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REVIEWS OF Boston Children's Hospital IN Massachusetts

Holly Scott

Saved my daughters life, enough said.

Grace Dowling

i love BCH (Boston children's hospital) been going up there for 15 years. the staff are so friendly and kind. my surgeon is so sweet. if you need to go to a hospital this is the one you want to go to. and the food is really good.

John Fowler

So I have a very sick kid who is indeed suffering considerably. I called to get an appointment with an expert in his field and was told since he haven't been a patient before or had a primary care physician in the area who had a relationship with the hospital I could not get him seen. I was told that they are just to busy to see him. wouldn't even make a appointment 6 months or a year out. By the way I have fantastic insurance. What a disappointment. You call a place like this searching for answers and hope . Their slogan on every page of their web site states ""UNTIL EVERY CHILD IS WELL". I guess except my child!!!!

Maggie Stanleys

Great staffs with wonderful customer service. They showed love and care while providing my daughter with the necessary medical needs in the ER department. They kept reassuring me that my baby girl was going to be okay and their action reflects their expertise. Nine hours later, I was out of the ER with my baby girl. Thank God.

Amber Barsaleau

I can't say enough about how fantastic the doctors and nurses are. So caring, attentive, kind, thorough, and overall amazing. They went above and beyond. Somehow they made us feel like we were a priority even in such a busy hospital with so many complex cases. We are so thankful our child was treated and recovered here.

Barry Meltzer

Children's Dr. recommended a common test for our son and suggested it be done at Children's. We then get a bill for 4 - 5 times the national average and many times what it would have cost right down the street from us. Called Children's to complain and their response was basically the bill is right- stinks to be you... Apparently their doctors cannot be trusted to warn patients of seriously higher costs (or perhaps this one worked in their favor since they got a lot of money from the insurance and us). Always get an estimate first then check other sources.

Linda Carroll

As much as you hate your "babies" being sick, this is the most incredible place for them to be. And for you. The care the staff has for everyone is amazing. Our reason for going to Children's was a chronic, auto-immune disease for which there is no cure. Yet. "Until every child is well", right? Thank you!


Dr.Resnick recently took my wisdom teeth out and he did a fanastic job! All the staff was very friendly. They all made sure I was comfotable and well informed throughout my entire visit. My recovery has been much easier then I had anticipated thanks to Dr.Resnick.

Leab Brook

Horrible that they medically kidnap children like they did Justina Pelletier. Justina's doctor had already diagnosed her and because the pain of her disease became so unbearable one night, the parents rushed her to Boston Children's. But the doctors at Children’s gave Linda and Lou a shockingly different diagnosis than the one she’d received at Tufts: Justina didn’t have mitochondrial disease; her illness, they said, was in her head. The hospital told them that they were taking Justina off her mitochondrial and pain medication. Confused and reeling, the parents refused to comply. And when they attempted to check Justina out of the hospital, they were blocked by security guards. The state was taking emergency custody of their daughter under suspicions of what they called “medical child abuse” at the hands of the parents. “We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye,” Lou later said. Transferred to Bader 5, the hospital’s psych ward, Justina’s condition rapidly declined. She could barely walk or speak anymore, and felt like she had knives in her stomach. But the treatment she claims she endured was the most devastating of all. “I was getting worse and they didn’t believe me that I was in pain,” Justina tells me. According to a lawsuit the Pelletiers later filed against Boston Children’s, Justina was left in hallways and in bathrooms for hours at a time. When forced to walk, she would fall at times “and they would laugh at me,” she says. Her toenails were ripped out, she alleged in the lawsuit, when they pulled her in a wheelchair and her feet dragged on the floor.

Adam K

A great hospital for children. The best! All the employees are outgoing, friendly and very patient. They do amazing things there. The doctors, nurses and staff are awesome!

