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Priscilla Coleman

Worse hospital emergency room ever been too. Staff is rude and uncaring and they make sure you know they could care less if your sick or in pain. Wait time of 6 hours finally got fed up and left. Do yourself a favor and go the extra way to Franklin Square.

Rina Chandalov

If I had to have an accident anywhere in the world, I'm so glad it was near this hospital. Every single nurse, doctor, tech, and random person I met there was kind, sympathetic, patient, and gentle. The rooms were clean, the bed was comfortable - understand that I was in a lot of pain when I say that. What awed me the most is that the doctors and nurses stay and talk to you for as long as you need - they're not rushing away to the next patient. Enormous thanks to everyone at Upper Chesapeake, especially the ER and IMC.

Larry Stanley

Went there today and all that they did in 4 hrs is take my temp and blood pressure in the Er!!!??? Stay at home you will feel better before you get waited on! 07/12/18.

Patrick Addington

I've had blood work completed three times over the past year. I've only experienced friendly, professional service.

Donald Kelley

My girl friend had a hysterectomy done and im sure the pain is horrible. She is a smoker. Well ive been here for 5 hours and they ask about the pain level and if she smoked. Nurse Sue said i will get you something for pain and a nicotine patch. Well haven't seen either one. I moved the table so i could sit next to her and comfort my girlfriend. I went down to smoke and nurse Sue moved the table and chair to separate us and said the table has to stay here. This place is unbelievable. I thought their jobs are to make the patient comfortable. Not be so controlling because of her title and not caring about the patients comfort.

joe weiman

Found out 3 years ago....I had a Minor Heart attack and Stroke in 2004...That was Diagnosed as SEVERE DEHYDRATION! GOOD LUCK!

Teri crawford

Took excellent care of my husband

C James

I had a very good experience in the ER. I had a stomach virus and was in terrible pain and misery. Everyone was so nice and understanding, made me feel much better very quickly. Days later, I called to get a copy of an x-ray and Ann in Imaging was also so nice and helpful. I have been in quite a few hospitals and Upper Chesapeake was right up there with the best.

Sarah Wall

These reviews are for the hospital as a whole. Not labor and delivery...

angela klaput

I have been waiting in the emergency room for 5 hours. Whats the point of coming here for an emergency if they treat you like a joke. There is other people here who have been waiting longer than me.

Billy bob briggs

march 16 2013. early am. went to emergency room with upper respitory infection. waited over six hours just to be called back into ER so i could wait an additional 3 hours. to use the excuse that they were busy is not acceptible, as there were only six other patients who also waited the six miserable hours..there is no 'emergency' in this emergency room. when we finally did get to the exam room, it was creapy quiet....the ER was almost empty...seems that the only explanation was that we as patients were interupting the nursing social time. they all seemed to be quite relaxed ..this was the worst most miserable experience, and only to be topped off by the rude and uncaring staff. someone should, but probably wont look into this miserable place. if the staff is so unhappy and unwilling to help people, maybe its time for a new career..i am a middle aged professional with excellent health insurance..i will tell everyone i come in contact with about my experience..but from the service i received it wont matter. they just dont care..AVOID THIS RUDE AND UNCARING PLACE AT ALL COSTS....


Horrible the worst ever...would never go back there again if avoidable...2 times in 1 week i waited over 5 hours for meds when i was having excruciating pains in my stomach unbearable pain ,2 cat scans all kinds of probes...sonagrams...and vag finally be told i have kidney stones...5/17...8-9 hour visit....5/20/17 another 5 hour wait in the lobby...throwing up, shaking, b/p 187/142...nothing done for 5 HOURS...EVERYONE'S NOT DRUG SEEKING....some ppl have real pain...Im a nurse this was completely unexceptable...for me to suffer for pain...GBMC will get my business from here on out...UPPER CHESAPEAKE YOU SUCK HORRIBLY TO MAKE PPL SUFFER LIKE THAT...just ridiculous and uncalled for i started to lose my composure the pain was so over the top...NEVER AGAIN...

Michael Richards

One of the worst hospitals from the drs and the nurses, no bedside manners and lack of care and concern for patients its ridiculous how the hospitals n drs are now and if you have medicaid you get treated even worse n non priority they don't want to do no kind of test on you or go that extra mile to find out what is wrong with you and tell you there only so much they can do in the e.r. when they can actually keep you and admit you and perform these tests in different parts of the hospital instead rather kick you out and not help you and act like they do all this stuff by just checking your urine and blood

Pumpkin Marks

This hospital is evil they left me in pain for 6 in a half hours waiting for a ct to come back and the dr didn't even come back in the room and when the nurse did they told me I have a problem with my insides and or in a lot of pain we thought you was just lieing so I wait two more for meds but they never came back so I call and they told me to go to a Gi doc so I said ok I need one and they told me to google one and send me home even knowing that I need a blood bad hospital they don't care about anyone they our evil and are going to kill some one


They treat you like a joke. your problems are a joke. having emergency menstrual issues? they'll say "seriously? you're here for your period?", try hard as hell to put you on birth control then send you out. and this is after a three (soon four) hour wait. by this time I felt a little better and just went home. SN: it's been this way for a long time. this hospital has always sucked and always will.

L8ning H

Great big place but the staff will sometimes forget your there.

Chris Adolph

Had a doctor order for 2 blood test for my child. Parking was horrible. The woman checking us in never heard of Cigna insurance. They drew the wrong tests, I called and the manager said they wouldn't hill. 2 months later I get a bill and can't get a hold of anyone competent. Good luck if you end up here because you may not make it out.

George Hechter

I have only been there for tests ... 3 different times ... Waiting areas were quiet and clean .. Staff was helpful and polite ... Parking was easy .. What else could I ask for ...

