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REVIEWS OF Emerson Hospital IN Massachusetts

Matthew Na

Beth Evans

This hospital really cares about people and they are very supportive when you are very sick

Maria Helena

Evergreen Kinz

great hospital!

Jessica Smith

Philippe Michaud

Best hospital I have been too so far. I went to Leanord Morse, Milford Regional, Newton Wellesley and Framingham.... but this one really delivers. Quick to be seen, doctors aren't playing angry birds while you are waiting like in some places, nurse and doctors and all the staff really makes you feel like they would treat you for free or almost. Went there with Scurvy due to really bad nutrition choices. After trying three hospitals, 5 antibiotics me and my wife finally got the right diagnostic. Only downside is that if you wanna pay parking outside, you need the chip that just "hovers" on the reader.


Younes A

Samuel Francis

I had a really bad injury mainly to my ankle and not my foot back in May. They ordered an x ray, cleaned my wounds and gave me a boot and told me it’s heal in a month or two. 5 months later I’m in an orthopedist’s office due to intense pain and I gave them a copy of the x ray. Turns out, they only x-rayed my foot; they did not x ray my ankle even though there were massive abrasions on my ankle and most of the pain was on my ankle. Additionally the PA said she saw a small fracture while the radiologist said there wasn’t one. Their healthcare team was certainly not on the same page and they ordered the wrong x ray. I feel like asking for my money back.

yankee2 yankee

This is regarding the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Emerson Hospital. I am a little critical, in part because it didn't work out for me. It started when I was, apparently, recommended for the program by my cardiologist. I had had a coronary artery blockage, and has a stent placed in that artery to prevent a heart attack. Serious, but not the most serious heart problem I could have. Well, it started out with what I thought was a fairly high-pressure pitch to take the program. Apparently, people who take the program enjoy about a 30% reduction in subsequent problems, including heart attacks and mortality. That sounds very positive, but I found it difficult to get answers to questions like "compared with what? People who don't take the program, including people who do not take good care of themselves? How about compared to people who DO take good care of themselves, independently?" Anyway, after a good deal of haggling, I decided to give the program a chance. I did explain to the director that my back was very fragile, and that for that reason I always ran (I am a runner, somewhat lapsed in the last couple of years) late in the day, after my muscles loosened up, and that I had recently given up stretching, because that usually caused me to injure my back. So I went to the first class, and I did all the exercises they recommended, as a group with the others. I had reservations about doing them, but went ahead on the assumption that they knew what they were doing... And the next day I was in agony! I had the worst backache I'd had in months, and a severely stiff neck. My back hurt so badly that it made me sick, to the point that I wondered if I had the flu. It took me fully until the next class, 5 days later, before I was almost back to normal. I was not able to run as I had planned (I usually run 2-4 miles 2-4 days a week), and think I may not be able to run for at least several more days. But I went to the next class, and explained the problem. The director inquired whether I could take a later-in-the-day alternative, but I anticipated that I would have the same problem with the 11:00 classes, and that in the PM I had the duty of taking my children to and from their after-school activities, etc. I guess that none of the available options really worked for me, but at that point she became, it seemed to me, rather dismissive. I said that I would still be interested in the informational parts of the program, and she said (now in a more snippy tone, as if I was, apparently, more trouble than I was worth) that I would be welcome to attend those parts, but, and I quote (paraphrase) what she said, "she could not charge me just for that, and that they could therefore not be able to answer any of my questions or provide me with any other services." She specifically noted that they could not charge me for the part I wanted (which could have been useful to me), and she asked for me to return my parking pass! Which was fine, but it confirmed for me what I had felt from the beginning, that this program, although no doubt doing some or many patients some good, is a commercial product. If they couldn't charge me for the part I could use, and wanted, they weren't interested in me... So therefore, I don't think I will be back. I wouldn't feel welcome...

