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Robert Kalakay

We had a great time playing the freddy gray account tag BWI where is the wood at ibm sorry about your loss steven stevents get a new Brenda Anderson thanks that where I met you took 4 tries to remove lol

Janis Flynn

This place was amazing! Can't say enough good things about the time I was there with my husband today. They took great care of him as a patient and me as the spouse. Thanks again!!


I had a wonderful experience in the CCRU. All of the staff was excellent and very professional. They really know how to make you feel comfortable and that they really care!

Charles Mitchell

Sharon Long

This hospital only cares about its bottom line, making money at the expense of its patients' safety and well-being. Perhaps this was not always the case; however, my experience has shown this to be true of Union Memorial, as well as all hospitals in the MedStar system.

Miriam Gibson

Dominique Wardrick

The doctors and nurses are fantastic. The ignorant women(some, not all) working at the front desks are the only thing dragging this place down. I spoke to someone in the gastroenterology department and she was just so rude and lacked basic people skills. Tried to explain to her that I had a referral and she was just so condescending and made it seem like it was such an annoyance to schedule a damn appointment! If you can't do your job without an attitude, kindly put someone on the phone who can.

Carl Wakefield

Took my wife there today for an out-patient surgical procedure. From the minute we walked into the hospital to the time we departed, the entire hospital staff was very pleasant and professional. They took great care of my wife. Even maintenance and housekeeping staff were friendly and pleasant. When I had to stop to look for signs to get to different parts of the hospital, an employee would great me and ask if I needed assistance. I am convinced that this hospital is very well managed and that the employees must love their jobs. Thanks to everyone

Jaycina Vaughn

Today I was not impressed by my experience in ER. I go with pain level after headaches that sent me out this world and doctor comes in sits down and like she's not care in the world. Then the gross doctor cuts her self with clipboard she's writing on proceeds to bleed all over self right front of me. That's gross and unsanitary in it self. I've been diagnosed with MS and the just write me off like what I'm going through is irrelevant. You have to be some nasty drug attic, mental, or crippled to get kind of help. I would not recommend anyone to this hospital. If I didn't have good neurologist I wouldn't come back. Oh please teach your nasty doctor to better protocol when there injured. She didn't even wash hands after washing the blood off her face. I'm glad she didn't touch me.

Lauren Anon

Union Memorials Hand Center was recommended by three different doctors for the type of injury I had. I personally was not impressed. Although I'm sure they're legends in their own minds I've seen a much higher standards of care. The reason I say this is the hospital staff. The staff of nurses gave me the feeling that they had to cover their disdain for me as a patient on Medicare. Some of the hires were silently rude. By that I mean if I spoke to them, some wouldn't acknowledge me. Some didn't say anything at all unless I thanked them for something. Well excuse me for not kissing their feet! The give away was my cab ride to the hospital late at night when my driver said "You're going THERE for surgery?!". Which was my question all along while these doctors were raving about the Hand Center. In Baltimore there is one of the finest hospitals in the world, and it certainly isn't Medstar Union Memorial Hospital. No matter how good the surgeon may be, the patient has to feel they're in good hands in the pre & post surgical environment. Which was difficult for myself at Union Memorial.. Granted I had sustained a traumatic injury that left me in a state of intense fear prior to my arrival. My injury nearly cost me my life due to my own carelessness. But I was hoping this highly referred hospital would at least help me to feel SAFE again. Just take the referrals to Union Memorial with a grain of salt. If you lower your expectations you might do better than I did. Go to Johns Hopkins first and see if you can schedule an appointment with one of their world class physicians. you'll feel much better for doing so.

Robert Gordon

Very caring and knowledgeable staff would recommend this hospital


The doctors and case managers do not care about the well being or health of their patients.

Stephanie Tucker

Mystical Lions

All I came for was to have a PPD test read but for some reason. I have to wait an extra hour, just to get that done. Organization is a major key to life and for some reason. These folks don't understand that. I also don't like the fact of having to go across town to (this Dr and that Dr). Driving a million miles away, to get to an appt. I am very agitated and at this point ready to go. If it were not due to circumstances of me needing the form filled out. I would leave period and wouldn't come back. The Health care facilities in Baltimore really need to learn etiquette and how to treat people. Instead of robbing people for the Government's money. I'm so sick of the usury!!!!