Sally El-vale

Very blessed to have come here. Was in the emergency room, and when I first arrived someone helped me out of my cae because I couldn't walk. male nurse I had was very good and gave me all my needs. I felt very pampered here and they made sure my stay was good. Though they lacked doing some things (not putting a cap on my IV, cafeteria closing at 1PM, etc) I heavily enjoyed Mike our male nurse. Thank you so much!

Ashley Terry-Penrow

I took my son to expresscare on Sunday morning and they sent him over to the emergency room. The wait in the waiting room was long but unfortunately that is to be expected in the hospital. Once we were taken back the nurses and doctors were kind. After many hours of observation my 2 year old was admitted. Once we were taken to his room on the pediatric unit we were greeted with our friendly nurse and tech. There was a doggy blanket and teddy bear waiting on his bed for him. How sweet!! They also had toys!! What a relief. Having a 2 year old locked up in a room for hours is so hard so once those toys came in to play it was such a relief that he had something to play with. I am grateful for the people who donate those gifts for the children. When you have to stay in a hospital its not easy for the child or the parents so those little blankets and bears go a long way. Thank You!!

João P Brandão

Avoid the emergency room. Goto Harford Memorial. You will die waiting to be seen. Worst I ever experienced. Updated from 1 star to 4 After getting past the wait, the ER and Hospital nurses were great.

Ram Jam

One of the worst hospitals in Maryland. Next to Franklin Square Hospital, this a very close second place of being horrible. Every doctor you encounter wants to rush you in and out. I had steroid shots that made me worse, I've had doctors that screwed up my prescriptions, screwed up my referrals. The doctors here are robots. They cram as many patients as they can into their roster, Doctors are impossible to get appointments with in a decent amount of time. Don't go here!!! Go ANYWHERE else. Except Franklin Square Hospital.

Em D.

Been here three times, twice for myself and once for my child and every time they misdiagnosed basic illnesses. It took them hours (even though it was basically empty)to do this misdiagnosis and EVERY time they provided not only no treatment in site but also no basic care for pain or hydration. They clearly are running an insurance scam by ordering ridiculous tests. Most of my friends take their kids to towson, it is unfortunate that we have no reliable medical care within our community.


Took a family member to the ER today for a possible serious medical issue. She waited over 5 hours for a nurse to come into the waiting area to advise patients that "they don't have a doctor on clock for low priority" when a patient asked why they don't have a doctor come down to the ER they said that the doctor would not come down for it. What kind of negligence medical facility is this? Drive a extra 10 mins to franklin square !!

Michael Johnson

One of the worst hospitals I ever been to,the nursing staff rude as the doctors are too !! I wasn't even seen by a real Dr I was seen by a Drs. Nurse and a guy trying to become a doctor the compassion was none and wasn't trying to listen to what was going on with me when I was trying to tell them they gave me attitude n I was in pain n had alot of concerns due to my health after waiting 6 hours just to get into the back they only want to do basic work n kick you out without trying to find out what is really going on with your body and if I'm not mistaking I thought doctors take an oath becoming a doctor it's like they don't care and don't have no compassion and it's very upsetting how bad the health care system has become now I would never recommend this hospital

Ulysses Grimm

This place is pretty bad, and it starts at the front door. The paraprofessional staff is stocked with country bumpkins who have struck it big with a job at the hospital. As such, the don't (or act like they don't) know basic healthcare. Everyone shouts your personal and health information around in flagrant violation of Privacy and HIPPA laws. The wait for anything is ridiculous, although not nearly as bad as their sister hospital Harford Memorial. Once you actually see a doctor, it's hit or miss, but the nurses and paraprofessionals are consistently disappointing. All that being said, I'll keep it simple: if it's a matter of life or limb, swallow your pride and come here (you really don't have a choice). However, if you can manage it, make the drive to Baltimore/Delaware/etc., and go somewhere better. Either way, avoid Harford Memorial.

Roxanne Kern

I had outpatient surgery at Upper Chesap on Tuesday, my first visit ever to this hospital. It could not have been better - from the welcome at the front door at the Klein bldg. to the surgical registration to the nurses, anesthesiologist, all perfect. 5 stars


Great place if you like starring at walls. Been here 3 times in last couple months. All 3 times have been atleast a 6hr visit. Once you get out of the first waiting room, u go back to your second waiting room for the doctor.

Cardi B

DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL! This is the WORST hospital I've ever been to. My son was admitted because of his asthma and he was having respiratory distress. Once the doctor finished giving him his treatments I told them I had a nebulizer at home and was able to continue giving him his treatments. This was not good enough for them. They told me I could not leave with my son, unlawfully held me hostage and called the police to prevent me from leaving. This is because I made the decision I felt was best for my son which I was in my right to do.I'd advise you to choose another hospital.

Jan Robinson

NOT the first time experiencing this Emergency Room Nursing Staff. Very rude and uncaring Nursing Staff. You have to tell them to do things for the patient that they should automatically be doing instead of eating or 'catching up' with others, standing around and generally not doing anything when the patient is extremely in need of attention. Patient was released and sent home walking, no one taking you to the door in a wheel chair - just told 'you can leave now'.

Kimberly Carroll

I am a professional over-the-road truck driver I suddenly became very ill . UM Upper Chesapeake was the closest hospital From the time I arrived I was made to feel right at home. Dr G and the entire staff were very professional They quickly diagnosised the problem "pancerutitis " To All the Staff you are the Best Thank You

Branden Eicholtz

Wife was experiencing horrible chest pain and heart palpitations and it took over 5 hours for her to be seen. We were told the wait would be an hour, not over 5 hours. I get that it's an ER but other hospitals are a lot more organized. Each time we asked she was always "next in line." Get it together Upper Chesapeake!!

