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Crystal Shir

This hospital sucks.

Danielle Williams

At the dental oral surgeon and my appt was at 7 am yet it is 10 and have not been seen and more and morw people are coming in. It is so overbooked it is very unprofessional and disrwspectful. I have never seen swrvice so bad in my life...please get it together!!

Tanya Young

Extremely rude and lazy employees who treat patients/clients like trash. The employees at this hospital need to be fired! You don’t treat people this way!!!!

Jackie McGowan

This is a good hospital. It's have the best sterile processing dept. In the state. And this is the heart of DMC. THE DOCTORS ARE GREAT GO DETROIT!

iAmGirl Mellany

They not always fast but I know I always can go here and get token care of!!!

Elaina Beasley

Im here now and have not been called. I got here around 12:30 still no one as called anybody. It 3:00am now. Im very up set. I never gone thru this here. I hope i never have to come back for nothing in the world. They dont even ask is we doing alright or nothing. And i pay tax for this. Im not doing well behind this

Anonymous Person

My friend who is a type 2 diabetic and has no health insurance came here after having heart attack. They treated him no different then someone with insurance. In fact, instead of patching him up and pushing him out the backdoor like most hospitals do they helped him apply for medicaid, they've ran a ton of additional testing and have plans of doing bypass surgery once all the tests come back stating his body is strong enough to have the surgery. Its been 5 days so far and he's in a huge single patient room and the staff has been extremely friendly and helpful not to mention very prompt and this is how they treat people w/o health care. I'm from NE suburbs and I hate to say this but if he had came to a hospital out here he wouldn't have received a 1/4 of the service he's got'n from DRH. Trust me on that because even w/ health care insurance they still don't treat you all that great where I'm from. Thank you to the hopital as well as the staff working 5Q (12/2016) because you probably saved my friends life in the long run.

Phil Ty

My brother was brought to DMC after an industrial accident. Aug 11. While life saving measures were preformed, there were/are situations that occurred and are occurring (he is still pt) that concerns me. 1. The first time they released him from ICU he was found unconscious on a med ward with NO heart beat, ie dead and was brought back with CPR. Released.too early. Too many screw ups and what I feel are serious mistakes to list. A abdominal drain tube accidently ripped out is just one. What is really really concerning. When I called and spoke with his nurse tonight and she could not tell me why he is on IV antibiotics. Told me that nothing was mentioned to her during report. . . the last time I worked in a hospiral, the nurse especially in a ICU unit should know her patient. Everything about that patient. I could go on and on and also be more detailed and articulated. Know this, I am not a little happy and by reading previous bad reviews, it looks like someone should be reaching out. I intend to call tomorrow morning and start the ball rolling to get answers and assurances that screw ups in the hospital will not kill my brother due to negligence under their care.

Auston Smith

Why is it that I’ve tried to call about 6 or 7 times to schedule an appointment and no one answers the phone and the mailbox is full! I’m in severe pain and need wisdom teeth taken out ASAP and I can’t get ahold of anyone.

Billy Streetman

The nurse's are great Dr's are horable never again

Mike Johnson

Good Hospital

DeDra Flowers

There only place I've only had a problem here is in the Emergency Room, and it was bad enough that I had to drop this rating to 2 stars. Some of the best doctor's and clinics work out of here, but the Emergency Room (especially for patients who aren't there for Trauma reasons) is antiquated. It looks as if hasn't been updated in at least the past 25 years, (it might really be closer to 35-40years) and employs some of the most rude, uncaring, and often disrespectful people that I've ever seen working at DMC Facilities. But the rest of the Hospital is the best!

Brian Filar

Our son received phenomenal Care at Detroit Receiving Hospital. He was taken in with a bad infection other hospitals couldn't figure out. The staff immediately admitted him knowing he had a big infection. Between the medicine team, the infection team, and the Plastic Surgery team, they figured it out promptly. The nursing staff was above average. The entire Hospital staff was warm friendly, courteous and very helpful. We can't express enough thanks to the people at the Detroit Receiving Hospital. We are from the suburbs and people actually asked us why we were there. We told everybody we work in and around Detroit and there is nothing better than the DMC. We would recommend Receiving and the entire DMC to anybody. 10 stars to the staff at 5N. We enjoyed the prompt staff and we appreciated the urgent care so much we gave them several pizzas.

Destiny Rice

Don’t do business with this place. I had an appointment July 2nd to get my wisdom teeth pulled they called me the day before and said they couldn’t do it. It’s been two weeks they still haven’t called to reschedule it. I’m in pain I can barley eat my food or close my mouth. These people in here don’t care what are they even getting paid for ?

Beauty 202

Horrible. I came here a few times having chest pain & heart palpitations but they just shrugged it off like it was no big deal. They prescribed me ibuprofen and sent me home. Once I went and they prescribed me Naproxen 500mg, I took it thinking "Ok this will help my chest pain." Well it made it worst! The next day my skin broke out into a rash and my stomach starting hurting badly, I started having difficulty breathing & on top of that my chest pain got 10× worst. I found out these were the side effects of the Naproxen. But what I do not understand is why would they give me Naproxen when it increases heart attacks and strokes?? If someone has chest pain why add more pain to it? This hospital (emergency) doesn't help with your problem they just add on to it.

Sabi Corvine

The crisis center was one of the scariest places ive ever been admitted to. Like i was terrified on my way down there. Everyone there was miserable. It was dimly lit, the patients werent handled very professionally, and they made me talk about my traumatic experience in front of everyone basically. One guy had been down there for 4 days. Id understand the unit if it were treated as a waiting room, but most of those people were down there for days. I was fortunate to only be down there for 9 hours, watching BET to keep me sane. Lol. We werent really allowed to leave our beds except to go to the bathroom. (Its a one room unit) There are no books, games, or things to do. They acted like theyve never heard of a suicide attempt before. Dont even get me started on the inpatient psych clinic.

mona castro

I went here terrified with a tooth that needed to be pulled. I was treated with kindness and the staff put me at ease. I didn't have to wait very long either. Excellent experience. And I have super dentist phobia.

