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REVIEWS OF Lawrence General Hospital IN Massachusetts

Vanessa jimenez diaz

Today August 12:45am I went to the emergency room since I am in high risk of having seizures and have awful lupus flare pains. While I was in he emergency room C4 there were workers outside, especially one particular worker who kept staring into my room making me feel very uncomfortable and violating my privacy. She had a black shirt on and green pants and she did not work all night gossiping and doing absolutely nothing. I was upset because I had told someone I knew someone that works there that shares confidential info and they didn’t even give me a hotline to call or anyone to tell and I felt as if my personal info was going to be talked about out in other places as well. Very unfriendly front staff and service.

Grenys Lopez

Front receptionist rude! Room C2 had nothing, but a bed and a dirty blanket. Waited from 1pm until 5PM with a migraine and nothing was given to me. Pressed the bottom twice for help and after 20 mins nobody came, I decided to leave to at least have some tylenol at home. I had the need to be courteous and told one of the nurses I was going home and she said "ok what do you want me to do?" I was in shock! And just left. Horrible service and people is not treated with respect. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to come here. Need to improve!!! 9/9/19

Marianela Rivera

WORST hospital experience of my life. The ONLY way I will ever go back is if they drag my unconscious body there. I waited FIVE hours to be attended by an ER nurse and then another hour for the doctor only to be asked to come back for a follow up visit for an ultrasound TWO days later, which should have been performed during the ER visit to figure out what was causing the excruciating pain in my abdomen. I went back two days later and dealt with an ignorant receptionist (Audrey) who didn't know the definition of a FOLLOW UP or the difference between her head and a hole in the ground. I was told that I had to pay a $200 copay for the ER visit and a deductible for the ultrasound (but had the ultrasound been performed during the ER visit, It would have been just the $200 ER copay). I waited an hour and then walked out because I hadn't been attended yet. Honestly, you're better off taking a drive to Mass General Hospital than you are waiting in this dump. If you can't get that far, go to Holy Family Hospital in Methuen. Anything beats this God forsaken place.

C-Millzy Music

Bro, Trash. I came here for stitches after an accident. Im here now. I got my stitches at 7. The they were supposed to clean and dress me with gauze. Its 8:40. The nurse came in half an hour ago knowing nothing about it or why I was here. Trash bro. They come to me with discharge papers and leave me with blood and solution all over me. So i remind them to clean and dress me. Its now 9:03 and im discharged with my hand still covered in blood I was just here for a compound fracture 2 months ago and the lady at the desk asked me to sign paper. I tell her im left handed and my arms broken. She sees my arm hanging from the bone and has the nerve to tell me she needs me to sign some paper i could've signed after. Trash bro. My surgeon was the only one with sense. I appreciate him, but overall, Trash bro, Trash

Rick Pisano

I have had two surgeries done at Lawrence General Hospital over the last few years and I must say that I was impressed with the hospital and particularly impressed with the care given me by the surgical nursing group.They are top notch, highly skilled professionals who answered all my questions and totally put me at ease. It made feel very confident and relaxed knowing that I was in great hands. They were there for me the whole way. I would certainly recommend this group and the hospital.

milani alvarado

The worst experience of my life sat in the waiting room for 3 almost 4 hours to get seen to than get sent of too a cold room where the nurses button didn't even work they took a life time to give me an iV than didn't come back for 2 hours to check on me my iV was done and even had blood coming down to get discharged it was even worst I had to get up walk around while I'm sick to look for a nurse to help find my nurse cause once again nurses button didn't work please if your sick go to any other hospital this place made me sickerrr


love for Sonny

I delivered my second daughter here and thankfully it went by quickly! I had only female doctors and nurses, female room service and food servers. So THAT was nice.also, they did not force vaccinations on me too much. I was able to decline or accept what I wanted. The place is alittle outdated but majority of the nurses and staff were nice and understanding. The food was good. Not preseasoned though. Which, they offer salt and condiments so no big deal. Rooms kept clean...most things just outdated..much better birth experience than with my first daughter, but that all just depends on the people that are working when you give birth and thereafter...still would have liked a birth center birth but overall my experience here was good. 7 out of 10! :)

Patricia Thomas

All of my experiences with Lawrence General Hospital have been nothing but POSITIVE, and there have been more than a few visits. I had my son there, have had 2 major surgeries there, have had numerous diagnostic tests done there and have been to their Emergency Room more than once. Each time I have been treated with respect and kindness and taken care of in a most professional and caring way. I have no regrets or concerns with my visits to Lawrence General Hospital and won't hesitate going there again in the future.

jen fragile

after initial 45 minute wait in ER ... nothing but excellent care + service

Ajay Verma

I dont know why they call this emergency. Came here around 12 am as my wife had breathing issue after vomiting after 2 hrs when i asked about lab results, nurse told me that she didnt get chance to look at yet. Ams dr came to see after 2.5 hrs and said let me talk to your nurse and gone for 15 minutes and i can see nurse is still there... doesnt feel it is emergency at all here feels like urgent care

Cheiry Valerio

blind from 4 in the afternoon and it is 7:46 and this is the time that my son does not attend seeing how bad you are of a fever and do not grab na by wanted hospital

Jose Torres

Caroline Phillips

I arrived at Lawrence General feeling fine, but looking to get more intensive treatment for depression and anxiety. I was hoping to get into a program to help build coping skills for panic attacks and depressive episodes. As soon as they took me in, I ended up on a stretcher in a loud and busy hallway. I was there for 16 hours with no help and no results, waiting for the crisis team to arrive. I saw a nurse once, when I first got there, and had nothing but my phone to keep me busy. Around hour 3, I started crying and panicking. Once my phone started to die, I asked for my charger, waited 2 hours, and never got it. I ended up having a severe panic attack and went to the nurses' station weeping, hyperventilating, and shaking, just asking for someone to come talk to me. I asked four or five times, and no one ever came to help as I cried on the stretcher and gasped for freaking air. While I was laying there, the staff were watching the baseball game, laughing, and joking around. I ended up having to turn my phone back on and use the remaining 12% of battery left to call crisis and counseling to talk me down from my panic attack. Once the early hours of the next morning arrived, I called a friend and asked for a ride. I felt scarred, humiliated, and neglected. Maybe Lawrence General is good with immediate emergencies, but when it comes to emotional and mental health, they're a complete mess, it seems. P.s. OH, And I wasn't allowed to have my shoes. The bathroom floor was covered in pee, so I had to sit sideways to go to the bathroom in my socks. It also took them an hour and a half to get my belongings and discharge me after I was all set to be released. Awesome.

