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REVIEWS OF C.S. Mott Children's Hospital IN Michigan

robin charly

My son has had 2 surgery's here. They are very professional. The nurses are so compassionate and helpful. I highly recommend this hospital.

Stephanie Roosa

One of the best hospitals in the country! I refuse to take my children anywhere else. The women's hospital is also amazing - great place to deliver your baby! I highly suggest the midwife team, they are personable and compassionate.

Catherine M

Everyone was wonderful, the nursing staff, doctors, greeters/helpers. They took wonderful care of my son. I admit my husband and I were very nervous of our son's operation, we explained everything the best we could to our 7yr old and he gets very anxious. But to our relief he had no issues with anyone on the staff and went willing off to his surgery. They treated him wonderfully! They treated my husband and I with respect and explained everything to us, answered all our questions. Thank God they are here for us!

Shauna Leigh

Amazing staff All wonderful and sweet Great care from doctors and nurses

Xiaodong Zhang

My son had his appendix removed one day before Christmas. Fortunately, we went to the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. The doctors, nurses, and staff are highly professional and friendly. They explained everything thoroughly to us and my son. The operation was done in less than 2 hours after we arrived at the hospital. Although it was a stressful situation for all, we didn't feel that way because of the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staffs (and the brand new, top notch facility). My son went home in less than 24 hours and has been doing very well. Thank you so much!

Krupa KP

One point for the fast registration process and xr techs being gentle with my 10 month old daughter during her multiple xr. If I could write an essay, I would but I'm still recovering for the psychological trauma I suffered while seeing careless physicians address my daughter's fractures. Lying orthopedic peds resident with absolute incompetence causing brachial nerve palsy and misaligned radial head. Careless follow up of xr reports by the doctors. Lack of nursing skill to admit when they don't have the ability to hook up an iv. Failure to adequately dose sedation medication and watching my daughter screaming while paralyzed and chest jumping up and down like an exorcism movie. Tears is all I have as I write this, taking over 6 months to help mentally cope with it. I will never be able to forget the images of how horribly my daughter was taken care of here. Why do I know the care above was wrong... Because I'm a doctor myself and was mentally paralyzed by all of the above trauma while trying to be a mother to my daughter that day. Such a horrific experience that deserves a lawsuit. I hope the ER administration contacts me. It will be an opportunity for growth for many involved in this case.

John baar

Best place to get answers! Saved our sons life.

Sam H Maatouk

What a place and what staff it is an unbelievable hospital and nurses and doctors that work there are absolutely awesome, well trained and super caring. I thank your guys so much

Daniel Amores

The best a hospital for kids...always feel like we are in good hands when i have come here for my daughter.

Nikki Kamin

I will never take my kid to you you could of waited you without the family back and did a test without there perssion you could of give Bobby family more time you guys killed him I will tell people not to send your kids to Mott's

Z Dunbar

Knowledgable staff, safe place too receive operatios

Gabriel Kimball

Awesome hospital! Great facility and doctors. literally a life saver.


I have been going here for well ever since I was born but ever since they switched hospitals there service has been less and less reliable and they don’t care my mom has complained about stuff to them directly but they always say oh we’re so sorry. No there not sorry I actually had to go down there today because that’s the only place where I have special insurance for my medical condition. But never have I even been more disgusted with service there before today normally it’s they can’t communicate or none of there offices are open at the same day so I have to drive from Midland to Ann Arbor like A LOT so when we go to finally having 2 appointments on the same day to finding out that they RESCHEDULED MY APPOINTMENT WITHOUT US KNOWING is just sick it wasted gas it wasted money on parking and it wasted time for me and my mom I would have given a better review but to be honest I can’t this isn’t the first time something like that has happened. When I went to the dentist they started saying all my medical information in the waiting room that’s illegal right? I believe it is. And now I have to go back 3 weeks in a row because 4 out of 5 of my appointments were rescheduled to different days without us able to make sure it’s ok with our schedule. No they don’t care about service or anything they just want money. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany P

Would give 0 if i could took my daughter here for exsessive throwing up felt the doctors and nurses where rude didnt really feel my concerns where taken serious my questions where half butted answered. Then the diagnosis paper was worded weird on when to go back symptoms to where i had to call and ask them to explain. I would NEVER take my daughter back here. I wound up taken her to beaumont royal oak and they where very attentive made me feel at ease and answered all my questions very well and felt all my concerns where actually taken seriously. So i wpuld not recommend this hospital to noone if u want a good hospital where your concerns will be taken serious and your questions will be answered thurly go to beaumont royal oak not here. :)

Sophia Bleeker

AMAZING!! When i was in the ER the opthomology resident who was middle eastern and her namebis something like Sala was amazing! She was so sweet and superr funny. Really smart, encouraging, funny, and thorough. All the staff on 7 peds. Were awesome. I had brooke as my RN and loved her! The food service people were friendly and the food is amazing! Dr hollan is cool. And so many more were great but i have a test to take. Thankyou mott chuldrens hospital for keeping me alive!