Jessica Maldonado

excellent staff and medical center. everyone is very happy to help you if needed

Jean M

I hope to never end up in this hospital. I was in excruciating pain and the front desk only cared about my insurance card. Got IV which was not inserted correctly. I requested the nurse to remove or reposition it but she claimed she was busy. Dr came 2 hrs later to discharge. Of course I have a bill for zero service. Thanks to the paramedics who helped with pain management. As I was leaving, one of the receptionists was kind enough to give me a sheet to cover myself since it was cold and I didn't have a jacket. Dear Management, I already gave my feedback when I received the follow up call after my visit. All I got was "Thank you".

emily funkhouser

Cacao Bean

After two bad experiences in the last 2 years, I'm going to avoid this hospital as much as possible. Some staff was amazing, but some didn't belong there at all. 1) First one was a couple years ago when I was pregnant and had HG (extreme morning sickness), and I was admitted for a couple days. For some reason during the pregnancy, I had smelly vaginal discharge the whole time, which I told the doctor about. There was apparently no infection but my body was discharging odorous stuff. On my second day there, I overheard a nurse saying loudly ouside the room why it's so smelly in my room. Another one chimed in, "it's because she's Chinese" followed by giggling. Unbelievable racists! I told the hospital this shortly after I returned home but no feedback. 2) A couple nights ago, I woke up due to painful chest pains. I called their ER, and the head nurse was so rude and curt. Instead of asking me some questions, she said she can't say anything over the phone. *Dead silence* When I asked what should I do, to which she said, "whaaa?" Very unprofessional and bizarre. Then she just said to call 911. It was like talking to a very rude, emotion-less AI or something. Then when I went to the ER a few hours later, the head nurse (not sure if same person) named Stacey was there.. Very rude and annoyed. I've given blood, got many shots and had IVs many times in my life, and this was the worst. I even took a photo because it is all bruised up now. Not only was she rude and had horrible bedside manner, but she clearly poked me around as much as she could - unless she does not know how to draw blood. Can't believe such a rude and angry person who doesn't even draw blood properly works there!

Michael Urbano

Alex Sweeney

I've been here many times as a patient including a surgery. Never had a bad experience! Staff are extremely friendly and caring.

Connolly K

This place went downhill. A decade ago, service was stellar. Today? Negatory, nada, zip, zilch. The service is subpar, basics cant even be met. They lost a very important notation on my file articulating airway stenosis that I experience, the staff will wont call you by your preferred name, the operators of the main hospital circuit board will hang up on you, the anesthesiology department is not up to date on the latest scientific and medical literature, this place perpetuates the opioid epidemic, patient care is not individualized to the person, hospital policies trump patient experience all days. Need I say more? Happy to continue listing my complaints, please let me know. Where's the zero start button?

Tee H

We were in town for a hockey tournaments far from home. My daughter was hurt during a game. We were seen quickly and the staff was so friendly. The nurses, x-ray tech and doctors helped her quickly putting our concerns first. I'm glad we came here for her care.

Gautam Gupta

Just got yelled at by nurse Melanie for asking for some ice chips for my wife to suck on after she's been lying here in the ER for over two hours - first visit by nurse who has no knowledge of her medical history or that patient had been severely dehydrated throughout the day. When asked for a doctor, told "none had been assigned yet."

sarah was here

This place is HORRIBLE! My mom had to get her golbladder taken out, and they messed it up. Even after serveral surgeries, she still almost died. Go to a better hospital that knows how to perform surgery properly. Should be sued.

Brian Cassell

Whipload Channel

Barry Roche

A great community hospital with caring staff and good facilities. All 3 of my kids were born there and it was a great experience each time. Follow up care is excellent and staff are friendly and professional. They are expanding their specialist care through partnerships with Mass General and that will improve the availability of top specialists.

