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REVIEWS OF Saint Agnes Hospital IN Maryland

Rabiah Watkins

It is so sad that you and your family have to come to a place such as this hospital and have to deal with such unprofessional twisted staff members this review is for Saint Agnes Medical Center located there at Saint Agnes Hospital head nurse Eddie is a very peculiar and strange person 2 be in charge of a human's health I don't think she would be tolerated at any other good hospitals I just simply try to make an appointment to get a follow-up x-ray for tuberculosis treatment and they treated me if though I had a splinter in my finger they showed no concern it has been months since I finished my treatment and I had to repeatedly call just to get paperwork so that I could go and get my x-ray information so that I can present to my employment they have this female by the name of Annette who answers the calls and returns calls and is always trying to go beyond her scope she needs to just go back to school and obtain more degrees because she's only medical assistant but she wants to be more than that they argue and pick with you when you're simply trying to call and get medical treatment I see why blacks are at high risk of illnesses dealing with hospitals like this dealing with nurses like nurse Edie medical assisting reps like Annette and doctors like her Haroon who doesn't take any of your medical concerns seriously the only thing he does is run your medical assistant card rush you out of the room so he can go to the card holder, I wouldn't recommend this hospital my family and I in friends will no longer deal with this please

Maryyam Khuram

Some time buzi but awesome service

laura evans

Longest wait ever got there at 5am no one was in the er but me was sitting in the waiting area for 3 hrs & I still was waiting


A convenient location; the emergency room and hospital entry rooms a small as compared to a lot of other hospitals. Dining area adequate but limited. Hospital serve and service, moderate. Parking spaces are limited for the number of buildings in this complex.

Laura Varga

My experience ungoing a spinal fusion with Dr. Haroun was an amazing, positive experience. The staff were attentive and professional and provided me with everything I needed to be comfortable until my discharge. The staff in Physical Therapy were particularly helpful getting me accomodated to my walker before I left. I will always be thankful for your wonderful care!

angelica burns

I was a patient at Saint Agnes to give birth to my very first baby. The L&D team was amazing. Everything from the admission, epidural, and delivery went fantastic. The team was friendly and helpful and really responsive to my questions and needs. Even when food services messed up my order they were quick to correct the problem with minimal wait time. There is some slight confusion when it came to finding the elevator to the L&D unit but other then that great experience.

Carl Luksic

Always have had great care for me my mom and my wife. They attend to your needs and very kind.

Kim Roszkowski

Legionnaires bacteria in the fresh water supply


This is the worst hospital in the world. Poor staff, nurses, Security, etc. Avoid this hospital at cost. University of Maryland is alot better than st agnes

Robert Beckettjr

The worst hospital in Maryland I'm glad I was not born there waiting forever rude lazy nurses

Rabarca 90

Waited forever at the lobby and once I was in it took a whole day to get a hospital room.

Once You JimIN You Cant JimOUTeu

The staff is very unprofessional and I hated it here

Mark Jennys

Furthermore Dr's need to be more considerate of the patients time. I was early for an appointment. I had been waiting for a vascular surgeon review my duplix scan which I was promised repeatedly would be done before hand. To find out the day of the Appoitmemt the scan was not reviewed by the Dr . Dr comes in the room. and leaves for 45 minutes to review my scan. my wife and I were there for 4 hours. Also after paying my bills on time I find out later that if one pays on time and in full one is supposed to get a 10% discount. I was never offered any. Finally Dr's need more education on natural, holistic approach to medicine rather then pushing medications that have countless side affects. Finally nthe blood lab and the pharmacy does not take my insurance, United Health care where other services took my insurance Why is that? Also the IT department needs to get on the stick and fix the network so I can pay my bill. Tried calling the bill number on hold for an hour.

suhail alakhfash

Worst hospital ever Came here due to my breathing problems been waiting for almost an hour and not even a call everybody in the waiting area has been admitted and every time I ask the lady if I can see a doctor she tells me to wait don’t NO RECOMMEND IT especially if your not black

Ray Gomez

The morning e.r shift so awesome every single one of them so nice caring and really helpfull. They actually care unlike other emergency rooms i been to awesome job to yous.....

Elizabeth Gomez

The stuff are very rude , I Was tryng to get some information but the lady at front just ignore me . Evrytime She ask if I have apoiment I told her no and she just ignore me I am underatand that people that have appoiment have priority but why is she so rude and rush "next do you have appoiment ? you have appoiment? ..." she should be more Kind and help people instead rush people ,if she doesnt like her job why she working un hospital with people .you should get workers that really love their job . We are not animals , some people are really helpfull but she always rude.

Cynthia Miller

My daughter walked into her sister’s labor and delivery room and saw a huge roach the size of a eyeglass lens. We asked directions from a nurse how to get to the floor and she kept walking as she said “Go to North Tower”. No one smiles. I draw the line at critters. I will update more as we wait on our grandbaby. Update: the night nurses are awesome

shelia wilson

We received a bill on 4/1/19 from an admission of 5/14/18. Insurance paid their portion in June 2018. Now hospital want us to pay copay after our card is no longer available. Hospital is not returning our calls, Candy the cashier was not helpful or nice when we went there I see about bill. We had 2 more admissions in 2018 and haven't received bills in for them. I called billing office 3 times and no help. Can anyone tell me who to contact before I go to the media

crystal fields

If there was a ZERO star rating I would choose it. The two biddys at the front desk are the rudest, most unprofessional and condescending "receptionists" I have ever encountered at a hospital or anywhere else for that matter. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are sad excuses for the first impressions of this hospital. I cannot believe, with attitudes like theirs, how they have remained at a job like this. I will never recommend this hospital. God save those individuals who must suffer through Kaiser Permanente Medical Insurance in the Baltimore area. Disgusted.

Love Pugh

St. Agnes gets a 1 for effort.

Tha Kommission

Came in 12 one night with a family member was there for 5hr to get sent home."st .agnes" say just take two Motrin.Two days later they call to say in small Terms they Mis diagnosed my family member...

Sarah E

Boycott this place please guys, it's the only way they'll ever change. Make the drive 10 to 20 minutes out to another hospital if at all possible. You could seriously die waiting here.

Ms ChynaDoll

Praise to the Saint Agnes Nurses!! I appreciate the nurses here so much from the ER in the back to the nurses on the 4th floor You guys were AMAZING!! Thank you all for caring for mom and giving her some of the best hugs she and care we love u all. Thank you to the techs, the escorts and the wonderful social worker she was so Awesome!!. My only complaint was the unprofessional female Doctor,Dr. S on the 4th floor.She needs to be trained on how to deal with ALL races of people and how to communicate.Her bed side manner was Horrible and she violated the hippa law. As a proffessial and a Supervisor I ask that the owner of the hospital address her and make her understand that we all are human beings and her medical degrees does not make her better than Anyone else because she to can be in my mom's position one day and I would HATE for her to get herself as a physician,horrible. But Thank u Dr Ross and his side kick u two were AweSome!!

Heather Daniszewski

My 73 year old mother was hospitalized from December 26, 2017 - January 8, 2018. For most of the inpatient stay, my mom and I both felt satisfied with the patient care, the healthcare team, staff, and food service. However, the two star rating is a result of my terminally ill mother being released on Monday night after 6pm, to home hospice, in my home with no discharge papers, no prescriptions, and not signing a single piece of paper. My mom suffered, gasping for air all night long. She was extremely air hungry. All I had in the home to care for her was Oxygen. The fear, distress, emotional stress and more that both her and I endured that night is unexplainable and was avoidable had St. Agnes discharged her properly. In addition to that awful experience, on January 3, 2018 she was brought back to her room on the 5th floor after an attempted pericardiocentesis and was dropped off in her room without notifying her nurse, with all bedrails in the up position (which is unauthorized restraints), bed in the up position and not plugged in, Lactated Ringer's running full drip with no pump, call bell not in reach and blood pressure cuff still wrapped around arm which caused my mom's arm to completely swell.

Jacqueline Lipsky

I was given the wrong medication through a shot in my thigh. My thigh swelled and turned black and blue It hurts to the touch and after 2 weeks it is still black and blue and hurts terribly. Two other nurses saw what happened but did nothing and I have not been able to report the nurse who administered the shot. I called the hospital when I got home and was connected to someone I could talk to. I had to leave a voice mail bur have never been contacted. I am still in pain.