Chandra Towles

Called the hospital to check on my daughter and was told by two different people she wasn't there and hadn't been there, she my daughter calls me and tells me she has an arm band and she's waiting on a room! How can two different employees not know who's in that facilty once the person has been issued an arm band! That's bullcrap! I told her she should've went to Providence...she only went to Detroit Receiving because she was on the east side.

David Post

They will let you die alone and not call the emergency contact. Also the communication can be bad. My girlfriend was doing bad, long story short. I dropped her off and they admitted her. The next day i show up and she's on a respirator. I got nervous and asked if she's ok and the nurse said yes she's ok. I tried getting more information because she's attached to everything and he said she just needed to temporarily be sedated. I sat with her for an hour when I'm told she needs a light procedure and i need to go to a waiting room until someone comes and gets me. No one ever comes and gets me so i walk back and they're long done. I sit and talk with her for 15 minutes when a doctor comes in and tells me She might not make it and that they can't get ahold of her family when she both has she phone and it's not locked and i am her emergency contact and i did not get a call. I didn't think about it at the time i just told them i would give them everyone's number. Before i could give it to them they sent me out to do another procedure. I contacted her family and had no clue what to explain and they were full of questions that i couldn't answer because an hour earlier i told them she was ok. She died an hour later. Only her sister made it. In the past I've had mixed experiences but it was the best hospital for my girlfriend in the past. I think they assumed she didn't have loved ones because it was a partially drug induced problem and decided not to contact anyone. If i didn't show up she would have died alone.

ronald davis

I was entered into the hospital for a hip replacement the surgeon with outstanding and its staff they were friendly courteous patient gave me all the information I requested concerning my operation once I ride on the floor again nursing staff outstanding support staff outstanding PT staff outstanding OTstaff outstanding my experience was very very good the hospital was clean every employee treated me respectfully politely and took time to explain whatever I ask

J Elder

So grateful, even to tears, at the most excellent care I received after crashing on a Byrd Scooter. I broke my hip, and was all tore up on my left side. Had to be patient with the hospital system of today, and realize they were taking good care of me. The trauma team of about 8 came daily, even 2 times a day to check on me (a seasoned dr, young dr, residents and trainees). They were bright, intelligent, very caring and compassionate. The orthopedic team of about 8 were the same way. I am from out of state, and if I had to crash somewhere, this was a good place! The xray nurse was so sweet and my room nurse explained things well. The pre-op team dotted their 'I's' and crossed their 'T's' making sure they operated on the right person, and the correct side. The anesthesiologist listened respectively to my concerns. Orthopedic surgeon took pictures right in the operating room to make sure the new titanium screws were properly placed. Post-Op team watched me like I was in intensive care. Three days later they released me to take a plane home. Doctor at home took more xrays and verified screws and bones were right. Healing fantastic! about the sharp intelligence care providers!


They have the rudest staff on earth here..the b#&$@ on the phone for patient information hung up on me..the rent a cops are rude..1 time went to visit family to bring them some food and they wouldnt let us in after we already paid to park because we were 10 min late for visiting hours-and they wouldnt take him the food cuz they claimed they were too busy..yea ok.if you can still breathe go to the next hospital!! Avoid this place like herpes!

Christian Smith

I had a child born at Harper in 2016. It was a terrible experience. The nurses were cool but during an "emergency" C-section. The doctor's cut my child on his face after his weight was miscalculated and a lead broke on a unsafe scapel. Their was no real apology for the cut. Their excuse was the baby did it. He is almost a year and and a half. And the scar is very visible. We get looks and questions from strangers and it only makes it worse. He is still very handsome but because of their negligence the questions will never stop.

Teresa Frinkle

Wish 0 stars was an option. I had a family member taken there, she had passed out at work and EMS was called. They ran test, but refused to update anybody on the reason why. Eventually we all agreed to have her leave there and go to U of M. And then they decided to withhold information on her previous test. And didn't roll her out, which she should have been. Also refused to give any of the family any information on her Seriously unprofessional and rude service

David bellard

Absolutely filthy. Throwing everything on the floor even syringe head (yes, the sharp pointy metal thing of the syringe). Everything on the floor wrappers, cloth wipes with blood on them, plastic bags, and rarely any cleaning of the floor


I came thru E.R. after an A.A. on Dec. 29 2018, the trauma team was excellent ! A nurse of 43 yrs. , I was observing very closely. Everyone was kind from CT scan to radiology. The nurse that followed from trauma to observation was a delight. She called me Cynthiajo as if it were one name and Jo is my middle name and no one uses it, however some how it was comforting to me with all the craziness going on. Thank you one and all ! Nurses,Dr.,Tech's. You do fine work and I appreciate it fom the bottom of my heart. Cynthia Jo

Adam Dion

I was stabbed, and completely tore my acl and got dropped off here. They didn't even bother to ask if I have insurance, irregardless they're giving me an extremely hard time about getting pain meds. I'm losing my mind, and my leg is throbbing. They're giving me the lowest dose of norco, and im throbbing, shaking crying. So finally I get a shot of something, and it lasts 5 minutes. Now I'm in excruciating pain again.

sayem ahmed

My visit there was terrible because of the guy at the information desk he is not no help at all guy name TURNER. He was very rude upon our arrival he didn’t want to help at all has no manner whatsoever. He was using his phone not paying any attention wish I could have talked to a manager but it’s Christmas so everyone is off but I hope gets fired.