Shaina and Milton hi

It's my favorite place to go

Angela Hansen

The doctors at this hospital are amazing, literally geniuses. However the standard of excellence with the administrative staff and booking an appointment/checking in is subpar-poor. I have had several problems getting in touch with staff and frequently the administrative staff (in multiple offices) had been rude and hard to work with work with. I would expect more from the number one hospital in the country. I can say this too because I not only am a patient but I also worked for Boston Children's Hospital.

Lucinda Castro

The wait for emergency room is ridiculous here, even after I complained of my daughter being in extreme pain. I've been to other emergency rooms in other hospital for adults and never waited this long. Would recommend to bring a pillow and blanket because that's how long you'll be waiting.

Jasmyne Castro

Best doctor Boston Children’s Hospital

Rafael Arzola

Well congratulations @bostonchildrenshospital , you guys beat the time I have waited @LowellGeneralHospital emergency room by 3 hours and counting, arrived today 11/2 @ 400pm and we are still waiting and its 900pm

wafaa nour

The best hospital and staff. They are very professional. I worked there as a cultural navigator for 7 months, and it was my best time. I hope to be part of them .

Timothy Renzi

Started our journey when my daughter was 3 days old, and before she was 2 weeks old they had saved her life not once, but twice. Care continues with multiple departments there, and we have nothing but the nicest of things to say about all of them - best pediatric facility on earth, hands down. If you need the care that is available here, you know it, and won't hesitate to get it.

David Crawford

This is the finest children's hospital in the world. Everything from the clinical expertise to the straightforward compassion of the providers who work here is absolutely top notch.

Gershon Ballon

It's so amazing to have such a world class hospital in Boston.


Great hospital had my vsd sugary there like 2013 or 2014 I dont remember they did a good job

Stephen Fazekas

Remember this place will kidnap your children and deny them medical treatment. Why do they do this? 1 for profit 2 to cover up their malpractice Should be noted that they have killed a few more kids because ooooopppossssiiies we gave your kid enough propofol to kill a blue whale.

clay kawei

Rep was busy washing video on the phone. i needed help to locate my girlfriend and her son that was admitted there . the customer service rep was upset that I came her .

John Bach

I just want to report that the kinetic sculpture (a machine with many balls rolling on rails and being elevated by motorized chains, colliding with wooden boards and xylophone blocks to make sounds, attracting children) was removed. The removal is OK, because the kids like to touch even kiss the glass container of the machine, this is dangerous in a hospital.

SUE MacDuff

Right now I cannot give them a good review. Their departments do not speak or coordinate with one another. The right arm does not know what the left arm is doing. It almost looks like each department is competing with each other rather than working together for the better of the patient. Also, a hospital is not a place for politics. Many employees are wearing candidate buttons. Leave them at home and concentrate on the patients. Please get you act together for the sake of my grandson...


Difficult review to write. How does one rate a whole hospital really? Doctors and PAs were excellent. Staff was effecient and excellent. Nurses were caring and excellent. Even the cleaning staff was cordial and helpful. One feels like the hospital does not want to waste their time or appointments and procedures are scheduled effeciently and effectively. Elevators are fast and plentiful. Food service options were all very good. Everyone we came in contact with were nice and helpful. Patient rooms are on the small side though. My only complaint was the double occupancy rooms. My young family member (and spouse attending to her bedside) couldn't sleep at all during her post cardiac procedure overnight stay. Unfortunately the other patient sharing the room was never quiet, almost constantly calling for the nursing staff. There were many rooms completely empty and dark that could have been utilized on that floor. Maybe it's easier on the staff to double patients up, but it prevented my family member from getting any rest at all as she was trying to recover from a 7 hr cardiac catheterization. And it greatly added to our stress listening to a young adult patient complaining to the nursing staff about her care and condition (and even about her own family member). The overnight stay was the only negative to an otherwise very positive experience. Push for a private room if you can.

Andrew Sawchuk

Awesome medical team overall. Everyone here is super nice, caring, and they seem to know their stuff inside and out. We went on a Sunday afternoon to the emergency room and didn't have to wait at all before being seen. They are all really good about answering questions and keeping us informed of what's going on and what the plan is.