Derea Smith

Just want to thank my husband nurses that took good care of him while he was in the ER. Thanks Laura and Brittany. Brittany thank you for calling me at home with an update.

Thomas Brooks

Always a wait, always rude, I was born in this hospital been there many a time, they should put less money into making it look pretty and more money into training and staff. Go to harbor hospital on Hanover for small stiff like colds and cuts cause they have a fast track program.


12 people in line just to register for emergency room, two with chest pains... the staff is in no hurry. Worst emergency room ive ever seen. SAVE YOUR LIFE... GO T8 ANOTHER HOSPITAL

Richard Jones

I took my wife here when she was having a pain in her abdomen. It was the second time she'd had it, and she felt a lump. She looked up some information and questioned whether it could possibly be a hernia. I took her to the ER when she was in the middle of a bout of pain. We both asked the doctors about the possibility of a hernia. They ran some simple tests and told us, "you have gas." The pain was subsiding, and we went home. The pain kept coming back along with the lump over a few weeks. She sees a doctor from Johns Hopkins. It's a hernia. Coincidentally we got the bill from the ER visit a few days later. $50 after insurance for them to blow us off with the a "gassy" diagnosis. First and last time we go there.

malik latif

I had a ACL rapture went to St Agnes emergency where a PA put a cast on my leg and told me to contact a orthopedic doctor and also gave me the name of two doctors. On Monday i went to see the doctor . the old lady sitting there was quite rude . Anyhow the doctor saw me and without even looking at my x rays from the hospital put a cast on me and told me to come back in 6 weeks. So I waited three weeks but I was not satisfied and called the office , but the doctor was on vacation. I talked to a friend of mine who is a doctor at Johns Hopkins about what happened . He said i must go to another doctor right away as I would need a surgery. I went to this doctor who took xrays again and told me to get a MRI as my ankle does not look good and i need a surgery. I waited another week for MRI and then went back to him and he scheduled me for a surgery as my ankle muscles were torn . In this whole process just for not looking at my x ray for the first time I wasted 6 weeks , had a huge monetary loss and time as I m self employed .

Faye Calleigh

Applied for a position at the hospital that I was qualified for 150%, great hours, etc. I was contacted by someone in a different office for an interview. I wondered about this but thought hey, what if someone doing the interview covers more than one office. Bait and switch by the recruiter/HR, I was never asked about other positions and I guess my resume was tossed to the spots they just cant fill. So I went to 2 different interviews with this organization thinking I was going for a different job and each one was for a lesser position, horrible hours, 2 bad locations and she wouldn't even discuss pay. The "manager" actually smirked at my address on my resume and showed it to her buddy smirking, had a discussion with this same co-interviewer (whose name i was told so fast i couldn't hear it or what her position was or why she was there) about their personal lives, the deceased husband etc, she actually tried to make me feel that my experience which is better than this position requires by far was inferior because I worked outside the medical field to gain more knowledge, was curt with me constantly like I was dirt, really seemed like she hated doing an interview and walked off after calling me back leaving me in the waiting area looking around for her and actually assumed that I would just take the job without asking me, wouldn't tell me how much I could be paid, telling me that a skills check would need to be scheduled with someone who wasn't there that day because she was sure my skills were not up to par. I may not be great at interviews, I do get nervous and am shy around people I do not know. But I am thankful I am not a professional interviewer because that would mean I switch jobs often (and I don't!) but if these are the types of women running offices I can honestly see why there is such a huge turn over at this medical group and why the word on the street from former employees is to never work for this organization. Honestly, the second interview was another bait and switch but the lady was extremely nice, I don't think she even knew what I applied for but the job had horrible hours for a single mom. Overall, SAH has a very bad reputation so I should have known better. This company missed out on a great employee who is addicted to learning as much as possible, improving myself, and the lives/happiness/health of others. I am one of those people who truly believe in what I do and that every person contributes to mankind. Thank you for being horrible. I can go elsewhere and bestow my gifts from god to those deserving. I only hope that this place learns to treat applicants better since this was their chance at showing me how much they value a prospective employee from the very start.

Manny Schoenewald

Absolutely the worst ER in Maryland. Two hours and counting for a hand injury. All I need is an xray. The waiting room is not full....which. makes you wonder why I am still sitting here waiting for an xray hours after arrival. Rude and incompetent registration and triage nurse. Avoid the ER at all costs. I guess all the money went to the main entrance and restaurants within that entrance and they forgot to hire staff to actually take care of the injured patients.

Fuchsia Lewis

My husband came by ambulance due to being in and out of response while enduring a severe headache. He arrived at 1:45 am ish and it is now 6:15 am and we are still sitting in a room no doctor has been in even to say hi. A nurse came in and hour and 15 minutes ago to say a doctor would be in and to take vitals. I look out our door window and the staff is just laughing and goofing off while me and my husband tired and have to get home to two kids we left with a friend and have no medical answers to the issue that we came for. This is the worst hospital the wait time is always long way too long. They need to hire more staff or get better staff that wants to do their jobs. I usually go to harbor but because we live closer to st agnes the paramedics took him here. I just want to know whats wrong with my husband and to go home to sleep.

Rachel Smith

Everyone at the hospital was compassionate, competent and caring with the exception of my surgeon, Dr. Sodeke. Not only do I feel that she rushed through my surgery, I also question her competency. In addition, she told me that she was only able to remove 15 to 20% of the tissue she was supposed to extract due to visibility issues right after I came to and the next day (when I was completely lucid) yet she told the medical director, Dr Leventhal, that she took 50% and I must have misunderstood her. Strangely enough she didn't show the before and after pictures of my surgery to my friend in the waiting room like she said she would during my pre-op. I will let you, the reader, make your own conclusions about this situation. However, I would not recommend Dr. Sodeke.

kevin spross

If I could give this place a negative number I would, I will be filing a formal negligent complaint with the medical board over 2 doctors at this facility. I would not be surprised if this place is involved with several law suits. I wont' go into to much details but I will say this place put an incapacitated patient on a plane to transfer to another state without ensuring any oxygen protocol was in place. During the flight the emergency came that the patient had to be placed on oxygen and that oxygen was required at the final designation in order to release patient.... A call to the doctors at St. Agnes got me nothing but "there was nothing that we can really do, just take her to the ER she's not in my care anymore"... well guess what... common sense should tell anybody that by law that patient is still under your care until she has landed and has been properly transferred over to her connecting doctor. Common sense should also tell you that you don't do that to people and especially not to incapacitated cancer patients. When I get done my hopes are that you will be lucky if you can practice at a veterinarian clinic when I get done.

Hannah Gillin

Took one of my relatives who was bleeding pretty badly to get stitches. We waited 4 HRS in the waiting room. From 7:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M. and waited in the room for 1 hr. Also, in the waiting room, a woman with chest pains sat next to us. She said she came to the hospital in an ambulance and they sent her to the waiting room. WORST HOSPITAL EVER! DON'T GO THERE!

Shi W.

I will not go here again unless it's the only place left in the world to treat me. I had surgery at another hospital, but the next day there were cpmplications, and University of Maryland ER, which is preferred and only 7 blocks from my house, was full so the ambulance took me here. FIRST: The woman, and being very nice, was extremely nasty. I couldn't actually talk due to dehydration because I couldn't stop puking, she asked a question and my sister and the ambulance driver went to answer, she snapped at them and tild them I needed to answer. So them so started yelling, yes I do mean YELLING that I needed to answer and if I didn't they weren't going to treat me(The last part I know is a lie.), and absolutely refused to let my sister answer. I ended up puking all over her, and another lady came and apologized and took the info from my sister. SECOND: I ended up having to stay, but I sent my sis, who was only visiting, back to my house at about 2 a.m. Not once or twice, but THREE times a nurse(different one each time) came in the room prepping a needle only to have another nurse run in behind her saying, 'That's not for her.' REALLY!!!?? After the third time i informed them I was checking out NOW. Went to Univerty of MD and I was there another 2-days before I could go home. However, it's a far cry better than not making it home at all.