Suzanne Su Wright

Except for a respiratory therapist that didn't allow my Granddaughter to catch her breath while suctioning her, all of the nurses, doctors, therapists and employees are awesome!!! The best hospital in the USA. Extremely comfortable and clean. If your child needs a hospital, God forbid, take them to Mott Children's Hospital. They are life savers. God bless all who come through the doors.

Ray Wright

The waiting room is very clean and organized. The check in is quick and they are usually punctual with their appointment times.

Almaz Masr

I love the quality of care at U of M. But they need to get their ERs in better shape. It took us 7 hours to get an X-ray and treatment for a broken bone for my son.

Emily Neumann

As for the pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplant team - they are incredible. Highly recommended.

BETTY Misener

You have let us all down today in the case if Bobby Reyes! I had always admired and respected your hospital but today you lost it. They only asked for a little more time it was not even a month yet. It may have been legal but it was morally wrong! You could not WAIT to remove life support! There have been too many cases where people recovered when given the PROPER CARE and nourishment! Bobby’s life mattered! You gave up on him!!

Rolaine Hearn

Organize professional very thorough

Julie Suller

We received the best care ever when my son broke his leg recently. The staff there was so amazing there I cannot thank them enough. They were so, quick, so great with him, and made us feel very comfortable, and cared for. Our RN Laura was very straightforward, and attentive. I swear she barely left our sides. And our orthopedic surgeon wrapped our sons cast perfectly and quickly. Every single bit of our time there was flawless. They are great at what they do!


Outstanding doctors, nurses and staff. Could not have asked for better care of my son. They were top notch!

brittney gaber

Shame on the entire staff at Motts Children Hospital! Will never take my children here.

Douglas Hovey

Very professional and knowledgable.

Heather Browe

There is not enough time or room for me to write everything that is wonderful about this hospital. My son was diagnosed with ALL a year ago, he underwent a bone marrow transplant and has had complications along the way. The entire 7th floor is heaven sent. They seem like a huge family that just is genuinely here to take care of the children. They work amazingly together and we are truely grateful for everything they have done for us! Professional, extremely educated but yet so genuine and compassionate!

Erin Brady

Wonderful children's hospital - set up very well to cater to their patients and staffed with fabulous doctors and staff. Only thing they should figure out is that diet soda is just as bad for you as regular (worse probably) don't offer only diet soda thinking it's the "healthier" option. Seriously, you can't buy a regular soda anywhere on UofM health campus.

Tynique Shaw

My daughter was covered in rashes and they just sat her in the waiting room.. she was waiting over 3 hours to be seen by a doctor

bud smith

My friend has her son there for an operation, and gets repeated delays because of 'no beds'., no nurses, got a $10 food voucher to use because of the delays, all the while the poor kid is in pain and they just keep him doped up! What a crock! All about getting the big insurance payment I think!

Mark Schafran

All 3 of my children were born here! Top notch!


came back from store baby hollering went in there hot my baby... when nurse come she claim she did not here him. Yes she did not hear it becsuse she was on her phones .. Ot should be a nonphone policy

Josh Chevalier

My son needed emergency surgery, was airlifted from McLaren in bay city because they arent capable of saving lives. EVERY step at this hospital was explained very well,and u can ask as many questions as u want and the whole time with smiles on faces answer your questions and go the extra mile U need something serious done, come here for your kids or the regular U of M as an adult, VERY VERY SATISFIED..... 10 STARS

Stephanie Russell

My daughter had surgery here to get a large splinter removed. This place is absolutely amazing! Every single staff member was incredible. My daughter loved the fact that she got to color and play a Nintendo DS before her procedure. The nurses are very hard-working and kind. The best nurses out there!! Dr. Jarboe performed the surgery. He is an exceptional doctor and I highly recommend him!! The anesthesiologists were amazing as well and did a great job of explaining everything to us. This hospital is very organized and clean and things run so smooth. The staff is the best and I can't say enough good things about this place. Having a child in the hospital is one of the scariest things a parent can go through, but everyone here made this day as easy and comforting as possible. A+++++!!!