Julie Bentley

My son goes to to that hospital. The hospital take good care of him when he goes there

Kim-Tuyen Truong

I had an appointment for 9:15am on a Tuesday and was driving from 2hrs away to see the doctor for my son. I called the day before to see if they were close or open because there was a forcast for a snow storm. They said they would be open and even gave me an earlier appointment. 1.5 hours into my drive, I was going to be late due to bad driving conditions so I called them to let them know. Turns out I was never notify that they were close. I had a screaming baby, stuck in a blizzard, and also stuck behind an accident that just had occurred for hours. They called me while I was waiting in my car to let me know they closed and they were sorry. Are you kidding me? Very unprofessional and my family and I could have died because I was driving through incredibly hazardous conditions because they forgot to notify me. Thank God we had friends in the area and they let us stay with them. Otherwise we would have been stuck in our car or would have had to spend money we didn't have to get a hotel room. I was able to obtain an appointment for the next day after I refuse to receive an appointment in 2 months due to their mistake. They gave us an appointment with a doctor that was not the surgeon who will be doing the surgery. I specifically asked them if this is aviseable. They said it doesn't matter who sees us. Turns out, we had to come back in a week cause the actual surgeon refused to perform the surgery without seeing my son. Their protocols and procedures should be clarified with staffing members. The direct surgeon, nurses, and anethesiologist was very nice and knowledgeable. I will update after his surgery.

Raul Allen

Great customer care, every body I came in contact with was very friendly and professional.

Jessie Gilligan

Very intelligent staff

Quiana Love

It's a great place, it just the wait for our appt was long

Rebecca Frascarelli

Not at all happy about our current stay. Parents staying with a child are not provided meals, we are forced to leave to get meals, we are encouraged to get out of the room to get some fresh air, take a walk, etc. Yet when you call for someone to stay with your child you wait an hour, maybe more for someone to come, and are at times given and attitude about it. Some of the staff we encounted have been a bit rude. We left Tufts to come here and have been happy for the most part for the past 2 years, but this recent stay has us rethinking our plan to stay and may switch to another more accommodating and friendly hospital.

Susan Mero

They saved my child!!

Donald Fickett

The staff my son had here was wonderful..they are first class all the way. Only down side is that the hospital is so big, plan an extra 20 minutes because you will get lost..

Steven Bochner

Amazing facility - with over-the-top care of children. This hospital is a godsend. Highly recommend

Raziyah Macy

I love this place. The nurses are amazing an they saved my life

Zach Albert

I was able to see a top Cardiologist in the morning, get a blood test and an echo cardiagram before noon, then was able to see 2 fantastic endocrinologists at 2:30, and get another blood test before 5. We had only scheduled the one appointment with the Cardiologist in the morning. Superb care and they were able to figure out what I had (which wasn't easy), in just a few hours. All of the doctors I saw were extremely responsive the day after as well. Bravo

Michele Stakowski

I’ve been seating here with 5 year old daughter. Nurse walked in to say doctor would be right in and that was an hr ago. No sight of anything or anyone. My daughters health is not important apparently to the doctors at this hospital. How can this place be called the best hospital in the country and yet not one doctor came in.

Reed Hallowell

Back in 2003 I had a terrible accident. Children's Hospital is the reason why I am still walking today and I am incredibly grateful for that. Dr. Murray worked on my leg and spent 8 hours in surgery to help me regain the use of my right leg. They said before that there was a good chance I would never walk again...I was playing Basketball with my friends and school 6 months later. I owe them everything. Amazing staff, facility, nurses, care...the whole nine yards. 5 stars all the way.

Emma Rudié

Keeping me alive and thriving since 1989! I made many trips here throughout childhood and I actually have fond memories of the place. Especially of the Brace Guys! They were so kind and funny and helpful.

