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REVIEWS OF Ascension St. Mary's Hospital IN Michigan

Eva Stone

Jace Heitkamp

So so sad. Not impressed at all!! If you have the choice save yourself the anxiety and go to Covenant! The nurses are rude and don’t abide by doctors orders for meds. They make snarky comments and it’s like pulling teeth to figure out what’s going on or even to simply be told what meds are being administered. It was my understanding I was there to get better, when the entire time I was constantly having to advocate for myself. The nurses disagreed with my treatment orders written by my specialist/doctor. One nurse got so upset she seemed to almost get this I don’t care demeanor and told me “well if you clock out you clock out” she wouldn’t wake me up to administer my meds that by the way I need in order to breathe! She told me I would need to set my own alarm and press my call button because if she comes in the room & im asleep she will NOT wake me up- even with me kindly asking her to anyway she absolutely would not do it! I was a nervous wreck the entire time trying to keep track of when I’d be receiving my meds. I went as far as having my daughter write down when and what I was taking, and when I tried to inform my nurse that I was due for meds she made a rude comment saying “I don’t work for your daughter.” There is so much more that can be said but to put it simply, don’t go to this hospital. Such a shame.

Emily Sivak

My children and I have all been patients in the ER over the past year. I feel that we always receive prompt, accurate, and kind treatment. I feel like the staff listenes to your problem they sympathise and care for us properly. Clean hospital, professional staff. Thank you st Mary's ER.

robert ballard

Becky Maitland

We visited the emergency room last evening, we were camping at Bay City State Park when I pinched a nerve in my back.sounds like something small, but the pain was excruciating, they were very kind and efficient in getting me looked at and giving me some relief. The lady that registered us, the RN that signed me in, the young man that gave me a pill to dull the effects of my pain, the gal that Drew my blood, the lady that did my EKG, the PA, and the doctor. Of course, I'm 65, and none of them looked over the age of 16 :-) but I want to thank each one of you. We traveled home today and it was bearable to ride in our bumpy truck pulling our camper. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know there are people much worse off than I, but I'm so thankful for people who know what they're doing and the efficiency of your emergency care. God bless you


Never gave me my lupus meds. And half dosages of the rest. Just out of icu and left me for hours. Not checking my bp only every 4 hours. The reason I was here cuz bp was 45/50. White blood cell sky high and acid was high to. Infection somewhere but no body is looking for it.

Ann Garcia

Wow wow just wow ! My daughter was in the emergency room tonight! One of the ladies was cleaning her wound! And my daughter was light headed and she called out of the room for a nurse. Well the nurse walked away and I went to tell her she had a question . She ignored me and went about her business and the lady cleaning her wound came out and told her that she was light headed! Well she said oh I thought it was a patient question! My bad. Hummm my only hold up is ok if my daughter had a question I guess it's not as important as the other doctors and nurses helping her!! When it my insurance that's paying for this!! Well after this the nurse was really nice and wanted to make sure she was ok! But at this point I felt that she really didn't care just going threw the slandered routine just really upset me

Brian and Nikki

Lisa McDonough

Sarah H

Rude staff. They don't check on you much. They wait too long to give your next dose of meds. Terrible. Go to covenant.

Regina Phillips

Ola Lovely

Dana Campbell

Horrible experience in the endo department would not recommend them to anyone. specifically the doctor who performs the procedure. He was very rude. Basically insinuated that I was using the system and having the procedure for my own personal fun?? Who has endoscopes for fun? I have been having stomach problems for months and thought maybe this would give me answers as did the two doctors who suggested this procedure. My mistake coming here.

Shawn Mcgrandy

My 17 year old son was admitted here for a severe gallbladder issue. The nursing staff was very well educated, informed, and attentive to both his needs and my own as his caregiver for the entire 6 day stay. The Dr.'s that cared for him were kind and patient. They took the time to answer questions and explain everything to us in terms that were easy to understand, even drawing pictures to help us understand exactly what was happening where. The hospital was clean, and house keeping made a great effort to keep it clean. At the end of the stay Nurses made sure we were set to go, explaining exactly how to do after surgery care. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Kim Heckert

Missty Wilson

Nothing this hospital has horrible standards. The lady in recovery area was told that the patient would like to go and asked about something being set up for after care she says I'm going to lunch I'll take care of this after 1. No consideration for the patient who has not eaten or is asking for pain medication because they are in pain. The patient was told she only had to stay half hour more that was well over an hour ago. Will die before I come back.

onyx c

Er Staff is excellent. I would refer people to this hospital.

