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La Shawnda Washington

First time I came emergency to Henry Ford it was great.. This time its some straight GARBAGE!!! Been in the Emergency room hall way for 19 hours now !! Still waiting on a room been here for 3 different shifts. My nurse on staff now don't even no his name or the .C.N.A ! Who took the time to explain. to the difference between a C.N.A and a PCT!! Still didn't answer my question which was who was my Aide. I have not seen my nurse or aide since this shift started at 6 p.m. not even checking on me and im in here for a seizure!!!Henry Ford Hospital should be embarrassed and ashamed of some of the staff they entertain hiring !!!!!

Nicole Carrington

Yesterday, around noon my daughter fell off her bicycle and was lacerated on her left leg. By 12:25 we arrived at the ER of the main Henry Ford hospital @henryfordhealthsystem ... we were taken in the back immediately only because I was holding her and they had no wheelchairs available. She was placed on a stretcher and this was the first and ONLY time someone asked to see the injury. We waited here about 15 minutes. From there to a hallway where we were registered. Shortly after that we were moved to some corner that was barely a room. This is where we waited and waited for someone, anyone to come see her, try to make her comfortable, ANYTHING. We waited for close to 2 hours for absolutely no action. I understand that the cases are prioritized, but how do you prioritize when no one has assessed the patient. We made the decision to leave and take her to Beaumont Hospital’s ER @beaumonthealth where she received AMAZING care. She was bandaged when we arrived for her wait (as we were still holding the cut with a bloody washcloth). Waited maybe 30 minutes before we saw a doctor and then she had a room within 15 of that. She had xrays to check for bone injuries and was stitched up shortly after. Her treatment team were friendly and so prompt with her. She had an amazing experience although she was terrified and I want to thank @beaumonthealth for that. She left with a popsicle, a smile and absolutely confident that she would be alright. We asked her if she could tell the difference between the first hospital and the second and she said yes the people and service are so much better here. As for Henry Ford @henryfordhealthsystem I have a permanent bad taste in my mouth for you! We trusted you with my husband’s care last year for meningitis and it was the most horrible and frustrating experience. It was completely wreckless care on so many levels. Never again. I couldn’t care less that you’re the closest hospital to me, I or whoever will suffer a longer car ride before we trust your system for care.

Norma Stuart

Live over 100 miles away, they give you an appt, you drive all the way down for a 9am (3 hrs driving in all the taffic) to be told NOTHING except you will have to come back so they can redo a biopsy that they have already done & didnt get it right the first time! Plus they loose critical paperwork.

Matt Peele

Took my hospital clinicals here for EMT. One of the best hospitals in Detroit.

Carla Martinez

the RNs were absolutely outstanding and perfect service, every single one of them . Really made me feel confident and comfortable with no worries in the world unlike Hutzel ...They were all so friendly and helpful throughout the labor and delivery even during the recovery. will definitely be coming back if i’m pregnant again ... :)

Jaila Mosby

This hospital is horrible I arrived here at 12:00 with my sister who had a breathing problem!! The nurse that was giving gave her a treatment and never came back not know it it had work or not then shortly after making a complain she came back but wasn’t helpful at all. I wish I knew the nurse name but it was never even given to us. I’m just say we were there for 2 hours unattended . The nurse was not helpful something could have really happen consider the fact she couldn’t breathe. I just pray I stay healthy cause I don’t wanna have to com the this unprofessional place at all hopefully during the day it’s better staff and people in the front are not in they phones .

Melinda Davis

My Mom had a major surgery... I thought the staff was amazing! Everyone was very informative and answered all questions we had.

Tra Jones

The patient care has dropped tremendously over the years and it is very disheartening. My father had a serious life threatening surgery (double lung and heart transplant) and he is the first person that they have ever performed this procedure on. The doctors seem to care but the nurses spend more time on their phones then tending to my father who has been unconscious for almost 3 weeks now. His finger tips are turning black and have gotten worse over the past 2 weeks. The nurses asked me to "come get somebody" if the machine continued to beep! Of course I'm going to be concerned so I asked questions, a doctor thought it was reassuring to tell me that she wanted MY father to health and get better 3x more than I ever would. They take him in for unexplained "procedures" every other day and at this point they are just experimenting and running the bill up to collect from his insurance company. I was taken off as the contact as his spokes person without my permission and notifying me. My fathers life is my first concern, but after this is over I'm taking legal action. Please, I urge you to take your loved one elsewhere.


