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Andrew Donald

Came in an Ambulance and had to sit in the waiting room for 10 hours before being seen. Was in a real bad car accident that totaled my car. Saw other people be seen before me who had no pain but was never even checked for a concussion

Jennifer Berryman

I’ve been going to Hopkins for years. The medical care is great but the billing department doesn’t bill my NYS insurance correctly. I have to make numerous phone calls and I keep hearing things like “that should have automatically been sent to the other company. I’m not sure why that didn’t happen.” I just paid a bill that I shouldn’t have had to pay to keep it from going to collections. I’ve repeatedly asked to speak to a supervisor and none are available. I left a second message for patient relations. . They never called me back after my first call. I will continue to see one provider that I’ve seen for years but am finding an endocrinologist at another hospital. If they’re going to provide poor customer service I’m going to take my health care dollars elsewhere.

cazaiah Johnson

You really need better employees your nurses are rude and you have techs will patients that have no real training

Journey Care & Legacy, Inc.

They took great care of my mother in their lung cancer department. All staff members worked together as a team to help her. They also took her in less than five minutes. I'm thankful for Hopkins and their professionalism.

Alma Scarbrough

Absolutely the worst experience ever and I am a nurse. The staff are rude, arrogant and uncaring. When you call patient relations they are no better. World renowned my butt those days are over.

Michelle Lawson

Worse hospital EVER!!! It's really bad when you have to give a star so that you can post this review. Definitely didn't sit well with me to even give them one star. Sat in the ER for 7 hours with my daughter who is immune suppressed. Finally got a room after 12 hours and then the doctors that came into her room hadn't even read her file or knew her history at all!! They were going to give her a prescription that she had already been on and was the reason why we had to come into the hospital because it wasn't working!! They sent her home and she is still as sick as she was when she came in. WHAT A JOKE. HOPKINS IS NOT A GOOD HOSPITAL!!!!

Ashley Lowe

Extremely Slow and uncomfortable sitting areas when you get to the back .. I received fluids in the hallway .

ruby villalobos

Nice people at the time but when someone passes, they don't tell us why until 2 months later with a letter in the mail.

David Garreis

I was at Hopkins for a week following aortic valve replacement. The nurses were great. The Drs that performed my surgery were fantastic. I would recommend Hopkins for any serious cardiac treatment.

Barry Shulman

I went to John Hopkins hospital emergency room .I saw two nurses and a medical assistant. I have a serious inguinal hernia which can and become life threatening. The inguinal hernia makes your abdomen hurt tissues and is hurting my genitals pushing down and it's hard to urinate because the inguinal hernia can cause hurting the gallbladder and my urethra throbbing when I urinate not all the urine is coming out .The urethra hurts throbbing. Inguinal hernias are life threatening hurting the intestines . I came in with a long term autoimmune illness bullae pemphigoid which the nurse never heard of and also oral lesions which the nurse never heard of. I never heard of a hospital that has no doctors in the emergency room. They were rude to me .I waited 12 hours with even lumber fractures and just t2 is a new fracture of osteoporosis. I'm 62 yrs old . I called in the morning the office where the secretary said come and we will take good care of you she said when I called dr anhalts office. I cannot come down. I came over 500 miles from the suburbs of Boston on the fast train to penn station in Baltimore Maryland. Maybe which I watched live videos in the emergency room with good doctors. I went in a room with a nurse assistant for some paper work which in the videos of around 2007 thier were doctors great in the emergency room talking about they don't know what is going to come through the doors but thier always ready .I talked to other people and my family that I went supposedly to the top 3 hospitals in the country and thier were no doctors in the emergency room and when I got home I tried to call the case workers and talked to a couple of people that work thier .I asked them why are thier no doctors in the emergency room when I was waiting over 12 hours .I called a hospital nearby where I live in suburbs of Boston and told them that John Hopkins hospital has no doctors in the emergency room. All hospitals have doctors in the emergency room 24 hours around the clock. That was a big let down. I said to myself John Hopkins hospital is not the hospital it used to be. They have residential doctors on the campus. The nurse was so uncaring.

marcus oliver

I was here as a child and I want to say thank you to Ben Carson and his team for getting the abscess which they thought was a tumor out and saving my life 27 years ago as a 3 year old boy.

Emma Jackson

One of the best hospitals in the world been going there for a very long time

goku goku

its very important that i have surgery, after talking to the doctor he suggest that i get surgery and i should call Shelia Hubbs (coordinator)to get a scheduled appointment for surgery.I left back to back message It took Two weeks to get her to anwser the phone,when i finally spoke to Shelia she told me i couldnt get an appointment because i missed several appts which isnt true but instead she argued with me and told me it would be a charge just to get an appt,and she will get back to me concerning the price this was 3 weeks ago i haven't heard anything from Shelia after leaving several messages.i didnt expect this type of treatment from John Hopkins.

Diane McCracken

Helped my nephew with pancreatic cancer. Very nice and caring staff!

Jay Raquidan

I’ve had to go to the ER twice this past week though the wait was long it was worth it the first time I didn’t have to wait long due to chest pain the first time but once you actually get into a bed and into the hands of a Johns Hopkins Physician whether it’s the Resident or Attending at all times they were extremely professional and assured me that they were going to take great care of me. I honestly don’t know how people talk so bad about this hospital the care I received this past week has been 2nd to NONE.

Tickie_ Ty

~ ER Visit ~ In a Sickle Cell pain episode, & the usually 7 day per week Johns Hopkins Adult Sickle Cell Infusion Center was closed today (a saturday) without updating their voicemail message of their closure. So I unfortunately ended up having to come to Johns Hopkins Emergency Room instead. Hopkins' ER is almost always packed & busy with tons of patients, which create long wait times. However, my wait today was far less than it used to be before Hopkins upgraded, expanded, & moved all of its ER units. Despite Hopkins' longer ER wait times sometimes, if I can't be treated in the Johns Hopkins Sickle Cell Center, I still prefer to go to Hopkins to their ER over any other hospital ERs. Mainly because, for the most part, Hopkins' ER tries it's best to adhere to certain sickle cell treatment protocols & to get treatment started within a certain timeframe after being triaged. Depending on how packed they are, they don't always meet the start timeframe, but for the most part, they do try very hard to do so.

Jacqueline Nutt

The emergency room is the worse. I wouldn't take my puppy there. I went in from clinic with chest pain. They had me sitting in the er from 3 in the afternoon til 2 in the morning. Talking about they had no beds. Sad. And it wasn't the first time. I wish i could give them a 0

Entertainment Maza Amit Kumar

The Johns Hopkins hospital who is the best Hospital and Full facilities Very Nice Doctor I love this Hospital

dilek ant

Best hospital in the world... They really care about you here. Thanks millions times..

R Hakim

My mother recently visited the Emergency department to be evaluated for headaches. Some work up was done and she went home, having been there for several hours. That night she received a call to go back to ED for a procedure that needs to be done to rule out a serious brain bleed as the CT report was suspicious. The next day she arrived at 10 am and was kept waiting in the waiting room in freezing air conditioning until 9 pm. She was only given a bed at that time having waited for 11 hours. The resident who evaluated her said that the procedure she was supposed to get was now not necessary as the full CT report was now normal. She then has to wait unti 1 am to be discharged as the attending physician had to evaluate her and discharge her. She came home around 1:30 am and now is sick with a cold and can’t talk due to laryngitis, having been kept over 15 hours in freezing cold. She left with no additional treatment. All the while the nurses and staff were rude and uncaring. This is all the more upsetting because my father had surgery and was discharged the same day and had to be home alone while all this was going on. I am beyond upset. I am upset that in a hospital setting a patient is getting sicker waiting for care. The hospital does not care that a patient is kept waiting while they are only concerned about covering their own behind. I understand there are sicker patients who take priority but why call her in the first place. I am all too familiar with this setting and know that there are more efficient ways of triaging patients if only the management could be better. This system is just not good and it is third rate in my opinion. I would think twice before going to Johns Hopkins hospital.