Raymond Maynard

Staff and facilities are world class.

Samantha Michalides

We love it here! Our home away from home! We are here with the craniofacial team often. Dr.Mulliken seriously knows what he is doing. Everything about this hospital is current, friendly and culturally conscious. Would take my children anywhere else.


Very nice staff. Everyone we encountered was very professional and polite. Explained everything very thoroughly. Clean private room in emergency dept. Made my 10 year old daughter feel very comfortable. Thanks for everything.

Rafaella Santos

The best hospital I even seen, my son was treat like a royal prince, it was amazing everything. They are friendly, patience, know how to make you feel comfortable, the team of 7th floor West are great!! God bless everyone there!!

Dennis Hunt

My grand daughter spent 4 days at children's I could not believe the Positive ..attitude of everyone I met on my visit .I understand now why they are the best. Thanks to all for caring.

Gail Pedone

My son was born in 2006 and since we have traveled to Boston Children's Hospital from northern nj near NYC. The entire staff is amazing. My son has since head 19 surgeries and will continue until his 20s. I can't say enough about all the Dr's in Plastic Surgery. The entire Craniofacial Team is amazing and the support is beyond this world.

David Hansen Jr

My wife is a patient here, and has been coming here since she was 8 or 9. She had an above the knee amputation, and the stay has been great. My only frustrations are with the cost of the food, Starbucks doesn't allow us to use our free drinks, and the parking program isn't completely explained. If you qualify, you can either come and go throughout the day, or get overnight parking,not both.

Bryan Ruhf

Grandson gravely ill. Thanking God this place existed and able to put him into their ICU. I have never witnessed so many people in a room when they needed to do a procedure. They ran him thru an MRI every 10-12 hours and that was 3-4 people going down through a NASA-like check list in order to transport him. So grateful for these brilliant people and their technology.

Everett Harman

Top children's hospital in the country. The surgeon spent a lot of time to ensure the best outcome. All personnel work great with kids. Everyone super nice. Busy city location but affiliated parking garage and hotel nearby.

sabrina campanella

Clear, kind and professional. We received excellent organized quality care. Highly recommend.

Narkhajid Usukhbayar

They don’t really care about health. What they do is just to take money. It is extremely hard to just schedule an appointment. You can get same service in different hospital with much cheaper price you paid for them.

Bienvenida Allston

Very welcoming for children. So many nice people to help if needed.

Chanel Murad

Boston Children's hospital accused me of having the wrong dates on my daughters broken arm trying to tell me that her injuries healing time didnt add up with the notes that they had. They basically tried to point the finger at me as if I was the one who broke my child's arm. After hours of speaking with 3 dcf workers and my 1 year old daughter getting very fussy after her operation, child services came back in the room to APPOLOGIZE to me for their mixed up information! They confused her file dates.. I was finally free to go home. Absolutely insane, embarrassing and sad!! You don't just go around making mistakes like that especially with someone's child! I've contacted a lawyer. The nerve! And all I got was a "sorry".

Keven Elliott

Boston Children's has been amazing, the staff are so kind and friendly, very knowledgeable of and informative of everything going on with their patient. They have tons of activities going on everyday to keep the kids busy and spirit's high. The nurses are always checking in with the parents making sure they are okay and if they need something they make sure it is taken care of. Thank you Boston Children's and staff for everything you have done and continue to do for my family we love you ❤

The Velasquez Kids

OMG!!! My family has been patients for years here. For starters they ended up changing our family appointment to Saturday, which worked out perfectly because I wouldn't have to pull them out of school during the week. Unfortunately, my little one had her first cavity and Children's Dental Department has brought up to another level in the most fantastic way. Saturday visiting room was totally quite and each staff member gave us VIP service all the way up!!! Dr. Roslyn, was such a professional sweet heart. She explained the entire process and showed my daughter all the instruments they would be using. They even had an IPAD showing the Frozen movie playing above the patient dental chair. Ann & Lily the hygienist were excellent and Dr. Cooper was super as well. Our visit for 3 children took an hour and 15 mins. Lastly Dana the Administrative Coordinator is dynamic as always.