April Kolakovich -Osen

My surgeon and his team were awesome!!! Except for 1 or 2 staff on the floor after my surgery I have NEVER BEEN TREATED SO BADLY. You would be shocked at what was done to me. One example is, I was put in a reclining chair next to my bed (this was the day after my spinal surgery on my neck (c3-c7) . I had been vomiting still and because I was in so much pain that I was not able to obey their order to walk the hall more so she put me in the chair and told me I had to sit in it for 1 hour. She made it recline so I could not get out of it and left for about a hour. In the meantime even though I have a neck brace on it hurt sooooo bad to be in there and I started to get vomit coming up and I couldn't sit up or turn on my side so I wouldn't choke on my vomit. I pushed the call button and they ask over the speaker what I want, well I'm panicking because of obvious reasons and still no Nurse. I ring the button AGAIN, and just another repeat of the above action (nothing). Ok now I'm really starting to panic, I ring the button AGAIN. Finally I get what I thought was someone to help me and guess what she did? She made sure I knew who was boss and unless I settled down she was just gonna stand there, and I know the first 2 times when I said to her I need to be sat up straight so I don't choke on my vomit that she most definitely could understand, on the 3rd time I was probably not as understandable but she had to see the panic in my eyes. She seriously kept just standing there. 2. Also I had to call one girl out on her attitude and a lie I caught her in concerning my pain medicine and when she told me I was due for it again and when it was that time I rang for them to bring it to me and it ended up being so late because I believe because I called her out in front of her friends that were there and heard it all. At one point my pain medicine was 1 1/2 hours late. I'm sure I probably shouldn't be posting even just these couple things because now they got a heads up about some of what I've been through. Oh well, I just really hope this can help any other people from going through this. AND trust me there is more but I think you all get the idea. I was treated so badly that even though I was NOWHERE READY TO GO HOME, I WENT HOME AS SOON AS THE DRAINAGE TUBE WAS OUT. AND I CRIED WHILE TELLING MY NIECE ABOUT WHAT THEY DID TO ME. I still can't get it out of my mind

Wakeker Blinks

First time,, Burn clinic ,, from desk staff , friendly,, I love my nurse & doctor!! They where very good handling my situation 2 degree burn

Kimberly Jobe

I like the place because the doctors were nice! Some of the Techs are older and take all day doing stuff but besides that everything and everyone was good!

Evangylon Glover-M

Linda Cosby ( Environment Experience ) is an asset to the Hospital.She made my family stay at Harper Hospital very easy,made sure our room was clean & engaged in conversation that was encouraging and uplifting.

Husna Khan


Nae Nae

8A Harper University Hospital Neurology Clinic and Holden Lab I think they got something against black people I waited 2 hours to be seen these indian people come in and they call them fast I think receiving hospital got something against black people and to tell you the truth I don't understand why I keep coming to this slow ass hospital and most these people that work here don't like there jobs

Desiree Matthews

It's been a long time waiting 3years of continuous referrals to get my tooth pulled and after waiting so damn long I've gotten as far as talking to the receptionist at 2-3a.m. now the pain has worsen causing it to hit a nerve when I go into my dental office they only offer me antibiotics and a damn referral to you all for 3 years could someone other than the damn receptionist tell me something asap I don't get it's appointment only but you never get back with the patients there's gotta be another way of contacting you this is a serious matter......... oh I almost forgot if you go through emergency they give more pain meds instead of just sending me upstairs to get it pulled you should take your job more f***ing serious people like me have been waiting and can't escape from getting referrals to you


When I was their they dared my consciousness and did they learn anything yes they did.

Chai Lee

Was referred to Oral Surgery Department for removal of impacted wisdom teeth . Upon the schedule of my appointment,The receptionist asked if i would prefer iv sedation or laughing gas .I choose laughing gas. The receptionist reminds you to fast four hours prior to your appointment .I fast prior. I get to dental clinic at 930 appointment time late (I- 75 was the worst traffic wise,Not to mention parking nightmare that ensued afterwards).I get to the counter and check in ,the secretary tells me normally they dont see patients after 15 minutes. The patients that were waiting rolled their eyes and said they had been waiting since 630am to be seen for their scheduled appointment . At about 1230 i broke down and went and found something to eat (i take medications that require me to take with food)At 1oclock a secretary announces that staff breaks for an hour . Secretary informed patients that wanted to be seen to be back before 130 just in case they get called back earlier. I get called back around 230 ONLY TO BE TOLD TO RETURN FOR THE SURGERY . Based on the information the receptionist provided during our initial phone call I assumed the surgery would be performed same day since I had referral etc.. NO CHANCE !!I have taken time off work &thrown my medication schedule off for no reason !.Oh and if you choose iv sedation the schedulingng is about three months out ! They want to bill you office visit #1,#2,#3 will be actual procedure and if you have multiple teeth the want to pull them separately. Disaster smh ...If i had been informed properly i could have avoided frustration and loss of time away from work for a procedure i thought would take place !!!!

Raelyn Williams

I also had a hip replacement there. Doctor Little is amazing. The replacement ward has individual rooms and great care. I'm going back to talk to them about my knee.

Golam Isteja Choudhury Moni

Ridiculous emergency service.