Drew Milwrick

Shirley Sparks

The staff were amazing! Even though it was a last minute procedure, they took great care of my mom! Special thanks to TARA in the CVU! You made her feel at ease and answered all of our questions!!!

Christina Meyers

I am 39 mother of 6 kids I have DVT I have 2 large blood clots in my legs they were kind caring and understanding of my needs all the way around they are a great hospital

bae bae

Anne Spennachio

They don't treat dysphagia, so I had to go elsewhere

Aaron Lawrence

Went to er with severe stomach pain and nausea. Coudlnt start IV. So they gave me a shot in the arm for nausea, however, literally did nothing for the severe stomach pain. I have a history of crohns disease with many surgeries. Ill never be returning to this er. I aaked the doctor repeatedly if theres anything we could do, he said no.

Larry Wood

Jason Stratton

Christian Essex

i work there

Rachel Bradd

Will never be back. Admitted at 9pm and didnt see a doctor until 3pm the next day. The doctor had no information, didnt have answers to any questions, and was straight stupid. The nurse on night shift didnt hook up the heart monitor so it was off all night and when the morning nurse came in, she had to do it even though they should have been monitoring heart function all night long. The hospital is outdated and dirty. I will NEVER be back. I learned a valuable lesson and will continue to use Midland hospital.


Kelly Lynn

Monica Brandi

The staff was very attentive to my Mum's needs. They answered and addressed any concerns that she, or I, had. I never felt worried when I'd have to leave after visiting hours were over. Over all, they took VERY good care of her.

Linda Zupancic

I brought my husband in for a simple Heart Cath that turned into life saving triple bypass. Every single staff member, doctor and tech involved or not was so kind and helpful and informative. The care was exemplary and I Thank God every day for Dr Shariffs fast decision and Dr Cherukuri for bringing my husband through the surgery.

Vickie Manko

Paul Church

I liked nothing. This hospital has the slowest ER in the state. Only redeeming factor is that the nurses and doctors "usually" wait until you are out of earshot to disparage you and your loved ones. Criminally slow and too many snarky docs and nurses.

Sarah F

The staff was horrible we went to the emergency center and we're waiting around for 3 hours just to get help and they did nothing. We were in the waiting room and they were taking in people that came in 2 hours after us and then when I asked for the doctor they said she would be right in and she took forever

Ray Hock

I tried to call Radiology. The phone rang for ten minutes and no one answered.

Kayla Hiser

Took amazing care of my fiancé after he was in his automobile accident!!

Shawn Harrow

St Mary's clinic in Saginaw. Dr magnati . Never returns vital phone calls. Have called there 3 times now in two days to find out what plan is for high result on blood test. They Said I have inflammation per phone call a,week ago.. Will not tell me where or plan of action. Have about had it trying to get answer. Could be very serious but I may never get return call. DO NOT GO THERE!!!! Also told me they were having me see a hand specialist for cyst ...that was over month ago and still no word. It's obvious they do not care.

Beth Adams

The nursing staff, RNs and Nursing Aides, are the most compassionate, caring and personable group of people I have eve encountered in a hospital! I would give them a ten if I could. Also, the nutritional service workers were wonderful. If I hadn’t called down to order my meals, which are able to be ordered from 6:30am to 6:30pm, they would call up to my room to ask me if I would like to order. Everyone was so friendly and kind. I cannot say enough!

Jordan Harris

Basically if your waiting for someone to get out of a procedure and you aren't in the room when the doctor comes to talk to you then you puss them off. But it's ok when it takes 14+ hours of waiting just to see one doctor to ask the same questions and tell you that the real doctor will come see you eventually. 4 doctors on duty in one hospital.

Paula Cooper

St Mary's care is superior. The nurses are so caring and helpful.

Lita Ihle

Andre Paquette

Very good hospital

Julie Abernathy

I give STM Sag a5 I would give a Higher score but the star system does not give me the option. This hospital still practices the original mission statement that was defined when it initially opened. This mission statement is to serve the community to provide health to higher score but the star system does not give me the option. This hospital still practices the original mission statement that was defined when it initially opened. This mission statement is to serve the community to provide health Care to all. STM does not discriminate if you have no money they will allow you to make payments without harassment. This is what medicine has always been about not big corporation investments trying to make a profit but, human beans caring care to all. STM does not discriminate if you have no money they will allow you to make payments without harassment. This is what medicine has always been about not big corporation investments trying to make a profit but, human beings caring for other human beings no matter thier Status in life thank you Saint Marys for continuing to uphold what medicine is truly meant to be.

