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REVIEWS OF Boston Medical Center IN Massachusetts

Michael Mattinson

It's a hospital. Their service is slow and their hospital is over populated. The emergency room process was horrible.

Art Hoe

You have very poor operator service. I spoke to this one woman with a deep voice (could be a man but I’m betting woman) and she didn’t even greet me. Sounded like she was caught in the middle of her snack break (at 1pm) and smacked her food down as she spoke to me. Didn’t even conclude the call properly; just said “That’s it?” And ended the call. Horrible.

Eliud Vazquez

Very easy to find the staff help you in anyway to find your way.

chelsea moses

Worst experience I have ever had at a hospital in my life last night I had a appointment at 5:30 and the MRI department they did not take me back until about 6. As I was sitting there in the waiting room in the back. I can hear them just talkin about a bunch of nonsense as they were doing people's MRI. When I finally got back to the machine it was almost 6:30. Which my anxiety has already set in. She keeps coming out telling me a few more minutes that they're behind . And I asked well why didn't y'all just cancel me and reschedule me. she tells me to hold on hold on it will only be a few more minutes which was another 10 minutes . After she finally comes gets me and I perceive to get in the machine to do it breast MRI and the pole in the middle of my chest is very uncomfortable. The lady told me if I need to ring the bell she will come in and we will handle whatever the situation it was. After being in the machine about 10 minutes I could not breathe and my chest was hurting I ring the bell.a and tell her She tells me what's the problem I tell her I can't breathe and my chest is hurting. Instead of her coming to the room to check on me and to see if I was okay or to keep asking of the intercom how I was doing ,as other places have done when I've done MRIS. They coming to the room and check on you. This woman had the nerves to tell me to hang in there only eight more minutes. In which I froze and started having a serious panic attack and couldn't even ring the bell because I was Frozen with fear. Then she proceeded to tell me you only have four more minutes and that's when my anxiety panic attack kicked in overdrive and I thought I was dying. When she finally comes in she tries to touch me , I pull away and she tells me you can tell a man designed this machine it's not for comfort. The issues that I have if I ring the bell you stop with the hell you're doing and come check on your patient. I was supposed to have surgery there and I would never even think about returning to that hospital. I will return to Beth Israel Deaconess , Where they treat you with RESPECT AND DIGNITY...AS person who works in the medical field and People with disabilities ,this is unacceptable .People in the medical field need to be a little more supportive and understand especially when have a person in that tiny machine and if they tell you there's an issue you stopped the machine .and going see to your patient. You cannot send my body to this place if I was dead let alone alive I am truly disappointed with Boston Medical MRI staff team. And I am filing a complaint against them.I have anxiety and panic attacks so bad this morning to I couldn't get up and go to work I feel like my walls are closing in. I just hope that this never happens to anyone else with dealing with this hospital and that you all fix it.

Tavarez Mvp

Really bad service, more than 8 hours for waiting for emergency. Really bad attitude from staff. They did not care about patients, while the patients have to wait for along time, they just eating, talking and do something else.

Kristen Conway

I had my first surgery at 46 yrs. old. I can't tell you how wonderful I was treated! Every single person that I came across in this hospital treated me so kind & caring! Every nurse & doctor really acted fast & efficient!! My children and I will make the trip in Boston from now on because it's worth it! Besides the amazing care......Chris really takes care of you and makes sure that you always get the meal you want! Excellent meal planning and very good! Thanks everyone at BMC!!!!

Jordan Provencial

Showed up 30 minutes early for an appointment, coming from over 2 hours away only to wait an additional 1+ hours for a simple follow-up. They shouldn't be allowed to bill you if they won't get you in on time, because waits like this are just criminal. Highly recommend going somewhere else closer to your location.

Maxwell Rosa

Had baby #1 last year in June. Staff was amazing. Shoutout to Midwife Karen and Nurse Lisa. We are scheduled for #2 tomorrow. Looking forward to the great staff again.

Kim Johnson

It took several months to see Dr. Carolyn. I enjoyed visiting with him but my follow up is not going well. I am experiencing a lot of pain and that is why my primary took me out of work and I have fecal incontinence and the dr thinks I can go to work. I quite don’t understand. The secretaries might not have listened to me. I work a job where they don’t accommodate me going to the bathroom during my shift; only during my lunch and fifteen minute breaks so having bathroom problems would not work for the job. My primary and I were hoping that my stomach would feel better and we could figure out a solution to having these issues. I don’t see this happening here. I am very disappointed.The secretaries are very rude in this office and should be fired. They are not people friendly at all. I always feel like they really don’t want to assist me and listen to my concerns. I fired them because of their lack of care. Only in it for the money.