Jasmin Santiago

Nathalia Lee

Worst staff ever, very rude & very unhelpful. Needed to be seen quickly I was their from 3 am till 12 pm the next day with no doctors even telling me nothing but to take tylonel & go home to rest. Hospital of the year, will not be going here ever again

Craig Doyle

On 12/4 I had a 3 level spinal fusion performed by Dr. Thakur. From the moment I walked in I was impressed with the cleanliness and welcoming condition of the pre-op center. After the procedure I spent 4 days in the hospital and was continually impressed with the caring, knowledgeable and capable staff. They made a very difficult recovery as comfortable as possible. I cannot recommend Dr. Thakur and Lawrence General Hospital strongly enough.

Erin E. Seaton

nobody_ cares_

this place suck's ass

nilda serrano

Worst experience every.. Verry irresponsible nurses, Threw her whole shift only came to check on me once mind you i had a verry high fevers for more than 3 days to only check my temp once. Thats very irresponsible if u ask me. Had to press the botton to get a cup of ice water if not i would have died of thirst.. I must add they love profiling

heather kelly


Karla Orsini

Ruth Garcia

4 hours waiting with a possible miscarriage . Worse

Sarah Lluberes

Very long wait and some nurses were rude

famous people


Wait times are 3 years or less.

Monique Fougere

Very dirty dingy place. Thankfully this hospital is no where near me geographically. I would rate the staff on the same level as well.

Holly Morrissette

Jose Ortiz

Silvio Genao

They deserve no stars at all. I can in at 8:30 in the morning and it's 6pm and I'm still here waiting, all this place does is waste time to charge the insurance. Third world country hospital have faster release time. No star from me

Barbara Burns

LGH saved my life (liver and kidney failure). I can't thank them enough.

Daniel Fermin

This hospital has helped me more times than I can remember,i just wish they knew how greatful I am!the picture you see here is of the waiting room outside the ER.

Scott Reid

I have visited Lawrence General Hospital multiple times with my sweetheart, who has two serious medical conditions. Long wait, sometimes in the aisles without a room are commonplace. They don't have enough room, sometimes you have to wait for a nurse for hours and none signed up to take your case. This place is inexcusable a slow, also poor sanitization by lab workers who don't wash their hands... Try to avoid going to Lawrence General Hospital. I would give less than one star if it were possible, unfortunately you have to leave at least one star

jacqueline hanson

Awful. My son couldn't breathe and after three hours still noone helped. The nurse couldn't walk us to our room we had to wonder around the halls looking for it as the lights were out in the room. The other nurse took notes on a scrap piece of paper. They weren't busy at all. Awful

Joey Crowley

Communication lacks , food sucks , to many patients

Tyler Fields

nicole elwell

Went to the emergency room in full blown labor and the girls at registration had the door locked at 1130 PM and just laughed and stared at me when they finally opened the door then felt the need to say jesus take the wheel like It was to much work to take my insurance info. They took 20 minutes to take my insurance info then had me sit in a hallway for half an hour well in labor. The birthing center was so under staffed they never came back with my epidural and I had to have my daughter without pain meds due to being understaffed.

Donald Keene

My wife brought my son in last night at around 745pm for a pretty decent laceration too the inside of his lower lip, and had not been seen as of midnight if I could give a review of negative stars that would be too many. Please seek care elsewhere if you are looking to see anyone other an paper pusher from admissions to see you right away.

Maria De La Cruz

One star is 1 too many for LGH, patient privacy violations is their game, mal practice is their motto. A million dollar upgrade for young individuals who want to play nurse and residents playing doctors with very expensive equipment. Absolutely not an institution for those with health problems let alone with an emergency. Care enough for your loved ones and completely avoid this place.

yanzi L.

