned to I stormed out of his office and paid out of pocket for implants in the private sector. After 3 years from the start at the VA I now have implants. I was scheduled to come back to the VA oral surgeon every 2 months during which xrays were taken and I was rescheduled another 2 months later because "the gap had not filled in yet". That "gap" would never have filled in by itself according to my out side dentist AND the oral surgeon on the outside of the VA! I had hand surgery performed at the VA and give that a 5 star rating. When it comes to oral surgery and Dr. Cheslin I give it Zero stars!

John Westcott

Employees/receptionist we're rude and extremely unfriendly. Getting a timely appointment was difficult and appointment time was changed to an inconvenient time.

Charlie king jr

Waiting to long in the eye clinic

Dennis D

The staff that answers the phone is EXTREMELY RUDE!!! They are very indignant and condescending! They are Far More Interested in talking than listening! That is why you can not get anything done. They flat out refuse to transfer you to a supervisor. When you insist to be transferred - they hang up on you! I have never been treated with such insolence! It is hard to believe that after putting my life on the line for my country this is the way they treat you!!!!! They get a 1 star only because it will not allow me to give them 0 stars!

alicia owens

The few visits I have had here were great. I would just say be careful when you visit the homeless vet section, because there are bed bugs there..

andre moc

State of the art facility.

Ray Eby

You go to check in and they are on their cell phones and they tell you to wait until they're done.instead of taking care of you the patient. they want to put me to sleep for a simple operation which takes 10 minutes and it scares me they they don't speak English and like one guy said they are washed out from some no name school that's why they're at the VA. Its like they put you to sleep so you cant see their mistakes. I have had this Surgery before that's how I know the procedure. Plus I have to drag someone with me to drive back. Its bullshit! To make it short "Detroit V.A. sucks!"

Edward J1212

Gave it 4 stars for the small percentage that are qualified and do a heck of a job. (also the volunteers).. for the rest 2 or 3 stars at best. underqualified, including the lack of people skills.

Glynise Reed

I brought my father through the door fighting for what would be his last breath in A wheel chair he was sliding out of , I ask the person at the desk to help me call someone , he casually walked us back to the ER the long way slow as hell , my father had stopped breathing twice on the walk. we get to the ER and he stops at the admission desk to say we have a Veteran here , the guy steps out and ask him why didn't he call for help h His response was "Oh I cant lift anyone " My father passed I am sad . But happy he doesn't have to return there ever again ,These Veterans serve this country and at this VA are hospital treated like this , No More I reported this to 2 Patient advocates , Changes need to be made here and bad before someone else has to bring there vet to endure what I had to there needs to be better customer service and response from the staff, Thank God I never have to make another trip here Its sad . Like a Ghost town after hours no one to assist you and the people there no compassion. I am angry and I hope this matter and others like it are cleared up .

Jon DeWitt

Some of the people there can be really rude....and when they are I report them. If you don't like working with people then leave the hospital. My only really complaint is it takes so long to get something done...

radio boys

am a 68 year old Nam Vet heard all the horror stories about the VA but my experience has been just the opposite have been using the John Dingell medical center for the last eight years they treat me well, I love simply love my Nurse Practitioner she is wonderful am getting better care with the VA then i did with the Beaumont outpatient clinic

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