Theresa Milburn

I went to patient first with severe lower abdominal pain, went for an X-ray, they called and said I had a lacerated spleen and to get to the er asap. I waited 3.5 hours in the waiting room before getting a room. I almost wish I would've died so my family could sue. Flash forward 6 years, my boyfriend has severe upper abdominal pain, I mean doubled over throwing up pain. Went to er st 4am waited maybe 20 minutes which was nice, for the er doctor to tell him there's nothing he could do and didn't bother running any tests. My bf had gastric bypass a year prior and even after telling the doc it wasn't his stomach that hurt, it was higher up, he got a nasty attitude and said "sorry, can't help. You need to call your bariatric surgeon". Ended up being gallstones has lodged in his liver. Good job.

Buzz Amos

Do not go or take your loved ones to this hospital if you want good treatment and diagnosis, especially if you are on disability with the type of insurance that comes with it. I went there with severe pain and weakness in my back and legs due to a fall. They did some scans of my lumbar and thorax area my not the sacrum area. They told me they can't find anything wrong with me, YET I CAN BARELY GET TO THE BATHROOM. The wanted me out of there as quickly as possible. The consulting neurologist was Syed Shaukat and the neurosurgeon was Bradley Bagan. I don't put Dr. in front of their names because they don't deserve it. They didn't order other test lower in my back and dismissed my L5-S1 vertebra's that are half bone on bone with the disk half gone like it was nothing. Don't put your life in their hands and don't put your life in University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center's hands.

Kelly Kane

I delivered my first and only son at Upper Chesapeake. When it was time for me to get my epidural, the anesthesiologist came in and was pacing back and forth like he was looking for something. He then proceeds to tell me that this is his first week there and didn't know where anything was. I dont know about anybody else but if someone is about to put a huge needle into my spine, I don't want to hear that they have only been working a week at that hospital and didn't know where anything was. I should have seen that as a warning because he messed up when trying to insert the needle and had to re-do it. My son was born at 9pm so I knew that change of shift for the nurses would be soon. I loved the nurses that helped me through the delivery but the night shift nurse was awful! The night shift nurse came in to introduce herself at the start of her shift and I told her that I was very unsure of what I was doing. I wanted to breast feed my son so I asked the nurse if she could help me get my son to latch (I was only 18 and this was my first child) and she replied with "oh you will figure it out" and walked out of my room. This had me very upset! Then the nurse decided to come into my room at 2 am to wake me up and move me to a new room. During the transition she put my catheter bag on my bed. I am a certified nursing assistant so I knew that this was a big no-no! The next morning while in my new room the day shift nurse came in to introduce herself and she was very kind. She lifted my gown to see that the night shift nurse never took out my catheter. She didn't even clean me up after the birth. The day shift nurse was very upset by this. My son ended up having to go to the nursery because he had pneumonia. I had to go down there every few hours to breast feed and on one occasion I went down there and saw a male intern with his finger in my sons mouth allowing him to suck on it. This made me very uncomfortable. Also while I started to breast feed, the male intern decided to stand there and stare and my son's father had to step in and tell him to leave. This wasn't the nurses in the nurserys fault directly but you would think that they would have stepped in and told their interns what they should and shouldn't be doing. Last but not least, while my son was being treated for pneumonia the nurses that came in to insert his iv had a hard time finding a vein. She inserted the iv into his arm and thought she had a vein. Soon to find out she was wrong and that she pumped medicine into tissue to where his arm swelled up and turned bright red. She came back and poked his other arm, and both of his feet. She then looks at me after multiple attempts in all four locations, and asks if I want her to try again to which I responded "NO! You need to find another way to administer these medications" She then had the medication put into two shots. Over all I wouldn't say my stay was awful but it definitely could have been better! I am very aware of how busy a nurse can be but thats not an excuse to neglect care or to be rude to a patient!

Cassandra Washington

I have chest pain and a swollen ear. After 3 hours . I'm still in the waiting room. I asked how much longer would it be I was told other people have waited longer than me. Just sit and wait to be called

Ginger Rogers

Horrible! No discipline; doctor assigned refused to make a phone call; test results not entered in chart timely if at all.

Lady Maye

My mom was treated with tender care. The ICU staff gave me and my siblings a conference room to discuss treatment . Once the decision was made the hospice staff on the 3rd floor was also very accommodating. They provided guidance on the process. I am very happy with this hospital. Don’t let the negative reviews determine your decision to come here.

Sharkeisha Abdomen

As a young teenager witness my father go through a vegetative state, I can only give 3 stars. The first doctor in the ER was terrible, but as soon as we went to the ICU, everyone there answered our questions in a timely fashion, the attention to my father was great and my two nurses Mike and Vikie were extremely helpful and attentive.

Rachel Hood

Got to Upper Chesapeake at 4:30pm for extreme back pain, didn’t go to triage till 5:30pm didn’t get registered till 6pm. Continued to go up and ask how long and they told us everytime it would be soon! We sat in the waiting room till almost 9pm.. the staff and nurses were disrespectful and were NO HELP AT ALL! This is not a hospital I would recommend going to, they are rude and disrespectful and honestly should be sewed. They had 5 people come in with signs of the flu and these people looked TERRIBLE, they were also sitting in the waiting room just as long as us! That is not how a hospital should run! I get your busy and have a lot of people but that’s still no excuse to be disrespectful and makes us feel like we cant ask a question without being attacked! for someone who works in the healthcare field I would never work here or even come to Upper Chesapeake again for help! GET YOUR HOSPITAL TOGETHER!!!

Gabbz Howard

Worst hospital of all time. Go here if you want to get worse or die.

Ray Angel

I was at Upper Chesapeake Hospital sometime in February of this year and come to find out that I was diagnosed for flu. I was there for at least 3 to 4 hours. I was given a prescription that the medication that was prescribed me didn't help me at all. I called the emergency back and everytime I called, they wouldn't want to transfer me to the assigned doctor for that day and I had asked and called the doctor who treated me that day I went to emergency, called and left a message but never got a call back so I end up seeing my primary doctor since I was sick from flu for a total of 8 days. I felt soo much better after seeing my primary doctor since she prescribed me some antibiotic and it worked for me compare to the medication that was given to me from the emergency. I would never go back to this hospital ever again. This hospital doesn't know how to follow up with the patient to see if how's the condition after leaving from the emergency. Very disappointed.