Rocco Logozzo

My brother is here for a leukemia related issue, the staff and facility is at the top of their game

Dovie McCarthy

My son was send here after birth and he is now 43 years old and this is the best children's Hospital in my eyes. He spent the first 3 1/2 months of life under the best care. I see somethings do not change and I thank God everyday for that Hospital. I hope to get back and visit them someday and give back to them in some way.

Steven Gibson

Love this hospital for the kids

April Royston

Because they care about kids!

Ronda Hart

Phenomenal place, excellent doctor's

Mariah Miller

All of the staff seem so caring, they always interact with my daughter so well. We never have a long wait, they get us in no out the few times we've been to the emergency room! I wouldn't take her anywhere else!

Gary M

They have a wonderful staff friendly environment and treat you like they're your family

Jennifer Guigar

Great Hospital...way better then Detroit Children's Hospital...dont go there... come here u wont regret it.

John Panos

An amazing facility with some of the best medical professionals in the world.

Chuck Morrison

They take excellent care of the little ones.

Angela Chick

They have then such wonderful care of my little Avery.

Maddie Ranee

Every staff in the NICU has been nothing but wonderful. They take the time to explain everything to you and definitely know what they are doing. My daughter was transferred here due to a “bowel obstruction” which was discovered to be Hirschsprung Disease. We wouldn’t have figured that out had we not been sent here. So thankful for everyone here.

Patrick Hetrick

Care is very good. The nurses are excellent

Lindsey Roy

They saved my 24 weeker's life. He transferred from Beaumont at 4 and a half month's and they saved him!

Charsey Elise

Horrible hospital!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN HERE IN AN EMERGENCY!! This hospital only cares about money!! They do not have the patient's best interests or the family of patient's best interests and wishes at heart!

Lisa Hegge

Amazing hospital and wonderful staff we have been going here since my daughter was 7 months old and would not consider anywhere else for her long term care

Susan Ghent

Love this place, best drs best staff.

Dustin M

Very wonderful and great hospital.

Jolynn Donell

My grandson had a proceedure done at Motts and his doctor and all the nurses were AMAZING!!!...They all were very attentive to all his needs...Highly recognize Motts as a top hospital for your child or children to be a part of..Thank You Motts for helping my grandson..

Nick Kroupa

Every need was met, then some. Had a great experience.

Kraig Smith

Staff was great

Mos Pro

The care here is better than any other hospital in MI, hands down. The food isn't as great, this includes the cafeteria food (it might be better on the weekdays because I'm told they have local restaurant come in but on the weekends you're S.O.L.) and in patient food so finding a good delivery service was a must. Being discharged took almost 8 hours but the staff is really helpful and understanding. They have a game room on the 8th floor, they have activities almost everyday of the week like blanket making, movie nights (we watched "Coco" while we were here), and cupcake therapy. They also have a laundry room for patients. Overall I was happy with the service we got.

Bobby W

Up there for an entire day running the exact same tests over and over. They found nothing wrong but my son still can't walk. We talked to countless doctors and nurses about the same thing each one was brand new to the situation. They don't talk to each other.

Yolanda Williams

My grandson had minor surgery to remove a extra thumb he was born with, the entire Hospital is very professional, from the Valet to the Cafeteria, the surgeon, and all the Nurse staff. Awesome facility. They communicate well and took great care of our little guy.

Christina Thouin

Can't even explain how great of a hospital this is. Well worth the hour drive. I would drive alot longer to get the care for my kids I got at Mott's. I'm absolutely in love with this place

Dan Gasior

These people are just pure evil.

Walid Aldeeb

The best hospital ever. They think of everything to make the patient and parents comfortable, not to mention the greatest medical team!