Patrick Hickey

This place is so overrated. Wait times are terrible. Everyone at every single desk is glued to their personal phones. They never tell you what is going on. They rest on their good name at the expense of service.

Sabrina Chou

I went for an infusion and the nurses there are AMAZING. A couple months ago, I had a blood test and I felt nauseous, dizzy and had a horrible headache. At John Hopkins, I was there for four hours and had blood taken every 30 minutes. I didn’t experience any dizziness as the nurse constantly told me to take deep breaths and showed me how my iv worked and the different drugs they were using. I did experience some nausea, but only after I took a certain pill that the nurse told me might make me feel nauseous. The nurse was always checking in and made me feel comfortable. This was my first time getting an iv and the nurse definitely gave me such a positive experience. Thank you Kelly!

Linda Sanders

Best place ever! Husband received a liver transplant and the Dr's and especially the nurses a great!!!! Wish to thank them all for the love and care they showed not only to my husband but to me as well!!

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Mary Prado

As a Mom of a very sick child I spend lots of time at Johns Hopkins. It's supposed to be the best hospital around and it is however if you have rare medical issues like my daughter it is NOT the place to find answers. There's a few good doctors that take their time and try to help find answers but there's many more that are arrogant and single minded. Johns Hopkins is also the worse place to go to if you have allergies. The outpatient center on Caroline Street is so overloaded with perfumes and air fresheners and they send my daughter into an attack every time we go there. I have complained numerous times and nothing is ever done.


Was told one thing when called from out of town. Complete hoke. Please be careful.

We're all in This together

The worst hospital I've been to. Waited for 12 hours & still didn't get called into a room. Got tired of waiting so I just had to leave. The waiting room was way too cold to be waiting in for a long amount of time. Some nurses were nice though but others didn't want to help at all

Sarah C.

I had a one-inch nasal bone mass. Dr. Masaru Ishii( ENT) just did a hastily 6 second!! nasal endoscopy (without any report nor image) and said there is no problem inside my nose. He ordered a CAT scan. In second visit he didn't even look at my CT and said he cannot see my CT (while the next doctor I visited had full access to whole my records and CT and download them easily. Dr. Masaru Ishii didn't even bother to try to pull up my information) and then he gave me two options: He said do you need me to refer you to my wife and she will give you a quick appointment or you need me to refer you to another Dr and he will give you an appointment in six months! Then referred me to HIS WIFE (as his routine protocol) the plastic surgeon, and told me to bring my CT to his wife’s office, and she will take a look at it to see what is the problem! (he referred me without even knowing what was the problem). Their only goal is to maximize their profit and they don't care about people’s lives. I did surgery two days ago somewhere else and my surgeon found I had one inch mass inside my nose which was missed with doctor Ishii. In my experience, he was careless and inattentive. I wasted time and my health was endangered by his negligence.

Lee Bear

I brought My son in to the emergency room due to I'ma sever skin outbreak. not sure if it was due to the grouchiness of the night shift, but the staff came across as if I were disrupting them. I received so many dirty looks, I was anticipating security to tell me to leave. Non of the nurses nor the physicians listened, gave a quick analysis and sent us home with a prescription I ready stated didn't work. Next day went to another hospital ER. All staff showed great concern, took my sons condition seriously and kept my son over night for treatment, several tests and diagnostics

John Hicks

I have been to just about every hospital ER south of Baltimore. I can honestly say I hope to never be back you your facility. You boast having 67 rooms but it seemed as if everyone was being treated in the waiting room. Then fast service after I witnessed many people who were in the waiting room at 2:00 pm and at 9:00 pm were still in the waiting room. While our 9 hour visit not once have we spoken with a doctor your nursing staff was amazing and very professional however watching people being treated in the waiting room and not once speaking to a doctor for anything is extremely poor service. I should have gone to Howard County general hospital.

Scott Silverstine

These pictures are taken on the 10th floor of Siragh Bldg from inside the Skyline Cafe. This place is not your father's hospital cafeteria nor hospital food!


I’m writing this as I’m still waiting. We have been here for about 6 hours now and it seems some patients are getting priority over others. There’s no management at all, the staff is unprofessional, and seem hesitant to really help anyone out. Some patients that have been waiting since 7am were taken off the list and didn’t realize till about 10 minutes ago. It’s 20:37. I wish people actually cared for the well being of others here. Looking at other reviews, I might have to take my Dad to another hospital.

Andre Matheus Sousa Torloni

Great congress infrastructure

A. N.

Best experience! Friendly and courteous staff, wonderful doctor, state of the art equipment, beautiful facility and the peace of mind from knowing that you are in the best hospital in the World. Thank you !

Bryan Bernardo

One of the worst hospital I've been into. I came to this hospital due to my severe chest pain since this morning. I arrived 12 noon today and now it's 6:36 pm still having the pain. I'm still in the waiting room waiting to be admitted. The staff are rude except to Ms. April Louis. Will never recommend this hospital to any patients.

Douglas R. Thompson

Unprofessional. Milking the clock. If it's an emergency don't go, you might die before you are treated. Look at the John Hopkins Emergency Room Reviews they are 2 stars. You will wait 6 to 10hrs. I urge you not to go. Shut down John Hopkins Baltimore. Mistreated. Misdiagnosed. Mismanaged. Miss. Miss. Miss...

Rob Payson

Everyone at the hospital is amazingly friendly and helpful. The level of care is top notch in all departments. Well worth the drive from Wilmington. Drs Agrawal, Quon, and Shaikh get 2 thumbs up!!

Downtown Brown

They are ready and willing to do surgery but when it comes to follow up such as chemotherapy, radiation and physical therapy...they are very busy and there is no availability. My brother lives an hour away from there and they sent over hospice at this point. Get a local doctor with time and patience!

Rich W

Thanks to Dr ambinder, I am a cancer survivor. Had a difficult lymphoma case that wasn't detected by other doctors at other hospitals. Also a special thanks to nurse Lisa for all the special care I got during my months of treatment.

Tim Bouis

Excellent and thorough staff! Highly recommended hospital for evaluation of vascular and cardiac issues. Our personal experience found great doctors, nurses and other staff were very friendly & helpful.

Ken Poe

My baby was born there with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. They refused to do surgery for her because they don't want me to receive disability benefits. If my baby symptoms gets worse and it becomes fatal I'm suing this hospital.

Doug Deitrick

It has been over 12 years since I walked out of Johns Hopkins hospital pancreatic cancer free and haven't looked back at the cancer. After two unsuccessful operation attempts along with a month of chemo and radiation at another hospital I was told at that hospital there was nothing more to do and that I had 6 to 12 months to live. Placing god first, my family's support second and Dr. Kurtis Campbell and Johns Hopkins right in there as well I am still healthy and have experienced 3 grandchildren since. The most wonderful hospital and staff on earth! Thank you again Dr Campbell and Johns Hopkins!

cody logan

Meredith Grey went here c:

L Green

Been waiting for 10 hours. 10 hours?!

Giang Nguyen

Was in an accident recently and their ER staff took care of me and helped with the Pain. Tom in particular was very nice. I am new to Baltimore and am noticing that a lot of people give 1 stars for everything, no matter what the restaurant or business.