Its Me Sarah

They helped my grandma the service is amazing you guys should come here I give them a 5 stars the people are nice.

Jessica Theophile

BMC has always been a place where I’ve received excellent care and service. I had to come to the ER here a few years ago, and I still tell people about the doctors’ and nurses’ pleasant bedside manner and speedy and accurate diagnosis and treatment. Today, I’m not feeling well and called to see if they could squeeze me in and they were able to within the hour. Great place!

Felicia Harris

My daughter is having a baby and it's very clean here.

Angela Mestretta

Horrible!!!!! Bad customer service not to mention dirty filicity! The Family Center I had an appointment @ 2:20 was there to be told the dr called out today. Ok So noone called to tell me and I have to be to work later...but want me to wait two hrs for next dr. !!!!!!!

kevin kurias saibu

Doctors and nurses provided very nice and meticulous care.

Shonnese Reid

Wait times in the ER are bad but once you are seen, doctors are pretty thorough. My PCP is great and very considerate. Keep up the good work, Marielle. The big issue I seem to have here is getting hold of her, or any doctor for that matter. I'm seen in the family medicine clinic and everytime I've gone, they tell me to lose weight and go home. I come in with various aches and pains, tightness of muscles and circulation issues in my legs and arms and each and every time I go, I'm told to lose weight and "give it time". If I wanted to hear that, I would have talked to a family member. Whether it's in the ER or trying to be seen in a doctor's office, there are too many hoops to jump through, too many people to call, and too many appointments to make before anyone actually sees you. By the time I can get in to see a doctor, any issue I have has either resolved itself (temporarily) or I've taken it upon myself to treat it using household remedies. All of the offices are closed on weekends and, as a result, I've had to go into the ER instead of scheduling an appointment or speaking with an on-call doctor. This is very expensive and I'm a working college student. I dont have the time or money to go into the ER as much as I do. I have gone into a doctor's office or the ER every other week, with the same laundry list of problems, for the past year now. You would think that, at this point, someone would have thought to address at least one of the issues I deal with on a daily basis. I am overweight, with a lengthy family medical history. When I come in with a genuine concern, the least they could do is actually run some tests and do some imaging. Instead, I'm given some subpar life advice and yet another prescription for naproxen. I wouldn't have an issue with this if the pain I deal with didn't keep coming back. My anxiety is through the roof since I started going to this hospital and I wish someone would take the time to try and allay my doubts. I don't trust anything that I'm told, as I've heard stories about people receiving less than adequate care from this hospital. I'm beginning to understand why so many people advise against choosing BMC for your care. I'm in the family medicine clinic so often that every single time I've gone in with pain, I've been brushed off and disregarded by staff and providers alike. One of the desk staff actually rolls her eyes everytime she sees me. Maybe if my pain was addressed the first time I went in, she wouldn't have to see me so damn often. I am in very real pain almost constantly and, unfortunately, BMC is the only place i can be seen (because I have their insurance). I wish I could go somewhere else, where I could hopefully be taken seriously and have my pain addressed. I'm thinking of switching hospitals simply because of how much time and money I've wasted being seen here. Even now, I am sitting in radiology waiting for an x-ray (that i had to beg my provider for), its taken an hour and a half for my doctor to verify the order for my x-ray. As many times as I've gone in complaining of chest pain and circulation problems, I found out that not one doctor has checked my cholesterol, I had to tell my doctor to order the lab work. I dont understand why seeing as i've been overweight my whole life and my father and all 4 of my siblings have high cholesterol AND THEY'RE ALL SEEN AT BMC. I can't do this anymore.

Matthew McSweeney

They have the best Turkey sandwiches. A great place for a nap after getting wrecked on methadone mile.

Melissa J Lady Sunday Minor

I was born here.It was known as City Hospital Then it will ALWAYS be City to me!

Christianne Tardif

I was a patient at the orthopaedic department. After only one appointment on which I saw only the doctor, I was charged $680 dollars for using a room I never entered, a nurse I never saw. I called the orthopaedic department and the billing department more than 9 times to fix the incorrect bill with no avail. DO NOT USE THE ORTHOPAEDIC DEPARTMENT! They have a very dishonest billing procedures. I can't review any other departments.