Jeanne Keen

I was in area and broke my wrist, so I came here. The wait wasnt bad, they provided masks for flu epidemic. Staff was very attentive. The difference I noticed was the x rays and any other work being done before being called back to see PA or doctor. I thought that was organized and very quick. Once I went back, they knew it was broken and that my knee was not..provided what I would need (referrals, ibuprofen, splint) and sent me on my way with xray discs.

Chesty Puller

Poorly trained staff. Everyone, including doctors.

Patricia Burgan

My experience at this hospital was great. I had a bronchoscopy and was treated extremely well by all the nurses. The doctor who performed the procedure explained everything in detail to me. The procedure went well, and I was completely satisfied with the care I received.

Ryan Jackson

Er is terrible you’re better off having a street surgeon

Heather Tedore

I thought almost everything about upper chesapeake was perfect. Especially the doctors themselves. Adult AND pediatric. Only hospital we go to and we've been to them all! When I took my 4yr old daughter (in the middle of a snow storn at night) she was taken care of! Only person I had an issue with was the ultrasound tech and I didn't realize that until I went to a specialist 2 days later and they looked again. She totally missed the cyst in the right kidney and the stone in the left. However, I went in feeling like death sucking on a life saver and came out feeling way better than ive felt in a year! Just remember this… be 100% honest with them (because most are not), if someone makes u feel uncomfortable, tell them, if you need to be seen sooner than step up and say it… every persons case is different and theyre not back theyre playing around. They have to wait for results of certain peoples tests in order to treat them. Thats what takes so long. The results coming back.

Kevin Cross

I have had the worst experience with this hospital and would rather suffer than ever go back there again. I went in to the emergency center with a possible broken foot that was pretty painful and very swollen. I was triaged and x-rayed very quickly. But that was the only plus for this place. While being x-rayed for a POSSIBLE BROKEN FOOT, the technician was not very friendly and not gentle at all! She pushed my foot around with no kindness for the injury and even pushed right on the exact injured spot trying to push my foot into place. After X-rays I waited for over an hour and a half to be seen. When I got back to the room the nurse asked a bunch of routine questions and the doctor came in. He touched my foot. Said he couldn't see anything on the x-rays. Told me that someone would call me the next day if they find anything. He said there was probably something wrong though because of the swelling. You went to school for that!! I knew that because I was there!!! This guy was ridiculous. Then I waited another 15 minutes for my discharge papers. I waited almost 2 hours for a 3 minute appointment that was useless!! Unacceptable. This place has the worst track history. Not even sure why I went but I will never go back there again and will deter anyone I ever meet from going as well.

Tela O

This place is TERRIBLE! They do not honor the times the assign appointments. I have been burned 3 times now! It is unbelievable. If you have to go here, I highly suggest you call multiple times a week to ensure your appointments have not been cancelled or changed. Regardless of the doctors office or department, call! I am truly amazing at how in reliable this place is. Especially if you are in the military, like me, and cannot be seen on a military hospital. Just go straight to the emergency room. This place is useless!

Alexus Thomas

Waited 5 hours, my legs kept throbbing and I was in a lot of pain. 2 hrs in I was helped then brought right back to the waiting room. 3 hours later I finally got seen and they didn't tell me what was wrong at all they put me in a boot and sent me home and didn't even take the time to check me out.

Jen R

UPDATE: I posted the below review of my experience at this hospital several months ago. It was a very negative review, but I feel compelled to modify it. My perception at the time was based on a very emotional response to my daughter's experience without contacting the treating physician to discuss. Shortly after I posted this review, the doctor that treated my daughter read it, connected some dots and contacted me. The phone conversation with her provided me with the closure I needed. She was very upset that she did not make the correct diagnosis, acknowledged that in hindsight she could have done more, but also explained what I really already daughter's diagnosis was very rare for a child of her age. The most positive outcome of the conversation was her interest in learning about the symptoms following our visit so she could educate herself and keep this on her radar in the future. She also took the information regarding our bill, which I had already disputed, and had our fees waived. I felt it was important to post this update as I think this particular doctor went above and beyond to make the best out of a bad situation. My perception was that she truly does care about her patients and her performance as a doctor. While I wish more had been done and do feel that there were some red flags that should have been addressed, I know everyone makes mistakes. PREVIOUS REVIEW: I could not have been more disappointed with this hospital. It wasn't what they did, it was what they didn't do, which was take action where it was necessary. I took my two year old daughter to the pediatric emergency based on a reference from Patient First. She had pain in the area of her appendix and was vomiting. Upper Chesapeake did an ultrasound and an X-ray and determined her appendix was fine. However, they noted an enlarged ovary, "the size you would expect to see in a 14 year old girl." Despite extreme pain in that area, they did not believe it was connected. Gave her fluid and naseau medication and sent us home with a stomach virus diagnosis ("because it had been going around"). Two days later, still in pain and vomiting periodically, I called her pediatrician. Was told by the office manager (no medical experiance) that the x-ray results showed severe constipation and the ovary was very abnormal. She recommended I take her to AI Dupont in Delaware. The following evening, which was her third birthday, her ovary and fallopian tube were removed due to ovarian torsion. Had Upper Chesapeake researched or further investigated what they saw, my little girl would not have suffered for two days and her ovary and tube may have been saved. Even worse, the day I called her pediatrician they said that they had not seen any cases of stomach viruses which I confirmed with her daycare as well. Upper Chesapeake also told us to follow up regarding the ovary in 3 to 5 days, which would have been 5 because of a weekend. After two days, there was no blood flow through the ovary which could have lead to more severe problems. They failed to do their job on so many levels. The positive was that when we arrived, they saw us immediately, but that doesn't matter if you don't do your job. But... we got a bill right away and a follow up call within two weeks to make sure we received it! If you live in this area and your child is sick, do not risk taking them to this hospital.

mike gore

They think you are there for drugs if I tell them what med you take. It take the Dr long to come in and check you.