My dad has a horrible experience at the hospital one week ago and almost died there. If I can, I would give no star at all. He has COPD, we sent him to hospital, at that time, he can sit, walk without support, and without oxygen supply. when he was admitted into the hospital, he was on antibiotics with IV, he immediately felt better. At that moment, we all thought he would be discharged in three days. However, when he got a room, the Doctor was changed, and IV with antibiotics was stopped. His COPD got developed fast during the next 5 days, he complained increasing chest pain, and finally the dr decided to put back the IV with antibiotics. The dr later told me that my had developed a new Pneumonia after staying for hospital for 5 days. They would not have found this if my dad's chest was going to burst and had enormous pain and almost went into coma. My dad complained increasing chest pain for the past two to three days (before the IV antibiotics was on for the second time), the response we got is: as a patient, he was too nervous. All his vital sign was normal, he was OK. True, the team was young, they had no experience, but they did not even bother to ask lung specialist after the patient suffered from enormous pain for more than 2 days. Later my dad told me: the night before he almost went into coma, he called out frequently for help, but the help he got was very limited. From midnight till next morning around 10:30am, for more than 10 hours, no special help was given except the vital sigh measurement from the nurse. My dad also suggested for putting back the IV antibiotics, and antibiotics had made him feel better in the first beginning, but the dr refused to listen, and told my dad there was not need for that. That was not the end of the bad experience. After he was found he had Pneumonia and almost went into coma, he was changed into a quiet room with some device can monitor heart beating. He was supposed to be on IV antibiotics for 5 days. My dad really hoped he can stay in that room before discharge, so he could have some rest, since he had suffered from a lot of pain for the past 6 days. However, he was changed to another room after staying in the quiet room for just one day. The new room was very noisy with frequent change of patients, and those patients were those who were not in serious pain and would like to put on loud TV all night. When he finally got discharged from the hospital, he was almost dead: he can not sit and can not walk, very weak, can not leave oxygen for one minute. I am not sure how soon he will recover. He actually was reluctant to go home since he was not sure he was ok, his heartbeat was more than 130 every min on the day of discharge, but the dr told him: "this was your longest stay at this hospital (11 days)", suggesting: you have to go. Do not go there, you might be as my dad: go there with a less severe condition, and come out almost dead. The team was horrible, the dr are extremely young and inexperienced, the nurses were too (both of my dad's arms are full of bruise after discharge). My dad said: this was this his first time in his life time, that when he stayed in the hospital, he was not becoming better, rather: he was becoming worse. Update: after he was discharged from the hospital for 5 days, he ended up in ICU. he came in on ambulance to Lawrence general again(the closest one to our home), When they asked him to stay there for ICU, my dad said no, because he does not want to die there.

Cindy Almas

Nothinggood about this hospital !

Luis Vasquez

With I could give it 0 starts I wouldn’t come here if I was dying I’m currently a patient and I freaking hate it here!!! THE NURSES ARE RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL , me and my child are not in good care

Monique Danford

horrible people - my best friend can't keep food or liquids down due to diabetes complications and they forced her out to the street. it's common sense that a patient who has no other means to nourish herself other than intravenously IS NOT READY TO BE AND CANNOT BE RELEASED. this is beyond outrageous. these people are only concerned with whether they'll get their money from the insurance company. they are seriously clueless and are putting people's lives at risk!!!!!!

Tyler Hughes

Fernando Docarmo

Staff its friendly however checkout people are not willing to help you out

Yanery Ferrer

The worst hospital in all massachusetts, they do not care about people they just care about your insurance company

Elaine Meuse

My first experience with Lawrence General Hospital was Christmas Eve on the admittance of my young adult daughter. During her five day stay, every person, from the emergency room staff, the gastro-intestinal doctors, the hospitalists, the nurses, the CNA's, and the food service/housekeeping staff, was professional, warm and caring. Thank you for your care and service. This was a time of fear and concern for the well being of our loved one.

Dennis Hoffman

Two hours in the ER to get stitches and no one can tell me when i will be seen.

Carlos Frias

Alberto Saynes

This is the worst place and as usual in Lawrence everything sucks. I am hispanic and these Puerto Ricans or whatever the nurse with last name Pomeroy is from think they can treat you like crap just because you are not white otherwise they act straight. We took our 17 year old daughter to the emergency room and we only asked about some tests when the she was in a room and this stupid nurse started to have an attitude towards us saying that my daughter was almost an adult and she didn't have to talk anything with us about it. So they had us there for 5 hours and doing some useless tests thinking that she might have a kidney stone so at the end she didn't and now they wanted another test for ovarian cyst, at 17 years old!!, what a joke. We overheard them talking among nurses and the doctors about our insurance, and one of them even said, keep sending them for tests. All this time the nurse was very rude and my wife asked her how long it was going to take for them to take my daughter to the cat scan and she started to argue with my wife and saying that my wife had been rude all night. At the end the doctor came and said, it's nothing, she already gave my daughter some medication, we didn't know, my daughter couldn't tell us , but anyway she left the room and stupid nurse came back just to remove some crap off of my daughter and left, so we had to go and ask if we could leave, so she said yes, and then she left the discharge instructions over there in the room without saying crap. I normally don't go to places where I know is full of Hispanics, and didn't think this hospital was going to be packed of them. That's one of the reasons I left my country because the same kind of crappy people. This is the last place I would go if I get sick unless I am almost dead and someone else is dragging me and even so I am sure I will be fighting not going there and even if it's my last effort in this World I would stand up and leave.

Samir Naili

Terrible place to have a child. Very poor bedside manner. To the degree it could break families apart from the drama they cause . Winchester hospital is surely worth the commute even if you live in the area. Like any hospital there is some good staff . But departments like newborn pediatrics is severely understaffed while also containing some of the worst treatment of human beings, apathetic and couldn’t care less if they push someone with chronic migraines, seizures, severe spinal pain are pushed to the point of having their health destroyed. Almost all my friends suffering with addiction or recovering from addiction who have ever been admitted to this hospital have died since sadly. Father’s who were working hard to salvage a life where they’ve been stigmatized a felon and worse , sons of mothers who also died of overdose before they could find decent medical addiction treatment in this area of hellish stigma against addicts and forgone punishment against dealers just to make those people suffering and fighting to get better from addiction by imprisoning them because they make easy targets . There is very little to no people I met at this hospital who understand the pain of being a recovering addict, not only fighting to live a clean life after the fact that their brain chemistry will and has been forever changed by the chemical endorphin reaction of addiction among others. But also fighting the pain they suffered that they originally self medicated with opiates for, be it terrible unbearable chronic severe pain, poorly treated mental illness like severe anxiety and depression that law gen docs refuse to treat properly because they have long dehumanized addicts but have no problem pumping non addicts full of opiates . They crippled my Aunt who suffers from multiple sclerosis due to terrible treatment. Banned me from seeing my newborn daughter in her greatest time of need for 48 hours , because slamming my shin into the terribly designed pediatrics Department, after throwing my wifes and my belongings all over the room in no manner of organization without my permission and no heads up. In fact they never have given a heads up greater than a few minutes even for the most severe changes like forcing my wife into surgery. While my shin bled the nurse came in at 6 am after a 30 second pained muffled yell, assumed it was a fight, stigma for you I have not drank, I do less drugs , aka NONE, than most the staff there , including alcohol, for two years , yet still they clearly look down on me. She immediately recommends it a GREAT idea I sleep on the couch away from my wife the first time since we started dating . Irrationally she ignored the fact that 90% of my belongings are crowding every inch of the couch , then she went on to immediately say “why don’t u just go home , what a fantastic idea” in a clearly sarcastic insulting tone . Within 30 seconds she is calling security and reported my yell of pain from my bloody shin being one of argument and fighting . The only other staff a young arrogant male nurse insults me and says “you stubbed your toe and screamed for five minutes about it .” The whole time my shin bleeding through my sock. Terrible staff . The good largely are outnumbered by the hateful bigoted in stigma and rude . This is the type of place that would make an optimist lose faith in humanity.