I’m currently in the pediatric ICU and I’m so disgusted by the fact that they really think those itty bitty guest food trays are supposed to fill anybody up.I had one for lunch & dinner and was still hungry and the only thing you can offer me is water & crackers!!No box lunches or anything but water & crackers when I’m going to be here for a couple days with my sick baby!!A complete disgrace not everyone has money to be buying that high priced food from the cafeteria 3 /4 times a day and also why isn’t my parking valedated to be free when I’m the mother of a sick baby that’s a patient!!!I recommend if you gotta be here for a couple days bring your own food or at lest $300 to acomadte for food & parking!!Only thing good is the team has been very good with getting my son better but that’s it.Not to mention the TV in his room doesn’t work a nurse was supposed to getting a tv with DVD player but that magical never happened crazy how when you ask for things it’s always “ok give me one sec”so once you go back to ask them about what you requested it’s always “oh I totally forgot “YEAH RIGHT!!

Jen Mac

We have been in the emergency waiting room for 6 hours. Still waiting for the cleaning crew to clean a room so we can meet with the staff to discuss the lab results. The hospital needs to hire more people to clean or hire people who can work at a faster pace. Very frustrating. On the positive side the nurses in the emergency room are very nice and professional.

Nicolle Allers

Very good hospital. My doctors there are so awesome and also my coordinator she is the best. Love her so much. This Hospital is my first choice. Everyone there is so helpful and caring.

Carol Cornman

So confident in JH! Not only excellent doctors but great consistent patient care throughout!

stephenie williams

I Love JOHNS HOPKINS Hospital. My whole entire family was born here down to my children, my sister children, etc. Every time I go here I am treated so good and leave feeling better! When Doctors hear im in the building they care for me so much. I’m very proud to have such great doctors. Here I know I’m in good hands always. Thanks JOHNS HOPKINS for birthing me out my moms wound and taking such great care of me ever since!

Adam Singer

Hopkins is amazing. From the kind fun and friendly security guard who gave my six year old son a fist bump at 5:30 AM when we got here to the amazing surgeons and medical care team that cared for him before,during and after his tonsillectomy, this place has been absolute tops.

Dime Oil Co

I received Excellent care from start to finish. Dr. Weingart did a Wonderful job on my brain surgery. The entire staff was incredible. I am so thankful to everyone at Johns Hopkins!

Irfan Khan

We been here for 2 days and all the Staff members are very friendly and explaining everything to us my daughter born was 25 weeks and I'm so happy they ways the takes care of my wife and my daughter. I'm not sure way people saying bad things about these hospital. We come from VA and we happy with all the doctors and nurses.

Matthew Wooten

Check there Facebook as I posted my statement there as it is to long for google. All and all I could not even get scheduled right and with the right doctors due to the lack of people doing their jobs. With management not taking calls after they give you a direct line. Very sad situation as you look for comfort from a hospital of this caliber and none of that has happened actually the opposite.

Deborah Wilson

I was referred to a "top notch surgeon" back in 2014. It took months to get an appointment but I was willing to wait. Unfortunately, the visit was not worth the wait. The doctor was lacking in bedside manners and she treated me like a number. She had zero compassion or interest in me as a person, as I was made to feel as if I was intruding on her valuable time. I am still debating whether she was arrogant or just plain rude. I left feeling that the trip had been a total waste of time. Thankfully, the hospital staff was well organized, friendly and polite. The initial check in was flawless and this made up for my poor experience with the surgeon. The hospital was clean and well deserving of positive reviews I had read online. All of this notwithstanding, I was not comfortable with the doctor and decided to select another hospital. A patient should never be made to feel that he/she is bothering a doctor who is being paid to listen, share knowledge, and solve a problem. Any doctor who has such low tolerance for those he/she is paid to serve should strongly consider a new profession.

Kelly Odonnell

5 stars if I could give more I would! My boyfriend came to upper Chesapeake (worst hospital in Maryland in my opinion) has a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor on his temporal lobe. We got transferred to JHH on the 23rd and he had his surgery the NEXT DAY! Dr. Debraj Mukherjee is by far the BEST neurosurgeon! He miraculously got the whole thing and when it was time to talk to him after the surgery he was totally professional and spent time to explain everything to us. I’m sure he is a busy man, but he spent a half hour with us just going through everything he had done. He also got on a human personal level which I can appreciate because some doctors are robots. I thank god everyday he creates such a talented human that saved the love of my life. The NCCU nurses were WONDERFUL! Especially the night nurse BETHANY! This is the best hospital in the world and deserves nothing less than 5 stars. Thanks JHH for saving my boyfriends LIFE! I can’t express my gratitude enough! Forever thankful.

Shawny B

Waiting is long. Nurses aren’t very respectful


Horrible service was in the emergency room for 8 hours with my son

Elizabeth McCorkle

After more than 10 years of having a swollen ankle that was painful to walk on , and countless visits to other doctors , it was the doctors at Johns Hopkins who were able to pinpoint the problem and prescribe the proper treatment to get me back on my feet. Just saying Thank You sounds inadequate given the mobility they’ve given back to me.

K Phillips

Im in crying pain the rate is bs the nurses are rude regristration was rude i rather go to another hospital & 8 hours before i see a real doctor

Pamela Johnson

So very thankful to John Hopkins Psychiatric Department working diligently to save and help us get our daughter on the correct medication. They are truly the best!

Dave Guzman

My wife was hospitalized for over two weeks at the @ Johns Hopkins Brain Rescue Unit. The doctors, nurses and entire medical support team were AMAZING! The level of care, compassion and support surpassed our expectations. The team made us feel like family and not a mere patient. Additionally, my wife didn’t have any dietary restrictions and the hospital food was surprisingly good. No one ever wants to be ill or have to deal with significant health issues. That said, if there’s a place to be during these challenging times, I highly recommend Hopkins. After further review, we found that they are ranked 4th in the world...they are living up to their expectations!

L-boogie Reyes

Hopkins is definitely not the top notch doctors like the claim they are. University of Maryland is better. Very 360 socialist environment at Hopkins. If you have Medicaid, and have cancer, they lie on your written report, then when you get your radiology images, it shows a very different picture. Don't trust them. Get a second opinion. Go with your intuition. Or, just stay away from here in the first place. They don't care about poor people (Medicaid recipients). They lied on me, and my daughter's reports. They are also very racist here, and one of the ashkenazi pediatricians was asking inappropriate questions to my husband (my husband's skin is brown) about his beard.

Dillan Briddelle

I dont know why so many people say this is the best hospital in Maryland or even the east coast cause it's honestly a joke!!!! I came to the emergency room at 4:30 PM and checked in. I was immediately taken into the back where they drew blood so I thought it was going to be a quick visit. NOPE!! Instead I got put back in the visiting room and was told I'm waiting on an ultrasound. So they Finally came and took me (straight from the visiting room) to ultrasound AT 10:30 PM!!! but I figured ok..whatever..atleast now they'll do the test, read it, and if all is well they'll send me outta here with some sort of recovery plan (having post OP complications from surgery last week) but again I WAS WRONG! I was taken BACK to the waiting room where I am STILL SITTING AT 5:06 AM!!! and have not been told the results of my test or even told anything at all! Everytime I ask I get told I'm next in line but they've been saying that since 2 am so I know ita a freaking lie and now that I'm finally getting mad and starting to get mad about it I am being told that I can leave If I dont want to wait!!??!?! IVE BEEN HERE FOR 12 AMD A HALF HOURS AND I STILL HAVE AN IV STUCK IN MY VEINS, WHY WOULD I LEAVE WITHOUT DIAGNOSIS?????????? THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST EMERGENCY ROOM I HAVE EVER BEEN TO AND I WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER RETURN. I DO NOT CARE IF I AM DYING JOHN HOPKINS WILL NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!