Maria Park

I was treated with courtesy and respect. My medical concern was quickly resolved.

Ben Lambert

9:15 am appointment at the hand center. 11:45 am still sitting her! Absolute joke!

Deja Carter

The emergency room is horrible! I came in at 3pm and currently still here at 6pm! This is the second time I’ve been to this emergency room. I’ve seen the doctor once since I’ve been here. I’m 3 months pregnant and I fell down the steps and I’m waiting for someone to check on my baby! The little baby next to me was waiting for a treatmeant for an hour and 30 mins! I get it your a hospital and have other patients but I mean seriously do you have one doctor on site ??? Totally don’t understand! The first time I came they wrongly diagnosed me. I was having a serve cyst eruption on my ovaries and they told me it was just my cycle pains. Union memorial needs to do better!!!

Stephen Shepard

Friendly and responsive staff, clean facility, great care. Edit: I regret I had to downgrade my review to 4 stars because the hospital has not returned multiple calls about a vending machine issue.

Sha Kia McCall

Horrible service, misdiagnosed my baby and sent her home to get worst. I will NEVER go back

Rose Sessions

I've always admired this Hospital,it's the only other Hospital I use other than Hopkins.

Jeffrey Stoddard

Inadequate signage in hallways - wasted 20 minutes as a visitor, just to locate room my friend was located in.

Joe Young

Doctors are really into their patients and parking is plenty.

Alton Smith II

tom plumber

Good luck trying to get someone on the phone at the orthopedic clinic.They have nothing but an answering machine and they dont like calling back.

Asia Furtick

Stacy Plummer

My fiance had two fingers amputated and unfortunately we were sent to this horrid place. Because of our insurance he was sent down stairs to the basement Clinic 4. The doctor I can say was competent and compassionate. The front staff however need to be FIRED immediately. I have never felt so unwelcome in a medical setting in my life. The young ladys attitude and incompetence is the reason we started looking for a new physician. We live over an hour away and came for our appointment today and they were closed. luckily there were some very nice admin assistants upstairs in the hand center who at least apologized for our trip and found a specialist to examine his hand. I'll be happy when they close the clinic down at the end of the month and move upatairs, hopefully they can do it with new employees.

Homicide Baltimore


phantom master

Fastest in town to c a doc, specialy er. But did not give me any medication or treatment just diagnosis and gave me an appointments to their clinic after 3days later. I had bad flu with pain i got from fast food in that area. What happen when u not insured i guess.

Sean Gallup

Great hospital, have worked there for 5 years, and never hesitate in recommending it to family or friends. The place for hearts, hands, and hips.

Sheila Graham

Christopher Witherspoon

This hospital is horrible wait times to long officer front desk are always rude nurses are even worst if you have a serious issue good luck getting seen

Terry Lee Kauffman Hawkins

every one in this hospital should be able to spell and not smelll a word and spell MED OR DEM / STAR / RATS hospice hospital hospitality or hospitable and count to one if its a first floor to be honest MED OR DEM / STAR / RATS BUT I GUESS IT NOT THAT BAD OF PLACE OF BUSINESS ITS SOME GOOD PEOPLE THAT WORK THERE -

Dan Thompson

Stephanie Trejo

Horrible customer service. I hated my visite to this hospital the people at the front desk were extremely rude. The officer at the front desk was very racist.. this is not the first time also gave me a hard time to visit a family member. This hospital needs to be more strict on how to treat people.. Hightly disappointed


My wife was in for hip surgery today & the first thing I noticed was the kindness of the lady whom checked us in at the registration dek & then we were greeted at the O.R. waiting area by a young man "Dwayne" who was one of the nicest people I've met in along time.I was waiting for my wife to get of the O.R. & I had over 4 hours to watch him & discovered that he was that way with each 7 every patient & their families. I even saw him pour a ladys hot tea & bring it to her without her asking. A valued & rare type of employee.

adrian hall

I had an amazing ER experience with this hospital. Friendly staff from the person who did my vitals/physical to the nurses, basically everyone I made contact with. I HATE getting my blood drawn but my nurse made me feel very comfortable. My results came back quick and I didn’t have to wait in the ER waiting room AT ALL! I was called to the back immediately and I was seen. In and out friendly& informative experience!