Sadra Franco

I have MS and was directed by my doctor to go to St. Agnes for treatment. My doctor feared I would not be able to wait till Monday. We ended up waiting there over 6 hours and no I was never admitted nor treated. My mother went to see why it was taking so long. A nurse told her that they were waiting for a bed to be open but yet kept calling people back for beds. My mother went up again and another nurse said that she had already called me. Mind you we were all constantly paying attention to whoever was called. My mom went up a third time and they kept giving her the run around. I was taken back for vitals a second time, funny how they were ontop of vitals knowing I was still there waiting but would not treat me. The nurse who took my vitals had the nerve to tell me I had only been there for 4 1/2 hours. After being in the chair so long and unable to walk my condition worsened. I ended up leaving without treatment hoping I can wait till Monday. Kudos to you St. Agnes for having to worse service, ignorant staff and such poor quality in care.

DJ TruFlava

Great during the day, horrible after hours. They will run every test known to man for insurance money. I went there for asthma, they ran every test and never addressed the reason I came.

Teonta Allen

I have been here with my son for 3 days. No one has come into the room to clean it. Changed my own bed. Just nasty

Laura Garrison

I can only speak for the Pediatrics ER and Peds inpatient unit. They are excellent. They don’t have all the resources and expertise of other bigger hospitals around here, but they are humble enough to know when to send you to Hopkins after they’ve done all they can for you. The nurses and doctors in the pediatric ER and inpatient are caring, thoughtful, resourceful and intelligent. For generally uncomplicated emergencies, I would definitely bring my kid back here.

Ruth Ann Healey

Everyone treated me kind and they were really wonderful.

Nick Savage

If I was possible to give them no stars I would, this hospital it horrible. They let my grandmother die, a nurse abused my aunt when she was in a coma. They have NO IDEA how to do their jobs their lazy and incompatant. I call to ask if someone has been admitted and they put me on hold or hang up on me. Don't go to this hospital if you value your life! My dad had a stroke in 2010 and the nurses left him in throw up and piss because he couldn't move he had bed sores and I had to make a nurse go into his room to clean him up!

Deshonee Bridges

My mother came in because she suddenly can not use one of her legs. They never took her insurance information. Never looked at how she tried to walk. Never found a cause for her walking difficulties and discharged her knowing she couldn't safely get around. She came home tried to get up on her own and fell. The do not have a standard of care. They are disrespectful and rush without trying to figure things out. Worst Hospital in Maryland.

Jennifer Escobar

Usually have an ok experience that I could have at a hospital. But today was admitted to the ER, was treated poorly, asked for water 3 times never got it and have been here for 5 hours. Oh and I’m 37 weeks pregnant. My nurse left an hour and half ago and not once has whoever is supposed to take over for her stopped by to check on me.

Alice Ocean

The two women at the front of the ER were the only good things about my experience at St. Agnes. The wait was ridiculous, the bathroom ATROCIOUS - so dirty I don’t know how they’re still in business. I ended up leaving before being seen by any physician. There were bugs crawling throughout the waiting area, no paper towels in the bathroom. Unbelievable

Erika Milenkovic

St. Agnes Hospital saved my life. I was admitted to the ER after a large cancerous mass was found in my chest at a nearby Urgent Care facility. I had severe symptoms of swelling in my face, neck and arms, high blood pressure, high heart rate, and obstructed airways all due to the size and location of the mass. The ER doctors and nurses were caring and attentive. I had a very smooth biopsy the next day where doctors quickly diagnosed me with lymphoma. The nurses in the ICU were wonderful to me. All staff worked together to make sure I was treated in a timely manner even though it was a holiday weekend and they warned me some tests/drugs can't be ordered as quickly on weekends. I had my first chemo treatment at the hospital on a Sunday and was released on Memorial Day. Thank you to everyone at St. Agnes.

artisha parker

I was there on Tuesday night with my son and the waiting room was discussing and my son went back today only for the same trash and emisis basin filled with vomit still in the same place from Tuesday. They hire all these people to clean they need to do their job and clean up.

Ty Ke

So there’s currently a water issue that’s to the point where patients can’t shower but have to wash up in the sink.

Floating On

This hospital is very old and the old pipes constantly leak lead into their water system. All they do is bleach the pipes instead of replacing them. Do not bring your family here. The surgery department is also extremely dirty with ripped OR beds and outdated equipment. Terribly rude management also.

Michelle Caldwell

I went to the Women's Center to have a high-resolution ultrasound done. The secretary was pleasant, nothing to write home about or complain about. The technician was great - she was very friendly, pleasant, explained what she was doing and what parts of the baby we were looking at, and was very patient with my wiggly 23 week old baby boy. The doctor was also great - she was personable, professional, explained the findings, was very reassuring, asked if we had further questions, and offered for us to talk to the genetic counselor. We talked to the genetic counselor too and she was also wonderful - friendly, knowledgeable, asked if we had questions, etc. The environment was nice, quiet, and clean. I can't speak for the ER. I went there once over 8 years ago, but didn't remember having a bad experience. I think most people make reviews when something is wrong. I wanted to take the time to share my great experience.

Sheridan Melrose

I went to the ER and every single person I interacted with was so sweet. Got exactly what I needed. I was kind of blown away by how great the experience was despite me having to go to the ER in the first place.

Cheryl Herbert

In answer to your response that you would contact Maryland Cardiovascular Specialists about their lack of professionalism, good luck. I left a message for the office manager/administrator which was answered with a less than satisfactory response. I invited her to respond back to me to discuss. No reply. I guess that about sums it up. They just couldn't be bothered. Just to let you know , we made an appointment with another pracitice at another hospital. St. Agnes has a lot to learn in the department of customer service, professionalism and caring. And you call yourselves a Catholic institution? Very sad.

Sajjad Syed

I have nothing BUT good things to say about St. Agnes hospital. The facility is clean, the staff is amazingly cooperative and professional. The nurses and the doctors are caring and knowledgeable. Our great aunt recently was hospitalized there and the doctors have tried everything humanly possible to look after. The dedication and the care was priceless and the way the staff took care of overall needs was just great. From Doctors to security personals, everyone had a caring and positive attitude, which was surprising to see at a hospital. Hats off to all of their dedication and hard work.

Tracey Johnson

I grew up coming to this hospital and always received great care but lately the service has gone downhill..the ER staff doesn't seem to take patient privacy too seriously or move with any urgency at all..I was admitted and had to ask to see a doctor..smh..they remodeled and now they charge for everything, I mean 8 dollars a day for TV is a bit much..cleanliness is a definitely a big issue..on a good note I think they have a great pediatric ER

Melanie Johnson

An absolutely gorgeous hospital. Extremely well run. Excellent staff. All parking is FREE. For those who prefer, there is valet parking available.

Apellonia Williams

My mother had knee surgery at this hospital, when we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff. The whole process was so easy and they knew exactly what they were doing. After surgery my mother was taking care of very very well, she didt have to asked for meds or anything else because the staff was always on time. Everything is pretty easy to find and the campus is very clean and nice, I honestly can say that this was the best hospital I've been to. I really recommend this hospital!

Kim List

Had an asthmatic crisis they saved my life always answered my questions very respectful and professional everyone

tiasia sturgis

Been here for 2 hours. Was told nothing was wrong yet im still sitting in the waiting room waiting to be seen by a doctor. Got sent here by urgent care because they were concerned. The tests were preformed so how can't they find the issue. Again still in pain waiting to been seen

Mai Anh Le

Clean hospital, nice nurse. Excellent service


Saint Agnes doctors for ptsd are great there team of many different people will help you with more then health check them out

Donyel Hood

HORRIBLE HOSPITAL. I would not even take a fish there if I had one. My first awful experience was in the emergency room a few months ago. I had a dog bite me in the face and I sat in the emergency room for over 6 hours and was never seen. Finally I left and went to another hospital. I explained several times to a nurse when I could even talk to one that I was a Type I diabetic and I needed to get this wound looked at immediately. I was told "well I can test your blood sugar". REALLY I can do that myself. Months later I was billed to pay for service I never received. My final straw with this hospital came recently. My father was finally admitted to the hospital after sitting in the ER nearly 12 hours with severe pain in his side below his ribs. He was admitted and treated for a blood clot for two days with blood thinners and everything only to hear on the third day hear he did NOT have a blood clot and they were treating him for the wrong thing but they still did not know what was wrong with him. On the fourth day after more tests a new doctor came in to proceed to tell him the bad news that he had diseased lymph nodes and the prognosis was not good only to return 5 minutes later laughing that he read the wrong chart and they could not find anything wrong with my dad. Five days later they released him saying it was merely severe pulled muscles. This hopsital is HORRIBLE!!