Ana Ford

Two stars for the nurses who were great. Doctor's... well I had a bad outcome, so It's hard to be positive, but aside from damaging bad surgical outcomes coming true, they were good. Real problem is billing. They talked me into paying my out-of-pocket max for the year ($2,500) up front. I asked if I would get credit from insurance and the answer "absolutely". In fact, I did not get any credit, and they did not even submit this information to the insurance company for many months. I called more than ten times to try to straighten this out. Liz Howard - took my money, she at least apologized, but she has no idea how insurance works, or what happens to your money after she takes it. She referred me to her supervisor: Michelle Stamps - Michelle declined to call my insurance company, knew nothing, and referred me to her boss Mr. Robbins - manager of customer service and collections. He said he'd look into it and call me back. Months later, I've left him more than 5 voicemails and he won't call back. Detroit Receiving's billing department is downright deceitful and incompetent. Think twice before going there.

Mamun Ahmed

The emergency room is no different from the regular doctors office, Had to wait 4-5 hours.

Tamiko Hamiel

My daughter was taken to Receiving Hospital by a friend. 5 hours later she still had not been seen by a doctor. I got to the hospital to check on her and was told to wait in the lobby and someone would come get me. Well an hour later, I had to call the hospital from my cellphone to attempt to get assistance while sitting in the lobby. Still didnt get any help. My daughter finally called me and asked where I was and I told her in the lobby. She still had not been seen. I had her to sign herself out so I could take her to another hospital to get help. They need new people at the front desk.

wynde dubaere

EMERGENCY DEPT ONLY WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! Waiting area fruit flies flying around, MOUSE running around, fruit flies in triage rooms also. You would think for a hospital it would be CLEAN!!!!

Mike Shryock

I was just at DRH yesterday for a surgical procedure and when I was first told about this place I wasn’t really for sure that I wanted to go here because of its location,but once I got there the parking was really easy and close to the main entrance to the hospital in an underground parking garage about a 5 minute walk and parking was free if you were a patient. Once inside I found that it was a pretty well kept place. The receptionist who checked us in was very friendly and knew exactly what to do. The nurses in pre-op were very well trained and one nurse named Kim R. from Canada really went out of her way to make sure that my wife and son were really treated well and comfortable in this situation. The people in the operating room were very good to me and made things really easy for me liked they really cared about my well being. My surgeon Dr. Soto did a good job taking care of me and my family well informed after my procedure,would recommend this place for any of your medical problems.

Adnan Kaysar

The worst service you can get. At night shift there is no services at all. If you need anything at night only God can help. Good luck staying alive in there.

Bam Bam

Very professional care, Nurses, Doctors were understanding and patient with my mother. Excellent care.

Lola Pitts

Absolutely horrible experience facility was filthy with trash on floors foul smells of person's with B.O waiting time is completely ridiculous without any sort of update as to how long wait could be I've been waiting for 4 and a half hours and was told it could be a 3 hour wait on top of that unacceptable

Darius Parks

The worst hospital in my city I will never go there again in life the er is Horrible

Eddie Gardner Jr

I didn't receive proper care staff was rude and unprofessional. I will NEVER NEVER go back to this hospital! I am filing complaints now with my insurance bbb and the hospital. I don't care if I'm bleeding out and its the closest hospital at the time I'm not going there.

Kelsie Anger

They took me to the psychiatric ward for flu symptoms and what felt like a panic attack. I was sick and felt scared with a racing heart. I don’t know why they took me there, because once you enter you can’t leave without a doctors approval: it took four hours to be seen by the rudest doctor on earth, so meanwhile I thought I was dying and they wouldn’t let me lay down or leave. I felt like I walked into prison, not help. I will be traumatized by this for a long time. The nurses were so uncaring and would hardly speak to me, I hope other hospitals can actually help.

billy jimbob

2+ hour wait and counting just to find out if I can have surgery or help elsewhere..2 more months pass and still haven't hear a word from you guys..will be contacting again here soon..

kylin fountain

Had my son here. From the doctors, to the nurses to the student nurses are very friendly. They took really good care of son like he was theres. Treated me like an actual human being and not a peice of meat. Made me feel comfortable from the time I came in to the the time I left! I’ll be having my next baby here. The stuff was friendly and amazing!


the worst hospital experience ive ever witnessed/been a part of!!! If i could do zero stars i would!! Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and NEVER bring them here!! Patients are ignored and treated badly, and when family questions any of the staff as to why they just get attitude back. My father had complications and was brought here, not by choice, it took 4 hours for a nurse to finally come to his room and give him the correct medications and something for his pain! They set them up for tests like a 24hr eeg (which wasnt even necessary since he just had one 2 weeks ago at harper) and never complete the test because rooms were changed..while keeping the probes on the patient, do you know how uncomfortable that is when a patient is already agitated?! The reputation of this hospital is true to the bone, one of the worst in MI...DO NOT COME HERE!

hulkiller 72

Dr Hadla who is a dentist did my extractions. Although he was learning he did a very good job . His bedside manor was amazing. One day hes gonna be in the top of his field. Please keep the same heart and spirit Dr. Hadla.

I’mRick JamesBih

The waiting room is filthy! And during my visit there they checked my sugar level twice because before I went I’ve gotten high and they took me as a joke. the second poke was definitely unneeded because I start feeling sick about 2weeks later. strange right? I pray to god they haven’t used a dirty needle to check my sugar

Talonie White

At night time around 6:30 pm the front desk clerk was very rude & i almost walked out because of her presentation. They need to talk to people better

Tracy Davenport

I been Doctors from DMC Dr. Lauder is my doctor. I seeing him over 10 years. The doctors he works and his self have the best bedside matters. I don't ever plan on leaving my doctor.

Roxanne White

This is the worst hospital and icu unit I have ever experienced. My son was brought in with a brain injury and all they did was over medicate him to the point of delerium. He was restrained like a caged animal and I thank God they sent him to a long term acute facility. Within 2 days they had him off restraints. 2 weeks later my son is off almost the meds he was on, free of all tubes and trach. Talking, walking and on his way to a full recovery. The nursing staff at DRC...except for 2 or 3 caring nurses...were horrible. Two of them were physically and verbally mistreating my son to the point of having them removed from his room. I'm just thankful he made it out of there alive.