Dareen J Conde

I love Children Hospital since I was a child myself. Now I'm grown and my siblings go the Children's, every experience I had was a great one until I ran into a nurse named Gilner Alce. She had that No i don't think so attitude, didn't seem …

E Peck

LOVE my surgeon there (Dr. Novais) and had excellent nurses the entire week post-op that I had to stay. Dr. Novais before during and after took time to educate me on options and potential outcomes and what was going on with my hip. He is very genuine with his care.

hamama almansoori

Amazing hospital and perfect staff Thank you so much for care my baby

Jarell Small

I recently had an interview for their lab animal technician position. Upon arriving to my interview I followed the instructions that were listed in my email. After 25 minutes of trying to reach the person interviewing me, they finally responded. After interviewing with him I then interviewed with someone else. I personally thought the interview was going great although we were running almost 30 minutes behind. It was now time to meet with the 3rd person, and you guessed it, she was NO WHERE to be found. After waiting ANOTHER 25 MINUTES. The lady decides to show me around because she realizes how unprofessional they were being! During that time I was very well aware that I was going to be late to a very important appointment so I briefly looked at the time. I am then informed that I didn't receive the job because I was on my phone during the tour she was giving me (the only time I ever recall taking out my phone was to check the time at THAT GIVEN MOMENT), when infact she was not even the person that was supposed to be doing the tour! I was supposed to be meeting with someone else that was going to show me around. But because I checked the time because of THEIR LATENESS, I'm the "unprofessional" one? I was scheduled a 10-11am interview and missed an appointment that I did not have until 12 because of how late they were.

jvmusic 107

Amazing hospital. I had to get surgery on my hand and it went great. The nurses and doctors are very nice and friendly. The people here really care for you. Best hospital for children in the world!!!

Caitlyn McKechney

You really can’t beat this hospital. #1 in the Nation for children. We see GI here currently and are headed down again in December for a few other specialties. The hospital is beautiful & if possible- do valet!!

Joseph Rosenfield

Best hospital very family friendly and very caring

Samantha Bouzoun

Boston childrens hospital is brutal when it comes to children's health they are fine for the most part but when it comes to the health of the parents they'll see them half starved for food and for family to visit before even beginning to care. I went hungry for 3 days before anyone even noticed and even then they were reluctant on helping me. When it comes to a parent going home you can forget it! Your basically a hostage until you go home with your kid.

Racheal J

My niece is in the ICU and their team is taking awesome care of her. They have everything you need, sleeping quaters, food, showers, entertainment. They are keeping a close eye on everything and you can see that they love their jobs and all the patients they have. There is also valet parking!

Angelice Canales

Just... AMAZING!

mona khalaf

Best experience in the world the best hospital i have ever had in my life. every one care here . Very professional nurses and friendly staff very clean and very fast to get a appointment for my child. Consultation doctors are the best here and investigation machinery is very advanced .

Anthony Caravello

Friendly, helpful, polite and everything else a hospital might not be. As comfortable as a place can be for children who are sick.

Butch Manny Reiniche

This place has everything. Full cable in the rooms for the kids. Laptops, Sony PlayStations all in the rooms. Incredible staff also. Friendly, helpful, kind. They honestly do everything they can to accommodate. Best Hospital in the entire world ! Seriously !

Richelle Stroman

They do right by my kids. They are real friendly and my kids are real comfortable here.

Anna Ng

Best Hospital In The World

Kim Erdman

Saved my son's life. Thank you Dr. Madsen and all the rest of the amazing staff. Always in my heart.