Seth Johnson

Not dead yet... thanks

Karen O'Donoghue

Caring, personable, and professional staff. I've had surgery on my cervical spine, and a full hip replacement done there and I've no regrets.

Mc Luvin

Claude Scott

Marcus Benson

James gachogu

William Lomax

the clerical staff were unpleasant and unhelpful over the phone

Taz Screw

Horrible!! Horrible!! Hospital!! Dirty!! Nasty!! Can't diagnose anyone , pretty much give you a iv & send you home. Be aware!!! Union memorial 33rd st also harbor hospital.

Jay Kim

Thank you JD, Katie, Frank, Che', and of course Dr. Kaliyadan. You went above and beyond for us. We appreciate it so much! - The Kim Family

Ashton Smith Sr.

Deborah morris

Great no wait time at all got right in and seen

Jimmy Stoner

Dr. Alexander was a very big help and made me feel comfortable the whole time, made things alot easier

Cassandra Shell

Kendell Carey

The staff can care less,if they can get away with not helping you when you need them they will and have a nerve to down character you like all peoples don't have higher education than them

Clifton A. Turner, Jr.


VJ Mackey

I was admitted to have a triple bypass. The nursing staff was amazing from admission to discharge. I'd like to thank Tim (in ICU), J.C., Via, Susana and all the angels that were so professional and compassionate. You all made a very scary experience less so. I thank from the bottom of my repaired heart.

Arlene Hall

Tristan Gusowski

Great Hospital and prompt service, nicest staff and doctors, referred In-house to orthopedic clinic and also great and nice, everything went smooth, quick, professional and helpful

Jacqueline Greene

Aleasa Faulkner


To make a lomg story short, I had bad feelings about this hospital mainly because my father died at this hospital 2 years ago and I herd about other people passing at this hospital, so when I was admitted to the emergency room by ambulance naturally I had bad thoughts and feeling's about this place. I was admitted and hospitalized for four days and every nurse, technical worker's food worker's and all the doctor's that entered my room was on there best behavior and had good professional skills, I had no problems what so ever, and I will return to this hospital if I ever have any kind of illness or emergency's in the future!!!

Selina Merrill

Er staff extremely rude. Main hospital staff just as bad. Hope to never have to deal with this hospital again !

Brittany Deitrich

A friend of mine had a really bad experience. Her husband was ordered by his doctor to have therapy for his elbow. The office charged an outrageous fee for a 30 minutes visit. Close to $240 for a " Meet & Greet" and another $240 for a consultation as well as close $120 for a wimpy massage. Are you kidding me? $ 240 for a Meet & Greet. They should serve champagne at this cost. No wonder the healthcare system is a disaster.

Randie Grainger


Nancy Owens

Have been going to this hospital for years. Last year had to meet the deductible on insurance, so I incurred a $1200 balance with Union Memorial. Set up a payment plan and made the payments on time. Went out of town last month(June 2018) and made the payment late. They automatically sent my account to the collection agency. No notice, no call or anything, and sent it to the worst agency that will trash your credit in a heartbeat. Very disappointed with Medstar. Customer service has gone down the drain in America, no one cares about anybody anymore. So sad...... Don't use this hospital unless your deductible is paid on your insurance....Wish I could give 0 stars...

Math Klinic

Excellent staff with the talent Dr.Kaliyadan and his team. I had heart catherization last week and I was amazed by how fast accurate it was.

Karen Walker

My experience here has been great I have a group of wonderful Doctors

Ken Moroz

The best team of I.C.U nurses in the world they never give up and that is why i am alive today ,they are very caring compassionate and extremely dedicated to their patients. They love their jobs and their patients as well. I spent almost 2 moths under their care and only their excellent job knowledge and caring for me got me back home to my loving wife and family,after a very close brush with death. We love those girls.