Bob Bearsch

So helpful. Nurses and doctors were kind and compassionate when my mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Ethan Tran

Make sure you are covered as Outpatient Hospital visit. They will not tell you that. Otherwise, you WILL get a BIG bill.


worse hospital ever have no idea whats going on with people who need help i had many bad experienc with tech, dr,some of the nurse they waiting time crazy .an example one of my recent visit i had fast heart beat pain in the stomach cramp in my legs ...... i waited for 7 hours they put an IV on me and draw blood i told the nurse i am in pain she didnt care when she came to flash to start me on fluid it was bubble under my skin and pain she kept going and i yield at her so they remove it put it on my other arm it was uncomfortable i ask for the nurse more than 20 m later i was looking at the fluid bag and it was full of my blood they didnt care either . also I had many many many bad experience with this hospital pls if someone can make it to any other hospital pls do (dont take a your kids or love one)):

Ron W

For those not familiar with Harford County please take note; UpChuck is the new/old Fallston Hospital. Which was a decent hospital. But UpChuck is, and has to be, one of the Worse Hospitals in the State. My daughter went 3/15/16 there because of Severe Headache and Back pain. Diagnosed with "Viral Menengitis". Kept overnight, given some anti-inflamatories and released 3/16/16 with the same symptoms. Called ER to speak with Dr GAO (Gaw) that treated her. Was told.. get ready... that they could Not do or advise Anything over the phone. UpChuck.. buy a clue. You Suck!! You mess with a man's child, there will be hell to pay!!

Kathy Carroll

Overall, the care was great. The nursing staff are caring and diligent, the Doctors are the same. Communication between the departments was sometimes a bit slack, causing unnecessary stress in an already stressful situation. Thanks for caring for our family member.

Kelly Sapp

Right now I am very very unhappy. I had surgery scheduled for December 8th. Took off work. Made arrangements to deal with the recovery and I am told today a week before my surgery that the date has to be changed right before Christmas. It is very unprofessional. I have already had my surgery pre-op and was told that it cannot be less than two weeks before my surgery. Do I have to get it again? Now my whole life and holiday plans have to be rearranged because of the ineptitude of this hospital.

Carol Isaac

My mom was admitted on a Saturday and needed to be admitted for dehydration. Having little cognition, hearing, speech and being lethargic previous to this, we were eased into understanding she needed hospice care. The doctor from the floor where she was to be admitted came to the E.R. before admitting her and eased the transition. The pre-visit and the staff both in the E.R. and the floor were very helpful at every step.

Monola B

Er wait time so far has been 6 hours. Doctor came zooming in a few minutes ago and left back out just as quickly. Apparently have to wait for more testing which will probably be another 3 hours. Will never come here again.

Ashley H.

I went into the hospital the other day for major leg pain that i have had for three days! They were very prompt on getting me checked and did not waste any time! They checked to make sure I did not have DVT and did my blood work and all in a very fast pace! the nurses and medical staff was excellent and very friendly and made me feel very comfortable! Dr. Barrueto was very kind and listened to everything I had to say! He is very confident and did everything he could to find an answer for my pain! Ive had Dr. Barrueto before and his diagnoses for me has always been right on target! The only think i would suggest though is to have more options as far as medical equipment goes. They should have more abilities to test for certain things like nerve pain and things like that. But other wise great job everyone! Thanks so much for making my visit comfortable!

Veronica Jones

Very extended wait times unless you come in by a ambulance. You get categorized on how you present not how you tell them you feel and then the wait games begin. Today I've been waiting for 2.5 hours and the staff is very unsympathetic to how I'm feeling this resulting to others being put in front of me. Very bad experience when you feel like crap.

kevin Wilkerson

Thee absolute LONGEST wait in a hospital EVER of the entire United states of America. I've been in the waiting room for 3hrs now. The left side of my face and legs are numb and I believe I just had a minor stroke. Pray for me everyone please


This hospital has come a long way in patient care satisfaction plus safety. Furthermore, while there are still bad experiences, whenever they do things right they are much better compared to other hospitals. They are better than what it used to be.

Dakota Walker

Education department needs a complete overhaul. Plenty of physicians were willing to host shadows or interns, but the out of control bureaucracy of this institution prevented the fulfillment of these educational opportunities. A genuine shame. Multiple email chains were ignored despite repeated reminders. The administrators need to seriously rethink their staff - or their managerial activities.

Terrie Fraer

They took really good care of both my parents. I have had two surgeries there and both went well. They work hard to improve all the time.

Charles Baynes

I found this hospital very caring and efficient yesterday and today when I had an iodine radiation test performed as well as when I had my hip replaced in 2011 and again in 2015 when I had a bowl blockage. I'd rate them 100 percent on their cleanliness, attentiveness, caring, knowledge and performance. Charlie Baynes

Brandon Fratini

The night staff must actually care, the experience there was okay. They were quick to prescribe narcotics to a 3 year old boy, however. Not cool. The daytime staff was completely rude and unhelpful. If you want to treat people so poorly, then a hospital isn't the place for you to work. There are plenty of nurses and potential staff available in the flooded market.

Devin Minnich

In 2004 I was seen for lower right quadrant abdominal pain. After testing it was decided by the staff that I had a “naturally large appendix” and sent me home. A week later I am rushed to st. Agnes after passing out at BWI from stomach pains, and had my appendix removed.... Fast forward to last year when I was seen twice for a rapid heart rate and sky high blood pressure. I could tell that staff thought I was a drug addict and wasn’t telling them by the way they continued to ask me if I did drugs. After an overnight stays worth of interrogation, I was discharged with zero findings. Later, I am diagnosed with SVT, an arrhythmia disorder (not by UCH).... If you have a choice between your local vet and this place, pick the vet.