BJ Lachance

Hey if you like dead cock roaches in your hospital room -- this is the place for you ! Yeh just sittin' there in my decripted hospital bed ( the top part did the Kraft-0matic bed thing -- the bottom didn't -- was broken). No TV of course... And then I look over and there is a dead cock roach on the floor. -- I look again is this DT's ? / NOPE I scoop it up with their Emerspn guide to compassionate care -- and this is the best part .. I show it to the Head RN... The Head RN on the floor says. No problem it's been long dead. And I was like Umm no not really why are "long dead" cock roaches still in my room? The staff didn't seem to have an answer for that but they also didn't seem surprised... My buddy that retrieved me said hey man I sleep on the ground all the time. And I asked "last time you were in a hospital were there dead roaches strewn about your room? " ... he had to laugh at that one...

Joshua Rosen

I've had a couple of procedures here, colonoscopy and a cateract operation. I thought they were very well organized.

Sa Lee

Very broken billing and insurance departments. I start seeing a good PT person at the Concord location - after several visits and no copay I inquired with the front desk staff. Ends up someone entered my insurance ID incorrectly, my insurance had denied the claim, and instead of bringing this to my attention they said nothing eventually sending me a bill for the full amount. Three months later, and two letters from me later, Emerson finally re submitted the charges and sent me bills for my copay amounts - but under different account numbers and with no itemization. There was no list of service dates I was being billed for - just one lump sum for all the copays. Its mind blowing a hospital could be this incompetent with administration. For this reason I am not going to Emerson for any reason, even though it is the most convenient hospital to me.

Ruth Bodeman

While Emerson is a good hospital if you don't have any significant medical problems, a hospital in Boston is better. I went to Emerson when I lived in Concord for many years then went to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, where I received comprehensive care, unlike anything Emerson can offer.


Matthew Oh

Belongings were lost or stolen while at the ER

Brody Prince

Steve Carell was born here.

Baystate Websites

My wife just had knee surgery there. They kept her in the recovery room for over 6 hours. When my daughter and I called to check in her the receptionist was very rude and even hung up on us. The hospitals services are horrible and not patient friendly st all. I would recommend going to lahey clinic if you need surgery

George Bano

Great place with nice services


Spent a few days in the maternity ward following the delivery of our fourth. On a positive note, the nurses and doctors were for the most part very helpful and friendly for our extended stay. I do have a critical recommendation, however, the chairs in the postpartum section are terrible. For breastfeeding mothers, this is not a good way to start them off. For the partners, like myself, who sat in these chairs for hours holding the wee baby - ouch.

jvmusic 107

Very nice and fast service, they care about their patients.

Ronny Almog

Wanda Sanchez

People have their own doc and want to enjoy life other than being a guinnea pig with all respect

Keri Beliveau

Unfortunately had to bring my daughter there Wednesday morning to the ER. I cannot say enough good things about the nurses and doctors in that unit. I wish I could remember all their names. They took such great care of my daughter. The nurse and pediatric nurse were so compassionate- from singing Moana songs to bringing my daughter a bag of toys and bubbles to take home. The Doctor working that morning was also very helpful and caring. Hoping to not ever have to take her back to the ER but knowing how amazing the staff is makes me feel that much more comfortable. Thank you Emerson ER!

bobby boyd

Care was good in the ER. Very competent Drs and nursing staff. They kept me in the hospital overnight for observation of chest pains and put me in a double room. The nurse came in and asked if I had had the pneumonia vaccine.I said No and she left. Later in the morning when I woke up I found the patient next to me had pneumonia. I checked myself out as soon as possible, still feeling not so great.

Tor Tremblay

Tim Brothers

a google user

Bad radiation doctor, never talk to patient directly. Sent wrong billing code to insurance company. Never return patient's call. The worst part is when they sent medical record to my new doctor, this never seen , never talk doctor, bad mouth me.... If you have other choice, you should never go to this crap place. Do yourself a favor by not going there They charge you much more than Lahey for the same procedures. I would give them -5 rating if possible

Kendra Cerroni

Too many bad experiences with specialists, customer service and billing. I do not recommend at all.