Damien Green

Andrew in the Emergency is very impolite and very unprofessional. I arrived at the hospital at 5:00am and l approached Mr. Andrew at around 6:30. I told him that l was in pain and could l be fast tracked. He told me in a rude tone that my ailment was not life threatening and that there are people there already that are waiting for 6 hours. I explained to him that l was in severe pain and that l needed to got to work a bit later...He told me that "if you don't want to wait you can just leave!" I feel that his tone and the words he chose were rude impolite and unprofessional! I rate 1 star for this hospital if l could give a zero l would.

Steve Hodges

Me and my wife delivered our baby here, the staff were wonderful. The community around the hospital is very sketch at times as they help people who are in to drugs. The security people can be a little nasty at times, but hey, I would be too when you deal with all the craziness. The Hospital itself is great especially the Labor and Delivery Unit!

Bá Quốc Lê

Really bad service, more than 5 hours for waiting for emergency. Really bad attitude from staff. They did not care about patients, while the patients have to wait for along time, they just eating, talking and do something else.

Francesco Catizone

"Exceptional care takes time" is the motto slapped everywhere. FOH with that corporate BS. It's just an excuse. Whether it's from a lack of staffing or poor optimization, a 7 hour wait in any industry is unacceptable, let alone a vital one like healthcare. 7 hours for an ER visit. 7 hours of unapologetic nurses and non-existent doctors. All for an EKG and blood work. Disgusting. A common trend by reading the other reviews. Health care costs an arm and a leg. Run the d**n hospital better.

Crawford Purnell

Would not say loved it, it's a hospital - it's a fantastic place for when you are I'll because it is teaching hospital some of the best doctors in the world

p p

My daughter was transported from school to bmc I was at work so I didn't get the call until I was out got yhere at 6 and at 10 44 when I'm writing this I still didn't have a update on what's going on.

Christine Fumo

Good Hospital and Dr. Tony Tannoury is the best however our experience with the Hospital staff after surgery was not entirely a positive one. Then at discharge we were basically told by Margaret Kerns NP that we could not wait for our ride because the bed was waiting to be filled. I work for a Hospital and I would never dream of saying this to a patient. Very disappointed!

Tonita Monteiro

i noticed they ask my Mom for un ID but I sit wait to be scene and next person who to get called ,they don’t ask un for ID,in the end that person gave they ID to them ,so he said “Oh I was going to ask for that”,please no you wasn’t The one star is for some staff not all,I will be looking for a different doctor!!

Shahania Tihamiuddin

11 hours of just waiting in the waiting room

Shaniece Matthews

The worst hospital ever. I delivered here twice last year and this year. First delivery was okay second delivery sucked. I had a weekend nurse who was extremely rude and seemedcto always be in a rush. She told me I could not have a car seat because they don't do that. I asked about making sure my child was registered for the right health insurance under the proper name and she said she did not know what I was talking about. I asked for pain medication because I was in pain, she said I could not have any because I didnt have a C-Section. She wasn't even concerned about my pain. It took me a whole 3 weeks after I delivered for the birth certificate people to submit my child's birth certificate and social security card because they did not want to accept my FEDERAL ID that has my new last name along with the court documents. They said I must have a drivers license. Which I know is BS. Then I have been calling primary care for the last week trying to get my doctors availability to sign a paper and the people keep saying they will call me back and I still have not received a call back. What's the point of my chart if the doctors don't use it. And the list goes on. I will never deliver here again, switching primary care. And will never recommend this hospital to anyone. Worst hospital in boston.

Kimberly Garcia

Just get a signature from a doctor here takes 14 BUSINESS DAY!!! which is ridiculous. Previous places I have been to you can get a signature on the spot. This is the hospital you running Kate Walsh? This is absurd. If I could give a negative rating I would.

Elizabeth Ahearn

Love the staff here! Always kind, as long as you approach them kindly. Some of my favorite providers are at this hospital.

Lindsey Parcell

My experience with Boston Medical Care was so great that I'm writing my first Google Review. I was in a ER room to be seen within 20 minutes. I want to send personal thanks to Mickie, Christine, Eryn, Nico, Sara, and all of the doctors and nurses and residents who took time to help me and make me feel safe at their hospital. Thank you for making my pain go away.