Chris Allegretta

Trypophobes beware at Behavioral Medicine Have been taking my son here for years, and there's this video on the monitors of the waiting room of children wearing sensors on their heads, which will make any trypophobe lose their mind. I've mentioned this to our doctor several times but they don't seem concerned apparently. If you have coinsurance also get ready for sticker shock as one visit costs $750. Before you hit your deductible this place can sting the wallet. Like I said I like my doctor a lot but there are big tradeoffs to going here.

Alando Peart

The best hospital around town come check it out and you see what I'm talking about.

Quintus Ng

Best Staff Ever

Justin Rizzo

Amazing staff! Everyone is very helpful and friendly. Always clean and friendly environment! Just what you would expect from an exceptional hospital.

Andrew Cronauer

#1 children's hospital in the U.S.

Barbara Mez

The best of everything

henry kuofie

You get all the need help and attention u need . Child medical assistance think this place first


I love it help kid when they are sick

Greg Gardner

Took great care of my son

rosa barreto

I literally felt like my daughter was the only patient there. Great care and support. My daughter was admitted with ketoacidosis and she was diagnosed with T1D

Jessica Brennan

my new born daughter was transferred here ..the doctors and nurses were great and went out of their way to help me any way they could. the social worker helped me with everything i needed. not to mention the amazing job the medical team did …

Jason Tripp

Children's hospital really is the best place to bring your child/children. First and most important the doctors here are the best of the best. Second the hospital has amenities for the parents as well. If your going to have to stay in a hospital with your child then children's is where you want to be. Be sure to use the valet parking as having to cross a busy city street with a sick kiddo is not fun.

Robert Ljunggren

This is the best hospital in the world. They have amazing Drs and staff.

Mark Botelho

Our son's doctor was excellent and exhibited patience with all our questions. We were treated with kindness and respect. Care provided was top notch by everyone we dealt with at Children's

Edmond Nero

We went to Boston Children's Hospital for a second opinion after our daughter was a patient of Nemours Children's in Orlando Florida. The customer service, attention to detail, and technology was so much better. If it wasn't for Boston and we followed Nemour's advice, we would have ended up putting our daughter on a medication for a medical condition she didn't have. We are beyond greatful and it's clear why this hospital is number 1 in the country.

Michael McAdams

Amazing hospital that went above and beyond to save my son's life. They have been my family's backbone while dealing with our son's rare disease and have been a blessing. Despite all the negative reviews, I love Boston Children's.

Richard Anderson

A most wonderful place. Cannot say enough good things about the care here. Yes it's hectic, yes you might wait, but it's worth it to see staff at this level of experience.

Michel Hilani

Great hospital! Very happy and proud to be working at this beautiful place :)

Ania Bigda

My daughter got admitted and kept overnight within her first week of life, and I was truly amazed by the attention and care given by all staff who crossed her path. Gillian especially made us feel as though we were the only patients in the building deserving of the very best treatment and love and support. She put us at ease and instilled a confidence in us as first-time parents that fills me with joy. Most notably, Kim Barbas was able to solve a major mystery regarding my milk production, setting me off on a whole new positive trajectory when it comes to nourishing my daughter the way that works for us. Lactation consultants at the hospital I delivered at hadn’t noticed the issue that Kim did - and it was a major game changer! The time she took with us was so valuable; I didn’t feel rushed and wasn’t forced to do anything I didn’t feel comfortable with. She truly is an expert in her field - both in terms of knowledge/expertise and bedside manner.

Fred Winslow

Best Childrens hospital in the World..awesome staff.

Cyrena Irwin

They are the best always smiling and willing to help I thank them so much for their service in helping my son

Meg Kudla

They save lives and give their hearts and souls to caring for their patients and their families - and they all have this beautiful gift of working with children all with a warm demeanor when you meet them! Prayers and blessings to you all for your passion and dedication to medicine and those you care for

Kevin Tarkowski

Great staff. Best childrens hospital I've ever been to. Only children hospital I've ever been to .