Sally Smith

The leaders and the best. Only place I would take my kid

Hannah Kelley

There are better hospitals. Trust me


Amazing staff and great care and service

Mallory Wright

My son was 8 weeks old but 2 weeks corrected due to prematurely when he was brought to Mott’s on 12-26 in the evening. I had written his symptoms and when they appeared in a note on my phone to give to the doctor, which I still have. This is exactly what I handed the doctor in the ED: 12-25 Tuesday Congestion (12:00pm) Cough (10:30pm) Decreased appetite (11:00pm) 12/26 Wednesday Spitting up (10am) Decreased wet diapers (3pm) Wheezing 5:00pm They suggested doing a lumbar puncture which I declined because my son did not have a fever. Before discharge, the doctor told me “ there is a virus going around that causes a lot of congestion in the nose so make sure you clear his nose frequently.” Which tells me he probably knew my son had RSV. He was discharged at 10pm with symptoms listed as fever and dehydration. My son’s pediatrician’s office called the next day and I told them that Mott’s said he was fine and I would prefer to not expose him to anymore germs but they suggested I bring him in just in case. I almost didn’t take him because I had such faith in the doctors at Mott’s but I agreed and scheduled an appointment for the next morning. In the morning brought him into pediatrician office and she just looked at him and almost accusingly stated “he is very sick!” She could see how bad his retractions (chest pulling in effort to get air) were even with his clothes on. I had no clue! He didn’t look any different from when he was at Mott’s. I gave her the same list of symptoms I gave Mott’s as it was written down in my phone. She immediately tested for RSV and was positive. She was very angry that the hospital didn’t test him. She said: “it is standard this time of year! “Did you tell them he was premature?” “Are you sure they didn’t test him?” As she had staff to assist in doing a breathing treatment right there in the office. She later told me that she called and demanded to speak to the ED doctor because she was so angry that they didn’t test for RSV. At our pediatrician request, we took him directly to DMC hospital. At that point, he had Bronchiolitis due to RSV and required an x-ray to ensure his lung didn’t collapse due to the force it was taking him to breath. He was hospitalized for 5 days and put on oxygen I filed a complaint with patients relations at Mott’s because I felt it is something that should addressed to ensure it didn’t happen to another baby. I really was only going to take it that far until I received a response from their patient relations that states “When your son was in the Emergency Department for evaluation of his symptoms on December 26th, 2018, it was determined that he had no signs of RSV on exam during his visit. Testing for RSV is only informative and does not affect care, as there is no treatments for RSV. As such, your son’s care was considered reasonable and appropriate at that time.” This is not acceptable. The symptoms reported were perfectly aligned with RSV, it was RSV season, and he was a 2-week old premature infant with underdeveloped lungs. I thank God for my pediatrician because if she hadn’t been persistent about double checking, he easily could have died. I trusted them to care for my son and they failed miserably and than blatantly lied about his symptoms. The only other explanation is that my son’s chart was mixed up with someone else’s because he never had a fever, not even on the discharge paper that provided his stats at discharge. I sincerely warn any parent who brings there child here, do not assume that they cannot make mistakes because if they do, they will not acknowledge or learn from them.

Metroairport car

One of the best hospital

Tina Lambert

After seeing how their handling Bobby's Case it's just wrong and it's a parents choice to take their child off of life support is it not the hospital is giving it's self a bad name thats just my opinoin not saying the hospital was right for what they did cause i believe with all my heart they were wrong my thoughts and prayers are with Bobby's parent's and family

Sylvia Lorms

Taking my son to his cardiologist appointment today. I have always had good experiences with these appointments

Jason McGrath

For Bobby

Dave Sprayberry

I rarely give out 5-star reviews. C. S. Mott Children's Hospital deserves it. They are an outstanding facility. They are the only Michigan Children's Hospital ranked nationally in 10 specialties. They have provided outstanding care for my granddaughter. They are excellent at what they do while being professional, kind, informative and compassionate at the same time. I highly recommend them. They have some of the best doctors and nurses around. Sometimes you have to drive for outstanding healthcare and they are every bit of worth it for the drive. I would like to thank them for providing exceptional care for my granddaughter. They are the best of the best. Go Blue.

Jesse Ramse

Best hospital food I've ever had.

J Gildz

The absolute best, cleanest, caring, intelligent hospital to take your children too.... period. They really listen to you as a parent and take you seriously, perfect bedside manner...and the food is

Dena Donaldson

So happy our grandsons surgery was here. They are the best.

Peter Torzewski

My Grandson had surgery today and everyone was just wonderful and kept us up to date with information. Thank you

Jeanette Davis

My son 8 months came for a Neurology appointment started at about 1:20, they check him than came back and said they have to keep him because they feel he not gaining enough weight. So at about 2 o'clock they said you can wait for a phone and they will tell you when his room is available, so 5 o clock come we still waiting mind you I have a 10 year old and a 8 month I travel over a 1 and half. Than I go th the 3 floor pick up the phone asked them what was going on with my son room they said we do not have him in the computer the.. really so now they call around we get a room at 6.. They never showed me around they told me children had leave by 9 I'm not leaving and you have not talked to me about my child.. as of today we are still here I have not heard anything ... definitely a bad experience lack of communication....