John Slack

My wife was admitted to triage and they won't give us a pin code to get back into the unit. So I have to go outside the hospital in single digit weather just to get to the cafeteria. Everyone seems to look at me like I have two heads every time I ask them a simple question.

Rachel Bauer

Just waited in the waiting room for 5 hours when it was supposed to be a 2 hour wait.

Manya Tarawalie

I think the emergency service deserves less than 1 rating considering what they did to my 1 year old son. My wife an I called the emergency for our son, who just turn 1, at 4 am because of vomiting and he could not hold anything in. The emergency person told us to not give him anymore liquid because that could get things worst. So he was very weak and dehydrated by the time we get to the hospital. Two emergency people arrived to pick him up at the house and they did an outstanding job in making sure he is doing fine and have not just acquire a nasty virus that is going around; I can not thank them enough. We arrived at the hospital at 4:30am and they took his vital signs (blood pressure, O2, weight etc). They told us they will provide him a bed when one is available, and that did not happen until 8am in the morning. While we were waiting, he continued vomiting every hour to the point that we decided to give him some water just so he can vomit something since his stomach was empty. Unless someone explain to me, I don't think I will ever understand why it took the hospital so long to find out what is going on with a 1 year old who was brought in at the emergency and continue to vomit every hour (4 times) in front of everyone in the emergency waiting area, all this time on our hands. I mean they did not even find out what was going on with him. There were a total of 6 patient at the time in the emergency waiting area, and my son was the only infant. You would expect, since he was the only infant, that they will at least see him withing 30 minutes. All they were telling us is that they will get to us when they can. The only logical sense I can make out of this mess is that they do not have a pediatrician on duty at night, but even that is not enough. I have been to emergency room with over 40 to 50 patients waiting to be seen, but even those did not take this long. Their response time in this matter, giving all that was happening, is appalling. I could not even start to imagine what my wife was going through.. This was my first time to this hospital, and I pray that it certainly be my last.

Brenda Williams

Horrible emergency department. Staff is extremely rude and the waiting time is ridiculous.

jess H

Absolutely the worst hospital in the entire world! They have the most rude uncaring and ignorant staff I've ever seen. Avoid this hospital at all costs!!!!

Willis Hall III

Here is my loose change about Upper Chesapeake. Taking a loved one to this hospital is like saying, "I want to put my loved one in harm's way." DO NOT EVER take someone with any gastric intestinal issues to this place. Provided the Upper Chesapeake with all the medical records from a previous hospital regarding my wife's condition. The arrogance was astounding. They never reviewed any records. Their inaction could have resulted in my wife having her much of her intestines removed. I wish there was a quarter star rating (Star Search had one).

Mc 2901234

Doubled over in tears from chest pain for over three hours before ER took me back. Avoid this ER. It'll be faster to drive to a hospital like hopkins

Anne Izzo

Terrible. Please go somewhere else. I'm lucky me and my child survived. Very incompetent. There are a number of other hospitals in the harford county/Baltimore area - utilize them!

Hakan Akyar

To much waiting time and stuff nurse are rude. Pls some nice director we waiting 20 years still NO GOOD DIRECTOR THERE

Stephen Dennis

My wife had our daughter here and we are having our second here

James Justh

By far the worst hospital I've said it since it's been here in it's still the same!!!!!!if u wanna die come to this place

Lena Wensel

Overall good experience. Not a luxury facility, but got the job done. All of our nursing staff in 1 West was cheerful and friendly. Angela and Patrick were especially attentive and meticulous. Angela was an incredible blessing as a nurse and patient advocate! My husband had a minor surgery scheduled on a Saturday evening, and the nursing staff in the OR was also excellent, friendly, and efficient.

Mahogony Patterson

Was in a car accident transported by ambulance. Did intake told my pain was at 8 and that my stomach was starting to cramp. Put me in a wheelchair rolled me all the way down the hall where you couldn't even see the desk said she will be back to check on me freezing. Let me add there were 6 people in the e.r.. I sat on that hard uncomfortable wheelchair for 5 damn hours going on 6 and noone came to see about me. What if my vitals had changed and you wheel me like out of sight out of mind bullcrap. They never got to my name. So no xrays to see if I had internal bleeding. The female was waiting on noone but clicking on the computer looking like a deer caught in the headlights when I said I'm leaving no apology no asking if I'm ok nothing. Hospital is a joke.

Amy Katherine Smith

I am 40 weeks pregnant and after having 2 induced births at 41 and 42 weeks I can't be induced because there is no room for scheduled inductions even though my date has been changed 3 times already? Not to mention that I have been asking to schedule it weeks now since my husband was in an accident and my family came to stay with my other children. And a doctor has already say if I go much longer I will be forced to have a c-section which I was adamant about NOT HAVING. I am currently looking for another hospital that can deliver my child since Upper Chesapeake doesn't seem to care about my birth plan they agreed to or my child.

Deb Holter -Fales

I would like to thank the entire staff from housekeeping,food service,the ER, the people from Saint Margaret's all the cardiologist, tech,nurses on IMC. & Dr. Kambour! They were able to confirm & have Boston Scientific adjust my life line ( my pacemaker). I've been in many hospitals this year & told I was seeing artifactts. Thank you for saving me! Upper Chesapeake is clean the staff friendly , kind , caring & very professional. I will never forget anyone. God Bless

tricia gatewood

Here in the ER, nutsessnd doctors are great.Though we are from PA, We will need using this hospital for our needs. Great job guys!