Artem Kaliaev

BMC was created by the formal merger of Boston City Hospital (BCH), which was the first municipal hospital in the United States, and Boston University Medical Center Hospital (BUMCH) in July 1996 which was sponsored at founding by the Methodists and then by Boston University. Boston University School of Medicine opened its doors November 5, 1873, combining the Female Medical College of Boston with the medical staff of the Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital. Dr. Israel T. Talbot was the first chairman of the Department of Surgery at BU while also serving as the first Dean of BUSM. The history of the Department of Surgery at BU dates back to 1946, when Dr. Reginald H. Smithwick was recruited from Massachusetts General Hospital to serve as Surgeon-in-Chief. With him, he brought a team of talented surgeons, including Dr. Jesse Thompson, a pioneer in vascular surgery; Dr. Douglas Farmer, a gastrointestinal surgeon; Dr. Chester Howe, a specialist in surgical infectious disease; and Dr. George Whitelaw, a noted educator and general surgeon. Smithwick served as chairman for nearly 20 years, and was followed by Dr. Richard Egdahl who was recruited from the Medical College of Virginia in 1963. Dr. Egdahl continued to pioneer the clinical research capabilities, and later retired in 1973. In 1997, Dr. Egdahl was named the first Alexander Graham Bell Professor of Entrepreneurial Medicine at BUSM. Following periods of leadership by Drs. Lester Williams, Peter Mozden, Robert Hobson, Edward Spatz, James Becker, and Gerard Doherty, in 2017 Jennifer F. Tseng, MD, MPH, assumed the position of Surgeon-in-Chief at Boston Medical Center and Chair and Utley Professor of Surgery at Boston University School of Medicine. In March 2017, the Boston Medical Center announced that it had received a $25 million gift, the largest in its history, from John Grayken and his wife, Eilene. The donation will go to the creation of the Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine at BMC. Michael Botticelli was named its director. - Wikipedia

Jeff Sylvan

We had an experience in line with Carolina, Art, and Kim's reviews, only it was for something much more dire/urgent. We ended up getting assistance from another hospital.

Ariana Breslin

absolute worst experience of my life. spent 5 hours here just for an endoscopy that takes TEN MINUTES. AND RECOVERY TIME OF 30-40!! now forced to pay absurd amount of money for parking in their garage because these people are so incompetent. thanks for a giant waste of my time boston medical

Mohammed Bajes

Good medical

Shawnte Hall

Boston Medical Center is the worst hospital there can be, I don't know what happened to them but they suck... I was checked in at 5 pm and was not seen till 8:45 pm there was a lady having a miscarriage and nobody tended to her this was sad for me to watch but it happened and do to that they are the worst hospital at this time!!!!

Keith Toffling

Was not able to speak with anyone about my plan coverage & deductible over the phone.. very frustrating since I am a long time customer..

C Private

A half star would be more appropriate. Operators answering main phone line are unprofessional. 1st call to select 0 for operator was answered with a mumble then I was disconnected. 2nd call to operator again I had no idea what she said when answering the call...just a fast mumble. Was finally transferred to office I requested and their phone skills were not much better. Would barely answer my questions. A little phone training would help your staff.

Jennifer Nottage

THE IGNORANCE AT BMC CATCH program IS REAL! I emailed, called, left voice mails on the nurses line and Dr Coles CATCH program and staff SUCK! I just called on call because I need to know about a potential side effect and the woman repeatedly used incorrect pronouns even after me asking her not to use the wrong ones and to use the preferred name she ignored me and I got firm with her: finally she used “they” instead of “him” —- I guess at least it wasn’t “she” but I wanted to punch this woman through the phone. She tells me “ya idk if they will call you back or not, if they do it will be in 20 mins.” I told her I DEMAND the on call to call me back. How is that even remotely appropriate!?

paul mcgrath

BMC is very professional and thorough in medical procedures. My anxiety is minimized, and my confidence rises, in the reciprocation of communication of specificity of what I need to know about my condition.

Hamid Boston

Wors hospital for delivery beby bad experience

Jack Rowbotham

I woke up and left in a hurry to my car in the parking lot but was met by security I jumped in the car but they shot me in the kidneys

Tammy Rojee

I had open ❤ surgery 2 years ago with the BEST Dr.s. Dr. Karlsson & Dr.Awtry-never in a million years did i think i could feel this much better-(wish they could fix the rest of me now)lol- would def recommend BMC

guelmison Ribeiro

bmc Really sucks like I went in June 11th for my records on a legal case on going it has been a whole month and no call back this has set me back significantly. I took it up on myself to call them because this is ridiculous and they told me that it was ready for pick up and they couldn’t even tell me why no one called me to let me know my records were ready as of today I’m switching my hospital I will not subject my children, friends, or anyone to this hospital

JL Mack

I love how my chart says Dr. Chen called to apologize for keeping 17 month old baby crying and waiting 40 minutes. She didn’t even have the courtesy to call herself. I had to leave and Dr. Chen never saw baby. Absolutely abmissal dermatology department. If you are going to see an infant at 1pm and can’t be bothered at 1:40; at least phone the apology in the next day after being emailed by frustrated caregiver. Nope - delegated that too. Negative 1,000 on a scale of one to ten.