Adrienne Ballard

I want to thank the union staff from top to Bottom. Dr. Zeena Dorai did an ACDF two Friday’s ago. The staff at 6 in the am was cordial and calming from the receptionist to the outpt surgery staff. When I started to cry (nerves) there was a tall black gentleman who couldn’t have been kinder. The intake nurse was sweet the nurse who moved me back to surgery was kind. Even the lady who came to clean up the room was smiling. Anesthesia was thorough and kind. And this was all before surgery. (Hope this isn’t too much but I really wanted to get this to someone). I had a relatively large hysterectomy last year at a non medstar hospital and my experience was awful I guess that’s why I want all to know how great my experience was. I had a complication post surgery so was put in the ICU for the night and they were amazing. Julianna and I believe Anna. I don’t know for sure the names but the surgery was June1. I wish I could remember everyone’s names. If I needed pain addressed they talked to the Dr. they never ever treated me like I was taking up their time (I’ve had in the past). Even the transportation was so cordial. Look to be honest I work at harbor hospital in ultrasound, I wasn’t going to say but from my perspective this was the most lovely staff I’ve ever dealt with. Not that I’ve had a lot of surgery but I am so pleased with how everything worked out with your team. EVERYONE. I would be more than happy to give you more information if you need and talk or tell everyone I know even coming from harbor how lovely my stay was..... given the fact I had neck surgery.

Katherine Martinez

I called them and the lady in the ER was really rude and had an attitude.

Klaus Mauser

Ali Brown

Union Memorial Hospital 201 East University Parkway, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218

Kelly DeToy

Horrible. Unfortunately I have medstar health insurance which is awful. I got sick and rash after a tick bite and waited weeks to see my PCP. Then got referred to Infectious Disease specialist at Union Memorial. I tried calling multiple times with no answer over several days. Then I finally get someone answering the phone and they tell me I have to wait for over two weeks because the doctor is on vacation and apparently the hospital has only one ID specialist seeing patients???? That is pretty unbelievable. I have been sick and non functional for weeks now. This medstar system just runs you in circles without ever helping you. What a horrific health system. I am getting a new insurance ASAP.

David Tucker

Hilton Palma Lima

My daughter suddenly fell ill and the health staff at her university took her to be checked at this hospital, due to its proximity. Upon examination, the prognostic was serious enough to recommend a surgical intervention. I drove four hours to be by her side, and get acquainted with the facts and also this hospital. While driving, I kept talking to her to request a transfer to a different hospital, one that is associated to her school, as I felt I did not have enough information on this one. She said it was fine and was pleased with the way she was being treated and did not see a reason to request a transfer. I have to say that all the way I was driving down I was reticent and still planning to request her move once I got there. I reached the place really late at night and had to gain entrance via the Emergency area, which was in the midst of a large renovation, with large plastic tarps covering most of it. At that moment, I must say I thought my fears were justified, but once I was at her room, I started to see a very different picture. The staff, particularly the nurses were very helpful, very accommodating, friendly, and thoughtful (thanks for the sofa, Carolina). The resident doctors, and Dr. Aghazarian were very comprehensive and tried their best to put this father’s fears to rest. They operated her the very next morning, and it was so fast that I just left the waiting area to grab a quick breakfast at their cafeteria, and by the time I returned, Dr. Aghazarian had already showed up looking for me to give me excellent news. All went well and I would soon see my daughter, after the anesthesia wore off. The resident doctor (I did not get his name, given my anxiety) that also participated in the operation was very affable and also made sure I was aware that it all went well. I have to say that my experience was excellent and even though this hospital is in a city know for prodigious, world-renown hospitals, which might cast a shadow over it, I have nothing but praise for it and its staff. You might have no idea how worried I was to have my only daughter have surgery miles away from her home and the hospitals we, her mother and father came to trust. I can say she made the right call and I am extremely pleased. Kudos to Union Memorial and its great staff.

Alan Payne

When I walked into the emergency room, I had no idea how dire my condition was and how close to a life-threatening event. The ER staff accessed my problems, explained them to me clearly, and admitted me for immediate treatment. During one week in the hospital and throughout the follow-up, transitional care, I was profoundly impressed with the professionalism, courtesy, and friendly helpfulness of every person I encountered in this superb hospital. They not only restored me to good health, but made me feel as if they were grateful that I had given them the chance to do so. I cannot imagine a finer experience with a hospital team. Union Memorial has always had a reputation for excellence and that reputation is earned every single day.