Kanae Brogdon

Soo ‪#SaintAgnes‬ is by far the worst hospital I ever been to in my life I asked for a doctor all day to tell me more about getting my appendix removed nd nobody came. So after sitting in the room for 6hours after being told I gotta get surgery nd nobody came to check I page the nurse still no answer though...I walk in the lobby nd nobody to b found. Smh to university I go!!!!

Makayla Frazier-boone

Terrible horrible hospital I came here for severe nausea and pain and I’m pregnant I got there at 6 and never was seen till 9 but that was only for a ultrasound I was asked a question how did I know I was pregnant you can look at me and tell I’m pregnant A. And B because I am Pregnant as far as my doctor said .. then after that I was sent right back out in the waiting room and was told I was gonna have to wait a few more hours !!!! Mine you im in pain I’m throwing up and I’m pregnant i was told to go to a doctor or urgent care for these type of issues there are people there with more severe issues !!! Ummm im pregnant and in pain I thought that was a emergency!!! I can’t go see a doctor right this second . That’s why I’m at the hospital long story short I just left so irritated no help at all !!! I advise no one to go to this terrible terrible hospital especially if your pregnant

muniara tasnim

Worst hospital in the world! I took my mom to the ER and when she was discharged the staff wheeled my mom out to the lobby while she was still unconscious from all the pain meds they gave her. They kept telling me to take her home when my mom couldnt even open her eyes! The nurses are so dirty too! They let them have long fake nails and put on heavy makeup unprofessionally! The nurses are rude and even the management on the ER floor is rude with attitude and voice tone. Worst experience of my life! They will literally kill pts there !!

Beauty R

Worst hospital sat in pain for 4 hours in the back room, didn't even check on me. The staff all laughing and having fun ,instead of doing there job. They kept loosing my information and then gave me medicine that I don't need that is not helping me feel better. So many people was complaining when I was there. This is a Very bad hospital,i will never go here again.

Saisha Miller

This hospital is sooo nasty. The lady answering the call bell has the worst attitude ever. I’m here in the emergency room with my mom and the sharps container is full. There’s a butterfly needle sticking out of it. When I told the young lady that’s answering the call lights she act as if she was offended I rang.

Derrick M

My child was born in this hospital on Apr. 06 2018. The OB doctors, the nurse group are amazing except one white male trash collector in the building for baby delivery. This white male trash collector entered the delivery room right after the baby was born and before the ob doctor to start stitching my wife’s vagina. When did trash collection become such an emergent task and has to be done during operation? After collecting the trash, this white male trash collector did not leave and standing against the wall, Watching the vagina stitching for at least 5 minutes just like watching a show. The young Asian doc is busy stitching and have no time to drive him out and the 2 nurses are busy caring the newborn, this white trash collector just stood there watching from the back of the ob doc and kept making some noise from his throat to remind us his existence, two meters away. I hope this will never happen again to other patients. By the way, when our family just signed in for delivery. This white male trash collector was passing us with hatred in eyes, the only reason I can think is due to race since we have never met before.

Amy Showman

My mother, who is 84, fell and broke her arm. She was sent to St Agnes by ambulance. My mother arrived, at 11pm. An x-ray was taken, immediately upon arrival, and then she was left (read: "parked") to sit in the waiting room (in a wheelchair). My husband and I arrrived at 11:30pm. My mom (I repeat, she is 84) sat in the ER waiting room, with a broken arm and in pain... from 11pm until 6:30am the next morning! This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! At one point my mom needed to use the rest room.. I wheeled her there. There was NO TOILET PAPER. The floor was so filthy that my shoes were sticking to it. The toilets were filthy and poop covered. The toilet paper holder (again, no toilet paper in it), in her stall, was stuffed with wadded up, USED, poop covered, paper. There was poopy and bloody used paper all over the floor! DISGUSTING and UNACCEPTABLE!!!! I told one of the security guards... nothing was done. At 5am a security guard came around to wake all of the homeless people who were sleeping in the ER waiting room. "5:00, time to go"! I have no problem with homeless people. Where else are they going to go, on a cold night? And, they weren't bothering anyone. HOWEVER, the hospital was irresponsible (and I assume breaking health codes), in not keeping the one bathroom.. that we were all expected to use... clean and stocked. I'd give St Agnes emergency room -10 stars if I could. It was HORRIBLE. And, the fact that my 84 year old mother was left to sit there, in pain, with a broken arm (that they KNEW was broken,shortly after her arrival).. for all of those hours... is inexcusable.

Jason Patton

Very caring, compassionate, and accommodating. Great place.

Paula Davis

If my review star could be lower, it would. A few years ago, my grandfather was there for a couple broken ribs for a fall... while there got a cold that got worse and he died. A family member went to visit him and he told them that they left him in his wheelchair in a dark cafeteria by himself. They neglected him. My family never took action and I wish they did.

Shana Epps

My daughter came here via ambulance around 4:30pm it’s 8:30pm she still hasn’t been seen nor has a nurse been in here to just check on her to see if she needs anything or nothing terrible and the staff is rude and ghetto

Tayla McDonough

So. Between the mixed reviews, and the fact it's named after a saint... my girlfriend and I went in expecting the worst. (Both of us being transgender, we're used to things going really badly, especially with any church-affiliated organization) We'd been trying to get help diagnosing some major health issues my girlfriend was having, and everywhere we went, we were treated like garbage. So, at the end of our rope, we went here, expecting more of the same, or worse. But from the moment we walked in the door, we were treated with kindness, and respect. The doctor who saw my girlfriend took the time to explain things to her, which was a huge help. They ran actual diagnostic tests, rather than just telling us to get lost. ...which should be something that never happens in an ER, but it's sadly common. Everyone we spoke to here though, actually treated us like human beings, and... sorry if I'm rambling, I'm still just... blown away by the fact that, for once, we've been treated with basic human dignity, and... yeah. This was the best experience either of us has ever had with a hospital, I think. And... I post this here less for other possible patients to read, and more in the hopes that it'll reach the hospital staff, since I've seen that someone from the hospital responds to these... because everyone who worked with us at St. Agnes is an amazing person, and... we want them to know that.

Shavone Mccoy


Melissa Blucher

We always tried to drive if need be to get to st Agnes. They are amazing. I had one negative experience when a Dr sent me there and a young nurse was refusing to help me. I did call and file a complete and they did take it seriously. I was unable to drive or work due to seizures and she just seemed to roll her eyes and treat me bad after she questioned me. For someone who has worked and drove by 16 for many many years that was beyond rude. I love the hospital and all the other times I never had a problem.

Craig Carbaugh

I had 3 major surgeries at St. Agnes hospital and I could not have been more pleased with the level of care I received. I had a spinal fusion at L2-S1 in 2014 and a anterior and posterior cervical fusion at C4-C7 in 2015. The doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists were all caring and showed a concern for my health. I would recommend St. Agnes to my friends and family as well as return myself for further care if needed.

Haley Miller

Took excellent care of me, calmed me down & comforted me when I was all worked up & worried. Catered to me so nicely & brought al my vitals back to normal & feeling better than I had felt coming into the er. Very pleased & couldn’t be more thankful for my nurses & the nice lady who took my bloodwork in the front who helped me stop worrying while balling my eyes out lol.

Willette M

If you're pregnant and are thinking about epidural injections, St Agnes does not allow anyone in the room. Family members, husbands, wives are told to leave. The only support the mother-to-be will have is a nurse. Hopefully, she will be a good support. Absolutely ask a lot of questions regarding experience, please.

Ian Smith

My father had an excruciating headache, and knew he had a ruptured aneurism and we went to the ER at St. Agnes. He was mis-triaged as merely an old man with a headache. Our awful ER nurse, Viola, laughed at him when he said to take a picture of his brain, and kept telling us how busy she was. The whole time his brain was bleeding, and he knew it. When they changed shifts, and we got a real nurse finally, she knew immediately that an older person that presented with incredible head pain and nausea was highly indicative of aneurism. She immediately took my Dad to get a CT. The CT showed exactly what my Dad thought and what Viola laughed at the whole time; a ruptured aneurism. He was taken to U of Maryland Shock Trauma, and they are hopefully going to be able to save his life. St Agnes is absolutely awful - and I highly recommend going elsewhere for your medical care.

liz w

to Kim Roszkowski has that been confirmed???? It can be a situation where a person could have brought it in with them so they may test the water as precaution. it doesn't necessarily mean the hospital has it. be careful when you post things that have not been confirmed.