My father had a surgery at this hospital for his pituitary gland tumor. The doctor was great but the stuff and nurses were very rude to my father also they did not take care of him while he was staying in the hospital. If you have a patient staying in this hospital then you better be with the patient so take care of them otherwise the nurses will not give a damn.

Rochelle J

This hospital has some great staff in certain areas and terrible staff in others, when you check in at the main lobby they are rude sometimes they need to be trained in hospitality if a person doesn't understand you or hear you they may be …


What is going on with the panhandlers in the hallways and hospital entrance? The first lady asked me for change for a bus, and then we met several people with similar requests. Some were definitely strung out. Where was security? WE never saw anyone except visitors and beggars until we were buzzed into the actual floor. Getting scary on the way in. My elderly mom will not go there alone.


Soooo unprofessional! Good luck trying to get any answers, no one there seems to know what they’re doing and they will talk in circles till your head spins. Yes this hospital performed a life saving surgery on my family member, but we deeply regret going through this hospital, it’s been that bad.

lontena stephens

This hospital really needs to work on the er wait time and staff if i could go to another facility i would ...

Vince K

First impressions were poor. Patience and observance has led me to see that the nurses, doctors, and staff of this hospital are all truley gifted and God's people in the care they take and the professionalism they carry to work everyday. Thank you.

Amy Mckelvey

I had 2 surgeries at once 24 hours ago. Everyone on the staff was AMAZING. This one star is going to my experience about 10 minutes ago. I was having some issues and a lot of difficulty breathing. Couldn't stop hyperventilating, so my mom heard me and woke up. I had her call the on call doctor. The OPERATOR that is working right now 530 am in Detroit, was the rudest most uncomfortable call. You need someone else on these phones when people are calling in due to possible surgery complications. If there is going to be a rude person on the other line, you will lose a lot of patients. Good thing I'm in so much pain or else I would be making a way bigger deal. Now instead of me trying to sleep after being awake for 24 hours, I'm so upset that I'm sitting here writing this horrible review. Someone please fire that lady, or put her as a janitor.

Katie Law

Please stay away from this hospital. I've been in ICU for 5 days in pain ,when I beg for something to help my pain I get tylenol and norco. ( not helping)) then they asked me why I didn't go to their pain clinic

Andrea G

I came through the ER 8/26/18 brought me in right away no wait time had a really good team of doctors and the best nurse I've ever encountered his name is Justin...never met someone so patient,respectful,and pleasant in an ER before he definitely loves what he does and it shows thanks for the great care Henry Ford and justin....

Thomas Reynolds

The ICU unit is the most professional unit I’ve ever seen. Staff is top notch. Doctors are excellent. Literally brought my brother back from the brink of death.

Pamela Futrell

I am very humbled, they saved my life. Amazing, is just one word. Caring place.

Stacy Cardamone

After being transferred to 4+ hospitals, this one Saved my life. Great staff, quick to respond, very clean, etc; TIP-if you are nice to them, they will be nice to you. Common sense and karma.

Michelle Ledbetter

If you're a person of color do not waste your time, the staff is a bunch of know it alls that will rather experiment than to get the job done, in the last two years I visited then twice and left and went to Sinai. Staff is extremely unprofessional and hostile. If you're a person of color run far away as possible.

Carolyn Scott

Everyone I have had the privilege of dealing with at this facility has been caring, attentive, knowledgeable, responsive to needs & concerns & more than willing to connect me with the persons/department I needed.

Kihilis James

I feel sorry for all the patients who lost there lives waiting for help in Henry Ford Hospital’s Emergency Room


Welp I messed up lol wrong hospital but hopefully your staff isn't as bad as Wyandotte was..

marvin hernandez

Best Cardiologists to be a part of.....


This is the only hospital I would trust my life with. All Henry Ford hospitals. I have never had a negative experience, from surgery to outpatient services, Henry Ford is the best. People give one star without understanding how hospitals work. You are not their only patient, and I guarantee you'll have trouble finding a hospital that treats you any better than a Henry Ford hospital.