Kesh B

I'm here with my baby girl. I love the staff. This hospital is doing a great job with my baby

Ashley Ann

AMAZING CARE GREAT PLACE TOP NOTCH! also my mothers plaque is in the labor in delivery floor by then Nurses station. My mom used to work there before she passed away and they gave her the best care possible. Also my daughter goes there for her specialist and it truly is amazing how well they treat us

Grace LaBonte

Everyone was so kind and they provided the absolute best care. :) They always greeted us with a warm smile and helped us out in any way that they could.

Scott Sweeney

Doctor Throne is the best doctor ever

Vonna Wilkins

No integrity at all. I’ve ran into a lot of doctors during my daughters care that will lie to you to get what they want done. Not accepting of anyone’s belief’s but their own and their belief’s is medicine and nothing else!

Basit Ayaz

I love Mott hospital Service is great! Feel like we are in good hand. All I would like to say Thank you for such a great Service

Steve Laws

Great medical care and friendly staff

Jessica B

I have been to Mott children's so many times due to my ebsteins anomaly. Dr. Bove, Dr. Crowley and many other doctors were part of my care team. I continued to see Dr. Crowley from July 1992-2014. All of my heart related surgeries were done here at Mott's. The staff is amazing and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them

N A Draper

Dr. Aaron Thatcher is a great ENT doctor! The staff always takes great care of my children!

A'kim Evans

Great hospital as far care but some of the workers are rude or not very friendly.

Emperor RJ Thomas

Great and knowledgeable staff


They kept me there for 10 hours. The. Treated my mom child Services. Because my mom wanted to go to another burn unit in Detroit. Hey then they lied say it’s Protocol to call child services.

Vanessa Samuels

The Dr's are amazing... The staff are very heplful and the buildings and grounds are always kept well maintained.


We just had a wonderful experience at Mott this week. The staff at Mott took a very difficult situation (surgery on my infant) and made the whole process run very smoothly. Communication between the various departments and floors was excellent and immediate. I met with the surgeon and his whole team, who were all very compassionate to both my son and me. Everyone was knowledgeable and explained the process clearly. I would recommend his facility to anyone.

lesleigh clair

Better for seizure or health conditions i think the staff are great they respect other paitents . they keep families calm and let paitent and family of the paitent what they need to hear.they are proffesional and better than a neurology employeee at rileys who works with the rn saying you are typing#s wrong . there is any dept .

Chris Ramos

The kids loved the indoor playground. Helped pass the time during appointments.

Amber Ruffner

My son was a resident here for 11 days. The hospital is so nice. The nurses were amazing and the doctors are the best in their field. The furniture in the rooms could use a replacement but I was very comfortable there and not importantly my son was very comfortable there. They did all their appointments for him in a very timely manner. There were a couple nurses I didnt quite jive with but overall from the cleaning people on up to doctors were very friendly and helpful. The doctors and nurses made sure we understood every single minute detail. They had people coming around with free toys and books for my son. He had his birthday in hospital and they just kept giving him gifts and I.T came and played video games with him. One night we had a magician come by. There are too many things to mention but I will only come here for childrens hospital!

Sarah Boehm

Love the staff at U of M! Very caring and friendly.

Jason Mccarty

This place is great. My wife and I got lost in there a couple times and a couple different people stopped and asked us if they could help us find our way around. Its an amazing facility.

Tyra Anderson

Best women's and children's hospital ever!

Emilee Ketchum

I was diagnosed with SMAS there. They did a wonderful job taking care of not only me but my family. I felt comfortable and safe there. The child life specialists were also AMAZING.