Ryan Catania

They provide amazing care here. If you ever have a traumatic injury this is the hospital you want to be brought to. They have one of the best Trauma surgery teams in the united states and the best neurosurgery teams around.

Marie Burrage

I had a wonderful experience in the BMC ER and Eye Clinic. The ER was very well run and the staff were excellent. Their diagnosis was spot on and I got very good treatment and care in both the ER and the Eye Clinic, where they accommodated me despite a heavy caseload. I was very grateful to everyone involved.

Kiley B

Dr. Zoe Weinstein and the team of nurses at Bmc adult primary care 5B & C are by far the best. There are no words that could do how great they are justice! I hateeee driving into Boston but I will continue to do so I can see these amazing people. They continue to go way above and beyond and it means everything to me!

Dydy Auguste

BMC, best hospital for emergency, quality health and customer service.

Steve Anderson

Biggest drug dealers in Boston. Addicts line the street where there is open drug market where dealers call out names of their wares as if hawking peanuts at baseball game. And the service there is terrible, been there twice for myself and a few times with family member and hopefully never have to step foot in that place again. All around nightmare!

Thanh Dao

I have been to BMC , it’s ok ! I got good treat and respected,back to 2012 I have my eyes surgery for cater-rat , last month l go to BMC for X-Ray my legs and people are so nice to me, I like to use my language to say Cam on !

Dwayne Fullmer

The worst hospital experience iv ever had ! Just came off a ventilator doctor came in few hours later and told me I was going to be discharged!! I Informed them I’m not from mass I don’t have a ride or any idea we’re im at !! They still wanted me out !! They sent in a social worker who was the rudest lady iv ever met I was handed a cab pass to south station then told it was up to me to get home from there !! Again no money or any idea we’re I’m at I was told that’s not there problem!! This is the most unprofessional hospital I have ever been to I never want to go back there again!!! I do not Recommend this hospital to anyone!!!

Marie Fortune

The food was very expensive , also the pizza taste like water. The only good thing was the waiter he was very helpful.

Jovy P.

Let me start by saying....GO somewhere else...BMC is only around because of the name that’s it. The expending and changing this hospital for who? They don’t even treat their customers with respect nor do they care about patients don’t waste your time or money here not worth it believe me....There are the worst... Regardless of insurance or whatever you think will give you better treatment than the rest. Good luck to you all and hope you get treated better than I did.


Pediatric department is the worst, the nurses there are very bad, all vaccines that my baby had were on the top of his leg yesterday she did it on the side now it's all blue!! And painful


I can't say that I have ever had a very bad experience here. It's very nice that most if not all of the construction is done. My opinion is that they did a nice job with the renovations.

Michelle Wu

Some of the doctors and nurses are great and kind, but the customer is service is horrible! I was staying overnight for my sister and we had to ask 3 times for some ice due to her extreme swelling! She was in a lot of pain tons of times and the nurses just dismissed it and went off somewhere else! Only reason why I’m giving two stars and not one is because of the sweet lady at the front desk.

Art NY

A close relative was feeling very sick with lack of air and other symptoms and she was rushed to the emergency room. After the doctor made a few tests, she was told she had 3 days to live, her heart arteries were blocked, just like my late husband did. She was told of the risk of the Catheter surgery and the possibility that she could die while in surgery because of her current health situation and her age. She opted to do the surgery as she was sick and in so much pain, she felt that she was dying. After 2:00 PM surgery started and by after 6:00 PM she was done and she called me with so much joy and energy in her voice that it felt like she gained 50 years extra of lifetime. A few days after the surgery she also said that she was feeling rejuvenated, light, and happy. She didn't feel suffocated or lack of air as before. The Staff and Doctors were the best of the best and so attentive to her medical needs, I was so happy to see her getting the right care with the right hospital. Boston is known for having the best hospitals in the world and this hospital surely proved that. While my late Husband had similar symptoms that obviously showed that something was wrong with his health for about 5 years, he kept denying and lying to me about feeling good, it got me thinking how easy it would had been if he had gone to the doctor and take care of his health. I remember when he was in the ICU and the doctors told me that there were many more men in the ICU with the same health issue. I just kept thinking "Oh waoh ! how many families and wives deal with men who do not like to go to the doctor and get check ups". I have to make this public in a way to create awareness. It is so easy to seek medical help, there is no excuse not to go to a doctor. Even if one had no medical insurance, there is still the choice of, for example, flying to the Dominican Republic and get low cost and best of the best medical care as well. Some of the symptoms before a stroke or a heart attack as I had seen: * Lack of air, weird strange heart palpitations. * Blurred speech. * Poor blood circulation. * Lump in the legs (calf muscle lump, thigh muscle lump) this type of lump is temporary and will disappear, is a real sign. All in all, I am very happy of the medical care from this Hospital. It does feel like a real life miracle.