Mila Aguas

I am a new patient of Union Memorial. I decided to have all my providers there. My PCP, Dr. Veronica Epstein is a great doctor as well as my specialist, Dr. Rani Kulkarni. Being new to the hospital, I found it difficult to schedule an appointment as there is no Central Scheduling Department. Dr. Epstein referred me to an OB-GYN, Dr. Gupta. I have nothing against Dr. Gupta because up to now, I was not able to get an appointment with her. After my January appointment with my PCP, I started contacting the clinic of Dr. Gupta. A lady would answer my call and would give the same answer " I'll tell them to call you back". After several calls, nobody called me back to schedule my appointment. I personally went to Dr Gupta's office during President's Day but her office was closed. The following day, I called again and received the same answer that they will just call me back. I told her that I had waited forever for the call back but I never heard from them at all. Afterwards, she hung up. I called at the hospital so they can help me get an appointment. I was told by a lady that she will look into my concern. But until now I never heard any answer at all. I repeat, I have nothing against Dr. Gupta, I am complaining about the staff in her office who ignore a patient like me. Please do something about my concern. Thank you.

Max Asare

k m

Pharmacy refused to order a medication for me.

Shalon Smith

Theresa Carmony

Had a hip replacement March 2015 loved hospital. The staff was slow to help when pushing the button. I was feeling very nausea pushed nurses button after several minutes they answered. I told then I felt sick she said we will be there. I could hear them in the hallway I started yelling for help then started vomiting. Was not happy.

Matthew Brady

Kennethnia Medley

Very pleased. Dr. 's are good in what they do.

Colleen Smith

My husband had surgery here and this hospital has a great staff, shout out to the 8th West wing. The entire experience before and after his surgery made the process easier for our family. The hospital is one of Baltimore's best in several specialties and a lot of history.

Donna A Lovelist

Awesome !!!!!!

Emrah Derin

My doctor

Zim Lewis

Doctors and nurses seemed fairly good for my brother's surgery. Facility is OK. Parking is really quite terrible and food is the worst thing. The food that my brother was served was simply inedible. What he got didn't match what he ordered, and what he got was really not fit to be served in prison. Unhealthy, and just gross. Having been at other hospitals in town, this is the worst that I have experienced. The cafeteria was only slightly better. Thankfully, there are some other options nearby. The horrendous quality of the food really makes the place not recommended by me. I know is seems silly, but it is just awful.

LaShai Thomas

They don't even deserve one star! You can definitely tell which hospitals actually care about their patients and which ones are just about the money.

Sonja C

I was just in yesterday for a reoccurring issue and I am so impressed with how they helped me. Past hospitals weren't as concerned with helping me past the ER, but these folks gave me a referral to a specialist, helped set up an appointment, and told me what to expect for future care. While being treated here, the nurses were very careful, considerate, and so caring - even though it was extremely busy! Everyone was great and thorough here and, although I hope my issue will be taken care of and I will no longer have to have any future hospital visits for it, if I do, I will return to this hospital. I've already referred a friend with a similar health issue to this hospital. Update: was just in. I take back what I said last time. I wasn't asked about my prior visit. I brought all my paperwork and medications and they didn't ask for any of it. I left still crying out in pain. Didn't ask me how I reacted to the prescriptions or go over them at all, just wanted me out of there asap. Didn't seem to care one bit. Pretty sure they profiled a chronic pain sufferer as a drug seeker because I am young and look poor. I don't want to let last nights experience reflect the hospital entirely since the time before I was treated with respect and care, but I feel awful after this last time.

Bruce Gayle

Emergency room staff 'packed' a bleeding nose and sent me home bleeding from my mouth. These people will kill you if you aren't careful.