Robert Call

the staff at the wound and specialty care, are great very caring and very professional i went there for a second opinion and they were very specific about what they were going to do and within a month my wound was taken care of and how to take care of it form then on. I can't say enough about them Bob Call

Jeffery Finley

You can't paint an organization this size with one large paint stroke. Overall, my experience here with labor and delivery and the maternity ward was very good good. Starting with the food, it is very delicious; in particular, the chicken pot pie is exceptional. The staff has people that love their job and people who do not. You will be able to tell the difference the second you meet members of either group. Unfortunately the bad people influence the perception of the very good staff members. Be forewarned the parking is $9 a day with no alternative except Uber, a friend or a taxi. Lastly, the facilities are in very good condition but bring an extra blanket if you sleep next to a window, it gets cold during inclement weather. You can get linen from the hospital but the blanket sheds like a white dog on a black carpet.

Tori Gibson

I was born here 18 years ago. 10/10 would recommend being born in this hospital

stefanie erickson

Always caring and friendly!

fake name

One of the worst hospitals have ever been to The place was absolutely dead no one was waiting but me then some one just came through the door and they got instant service I will never go back I will drive the half hour to Winchester

Jonathan Mondestin

Jessica De Iulio

Have delivered 3 children here, as well as used emergency services for them over the last 3 years. I've never found a better hospital in the last 10 years and 4 states we've lived in. Perfectly thrilled with the quality of care from Emerson, every time.

Edward sullivan

Quality. Professional. Emerson doesn't feel like a community hospital.

Jim Caslin

TIM Lilly

Had to take my 2 year old daughter to the emergency room for a possible broken leg. The staff was nothing short of amazing.

Ludwig Luft

Experienced the Endoscopy department. Excellent environment. Superior staff.


It’s inexcusable to charge visitors money to visit their sick or dying relatives. Shows me everything I need to know about the organization itself.

Kate Hill

Jake Haendel

Great hospital with great doctors and a fantastic and quick ER

seth ordway

Everyone was very nice. They helped more than they needed to.

Lisandro Embon

So expensive and unpleasant.

Joel Naticchioni

Been coming here for over 25 years. Best care facility in Middlesex County, hands down.

Irene Boiarski

Dick Beach

I wasn't looking to go to Emerson Hospital but went over the handlebars on my bicycle somewhere in Concord and so spent some time in the ER before being transferred to Mass General. I thought the care there was excellent.

Keith Rothschild

After having gone to the Emerson "NOT REALLY AN" Urgent Care facility, I was told I needed to go to the Emerson ER. All-in-all, I get to pay roughly $1000 for no-diagnosis, bad service, PLUS a rash I didn't have going into the Emerson medical system... (a) The ER doctor literally mis-read the test results from their "urgent" care ("I see it says they found blood in your urine?" - NO, the urinalysis results said "Blood in Urine:Negative", and this is from their own "urgent" care facility!). (b) The phlebotomist put in the line so poorly that it hurt and when I asked them to take it out was told first they wanted to leave it in case I needed an IV drip, and then after the doctor said I was good to be released they claimed they couldn't take it out before taking my blood pressure because they didn't have the supplies, and surprise, my blood pressure was high while I was sitting their IN PAIN, so they did wind up taking out the line... and the supplies that she didn't have the first time were in the counter next to bed in the room I was in, so the line about not having the supplies was obviously just a line, but then I had to wait another 15 minutes for the machine to automatically go through its next cycle to take my blood pressure - all after the doctor had said we were "good to go", and (c) ultimately I was discharged with a "we can't find anything wrong but don't _think_ it is life threatening" diagnosis (call 911 if that changes), and a recommendation to go to my PCP (which is in GA, where I live) for "pain medication" if I was still "really" in pain (!?!?), and AS A FINAL PARTING GIFT, taking off the hospital gown it snagged and scratched my arm and face... when I woke up the next morning, in addition to being in general pain, I had a rash that looked like Poison Ivy where the gown scratched me...