Went here in 2007 - 2008 in full shunt failure which can happen with hydrocephalus. I was 17 at the time so I was very familiar with the signs and symptoms of shunt failure. Even though I was presenting with most of those symptoms, the doctors in the ER took one look at the ventricles on the CAT Scan and told me that there was nothing to worry about then sent me home. I knew there was something wrong! These are trained professionals who should have dug deeper when the CAT Scan appeared normal, but they did not! I was in emergency surgery at Children's National Medical Center the NEXT DAY. My recommendation is ALWAYS get a second opinion and in some cases get a third. Just because a hospital is "top rated" does not mean that they are infallible. Doctors are people that can and do make mistakes!

Caitlin Gilbert

Okay. I'm in labor, and am here for the delivery. My husband and I got me checked in, but no rooms! Everyone that came in after us, got to go in! Also, when I got checked in, they offered me some apple juice, never got brought to me, until the third time asking. And I heard 2 different answers about eating! One said the cafeteria was closed another said I wasn't allowed to eat! This place is wacked!

Carol Bushneck

The wait in this hospital is completely unreasonable. Typical er visit is 10 plus hours, totally ridiculous. Staff may be ok but you should never have to be waiting so long if your sick or injured. Hopkins needs to step it up .

Just Us

I see why Johns Hopkins (JH) is no longer the no. 1 hospital in the U.S. They let an intern/student stick me 10 times in the wrong spot (causing me tremendous pain and frustration) during a spinal tap. Also, if you are 15-20 minutes late for your appointment or miss an appointment you did not know they made for you, they will "ban" you from their hospital, although the doctor is always 1-2 hours late - making you wait and he is not penalized. I arrived to my appointment 30 minutes early, because I know how petty JH can be. I waited 2 hrs. for the doctor. When he finally showed up, she spent about 10 minutes with me, would not let me talk, left me to go treat another patient who arrived after I did (because he was so far behind with his appointments), he then came back an hour later and let an intern/student (who did not know what he was doing) assist (but actually perform a surgical procedure on me-causing me severe pain), until the doctor finally decided the student was taking too long and not giving him what he needed and took over. Johns Hopkins has really slipped in their performance. I question some doctors' ethics. The Doctor's assistant lies and is rude. It's as if they really don't care. *DON'T BOTHER CONTACTING "PATIENT RELATIONS." YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR TIME BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS SIDE WITH THEIR DOCTORS!!

Margi Carroll

Had both my boys here within the past two years, they were awesome I loved all my drs and nurses. The staff was always super polite. Here's my issue. The maternity patient rooms are smallish, getting old and the furnitures getting rough and dirty. The bathroom's small and uncomfortable to maneuver in The rooms and patient bathroom/shower reeaally need renovated. I wish I could start a petition for it, I'd pick a closer hospital like the one in my town but they don't know my family history of s.c.i.d's and my sons both were both with very low blood platelets so tbh I'm afraid of going elsewhere. Like I said, drs were always great to me, made sure I under stood everything going on, when my 2nd had to be in the nicu for a few days the one specific nurse who watched him while he was in the was absolutely The best! And also they really should validate your parking if you or your child is a staying patient

karter landon

Worst place ever. Said they took my insurance. I spent hundreds to fly there. The doctor saw me for ten minutes and told me he couldnt help me. Then they billed me $350 because it turns out they dont take my insurance. Then they sent me to collections. No one there cares. These are the worst people ever. Stay away from these noncaring ignorant crooks.

Lynn Orr

Top Drs and nurses for the 3 major surgeries I had over the last 30 years! Excellent results!

Couch Potatoes Kennedy

Waited over six hours, kept telling us that the room was being cleaned. Never did see a doctor. The worst experience, ended up leaving. On top of that had to pay 12.00 for parking.

Kristianna Monroe

Best hospital in Maryland. Worth the wait. Nurses and doctors are the best on the east coast. I wish I knew the name of the young lady who volunteers in the adult emergency department with books and beverages. She was so kind and accommodating during our wait and she really loves her job and helping people. I just want that volunteer to know she matters !!

Marshal Tenner Winter

Sure, the doctors might be adequately competent but good luck getting past the UNBELIEVABLY SH*TTY receptionists. They hate their jobs, they hate you, they shouldn't be handling clients in any manner, they are hostile, aggressive, ignorant and lazy and they will make it extremely difficult to get anything done or obtain any answers to your medical issues. You're better off seeing some Mexican doctor across the border. This place sucks.

Mary Pepperman

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Jan.of 2017. I was put on anti hormone therapy after being told my tumor was large and they would like to put me on medicine to shrink it before surgery. After being told that it did just that a lumpectomy was scheduled for Dec 1st of 2017. Tumor did not shrink as I was told it had and cancer had spread. After a month of having an infection and three different antibiotics the mastectomy was ordered. In between time I was told by two Drs I would not have to have radiation nor chemo but would have to stay on meds for 5 years I had a mastectomy on January 9th 2018 and radiation was needed. After speaking with 2 Drs once again radiation was decided against. Ok now to filling expander. The first thing I had to do was get the fluid out from around expander and no I couldn't have it done at main campus so go to Green Spring. That was done and last week the expander was filled with 75cc of saline. Now it's Thursday, February 22 and expander was set to be filled again. I got there and was told no you were to have fluid drained again and no not at main campus go back to Green Spring and make another appointment for next week. Needless to say having been told so had cancer is one thing but this "miscommunication "is quite draining and maddening. For number 6 in the country this place leaves a lot to be desired. My suggestion is go elsewhere.

Emily Frank

John's Hopkins is highly overrated in my opinion. The rheumatologist I went to suggested I take a nap as a solution to my chronic illness. It was insulting and discouraging. Then they coded the visit as inpatient instead of what it was (outpatient), so my insurance wouldn't cover it. When I called them to ask them to recode it correctly, the customer service rep told me she couldn't do it until my insurance reached out to them. I'm not sure why they need to hear from my insurance to fix a problem they created. I have limited energy right now and this was an unnecessary inconvenience. Update- The “inpatient” claim was because they charged me $300 to review my medical records the day before I came. They never told me they were going to charge me for this. I’ve been to numerous doctors and never had this happen. My insurance won’t cover it, but even told me they have never heard of it. Therefore, I’m appealing the claim. It’s not about the money at this point, but the fact that they are trying to take advantage of people.

Timothy Mooney

I was born and raised in Maryland. Johns Hopkins played an important role in my families life. A once respected hospital has sunk to partisan and intolerant. Dr Ben Carson may be the most accomplished neurosurgeon in Maryland history and the fools at Hopkins are too petty to recognize his contributions. Tim Mooney

Debra Woodard

Would never go any place but Hopkins. The physicians are the best of the best. It is a facility that is enriched in academia, research and cutting edge technologies. Hopkins provides care that is extraordinary and known throughout the world. It is hands down known as the best in eye care at Wilmer Eye clinic and cardiology. Where else can you walk into a mini international community.

Thasha Boyd

Horrible, rude and unprofessional. Since last night been trying to get a patient's advocate and being sent in circles. Don't put your trust in these people.