Joe Donofrio

Easily the worst hospital I have ever been to. I went to the ER. The nurses were rude, the doctor took zero time to hear what I had to say. They referred me to a specialist, and when I called them to make an appointment, they said that specialist doesn’t take patients for the issue I had. A complete joke and waste of time. Also, not to mention, when I called my PCP, she found it extremely concerning that they didn’t do a certain test considering my symptoms. She says that the MRI they did only shows about half of what I came in for. The only good thing that came out of my visit was my discharge nurse was extremely helpful and caring and was actually willing to talk to me about my issues. She deserves a lot more praise than the so called “head nurse” who sat at the nurses station all day and complained about other nurses.

Stewart Allen

New ER is very nice. Staff is friendly and service has been quick.

Patrick O'Neil

nancy montero


Barbara infante

Santo Gomez

Saint Socram Nŷmaíã

horible place if you go to emergency, on another note their vending machines work so it makes up for their crappy service

Nerlin Garcia

Susan Ahearn

Excellent ER physician and nurses. We arrived with a difficult situation and appropriate care was given promptly and professionally. We have seen many ERs in our lives. This stands as one of the best.

Oliver Guerrero

Que horror, de Hospital en emergencia no importando la magnitud de tu problema te dejan hasta 4 horas en espera, como en mi caso llegue al hospital faltando 15 minutos para las 12:00 pm me registraron y tuve que esperar hasta las 4:14 para poder ver el Doctor. Dios mio les recomiendo que si tienen un dolor o algo que no sea muy grave tomen pastillas y relajense en su casa.

Carol L

Stay away from this Hospital. The care is sub par, the nurses spend more time entering medical codes into the computer to bill your insurance than actually taking care of the patients. You will spend hours if not days in the emergency room before you get a bed. I actually was in the elevator with two big shots that worked there and all they talked about was how much more money they could bring into the hospital. Not a word was spoken about patient care. If you value your life or your family members stay away from this staph infected hospital. Update. My brother in law has been in the ER with heart issues since Wednesday not his choice of hospitals it was an emergency situation. Today is Friday he is still in ER. . He is a diabetic and my sister had to bring his meds and meter to read his sugar levels. Oh and they haven't given him a toothbrush or a wash cloth to clean up. STAY AWAY FROM LAWRENCE GENERAL HOSPITAL!!

Steve April

My experience was beyond horrible. Came in for severe flu symptoms and left far worse off. Only come here if you think you wont make it to Mass General. If you're dying just tell the ambulance driver to "drive like hell to Mass General" Do not have the ambulance driver take you to Lawrence General otherwise that will seal your fate and you will most certainly die.

CT Carvajal

the er staff waiting time is a joke and little miss tara Richard is no exception. the treatment physician at the emergency room is very sneaky, resentful, and passive aggressive. don't let her catch you on the phone when she's assigned to assist you for a psych evaluation. that tall blonde biach will show you who's in charge and get younger staff who's half your age to follow and watch your every moves. I learned that very quickly In the harshest way I could ever imagine. just humilliating!

Lidia Lidia

Jason Basler

Motorcycle accident may 30 almost medi vaced. I was lucky enouch to have this opition compared to amputation. Dr reed had doon the best work on a leg that i would have never got bact too use. All the doctors here are very smart and know what to do. I am so thankful for having this hospital in my life ar 38 years old. All the nurses are very sweet and if i have to say not to bad to wake up to in morning. This is my 7th day in hospital but i see a lot of walking in future. Never take walking for granted . thanks to all the other doctors workind on peole like me in 410. Everyday and after this who knows maybe ill be an avid walkersr but truly ty Lawrence general.

Randy Rosa

I don’t recommend it you will die if you go to this hospital

Rafael Delgado

Long waits

Anna Karaski

safet sukalic

Worst emergency experience in my lives in the Bronx and been a lot emergency rooms there never did I ever ever wait over 4 hours in extremely pain pancreatitis And they just let in pain with see a doctor I’ve heard alit good thinks about this place but I don’t who gives a review ether knows somebody cause this f sucks never again will to this place or my kids here

Donna Dionne

Waited 3 hours my leg and foot we're swollel like footballs excruciating pain after 3 hours left.purto rican Dominican whoever they were rude obnoxious they were going to make me sighn back in because i left my room to ask my ride to waite.unprofessional to say the least not even sceen by doctor only nurse practitioner 4th of July now i suffer in pain because they did not do there job.contacting Dep of health and human services to file a complaint.

Yaimer Leon Ortiz

Rademus GG

Probably the worst Hospital you'll ever visit. I would recommend staying far from this place. Sat there for 4 hours for a finger splint... Multiple people left... IN PAIN to go to Holy Family or a close by Hospital. Place is a joke to be honest. I don't leave bad reviews, but after last night I couldnt help but express my displeasure for this place. Unbelievable. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS.