Michele Donnelly

We travel across several states to come to Boston Childrens even though we have a very well know children's hospital within an hour of our home. I am continually blown away by the care we receive at Boston Childrens from the first person you encounter right up to the phone calls you receive after your visit to follow up. They truly operate as a team.

ashley roetcisoender

Life-Saving treatments!

Veronique Bulgheroni

I love this hospital my son stood there for 3 days it was the best 3 days in a hospital in my whole life when I have my second child I will make sure to give birth there ! Love the place the nurse everything

Cory Vance

Everyone at this hospital has been incredibly nice and caring. They back up third reputation as one of the best pediatric centers in the US.

Natasha Richards

My daughter is seen here in the primary care department and has been seen in their ER as well as their orthopedics department. Each vist has gone better than expected, and the time and care they give my daughter is great!

Robert Close

The speed and quality of the service here is outstanding - and they're always doing a little bit extra to put a smile on the kids faces. I've seen NE Patriots hugging folks in the lobby, and wandering clowns have cheered up my son repeatedly. Such a wonderful hospital!

Azaria Massiah

I came here as a child and this is the place for my daughter to receive the best care possible.

Paul Bart

Great place, nice staff, very nice and friendly nurses on 10 East, but I’m sure throughout too. The volunteers are great, very good at providing breaks for the care givers. It’s great having a play area on the floor. I would like to request that the lab-tops get up dated for the nurses ours keep, well not working, and they all should have a light up keypad for night time.

faiz Rabbani

Love it Coming here past 5 years


Awsome nurses and staff. But keep in mind, NOT a good place for teens. You'd be lucky to get at least 6 hours of sleep without noise of heart rate machines or emergency alarms ringing 24/7. It drove me absolutely nuts! If your 18 or older, just have your parents bring you to a general hospital. The next thing is that they kept me FAR longer than I needed. Warning! They thrive from your wallet.

Anthony Curioso

I come here often for various health issues and have had mostly outstanding experiences. My one gripe is that the wait times can get a bit long. Other than that, this place is great.

La Chikis

In my opinion this is the best hospital they save my niece life only when she was 1 week born she have a heart surgery only with few days of be born and has like three different surgery my niece is now 4 years old and she is living life like a normal child thanks to God first and of course to Children's Hospital Doctors.

Shallu Bhagat

Dr. Marinoff is a very compassionate doctor. Some highlights that really stood out to us are attention to detail, very good listener, caring for patients overall outcome, and yet very professional. She always cared to check in with the patients and their families to make sure their concerns were heard and followed through with the rest of the care team. Very happy to have her as our doctor and very grateful that our paths crossed!

Camelia Leone

Children's hospital almost killed my son when he was 2 1/2 months old. They put him under general anesthesia 2-3 times within a week to check for things like cystic fibrosis (even though I was checked for this 3 times during my 3 pregnancies and he was checked for this at birth), intestitial lung disease (something that construction workers get from exposure to things like asbestos), had a sleep study, was put on a feeding tube and needed oxygen supplementation. He was also seen by a cardiologist and neurologist and had a few swallowing tests done. The doctors were disappointed when he was testing negative for these tests. The doctors summoned me to the hospital and were forcing me to do a surgery that would literally give up on his digestive system even though they have only done this type of surgery only once before. They were telling me that "he is such a rare case that there are no studies done on conditions like his," were sending priests to pray for him, and then eventually sent us home to "enjoy him for as long as we have him." He was such a rare case that while going to a pulmonary doctor, there were about 20 kids with appointments every hour and when he was seen, there were mostly students doing the work with the doctor popping in for a couple of minutes (each visit was over $700 like other people mentioned). As as if this wasn't enough, they were sending 6 foot tall employees dressed like clowns to the waiting room to play the violins while your child was going under general anesthesia. Thankfully there was another hospital where someone got us to see specialists. With minimal, short term treatment (a few months), my son got well. He is a healthy 6 1/2 year old and he's been fine ever since. Thank God this is the number one hospital in the country... in what? Highest billing? Lowest patient care? I'm happy for all the people that had a good experience; we had a horrible one. This hospital teaches medical students and practice medicine on your kids.