Deaunna Dresch

In waiting room over an hour.. Nice fish tank

Mich LAW

After being in the emergency room, in another hospital, for approx 16 hours, for an my sons eye infection. Me and my son were transfered and admitted, three hours away, by ambulance, to Motts hospital. We hadn't any clothes, except what was on us, hadn't eaten or drank anything in almost 24 hours. Upon the arrival , Motts doctors ordered another CAT scan as they wanted to sedate my 1.5 yr old again, even though, an overdose was near as he already had been through 16 hours of needles and drugs !( I guess, somehow, the CAT scan at the other hospital wasn't good enough for them lol?!.) So they tried to drug my son again, but it wasn't working so 4 staff tried to force/hold my 1.5 yr old son down to get a CAT scan , My son was screaming bloody murder and resisting the 4 , adult staff, restraint by fighting them off!!, If you can imagine that?! This went on for what seemed like an hour! What I witnessed, was unbelievable! It makes no sense why they gave him more drugs and caused this 1.5 yr old this incredible stress and anxiety by using force and drugging him to the max. As I had to watch this , I kept thinking, "Is this right?, It sure didn't feel right!. It was "HORRIFYING "what they did. Eventually the Drs gave up and the CAT scan, was rescheduled a few days later after medication was started. (FYI, They didn't need that C-scan to start medication he improved immediately ) Once in the room, the staff was quite rude and ignored my questions on, what was available to me, was reluctant to give me information to help myself, or tell me what was going on with my son's situation. When I asked, " Where I could get something to drink", they looked at me like, ' Whatever' ! After 3 or 4 days there, I found I had access to a washer and dryer, and shower no thanks to the staff, it was due to another parent, who was no stranger to the hospital. After the CAT scan was done, I kept asking about the results, as I could physically see my son improving as his eye swelling was gone, days before the C-Scan and he was active and happy, and I couldn't wait to go home, but no answer. Approx. 2 days later, after the C-scan the doctors didn't come to visit me, a nurse came in the early morning and told me, that, "The bacteria spread to my sons brain" (Even though there was no physical evidence, and he had improved, I had to trust what she claimed, I was shocked! Why would this response take two days? ) my son was supposedly scheduled for surgery later that day, (in a few hours) and was put on a," NO FOOD OR DRINK ORDER". Breakfast, and lunch time went by, but the staff had no answers when it came to the surgery , and refused to take him off the No Food or Drink order. ( Imagine, a 1.5 year old having no drink, or food for 16 hours already?) At dinner time, I had enough!!, and let my son eat and drink because dinner time was almost over, and no word on the surgery. (Poor thing!!, was starving, and thirsty!!) The Dr's showed up in the next a.m and told me that, "You can go home"! Really?!!! . Why would that Nurse say, "The bacteria had spread to the brain"? When it did not, or that," He needed surgery" when he did NOT? And keep this going for 24 hours? Was this a sick joke? It's like they have no compassion for children at all or their family. I have to wonder, "Were they just running up the bill? I think it took another day or so for me to get checked out too. I also witnessed an aide, walking a girl patient back to her bed (she was right across from us)and basically let her drop and while the girl had a seizure on the floor not support her head, on that hard hospital floor. She asked me if I saw it, as she was aware. Plus the antibiotics they gave my son, I believe are responsible for his hearing loss as I found out later as it progresses over time. I wish I was at least aware of this. Antibiotics as well as many drugs, especially in high amounts, by IV, are ototoxic. It's amazing how many children today have hearing loss! Hint!

Sylvia Gonzalez

This hospital didn't give this kid Bobby Reyes the chance to live. Think before you all take your child here.

Jeff Russell

We love Mott! Both of my boys were born at Mott and it was a great experience. On one occasion we had to use their emergency, and everybody there is an angel. So thankful for the staff.

Shawn Vanblaricum

There is a very poor communication between shifts

Nicole MacKenzie

I am a Mott baby, I have been coming here since December of 1979! I love this place and everyone here. I am currently on the heart and kidney transplant list and I don't go to Mott's to often now. I sure do miss it!!!

Lisa Eastman

Top 10, Great hospital & Staff Outstanding, They offer art therapist, Music played during chemo, Therapy dogs, Great food lots to pick from☺☺☺

Matthew Niedner

Phenomenal institution. Dedicated staff who go out of their way to take care of not only children's medical needs, but their families' overall needs. The new hospital building is state of the art.

Mariah Romero

The staff was kind and super caring. They actually listened to what I had to say. They picked up on things that other hospitals missed and actually referred me to a specialist for my daughter. Everything happened in a timely fashion. They gave me a number to ask any questions I may have had. The specialist got back to me within a business day. ...and my daughter loved the staff. Tabitha was awesome. They also explained everything to me thoroughly. I really appreciate it.