Very filthy. Everything has to be done by phone and they never answer the phone. Worst place I have been to.

Jumana Al-suraifi

Very bad building Denguress parking Very friendly people I don't feel safe taking my family to that building

David Williams

I love them the staff and nurse was very friendly and helpful with me and family while i was getting ready for surgery

Lindsey Ann

This hospital is in need of extra staff members for hourly cleaning. I do not want to rant about this issue, but I believe that this is necessary for patients to feel safe while in this facility.

Preston Thugman

They cone off as nice. Nurse and doctors. Wish could had recorded. I could write three four pages fir the four hour emergency stay but not. Called ambulance, everything happened fast. Git in room fast. Talked to several young student doctor and nurses fast. They were tired half sleep. Gave me so many pills, lied about half what they gave me. While lying in bed. I'm over hearing them talking about what I just told them , basically in confidence. I'm venting about another incident that happened to me and my friend another hospital that I actually had to understand that maybe they were just trying to do the best they were too as well. The hospital gave my friend the wrong med and killed him. The did a precedure on me had my whole body hurting. These people in receiving were laughing and joking like we were just toys. I went in wishing no pain on non of them leaving wishing pain on all of them. I was still in pain , more pain when I left. They talked about my business so loud the whole back area could hear it. And they look like meth heads. No one is perfect. God forgive me if I've said anything wrong but it hurts when you try to be a nice person and you get treated like our sh. All hospital are the same and most doctors, just be u and be careful and get more than one advice.

Monique Green

They are rude unprofessional short staffed and unaccommodating to special needs

Savannah Olszewski

I've been calling several times every day for the past few days to get an appointment to remove my wisdom teeth and nobody in the front desk or oral surgeon office area will answer or return my calls. They've been recommended to me several times and I'm really disappointed.

I Think

Well, while there are some wonderful doctors at the DMC, there are also some who commit horrible acts of battery and human rights violations. I had a illegal and botched tubaligation at Harper Hutzel Hospital, the effects are devastating and life ruining. I am dying slowly and getting worse as a result of this horrible acts of battery against my person. I'm not the only one.. this is a ongoing lifelong practice for this hospital. I have been begging and pleading for a reinastomosis and immediate medical care but I have been ignored, mistreated and further abused by the GYN Doctos. There were further abuses committed by DMC WSUPG Departments of Endocronology, Dr.Seyum...The current CEO Dr. Lozada and Patient Safety Administrator Amy A. Refuses to even acknowledge my calls or the issue that took place. She (Amy A) did take 1 initial call and that was all. The DMC Hospital is in Violation if (my) many individuals human rights, in soo many ways. They too engage in eugenics through their medical treatment of Blacks, Men, Women and Children as well as other minorities I am sure. I have been reduced to taking pictures of physical incidents related to this operatio . I have been black listed, humiliated and mistreated by other doctors as well. Maltreatment and neglect in relation to what was done to me at the hands of DMC doctors. I have been left to die and bleed to death, my quality of life is very low. I have proof of everything that I am am claiming and I am more than willing to show this proof. It is time for people to speak up and speak out.

Yolanda Virger

My son is their and they have been very helpful and hard working with him and very respectfully to his needs and he is on 4M I am Thank the Nursing staff and PCT staff and the Doctor's.

.Kellie Jacobs

AWFUL HOSIPTAL ...THEY THINK EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET DRUGS SO WHEN SOMEONE IS REALLY IN PAIN....THEY GET NOTHING. .FURTHERMORE SEEN WITH MY OWN EYES CAR ACCIDENT VICTIM COME IN HERE AND THE DOCTOR'S WRITE FOR TYLENOL ...AGAIN BED SIDE MANNER AWFUL ...SHUT IT DOWN. Fyi left left after being there 24 hours and them helping me none while I listen to nurses and staff talk about other patients and how annoying they are smh you won't correct anything I was in mod 6 for 6 hours with no human contact!!! Going to contact State board

Chelly Pooh

DMC has been a very good Hospital choice for me, there are rude Professionals everywhere. I have yet to encounter that here at DMC. They are very clean don't be discouraged by the oldness of some of the buildings, they are welled cleaned. Sometimes time wait can get lengthy but everywhere the sickest are waited on first. I have rarely been to Revieving Emergency and not been taken straight to the back and for that they get 5

Runa Chowdhury

I really didn't want to give any star to this facility but had to share with everyone the experience my diabetic dad had at this ER!!! This is not the first time, this ER facility always does this whenever I had to take any family members before until we found Harper professional ER. This morning about 3 to 4 hours ago, EMS came and took my dad to this facility despite us telling them not to, so my dad is there bleeding from his feet nonstop and what they do? Nothing but just has him sitting and waiting for 2 hours without any attention given to him so my brother couldn't take in anymore and asked to find out what was going on but the staff at the front desk gave my brother the worst attitude possible so my brother just took my dad to the Harper ER. My dad is already in the room within two hours and tests are being done now!!! I don't what will fix this place, I mean look at all the reviews and this is not my family's first time!! Patient Care and professionalism is very necessary in medical world!!

Adrian Robinson

Glad we only had 2 appt. at this place the first appt. 4 hours behind and the second appt. was 2 hours behind.

Kristen Casado

I have been calling to try and check on my dad for the last 3 days and I have been told the nurse would call me and they never did . I have called multiple times a day and his nurse can never be found so I have been able to get zero info on my dad . Out of all the hospitals I’ve been in for my dad the past few months this is by far the worse service I’ve dealt with .