Angellic Artistry

I have never in my life sat in an emergency waiting room for 4 hours with literally only 4 other ppl! As I’m in pain these ppl are probably on their social media accounts... totally unacceptable !! If you want to be seen in a timely fashion do not bother coming here!!

daniel cabot

3/25/19 After being sent there by an urgent care center who called ahead and recommended I be admitted stat for IV antibiotics, the ER staff watched me stumbling around the lobby for hours delirious from sepsis and did nothing - even after assessment by an incompetent triage RN. I eventually had to go to a different hospital - I LITERALLY would have died if I stayed there. If the staff can’t recognize textbook signs of sepsis - even when they were told ahead of time to expect them - you are putting your life in danger by going to this place. There are annual unpublished stats that predict whether someone is more or less likely to die from certain conditions when you present to each hospital. This place obviously sets the undesirable end of the curve. I will being filing a complaint with JCAHO.

bella rahi

The emergency rooms are very dirty. They took me to a room the sheet was wet there was blood on the floor and other trash like needle caps and that was not all I asked them to take to another room there was no blood on the floor but still trash laying around. There was another patient in for having a bloody stool he had used the bathroom and there was blood drops all over the bathroom and it was left unclean the whole night until the next day 11 o clock I went to another bathroom as I am pulling out the toilet cover I find a bag with a needle in it. Bottom line the emergency rooms are very dirt and unsafe

Kali Gates

I came in 5 and a half weeks pregnant, bleeding, and in pain. I came by ambulance and they made me sit out in the waiting room for over 5 hours. I was supposed to give birth here but the staff are unprofessional and they are unethical. They do not care about the wellbeing of a person at all. The registration staff got smart with me trying to tell me how to be a patient. DO NOT go to this hospital. It is not worth it. They have terrible customer service.

Joseph Anthony

If I was bleeding out...and I could die if I didn't get to a hospital in 10 minutes...and Upper Chesapeake was the only hospital within 10 minutes of me....I'd take my chances and patch it up myself. Seriously..screw this place.

Masoud Athari

Had my daughter teeth operation in this hospital. It was very organize in and out. Staff made my 6 years old so comfy and happy that she forgot about everything and was smiling whole time until they put her to sleep.

Robbin Rice

I love how I've been treated at Upper Cheasapeke. I've had surgeries here,and I'm being treated at the new Kauffman Cancer Center. Thank you for bringing good care to our community.

Ann Bruno

Excellent staff...very caring and efficient

Ray Pugh


Su Ved

Got there at 9.30. My son had spiked a fever and I was scared. No one on the peds side of waiting room. Saw triage nurse at 10. His fever had already come down. She told me that I was dosing too low with Tylenol. Back to the wait room but there is a bed so they will come soon for us. I watch 3 patients leave. An hour later they call us to do insurance paperwork. By now my sons is miserable tired, and sick but his fever broke. I asked triage nurse to take his temp 98.6. So we leave. Basically with empty beds in the peds er a child is left in the wait room for an hour and a half. I wish I knew patient first was open til 10 we would have been in and out

steven davids

My daughter was admitted to the emergency room. She was seen very quickly and then sent to Pediatrics a few hours later. She has had numerous nurses and physicians checking on her. The nurses and doctors and the therapists have all been very friendly, compassionate and made my daughter comfortable. She has been in the pediatric section for 4 days now and I have been impressed by the professionalism and demeanor of the staff. My daughter said the food was pretty good as well....When I was a kid one did not want to eat the hospital food. Bravo Upper Chesapeake!

The Scott's

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!! And before I start my post, YES I have great heath insurance provided by my employer. The staff has no idea what patient privacy & professionalism is AT ALL!!!!! For the last 24 hours, I was told to stay here because the hematologist is the ONLY person who could give me an iron infusion. The next day after refusing 8 TIMES to 8 DIFFERENT PEOPLE, that I did not want a blood transfusion, they finally gave me an iron infusion and told me the hematologist won't be coming to see me if I'm not going to get a blood transfusion. All throughout the night, the nurses talked loudly about how long it took them to get to work, where they are applying to, and discussed other patients. They talked loudly about the guy across from me having a stress test, the woman next to me needing to go to a cardiologist, and asked those 50 to 100 patient questions VERY loud to where I could hear everyone's medical history, After expressing that I will discharge myself, because I recognized they kept offering me things that weren't beneficial to me to help me get better, they were just looking at me as a money opportunity. On the way out of the door one of the nurses said "You're so nice, I hope nothing happens to you" I would suggest only going here if Walgreens is closed and you need a Band Aid because they have no idea how to treat a patient!!!!

Richard Ericsson

I had s wonderful experience when I was here with pneumonia & a very high temp! The nurses we're caring and I never waited long when I needed help! The food was top notch!

Catharine Demchenko

My granddaughter waited 2 1/2 hours to see a doctor in the middle of the night. On top of that she was not given antibiotics for a UTI that was diagnosed 6 hours after she came in. She was told to take a prescription to a pharmacy instead of giving her something for the pain and start the treatment. Terrible doctor and terrible emergency room service.

darrell ashley

My Emergency room wait was normal ( 1 hour plus) but I was not in pain.I can imagine someone in pain 1 hour feels like forever. Everyone I encountered in my 3 day stay was above and beyond my expectations.

Nestor Benavides

Once we arrived to the emergency room people had been waiting there for 5 hours. Coming to find out during the night only a section of the Emergency Room works and at 7 am more medical personnel comes in to service the people waiting. My wife was admitted into the hospital for two days. For the most part I can say that medical personnel was OK until the last day she was there. Her last nurse had a terrible attitude. At the time of her medicine the nurse didn't take any precautions whatsoever and injected my wife in a very abrupt way. My wife yelled and the only thing she said was that the medicine hurts, no I am sorry, no can I do something to help you pain, nothing. After hours of waiting for her discharge the nurse never checked with the doctors to get an update, I arrive to the hospital and the only reason that the nurse knew about the discharge it was because I told her. At the same time, my wife had been complaining about a terrible headache all day but the nurse never brought her right medication. After much arguing we decided to leave without the medication and my wife still felt weak. I have never had such poor experience with a nurse as what we did at this Hospital. Just a pitiful experience overall, this nurse was the rudest, unkind person that I have dealt with.