Debra Ritcie

This is the best hospital in the United States in my opinion. I travel 3 hours to get to Hopkins to all of my appointments. All the doctors that I see we have s very open communication. They listen to my concerns and they come up with a gameplan for my medical situations. My son has heart issues since he was first born I transferred all his medical records from another hospital to Hopkins and since then he has received one of the top notched treatment and he's know 17. In some of these post yes I hear a lot of negative about this hospital so I personally don't know what you have been experiencing but I do know to speak up if you feel something is not right but on the other hand Hopkins in my opinion is an excellent caring compassion hospital who care about their patients If you have Mychart you will access to all your medical records billing information and you can send messages to your providers and they will respond to you. If I could give them a 20 star I will.

terrie proctor

I went to get a test done at a doctor's office and started having chest pauns so I had to go to emergency room. They told me it was a 6hr waitbefore seeing the doctor. It was 26 people in front of me waiting for a bed. It doesnt matter if youbhave chest pains or not. Don't go to this hospital

Tyler Sigler

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Even the food is the bomb. Thank you to all the staff and to Dr. Weingart for amazing work.

Daniel Adewale

Your appointment line is horrible, they keep transferring me to different numbers and when I was finally transferred to the right department, the lady said she couldn't hear me and hung up she didnt even give me a chance. This happened after spending 22 minutes to speak with a rep. I hope someone reads this. I will never call this hospital again. And I was able to get an appt in 10 minutes with Walter Reed.

Adam Kutlik

Spent 15 minutes at the hospital. 5 minutes with a tech, 2 at most with the doctor. They told us exactly the same thing we knew before the appointment. They charges us thru the roof which the insurance covered none. I called to discuss getting the bill reduced since insurance companies can do that and the company I work for does it all the time. They refused and stated it is what it is. I was lied to... this place is a business that lacked empathy. Will do whatever it takes to make a buck off its patience. Needless to say if I or my family ever need medical attention we will go elsewhere.

arindam guin

This is One of the best Hospitals in the World!!!...I Just loved this place very much!

Tee D

The pathology lab continuously provided bad information to me and ignored attachments in email regarding a clinical trial forms that I had discussed over the phone. They replied by saying they were processing my request which to me implied they took into account the requisition form I had mentioned via PHONE AND EMAIL. A week later they call me to tell me I still need to have a physician fill out the form. When someone is in a terminal stage of cancer with a very short prognosis this total ineptitude or a lack of effort in comprehensive care is unacceptable. Unless you can't get the service you need at your local hospital I recommend you stay away from these overcrowded 'prestigious' institutions as you are much more likely to be treated like a number.

Rabeea Syed

Dr. Robert Greenberg who works here is an extreme racist and all around horrible person. He made horrible comments about an innocent black child and has apparently done so to countless other people of colour. Avoid this hospital until they FIRE ROBERT GREENBERG

Norms Executive Transportation

If I could give them no stars I would. I was suppose to have surgery there. They told me once the doctor looks at my scans they will call me to set up the surgery. They called me and I asked did the doctor see my scans and the answer was yes (this was back in April 2018). Three days prior to my surgery I get a phone call from the doctor and the surgery was called off because of what my scans show (he just looked at them July 2018). HE NEVER LOOKED AT THEM! Why would you wait 3 days prior to my surgery to call me? BILLING! They charge you $200.00 just to walk in because the doctor is renting space from the hospital! That doesn't include his bill. WAS NEVER TOLD THAT! My insurance wouldn't pay for the rent. THIS PLACE IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Their customer service for billing sucks! This hospital has gone down! WILL NEVER COME BACK! The Mayo clinic! Please don't send an automatic response either, that's really said! THEY ARE A FRAUD IN THE BILLING DEPT. WARNING, PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR BILL AND YOUR EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS BEFORE PAYING THEM ANYTHING. MY INSURANCE CALLED THEM TO HAVE $900.00 CREDITED TO MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T CHARGE ME FOR IT. I WOULD OF PAID THAT MONEY. THEY STEAL MONEY FROM YOU!

Holly Cummings

Thank you for taking such amazing care of my daughter and I. When one hospital failed us and sent my daughter home with a skull fracture a blood on her brain you stepped in and took care of us. You restored our faith in doctors and the medical system. You eased our minds, explained why every test had to be done what was going to happen step by step. Your entire staff from surgeons ,nurses, doctors, food services were amazing, caring, informative, attentive, treated us more like family then just another patient. Thank you so much and you truly are the best. Thank you for going above and beyond to take care of us and give is the best care possible.

Sandi Garmon

John's Hopkins Hospital is a wonderful place!!! I'm flying all the way from Panama City Florida to see the brilliant Dr Alisa Coker!!!

James Sale

I have had two children born at Hopkins and two at GBMC (an affiliate) all Caesarian. We were treated like royalty. I noticed that some more coherent complaints dealt with the E.R. I watched the general patient population. The E.R had reams of people there for minor complaints compared to bleeding wounds and the staff appeared to my eye as triaging the worst first. Many were either drunk or high or on the way down. My bride and I chatted with welfare mothers who were there for free tube tying and who also left because they didn't either have time or wanted a cigarette or were hungry. The nurses treated them the same as we (the highly insured) were treated and I was impressed with their patience and open concern for the best of the ones who were there for free, expensive treatment. We're lucky to have the place here in Baltimore for poor and privileged and those in-between. And the cafeteria - they should cater.

Bonnie Christhilf

The staff here is the best I have seen. The nurses truly care about their patience. The rooms are clean and the food is good. The doctors are great, very caring and they want to give you the best possible care to help you feel better and get back on your feel as soon as possible Parking is easily accessible and inexpensive.

Olivia Nia

Literally have been working for months to get into this hospital but the patient intake is a joke. Each time they ask me to send them my records they say it's the wrong way or they didn't need this or that, if they answer my emails at all. I am not going to pursue treatment with them any longer due to their lack of effort.

Tyron Murrill

Great hospital. Saved my life. Great nurses and doctors. All around courteous staff.

Joan Justice

A relative was examined at JHH at the request of CPS and a healthy baby was diagnosed with tibia fractures on both knees. 2 Days Later the baby was seen at Mercy Medical Center no fractures were revealed in the X-ray, we were referred to an orthopedic doctor. Less than two weeks later the baby was examined at University of Maryland Orthopedics and the cast were removed because no fractures were seen. John Hopkins Hospital is in cahoots with the Department of Social Services and CPS to remove black babies from their homes this is medical kidnapping.



Alison Dollar

My husband was very sick with what was diagnosed to be MS. We waited in the in the emergency room waiting room for 10 hours before being seen by a doctor. It was cold, it smelled, and the front desk people were not helpful at all. Luckily security was nice enough to give us a sheet to keep him warm. Once we were admitted it was a different story.

Tom Hammer

Urology phone line is horrible--worst I have ever experienced. I keep getting a recording that runs constantly "we are connecting your call" and then I never get a human being, just "leave a message" I have NEVER in my life had repeated phone experiences that bad.

Rosalyn Jordan

All I can say is Hopkins not that good they need improve lots of thing's main thing. They need to improve Hopkins ER . It's seem they still can't get it right. The long wait time it's crazy how people have to wait . treat people and talk to patients like they are nothing. They need to do better that's rea truth !

Margaret McElligott

When my husband had a stroke, I moved him to Johns Hopkins. Everyone here, from the cleaning staff, nurses, therapist, blood draw people and doctors, has been wonderful! They were uniformly kind, friendly, capable and knowledgeable. I could not have asked for better care.

Mishka Smith

My uncle had very complicated head and neck cancer surgery performed here and I thought the doctors were incredible. They were emphathetic, sincere, and very astute. We felt like we were in good hands during the 6 months that we stayed in Baltimore. The support staff were also very helpful in helping us to find a place to stay, and took care of most of the issues with our insurance company, which really helped because we were not in any shape to go through all of that by ourselves. We are truly grateful for the care and dedication of the hospital.