Blair Badge

DO NOT GO HERE. It would be in your best interest to drive further to visit a hospital in the suburbs – and avoid the cramped/dirty facilities and lack of followthrough on the part of DMC's billing department (i.e. didn't update insurance info, sent to wrong provider, sent wrong amount to insurance provider, payment processing over the phone not working). Absolutely unacceptable.

Darick Mcclain

Another reason I'm moving from Detroit, this nasty hospital. From the building to faculty all are unprofessional. I know for a Fact that this entire place is hell because my predator brother works here. I called over 5times to get a stat on my friend and they weren't allowed to say if he was ready to get picked up or not. I want to beat the snot out of Emily, Devona and Sheila. The same broad answered the phone with different names, never again will I have anything to do with Receieving.

alayna plevinski

The dental unit was HORRIBLE. made an appointment three months ago, was told it had to be rescheduled the day before my original date. The next time they could get me in was two months out. Talked to another nurse, she found a date five days after my original surgery was set and told me to be there a half an hour before my surgery. So 7am rolls around. Name didn’t get called till 8 to fill out paperwork. When asked when I will be seen they receptionist said “ oh it’s going to be awhile” It’s now 10:00am, my appointment was made for 730am. Met someone out in the lobby and his gf had an appointment At 830, and they came in about ten minutes AFTER us. I’m just confused how I have an appointment so early, and after an hour after my surgery went by the receptionist said there is TEN people ahead of me, but a lady who had an appointment AFTER me got in BEFORE me?

Christian Carter

Horrible waiting time my wife was in a car accident we arrived at 10:30 its now just past 3:00 and we're still waiting in the waiting room and please save the pre generated response


The epilepsy center is one of the worst places I have ever seen !. They gave me wrong diagnosis which was rectified at University of Michigan a year afterward ! Strongly recommend against being seen at DMC

Mike Britz

Fast prompt service, caring staff.

Scribble McGee

Tried to call to see if a patient was there so I wouldn't be sent there for nothing, and the woman in the ER department wasn't fully doing her job

Alva Nita Bell

I was a patient and it was good all in all but a big ceiling tile fell on my head and I had my youngest son there . They never turned me away. The happy stay was giving birth to my youngest son. But not everyone can say they have had a big ceiling tile fall and break on the head. Love from, Alva Nita Bell

Zaria Naya

Just came from this hospital about an hour ago , the woman I was seen by was Ms.Cynthia Lepak , M.D. And has nothing but a nasty attitude but more so RUDE AS ALL GET OUT . It is absolutely unacceptable the way she talks to her patients. Honestly don't even know how she still has a Job if she's talks to every patient she comes in contact with that way , felt extremely uncomfortable And made me not wanna visit this hospital anymore. This is something that should NOT be looked over ! Being Tactful is one thing but being flat rude is another !

Pamela HairyHogan

The DMC is owned and operated by a for-profit hospital corporation, Tenet Health Care. THC is not about research, it is about billing for services at the highest rate possible. Further, THC has one of the worst track records regarding false claims to Medicare and Medicaid, having paid one of the largest civil fines in history for a business that runs hospitals.

zahin hussain

Incredibly long wait times. It was a cool 2 hours before I saw a physician. Even with an appointment

Donald Brown

I had a removal of a impacted wisdom tooth in which I suffered with miserably for months until I came here.I tried another dentist and it was of no comparison to this dentist.The staff was caring as well as the assistant, hygienist and the Dentist himself all were professional.They made me comfortable and those guy's looked after me.These guys are the very Best of the Best and I highly recommend this Dental office.Thanks again guy's for an Awesome job you performed on me.God bless you all!

Joshua L

Failed to provide me with proper medical attention. I see many other 1-star reviews. Are these people Devil worshipers? It sure seems that way.

Vidale Martin

By far the worse experience and treatment of any hospital I've been to In the Detroit/Metro Detroit area. Everything from Valet not accepting more cars because they're too lazy to walk futher to retrieve the cars, to nurses having an attitude when you hit the call button In your room. DO NOT! Go to this hospital unless It's a serious emergency. You Will Regret It!

Daniel Winkler

Absolute incompetent. And wait until you are trying to get your billing issues resolved. Ever since they got acquired from an out of state company it is all about the money and no longer about the patient.

Araceli Jimenez

Unorginized and weak work ethic. They Refused to let me see my Mother for hours

Pat Banks

Sabreena is the most professional nurse that I have ever encountered in my entire life. She is not only professional but kind, compassionate, articulate and caring. I can see this nurse being acknowledged as BEST PROFESSIONAL NURSE OF THE DECADE!!! KUDOS Detroit Receiving for having thus angel on your staff. Thank you

Sonia Ivo

Doctors an nurses were attentive.explained everything to where i could understand.stayed 7 complaints from the wonderful cta tech for my the Rn that helped loved the team that helped us out at 4m 3b

Kendra Brown

I would love to thank the most amazing wonderful loving caring staff here in MOD 2 you were so busy and I need to thank Jessica Kathy and Sharleen not sure I spelled that right they are three of the most phenomenal woman I have ever met I was so scared after what happen then where they for me and Dr. Lee wow how great are you and you students I can not ask for a better place to have been sent to they rushed and took such great care of me held my hand when I was shaking and crying and they a got me threw it thank you all so very much your my angels on earth

Mi Dollee

Very ghetto and unprofessional hospital. I was admitted there for a whole five days and everyday it was something new from rude and unprofessional nurses and staff to complications with medicine and treatment. I just had surgery on my leg and not even 30 minutes later they were trying to discharge me but I reminded them i just had a operation and asked them to give me some time. The following day they claimed they had discharged me and then threatened to call security. Horrible experience no sick person should have to go through that

Bonnie Boland

Watch out when getting prescriptions from there I've gotin 2 prescriptions from them and have had problems with both, one did not have the dosing on it and the one I got last Wednesday the person that wrote it appears to be not aloud to have writin it. Been trying to get it filled since Friday. They will not return phone calls from the Rite Aid trying to fill it.