Joan Michelle

BMS clinic My daughter is a patient of Dr. Lattimore and have been waiting on a call from the dr to discuss her sonogram results for 3 weeks.. the Dr said she was unable to leave a message but never tried the emergency number which is mine.. The sonogram notes are a bit confusing and scary.. it's unfair that my daughter has to be anxious over unclear notes.. The attached letter was dated before my daughter's visit but nothing regarding a referral was mentioned, why is a letter now getting to us 1 month after it was composed Unprofessional staff

Ume Habiba

It is the worst hospital ever, they are unprofessional and very rude. My mom had severe pain and she had to wait 8 hours to be seen, just cause she was not having heart attack she had to wait. Very disappointed

Nadia Herron

It is true that people typically only post a review when they have something negative to say. Nobody likes to be sick or wait in a crowded room for any reason. The circumstances around any visit to the hospital is usually unpleasant. I have been in and out of St. Agnes over the past 7 years with the birth of my two daughters and two emergency room visits. Yes, the wait in the ER is it every other Catholic hospital in a major city. No matter how full the waiting room, each nurse from check in to hospital bed was patient and professional. I was made to feel comfortable...I was always asked how I was feeling, even from those not attending to me. I was always given an update on the status of my service. Thank you to the St. Agnes nurses and staff who put up with the toughest situations with a smile!

LaTeisha Burnett

Rushed my son into Pediatrics Urgent Care and they did an AMAZING JOB.. I was there with My Husband and my 4 children and they accommodated us all with popsicles, coloring books and laughter. Thank You St.Agnes!!!

justin m

There are some nurses and doctors there that will make you wonder how I'm earth did anyone allow them too be in this field. They overshadow the good things about the hospital. Some of them have pissy snobbish attitudes. Some of them were and probably still are highly unprofessional. But there are doctors and nurses there that are true gems. But as far as the patients go that is a whole other story. If there is a 4 hour wait that evidently it means that A LOT of people have signed in too be seen. If I go to an emergency room where its standing room only I already know it is going to be a while for me to be seen. The people that complain about the wait choose to come to this er. I believe this is one of the busiest ER's in Baltimore. Also some of the patients get really nasty and tell you how to do your job when they probably have no medical background! And they are so impatient to the point where I have seen people FAKE SEIZURES so they can hurry up and be seen. Honestly pediatric patients are better behaved than most of the adult ones.

Latonya Redd

This is the worst hosptial!!! it wasnt crowded and they are sooo slow. My iv ran out and no one came to check on me!!!! Smgdh

Brett Ingham

One star was a gift waited 7 hours to be seen while my wife was puking in the waiting room for over 4 hours. Then was moved to room to lay in pain for another 3 hours. Never coming back. The bathroom was also dirty and had some smudged blood on the floor!

Angel Salguero

My Aunt has been treated promptly and treated well during her stay here. Our Family has not had any problems with any of the Doctors, Nurses or any of the Staff that works in this facility.

Shannon F

Doctor was amazing, there were some important things I wish the nurses would’ve communicated to me, I found more out about my aftercare from google than the nurses, but the surgery I received went flawlessly and the staff was overall very friendly and warm, they just forgot some things or maybe assumed I had already been told (I saw ALOT of different nurses and doctors before my surgery). Great experience at a very stressful time in my life

Farrux Nazarov

St. Agnes working crew are very good, We went there for Labor and delivery this passed Wednesday, Check ups on time, very helpful every nurses, we recommend this Hospital, Rooms are good and we were been there 2 nights, Thanks, God Bless , Farrukh

Kim Brown

Trying to get a shingles vaccine for over a year and apparently they do not know when or if they will have the vaccine available when I scheduled a physical. So how does that work?

E Love

Not safe for children with severe allergies, and the doctors won't take you seriously. I brought my kid here because they were having an allergic reaction, after her primary care doctor confirmed her symptoms as an allergic reaction. The doctors were rude and dismissive, and told me that they'd basically pretend it was an allergic reaction but they were sure it was a cold. They also spent the entire time asking questions looking at the one man in the room for answers and then patronizing me when I answered instead. Fun fact, my kid is deathly allergic to dairy. There was a bottle of infant formula that contained milk in the room, in her BED in the pediatric ER. Clearly her safely was not a concern, and we will not ever be going back if simple things like, making sure rooms are clean aren't a priority.

Lupe Guzman

Waited 5 hours at ER to be seen . Crazy !!!!!


Dirty, staff was unprofessional-talking about patients loudly and making jokes. They had me sitting on an uncomfortable table for an extensive amount of time and random people would pull back the curtain with no warning. The radiologist talked about how my outfit didnt match and how many different patterns I had on and pushed me quickly over bumps although I told her I was in pain. This place is horrible from signing in initially, giving insurance info and more. It was also dirty and unkept. There were a few staff who were actually kind and caring but that was a rarity there.

Stacey Holsinger

Disappointed there are so many bad reviews. The team that took care of me was highly professional and kept a great sense of humor considering how nervous I was. I had surgery here for my endometriosis. Not only was the recovery manageable, but I was able to get pregnant 5 months later. I wouldn't pick any other hospital to deliver my miracle baby. Hoping the maternity ward is just as great!

Jan Bauer

I've been to St Agnes many times since 2012 when I was a cancer patient here. I now am here with my mom who has undergone surgery last night. I have found the staff very friendly and helpful, with very knowledgable and personable doctors and nurses. The only complaints I have that they have had several ongoing elevator issues. I was also disappointed when staff that was monitoring testing disappeared, back when I was doing my radiation and was very uncomfortable. But for the most part I have been pleased with my dealings with St Agnes.

Tango Murray

I did not choose to come to this ER, and hopefully will never have to go back again. I normally do not like to post negative reviews, but when I tried to reach out and express my concerns, as a professional, the response left me to believe that no real change of action would be taken. That said, what happened to me will most likely happen to someone else and unfortunately to someone who is without an advocate to help them. There is a reason why St. Agnes Hospital gets more negative reviews than positive ones. There is a reason why this hospital's service level is similar to that of the University of Maryland's (escorting patients, not fully dressed, to leave). Our health care system is truly better than this and clearly the new COO, Christopher Chekouras, has his work cut out for him. . It is a shame that the employees trying to do their job and do the right thing in this facility are outnumbered by those who are just collecting a paycheck. The acceptable standard to include, lack of patient concern and service becomes the new culture. Our health care system is better, for I experience it everyday. I work in this medical healthcare system and know the difference between right and wrong. In addition, my work environment is dedicated to make a difference and to provide the very best patient service possible. Making a difference in someone's life is what we strive to achieve every day. The service that I received in the ER at St. Agnes Hospital was unsettling, unprofessional and unacceptable. No one should have to experience what I experienced. I will pray that Mr. Chekouras and his management team care enough to make a real difference. I will also encourage all my associated medical physicians and clinicians to not refer patients to St.Agnes Hospital or to any of their affiliated specialists until we can be reassured that the patients will be properly cared for.

Ari Elfasi

Absolutely horrible. I could barely walk because of the unbearable pain that I had sustained to my back and the paramedics did not even wheelchair me in even though I insisted on one. So there I was walking myself into the ER,while trying not to scream at the top of my lungs, where I was simply given some ibuprofen and no physical examination or anything more than some water. Terrible quality of the care and completely unprofessional. DO NOT COME HERE THEY WILL NOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, THEY ARE COMPLETE LOW LIVES!

Michael Lamphear

Its been five years since I was injured in a suspected coordinated attack at school. I received medical attention at the St. Agnes Emergency Room. The treatment I received at the time seemed good and proper. Year later I experienced an "abnormal arm sensation" and am wondering if the doctor put a device in my body during the visit. I am very displeased with this.

Donna Jensen

...but about Walt Disney's good evens and Pixar. I know about this!

James Skelton

I think it is pretty obvious that these folks just don't care about feed back! They send a bill and if you miss it because you moved . they are real quick to report you to the credit bureau, instead of making an effort to find out why you did not respond. Every time I go to my doctor, they send a bill about a month later. I don't know why I pay on my visit, there is always another bill coming, I think...... I know they have a phone number for me too. And now, time for a canned response of why we care so much, it is a joke.