Jennifer Gonzalez

Lawrence general has changed for the better the last two times I was there in the ER which was today The staff was very empathetic and treated me very well. The doctors where very nice and approachable. They take you seriously no matter what your age or race is. In case of any emergency I will be coming here. Plus I only had to wait 5 minutes for a room.


Went to er on a Sunday because for last week before had shortness of breath and tired all the time! Then Sunday got the tightness in chest and pain! At er they did quick EKG it showed nothing,sent me for x-ray it showed nothing.was told probably getting flu but i new that was not the case so i started putting my foot down and said i will go to another hospital because i new somthing was 6hrs in er i get admitted go through more ekg,heart monitor on me the whole time,more x-ray's and cat scan plus a inconclusive stress test on treadmill i only last a min on because out of breath asap. But all tests including monitors on me show nothing. So on the last test a catheter with die showing i had a 95% blocked circumflex arterie. Glad i didn't get sent home the many times i was told i was. The last test should be the first test if it has 100% results of showing the problem. I am grateful it was found but the dr who preformed the procedure was not patient friendly and gave me attitude because i said all tests b4 ment nothing after they showed nothing. He was given me attitude because i new and not him or all involved in tests there was something wrong. He talked over me when i spoke and i just had to call him out in front of 2 nurses and say he is a little 5 year old stomping his feet like he didn't get enough cake at a birthday party. The worst dr patient ethics i ever experienced. His last words were that i had it in for him since minute one from the second i showed up.

Judy Braude

Worse hospital ever.Staff had to be repeatedly asked for any request and it usually was never done.Room was filthy...toilet backed up with feces into my sink and it took a half a day to be somewhat fixed.Nurses couldn't care less about you. I had a serious intestinal disease and was offered Quesada. When I asked for plain food I was offered grilled cheese or pizza. These people are imbeciles although the Doctor seemed ok the rest of the staff was totally incompetent. I will never go there again.

Luis Villafane

Yes B

Worst experience of my life went to the er at 7pm monday was put in a bed in the hallway got no sleep at all to then have to wait for a test to be done at 2pm tuesday still in the er. To come back and my bed is taken, they then wanted to sit me in a chair to "try" to find me a spot again. I was found a room after almost walking out i rather have waited in their er waiting room. Was left there till thursday coming out of the hospital with no answers and a prescription that the nurse didn't even know why it was given to me she even told me not to take it how unprofessional is this place i will never go there again. The nightmare didn't end there, theres way more i went through but i guess i won't write a book.

Bill Weimar

Got there with chest pains and had blood taken and other work and then sat for six hours! 6! Never come here

Dan Hartshorn

I brought my son to the ER and after signing in, waited with him, in a hallway (they didn't give us a room, despite there being open rooms nearby) for more than 6 hours, before deciding to take him to the urgent-care across town in Andover. Even though we never saw a doctor, we still were billed for the $150 ER copay, so this hospital will definitely bill your insurance, but they may not actually provide you with any care. You're better off going to an urgent care facility or at least go to a hospital that isn't run by surly nurses and residents, that reek of cigarette smoke and treat you like you're interrupting their game of "Candy Crush." Avoid at all cost - and trust me, the cost will be high, whether or not you receive medical care. ***Reply to response*** Yes, I reached out to billing, and was transferred back and forth, and actually given the number of a textile factory in Lawrence to inquire about contesting the copay, and when I called back to let them know they gave me the wrong number, "Heather" scoffed at my plight, and thought it was funny that I was basically given the brush-off. I'll call Maria at the number you provided, but will she just reiterate why I was charged the $150 copay, because I signed in at the front desk, and that basically says I agree to pay this money, whether or not I receive service? I'm really hoping she'll be able to provide me with some help for this matter.

John Peters

Complet B.S They made me wait for 7 hours, the doctor had not come yet...I left the clinic in desparation......Wasted some money......Never will I come back againa

Brian Grogan

Since merging with Berth Isreal Hospital there have been major improvements both in equipment and the quality of health care professionals. It really feels like they care about you.

Abdias Marcelin

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Daniel Sullivan

I went to the ER here and was admitted for 3 nights after several months of being so tired I would sleep 18ish hours a day and still fall asleep while eating and wake up from spilling the drink I was holding. Apparently my blood pressure was high when I got there, probably from anxiety which I told them, since my BP was normal within an hour and stayed normal. Apparently my saying I was anxious translated to me having a psychiatric disorder. For the next 2 days everything was dismissed as psychiatric until one doctor actually decided to believe me and run a bunch of tests. Turns out I have severe anemia, adrenal insufficiency, and an EEG showed that I had periods of sleep like brainwaves that interupted the normal awake pattern. I was discharged after that with no plan. I got my records but they are useless because 50 pages of saying it was psychiatric distracts from the 2 pages at the end that mention all the physical problems with no follow-up since I was discharged right after. Even my EEG report mentions the abnormality but since the dr said to check for seizures, the conclusion just says "No indication of seizures." I also would have been given the wrong medication twice if I hadn't noticed the pill size was totally different and still had to argue when they said the name of a different med and kept insisting it was the generic name. I think I know the brand and generic names of a med I've taken every day for 5 years. Turns out I was right. There are many more issues but I think this gets the point across. The only decent thing was the food wasn't too bad.

Rainy Day

They should fire everybody that's working there right now and hire a new people that actually know what they're doing

Sam C

If you are about to die and Lawrence General is the only option available, then fine come here. If you have any other options, exercise and exhaust them first. The most terrible hospital in the world. Their administrators are overbearing hypocrites who only talk in terms of preventing a law suit against themselves. There is one particular administrator you must try to avoid. She is a short squat lady who works as a middle manager in the so-called Excellence Team - definitely rude, possibly racist because she spoke to us in way to suggest that we did not understand English (who knows these days what goes on in a bureaucrat's mind), and definitely patronizing, she is one to avoid, although she claims to be the voice of the hospital president. BUT the Nursing staff are beyond excellent and so are the doctors.