Casey Miguel

Very professional staff. As a paramedic I can tell they have their stuff together as a trauma center.

Lee Carpenter

Very caring people.

Brent LaMont

Would give this a negitive star endoscope nurse not only delayed my mothers procedure but took a case that was suppose to be behind her

Gail Crump-Smith

Not a great hospital, small rooms and rude staff members. If I'm sick in Saginaw mi; TAKE ME TO HURLEY, FLINT MI

Debbye Thompson R.N.

Receiving excellent care thus far on my inpatient stay on the 6th floor telemetry unit. I am also an RN

Jen Nic

I was in this horrible hospital for heart related issues. They performed heart cath, which left me in severe pain. Doctor on floor wouldn't give meds to control pain nor my regular meds. Nurses didn't answer call light for several hours, which caused me to try to make it to bathroom on my own. I didnt make it and had 4 accidents on floor. All nursing assistant did was wipe up accident with soiled gown and kicked it under chair. Would never go back there even if I were dying.

Denise Drzinski

Emily Burke

Super slow. The only reliable people where the receptionists. They couldn’t do an IV right, poked around and didn’t draw blood, they tried twice. Threw my friend into a panick attack. Rude RNs who didn’t want to help. They barely did their jobs. Wouldn’t trust sending a loved one here.

Momma C

Went in for day surgery. I had contact with one RN for 20 minutes to start IV and do paperwork. The nurse never checked on me again or updated me on when my surgery was going to be. ( it was 2 hours later than scheduled time). No other nursing contact until OR nurse came to get me. Numerous HIPAA violations in recovery. Surgeon discussed my surgery with my husband in the waiting room in front of several other people. No privacy. My husband heard details of several other surgeries as well. This needs to be addressed. If I ever need surgery again, I will go to Covenant.


Jim Meadows

Entire staff was knowledgeable, caring, professional, and went the extra mile from the time of admission to discharge.Our family lives over an hour away and this hospital is now our 1st Choice! Thank You to everyone on 3 South for getting me back on my feet!! Keep doing what you are doing!! Your #1!!

Kasee Lansford

Supper slow just standing around

Marna Balazer

Took my 99 year old mom to the er after a fall. She was treated so respectfully as was I. The nurse Dylan, Doctor Johnsen, and transporter Ty all were so kind and worked to ease our anxiety. She was examined and had a CAT scan and we were on our way within a couple of hours.

tammy lyons

Went in at 9 am wed april 17, 2019 with chest pains, back pain they did thier normal intake and tests I waited 4 hrs to be told they wanted to admit me for observation ok... Left me in that room another 2 hrs. Noone came in, hard waiting chairs horrible hard cot er bed, no water, wouldnt let me eat for 6 hrs. Only waiting for a stress test. If under observation why leave a heart patient alone in a room for 2 hours without checking on them? Finally I asked when are u putting me in a room I'm uncomfortable and hungry. Same response for 3 hrs were cleaning your room. I finally told them I'm leaving. They said a normal er.visit is 8 hours! I dont recommend st. Marys hospital go to covenant

Britany Bartlett

Wouldn’t recommend the ER to anyone. They are incompetent when it comes to putting an IV in was poked twice sent into a panic attack rocking back and forth and they didn’t care they just kept poking. Asked for my discharge papers so I could go somewhere and they put sprained back on it and they didn’t look at my back at all and the not the reason I went in. Seriously a joke in the ER here.

Darlene Branz

Had lumbar fusion and lumbar laminectomy in June.2010. Dr.Fields and Dr Akbar = the best ever in surgeons


Out patient surgery. I was so pleased! Everyone went above and beyond to make me comfortable. Dr. Taha and his staff were, as usual, great. Hospital personal were all really upbeat and professional. I know this last part is a little cheesy but I received a card. signed by all who attend to me, wishing me a speedy recovery, That was the cherry on top! Thank you all. Kathy Kitzman


This hospital saved my life!!!! Nero care folks & Doc Adel thank you...more later. Also, to folks who enjoy complaining as much as some of you do.. you are damm lucky these people did help save your ungrateful butt. I wonder if it was worth their efforts?? Note.. I just read Gail Clump-Smith comments about small rooms.... I don't think you knew what hospital you were in. hey.. maybe you have confinement issues Gail. Open your eyes... most of us must be able to see better than you... To all else... it's a good day to live... v