Harvey Chalmers

William WuLin

Hailee M

Leon Johnson

Awesome hospital

kristi wilmoth

This is the worst hospital especially for wound care. The nurses are nasty, the nastiest being named Kristi. She should not be allowed to treat patients she thinks she's better than you and ever body else. This has been the most miserable experience in my life

Jeff Thomp

J. A. Miller

Jeremiah L

Joshua Zick

Dana Murphy

WARNING!! Medstar bills twice for every hospital visit! After paying a recent bill my account was sent to collections, damaging my credit, because I paid for my hospital stay but not a separately-billed facility fee. When I called them to report this, they said that this happens all the time but it’s “just their policy” not to send a total bill or even alert you when you make a payment. I will never go to them again.

charmaine collier

Roger Michael

Great doc!

Christine Roberson

grandma knows best

My husband had complicated surgery performed. His surgeon and OR team was wonderful, but i have grave concerns about some of the issues that occurred during his four day stay. I contacted Lisa Gross on Monday afternoon, post his discharge, but it is now Friday and haven’t heard a peep back. So much for patient concerns. Actually the voicemail I left actually stated that I had compliments and concerns, thinking that she would care enough to contact me back. For starters, the twooccupational therapists and the one physical therapist was great. Nursing staff, there were three nurses who were on top of things and who had my husband’s best interest at heart. These three were his night shift nurses. I stayed three nights with him and this was his observation and I couldn’t agree more. I can remember two of their three names. They were outstanding professionals. As was the physical therapist and the two occupational therapists. Unfortunately, the techs did not freshen his water pitcher, it sat for over 24 hours at a time. I ended up giving him fresh bottled water. Now this might not sound like a big deal, but anesthesia basically dehydrates patients and fluid intake is crucial. Secondly, he was never given a patient care kit, so he was not able to brush his teeth or freshen up, without the baby wipes I brought with us. Let’s just say, minimal outpu was expended from the techs and some nurses Also, mid stay, he had to be mived to a different wing. I moved his belongings first before they transported him. There were splotches of what I assume to be bodily fluids from the foleyas well as from the drain on the floor; nursing trash, such as needle caps, sealed papers tgat contained what I presumed to initially House sterilized equipment/implements was strewn all over the room. In other words, between patients. The room had not been disinfected in any way shape or form. In addition, his linens were not changed in four days. Not sure if this is standard practice or not, but he was perspiring heavily at times. Post operative, he was provided with concrete discharge criteria. As the days eeked by, they said, well, we can get scriots for the medical equipment you need since DME hasn’t arrived. The resident actually said they wanted him discharged because of MRSA!?! But, yet they had not sanitized his room upon transferring him to the different wing since his initial wing only had a few patients! Go figure. One if his criteria was to urinate on his own after the Foley was removed. Its my understanding that this was the test to ensure that his bladder was working. His DME, durable medical equipment such as his back brace and walker had not arrived yet either, but they said on a Sunday night, when everything was closed, you can still go, we will write a script! Really? While hus surgeons have privileges at UMH, there was nothing privileged about the stay. Would not recommend this hospital, but would recommend the neurosurgeon highly. I’m sure that he assumed that this teaching, accredited hospital was top notch.

James Pullen

Fr Michael Bishop

Wednesday 22 February I visited the Operating Room on official business. Amber was super. She was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Cassy Wood

Not allowed to take photographs in hospital. That is fine but you should have signs posted.

Ryan Houston

edna may

Terrible care , push your button for assistance ! Non existent. No one on back ward care , probably other units are the same . Hated the place .

Chrissy D

Union Memorial doctors and nurses are great however I called to get my information released the receptionist who told me her name was "Nelly " is the rudest nasty woman I have ever spoke with and being an administrator and secretary for over 2 years I know customer service. She took almost 2 hours to fax over my information she put me on hold for almost 30 minutes. When I told her it's been an hour and I still haven't received a fax she told me she's sending it to the school don't give her a time frame she's dealing with someone I asked how long she had been dealing with them she said a few minutes I said well I've been waiting for almost 2 hours she said it's going to the school not you right . The information needed to be in my hand to process my reinstatment to school I informed her I couldn't wait much longer because I have a doctors appointment she then put me on hold again and said she sent it. Then hung up. I feel she should be terminated when I asked to speak to her supervisor she informed me no one was there but her. If she treated me this way I can imagine how she treats others she makes your whole organization look terrible.