Wirdalis Gomez

Faly Aguirre

(Translated by Google) A bad experience left me inside but I was never given a room. I remained in an emergency. No sick woman was worthy to ask if I was okay all night ... I called many times and they didn't answer me. I had to disconnect the serum ... to go to the bathroom .... much less offer me. food and drink ... it hurts because the hospital looks so clean and beautiful .... but personally I will think about it to return and that I have private insurance if I can not imagine .... (Original) Una mala experiencia me dejaron interna pero nunca me dieron una habitacion permaneci en emergencia .ninguna enferma se digno a preguntar si estaba bien en toda la noche ...llame muchas veces y no me contestaron yo misma tuve que desconectar el suero .... para poder ir al baño ....mucho menos ofrecerme. comida y bebida ... lastima porque el hospital se ve tan limpio y bonito....pero en lo personal lo pensaré para regresar y eso que tengo seguro privado si no me imagino ....

Dan Bell

Wouldn't go here even if I was dying.

Christopher Breen

Amanda Newcomb

WORST EXPERIENCE TODAY July 22nd I came into the emergency department and I was treated very disrespectfully I was profiled and my chief complaint was dismissed the nurse practitioner was rude dismissive and abrupt her name was Pat completely different experience from Saturday I was seen on Saturday July 20th by Dr John Chang and I was treated with respect and dignity and he explained things so that I can understand On Saturday July 20th I did not openly speak about my mental health and developmental disabilities as well as the TPI today July 22nd I spoke about the TBI and halls in the developmental disabilities and I was treated disgustingly profiled dismissed and rush through speaking with a nurse practitioner Pat was very dismissive she treated me very disrespectfully and she profiled me I called and Advocate and ask them to please speak with her she was very rude getting on the phone with them as well and just very disgusting attitude very unprofessional manner that was used today I spoke with the hospital Advocate and when I first spoke to Maria Vargas I felt as if I was not being listened to so I expressed myself and the conversation went well she's sent a manager down to speak with me and took time to actually listen and hear what I have to say when I spoke to the physical therapist that they sent down she was very dismissive and very rude they were actually making jokes as to how I am not from here which is completely derogatory and it is profiling segregating and I do not feel that it's fair this is my roof you and I will not be returning to Lawrence General Hospital

James Francis

The list of things that happened while I was in the hospital with my wife last night were unbelievable. If you are a patient needing urgent care, please GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! If they haven’t killed someone yet with this craziness, it’s bound to happen (see the bottom, no joke my sister did almost die from their lack of care as told to us by THEIR surgeons). Backstory: We went in with breathing complications from Pneumonia at about 9:55, got the blood work and X-rays done within 45 minutes. Here’s where it goes wrong. Here’s the short list of what occurred: -we ended up waiting more than 3.5 hours after testing to even be acknowledged, and another hour and a half after that before someone even came to speak to us -during my time in the waiting room, I saw a boy with a 105 temp, a man with some serious motor control issues and open sores, a man in a wheelchair who was barely conscious vomiting his brains out with nothing more than a bucket, NONE of whom were acknowledged or addressed for hours (the boy with the fever was there for more than 9 hours). -actively saw the receptionist ignore incoming patients or patients with a grievance to play on her phone or get cake from a birthday that had occurred from one of the staff -got moved to what they called a “hallway room”, which was nothing more than a gurney in the hallway. I know this was from patient overcrowding, and would have potentially been ok had it been explained first. Not a soul came to talk to the waiting room to help quell what could have been a major issue. We didn’t know how bad it was until we got our “hallway room” and they talked about overcrowding. -while in the “hallway room”, we observed multiple patients with no dignity of care given by the staff. One gentleman was berated because he couldn’t figure out how to put his hospital gown on, another woman was screaming in agony and wasn’t even asked “how are you” for over an hour by the nurses. Mind you, she was in a “hall room” IN FRONT of the nurses station! -watched one nurse in particular not only berate people, but be downright rude to patients. I heard her scoff and sigh when someone asked for help multiple times. A gentleman had a hard time walking to the bathroom, and she told him there’s nothing she can do, he just has to do it himself. -I know this is an ER, and the doctors/nurses have to discuss patient histories and medical conditions, but with all of the “hallway rooms”, this has got to be a breach of FERPA/HIPAA somewhere. I know complete medical histories from multiple patients now, their condition currently, and how they are being treated, including medicine. -total wait time: 6 hours 30 minutes. I know that wait time could be expected, but for an emergency facility, this seems outrageous, and we weren’t waiting nearly as long as a lot of others there -This is not the first time this has happened to us. The real short version of my sister in law’s story (this was a previous encounter, and I should have learned from this one, but when you’re scared and want to get a loved one help, you go wherever help is closest) She was ambulanced over from a 911 call, and instead of being seen, she was shoved into the waiting room. She was unable to sit from what was going on, and screaming in pain. My sister doesn’t like to be a burden, so she doesn’t speak up until it’s absolutely necessary. She ended up calling my wife and I after 5-6 hours of sitting in the waiting room. My wife got there first and had words with the receptionist and finally my sister in law was brought in. By the time I got there, she was being prepped for emergency surgery. Turns out that had she waited any longer, she would have had to have her colon removed due to tissue necrotizing while waiting in the ER waiting room. The surgeon even told us that had she waited just a few more hours, she could have died. The end result was multiple months (not days) in a hospital bed and months of recovery which could have been shortened or at least made easier simply by asking her what’s going on or doing your job at triage correctly.