Ericka Brantley

I see the Endocrinologist here at least once a month. Because of them I got my insulin pump after fighting for six months. I got free classes on nutrition and daily care of diabetes here. So I've been here a lot this year. Visited this ER 5 out of the six times this year. I get in and out here longest was 3 hours waiting on test. Spent eight hours at a Henry Ford ER.

Venkat Ramesh

I visited this place as an Infectious Diseases physician from India and I have to say the place is excellent. Great infrastructure and facilities.

Talisea Dozier Becton

I've been calling trying to set up an oral and max. Apt for over 3 years. 3 years ago it was discovered by a dentist that my wisdom teeth have grown into my nasal cavity. They also called and sent the x-rays in... i have never even gotten a call back... not a letter in response or anything.

DarleenHer Hereford

Fast friendly, easy to communicate with, doctor, nurses were just wonderful. I've found my new hospital.

Ikhlas Sallumi

This please is totally depressing !!! No bright colors for the rooms ‘s walls T.Vs inside the rooms ..the windows mostly covered with white color that makes it very difficult to see the outside view !!!! It’s very sad to feel and see the sadness on the patients’s faces !!somebody has to do some changes !!!!somebody has to do something about that !!please!!!!!!they’re humans like us!!!

David DiGirolamo

Very nice hospital not a very nice part of town. The nurses are awesome

Jowanna Williams

A 3 hour wait and still have not been seen. The worst services ever. This hospital wasn't this bad years ago. Things are supposed to get better with time not get worse

Charlotte Hester

Omg the worse ever!!!! First of all my appointment was at 2pm I got there at 1 30 filled out my paper wk on 4E and didn't get called til 3 15.... When I got to my room a freaking student came in asking the same damn questions I wrote on the paper in a red folder which he had, so by this point I am pissed because wtfeak are u wasted my time for 30 mins!!!!! Than a female doctor comes in asking the samething!!!! Super PISSED!!!! so now I have a tutorial on my body for another 20 mins! Like let's get to the reason WHY I AM HERE!!!!! WHY DON'T Y'ALL FIND TIME TO DO CLINICALS ON YOUR TIME NOT THE PATIENTS!!! NOW I AM UPSET AND I LEFT WITHOUT MY FOLDER AND NO INFORMATION.

Thomas Reaves

I spent 5 days in the hospital witn Pneumonia, and one of the things I appreciate most was how clean it was. The house keeping did a very thorough job with the sanitation of my bathroom which is the most important one. And overall they was great, it made it a little easier to focus on getting better knowing I was in a clean environment

Raeed Neaimai

They are so good they are perfect they help instantly perfect service super kind very respectful best hosiptal i ever entered no other hosiptals have this service best hosiptal so far ❤️

The Mandwella Effect

The ghetto nurses on Unit 4R refuse to help patients to the bathroom, refuse to give nausea medicine, refuse to give pain medication, make fun of the patient's injuries & mental ailments, threaten to physically hurt patient's, call security on you to lie and cover their own butts. I asked the nurse to tape my IV down and she completely ignored me. It took 2 hours to get another nurse to come to my floor and put in a new one. Then that one came out due to taping issues. The nurse blamed me and I quote "maybe you should learn how to keep it in and it wouldn't fall out." The worst part was the security guards being so quick to judge and saying such hurtful comments about my injuries. Even if I was dying and it was the closest hospital, I would NEVER step foot in this place again. Thank goodness it was the first and only time I had to endure such hateful, disrespectful, and racist medical personal. The only time I encountered nice staff was when I was in the O.R. getting prepped for my surgery and in the Recovery Room after my surgery before getting admitted and transfered upstairs. I wish I would of read these hospital reviews before I had my surgery done. I would of chose another place hands down.

Choria Jackson

Fast service and friendly drivers.

John Ford

0 stars if I could rate honestly. Out of all the oral surgeries in Mi, this is absolutely the WORST oral surgeon dept I’ve ever experienced. Was told to be there for a walk in at 6am and if I didn’t need to be sedated that the tooth would be extracted that day. Woke up at 5am to be there and LITERALLY sat there for 9 hours and had to keep asking front desk what are the dentist doing? She then called me to the chair in the back and the dentist had a smart mouth and told me that they couldn’t pull out my tooth today??????Wait What? Because they didn’t have the tools they needed until the next morning. I told the manager well why would you have me sitting there for nine hours and not tell me that? Had to come back the next morning again at 6am. Terrible terrible terrible. All I can say is if you’re a walk in they aren’t going to service you if it’s past 12 noon you’re only going to get a consultation and be told to come the next morning after sitting there for 9+ hours. Even the appointments are hours behind. Dentist seem to move on there own time and make things move slow. GET MORE DENTIST AND BETTER STRATEGIES FOR PATIENTS...If you’re desperate and don’t care waisting your time this is the place for you

Nick Petty

They treated my dad like he was homeless. Didnt clean the treatment site. Caused a worse lung infection and then sent him to a rehab center to die. Worst care ever.

Kathy Maccarthy

My mother was admitted into the hospital a few days ago. Staff was very friendly nurses definitely know how to make a girl feel comfortable. The cleanliness of the room was amazing. Cleaning crew managers even came in to check on us. ☺️ Thank you Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Lindsay Jones

My first experience here was Christmas Day of 2017. It was amazing for my daughter and her eye injury. My boyfriend is currently a patient and they could not be ruder. No one cares from the people who answer the phone to pretty much anyone else I have experienced . Being someone in the medical field this is not standard of care! When you have a loved one in a bad situation you expect more!