Jo Hernandez

Christos Minias

I can't believe that they charge you for PARKING!! Really? You are not a Boston area Hospital you know.

Stephanie Copp

Oxana Knutrud

This is the second time when I was disappointed with this hospital. My follow up appointment was booked not with the doctor but with the nurse practitioner and I did not even know that. I didn't have the referral for that which was unconvenient.

Katy McElwain

On 10-30-2018 I was at Emerson ER for over 3 hours, I asked several times how long more would I have to wait and all I got all not so long anymore? I had my 4 yes old step daughter with me, there was no one to watch her and so they took my X-ray and told me to go back to waiting room, hours later I asked the lady up front if I could just go to another ER and quickly she sent someone to discharge me. I did went straight to another ER and almost 15 hours after I was at Emerson's ER, someone called me to tell me that I shouldn't walked away and that I had a pretty significant pneumonia? I walked away? They discharged me and tell me I walked away? like if I wasn't sick? I told her that I was already in another hospital and they had already medicated me for pneumonia. I get that it was busy, but for several times I asked, why not tell me the truth and avoid all the waiting time sick at a cold room with my kid? all I wanted was the truth.

Linda Bersani

My adult autistic son had ear surgery at Emerson Oct 7. The night before I received a call from Vickie from Pediatric Intervention who wanted to know all about my son so that staff could interact with him properly. From the minute we got there Vickie was waiting for us and she stayed with my son the whole time, including during surgery, along with bringing him out to the car. She had a bag full of hand toys, which were especially for autistics (one of them was his favorite and when he woke up in Recovery he still had it in his hand). She also had his name in bold letters on the wall. Reason for that was that we call him by his middle name and she didn't want staff to call him by his first name. Vickie thought of everything! She and all the staff in the Operating Room and Recovery treated my son with respect, caring and personal attention for his specific needs. He kept asking for DD glazed doughnuts and a coke and when he woke up the Recovery Room nurse brought over a coke and glazed Munchkins. How good is that! I can't say enough about Vickie, all the staff that interacted with us and Emerson Hospital in general, for making this difficult time a good memory for us both. Emerson has a program in place to not only care about the patient and their specific needs, but also for the family. Thank you Vickie and all the OR and Recovery Room staff that assisted us.

Helen ODonnell

The Parking Garage is Dangerous . . . but you don't have an alternative. An employee's car had been hit and they notified her at work. She was irate and accosted me in the garage because she thought I had done it, because I was parked next to her when she came out (hours later). Supposedly the police had given her the correct identifying information, but she must have been seeing red.. It created a scary and dangerous situation for me. I went out of my way to call the parking garage manager about this but he was so defensive and so busy telling me he couldn't do anything about it because she didn't report to him that he didn't even listen to me. I got nowhere. I'd do everything possible to avid that garage in the future, including going elsewhere.

Melissa Jarrett

When it comes to Pediatrics this hospital gets a 5 star from this mommy!!! Let me start off by saying I was feeling like a horrible mom because I thought my son got ahold of one of my pain pills that I thought I left out. Thank God it went another way and I ended up finding it in a different pill bottle I put up very high. Nevertheless the ER staff was amazing. They even had a coping kit for my 2yr old son. It was mommy who needed the coping kit because I couldn't stop crying! The thought of me hurting my children breaks my heart. That's something I would NEVER do! But this hospital was such a great experience and we are very new to the area. We moved here from Georgia a few days ago. If I ever have an emergency again with my two toddlers this is the place that I am coming to for sure! Prayerfully I won't have to make another visit tho

Jonathan Patrowicz

They've been holding us hostage in the ER for 5 hours. I'm here with my wife and 5 day old baby.

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