Donald Einolf

On 07/06/2016 at approximately 2 PM, I attempted to get an appointment with St. Agnes Therapy. The lady who answered the phone stated the employee who makes the appointments was away from her desk. The lady then took all my information and said the person responsible to appointments would call me back. At approximately 4 PM I still had not been contacted by St Agnes Therapy. I called them and was informed that they were still catching up and someone would call. A little after 5 PM I again called and the business was closed. If this is the kind of service that St. Agnes gives its patients and customers, I recommend that people go elsewhere because I don't think that St. Agnes really cares about people at all. Donald Einolf

Princessella Hayles

I appreciate the staff, thanks for helping my mother during her treatment and making her feel well. During her stay she was very happy and pleased. Everyone was very professional and kind during my visits. Thanks

Ashley Johnson

I was just discharged from this hospital and my overall experience was horrible...I was admitted for stroke like symptoms and it took forever to see my Dr...had several tests done around 4 pm and heard nothing until the next day around noon...there is no communication between all the specialist that see you and they all give you different information...was hooked up to a leaking catheter and received attitude when I asked to get cleaned up...rudest person of all was my Dr "Magdalena Starban"...she was not compassionate at all and I feel like she was discriminating against me in several ways

t smith

Went to get a high risk ob ultrasound and was greeted with a unhappy sonographer who rushed through the ultrasound and complained that the baby was not acting right. She took the probe and shook my stomach to try and make the baby move. This was a horrible experience and I didn't return. I went to Sinai hospital and was given A+ service and was scanned with up to date equipment not old antiquated machines. I did call and give a compliment to the department manager. St Agnes should have customer service training and maybe try doing something to lift the moral of their employees. I will never go back to St Agnes!

Majid Hussain

This is not first time every time we visit in emergency the wait time so long for nothing this time we are sitting here in pedriatic emergency about 2 hours and waiting to some body to seen. Very bad experience every time.

Debbie Griffith

Excellent care,no waiting,and Doctor Curtis is excellent he even called me personally to check on me the next day. Love this hospital.

Carvilla Dorshow

My Husband had Neck Surgery at Saint Agnes. His wonderful Doctor is - Doctor Raymond Haroun. The care he received was exceptional. The staff members were all truly professional , caring and attentive. A beautiful and clean Hospital . A heart felt thank you for the positive experience we had.

Tonya Ausby

Worst experience ever. Lack of communication from staff member to staff member. The nurses and technicians have been so questionable. There was a 7 hour wait in the ER because of lack of staff. The discharge has been Horrible as well. I truly think that the technician forgot I was in the room, she snatched something from my Mom, then decided to rub her hand like I didn't witness her near abuse. Ugh, It's amazing that the elderly get mistreated. Thank God that I was here by my Mom's side...

Luke J

I was admitted to the ER and received very poor service. The ER was crawling with nurses but they only checked up on me if I hollered into the hallway. My IV was not pumping fluids at all and nobody could fix it. At one point I asked for a blanket and the nurse said she'd be right back with it, but it took her 20 minutes. Then she offered to get me a ginger ale, which was nice, but that also took 20 minutes. This place was not busy. When I could stand and walk, I went over to the desk where the nurses were and they were all sitting there on their phones. I didn't have my health insurance card on me when I was there, so I called the following week to pay my bill. They insisted that the documents must be faxed (who owns fax machines anymore), but they said it could be mailed instead. 2 weeks later, nothing from them in the mail. Overall poor service both in person and on the phone. If you are in a non-emergency situation and there is a different hospital nearby, pick the other one. Giving 2 stars because the actual doctor who I only saw twice was very knowledgable.

Marilyn Redmond

My grandmother passed away October 4, 2017. She received the best treatment ever here she was in the icu for pulmonary problems , the Doctors and nurse who worked with her were amazing!! I was with her every single day and I was kept updated with all the information. Shout out to Dr Scott, Dr Alison, Dr Martinez, Dr Solomon and many that worked with her!!! Thank you again Marilyn


I took my girlfriend there since it was the nearest emergency room. She had gallbladder surgery and spent two nights. On at least two occasions she had to wait over an hour for nurses to give her pain meds. On discharge, she had a Rx for oxycontin but two pharmacies said they could not fill it because it had the hospital DEA number and not the prescribing doctor’s so we had to go back to the hospital to fill it. When we called the phone number on the Rx, it was out of service.


We had a terrible overall experience with this hospital. A nurse we had in pediatrics was particularly wretched. I just received a notice in the mail that my daughter's personal information was compromised due to an email phishing incident (along with the personal info of 25000 patients) and that I need to monitor her credit reports. What awful service!

Juanita Morton

Took my son to the emergency room on a Sunday night (5/19/13) at 11:45 p.m.with severe stomach pains, diarrhea and vomiting. The emergency room wasn't busy compared to other hospitals I've been to. 3 hours later they drew blood, took his vitals and sent us back to the waiting room. His temperature was elevated and nothing was given to him. He was called back again for vitals check around 4:30 a.m. and sent back to the waiting room. He still had vomiting, severe stomach & back pains and diarrhea. He went to the receptionist several times to find out how long it would be before he would be seen and given a bogus number of the people ahead of him. The (middle age African-American female) receptionist with the twisted/braided hair was very rude, rolled her eyes at people when they approached the desk and spoke loudly about people waiting to be seen. She did not want to be bothered at all. The younger female receptionist was very nice but seem afraid to speak when the other one was there being the older one assumed total control at the desk. People like her should not be working with the public. She was not very professional and your medical problems should not be discussed so that others can hear it. What happened with the HIPA rules. We were finally called back to see a doctor at 6:45 am. The first person to see him was a nurse who recorded his vitals, drew more blood and asked him questions about his condition. We were informed that she was getting ready to go home at 7:00 which meant we had to wait even longer because of the change of shift. We also found out that there was only (1) doctor working in the emergency room throughout the night. After the change of shift the day (PA) came in and hooked him up to an IV because he was dehydrated and left. Finally at 8:45 a doctor came in to check him out. She asked him some questions and told him he probably had a stomach virus and she would check his blood work; and if everything was ok she would send him home, if he could keep down juice and some crackers. She asked him what type of crackers he wanted and said she would be back. The nurse came back with some juice and said they were out of graham crackers, but was able to scrape up some saltines. I had to tell her to remove the IV from his arm which was empty over an hour ago. Finally the doctor came back stated she would release him and give him 2 prescriptions. We waited 45 minutes and left this hell hole at 10:45 am. My questions are 1) after taking the 1st vitals recording and knowing that my son had a high temperature along with vomiting and diarrhea, he should have been immediately hooked up to an IV to stabalize him 2) being both receptionists and the attending nurse for vitals recording were both made aware that my son was brought from campus at UMBC, young adults and teens are always checked immediately to ensure or rule out any cases of meningitis - the staff did not ask us whether he have a required vaccine for that - Da?? NEVER AGAIN!!!

sandtown made me

They lost my driver license and told me they didn't know where it was at after I gave it to them, nobody could do anything and I need my license to work, this is the worst service I have ever had and I will be suing them

Taty G

I was admitted to St. Agnes about a week ago for 2 days or so. I have never been to the hospital for my self in the past and was extremely nervous. I needed a surgery to be performed while I was there, and I cannot express how wonderful all the staff at the hospital were. Everybody was kind, helpful and friendly. Special THANK YOU to Terri Huffman, in N6100, a nurse that not only helped me after surgery, but she went above and beyond to make sure my stay was pleasant. I have never met such a caring nurse before. Another HUGE THANK YOU, to Dr. Steven Cunningham & team., who performed my surgery. What an incredible doctor! If you EVER need your gallbladder removed, he is the doctor to see. He is kind, honest, caring, and really goes the extra mile to make sure you feel better. Incredible doctors like that are rare. THANK YOU St. Agnes, for helping me feel back to normal! ~Tatyana G.