Steve Taylor

I was a transfer from the Saginaw VA for chest pains. Your emergency dept. ran the exact same tests that the VA did. I never got to see a real Doctor only a PA and his solution was a overnight stay for observation and maybe a consult with a Cardiologist? I got the feeling that I was being treated as some sort of a dead beat for being a VA transfer. Next time I need any treatment for anything that the Saginaw VA can't handle I will ask for a transfer to the Ann Arbor VA which is staffed by professional U of M Doctors even if I have to drive myself! So I declined observation and was discharged. Being it was late and after normal hours with no bus or taxi service available I was forced to walk 3 miles back to my car at the Saginaw VA. Needless to say this left me with a real attitude . I guess the response to my complaint is to give them a call, you would think if they really cared they would call you. I am having a discussion today with the VA about St. Mary's response.

Leanne Whitley

Gary Anderson

This hospital fumbles at doing good, professional work. It's obvious they don't quite have it "together." If you're able to go to a larger hospital, do it. These guys are still growing and trying to figure it out.

Jacob ahejew

my experince was awsome at town center more than downtown my grandma tonight she been to 5 th floor 6th floor 3rd floor i highly recomend st marys of michigan

Carla Lawson


Kelsey Beckman

ER is horrible.

Le Aundre J

Regina Wade

Dr Adel did my surgery back in April and I am grateful for the care I received on the Neuro Floor unit. The room I was in was not small but in recovery floor the room was a bit smaller but I did not care was so greatful to all the neuro staff and Dr Adel .

Emmie Lou

Reception was absolutely terrible. Unsympathetic, hardly said anything and hung up on me! All I wanted to know was how I would about sending flowers to my best friend who had just attempted suicide and that’s what I get. Un-freaking-believable.

Debra Appleby

I would like everyone on the 7th floor (room 719) to know how much I appreciate there kindness!!! they are probably the nicest and most caring staff I have EVER met. YOU ARE AWESOME thank you so much!!!!!! and I would like to thank Linda for all her help I don't know her last name but she was leonard Appleby nurse on 8/29/2015 GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU

Chris Tackett

Was advised to come in to the ER and drive 400 miles to be seen for the three level cervical herniations pressing on my spinal cord loss of bladder control and arm weakness... ER staff was great. admitting MD was Kind. Once admitted all down hill. don't remember any of my stay due to medications i did not remember getting. family member asked why i was so sedated they said to keep me in the room. basically medically restraining me against my will. they continued all home medication for pain and that was sedating then added two new narcotic medications without telling me not while mentally competent that is. i was passing out in my food for 4 days. asked to lower meds wasn't given that option. eventually lost my mind and was dragging myself out to my car thinking i was a visitor and getting dragged by security back to my room. when i was no longer medicated i was in my car passenger seat with a very angry friend. who was driving me the 400 miles home. now as i sit at home with my condition falling apart everyday i cannot pull myself out of bed anymore and have to wait 2 months to see the surgeon i was supposed to see that day. that turned into 4 and still no surgeon to see me. idk why the nurses could not report my medicated condition to the attending and get me off some of those meds. i did not need 4 narcotic pain medications. i agreed to surgery to avoid that. now may i mention all my information is a haze and 2nd hand information from family visiting me. as i did not even know where i was or my name when asked when i was allowed to leave AMA with my IV port still in place i took it out at home. in MI when i had a head injury at the smallest little northern MI ER was not allowed to leave on my own unless i could identify reality and name where i was the day and the president. all i could not do. this hospital treated me like a drug addict for their own mistakes and pushed me off on security as a flight risk as i could not be leaving on my own hence chasing me down and forcing me back. aware my mind was gone at this point. but let me go no test and no doctor to verify i was sane. i was chemically insane and should have been sober from the lethal dose of analgesics that FDA says three combined is safe. not 4. then to chemically restrain a person without DR orders of confinement or Judge order to observe. i think most of my rights were violated. but try calling a patient liaison. you get transferred to a blank voicemail advising that the extension is busy leave a message DISGUSTED ENTIRELY

Amber Brubaker

This place is a Damn joke I will be getting a second opinion Drs ain't supposed to come in five u 3 pills to bring back feeling on my Right side an send you home with no tests when clearly there is more to this issue the doctor an nurse needs to go back to school or find a new job they need to have negitave marks furth more looking at my sent home papers it says to come back in Right away if.... And I have all 4 of them....

Deyonis Hinton

Jane Doe

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