John Rigney

I have tried for weeks to contact the doctor who was suppose to be following up on my procedure. I was told he had a death in the family... Okay I understand that. Two weeks later I tried to contact him again I was told he retired years ago and was hung up on! I have still not heard from him. I have not been able to pick the phone up and get a doctor or get a doctor to return my phone call at all. I have three doctors who are not on the same page. Two say go to my chart, my chart. We don't have time to speak with you! My chart is better you can email us. Such a long slow process to get your questions answered. Now let's talk about bills!!! I seem to get a bill two to three times a week and was sent to collections imeadiately. I can't even keep up with them and what is or isn't paid. I do not like this place and I am told it's the best around. I am suppose to trust my doctors who I can't reach. I know the last time I was there the doctor was mad with me and blamed me for the problems. And I'm suppose to trust her both with my health and my medical records....

Cameron Galatsianos

Pending Lawsuit.

Youssef Hattani

Everyone has attitude especially security team. They think they are police officers. On Saturday I went there with my son due to a seizure and when I went to the front desk, instead of calling for help they took their time and asked unnecessary questions. I am not happy with the way we were treated at all. As soon as we walked inside they rang the bell because it was a serious emergency. They knew I was coming so I was made to wait for no reason.

M Clagett

So disappointing. Rude person at the emergency room check in desk, yells at people young and old. A little old lady was so very sick and needed a kidney dish and the woman behind the counter yelled at her to step back before she even was able to tell her what was wrong. They pass out dirty sheets to keep you warm in the freezing cold waiting room, it's just nothing like I would've expected out of a supposed top rated hospital. No one comes and gives you an approximate time after sitting for 6 hours. We travel all over the world, and I've never seen such poor unprofessional service in an ER.

Katherine Hernandez Sein

My son was sent here from another hospital as they wore concerned about internal bleeding. As He had been stabbed twice. He arrived at 5pm, as per the other hospital he was supposed to get a scan to rule out internal bleeding. It wasn't until midnight that the surgeon said (with out checking my son nor doing anything) that it was ok for him to get stitches. It is now 2am and my son wounds are still open, the Doctor that was supposed to put stitches in left as and I quote "SHE HAS OTHER MORE IMPORTANT PATIENTS TO TAKE CARE OF. My son has have a total of 4 shots of lidocaine in the past 5 hours. Am really upset to say the least.

Melissa Palmer

The most caring and compassionate staff that I have ever known,especially the doctor and nurses of the 5th Floor CCU Cardiac. I appreciate all of the time,effort and care that was given to my brother before he passed away. Myself and my family cannot Thank you enough. The Family of Lynn Galloway

Tiras Green

The most disgusting disgraceful emergency room experience ever! I’m beyond embarrassed of this city my parents grew up in. This is sad. This emergency room is dangerous, unorganized, dirty. Been here for 6 hours and counting. I already lost my mother here due to infection from getting surgery here. Regretting bringing my wife here right now. This is more like a holding cell in a prison, third world country. Never again

anthony licate

The neurosurgery department is beyond comparison. My wife had an aneurism on her brain. For Doctor Tamargo and the rest of the staff (nurses, lab and all others) hats off; they are terrific! One year later and totally clear. If you have a life-threatening problem, don't even bother to go anywhere else.

Shayla Cooley

This hospital was responsible for my mother's death in 2003. She went in to deliver my younger twin brothers, who survived, but she never made it home. Negligence on their behalf, by giving her medicine she was allergic to, and not treating her internal bleeding. The little money my careless grandmother settled for could NEVER offset the tragic life I have lived since. I would give ZERO stars if possible. Can't believe these are leaders in the educational and medical world, YET CAN'T EVEN SAFELY DELIVER AFRICAN AMERICAN BABIES WITHOUT KILLING MOM.

Michaela Healy

This hospital has to be one of the best hospitals on the East Coast. They don’t bother you, they let you rest & they take such good care of you! I really couldn’t think of another hospital on the East Coast that has taken such good care of me!

Ahmed alhosani

Best hospital in the area, they have their own processes how to treat patients. The JHH always letting us know what’s going on our health concerns and what is the next step for our treatments. I have been treated and my family at this hospital for one year and the gave us the best treat ever!! MAY GOD BLESS THEM!!!!

Hala Sawalhi

Very bad hospital . Went in labor and delivery .. So oooo bad

Meredith Rynkiewicz

Zero management of the Johns Hopkins’ ED waiting room. The staff have no control over waiting patients, no codes of behavior are enforced, no cleanliness standards are maintained, the wait times for treatment are outrageous, and the general void of professionalism from the RNs, techs, and admin staff are a mark on the good name of Johns Hopkins. Rap music playing in the waiting room and hallways from patients cell phones at ALL hours of the night, RNs barking orders and screaming at the masses about average 14 hour wait times, and a stench of urine so thick that if you’re not nauseous when you enter the ED- you certainly will be upon your departure. Find another ED to go to. You’re welcome.

Faty ba

This hospital SUCKS. I just came from the ER. They made us wait in the waiting room with IV bags. Some guys was there for 6 hours and still had not seen the doctor. My husband is a resident there so he want to wait until the CT results come out. I however took out my iv and left.I was in so much pain and just wanted to lie down. The nurse were not even checking up on us. This is unacceptable for a world renounce hospital.

Douglas Zinn

My daughter has been treated by JHMI for several years for her medical condition and has consistently received outstanding clinical care by the hospital. The physicians are superb, the nursing staff exceptional and every individual associated with the hospital kind and caring. I wholeheartedly recommend JHMI to individuals seeking the best in medical care as well as compassion.


Best place for Healthcare in Baltimore, Had a Awesome Team that gave Me their Best ! Shout out to Brittney ,Weinberg 4C , For Being A GREAT Nurse !!

Brittany Gordon

Jessie was perfect. He works guest services and his customer service is absolutely phenomenal! He makes you forget about the bad day your having! The nurses was also nice (Rebbecca) ! They made my mom feel so comfortable! We love you guys, thanks!

tejas shah

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, a non-profit academic medical center in Baltimore, Maryland, sets healthcare standards in patient care, research and education. The Johns Hopkins Hospital was ranked as the top overall hospital in the United States for 21 consecutive years by U S News and World Report until 2012, when it moved to 2nd place behind the rise of the Massachusetts Genral Hospital In 2013, it was reinstated as the top hospital in the United States. In the 2016-2017 Best Hospitals edition, Johns Hopkins ranks 3rd nationally.

Sherry Lebowitz

I know my family member is getting excellent care. Even though he's much rather be at home, he is enjoying his stay and has benefited greatly from the care he has been given.

John Roddy

We were visiting Virginia from out of town. My wife experienced some new neurological symptoms and was told to go to an emergency room immediately. She arrived at 6pm. It was clearly not an overly busy night. We sat next to a couple one of whom was having complications from meningitis. They had been there for 9 hours before they were called in for treatment. At 3am we checked and were told that my wife had been called three times. Dumbfounded, having not left the waiting area, we moved to the front of the space to try to understand how this could be possible. In about 10 minutes, we observed an aide come out, not into the waiting area, just to the check in desk, and say a name at the decibel level of a conversation. No one answered and she disappeared back into the treatment area. There was no way that half the people in the waiting area heard the announcement. This explains the weak link of the chain. Very disappointing. Johns Hopkins may get high marks for advanced treatment but the emergency room gets an F.