Eddie Fionte

Absolute dump of a facility with quack medical doctors who I highly doubt graduated from medical school. Wouldn't send my worst enemy here. They deserve no stars.

M Decris

Some staff were great, some left much to be desired. Suffered a fall while under their care. A fight broke out on the floor while there. Place can be interesting. Don't expect continuity of care. I believe in my 8 days there I only saw one person more than once. Referring to doctors and nurses. Get ready to remind staff over and over about the same subjects and issues. Facility is clean, food decent.

Gary Manley

They do not care about the patient at all. Went there cause Dr office was closed they did not want to help at all. going thru withdrawals and they just brush you off saying it's not their problem.They do not control their younger nurses had two young nurses giving me a sponge bath. They were staying in one location a little to long I had to tell them move on while they talked about the boy one of them slept with the night before. Now there are some excellent nurses in there as well.. I went to the ER for help several times and walked out many times as well. I was brought in by ambulance and I still waited an hour before the Doctor came and seen me, then it was another hour before I received any meds. Like I said they just do not care..

Dorothy Taylor

Checked in at 9:48 for a 10:00 ultrasound, 10:47 now and one person still ahead! Ridiculously overbooked. They deserve NO star



Jannette Muniz

Olivia Curley

I had an APPOINTMENT for an ultrasound at 3:30PM in the south privillion office. Over two hours, there’s still a waiting room FULL of people. The office is closed, the front desk people all went home. Even with people still waiting to be called. Absolutely ridiculous. I would’ve gone to one of the other referrals had I known how terribly organized this place is. Never again. I can only imagine how horrid the actual hospital service is.

BP Tab

Your reception area is so elegant and relaxing but the moment I try to read your newspaper it is so horrible.I cant understand because its all in could have been a 5 star exeperience...maybe you try to care or entertain only with this group of people....

Barbara M. Sherlock

The only 2 positives of my outpatient surgery for a crushed wrist were my surgeon Dr. Pamela Jones, top notch skills, and the outpatient surgery recovery nurse Aggie Ramirez who was an empathic angel who was extremely attentive, kind, and caring. As for all other staff I encountered, from the rude and surly Xray tech, to the staff who FORGOT I was alone in pre-op, to staff more interested in showing each other pics on their smart phones than caring for vulnerable patients.... dear God, the lack of professionalism, empathy, and patient care focus was beyond belief! I am a former employee of MGH as well as Beverly Hospital, and it is clear to me that the administration needs to do something about the culture of apathy. Never again.

Daniel Roman

Literally the Worst hospital I’ve been in!!

Madison Currier

See exDiane Kaufman

Great place I was at rthat hosiptal they threat me very good I was happy with the staff

Bruno Forrozeiro

Lady work at reception she it's so rude .

Carole L Peters


Jaylise CG

Shawn Jin

the place is so run down. entire staff was unfriendly. they all seem to look down upon anyone who is NOT a Hispanic.

michelle sanchez

Maureen Perkins

Was grateful to the staff - nurses, aides and docs - who were all thoughtful, caring and knew what they were doing. That certainly helped the inevitable hurry-up-and-wait that one runs into in most hospitals on weekends!

Elianny Pujols

Good care.

Shirley Martire

I love this place. Very good doctors, They did a really great job. The hospital is very clean and everyone is nice to you. I hope I never need to come back, however if I need to, I know they will take good care of me.

Alezandra Ramos

Horrible and rude night shift receptionist and filthy emergency room lots of Unsatisfied patients

Dan Chalifa

Wait time of over 6 hours in the Emergency Room. Do not go to Lawrence General for emergencies. Drive 20 min south into Burlington for some decent hospitals

Milagros Guerrero

(Translated by Google) It looks beautiful and a lot of hygiene (Original) Se ve precioso y mucha higiene

Danash Ahad

Bigdaddy Boss

I came here on my own can't breathe and they don't care at all especially the big girl in the front desk they should not give ppl theses jobs that don't care for ppl


Micheal Callahan

Wonderful. Nothing but great care

massiel castillo

My 7 year old had sergury at this hospital she had her tonsil revomed the staff from the surgical daycare were so great, but ones we where send to pedi it was a mess no bed for her. Two nurses came in said they will take care of her and left never to bee seen for like 2 hour then one of then came back asking if we were ready to go home didn't even check my daughter to check if she was ok. My daughterwas in alot of pain just gave her tylenol and discharged her at the end she got really rude when we starting asking question of medication and how to obtain paper work to go home and to provide to the school. This is so disappointed for a place that is meant to take care of people but intead get treated like animals

M Conc

Some really caring nurses some really awful ones. Wish i had more that cared. Really a shame

David Molbeck

ER is very busy but efficient,I was referred here several times by my PCP for different procedures and it was always a pleasant visit.

Joseph Perez

I am at Lawrence General now. My son was brought in with a pretty focused differential of one sided groin and testicle pain. Differential includes testicular torsion, hernia and epidydimytis. A 5 minute exam should help sort out the issue. I have been in a room for over 2 1/2 hours and no one has come to examine my son. While initial vitals were done and blood tests were drawn no examination. Nurses tell me it's a busy night. Does not seem like it is but if so maybe staffing should be increased. I am very disappointed.

Heidi Beth

A Beta

Terrible Hospital, the worst in the area, unrealistic charges

rosemary castillo

Goran Skorput

Worst service ever. I came to receive vaccines and was charged $150 for an ER visit. I was supposed to come 3 more times to receive additional vaccines. These idiots want to charge me $150 every time I come for a subsequent visit as an ER visit even though I was assured that additional charges will not happen. DON'T COME TO THIS PLACE!!!! They only care about how to charge you. Your health is down the list of their concerns.