Account User

Twice recently I was treated in the At. Agnes Emergency Room and was very well treated. the nurses and doctor were very helpful.


i been here twice in one day was misdiagnosed came back still having the same pains they gave me a shot in the arm and sent me home came home pain continued so I called back ,because they didn't like the fact that area doing anything ..yes I said it to them asked for a supervisor and the nurse hung up on me ... so unprofessional but I will be filling a complaint and talking to my lawyer..when it comes to diabetes they aren't worth dealing with especially if they just trying get you out of there

Mary Blackwell

very friendly and wonderful. I had 2 of my kids born here and the second one was 11lbs the biggest baby born there ever. not sure about now. but they were very helpful and grateful. wonderful hospital

James Tyson

I come here all the time to the ER only because I live close by, the reason I gave a 3 star is because I don't like when they try to be sneaky taking your blood, if you want me to donate blood ask me instead of charging back in my room after you have already took samples, They over looked the problem and grabbed a hand full of bottles 5 of 1in wide 5in tall for blood, I said hold up doc' what is this? He said for blood! And I said all those bottles??? He grabbed the bottles and left the room. They done this year's ago and took so much blood my surgery for the next week at another hospital was cancel because my blood was low and had to take Iron pills for two weeks.

Kristen Smell

My mother was admitted to the ER with chest tightness and numbing in her left arm. The room she was held in was dirty. Pads with blood on the floor, a cup of urine from a different patient was sitting on her counter, floors looked like they hadn't been swept. She was admitted later that evening where nurses and doctors mixed up orders, told her she could eat when she actually couldn't which delayed tests. Nobody seems to communicate with each other which is quite scary since you're dealing with people's lives.

Deb Y

Came to ER on 5/14/18 concerned about possible blood clot. First, the process was fast and easy . Kaitlen drew my blood fast and painlessly. Registration woman was very, very nice, patient, and the Ultrasound lady, explained EVERY step before performing it. I felt I was really being cared about and cared for, which is a HUGE DEAL. Perhaps there should be a separate area for pediatrics triage, and employees should not discuss OTHER PATIENTS in front of current patients. Also, I would have appreciated talking to my doc to discuss results, rather than a nurse/medical assistant in the waiting room in front of strangers during my discharge. I had questions that weren't answered. Guess that's why God made Google...all done in less than 2 hours! All and all, it was good experience. To the naysayers, I guess all Emergency rooms have peak times when service is slow, but they try hard here.

Ashley Jackson

This was the absolute worst hospital experience I have ever had! They rushed me off my fluids and out the door! Terrible customer service! Rude and nasty employees! Waited for over a hour and 15 mins in the lobby!! DO NOT GO HERE! THE OWNER DOESNT CARE! THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY NOT TO HELP!

Shirl Scott

The wait for the ER is unbelievable, I came here expecting a wait but really. They need to have the same system that Northwest has where your name is listed on a TV screen that way you at least know where you are on the long wait list. #Imsooverit

Lister brown

I used to work there, but recently was offered a job at GBMC. I usually remain professional, and would never post a review about a previous employer, but this hospital was terrible. I was an RN there for 3 months, and hated every second. After working happily in the field for 8 years, this hospital soured my bedside manner, and cut my pay by a large amount compared to other hospitals. The reason people receive such poor service at St Agnes is because the hospital is cutting a lot of positions, and they do not budget enough funds to keep all areas fully staffed. The employees look angry because they are. This hospital pays their employees much lower than the rates of other hospitals (a good $10 less per hour for me, personally!). Combine that with a ridiculous time- clock rule where you can get fired after being late 4 times, and a horrible sick day policy where if you get sick on a friday, saturday, sunday or monday it counts as two days sick for every one day your actually out, and a mess of other ridiculous policies that have chased away good nurses and technicians to other hospitals. We were always in a constant state of turnover, training the replacements for all the people who quit or got fired from their crazy policies. Oh, and right before I resigned, they handed out a flyer saying no one in the hospital would be getting a raise this year... again! Many people had not had raises in 4 years! Not even a small one! I could not stay there, especially because the running joke there was that none of us would dare go to St Agnes ourselves, we'd go to Mercy, GBMC, Hopkins, or Medstar! I do not miss it at all, especially because my new employer has already given me a raise in the short time I've been there, and I feel the technology difference is huge! St Agnes is stuck back in the 1990s with most of their equipment. If you say you had a good experience there, then you probably lucked out, because I could not stand it just working there, and my heart breaks to think of the way they treat their patients with old equipment, and then buy land near the hospital to make a shopping center with offices in it! How about investing some of those millions of dollars to paint the grimy hallways once in a while, or pay to train your staff, or give them raises so they will actually stay there and gain tenure instead of chasing all of the talent away to more respecting hospitals! By the way, google some of those people's names who gave such great ratings, and maybe put a "Doctor" in front of their names... I don't think its right to act like you were a patient there and give this place a good rating, at least say you were a doctor there...

Lemon Fart

So I had my baby already , mrs White was the X-ray checker or radiologist , she used to read the X-rays and tell me about my fibroid that was blocking the way out when I asked questions about it she was very irritated and told me that it doesn’t move or something and that I shouldn’t ask on every appointment , that was just the second time I asked about the fibroid but after that I never asked her again about it . Also she doesn’t look at you when she talks she stares at her folder the whole time even when she’s not talking about the X-ray she looks down and talks . Every one does not have the personality to be a doctor but I guess hospitals only look at the degree and experience. Another lady who sat at the front desk and made future appointments in the woman’s care center for pregnant women , was always so rude she never said hi when I took the paper to her for future appointments she just opened the window and took the paper , she never said anything to me she used to just make the appointments and ask me when I want it , but no greeting , then one day a evaluater lady came to evaluate the front reception area so she was checking how calls are answered and everything . That day when I went to the front desk that lady who always takes the paper from me acted so different that day , she took my paper and said thank you right away . When you guys send evaluators don’t tell the workers they are evaluating tell the workers these are volunteers or learners so your workers won’t pretend to be nice for one day they will act like how they always act .

Akua Owusua

I just love the nurses and doctors been there twice during this first pregnancy and hoping for a great experience during labor and delivery

Roxanne Fouche

I took my husband to the ER for chest pain. They were all very kind, helpful and on top of things from the very moment I got to the door and asked for help getting him out of the car to the time they admitted him to the hospital. I have yet to meet an unfriendly person in this hospital and the amount of free parking is much appreciated.

Nae H

This hospital's medical records department staff are so rude and disrespectful. If you know you are not a friendly person, a position in customer service is NOT for you!!!

Omar A

The ratings speak for themselves. But long story short, the RN Kimberly was very unprofessional because of her condescending attitude. She didn't want to be bothered and chose to argue with me. One of the social workers, a short, heavyset woman in her forties, was also very unprofessional. She claimed to know many things about me in just the 20 minutes that we spoke. She, too, decided to make matters personal rather than actually help me. Yet again, there was more unprofessional behavior, this time exhibited by a doctor; Dr. Lopez. When she approached me to tell me that I could not leave the hospital even though I had been there for half of the day and I was almost begging to leave that ghetto place, she had a purple do-rag wrapped around her head and I could see the bottom of her stomach due to her shirt being so tiny. The sitters were not much better. They, too, for the most part, were lazy and on their phones for the majority of the time. Although there was one who stayed with me who I thought actually did her job pretty well, there was also one who fell asleep. St. Agnes is not a welcoming place to be.

Gurpreet singh

Strange policies about having visitors. Staff is rude and unprofessional. They won’t even let people wait in the waiting area. Should hire better staff and security folks. Even some county hospitals have proven to be better than this. If you have choice to pick another hospital for child delivery you should.

Allison Hayden

I found the staff to be rude and unprofessional. They were loud and making jokes. I understand when you are at work people like to have fun to make time go by faster but I think in certain environments people need to keep it to a minimum especially when sick people are trying to rest. I will never visit this hospital again.

Tegra Crudup

My mother is still in pain got here the 4th of March 12am... They keep giving her morphine which doesn't work for her even the doctors said the morphine wouldn't really help her stomach, so she told like 5 different doctors what works for her which is Dilaudid another pain med that would help the pain in her stomach to go away, but instead they took her morphine from 5mg to 2mg. And after she begged and cried for some relief they took it to 4mg. It is now 10:30am the 6th of March and their still giving her 4mg of morphine which doesn't work for her stomach pain. On top of everything her pregnant daughter myself has been up here with her and not one single nurse nor doctors asked if I needed a hospital recliner chair, instead they watched me sleep on the floor. We have never been treated with such disrespect. And I say disrespect because they completely disregard everything my mother ask for and need, and I've never seen a hospital allow a pregnant woman to sleep on the floor, its inhumane the way they treat their patients.