Resa taylor

Just found out that my mother has been going through YEARS of swollen/pain ridden legs and poor circulation due to her surgeons cutting the lymph nodes in her pelvic/leg region after a surgery she had to take a tumor out near her uterus. Unfortunately she JUST found out from different doctors in a different state a few weeks ago and the surgery was at least 10 years ago. I wonder if they knew what they did and just kept going like nothing happened. We can't do any about it anymore, but just be sure to look for crazy symptoms or conditions after a surgery so you don't end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars like my mom did treating some "unknown" condition that was actually caused by people you trust to do surgery on you.

Ann Crumbley

The nurses are lazy n do not do as the patients need n the people over the nurses don't seem to care

Donae St

Why are they sooo rude? Over the phone and in person! I flew all the way from California to check on a loved one; They were just absolutely terrible! No professional training whatsoever! I would gladly fly back to give all the staff a crash course in Customer service and bedside manner! Never seen anything like this in my life! Thank God for C.H.O.M.P!

Debbie DeSena

I went into the er with chest pains at 10 am and by 730pm I was never seen

Tom Hier

My 14yo daughter recently had to under go surgery at Hopkins. I hate to name any staff or dept as it would make one seem better than the other. TOP NOTCH staff and facility!!! From the pre-op staff, to surgical staff, to recovery nurse, to the nurses on 9N, to cleaning staff, to the repair man that came in to replace the soap dispenser. EVERYONE was kind, smiling, upbeat, yet sympathetic to my daughters needs and discomfort. We spent four days there, I NEVER saw a dissatisfied face, heard a disparaging comment. These folks love their job, ( and are darn good at it) or are the worlds best actors. I work in Baltimore, I know the area, yes there are questionable neighborhoods around Hopkins, I NEVER was concerned for my families safety on the campus. If you are coming here for the first time, don't worry about what you see coming in, these folks can not be beat. I know now why Hopkins is consistently rated #1 or close to it. Thank you to the entire Hopkins staff and organization!!!! You are and always will be number one to my family!!


I have gone here for 4 years because of a medical condition and while at first the staff were cooperative and friendly that didn't last long and it turned into 17 week long visits arguing about my condition

Jacelyn Young

Phenomenal care for my daughter. We're here every 3 months and the entire staff, EVERYONE, including custodial, reception, security, xray techs, nurses, Drs etc. are so helpful and informative. Everything has always been explained in detail. Our first few visits we had trouble navigating and were helped by the friendliest security guard. We drive from the Maryland/Delaware border because this hospital offers thorough, detailed, caring, informative results. Thank you ALL, for ALL that you do.

George Thurman

The one dr. And the nurse practioner were less than stellar. During the first visit in 1/19 a few vials of blood were drawn for testing, numbers of test results were published on my chart but never explained. During last visit--with NP--who stated that I have a stent, which according to my cardiologist I don't, wife and I were told some blood was sent to Oklahoma for testing in January and here, in August, no results. No comunication. This hospital also charges facilities usage fees which are labeled as "clinical" fees on bill. A rep from Anthem investigated the fee and communicated the facilities usage charge. I an still working with billing to explain some ambiguous charges to my account. In April, I was told that I would be scheduled for a follow up in August once the doctor updated his schedule. It never happened. To add insult to injury I received a donation request. This hospital's golden reputation certainly didn't match my less-than-glittering experiences.

valerie james

Acute myleoid leukemia-almost death for my 23 yr old daughter. Dr. Small (oncologist) and Dr. Cooke (bone marrow transplant specialist) took EXCELLENT CARE-NURSES are AWESOME!!!! My daughter is ALIVE AND WELL AFTER 2 YR TREATMENT PLAN! We still drive 7 hours for follow up appointments. Leukemia is GONE-thank GOD!!

Jennifer Hoyt

I thought they were fantastic!! I had a major surgery there and spent three days as well as multiple trips before hand to be diagnosed. They were caring and prompt with everything I asked for. I would def. recommend them in the future. I was seen in neurosurgery, ophthalmology, and endocrinology. I found them all to be knowledgeable. They always made time to answer all my questions.

Nicole Lynn

I wouldn't even rate it one star, the E.R. Doctors were extremely rude and uncaring. I was told it was the best hospital and they released a trauma patient less than 24 hours because they didn't have enough beds. Very disrespectful!!!

Rena Jordan

This hospital is so slow when it comes down to taking care of the patient's. I don't understand, if this is so good of a hospital? why have people waiting around when they are sick?

Shena Reid

Hopkins is the best! I did my surgery here few months ago and the staff was pleasant and I’m giving JH 10 stars!!!

Robyn Namendorf

1 star because you can not rate a place zero stars. I have been waiting for 4 hours here and was sent here by my doctor. The triage nurse shows ABSOLUTELY no concern for patients. I am a previous ED RN, and have no respect for the way they process patients. I have had labs drawn while waiting for a bed, and asked if I would have to pay my $250 copay if I decided to leave because they were taking so long. Apparently, you do have to pay your copay. So you are stuck here, just waiting. I am sure they have incredible docs in there, but the wait is ridiculous.

Jackie Bates

The doctors at John Hopkins Hospital are the best! They always come in and give you information. Anesthesiologist are caring and explain the whole process. The nurses are constantly checking on you. The doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists are the friendliest professionals I have ever encountered. I don't care much for the employees (rheumatology department) who schedule doctor appointments for you, they made us feel like we were an inconvenience to them.

Brenda Winter

Doctors, nurses,staff unable to communicate an accurate schedule. No one seems happy

Jerusha Kazmier

Unfortunately the ranking of this hospital did not translate into the real deal. There is NO continuity of care. A collaborative approach is non-existent and although everyone was pleasant enough, their lack of thinking “outside of the box” was beyond disappointing. This is a teaching hospital with EXPERTS in the field who were either so disinterested in reviewing our case (which has so many special needs and circumstances you could probably publish multiple times over) or so overwhelmed with their current case-load they could not even manage a consult. Option three is they were never informed. We did not seek the best to see the first line of defense. We sought the best to actually see and consult with the best. Where is your best Johns Hopkins? Do they only publish and neglect the actual patients? Where are the hungry young doctors looking for their big break or to make a name for themselves? And believe me we saw plenty of young doctors who have no idea what to offer, who to consult, nor can they make any thoughts of a consult a reality. Its beyond unacceptable when we can tell your doctors more about procedures and the efficacy of such, than they can. Please explain to me why multiple departments do not have either the time or interest in working together and why there is no team approach. When caring for patients with special needs a team approach could not be more imperative. Not very impressed Hopkins, in fact not impressed at all.

Thomas Chambers

The doctor are careful and very respectful and the nurses are too I give BIG up's

Christina Abrecht

The doctors and nurses are really nice and helpful

Felecia Stanley



Unfortunately there is no choice of ZERO or NEGATIVE Stars for that would have been my choice of star for John Hopkins Emergency Room on Orleans Rd in Baltimore city. "HORRIBLE Wait Time" is an understatement. My sense of humor and absolute trust that God the mighty Healer is at work in our current medical situation is what has kept us. After 12 hours of waiting (with two different blood work and vitals done), we are still waiting yet to be seen by a doctor. Came in at 9:30am it is now 9:30pm. At 4pm we were siting with others who each had been waiting even longer. I believe several people gave up and went home without being seen. Shame on you John Hopkins staff and management for such terrible service. I cannot believe you will also charge individuals, insurance companies and state medical programs for such horrible care in your Emergency Room. DO SOMETHING positive to change this situation asap as it is ruining your reputation. Lastly stop posting that SAME response below from the relationship manager which only shows only when something negative is posted. It only makes matters worse. I am really diasappointed in the name and brand John Hopkins. AJ. UPDATE- At 10:40 pm We were finally called to the part of emergency room where we now had a bed waiting to be seen by doctor. Walking in the back office area I could see that staff were busily working taking care of patients. Within a short time we were seen by a nurse who took excellent care of us. She also explained that the 60 beds in the ER were full. As they wait for some to be admitted in main hospital or discharged, they also worked hard and professionally to take of The patients. Dr. Ho and the team of nurses were doing their best and an excellent job caring for patients in the ER. We left at 1:40am. Due to their excellent work in the back where we were attended to I have updated my rating. I think it is important though that at the ER Check in & Reception area, Something Positive ought to be done to communicate why the long wait, manage it well, patients informed and if possible offered water or a snack or something to help calm them down and make them more aware and understanding of the situation to enable them leave with a good impression of John Hopkins Hospital. AJ

V Th

Waiting in the ER Rn playing on their cell phones talking to other people just socializing. No customer services skills my first experience at the hospital do not recommend. If there too busy get pads (playing on there phone) had an attitude when ask if they had extra small adult diapers which she reply,No there to big for her I told her I get her pads in underwear. If that's not good enough for her then you can go CVS down the street.. Mind blown like she wanted one someone to argue with her. Try to get her name. No name tag or badge.