Angela Cook

We were there today with our 11 month old and a broken leg. They checked us in and had us in a room, vitals taken and our son in a gown within 10 mins. Everyone was amazing! He already had x-rays at our pediatrician with a confirmation of the break so they reviewed his films and paged Orthopaedics immediately. They arrived within 30 mins and had him in a cast with 90 mins. The entire ordeal was a total of 2 hours. We could not be happier and more appreciative of the care they gave our son and the speed in which it was done. I am shocked at how smoothly the entire experience went. Thank you!

Kimberly Warren

One of the best hospitals I've ever been to in my life!!!!!!!

Jill Cashero

I’m sadden to hear how Bobby Reyes and his family were treated! NO hospital should treat Patients and their family like this. Every life matters. In Bobby’s case you only cared about money & protocol not his well being. I have lost all respect for this hospital and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Shame on the entire staff at Motts Children Hospital!


What an amazing experience! My daughter had a minor surgery and I can't say enough about this place. I truly believe everyone working that day with us ACTUALLY cared about us. You just don't get that today. They treated my daughter like Royalty. As soon as we checked in at 9:00AM we taken back to the pre op within 5 mins. They comforted her by getting her a Nintendo DS and some markers to color with while waiting in pre op. Within ten minutes we were talking to the anetesiologist and within 20 mins or so she was off to her surgery. So quick and smooth. Drs made sure to have a plan in the rare event something could go wrong and explained all the risks (which were very minimal). The Doctors use gas to make the children sleep before they give them an IV which made things so much easier... No pokes for the little ones. I am a believer that some of the best Doctors and nurses in the world work here. I'm so great ful for all the staff for all they did for us that day. Thank you for all you do!

Laura Laura

This Hospital just removed life support from a young man with out his moms permission. They murdered him !! The family begged them for more time to find a different facility for their sons care, but they wouldn't allow the family more time. The family had to get a attorney to stop the hospital from forcefully removing life support. The family's attorney fought hard for the family, but the doctors at the University of Michigan children's Mott's played very dirty and rushed the removal process as the family's attorney rushed to file another emergency motion to stop the removal of life support. The doctors rushed and had the life support removed in just 3 hours . The hospital didnt even give the family the compassion and respect to properly say goodbye to their son. The family got 3 hours to say goodbye. This hospital took away this moms right to keep her son on life support. I am in shock that Doctors could be so cruel and cold hearted and think that they have the right or Authority to override a moms rights to make decisions for her child. Doctors should not EVER have the right to force the removal of life support against parents wishes. Doctors have to many laws that protect them and allow them authority to take away a patients rights. The laws need to change!!! These doctors take a oath for money and for research. I feel they don't take an oath to help sick people and to protect and care for human life. They don't care about human life. The doctors at the University of Michigan children's Mott's will forcefully remove your child from life support and try to take their organs without your permission. . I've also had bad experiences at the Children's motts hospital with doctors. Please do not take your children to children Mott Hospital. The doctors could strip your rights away at any time . I do not recommend this hospital to anyone ever!! Please keep children away from these doctors!! These doctors and hospital staff are forcing the removal of life support from children and I feel what they did to the young boy Bobby Reyes on October 15th 2019 at 2 p.m. was very very wrong and unethical and uncaring!! Its so scary that these doctors can remove a child's life support without a parent's permission . There has also been other people speak out to say that children's Mott's has removed other children's life support forcefully also. This is scary and wrong!! I have totally lost faith and trust in children's Motts Hospital and Doctors. I will never retrun or trust these doctors or the hospital ever again. . The doctors and some and some Hospital staff have hurt and let a lot of people down!!

Teresa McPhee

Extreme patience with a two year old. excellent bedside manners.

Suzanne Bitel

After seeing the Bobby Reyes story I would NEVER take my grandchild to that hospital. They couldn't even wait for the family to arrive back from court to start testing nor could they wait for them to file with the correct court. Seems to me they just wanted this to be over and no regard for life or the family wishes. Unbelievable and unacceptable.

Stephanie Mack

Appt was scheduled for 730am... when I arrived they said they dont even open until 730. I showed up a half hour early like I was asked to do or my appt would be cancelled. So I showed up at 7am then was told the doctor doesn't even get here until after 8. Talk about giving your patients anxiety.

peter paul

Very friendly staff, and is THE cleanest hospital I've ever been too.

Austin Fitzgrows

100% better than the dmc

Norm Calfin

From the first person I met at the reception desk to a child life specialist and medical staff, I felt a real connection and a desire to make me feel comfortable and informed. Then watching the nurses and doctors interacting with their very young patients, gave me an overwhelming feeling of gratitude! Although Mott treats very sick children, they do so with the same professional caring manner as I experience every time I have an opportunity to visit this amazing health-care facility for children! This Children's Hospital is truly a blessing for our community!