Renita Sanders

Thursday i had to come because i was dehydrated... Of course two days later i had to come back and the nurses today are horrible they continue to talk about everyone like we can't hear them and they have you waiting in a room more and i could have stayed in the waiting area. You chose the job so deal with it smh

Miesha Davis



They have the worst ER. Sitting here for 4 hours before being seen. And yes i chose to come there because i had surgery there. Never came in the emergency room before. The staff is very unprofessional as well. I work at a hospital. The hippa is being violated by 100%

Brittany Bryant

Very unprofessional, staff eating while on duty . Waited 4 hours to be told nothing was wrong & than got a call from doctor today saying they might know what was wrong 2 days after I left .. if you expect to be in an actual ER room don’t go here they will do vitals and than treat you in waiting area . No privacy what’s so ever ! Went for dizzyness and headache & all they did was force me to get ekg and took urine . Waste of time .

Wayne Curran

Avoid at all cost, the ER is a joke!! Left after 5 hours and nothing!!! Yes nothing. 9/17/19 was the date I went in, arrived at 8pm, left at 12.45am with the same problem. The staff in the back were to busy playing on their phones, talking about break room food. There is a sign in the rooms that say we provide the best care, LMAO. I'd rather go anywhere than go back here!!!!

Edwin Smith

Bad experience...Not enough staff on duty. Never again .The northwest hospital in southwest Baltimore.

Elias cherent

No wander I decided not to go there their biggest problem is after you check up they made you to wait minimum 3 hours.....I'm so disappointed.

Annie Lin

Had a horrible birthing experience here. Half of my nurses, the RNs were inexperienced, I had ONE great postpartum nurse. My L&D nurse had to keep calling the more experienced nurse for help. My epidural procedure that was 30 minutes long was more painful than my 8 cm dilated contractions. The epidural dosage was too much that after an hour of unsuccessful and wasted energy of pushing (thanks to the inexperienced nurse of course) did the experienced nurse finally half the epidural dosage. During my postpartum recovery, there was another issue that my inexperienced RN had to keep apologizing. And after all that, I had an insane epidural headache that lasted over a week, thanks to the Anesthesiologists. I was also not aware it was an epidural headache but a normal headache from labor, no thanks to my nurses and was discharged home with an epidural headache. The PCTs were very helpful in bringing me heat packs/ whatever I needed through my recovery. My problem is with the registered nurses who were extremely inexperienced, forget/disregarded your needs, was not your advocate. And also the postpartum room was not well supplied. I had to ask for so many necessities. The walls were so thin I can hear my neighbors conversations and the heater was extremely loud that it was impossible to get any rest

L Taylor

This is the last hospital I ever wanted to go to in life but unfortunately I got sick and was in the area. I've been here since 9:15pm finally seen at 11:45pm. The PA had an attitude initially, I'm trying to figure out why I'm being seen by a PA and not a MD. They take me to have a CT scan the woman was definitely without beside mannerisms the young man helping me was super sweet and helpful. They put me back the hallway not in the room I was originally taken to and leave me sitting until they want me to give a urine sample. The bathroom was filthy and smelled as if it had not been cleaned in weeks. It was run down and needs repairs. It's actually in the waiting area. I'm back in the waiting area just sitting, left here unattended to. My nurse Brian is kind. It's now 1am and I feel totally abandoned by the people I trusted to take care of me. This hospital needs to do better.

ailia naqvi

I even do not want to give one star. I had a worst experience in this hospital. What i say, this hospital is worst hospital in u.s. Staff and nurses are rude. Do not understand and pay attention what patient is saying. Just keep saying. Dont see someone is standing. Keep talking with their staff. Make you wait alot even in emergency. What I say and recommend do not go to that hospital.


Worst hospital ever. I’ve been here now 4 hours in the pediatric and my daughter still hasn’t been since. Nurse said “I told you dear the doctor is busy”. So busy that she can’t stop by and see her quickly while she is bleeding nonstop? Really. I wish I could leave 0 stars but sadly you can’t.

jose guerra

The worst hospital take forever to see you children on pediatric EMERGENCY (3 hours)

Billy Bichell

Left there yesterday with medications i can afford to fill. They tell me to call charity and assistance. Neither has replied and 1 mailbox filled. Its like they either dont wamt to help or they just what i saw yesterday just standing around. But im a working tax paying American who cant get help from st agnes but i witnessed myself yeaterday a mexican and welfare recipients get help. Aend my bills to the immigrant and welfare and junkies. They got better treatment then a tax paying worker.

Christine Kariuki

I was in the maternity ward please the meals are awful no one changed my linens and the staff are very unprofessional. Use another option if you can

Zohaib Hussain

This hospital is ridiculous. Wait time is extremely long due to the staff joking around and not taking anything serious. Even with a low volume of patients they manage to take 6 hours to get me discharged. Took 6 hours to get x rays on my lower back.

Kitty Kat Brisbane

I use to like St Agnes. Other than John Hopkins and the university of Maryland that was the only hospital i trusted. But recently it went down hill. I know there is a wait time for things they dont consider life threatening. My son only went to the ER because he was in a car accident and was complaining about pain. To me it was and emergency but to them he wasn't bleeding ,crying or had a fever so we were good. I can even deal with the looonnnnggg wait time. Go to the ER at 845pm still here at 1:30am and only had a nurse see me once to give my son medication for pain. May major pet peeve is that it literally feels as if the nurses are doing nothing. There are 12 nurses to 1 doctor and he seems to be the one bouncing from here to there. While they talk about getting off in two hours, vacation, food everything. I was just getting pissed at them. They had no purpose to me. Your saving grace St Agnes is your doctor he was very pleasant and seem to be working. One more thing with all of the money you are charging me and my insurance for this visit the least they could do is fix their equiment. The bed my son was on was broke.


Nothing to write home about unless you enjoy a "tail gate" atmosphere in the waiting area. Certainly NOT the worst ER in Maryland --- that title has to go to Baltimore-Washington Medical Center in Glen Burnie.

Emailaddressofmines Emailaddressofmines

Majority of the black employees here are super ghetto and vey rude. Heck even the lady at the counter to register ER patients rude. The wannabe nurse in the OB was yelling at visitors and husbands of patients.

Matt Larson

Leave you with no information in your room. Nurses ignore you, doctors are short unfriendly and unresponsive. DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU ARE DYING AND IT IS YOUR ONLY CHOICE.

Biz Travler

I wish I could give negative stars. Plainly put - this place is pathetic. The operators are completely inept; I was on hold for 33 minutes trying to simply get me to a nurses station in my Father’s floor. They transferred me everywhere throughout the hospital, except for where I needed to go. The standard of care was second rate, the nurses were more interested in decorating for an upcoming party than tending to my Fathers needs. One nurse was coughing all over the place. There were 7-8 different human hairs stuck to the side of the CT machine - absolutely disgusting. Things got delayed several times, time frames given were never accurate, and no one ever provided any update on anything. Bottom line - if you have a choice in healthcare - go anywhere else. Literally - anywhere else.

Tonya Chavious

They were wonderful to me... I didn't have a long wait.. And they fixed me right up,, & my nurses were awesome.....

Alicia Danielle

This establishment has HORRIBLE customer service, you get little to no help. Their communication is unacceptable and the staff acts like you’re bothering them when asking simple questions. Very unprofessional and judging by the other ratings including mine you shouldn’t go here. No one wants to go somewhere especially a hospital, where you feel like you don’t matter.

Jessyca Roy Landry

Compassionate caregivers! Thank you so much for taking my husband and I case seriously. We felt that you truly cared by your attitude and professionalism. <3

McDaniel Hamilton

Had to stop by here and pick up my prescriptions.

Esther Babs

I have had great experiences at St.Agnes. I was a patient for 2 years, had my babies here. I love the staffs especially. very friendly and competent. The doctors are great too. The ER doesnt seem too bad for me either, I was there on some occasions while pregnant, I was seen almost immediately. This is not because I was pregnant. I had an elderly visitor from overseas who went there due to stomach ache, she was seen quickly and underwent surgery due to an appendix problem the second day; she was not even sent home, she was taken to the surgery room immediately. she also had everything covered; 100%. The clinic-BMS st agnes has great and friendly staffs too but the wait there is way too long; hence the 4 stars. For those having a problem with the hospital, maybe you should go through the ER, you will be seen and given a referral immediately to see a doctor depending on your condition.

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