ChihMing Huang

Great technologies, services and care you can find in the area.

Pamela Bostick

This is My Primary Care Doctors Residency

Sierra Clagett

7+ hours in the emergency room before I was told, “there are still 10 more people ahead of you, some have been here for 12 hours so far”. Inefficient. Dirty. Not what I would have expected from a hospital with such accolades as JH retains. Also, a young female security guard was berating patients for minor inconveniences like asking for a blanket or standing where she didn’t want them to stand. She was disrespectful and a poor representation of both the contracted security company and the hospital itself. Overall extremely disappointing experience.

ritch x

Worst hospital to go to adult emergency room!!! Almost all of the ER staff are rude and inconsiderate. The ER doctor is worthless and should be fired. Been here for more then 6 hours with nothing but a IV for my wife. Shes in so much pain from hitting her head when she passed out she is crying. The ER doctor tells her you probably have a concusion and there is nothing we can do go sit in the waiting room. We will never come here again!!! Stay far away from here. Trust me!

tamika pittman

Sat in the er for 9 hrs and never got seen. What's the point in a emergency room if you aren't gonna be treated like a emergency? And I still didn't get the proper treatment. I was sick as a dog and it didn't seem to matter to anyone. Health care has Turned into all dollars and cents I kno where not to go next time I ever get sick.

Kimberly Jones

The worst experience ever I got here at 9:30am with chest pain excruciating stomach pain and a fever of 101.7 they drew blood and gave me motrin for the fever it's now 5:21pm I'm still in the waiting room waiting to be called in pain. My first time coming and my last!! To add to this I was admitted they finally got me in the back at 230am

Samuel Horowitz

The Greatest hospital! At one time or another we have all been patients. You can ride The light rail strait to The basement. Walk up a few steps, and your right there. The nurses and doctors are knowledgeable and caring. The cafeteria has alot to offer. This hospital is a small city in its self. My wife worked there, at Nelson 6. Hart and lung transplant department. The Security is top notch. There in booths on every corner and walking through the halls. In the original part of the hospital is a magnificent sculptor of Jesus with open arms. As I stood there looking up at him. It made me see alot of things in my life that needed to change for the better. Everything in perspective. To see how many people that have touched the feet with a prayer. Have made me think of the history . .. How many lives where extended... made so much better.. because of the research, resource, knowledge and learning with skilled hands. Guided by the best in our nation. I can not say enough. It is Baltimore's greatest jewel.

Kittens Alexandria,sanders

Just left the emergency rooom waiting with my sister. My sister has been there since this morning and still has not been seen. Awful. How come JHH look classy but the service is not up to par. My sister and so many are still there right now from this morning and they still have not been placed in a room or seen.

Charles Ray

This hospital emergency room is terrible. I've been here since 1030 this morning and it's bow 330 pm. I still haven't been seen. There's bot many people here. There an overweight nurse who came out and took all the wheel chairs from the people who aren't mobile. They have been very rude and not able to give me any reason why I've waited so long. I will never come here again, they are very unprofessional and wouldn't recommend anyone coming here. Your health and care are very important and if you value your life go somewhere else.

Brenda Wills

Johns Hopkins...."Thank you so much". I can honestly say this is by far the BEST HOSPITAL I have ever been to. So very organized. I received emails from them with instructions on what I needed to do and not to do before the surgery date, along with directions on how to get there, parking, and where to go once I got there. The hospital receptionist was kind and very helpful as well. Yesterday, 9-11-19 I had surgery on my heart. Dr. Calkins and a bunch of other nursing staff were able to do things I never thought were possible. I was given clear instructions on what was goin on every step of the way. I was asked if I had any questions. Surgery went well. Recovery went good and I was able to go home. "This hospital has got it together." Very organized and friendly. The surgeons, doctors, nurses, are very knowledgeable and definitely top-of -the- notch!! You are in safe hands here. I would give them a 10 ☆ instead of a 5. Thank you again Johns Hopkins for your great service.

John Reiff

This is the worst hospital I have ever been at. Complete incompetence.


Our son received cancer care on the solid tumor unit at the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. There was no communication about our son’s condition between health care providers, the patient, or the family. Our loved one's medical status was allowed to deteriorate without a warning or explanation all day to the patient or family from anyone. We spent some of the last hours of our son's life at home because no one felt it was their responsibility to inform the patient or the family otherwise. The doctors covering the unit rotate every two weeks. Unless you are already their patient, they know nothing about you or your goals of care. Medical coverage at night is extremely poor. We requested over and over to see a doctor bedside, and the only one available was an intern who had no oncology experience whatsoever, and she did not receive adequate supervision from the senior resident. It took the Oncology Fellow over two hours to respond, and that is too long to wait in a unit of very sick patients. There are NO attending physicians present in the unit for emergencies that happen at night. We chose the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Hopkins because of its excellent reputation, and the Onocolgists there during the day are excellent, but if you get sick and need to be hospitalized, you risk receiving below the standard of care, mostly due to poor communication and the scarcity of competent physicians to care for you or your loved one at night. The communication issues here are so dysfunctional that they predicate a disaster waiting to happen, and for us it did happen. Our son died as a result. The hospital denied any responsibility, and they did not appear interested in preventing what happened to our loved one from happening to future patients. Don't let our story be your story. Go somewhere else.


I am a 73 year old woman who has spent over 15 hours in the John Hopkins emergency room sleeping in a chair and waiting for a doctor. There was blood work and EKG done, but nothing else. I would have stayed longer if i had been offered a bed in the hallway or a turkey or chicken sandwich with juice. Also, It would have made the agonizing wait easier if there had been a coffee or a tea pot in a corner some where. A TV would have been nice in the area where we sat. We arrived there about 1:45pm and as we were pushing 12mid-night a mandatory quiet time while people slept would have helped. The later it got the louder people got . We truly did not get a sense that John Hopkins cared for its prospective patients, so we left around 6:45 the next morning never seeing a doctor.(over 15 hours) We felt that if we had stayed any longer without proper nourishment, we would have gotten sicker.

Angelique Mecole

If i could give them 0 stars i would. After making my payments EVERY month with my last paycheck....they showed me their gratitude by putting me in collections. After calling them, they THEN told me it was due on the 10th, which was news to my ears....regardless, only 6 days had gone by and i was going to pay like usual when i got paid. The day before i get paid i get a call stating they placed me in collections for the remaining $500. I have NEVER had a problem paying my bills. I will not use their services for my next child. Beware!

Bruno Souza Reis

is the best hospital with a very well trained staff. besides being an excellent research center.

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