Meag Shea

I'd put my similar story here, but it seems pointless as "the owner" has been replying for a while and the care is the same. Name names. Who should be fired?

Serkan Uguz

If you're looking long waits and horrible service look no further.

Pamela Pereira

If you ever come here, expect to wait at least 4 or more. My daughter was brought in by ambulance at 430 am, and still waiting for the the specialist to come to evaluate her. She's still in pain. Not to mention the fact that they put her on this gynecology bed. There she suffered bleeding, while being in excruciating pain. The problem is their specialist like ultra sound, gynocologists, MRI specialists don't come in till after 7 am. This is not the first negative experience We have had there. Last time I brought in my other daughter and experienced 5 hours of pain, and ended up going else where. If you come in between 12 am and 7am you're expected wait time minimally is 4 hours. If in the am, you most likely have to wait after 7 or 8am for a specialist to walk through the doors. Not a very good experience!

Kenia pimentel

5 hrs waiting when i asked the nurse she said that they r patient sicker than me.. so means im not sick enough to be treated.. i went there with chest congestion after 5 no medicine no nothing to feel better so why bother to go the hospital.. worst hospital i ever been

Leah Sousa

Spent 3 nights in labor and delivery, and I couldn't have been more pleased. The nurses were excellent,and attentive, the rooms were spotless and the doctors were friendly and fast. Highly recommend for labor and delivery.

Penny Martin

Always professional & caring.

Ryan Cassidy

Wait times can be extreme, but the care recieved is good.

Richard D’Oremus

Please don’t bring a parent here. Heartless care! They even handcuffed my father to the bed! My Dad died there unnecessarily. Terrible rotating Doctors. Withdrew feeding when they discovered a very old document "do not resuscitate" document. Don't bring your elderly parents to this hospital!

Karen Lagace

They have given me great care in the past.

Jearin Garcia

Bernard Gillian

Lawrence Hospital is 5 minutes from my house. My husband was experiencing signs of a stroke. The nurses were rude insensitive and calloused. The triage nurse took her time. After assessing him with a blood pressure of 170/104, numbness and tingling if the tongue and a headache. It took them about 45 minute before labs were drawn. The receptionist was playing video games in her phone and paused it to register patients. The charge nurse was short tempered. Maybe it was the color of our skin maybe blacks and Hispanics should only go to st. Joseph’s and St. John’s..... one hour later and he has not yet been offered anything to lower his blood pressure. No one has yet asked me what blood pressure medications does he take? Not even an aspirin? Absolutely nothing.


Happy with my experience in the surgery department grateful for the staff that took care of me today...everyone was so helpful Dr.Sahar Chitgar, Dr. Happy, RN Mary Ellen, Diane and other staff...thank you so much for what you do...i appreciated it! Great people and Staff! ❤❤❤

yaniery martinez

Worst Hospital that is in the Merrimack Valley. My father had serious pain and he wait 3 hours in the ER. The hospitality provided by the staff was atrocious. No one offered nor gave him a blanket. The overnight staffs attitude and service was just awful. I would like to say if you don’t like working over night then choose a different shift or quit. Once my dad had enough he told them he would be going to Holy Family and all they said was “it’s up to you” Like I said , worst HOSPITAL IN THE MERRIMACK VALLEY. Trash Hospital. Do no bring your loved ones here. ESPECIALLY DURING THE NIGHT. I advice you to bring them somewhere else.

Michael Williams

I went to the ER because my Doctor told me to because my white blood cell count was high. I was experiencing severe lower abdominal pain. I had been waiting for 2 hours and people who came after me were being called before me. I finally said something. The answer I got was the nurse picks the order not me, I had said you guys don’t have a good system the answer back was and I quote “I don’t know what to tell you”. This hospital sucks, they don’t care about the people at all. If I could give no stars I would. I can’t stress that this is literally the worst hospital north of Boston.

christopher wayland

My father was rushed there by ambulance because he was having a siezure. I am grateful to the honest and caring staff who helped him in his time of need. However, while he was recovering in his room someone stole his clothes and wedding ring. This was noticed by the nurse not my mother. The nurses tried to locate the items but could not. My mother went to security to file a report and their initial comment was "how do you know someone here did it"? This happened about a month ago and my mother is looking into hiring a lawyer to get restitution. Stay away from this place.

Christina Pardo

Went to the ER and waited over 3hrs before I could get my stitches or a glass of water even.

Jillian Carver

mari ve

Sitting at the ER currently with my daughter who has a huge gash in her forehead. Instead they let me wait like nothing is happening and no one is willing to see my daughter. They should treat people based on the emergency. This hospital sucks

Denya Blanco

I'm surprised at the low ratings the hospital has. They've saved my mom's life on several occasions. I've always had good-great experiences with the nursing and radiology staff. (The paramedics in the area deserve 5 stars.) My mother also prefers this hospital over Holy Family. The ER is very busy. I think it's because they receive more ambulances than HF, but I can't say for sure.

Mayra Martinez


Nicole Abreu

For the first time in along time I came here tonight due to an asthma episode. And I was treated fast, and so professional. The woman Laura Ambra I believe she is a nurse was amazing. The bet bed aide manner and so friendly and easy to talk you. She made sure all my needs we're met and she did it with a smile. LGH definitely stepped up their game. Again thank you Laura for making me feel so comfortable.

Brent Kottner

Always treated me well. Valet parking is free in the front and helpful.

Evan Kinlock

Horrible they have no clue what there doing

Susan Schieb

I was in a bus accident and was brought to Lawrence General by ambulance, once in the emergence room, I was treated by a woman dr, who treated me with care a concern. I found the service both speedy and excellent. I was in and out within 2 hrs..

Orlando Pjimenez

Worst service ever in a hospital. Maybe there are people with a degree but they are not profesional at all in what they do.

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