Andrea Laurain

The pre op nurses amazing, doctor amazing, post up nurse right on the ball, taking great care of my son. Why a 1 star? My son waiting in pre op for me over an hour and having to go to the 4th floor waiting room desk inquiring what's going on in order to be taken to him because they failed to notify me. Surgery went through, doctor talked to me said it will be a few minutes before I could see him in recovery. An hour and a half goes by and again I had to approach the front desk to find out what's going on for them to tell me he's ready. I take myself back there to learn he's been ready and the desk was called a couple times but they didn't bother to notify any of the 3 of us that were at the same seating area, which they wrote our table number down and patients name at the beginning prior to pre op and we had at least 1 of us at that table the entire time. I had that poor nurse call the driver instead of the desk to ensure no further mistakes made. There was no one to take him down in the wheel chair so i pushed him with 3 herniated discs in my neck and 2 herniated discs in my lower back after being there for 8 hours. My vehicle is not at the door. Why is it not at the door? Your traffic officer was busy poaching for a chance at a FBI job instead, having the other vehicles that decided they are entitled to park side by side with no one coming out for over 15 minutes to them blocking any way around them , not doing her job to keep traffic moving and clear. Here was an amazing team forgotten about because 3 customer reps for the 4th floor waiting room failed to perform job twice and your officer thought her resume was more important then her job. Never again at Detroit main. I will find a new neurosurgeon for my surgery in September that is at any other hospital except here.

Amber Rose

First off, my problem isn’t with the whole hospital. Just the liver specialists. Almost 4 years ago, my father was put on the liver transplant list and the liver team told us he’d be on the list for 2 years at the most. Well, 2 years went by and he still didn’t receive a new liver. Anytime we went to the doctor appointment with the liver specialist, he ALWAYS told my dad he was to “healthy” for a transplant. How is walking with a cane or walker, not eating and losing almost 50 pounds not sick enough? He had to retire from the job he loved, cuz he couldn’t do it anymore. How is throwing up blood and in an out of the hospital once or twice a month “to healthy”?? That is something we never understood. Over this past summer (2018) my dad had to have lung surgery, so he could breathe. This was caused by his liver and lack of immune system, covering his lung in extra tissue. The surgery itself went fantastic. But after two weeks, everything went down hill. He got a stomach and lung infection and went into a coma. The doctor repeatedly told us he wasn’t going to make it. They advised us to say goodbye. However, me and my family never gave up and weeks later, my dad WOKE UP. So many doctors were surprised about it. Of course we were happy, but by being asleep for two weeks caused him to lose more weight and become weak. It was going on 3 years being on the transplant list and now the liver team was telling us he was to weak for a transplant. This is what caused us to be very angry. How can you tell him he’s to healthy, wait years while he’s suffering and to tell him he’s to weak AFTER fighting a bacterial and fungal infection and winning??!!! I know I’m not a doctor, I’m just a college student. But I’d rather have lost my father on the operating table and then not trying, and that’s what happened. I had to sit and hold my fathers hand while his heart stopped beating because no one on the transplant team would even try or help him. I had to sit in the hospital for MONTHS watching my father turn into a man I didn’t recognize. I had to watch my dad get a tracheotomy, I had to watch my father throw up blood. I had to watch my father get a feeding tube. I had to watch my father get poked and prodded everyday because they wouldn’t give him a new liver or even try. I had so much hope to the future with my dad, and now at 21 I have to deal with his death. NO one should EVER have to go through this. I am very disappointed with Henry fords liver team. They couldn’t save my dad when they said they would/could.

Deb Bellamy

My daughter was admitted 4 days ago. Such a wonderful group of Medical Professionals. They are very attentive and actually care about what you have to say. 5 stars for sure

rob bx93

I feel sorry for anyone who ends up stuck in this faculty. Absolute torture. They don't even take care of you. No one deserves to be looked after by these incompetent nurses. I truly wish I could give 0 stars. This place is a joke

Michael Smith EL

My experience at Henry ford ER was the worst,

Gaylord Lucas

Saved my wife's life Heart Transplant. Entire staff gave us both Royal treatment.and continues Forever greatful !