Keith Smith

My aunt is 80yrs old and we found out suddenly she needed to have a major heart surgery. This scared my whole family! But because of professional care that was provided by the Doctors, Nurses and Staff my Aunt Glo came out of surgery like the amazing woman she have always been!!!! Thank you so very much for everything!!!!!! Toni, Darryl & Asia

Jennifer Undeadjen

Spiteful, vindictive, nasty pre-surgical care. I refused another pregnancy test, because I'd had one 3 weeks prior, and golly, we're not talking immaculate conception here. I was not pregnant. Because I refused to pay for another useless test, the entire staff decided to punish me. I had to wait, and wait, and wait, while my body went haywire because of T1D. No one asked me or talked to be about blood sugars but they wanted to know a whole lot about my uterus. The anesthesiologist told me she decided to give me ibuprofen. This didn't make sense to me, but I had to agree. I was manipulated into consenting to no real pain meds after major shoulder surgery, breaking and reconstructing it. When I awoke in so much pain I couldn't breathe, the nurses screamed at me. Called me names. Derided me for not understanding the alarms screeching, because my pulse and blood pressure were so high, was because of me. They made me wait an hour to give any pain meds. Then, they dumped me in a dark hallway, unable to move still, in a wheel chair, alone. I was asked to sign some forms, and did, hoping for some help. Any help. And I was abandoned. In the dark. My husband had to search for me. All for refusing a pregnancy test, apparently, and asking about the medical condition that was an actual imminent concern. Don't advocate for your own health, here, or you'll be informed of your mistake.

Teresa Palacios

Wonderful service from all the staff I visited when I was living in Baltimore (1.5 years). Doctors and nurses were very charm and professional with me, always in touch to take care of my needs. It is unfortunate that I am not close to Baltimore area anymore, otherwise I'd continue being patient in this hospital. Special thanks to Dr. Nathan Berger and Dr. Allan Jensen.

Omar Navarro

Ashley Frisch

Ricky Brown

there medical care is great the doctors are very talented .but their people care sucks they heal the wound but not the person.

Rena Richardson

I was referred to Dr. Alejandro Santos at the Diabetes and Endocrine Center. I am in my fifties and I have not met a physician like Dr. Santos. I found him to be informative, thorough, and patient with a very nice disposition. I genuinely believe Dr. Santos took the time to address my overall well-being. To sum up my opinion, Dr. A. Santos is a first-rate physician.

Chuck Ebbecke

Mediocre facility that likes to play games with billing by breaking them into multiple parts/claims to ratchet up the fees they can charge. Insurance companies play along because they also profit/get to charge multiple co-pays. Avoid this bloodsucking facility, and go to a REAL hospital not owned by Medstar.

Mildred Suggs

I enjoyed my stay, the staff members are very efficient & competent.

Joy G

Had to come here for a heart catherization procedure. It was extremely clean. They made sure I was well protected especially when my heart rate went up. They had to be sure I didn't passout. They were constantly in my waiting area telling me about the procedure and even listened to me on things some nurses can push off on. They made sure I was extremely comfortable and one lady gave me her personal fan since I could not cool down being I have POTS. This helped me a lot and calmed my nerves. They procedure was quick and left only a little dot of a scar where they went in. The wait to go home was cool too. The nurse made jokes and kept me full of water

Robin Kaestner

Awesome staff greatest hospital around Baltimore!!

Glenda Adams

Great place to go to when ur sick

Sharnise Wilson

I love all the nurses on the 6 floor they been so nice and supportive to us

Jessie Norvell

It is a nightmare to get medical records from this hospital. They take entirely too long! Well over 30 days almost every time! Stop using incompetent CIOX to process your records and hire your own people.