Carolina Golden

I’m glad they hung up on me if their phone service is anything like their face-to-face service. I tried to make a simple appointment in the family medicine office and each person I talked to was rude and just wanted to transfer me to the next person.

Victoria Brown

Soo, as long as you don't go downstairs to the 1st floor in the morning won't get bombarded with asks from the homeless that are understandably trying to stay warm. Stayed for 36 hours to help deliver a family baby and was "asked" by each one I encountered. The hospital security just sit there and smile, or just disappear altogether when you feel they could be useful.

Yahri Marc

Born here coming here for year's and still presently coming. BMC always

John McCabe

People are too harsh on BMC. There are a lot of great folks doing a lot of great work there. Thank you to the whole staff for helping me in a time of need. Great job.

Dominique Ndayitabi

Dedicated personal and very good doctor and nurse

Damion Gordon

Clean, and the staff work hard, very hard, to meet my needs, all needs.

kimberly turner

Although I want to be proponents of this hospital, BMC makes it EXTREMELY difficult. The billing is always incorrect for Doctor visits and to get any issues resolved is EXTREMELY painful. The doctor is always late and I end up waiting 1 to 1.5 hours for my 15 min doctor visit. Completely unprofessional and disrespectful of people's time. I can understand once but this happens every time. I

Kim Uyen

These women that I talked to on the phone were rude with despicable tones. Answering the phone shouldn't be their jobs at all. I wonder if it's because of their work environment causing them to talk that way to the customers. They're rude to you making it hard for you to be nice to them, it's a vicious cycle that needs to break.

Juliana Cardona

My father was recently admitted at the BMC and we’re incredibly pleased with the attention and service he received from all the staff. Everyone from the food service, house keeping to nurses and doctors did a great job in making his stay as comfortable as possible. One person in particular that went above and beyond was Sergio (PCA at Menino 7th floor) it is very obvious that he loves his job and I can’t express my gratitude in the way he treated my father, always asking if there was anything more he could do for us. Thank you all

Rob Moray

Boston University Medical Center (BMC) is staffed by wonderful workers who care about the health of their patients and work to cultivate relationships that encourage those patients to feel comfortable sharing important information that is pertinent to their medical care. As a hospital, it has a lot of potential to take care of some of the Commonwealth’s neediest patients. However, it is deeply flawed as an institution, even by BU’s typically high standards. From my perspective, it seems to be undermined by administration that pushes efficiency and financial viability over common sense patient care. Doctors seem forced to see patients quickly, and are almost always overbooked, yet somehow run an hour behind. BMC for some time now has moved their call centers out of the building. That’s right: if you call to speak to your primary care physician, the person who answers the phone IS NOT EVEN IN THE SAME BUILDING. All you can have them do is put in a “note” and wait for someone to call back. Up until BMC, I’ve never heard of the concept of calling your doctors office and having the phone picked up by someone down the street. I’m sorry, but that’s not world class medical service, and it can lead to misunderstandings (being booked for an urgent care appointment in a woman’s health clinic, then facing getting turned away as a male because the individual who put the appointment in was not aware of it being a woman’s health clinic, something the receptionist acknowledged was not infrequent). BMC has a big challenge on its shoulders: take care of a high volume of patients, many of whom have public insurance with bad reimbursement rates, but also stay profitable. Admins need to be more mindful about how their decisions impact the perception of the quality of patient care. Then I think they’d see a higher volume of patients with private insurance — and far better reimbursement rates. UPDATE: Take a look at their form-fill, generic response. Anyone who thinks calling a number will change anything is at best naive.

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