Shawn Cagle

I’m very pleased with the way my mother was treated and taken care of . The nurses and doctors are wonderful. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is the parking and Managing patient drop off is deplorable.

Sasha Schvitz

Whether time is a surplus or time is of shortage, depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on. Good luck!

Josh Whitaker

This place is a joke! Outdated facilities, complacent staff, horrible patent care and inedible food! Honestly should be shut down immediately! Conditions were so bad, we had to transfer to a different hospital!

Latanya Rayford



When ever you go to Henry ford it feels as if you were at home and as if they were your family and they treat like family they actually care.Me and my kids will never go to any other hospital.A family member went there for a heart surgery they even left her a beautiful card with all the doctors signature.They are and will always be #1

Sam Beydoun

You are lucky if you meet a decent expert doctor at this hospital .All around are young inexperienced doctors that need supervision who meet you at the emergency. I wish they spend time on treating you as much as they spend time filling reports. The universal medication is pain killers and go home.

Ethel Smith

When you When you enter Henry Ford Hospital on the boulevard I feel that they care and you are comfortable with them because I know I work there before God bless all the nurses doctors staff and others that enter the hospital

Alma Brown

I went to the emergency room here because I’m an employee here and I thought I would’ve been treated better but no I didn’t. The doctors and nurses acted as if I was non coherent because I have a disability. I had to clean up after myself because I had a bad case of thin blood. I had to assist myself to the bathroom. EVERY NURSE AND DOCTOR AND NURSE ASSISTANTS NEEDS TO TAKE A BEDSIDE MANNER COURSE!! I felt very uncomfortable and disrespected as a patient and employee. If they need a bedside manner instructor I can help with that.

B Willis

Excellent care from main campus ER doctors and staff. My husband is alive today because of their expertise!

Maureen Pate

The surgical staff and doctors took wonderful care of me! I thank them for there excellent care! I had surgery October 26th 2018

Jacob Rizer

You can get here at 8am and there is two people in the waiting room next thing it's 9am and the waiting room is full and still haven't gotten called to the reception desk. Why is there a ER if noone works?? Maybe figure out your priorities..

Kelly McCarthy

Majority of the personnel here provide little to no information when you ask. Cannot get a patient a simple thing such as water. They do not call back when they say they will check with a doctor and call back. They do not seem to have any …

Dwain Watkins

If I could give less then one star i would. Er had no beside mannor. I didn't trust them to care for my daughter and to be honest I won't come back unless I couldn't make it to another hospital. We ended up at Royal Oak Beaumont it was night and day.

mis ren

The worst hospital I've been to. Some of the most insensitive nurses/staff, it's mindboggling. What kind of training do these people get to deal with the families of the sick loved ones? How about just being kind. I hope they never …

Jordan Salisbury

The security on days in the ER department is rude and snotty not my fault your having a bad day.. learn how to talk to people...I ask to be transferd to another department where she then huffed and hung up on me......

Michael Micthell

They get you right in. To see someone that can help you.

Traci Bledsoe

My mother was discharged on Thursday 8/9/18 with "nothing wrong and no infection". Friday I had to call 911 because she was in septic shock. The local hospital had to work fast to save her life. So Henry Ford didn't see that??? All of her blood came back negative? No, not when the very next day she almost lost her life!!! I called the patient advocate and they won't even return my call!! If I could give this hospital a lower rating than 1 star, I would.

cierra coe

Worst emergency department service ever. I was there for 3 hours in the waiting room and still not seen because they have no rooms available.

nichole powell

This place is a joke they are better off to lock the doors and close. They don't know how to answer simple questions putting 2 people in a 1 person room. After 3 days they still have no answers as to what is wrong with my mom but yet she still can't have food and water she's 75 come on. You ask for a patient advocate buy they can't be reached like what? Ask when someone will come talk you and ur told they will be in a min. 30 mins later ask again oh their in a meeting? Hate that you even have to give a 1 star bc they dont deserve it.

Tina Schamante Mark Heckert

Dream Team Doctors, Facility and Staff.