They say "Never allow one bad apple to spoil the bunch" so I will give my experience 3 stars. Friday May 11, 2018 was my second time coming to Union Memorial ER. My first time was very pleasant with no problems. Triage was very fast and the nurses and doctors were very helpful. They ran test they were excellent. This second go round was one for the book. Triage again was superb. Very attentive gave me an EKG immediately. When I got to the back the nurse came in without even saying hello and said " We are not giving you an I.V., No X-ray, No Blood Work because your vitals are fine. The doctor will be in soon. How can you prediagnose me without even consulting me of my symptoms. The doctor came in 2 hours later and said "Your vitals are fine" which they weren't my blood pressure was elevated and I don't have the knowledge to read an EKG so only God knows what that read. Then she said well we're not going to do any test or run blood work check in with your primary care and I hope you feel better. Howwwwwwwwww do you allow a person in pain sit in the ER for 2 hours just to send them back the same way they came in. I feel like I was sterotyped because on my discharge papers she put "Obesity ,chest wall pain and high blood pressure" My main concern was the constant pain on my left side. She didn't put that on there not did she try to regulate my pressure. So because I'm big boned I can't receive treatment. But when it's time to submit the bill to my insurance company she is going to be compensated for a job that she didn't do. She was adamant about not servicing me. The triage nurse was more helpful than she was. Nobody is perfect but when people's lives are at stake there is no room for error. Stereotyping a patient in the ER is not cool. I can't say I will recommend a friend like I use to because I don't want them to be in desperate need and can't receive the proper treatment. I'm glad I didn't die in my sleep when I was sent home without any answers or help. Dr. Hania Habeeb needs to go and take a class on humanity and how to serve the people properly. Triage is amazing. It's a hit and miss when it comes down the doctors and PA's in the back.

Linda Harrison

Dee-Dee DaDiva W.


Wayne Gabbert

If your family or friend is having only heart problems this a good place to be but if they are having heart, pulmonary, kidney or anything that is additional to heart try your best to get them to another hospital. My domestic partner was transferred to this hospital to have a heart valve replacement but he started having complication of breathing, kidneys not functioning and fevers which postponed the heart surgery. I forgot to say he was in ICU. I understood the postponement but I did not understand why they weren't trying to find out why he was having a hard time breathing. They seemed to be only concerned about his fever and kidneys not functioning which I understood but his breathing was my main concern and was not there's. He died of pulmonary embolism. He had major breathing problems for a week and they kept saying he needs to call down. My question is how can anyone calm down when they can't breath? Also be prepared that it's not easy to find a nurse in ICU after 9pm. It seemed the nurses in the evening relied on the monitors to go off if something would go wrong for any patient. They didn't look into the patients room often to see how they were doing. I never felt comfortable when I left in the evening and if you tried to call in the late evening or early morning, good luck getting a hold of anyone. One last thing, I felt there was no sense of urgency and SOME nurses didn't have empathy for the patients. I felt they were there to do there shift and go home. I really feel my partner would not had passed away if the had given more attention to his breathing problems.

Jay Thompson

Hospital Sucks! Stayed to get Surgery, 2 credit cards & $8 were stolen while I was in Surgery.... What a stay & the food was horrible! A Nurse told me b4 My incident that another Nurse’s credit card was stolen & 4K was spent within 1 hour at Mondawnmin mall... Let’s You know it’s a Team of Thieves up there, Beware at all cost

Tina Price

Lu Pavo

Had surgery here back in February, I guess the surgery was successful other than dealing with incompetent doctors, who don't want to claim responsibility for an mishaps post-op, such as leaving stitches in for too long which caused irritation, internal bruising, lacking range of motion and circulation. Also the billing department keeps sending invoices to me, which I keep calling them about only to explain to them that it should be cleared, very incompetent all the way around. Intake ER nurses/assistants were horrible at doing a simple task such as applying pressure to an open wound to stop bleeding, but the only good thing I can say were the PM nurses were the best, thats the only good thing I can say about this hospital, which is sad for a hospital as this one located near John Hopkins.

Kara Brown

I wish I could give it no stars. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and they sent her home to be "comfortable" basically wiped their hands clean with no further advice. Coming from a family that has never had a single person diagnosed with cancer you can only imagine the questions and concerns we all have felt to be left in the dark and told basically there is nothing they can do. The week she spent in there the hospital didnt feed her or give her anything to drink for 3 days until staff realized the family started bringing her food and drinks in to keep in her room. The floors have trash. The bathrooms are disgusting. I recommend going ANYWHERE but union memorial. Unless its just a common cold. They are not equipped to save anyone. Save your family the heart ache.

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