Rob Jordan

Excellent hospital in all regards.

Aj Maddock

My 2.5 year old son got 36 stitches down his nose today. He wasn't the easiest kid to deal with. Gave me a real respect for what the staff probably sees daily. From the valet, to the lobby staff, and all the medical staff we delt with, every single person was good at they're job. They did great with him, and great with us. From start to finish it was talented people, who all cared about what they were doing.

heather Kohli

They saved our son's life

Courtney H

They are always quick to get children back to private rooms. I love that they are all private rooms to reduce the spread of germs and keep the children calm. You dont hear other children crying or talking. They make sure the child is happy and comfortable, they really talk on the same level with children and listen to them. They set up the TV to watch tons of movies and get pillows and blankets as needed. We will not go anywhere but Mott with our children.

Eugene Tan

Wait time in the ER was incredibly long. My daughter was referred here for an infected finger and was eventually admitted. We arrived at the ER shortly after 6 p.m. and it was past 11 p.m. by the time we were taken to the ward upstairs. She was hungry and exhausted after a long day and having missed dinner. They operated on my daughter's finger in the ER and she was in considerable pain after the anesthetic wore off. For half an hour, they couldn't locate her doctor and he was the only one who could order painkillers. My daughter was crying and we were frantic but nobody could help us. How can a doctor on duty in the ER be uncontactable? I considered (1) looking for a pharmacy to buy OTC painkillers myself (but I couldn't leave my child alone) or (2) calling 9-1-1 to get help. For a distraught parent to contemplate #2 would be a disgrace for any hospital, let alone the ER (note "emergency") of a children's hospital.

Sandra Bullock

This hospital did not seem to care about the negative press it was getting over “Bobby” and it appears that they hurried to disconnect him knowing an Attorney & Family was in the process of stopping them.

ms keyes03

The women's hospital in Mott's has such a caring staff and they have been great for my last 3 births. And for our daughter's ear surgery a year ago they were amazing also. The children's E.R. staff is also extremely quick. This is the only hospital and ER we use anymore. We drive from Fenton specifically to come here.

Justin Snyder

Awesome people and staff


We were sent by our pediatrician to be admitted for IV fluids and to be seen by hematolgy/oncology for an abnormal b12 Level. Our daughter had been having nausea, dizziness and unexplained weight loss of 5lbs over a month after a head injury. We arrived at 430pm on 5/20 and sat in the ED until 4pm on 5/21 after being admitted we were told they did not have rooms and that the primary care team was so busy they could decide on a plan of care until we got up to the floor (in which we never made it to). This was frustrating so I demanded to see someone that could advise us as to what the plan would be. Many upsetting events happened during our stay but most frustrating was the outcome. Once the inpatient physician came to finally discuss poc the doctor told me that he didn’t think she needed any of the tests that her pediatrician had sent her there for and that he thought she has an eating disorder and wanted her to see a psychiatrist inpatient to treat her. When I asked why he thought that because her labs were fine, he said because she’s lost weight and has circles under her eyes. I asked him what he was doing about the reason her doctor sent us there for and he replied saying that he doesn’t know anything about the reason she was sent by her pcp but he doesn’t feel that he needed to consult hematology. I said if you don’t know anything about it why wouldn’t you talk to someone who does? He just stood there and said I don’t feel the need to. This was such a waste of time and energy for me and my daughter. This led us walking out. On top of this as I left the hospital we received the results of my daughters EEG from her neurologist and she was reported to have a mild to moderate brain injury. So I am very unhappy with the way my daughters care was handled and passed off to psychiatry as a psychological problem or an eating disorder causing her symptoms. We plan to follow up with hematology outpatient for her high b12 levels and a specialist for her head injury.

Shadat Rahman

Great hospital, always referred CS Children Mott Hospital to friends and family.

Sarah M

Terrible! I wouldn’t recommend this hospital to anyone! Staff is terrible! They are selfish and greedy and don’t care for anyone. The care is beyond awful the doctors and nurses are lazy and rush you out the door! I do not trust them to care for any child as they are corrupted and only want organs $$$$$ please keep your children away from here

Duke Clements

Great bedside manor for my 9 year old daughter.

keagens fishing channel

Simply the best.

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