Donald Wilson

Every one did their best to make me feel at home i recommend UM Upper Chesapeake hospital to anyone with a serious medical emergency, my condition was a heart attack they saved my life, I'm very grateful thank you staff and doctors you are number one Nuff SAID sincerely yours Donald Roland Wilson

Nancy Lyons

My 93 year old Father was rushed to the hospital because he couldn't shallow. They did an upper endoscopy on him at 12:30am at 4:30 am they put him in an ambulance and sent him home. He was out of it and spitting up blood, 911 was called and he was taken back to the hospital and admitted. The surgery was done directly from the ER, he was never admitted. Who in their right mind sends home a 93 year old 4 hours after surgery. Long story short he never recovered and passed away. If you HAVE to go to this hospital have a family member present NO matter what especially in the ER. This place is malpractice central!

Mike L

Very miserable place. I would rather go to Patient First or suffer before coming to this incompetent dump of a hospital. Try placing a call there and you get nothing but excuses and they go from area to area and disconnect. I was about to vomit there some months ago after I waited for hours on end and the incompetent doctor and his airheaded nurses forgot me and I suffered like crazy, and when I came up to them and told them I was going to nearly pass out and that they forgot me, they told me I was being combative and that they would refuse to help me if I kept being upset. I didn't threaten them - I was only upset they messed up and I had to suffer for it. Fast forward a few months and I was sick again. If you need help, good luck getting any from the uneducated nurses they have. I was vomiting and had diarrhea all day and asked if they had anything to help me, and they said sure a plain sandwich, and they never shown up with one. They do what they want to, and they routinely blame their failures on the patient. The doctors did treat the symptoms I had, and that's understandable, but they didn't even agree with me when both Patient First and I believed I had a virus. They tried to tell me it was the medicine I was on, and one of these pills I was on for a month and the other three for many years. I would have been better either suffering or going to a clinic and getting less help. This place is slow, the staff are all rude, and if they want to kick me out I'll get sick on their staff and hope they have to go through a nasty experience like I and others have. Once in a while you will get someone that gives a crap about you, but most give the bare minimal and honestly don't even sound like they know what they're going. I've encountered many doctors I respect, but I have a very hard time respecting any of these. I wouldn't let 95% of them handle my cat or dog, much less a human being.

Cody B

I came to this hospital with my husband who was in a car accident. A lady came in with her little baby and was crying and a nurse that was sitting by the door looked her her child and ran off with it due to medical issue! I loved seeing them care so much.

Don W

One of the worst hospitals I've ever been to. Only take your worst enemies here.

Gary Davis

Professional, quick, and above all caring. A hospital is more than a building, at its core are caring, empathetic People. Overworked, to be sure, but competent and respectful. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the staff. The two times I have been a patient there, they literally saved my life. Nine days the first time, two days the second. Both times I was seen in a speedy manner. The emergency room triage sometimes seems unfair, but they are dealing with life - threatening emergencies and people with lesser ailments have to wait until staff and treatment rooms are available.

Amanda Kaufman

First I just have to say that there is ONE spectacular staff member at this hospital! Her name is Michelle, she's a triage nurse, straight shooter, informative, kind, caring, intelligent and all around good at her job! (I've witnessed her with more patients than just myself!) (In case anyone in upper management wants to reward her, she works late nights—at least she did on 1/7/17). The hospital though, omg so terrible! Though all MD hospital ER's are consistently slow and not too accommodating

Ryan Stamper

No epideral as the anesthesiologist was at lunch. Hollywood was 5 stars and made our visit worth while. Terrible labor. Rough doctor.. in my opinion, complacency was the cause of much unessecary bleeding.

Courtney Long

Wonderful service and care for my grandmother at the end of her life. Amazingly kind and attentive nurses.

Amber h

Wonderful staff and very clean hospital, my daughter had a surgery here and I do not have one complaint i would recommend this hospital.

Ruth Covert

Very grateful for the care they provide to my grandmother.

Dawn Squires

I was just in Upper Chesapeake Hospital of Bel Air. I went in to the er on July 28, 2019 at about 3:30 pm. The people in the er treated me with the upmost respect. I was admitted & sent to second floor. Everybody was very proffectional & nice. I wish I could remember all thier names. Thank you for all your kindness.

Brandon Barrett

They never gave me a prescription or called it in. When I went back in they said they could not help me and I would have to go through the whole process again. Now I'm going to have no way to get my medicine with out paying for another visit. They were rude and unproffessional. Do not go there. They are the worst!

BIll Craig

I went to the emergency room because I was having severe pain in my side/back. Doctor said it maybe my kidneys or muscle spasms. I didn't have to wait long and I was seen very quickly so I give them 4 stars but when I left out the average wait time was 350 minutes for the remaining people in the waiting area....that's insane.

S. Weaver

Three years ago I was there with a severe bacterial infection in my lover GI tract that caused a pancreatic attack. I was in and out for three days. On the fourth day I realized I was still wearing the pj's I arrived in. On the fourth morning, I asked a nurse or assistant nurse to please provide me with a towel, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant so I could at least freshen up. As I was signing the discharge papers those things were brought to me. It took almost 6 hours to get a simple Tylenol for my headache. My back started to ache badly from being in a bed for three days, I asked for a heating pad and I got one of those little warm up packs. This stay costs me over $8,000. The only good thing I can say about this place was the doctor who attended to me. And they wouldn't even get one start if I didn't have to in order to post this review.

Lance Wiprud

The amount of negative reviews are surprising to me since I personally have never had a negative experience with this hospital or the staff.

Michael Hayes

Parking and finding the rooms may be a little difficult.. but the few times I've been here for hurt family members, I thought the staff was great and informative.

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