Bigpun Young

Was there visting friend seemed ok underground garage was hot not sure how that works

Brenda Clark

I was on time for a cat scan at 8 in the morning and I drove from downriver to be told it's a new year and our insurance needed to be verified and it was my fault for not verifying the test through the insurance company. I assumed that's what the hospital did confirm payment...that what I get for assuming that they actually care about the patient I had wait a hour for them to laught and gossiping to be told they will work me in. Time to find a health system that cares.

Sarah Ali

I took my sister who was projectile vomiting and had bad abdominal pains, she was pale and shivering and waited in the ER for over 4 hours & watched as they took several other patients before her. They claimed they take patients back based on pain levels but she stated hers was a 10/10. how much higher could those patients levels be ? She has scoliosis and after the second hour was having back pain from sitting in a wheelchair for so long and asked if they could bring a bed or stretcher in the waiting room, they said no and never tried to offer any other solution. Not happy with their service AT ALL.

Kevin Adams

3-4 hour wait time in emergency is crazy!!!!!!! This is sad how they treat people at this hospital. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Jilline Rakestraw

Just read about how you purposely rip people off on NPR. You should be ashamed. A dr takes the hippocratic oath to first do no harm. Think maybe you can hold yourselves to the same standard?

Chris Gilbert

The emergency room is crazy but if you go in expecting it its not that bad and the hospital floor staff are really nice and helpful.. They make you feel like family

Rebecca Sowerby

This hospital saved my husband's life. He received a liver transplant. The doctors, nurses and staff are the BEST that can be found anywhere. We have not met a single professional that was not kind, caring and intelligent. Thank God for Henry Ford.

Lance Sutherland

I'm in the hospital now for a back surgery. The surgery went find I guess, but everything else is terrible. They stuffed me in a room that is actually made fo one person. It's hot and I'm sweating like a dog. I'm in extreme pain and they gave medications for a headache or toothache. Most of the staff is friendly but there's one or that just evil. If my employer did force me to utilize this hospital, I never would. Henry Ford hospital main campus is old and ran like we are in the 1950's.

Patricia Ann Miller

I have had excellent care at Henry Ford. I saw a neurologisst there for some time. He tested me and treated me for my neuropathy in my feet and lrgs. U of M is also has wonderful doctors. I saw them and they tested & treated me for neuropathy.

Ms. McLovely

First time at Henry Ford Hospital and came with my boyfriend because he said it was a great hospital, well so much for that! We arrived at about 10am and were the only ones in the waiting area. At first the staff was pleasant and quick service with them saying it was not busy due to the snow. Once he got a bed we were waiting 3 hours and still had no information told to us of what was going on all they did was give him a shot and sample his urine. So I finally asked what was going on? That he never got the urine result and she said oh it was negative, I asked negative for what? I mean I didn't realize that you had to ask these questions!? From my life experiences THEY come tell you what's going on?! On top of that the lady had a bad attitude while I was asking the questions like she didn't want to be bothered. Very horrible experience for my first time being here which is sad due to the fact that they have a good reputation. Now 4 hours later and STILL haven't been told, ANYTHING! If they were going to discharge him it would be nice to and least be told that.... SOMETHING SMDH!!!!

Lynne McMahon

I have been dealing with things in Saginaw for so LONG. I thought I was going to lose my leg here. I was so sick and nobody seem to want to help me back-and-forth back-and-forth to the hospital constantly Was awful. I took one trip to Henry Ford and I’m on my way to recovery. There is a God and he is looking out for me he sent me down to Henry Ford to heal and that is what they’re doing for me the doctors and nurses are wonderful down there I’ve never seen more caring loving peaceful in my life.

Don Z Dryver

I just had back surgery and a 3 day stay at the hospital. This was my first time ever in a general hospital and I have to say that it was actually enjoyable. The nurses and staff were wonderful. This was a new experience for me and it was fun. The success of my surgery is still unknown however. Name is a screen name. Real name is Carl C.

Jennifer Brown - West

Worst doctors in primary and gastroenterology! Today the gastro said the liver is not in his field of medicine! As two huge charts of our gastric system hangs on the wall! I asked, what's that huge organ as I pointed to the liver. He says, the liver. I responded with dedact it from your chart since it's not in your field of medicine! Big Pharma is in their pockets, deep! Worst experience ever with a Gastroenterologist and I've been seeing one for 40+years. I'm now 60! HFHCS, non-profit my a$$!