Leah Crawford

I often was forgot about. There’s no point in making or being on time for a appointment because they’d have you wait 1 to 2 hours after your appointment. NEVER wanna come here again

Tamica Hopkins

The doctor that I seen told me that the storms I was having was normal but with my medical history and what I am experience it is not normal. I even had to suggest my hemoglobin be checked she never even examined my body

Teri Evans

This is the absolute worst hospital in the world, i have never been treated so poorly. From the horrible ems ride and the men in there, to the horrible attitudes upon checking in, the very poor er room set up, the unprofessional er doctors and ghetto rn's and cnas. I immediately asked to be discharged walked out still in pain all to go to Beaumont where i was treated like a queen and where i originally wanted to go but was told receiving was closer. I do not recommend this hospital nor the staff in it very unprofessional and thrashy.

Mike Wood

Just letf today feeling great had two surgeries there great work and I loved the nurse's thy were great



Dipak Makhija

Extremely slow. I went for small problem it took more than 6 hours waiting. I was checking every few mins but extremely poor service. I will never recommend anyone going here. Not only that getting your own report is a pain. They dont have an app , when I asked nurse they said you need to call medical record team. When I called they didnt have a way to email the authorization form. Never ever ever recommend this hospital. They are 500 years behind in technology

Lynn Stansberry

This is really disturbing i have been a patient at receiving hospital getting a stent in my kidney on and off for sometime now and I recently read in the news about the hospital conditions there really even though my procedure was done on a out patient they still use surgical tools if you're tools were not clean and the condition there was like they said it was then you put me at risk and other patients i hope they clean there act up because down the road DMC Facility are Looking At Lawsuits

Pisces Queen

Nurse Zaina, Nurse Stephanie, Nurse Jackie & Nurse Dolly from 5T the neurotrama icu are phenomenal! Im so grateful for the way they have treated and cared for my family these last 3 days during an extremely hard time! I have never experienced this level of support & care any where else..We are so thankful.

Yahaira Vega

I gave it three stars because they were respectful staff. I took my daughter in to the ER and I can only say that we were treated with the outmost respect. Everyone from the security guard to the doctor made us feel welcomed. The ONLY thing that did catch my attention and did worry me was when the nurse who brought us into our room asked another cna if the room was ready and she said I dont know but it looks clean. The last patient was in and out.

Philip Hubbard

Very polite helpful treat you as a person not a bill I came in for a burn at the ER and they treated me good

anthony jacobson

Horrible care. Denied antibiotics countless times. Wounds got infected. Stay away from Detroit Recieving Hospital!


Extremely pleased with the neurology department. I'm a 26 year old woman with fibromyalgia and have a lot of different issues with pain and mobility. It was nice to feel respected and listened to for once. Registration department is fast and kind. Doctors were great and listened to me. Was scheduled promptly for testing. Had blood taken and the nurse was super fast and I barely felt a thing. The girls working down at the Subway restaraunt there are kind and thoughtful and fast. I've had good experiences here so far.

Larry Johnson

The doctors and nurses where very helpful and friendly

Amanda Clark

If I could give no stars I would, I came to receiving last night at 11pm on 03/15/2019. I'm normally a pretty quite patient but quite gets you for gotten about I work in the medical field and dont like to make any ones jobs hard butttttt with that begin said I was left in my triage bed for hours finally I went get a pelvic exam. I was left in the room for an hour I came out and back to my section I asked what was going on they said they had a few codes ok fine but the code were called a half an hour into me waiting. Fine I threw a fit and that got some things moving. The nurses lacked empathy I told the nurse I was here for hours 4 to be exact and her response me too, excuse me unacceptable nothing hasn't been done and I'm still waiting!!!!!!

Samira N

I love Detroit Receiving Hospital! The place may be old, but at the end of the day it’s about taking care of me! If you are patient and understanding, and know how any hospital is nowadays, you should leave feeling much better with the staff here!

christie jawad

The oral surgery was crappy service. Expect for them not to answer your phone calls or return your messages. You have to ask for supervisor just to get an appointment. After the appointment they’ll ask for your X-rays. If you don’t have your X-rays at the time of your appointment. They’ll make you do the run around just to get any service. Then you’re back to square one. Where they don’t answer your calls again.

Craig Whipstock

I have had several implants amazing service and no other doctor could meet or beat the price they charged me..

Don Koester

My father spent the last 11 days of his life in ICU here in November after a cardiac event that caused him to fall and hit his head. We saw the main Dr 3 times for maybe 5 minutes. Meanwhile cardiology and neurology were by once a day for maybe a minute, giving completely contradictory information. My family had to constantly be on guard because he was incoherent most of the and time trying to pull at cords, the staff couldn't be bothered after a day or two. On night ten we went home to get some rest... He "got free" pulled out his breathing machine and crashed that morning, spent about 5 minutes without air to his brain. They tried surgery that morning, after, to put in a pacemaker but it was far too late. He was gone by that evening. I later read an article that multiple cardiologists quit late October, 2 weeks before he was admitted, due to abhorrent conditions... Wish the article have come out sooner, my father might have had a shot somewhere else.


The heavyset African American registration lady that took in ambulance traffic at 11:40 Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at night wearing a black and white sweater was the most rude individual I have ever met in my life. The lack of empathy displayed by this individual was lacking so severe that I wonder how she still has a job. These patients come in at their worse time in their life and the pure lack of respect you give to everyone surrounding you is completely unprofessional.

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