Lionel Hearon

They saved me when other hospitals couldn’t.

Daniel Suarez

It's a fantastic place God bless all the workers there they have a good Heart

Michael Harrington

I have been going to Boston Children's Hospital to see Dr. Peter Waters for my orthopedic injury since the age of 12. I am now 26 years old. I flew all the way from Alaska back to my home state of MA to make sure I went back to this awesome place! Dr. Waters not only remembered me and was excited to see me, but agreed to continue seeing me for the foreseeable future. I understand this is a children's hospital, but I find it amazing that a doctor will continue medical support into adulthood. Dr. Waters is an amazing physician. I loved every interaction with him, along with all hospital staff. If you want a great place to go without any compromises, chose Boston Children's Hospital.

james perkins

It's called Children's Hospital their job is to make it so much easier they got super security they have stuff for kids to play all over the hospital even for the adults too maybe more hospital was like Children's Hospital even adults will go and get them self checked out

Nancy Senior

Every person is so helpful. It seems they are looking for people in need of something. Thank you to everyone we encountered and knew what we needed.

Ron Powell

They are the best for children's care

Angela Ross

Everyone is friendly, helpful, and respectful.

Maria Benito

I love this place hands down as soon as I came in I was greeted and brought in a room within 5 mins the doctors and nurses here are the best there frequently checking and updating you I'm glad and relieved i brought her here after a week of fever because st Luke's or southcoast health didn't do much for my child so much for more than medicine

portia rocks

Has elite doctors, that have helped me every time I went there

Jenna Carlson

Amazing stuff. My son goes to see Dr. Harini who has been great, she is good at explaining things to you and really getting your opinion and what you want to do for care and treatments. My son has been in the hospital 4 times here and overall has been a good experience.

Coach Googs

Simply the best in pediatric care- We are so fortunate to have such a world-class hospital in our city. Everyone, from the valet to the kitchen workers and of course the nurses and doctors make you feel welcome.

carlos carela

They are great with kids

Jamie Ljunggren

There is no better hospital for children. The doctors and staff here are amazing! The whole staff is empathetic and treat your child with dignity and respect .

Liz O'Connor

We have had excellent care for my daughter for more than 10 years. We have had caring, smart and dedicated teams of doctors working collaboratively with us to make complicated decisions about the management of her chronic disease. As a direct result of their tremendous work, my daughter is in excellent overall health and feels (and is) well cared for as she navigates the challenges of managing her illness.

Sarah W

My son has had 4 surgeries here and they’ve never been anything short of amazing. They’re courteous, welcoming, great at explaining every steps to both the adults and kiddos involved.

Michelle Torres

Services r amazing

Nancy Armstrong

If possible I would give them a 0 * after what they did to Justina Pelletier

Antonio Viana

They have a good medical service here for children, people are very attentive and polite.

Erin Bergeron

The security here is hands down awful. I drove hours form Amherst to visit my friend post surgery. I was told by a nurse to go get a pass to access other floors but security tells me it is past visiting hours and so my friend says she comes does and I wait in the emergency room. She come down and now there’s 6 security guards and their boss making a huge fuss saying I must leave and cannot be even on the hospital property which is insane because I wasn’t doing anything at all and had listened to them. They then start yelling at me and following me blocks down the road and trying to get my name to file some report. I’m hiding in Bank of America because I have no idea why they’re following me off the property and I’m scared. The cops show up and are like hey they have certain visiting hours respect that and I’m like yeah I know I listened to them and left. So end of story I did nothing wrong. Now the social worker comes down and my friends mom follows me outside and they are find me outside and escort me back in. I’m now inside and it’s somehow fine because now they’re getting in trouble with the police for assaulting my friend when she came down to get me. So kind of describes my experience with this hospital.

Kelly Caplick

They are such a great hospital

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