Rex M

Best neurosurg you could ask for. Everyone involved in my care was top notch. Everything went so great. As long as you dont use the er as your primary care doc hfh has you covered.

thing l

The wait time says enough and the lack in communication and the disrespect.

Lydia Donovan

Poor Roger Donley..if he dies its on Henry Ford!

Gigi Schuster

Their pain clinics is a joke, their down playing weakness in my leg, and loss of strength in them and virtgo, but of course 'lets down play it' I of course fall when I get home, go to Henry Ford Westbloomfield the male doctor was "if you fall again you can always come back" I needed a wheelchair , af*#^$( wheel chair because I can't walk without falling, I live alone how the hell does this help me....on top of that nausea, dry heves. Negligence on the Pain Clinic at this location and disregard to my high risk falling living alone with no one, and disregard and down playing my symptoms, not one blood pressure was taken since they got an xray and I was in Henry Ford West Bloomfield after I was told by this Henry Ford Detroit Pain Clinic to go, The docto here doesn't care my chance of falling is a risk, hell he even offered me fuc;#*! Advil Ibproufin 'is he stupid 'I was told never ever, to take Advil, even in my MyChart it clearly says I have an allergy to fuc#*#^ Advil, first his smart mouth comment then offers me something I'm allergic to, shame on this ER West Bloomfield Henry Ford Doctor. He doesn't care I had to have a nurse assist me to get to bathroom, instead he is letting me 'Fall' on the way out no care, I swear if I fall you will be looking at a lawsuit maybe then you guys will care?! On the Pain Clinic Sheet says " Feeling like your going to fall go to ER, was that before or after you fall after you were sent away with extreme virtgo? Incompetents in this pain clinic.

Uzzol Borlekha

You come in with highly intense pain they make you wait in the waiting room. If a person come in ambulance they are seen right away. This is wrong practices for henry ford health systems. They are very poor assessing pain level or patient. If there was 0 I would put 0 for the rating

Megan Young

Place is definitely dirty and disgusting but I have a high rating because i would come here over Beaumont any day. The doctors are so nice and personable and caring and I don’t plan on going back to Beaumont. At Beaumont they are short and rude and you never see the same doctor more than once. I really love the team here.

Stephanie Bott

A family member was brought here and was on the spectrum. The doctors did not read that he was autistic in his chart and told him flat out that he were going to die. Not knowing how to cope, he reasonably panicked which prompted the doctors to sedate him. He ended up passing away and my family had our time stolen from us because of the negligence and lack of care that doctors had here. He was no longer able to communicate like he was only hours earlier because of the sedation and we were unable to say goodbye. There was a lack of care and compassion when my family member was twisted up in his hospital bed after being sedated in which we had to put his body in a humane and comfortable position. Please train your staff to be mindful and caring. These are human beings that have families. Compassion goes a long way and just because you know someone is going to die, treat them with kindness, dignity and respect.

sky logan

I find the hospital extremely racist toward white people. The level of confidential information extremely poor,and the support staff lack any kind of respect toward the patient they 'TAkE' care of on the floor.

Claire Urtel

In a lot of pain after surgery. The meds they’re giving aren’t working, or maybe the dosage! They won’t up the dosage so I can rest! Its 11:30 at night and I’ve been up since 4am for my surgery, the nursing staff are having races up and down the halls yelling and laughing non stop. Yelling out Rock Paper Scissors game. Just completely unprofessional! Not only I can’t get rest do to pain, I have to listen to this young staff throw a party outside my door! Also I have to wait HOURS to get the med called in and given to me. Don’t go here!!!! It’s a zoo

Tahleel Prodhan

Why does it take 3 hours to be seen by a doctor in the emergency room? That was the expected wait time yesterday. Why aren't you adequately staffed?

Lissa Williams

The doctors and most of the nurses appeared to be very nice and expressed concern during my friend's hospital stay. They discharged him after a 4wk stay without finding out what was wrong. He was out a week b4 he was readmitted. Someone stole his brand new phone & the hospital had the audacity to blame it on laundry & said it was an accident. First off, I would like to think if you're changing linen all day. You would make sure there's nothing on the bed!!!! Anyway that was a complete lie bc the PHONE WAS NOT IN THE BED!!!! JUST ADMIT THAT YOU HAVE THIEVES THAT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PATIENTS. IF I COLLAPSED IN HENRY FORD HOSPITAL I WOULD STILL REQUEST TO BE TAKING TO WILLIAM BEAUMONT IN ROYAL OAK!!!!


Such a horrible experience. Wasted my time and treated me unfairly.

Marndis Curcija

THE BEST BEST BEST hospital ever!!! The nurses, the doctors, everyone is so kind. I definitely recommend this hospital. Everything is so clean, all staff are nice and very welcoming. My grandma is being treated very well and so are visitors. Thank you so much HF!

Jessica Ruggs

If I could rate them in the negatives I would

shaunte pyles

I had a very bad experience at Henry Ford Hospital yesterday & I will be filing a grievance, a complaint with the State. This company should be a shame of themSelves for hiring careless ,heartless , unqualified and over worked medical staff. At one point I was an advocate for Henry Ford Health Systems .As of today I will never return to a Henry Ford Health Facility .I am moving to a totally different Health system . I have determined they do poor chart work poor patient assessments, they assume every black person is dope head and they treat you as such. They run test and assists patients of white decent 1st they neglect black patients..

kay hill

Nurses and staff are the best, very helpful, very nice. John Becker was the very best, best service and actually wanted to help, he was very helpful and caring. If I could have him every time I would

nancy gerich

I sat in emergency for 17 hours in the hallway. They were great on testing me for stroke, due to eye loss. But I was a diabetic , never once did I get insulin . Or food. I could of gotten very sick an passed away for something I didn't come in for. Nobody seemed to care what meds I was in. Or my Surgar readings.

Sharon Shook

Nursing staff and the doctors have been very friendly to my mom and her family for the week she has been there! But.... the dietary department has really sucked! It took over an hour and half for soup one day and then she wasn't hungry, the lady said it wouldn't be long! Really? Then she ordered spaghetti the next day and just got noodles without the meat sauce! Really? She was on a regular diet! They have poor communication with nursing staff! Then waited for lunch over 2 hours the next day. When calling the kitchen they said she didn't order! Two minutes later she got her lunch ! No communication! Dietary has not done their job and it makes the hospital have poor ratings!

katijah uddin

The worst ER ever... 3 hours to see a Doctor then another hour to get IV and meds unless you have been shot having a heart attack or a stroke don't go there DMC is the best ER in Detroit ... I wish I could give them negative stars 2 thumbs down

Kelvin Lundy

I use to work here in the 90's , for person like me heaven must be like this. Excellent staffing within the whole Building. I was there today 1/22/2019, people i use to work with are Still there. Avg.32 years of service! Where does that happen?

Coleen Farm

Good evening, i am in the hospital now at main campus. My nurses on B5 and other staff have been amazing. They have been the most caring group of people to work with. Know the hand them Dr's have been a mother. How do you say what you are going to do with someone and never examine them. Then how do you tell me what i need and this is not my first time i have been in the hospital for this problem. I am telling you what helps and you telling me its not. I have never been so disappointed in a group of Dr's as i have been in this hospital stay.


My daughter is an lvad patient and was told she has a blood clot in her machine. She needs to have a new machine because she could go into cardiac arrest. Her lvad team voted on not treating her and she was told she needed to go to University of Michigan emergency room to be admitted. University of Michigan turned her away saying it is Henry Ford Hospital responsibility to do the surgery. My daughter is still waiting for her doctor to call her as to what they are going to do. She has been treated at Henry Ford Hospital all her life. Somebody needs to address this problem immediately.

Single4 Ever17

On June 10, my family had to go to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning because my sister took a turn for the worse. We were headed to the ICU when we were stopped my the light skinned, bubble-eyed young man sitting at the desk near there. His response when we walked in was, "Can I help you?" with a mouthful of attitude in his voice as well as his body language. My father told him who we were there for and he proceeded, with asking how old my niece was once again with a mouthful of attitude while telling us she couldn't go into ICU, which were already aware of. As he got on the phone, he rolled his eyes at my mother and father while writing something on a slip of paper. He then handed it to my father. I've never been more angry and wanted to say something so bad however that was not the time because an hour later, my sister passed away. I still pray for that young man and his behavior. He may have been going through something however so were we at that time. On top of that, my sister's doctor never gave us an answer as to what happened to her. Throughout the time she was there, they gave us something different everyday but under the umbrella of, "we don't know"! We still to this day don't have a clue why she died. They made sure they put "natural" as her cause of death on the certificate to absolve them of all responsibility. Besides that, I still wish that young man nothing but the best when he is on his death bed and his family is stopped by personnel.

Ymn /1

This is the WORST hospital ever. No respect no care toward their patient it’s Horrible. I went to deliver my baby and they kept me waiting for almost 3 hours in the waiting room because they didn’t have room to put me in ?? And after birth The nurses always forgot about my pain medication and gave them to me hours later after I ask them. They made mistakes on my newborn birth certificate and didn’t write the fathers name on it and need to fill out applications to Lansing to get it fixed and pay $50 fee for the corrections. Also their ER is trash the wait is so long and the rooms are so dirty I’ve waited their for 6 hours and didn’t get treated for the issue I went for . they don’t respect or care about the patients all they care about is their pay check .worst experience and horrible hospital and staff. I’ll never go back their again and I will let friends and family know to not deal with what I dealt.

Deborah Perry

WOW these ppl were all so caring. Even security. The ppl here really care. My husband had an emergency and was transferred here for an endoscopy. They took excellent care of him and even ME! Nicest ppl ever working here. Thank you for everything!!!

Madison Eldridge

My mom was transferred down here from another hospital were she was incoherent and didn't know anyone except for my father and son and pretty much dead. Now she knows everyone and is doing a lot better. Everyone here has treated us good and listened to us and keeps us updated. Very respectful, caring, and much more. I rather be at this hospital then the ones up in the area that I am from about 3hrs north west of here.

Mahogany Patterson

Most racist hospital in Detroit i was visting my cousin i wasnt feeling good my self i ask for a cup of water because i was feeling very dizzy they keep telling me to ask the police for some so i ask the police for some water he told me to ask the nurses very unprofessional and racist against the black community now if i wouldve fell out they would've had a big law suit on their hands.

Wayne Wahl

Terrible rude and nasty staff, all hand sanitizer stations empty , bathrooms closed, security guards at front door were sleping or on phones , all the staff at the multiple windows were very nasty to everyone who was needing assistance , ER department seemed like a bunch of racists POS, terrible hospital , very unorganized and very dirty and nasty , pray to God you never have to go here , also its a 2-3 hour wait for each step of there very unorganized and nasty staff process. Should be 0 stars and should shut down ASAP

Omar A. Bilal

Great experience, very friendly and. Professional & Clean.

Michael B

I've never received medical care at this facility, I just think it is a beautiful building.

Flex god

Very. Disappointed. In the whole experoence. Ct scan and mri techs were. Nice. Also one of my nurses. However,not confident that DR. Was knowledgable about my situatuon or maybe just didnt care. Been in excrutiating pain for days and they …

Ciara Barnes

Getting ready to leave now and I’ve been here numerous of times. I like this hospital in general but today I met some GREAT people! Although my wait today was super long, I do understand that their maternity section rooms were full so it’s understandable. The STAFF MEMEBER KIM who did my ultrasound is literally one of the most genuinely sweetest people I have ever met! She made me feel comfortable while performing an uncomfortable task, was professional but still personable, and helped make my experience the best ever today. There were also a few other staff memebers that were awesome as well! Thanks to you all.

Chuck the Affiliate

I wish I could give zero stars, easily the worst Emergency Room (and I'm not sure they should be called that) in Michigan maybe even America. What emergency room u know of in a major city has a three hour (at least) wait and that's before u even seen by a doctor. God forbid u need any kind of testing or something because even tho it gets ALOT better when u get away from the slow ass emergency area it's still gonna be another couple of hours. I think EVERYONE in the ER department should be fired they dont show a sense of urgency at all even tho it's the EMERGENCY ROOM.

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